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    [Request] Ayatsuri Bloomer あやつりブルマー

    Thanks for the tip! I'm well-acquainted with JD2 (how could you not be and download here?), but I didn't realize free accounts would work on some of these sites when used in JD2. Just tried it with another game, and it's working great - not full speed, only about 100K/s, but that sure beats zero...
  2. [Request] Ayatsuri Bloomer あやつりブルマー

    [Request] Ayatsuri Bloomer あやつりブルマー

    Original Title: あやつりブルマー Romaji: Ayatsuri Bloomer Release Date: 2005/07/08 Company, Producer: Le.Chocolat Getchu link: VNDB link: Bumping a truly ancient thread; six years ago and no one was able to repost this. Needless to say...
  3. [Request] [080222][ほにゃららNoir] クリムゾン・レーキ -CRIMSON LAKE-

    [Request] [080222][ほにゃららNoir] クリムゾン・レーキ -CRIMSON LAKE-

    Original title: クリムゾン・レーキ English title: Crimson Lake Release date: 2008-02-22 Release company: C-CUBE vndb: Another obscure one; I checked the following threads and they were entirely dead (most recent was almost a decade old): [Japanese] (080222) [Multi hosting]...
  4. [Request][161125][Appetite] ワタシ、HENTAIになっちゃう ~これが憧れの留学性活!?~

    [Request][161125][Appetite] ワタシ、HENTAIになっちゃう ~これが憧れの留学性活!?~

    Original title: ワタシ、HENTAIになっちゃう ~これが憧れの留学性活!?~ English title: Watashi, Hentai ni Nacchau ~Kore ga Akogare no Ryuugaku Seikatsu!?~ Release date: 2016-11-11 Release company: Appetite vndb: Checked the following threads; all are dead: 1 2 3 4
  5. [Request] [110820][C-CUBE] PPPH~ぱいぱいぽいん。。。えっちぃ~!~ [RJ081825]

    [Request] [110820][C-CUBE] PPPH~ぱいぱいぽいん。。。えっちぃ~!~ [RJ081825]

    Original title: PPPH~ぱいぱいぽいん。。。えっちぃ~!~ English title: PPPH ~Pai Pai Poin... Ecchii~!~ Release date: 2011-08-14 Release company: C-CUBE vndb: I checked all the results for "PPPH"; everything is dead. Looks like some decent art in this obscure title.
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    [Request][121207][Orcsoft] 奥様は元ヤリマン ―Besluted―

    That's amazing. I honestly didn't check the link from 2018 because here we have new posts from 2022 etc that are dead - yet a five-year-old link lives? I'm just amazed.
  7. [Request][121207][Orcsoft] 奥様は元ヤリマン ―Besluted―

    [Request][121207][Orcsoft] 奥様は元ヤリマン ―Besluted―

    In light of the recent translation release, requesting a repost of the 2012 version of Oku-sama wa Moto Yariman. Original title: 奥様は元ヤリマン ―Besluted― English title: Oku-sama wa Moto Yariman -Besluted- Release date: 2012-12-07 Release company: OrcSoft Team Goblin vndb:
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    [English] ☄️RELEASE☄️[231027][Shiravune] Taimanin Asagi / 对魔忍阿莎姬 [CHN/ENG]

    Is there any advantage to this new edition over previous fan translations? It doesn't even appear to be decensored.
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    Help downloading NoDVD patch from

    Hmmm, they include a screenshot that presumably shows where/how the binary was patched. I may find some disassembly tools and see if I can't replicate the same patch on the sequel's binary. Did exactly that! One printf '\xeb' | dd of=ROSYU2_patch.EXE bs=1 seek=81299 count=1 conv=notrunc later...
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    Help downloading NoDVD patch from

    I've been attempting to play the exceptionally old Roshutsu Choukyou Doukoukai 2, and been frustrated that - given its age - it has a DVD check before launching. I can bypass this by substituting working/cracked EXEs from some of Sekilala's later games - at the expense of being able to save. Not...
  11. [Request] イカレタ教室

    [Request] イカレタ教室

    This has been posted before (e.g. here), but not in the last couple years, and all links are dead. Original title: イカレタ教室~こんなのが当り前の授業風景!?~ English title: Ikareta Kyoushitsu ~Konna no ga Atarimae no Jugyou Fuukei?!~ Release date: 2010-06-04 Release company: TinkerBell vndb:
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    [Request] 村祀り桃色紀行 Series

    Thank you!! I didn't see a notification popup or I would have thanked you sooner!
  13. [Request] 村祀り桃色紀行 Series

    [Request] 村祀り桃色紀行 Series

    Three games in the "Mura Matsuri Momoiro Kikou/村祀り桃色紀行" series. These have been posted before, but not in the last couple years, and all links are dead (it's been a rough time for file hosters). Original title: 村祀り桃色紀行 おのごろ村の淫祀り、生贄になった少女 English title: Mura Matsuri Momoiro Kikou - Onogoro-mura...
  14. [Request] ブルーゲイル コンプリートパック (Blue Gale Complete Pack)

    [Request] ブルーゲイル コンプリートパック (Blue Gale Complete Pack)

    Original title: ブルーゲイル コンプリートパック English title: Blue Gale Complete Pack Release date: 2018-12-21 Release company: Blue Gale vndb: Previously requested a bit over 2 years ago, but this one was never posted. Long shot, but figured I'd ask again. A lot of classics in here.
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    [REQ] [catwalkNERO] 性器雇用 / Seiki Koyou

    Thank you! Despite my best efforts, it seems you're right - it's not working on Windows 11. Usually I can coax these old games into running (whether via compatibility settings, registry edits, even swapping EXE's between games sometimes), but this one just won't. Shame.
  16. [REQ] [catwalkNERO] 性器雇用 / Seiki Koyou

    [REQ] [catwalkNERO] 性器雇用 / Seiki Koyou

    Title: 性器雇用 Romaji: Seiki Koyou Release Date: 2010-09-24 Official Site: Getchu: VNDB Link: (Most recent post of this is from 2020, and all links are dead, as are...
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    [Japanese] [121026][WendyBell] 露出変態遊戯

    I don't suppose you have the associated NoDVD crack for this title? Right now I can download and install it, but it won't launch, regardless of region, admin privileges, compatibility settings, etc.
  18. [REQUEST][WendyBell] 露出変態遊戯 + patch or crack

    [REQUEST][WendyBell] 露出変態遊戯 + patch or crack

    Original title : 露出変態遊戯 Romanji : Roshutsu Hentai Yuugi Release Date : 2012-10-26 Company/Producer : WendyBell VNDB Link : I already downloaded the ISO file from another thread and installed it. But the game won't run without the original disc. All links to the crack are...