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  1. Uzimaki

    [MMK CG RIP][140530][ Cube]Your Diary + H - First Press Limited Edition|your diary +H 初回限定版

    moemoe-kyun; Could you please reupload this? All links are dead. :c
  2. Request, Ookami Kakushi fansubbed by Seto Otaku

    Request, Ookami Kakushi fansubbed by Seto Otaku

    Hey! Doesn anyone still have Ookami Kakushi fansubbed by Seto Otaku, and could please reupload them? Many thanks.
  3. Uzimaki

    [MMK CG Rip][Lose][131025] Monobeno -happy end- | ものべの -happy end- (Already Merged, high quality 32bit PNG, 2560x1440)

    moemoe-kyun; Links are dead again, if possible could you please reupload them again? :alice_please:
  4. Uzimaki

    [MMK CG RIP][131025][ Lose]Monobeno -happy end-|ものべの -happy end-

    moemoe-kyun; Hey, could you please reupload this? All links doesn't work anymore, well... Bitshare still works, but when trying to download it from there, it doesn't let me. >,<
  5. [Request] (Game CG) [131025] [PULLTOP] ココロ@ファンクション!A.k.A Cocoro@Function!

    [Request] (Game CG) [131025] [PULLTOP] ココロ@ファンクション!A.k.A Cocoro@Function!

    Konnichiwa! As the title says, i am looking for CG images of the game Cocoro@Function!. I have been looking for a while now, and i haven't found any other websites, or threads on this forum that still has download links that works. :/ So is there anyone kind out there that might be able to help...
  6. Uzimaki

    [141128](Game CG)[PULLTOP]ココロ@ファンクション! NEO

    Re: (Game CG)[PULLTOP]ココロ@ファンクション! NEO All links are dead. :c
  7. Uzimaki

    [New Release (In-House CG RIP)][131025][PULLTOP] ココロ@ファンクション!& Bonus Complete CG [1360M Lossless/490M JPG]

    Links are dead, except those for BitShare, but i cannot download them from there, it somehow leads me in an infinite loop back to the main page of BitShare. :/ Any chance that you can reupload everything on like
  8. Uzimaki

    (Game CG) [131025][PULLTOP] ココロ@ファンクション!

    The only links that still has the files were of BitShare, but the problem is... whenever i tried to download from BitShare, it leads me back to the website. :c
  9. Uzimaki

    [131025][PULLTOP] ココロ@ファンクション!(Game CG)

    All the links doesn't work anymore. :c
  10. Uzimaki

    (Game CG) [131025] [PULLTOP] ココロ@ファンクション!

    Thanks for the offer, but most links doesn't work anymore. :/
  11. Uzimaki

    [1080p] [Kira-Fansub] IS: Infinite Stratos [Bluray] [UNCENSORED]

    Domo arigato! :3 :nekopara_hug:
  12. Uzimaki

    [1080p] [Kira-Fansub] IS: Infinite Stratos [Bluray] [UNCENSORED]

    Both from FileFactory, and RapidGator, actually all the files on RapidGator are down.