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  1. Azuryu

    Sword Art Online

    Actually I prefer Yoko Kanno to do the music for this, since Yuki is more suitable when it comes to darker anime. But nvm, she's one of the best composer in Anime industry nowadays, I can't hope for any better things :D
  2. Azuryu

    Sword Art Online

    The music will be done by Kajiura Yuki Hmm, she's one ò my favorite composers, so I'll expect some epic music here.
  3. Azuryu

    Sword Art Online

    Hmm, didn't know that it would be 2 ss, sorry for that. So we might get up to vol 4, cover the Fairy Dance arc I think I like Ano hana, but not a big fan of A-1, so I won't put too much expectation on them ...
  4. Azuryu

    Sword Art Online

    AW is going to be better than SAO, since it has 24 eps, and handled by Sunrise. A-1 on the other hand tends to make 1-season anime recently, and base on this arts, we might get only 11-13 episodes I think I will put my hope on KyouSen ss2, rather than SAO ...
  5. Azuryu

    Hana no Baka o_0

    Hana no Baka o_0
  6. Azuryu

    Sword Art Online

    I must say the anime char designs are too childish and mehhh compare to the LN illustration Where is my beautiful Asuna ... However A-1 is a decent studio, so hopefully they could adapt it well
  7. Azuryu

    [Hentai game] [120210] [Lillian] ティンクル☆くるせいだーす -Passion Star Stream- 豪華版 + Tokuten + Drama CD + Original Soundtrack [H-Game]

    I don't know why but whenever I tried to unrar the files "(18禁ゲーム) [120210] [Lillian] ティンクル☆くるせいだーす -Passion Star Stream- 豪華版 (iso+mds rr3)" it keeps showing up that Access is Denied, and there's no content to extract, or "Cannot Read Contents" Btw, I downloaded from the depositfiles links.
  8. Azuryu

    Clannad Watch more or drop it?

    Clannad is good, but I don't like After Story though ... I've never really hooked into Key's stuff to be honest, but I'd still recommend it, especially to drama fan
  9. Azuryu

    Wow so many VNmese here. Checkmate, chivien and you

    Wow so many VNmese here. Checkmate, chivien and you
  10. Azuryu

    Dude are u Vietnamese ?

    Dude are u Vietnamese ?
  11. Azuryu

    [Hentai game] [111125] [ALcot ハニカム] 春季限定ポコ・ア・ポコ! + Update 1.01 [H-Game]

    The link is to the topic CG pack of Norn, not the game ...
  12. Azuryu

    Fate Zero

  13. Azuryu

    What If?

    Use it to my best benefits (want moah time !!!! ) What if you could change your appearance into any person you want ?
  14. Azuryu

    My Anime Checklist

    1/ Interesting plot (I always prefer serious anime, especially of Dark, Angst, Tragedy, Action, Mystery or Adventure/Fantasy genre). Originality is always a nice bonus 2/ Characters (hate wimpy main character and annoying female chars. Well if the anime has good character development later on...
  15. Azuryu

    Guilty Crown

    Too many Code Geass elements ... Well at least Inori is adorable ...
  16. Azuryu

    hello Everyone

    Your avatar ... reminds me of someone I know :whistle: Do I know you :whistle: Anw, Welcome to A-S, though I'm new too :D
  17. Azuryu

    Have you ever...

    Yeah when I was 10 but then I bcs my mom thought that made me weaker (wth ? ) Have u ever insult your teacher ?
  18. Azuryu


    Oh thanks alexsdu :D Just found out Check is actually from the same country as mine o_0
  19. Azuryu

    Yoooooooooo =))

    Yoooooooooo =))