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  1. weidou123

    What anime are you currently watching?

    Mahouka Episode 7
  2. weidou123

    [Other] [120309] [コーエーテクモ] 真・三國無双6 with 猛将伝 + Wallpaper [Crack is included] [PC Game]

    thanks for sharing~And this game is so big!...I've download it.11GB...
  3. weidou123

    Happy New Year 2012

    Happy New Years Seems I'm late for a long time...11 days...
  4. weidou123

    Are you afraid of dying?

    Maybe I will,can not feel the world is one reason that I'm afraid.Fear of losing,losing everything which I ever have...
  5. weidou123

    whats your media player ?

    MPC is good.I've just install it.KMPlayer Stormplayer are the player I usually use.
  6. weidou123

    Guilty Crown

    just watching the NO.5 seems that the man lead like a spare tire...tragedy and today is Bachelor's other tragedy...
  7. weidou123

    What Do You Dream About?

    I've dreamt I'm running all the night to escape the city which was full of zombies,those zombies are running as fast as the human-being,I've never get any weapon like guns.That night that dream,OMG,it's so terrible and so tired out...I don't wanna dream that again...
  8. weidou123

    What anime's are you watching?!

    FATE/ZERO Guilty Crown
  9. weidou123

    best PC game ever in your opinions?

    The best game I've ever played is starcraft,that was real a magic for when I start to play it.Especially play it with my friends and win in this game,perfect balance~
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  11. weidou123

    What is your name?

    I'm also a chinese guy~family name xu.....
  12. weidou123

    chinese?i see your post "what's your name?",your post mention that you have a chinese name~so i...

    chinese?i see your post "what's your name?",your post mention that you have a chinese name~so i post you to ask if you are a chinese,maybe we can make friends with each other~
  13. weidou123

    Male or Female?

    guys~feminity is rare here.......what a shame....
  14. weidou123

    [Action MMO] World of Tanks

    This game is good~but you may lose your match all the night just because your fish teammates...You can't blame them except your misfortune~New guys in that game without skill,they don't know what to do~So you may teach them how to play~
  15. weidou123

    Gundam AGE

    ...I just watched the first episode...then the only thing I can do is hammering in the ground with my fist...I don't know what to say with this gundam.....some disappointed
  16. weidou123

    What is the first thing you do when you wake up?

    Find and drink some water to make myself sober...then open my computer...
  17. weidou123

    pettanko or oppai?

    pettanko is scarce resources!loli size saikou~
  18. weidou123

    [Action MMO] World of Tanks

    I'm one of this game's players with a M40/M43 and a t-54........
  19. weidou123

    AS Birthday: One Year and Going Strong!

    happy birthday~AS~just with my best wish~