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    [Request] ハヤシ迷作劇場

    Hi The link is dead now, can you upload again, thx
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    [REQUEST] ロマンスは剣の輝きII / Romance wa Ken no Kagayaki II

    And I think the regular edition with voice is a mistake. The released date is the same so it can't be possible if the regular edition has voice while the first press edition has no voice
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    [REQUEST] ロマンスは剣の輝きII / Romance wa Ken no Kagayaki II!mzIDkIyB!b2uvBzHp9nOEyKFR8zEbWlZvaKnTNWV90R_540Hwrok Download quickly, my storage is limited
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    [REQUEST] あなたの傍で笑っていたい

    +1 request skill up is the doujin bland of akabeisoft2 It seems there used to be download version from dlsite but no longer for sale now.
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    [Request] 夢見ヶ丘

    My mistake, sorry for disturbing.
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    夢と色でできている [Released]

    Re: 夢と色でできている [Request] Agreed. In fact it is feng's 8th project before those low price games lol
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    夢と色でできている [Released]

    Re: 夢と色でできている [Request] A Chinese forum's user has realeased this game just now. There will soon be a torrent by girlcelly perhaps.
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    [Request] ピエタ~幸せの青い鳥~!n7BRHAwI!0b1B5aJKjRLOQPbhUJ0Fxw download quickly