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  1. ivory7777

    [Hentai game] [240329] [アトリエかぐや BARE&BUNNY] Pure×Holic ~純潔乙女と婚姻カンケイ!?~ + Voice Drama [H-Game] [Crack Updated]

    just place it in the folder where the game start up app is and play the game using the crack. make sure to turn your all regional settings and time settings to japanese or game will not start.
  2. ivory7777

    [Hentai game] [New Release][240329][TinkerBell] ムジナ + FANZA特典 + Append DLC [4330M]

    yeah seems like they released it early and its unfinished and patch seem like add more stuff to complete it.
  3. ivory7777

    [Hentai game] [New Release][240216][Chatte Noire] 贄の匣庭 多国語版 Chinese-English-Japanese [2230M]

    Its censored (gore and violence is not censored even if you turn it off).
  4. ivory7777

    What App. do you use for torrent files?

    ah i see, thanks for the info
  5. ivory7777

    [Hentai game] [240126] [IRODORI] 八剱伝 初回限定版 + Bonus [H-Game]

    is the game not working properly for any one? if play it from the folder, after the 2 intro movie, I get a blank screen with "close" button and the game doesn't function from there. i try to install, but the installation process freezes
  6. ivory7777

    [Hentai game] [New Release][231222][Guilty Nightmare Project] Nightmare×Maverick~災厄のレヴェナント~ [1371M]

    try running it in admin, try installing all visual C++, i had some game which only ran when i had older version installed. so i end up installing the whole package 2005, 2008, 2010, 2012, 2013, 2015. try messing with the game start up setting and see if that helps.
  7. ivory7777

    [Hentai game] [231027] [エスクード] 戦巫<センナギ> ―穢れた契りと神ころも― + Bonus [H-Game]

    thanks, either i had to uninstall everything and fresh reinstall all of them or i needed 2005 version for this game to work.
  8. ivory7777

    [Hentai game] [231027] [エスクード] 戦巫<センナギ> ―穢れた契りと神ころも― + Bonus [H-Game]

    thanks, this is the info i got when i googled it. i tried redownloading the visual C++ and from the link you gave me, but none of them worked for me. maybe i'll try on a different PC later and see if it works.
  9. ivory7777

    [Hentai game] [191129] [しばそふと] ママ×カノ~教え子のお母さんがエッチな先生で、娘の世話を焼いたら駄目ですか?~ + Update 1.01 [H-Game]

    have you patched the game, not sure if it is needed to play the DLC. and you properly installed the DLC by updating it or did you just moved the files to game folders?
  10. ivory7777

    [Hentai game] [230825] [コンフィチュールソフト] ギャル×オタ ~織川きららはお世話したい~ + Voice Drama [H-Game]

    it is working fine for me, try updating you directX. see if it fixes the issue.
  11. ivory7777

    [Hentai OVA] [230825] [ピンクパイナップル] この恋に気づいて THE ANIMATION [Raw] [H-Movie]

    the magnet isn't working (file not found), but attachment is working fine.
  12. ivory7777

    [Hentai game] [230820][230526] [アトリエさくら] 今日も誰かに抱かれる彼女 〜愛する恋人の秘密の仕事〜 [H-Game]

    change the folder name or least remove this ~ symbol from the game folder title and replace it with something else like -, than your game should work.
  13. ivory7777

    [Hentai game] [230818] [Ricotta(リコッタ)] Walkure Romanze + Maxi Single [H-Game] [English Patch]

    is this the same as the 2011 version with English patch? Edit: NVM it is 2011 version. was hoping they make remaster or HD version of both of their games and dlc. and also uncensored but that is a wishful thought.
  14. ivory7777

    [Hentai game] [230728] [BaseSon] 戦国†恋姫EX参 ~毛利家の絆編~ + Bonus [H-Game] [Crack]

    after finishing the game there are 3 scene missing, is that a separate downloadable content? edit: nvm found a way to unlock the extra scene from main menu.