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  1. Exaelia

    [SFW] Images of Cuteness!

    Teehee :3 ~~~~~~
  2. Exaelia

    [NSFW] Cat Girls

    Murhurhurhur. Is there another version of this where she's wearing a shirt? I like this version too but I wanna save it on my laptop. And to do that, I need the not nekkid version. .3.
  3. Exaelia

    How do you describe yourself?

    I'm the troublemaker. I'm loud and annoying at times, but in the end I'm very loyal and protect what I believe in and I refuse to let anyone let me what to do.
  4. Exaelia

    Controlling hallucinations.

    Pssht. In my dreams, there'd be red pandas, giant pandas, ice cream, cotton candy, and Andy Biersack.
  5. Exaelia

    Grr... I wish there was another option OTHER than IRC chat... :I

    Grr... I wish there was another option OTHER than IRC chat... :I
  6. Exaelia

    Lalala~ I don't know

    HI. I'm just really bored. And inactive. I feel like a gray blob. I dunno. Any ideas? HELP ME PLEASE ; A ;
  7. Exaelia

    Welp, I'm Not Allowed

    That's not the reason I posted this Q^Q
  8. Exaelia

    Welp, I'm Not Allowed

    Well, a little bit of both, actually. I couldn't post where I thought I was supposed to, so I posted here instead o:
  9. Exaelia

    Welp, I'm Not Allowed

    That wasn't really my point... ^-^''
  10. Exaelia

    Word Association Game

    Guinea pigs o.o
  11. Exaelia

    Word Association Game

    Official ~~~
  12. Exaelia

    Welp, I'm Not Allowed

    I'm not allowed to post in the otome games thingy, so. RGBSHDJGBRESHTJGSBHG AREA-X IS FINALLY OUT I'M SO HAPPY I'VE BEEN WAITING FOREVER!!! Does anyone know where I can get it? I remember that someone found a place to get X-Note so... :3
  13. Exaelia

    Uh... Hi.... o3o

    I see you saw. :smug:
  14. Exaelia


    Whaaaatever. Is SoniComi free? :samuraihero: IT'S NOT IN ENGLISH
  15. Exaelia

    Uh... Hi.... o3o

    It's called.... Murrr. :smug:
  16. Exaelia

    Uh... Hi.... o3o

    I'm not sure. I have blue hair, that's different. I guess if you want to look at what I'm doing look at the other thread I just posted o 3 o
  17. Exaelia

    Uh... Hi.... o3o

    My weird plan is my goal? :smug:
  18. Exaelia

    Uh... Hi.... o3o

    Weird plan, you say? :smug:
  19. Exaelia

    Uh... Hi.... o3o

    Yes, yes she is. :smug: