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  1. stormofshadow

    [Hentai game] [191129] [アストロノーツ・シリウス] カオスドミナス [H-Game]
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    [Hentai game] [171027] [Pure-Liquid] ヴィーナスリゾート 巨乳乱交アイランド 迫川悠生編 [H-Game]

    the crack from here works:
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    [Hentai game] [170228] [DenpaSoft/Sekai Project] Chrono Clock [English] [H-Game]

    try running cmvs32. i had the same situation but the 32bit version worked fine. i'm not sure why the 64bit version is even there, i don't think there's any real benefit to running a visual novel in 64 over 32.
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    [Hentai game] [170825] [みなとカーニバル] みなとカーニバルFD + Update [H-Game]

    it's finally here! かわしまりの = one of the best voices ever... any eroge with her voice is worth a try!
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    [Hentai game] [170728] [アストロノーツ・シリウス] 百奇繚乱の館 初回限定版 [H-Game]

    wow! new game from team-heartbeat? old school kaguya squads a best! :thumbup:
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    [Hentai game] [170428] [Guilty] 手籠めにされる九人の堕女 The Motion [H-Game]

    savedata: attached to this post.
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    [Hentai game] [151030] [Guilty] 夜這いする七人の孕女 The Motion [H-Game]

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    [Hentai game] [170526] [マリン] 処女ビッチだらけのテニス部合宿!「アタシが処女だって証拠がドコにあんのよ!?」 [H-Game]

    it seems to be the same, but being re-released at a discounted price (3,300 yen instead of the original 7,100) this release added "廉価版" into the title... 廉価版 ( renkaban ) : popular edition; bargain priced edition; cheap edition
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    [Hentai game] ★ 自炊 Own Bought Game ★ [170419][03 fantasy] ワルキューレAスレイブ (Ver.2017-04-29) [1889M] [RJ197770]

    hmmm... that looks like celia from walkure romance. *downloads* :blushhappy:
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    [Hentai game] [170228] [DenpaSoft/Sekai Project] Chrono Clock [English] [H-Game]

    :cheering: i hope more titles from purple-software get translated.
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    [Hentai game] [170127] [アトリエかぐやBARE&BUNNY] ばくあね2 弟いっぱいしぼっちゃうぞ! [H-Game]

    i can't be completely sure, but that sounds like an anti-virus finding a false positive in the executable and deleting/quarantining it.
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    [Hentai game] [160325] [アストロノーツ・シリウス] Dungeon of Regalias ~背徳の都イシュガリア~ 初回限定版 + Update [H-Game]
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    [Other] Happy Lunar New Year 2016

    happy new year everyone! ^___^
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    [Hentai game] ❀AS Bought Game❀ [150724] [KISS] カスタムメイド3D 2 + Dancer Set + Manual + Update 1.01 [H-Game]

    what are you using for extraction? the latest version of 7zip should be able to extract everything fine. and it's free. i use winrar 4.20 (hehehe 420)... it's not the latest version but it extracts everything i throw at it.