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  1. nekoko

    Bug Why is the site all fucked up?

    I want to thank you. What had been bothering me for days was solved this way! But when I try to Like, I get an error message "An error occured. And for some reason, I can't reply to quotes anymore. Can anyone help me figure out how to solve this?
  2. nekoko

    [PS2] Tales of Symphonia [JPN]

    Thank you for re-uploading. I'm also very interested in other games you have. I may write in another thread at a later date, but please forgive me I appreciate your kindness. Thank you so much:)
  3. nekoko

    [PS2] Tales of Symphonia [JPN]

    Hi Thanks for sharing. But the link seems dead All the games you share are attractive, but all have broken links... I would be happy if you could upload it again.