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  1. theYellowHorse

    [Hentai game] [220729] [エウシュリー] 天冥のコンキスタ コンプリート版 + Update [H-Game]

    Anyone still have the crack for this game? I checked the crack links on the previous threads but all of them are dead


    Title: Monkeys!¡ ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK Original Title: Monkeys!¡オリジナルサウンドトラック Info: Hi, I've been looking around for any links to the Full OST of the the new VN of Harukaze [Monkeys!¡]. I would really appreciate it if...
  3. theYellowHorse

    [Hentai game] [210730] [WAFFLE] 奴隷姫騎士と奴隷侍女とのスローライフ [H-Game]

    Does this need a crack? It's showing an error when I try to run it
  4. theYellowHorse

    [Hentai game] [190125] [CRYSTALiA] 絆きらめく恋いろは -椿恋歌- 初回特典版 + Music CD + Update [H-Game]

    Anyone know an H-code for this novel? Can't seem to get it to hook
  5. theYellowHorse

    [Hentai game] ❀velka Bought Game❀ [180727] [BaseSon] 真・恋姫†夢想-革命- 孫呉の血脈 + Bonus + Wallpaper + Update 1.1 [H-Game]

    Looks like the battle gameplay is skippable if you use an already finished save file
  6. theYellowHorse

    [Hentai game] [180427] [ソフトハウスキャラ] その大樹は魔界を喰らう! + Manual [H-Game] [Crack]

    Re: [180427] [ソフトハウスキャラ] その大樹は魔界を喰らう! + Manual [H-Game] Does this need a crack or something?
  7. theYellowHorse

    [Hentai game] [180223] [ALICESOFT] ランス10 + Arrange Collection + Manual [H-Game]

    Guys, how do you get Wenlina that holy monster girl Some people say that she's needed in an Arios event or something
  8. theYellowHorse

    [Hentai game] [180223] [ALICESOFT] ランス10 + Arrange Collection + Manual [H-Game]

    So for FemKessel I just need to gather all his maids & defeat him afterwards? And I meant to say the Thunder Demon Lord Lei. Btw thanks for the info :)
  9. theYellowHorse

    [Hentai game] [180223] [ALICESOFT] ランス10 + Arrange Collection + Manual [H-Game]

    Hey, how can I recruit Lei & Female Kessel?
  10. theYellowHorse

    [Hentai game] [171124] [onomatope*raspberry] ビッチ学園が清純なはずがないっ!!? + Naked Patch [H-Game]

    Try using the last 5 of the full address that's what I did and it worked but mine is Win 8
  11. [REQ] Unionism Quartet A3-DAYS Soundtrack

    [REQ] Unionism Quartet A3-DAYS Soundtrack

    Can anyone please upload a link for this soundtrack Advance thanks