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  1. overkill373

    [Hentai game] [160923] [オーガスト] 千の刃濤、桃花染の皇姫 プレミアムパック [H-Game]

    in the post with the download for pre6 theres also a download link for c++ distru something something....get that
  2. overkill373

    [Hentai game] [ADV] [Selen] OL姉妹 / OL Shimai

    windows vista 32bit not co,patible with this I guess now that I went to the getchu page :( damn
  3. overkill373

    [Hentai game] [ADV] [Selen] OL姉妹 / OL Shimai

    authentification doesnt work for me it gets to step 8 then a message pops up and it closes
  4. overkill373

    [Hentai game] [160923] [オーガスト] 千の刃濤、桃花染の皇姫 プレミアムパック [H-Game]

    Where could I find that updated version? I have ITHVNR-3.5640.1- and I cant find a newer one, this one isnt hooking this VN properly :/
  5. overkill373

    [Hentai game] [120928] [BOOST5] SINCLIENT(シンクライアント) [H-Game]

    Hello Is it possible for someone to seed this torrent? I've searched and searched and cant download this anywhere else x.x
  6. overkill373

    [Hentai game] ★ 自炊 Own Bought Game ★ [150626][STUDIO邪恋] 操心術 外伝 ~綾河博士のHENTAI事件簿~ [3142M] (Label Added)

    ITHVNR is probably the best right now since it detects the same engines VNR does but has the simple and easy design of ITH just try that one
  7. overkill373

    [Other] [150626] [Key] Angel Beats! -エンジェルビーツ- 1st beat Fixed Version [Visual Novel] [Patch]

    for me personally yes it was "what THATS it?" "what was the point of that" "where is the resolution"<- my thoughts about the ending Key usually delivers on that so I was disappointed
  8. overkill373

    [Other] [150626] [Key] Angel Beats! -エンジェルビーツ- 1st beat Fixed Version [Visual Novel] [Patch]

    after finishing Iwasawa's route I now hate this VN with a passion seriously wtf is that key lol plz someone tell me I got a bad/normal end instead of the good/true one or something x.x
  9. overkill373

    [Hentai game] [150227] [ゆずソフト] サノバウィッチ ‐SABBAT OF THE WITCH‐ + Bonus + Update 1.1 [H-Game]

    no idea why but it keeps freezing up near the beginning when the protag first goes to the occult club and theres is a light explosion gets really slow and stops responding edit: had to turn off the effects option to get through it..weird
  10. overkill373

    Visual Novel Cafe

    I cry all the time during sad moments really happy moments, and bittersweet moments
  11. overkill373

    [Hentai game] [140829] [propeller] 蒼撃のイェーガー 初回限定版 + Wallpaper [H-Game]

    anyone having the problem with not being able to change the resolution of the VN?
  12. overkill373

    Hey thanks for taking the time to help me :) I know how stressing college can be :p This is the...

    Hey thanks for taking the time to help me :) I know how stressing college can be :p This is the message I get from Shin Ani yome and this is the one I get for OL Shimai from the little I understand it seems it cant detect the DVD in...
  13. overkill373

    Can Anyone Help/Translate?

    damn thats strange, I mount 真・兄嫁@DVD.cdi on daemon tools, install and then leave it mounted..I wonder why it asks for it veven though its already mounted x.x
  14. overkill373

    Can Anyone Help/Translate?

    I downloaded the visual novel Shin Aniyome(Selen) and installed it but when I went to start it and tried to activate it using the serialID provided in a text file included in the DL it starts authentificating but then gives me this error message fails Can anyone please tell me what it means ?