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  1. yitan1983

    old games very good

    rj044471 アットイウマニスッポンポン エモノノキオク.1 release date:2008-11-23 Orihime Inoue game of rock, paper, scissors, 4 different scene routes
  2. yitan1983

    old games very good

    RJ135036 T-Pack Part2 [TAXI] release date:2014-5-21 2 games in 1, the first is several different mini-games to watch the scenes, the second is medical review mode, the 2 are flash type I'm sorry I'm late in putting...
  3. yitan1983

    old games very good

    [RJ208652] 変身解除クルミふたりのエンゼル release date:2017-9-14 great flash game with good animations and interaction, it has some difficulty so it is not suitable for everyone, if someone passes scene 4 please guide me, I have been...
  4. yitan1983

    old games very good

    I'm going to put the links to the 3 cooley games since they are requested a lot, the last 2 have drm so even if I put them you could not play them rj007647 フィールド移動型ADV~エキサイトエレメンツ~ release date:2002-4-7 rj039593...
  5. yitan1983同人ゲーム%5D%5B墳丹吉%5...同人ゲーム%5D%5B墳丹吉%5D-ツン顔カノジョと-恋愛車両-%5Brj280688%5D-929239/ part 2?
  6. yitan1983

    old games very good

    the downloads is down, my old hard drive is dead, if someone wants a game from this list that asks me for a private message and I will give the download (it is for not overloading my new hard drive)
  7. yitan1983

    old games very good

    I have put to rar so there are no problems in the download, please be patient in a few hours I will put them
  8. yitan1983

    old games very good

    download in zip,not individuals
  9. 水晶物語外伝・覚醒Ver.2(MV版)


    水晶物語外伝・覚醒Ver.2(MV版)only dmm18 please share
  10. good 3dcg animated

    good 3dcg animated

    rj218138[いもけんぴ] 男子の秘密 I have found all the others of this circle but this one is not anywhere and it is the one that interests me the most, please a little help,If you know where to see it, it's worth the same, and if not, someone will upload it
  11. request for two h-games

    request for two h-games

    rj219138 and rj195606,I have tried to find them but there is no way, and they are not so old, if someone shared them I would be grateful
  12. yitan1983

    .exe crashes that has live.dll in its folder

    when I usually give this solution a lot of people think the same, they think it's a pc emulator or something similar, those in the locale should change the name:D,and for ntlea he gave me a lot of problems in the past, I've been with locale emulator for a year and he has not given me any
  13. yitan1983

    .exe crashes that has live.dll in its folder

    you are right that it is more unstable but for those who do not have the Japanese language, locale emulator is the only solution or at least for live.dll
  14. yitan1983

    .exe crashes that has live.dll in its folder

    locale emulator works fine for live.dll,I think it's a language problem and the same thing happened to me and I only got it with this program
  15. yitan1983

    questions about dlsite drm

    it's the first time I'm going to buy a game on dlsite and I have some doubts, to see if you can help me When you buy it, do you have it for a while or can you download it as many times as you want? when having drm does the japanese locale emulator work? And in the user verification, do I just...
  16. new game,no download

    new game,no download

    RJ217876 please upload
  17. yitan1983

    I'm desperate for this game

    there are people who are expert in crack games but not even the Chinese can crack it is already too much, someone to prove that it is the best and get to crack it, or at least code verification bypass
  18. yitan1983

    巨乳会長 対 触手番長 [REQUEST]
  19. yitan1983

    [Request][パープルソフトウェア] ハピメア