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  1. [Request][121222][Studio Diving Frog 2] 終わりで始まりな放課後に

    [Request][121222][Studio Diving Frog 2] 終わりで始まりな放課後に

    Title: 終わりで始まりな放課後に Romaji: Owari de Hajimari na Houkago ni Released Date: 2012/12/22 Company: Studio Diving Frog 2 Info: Not cg file. I find a Visual Novel.
  2. [Request][111201][こねこなく] チームメイトと甘~くHにすごす方法

    [Request][111201][こねこなく] チームメイトと甘~くHにすごす方法

    Name: チームメイトと甘~くHにすごす方法 Romaji: Teammate to Ama~ku H ni Sugosu Houhou Company, Producer: こねこなく Release Date: 2011-12-01 Information:
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    Thank you I'll try it when I have a time :)
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    [Request][970613][D.O.]超らぶ2じゃん Thanks for advice I'm Windows 10 And tried compatibility mode. But it's still can't install Do I have to install a virtual PC? Setup file is run. It just can't install
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    Thank you. But I can't install it. Could you tell me this solution?
  6. [Request][970613][D.O.]超らぶ2じゃん


    Title: 超らぶ2じゃん Romaji: Chou love2 jan Released Date: 1997/06/13 Company: ディーオー(D.O.) Info: Snap shot: OP: :(
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    [Request][140627][Etoiles] 恋DOKi Found it.
  8. [Request][140627][Etoiles] 恋DOKi

    [Request][140627][Etoiles] 恋DOKi

    Original Title: 恋DOKi Romaji: Koi Doki Release Date: 2014/06/27 Company, Producer: Etoiles Getchu link: VNDB link: Probobly... All torrent and download links are dead :(...
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    It works well. thanks :)
  10. [Request][040220]カミ☆たま-神様のたまご-


    Original Title: カミ☆たま-神様のたまご- 初回限定版 Romaji: Kami Tama ~Kami-sama no Tamago~ Release Date: 2004/02/20 Company, Producer: An*tique Getchu link: VNDB link: Please re-upload it :(
  11. [Requst][000901][Maboroshi Ware] Ms ~If it is true~

    [Requst][000901][Maboroshi Ware] Ms ~If it is true~

    Title: Ms ~If it is true~ Romaji: Ms ~If it is true~ Released Date: 2000/09/01 Company: Maboroshi Ware (幻ウェア) Info: , This game is mahjong game :)
  12. [Request][981211][Bags] おまたせっ! パイ牌PIE! クリスマススペシャル

    [Request][981211][Bags] おまたせっ! パイ牌PIE! クリスマススペシャル

    Title: おまたせっ! パイ牌PIE! クリスマススペシャル Romaji: Omatase! Pai Pai Pie! Christmas Special Released Date: 1998/12/11 Company: Bags Info: This game is mahjong game :)
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    [REQUEST] [020913] [MEGAMI] ゆめくみ

    Um... I installed Daemon Tools, but still can't open it. I don't know the reason for this. :( Thank you for your reply.
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    [REQUEST] [020913] [MEGAMI] ゆめくみ

    I downloaded a new file and used <Virtualdvd> and loaded ccd file. But, still can't open it. I'm so sad :( Is it a virtual drive problem? Could you tell me the virtual drive software you use?
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    [REQUEST] [020913] [MEGAMI] ゆめくみ

    yumekumi.ccd: The end of the file is damaged. yumekumi.ccd: No files recovered yumekumi.img: The end of the file is corrupted yumekumi.img: Damaged header found yumekumi.img: No files recovered yumekumi.Sub: A damaged header was found yumekumi.sub: The end of the file is damaged yumekumi.sub: No...
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    [REQUEST] [020913] [MEGAMI] ゆめくみ

    Warning message: The file or directory is corrupted. yumekumi.ccd loads fine. However, the game setup folder cannot be opened.:( Is there a solution? I'm Windows 10.
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    [REQUEST] [020913] [MEGAMI] ゆめくみ

    Wow, thank you... but, this file was broken:(
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    Hi, Velka. Could you please reupload it...

    Hi, Velka. Could you please reupload it?
  19. [Request] [Easy Mode] Love unfair

    [Request] [Easy Mode] Love unfair

    Title: Love unfair Romaji: Love unfair Dev: Easy Mode Release Date: 2003-02-28 VNDB: Getchu: ↓↓ This link has expired. Could someone please re-upload it? :)...