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    [Japanese] [220918][ya-ho-games] アイスハートとジャックオー Ver1.10 [RJ353573]

    Re: [220918][ya-ho-games] アイスハートとジャックオー [RJ353573] You could use Textractor newest version with Yandex translate dll (needs to be x86 version) and one of those hooks HS932#8@4559A0 HS932#C@4262D0 ---Others that work if not working above HS932#24@4D3BA0 HS932#20@4D3B70 HS932#-C@4DFC40...
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    [Japanese] [181130] [エウシュリー] 封緘のグラセスタ + Append + Manual [H-Game] [Crack]

    I can't remember the Specific Spots but you have to watch the streams of flowing Sand and look for some sparkle (like the sandy waterfall etc.)
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    [Japanese] (同人ソフト) [140723][アスガル騎士団] ROBFS4U (Ver.1.2)

    Hello, could you reupload part2 for or something else? cause part2 is down for all hosters.
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    [Japanese] [120127] [Apricot] Oshirikko Venus|お尻っ娘ヴィーナス

    Awww.... part 2,5 and 6 from have been taken down already ;C
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    [Japanese] [100723][Red Label(レッドレーベル)] 王国強制・性辱王女

    Hmmm i do get a nifty Trojan-GameThief.Win32.OnLineGames.wxox with the "a9e5cfe1.exe"..... :/
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    Implemented Dedicated Otome Game in Downloads and Requests / Eroge corner

    oh well something for the otome lovers then ~~49th
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    [Japanese] (120727) [Multi hosting] Cell works Collection Vol.1

    Hi hi ! Just wanted to tell you that the Bitshare Files you "linked" are not the Cell Works Collection instead they are "Debonosu Works Kagura vol.3"