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  1. [REQUEST] [RJ01094293] [けらくのつぼみ] 愛玩奴隷と幸せな日常

    [REQUEST] [RJ01094293] [けらくのつぼみ] 愛玩奴隷と幸せな日常

    Title:愛玩奴隷と幸せな日常 Romaji: Happy daily life with pet slave Release date: November 6, 2023 DLsite link:
  2. [Request][@oz]ロリビッチ フランドール

    [Request][@oz]ロリビッチ フランドール

    Romaji: Roribitchi Flandre Release Date: 2015-09-24 Company: @oz DLsite link:
  3. [REQUEST] [RJ402079] [Comic☆たぬき] 楽園ギルドの性処理係

    [REQUEST] [RJ402079] [Comic☆たぬき] 楽園ギルドの性処理係

    Title: 楽園ギルドの性処理係 Romaji: Paradise Guild's sex worker Release Date: July 23, 2022 DLsite link:
  4. [REQUEST][RJ403901][ちっぱい魔法学園 ]-Reincarnation stories of Tina-「チナの生まれ変わりの物語。」

    [REQUEST][RJ403901][ちっぱい魔法学園 ]-Reincarnation stories of Tina-「チナの生まれ変わりの物語。」

    Title: -Reincarnation stories of Tina-「チナの生まれ変わりの物語。」 Romaji: -Reincarnation stories of Tina- "The story of Tina's reincarnation." Release Date: November 26, 2022 DLsite:
  5. [REQUEST] [RJ345897] [童心茶屋] RPG のじゃロリっ鬼娘 紅羽の婿さがし道中記

    [REQUEST] [RJ345897] [童心茶屋] RPG のじゃロリっ鬼娘 紅羽の婿さがし道中記

    Title: RPG のじゃロリっ鬼娘 紅羽の婿さがし道中記 Romaji: Noja Loli Onikko - Lil Kureha's Search for a Husband Release date: November 19, 2016 DLsite:
  6. [Request][Muddled World Orchestra FragmentI 「オカリナ・オデッサと呪いの魔術」][RJ128435]

    [Request][Muddled World Orchestra FragmentI 「オカリナ・オデッサと呪いの魔術」][RJ128435]

    original title: Muddled World Orchestra FragmentI 「オカリナ・オデッサと呪いの魔術」 released date: January 18, 2014 company/producer: M.W.O.史書編纂所 dlsite link: old links are dead
  7. [REQUEST] [RJ345897] [sol-fa-soft]アリスin健康ランド

    [REQUEST] [RJ345897] [sol-fa-soft]アリスin健康ランド

    Title: アリスin健康ランド Release date: 2021/10/09 Link: