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  1. [Request] [Mireille] 淫薬~背徳の個人授業~

    [Request] [Mireille] 淫薬~背徳の個人授業~

    In'yaku ~Haitoku no Kojin Jugyou~/ 淫薬~背徳の個人授業~ Release - 2002/05/17 Company / ブランド名 - Mireille
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    Can you please reup this on mexashare...

    Can you please reup this on mexashare?
  3. [Request] [2005][エロゲーム][AniSeed] ヘブンストラーダ Heaven Strada

    [Request] [2005][エロゲーム][AniSeed] ヘブンストラーダ Heaven Strada

    Original Title: ヘブンストラーダ Romaji: Heaven Strada Released Date: 2005-10-21 Company: AniSeed VNDB link: All threads with links of this games have links down or need rapidgator premium, if anyone could upload this on mexashare or any free site please...
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    [Request] [Overflow] LOST M NoDVDPatch

    OHHH Shine you are the man, now the game runs. Thank you very much!!
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    [Japanese] [041015][オーバーフロー] Lost M

    Anyone manage to make this work? I installed but didnt work on win10 and on virtual Xp gives me the "please insert the CD", apparently need a NoDVDpatch
  6. [Request] [Overflow] LOST M NoDVDPatch

    [Request] [Overflow] LOST M NoDVDPatch

    Title: LOST M Romaji: LOST M Released: 2004/10/15 Company: Overflow Vndb: I download this game on this site, but the game dont run on win10 and on winXP the game install normally, but when you start the .Exe you got the"please insert the CD" error, I search a little and...
  7. [REQUEST] Milkyway 2

    [REQUEST] Milkyway 2

    Original Title: Milkyway 2 Romaji: Milkyway 2 Released Date: 2002-06-28 Company, Producer: Witch VNDB link:
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    How find Hook-codes for untranslated visual novels

    Im relatively new in the world of MTL and I want to know how people find or create(?) Hook-codes for read untranslated visual novels, some of the old games I cant find the hook code on any forum and textractor dont hook automatically. The gods who posts that hook code first, how did they get it?
  9. [REQUEST-HOOK]プレゼンス HDリマスター+1GHz

    [REQUEST-HOOK]プレゼンス HDリマスター+1GHz

    Need hook code for HD version of clockup presence plz