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    [Japanese] ☄️RELEASE☄️[230825][裸足少女] ハーレム×楽園 - Harem × Shangri-La - ダウンロード版 [v1.02]

    Patch dosn't work. according to their twitter, the patch is for the 'package version' of the game, and the 'dl version' must be redownloaded from the site you got the game from when they've updated it.
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    [Japanese] ✨Shine✨[230825][裸足少女] ハーレムx楽園 - Harem x Shangri-La - ダウンロード版 (Ver1.02)

    Any chance the 1.11 patch with a new echi scene will be added? According to the website, the new patch can only be downloaded for the package version of the VN. The download version needs to be re downloaded for the site you bought the game for
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    [Hentai game] [230825] [裸足少女] ハーレム×楽園 ―Harem×Shangri-La― [H-Game]

    Will this be updated with the latest patch that includes new echi scenes?
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    [Hentai game] [230526] [DESSERT Soft] WANNABE→CREATORS 豪華版 + Bonus + Update [H-Game] [Crack]

    for anyone wondering, another bro uploaded the harem dlc on another thread...
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    [Japanese] [230526] [DESSERT Soft] WANNABE→CREATORS 豪華版 + Bonus + Update [H-Game] [Crack]

    the harem dlc dropped. upload plz?
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    [Japanese] [New Release][230526][DESSERT Soft] WANNABE→CREATORS [3089M]

    The Harem DLC came out. i think only the package version gets the code
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    [Hentai game] [230526] [DESSERT Soft] WANNABE→CREATORS 豪華版 + Bonus + Update [H-Game] [Crack]

    Harem+balky bellies DLC is released but needs a code to download
  8. 俺を欲しがる妻と義母 公式通販特典DLC特典ストーリー 『妊婦母娘は我慢できない! 』

    俺を欲しがる妻と義母 公式通販特典DLC特典ストーリー 『妊婦母娘は我慢できない! 』

    Requesting the DLC for 俺を欲しがる妻と義母 the CGs are out at but the actual DLC has yet to be uploaded.
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    Anime Sharing - Netorare General Discussion Thread

    can anyone upload the DLC for 俺を欲しがる妻と義母? Evidently several WAFFLE DLC has been uploaded to this page except for the VN the thread is about...
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    [Hentai game] [210326] [WAFFLE] 俺を欲しがる妻と義母 [H-Game]

    so has anyone got the DLC yet? all i got are the HCGs of it
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    [Hentai game] [230526] [DESSERT Soft] WANNABE→CREATORS 豪華版 + Bonus + Update [H-Game] [Crack]

    Re: [230526] [DESSERT Soft] WANNABE→CREATORS 豪華版 + Bonus + Update [H-Game] can we expect the harem dlc when it comes out?
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    [Hentai game] ★ 自炊 Own Bought Game ★ [161028][CLIP☆CRAFT] ユニオリズム・カルテット A3-DAYS 豪華版 [7483M] (Crack by 2DJGAME Added)

    Try one of these
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    [Hentai game] [230501] [みるくふぁくとりー] もっと!孕ませ!炎のおっぱい異世界 おっぱいメイド学園! Append + Drama CD [H-Game]

    so i upploaded the append patch to the game folder and got the new CGs, but not the replays of them. anyone got an updated save file for them?
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    [Hentai game] [180906] [平安亭] 元ヤン奥さんとギャル娘ちゃん~菜緒さんは硬派な元ヤン妻♪~ [H-Game]

    so is there a patch or something to fix the wording in the games? i tried downloading local emulator but it didnt work, and now that sugoivisualnovels has released an english patch, i really want to fix the issue, but even the english patch dont solve the randomness of the words