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Thread: Rooks, Knights and Bravehearts - The Ro-Kyu-Bu!/Tenshi no 3P! X High School DxD Crossover Series

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    Re: Rooks, Knights and Bravehearts - The Ro-Kyu-Bu!/Tenshi no 3P! X High School DxD Crossover Series

    こんにちは。 (konnichi wa means hello in daytime)

    It's been a long time since the last post on August 5. I finished the draft version of Chapter 10 and 11 and Special Chapter 1 and began drafting new chapters for Volume 2. Of course, I'm back with another chapter for Rooks, Knights and Bravehearts. I'm very busy with work and I was thinking if I will post a new chapter in the series. I thought I will end this series, but this series is back as usual. So, if you're ready to read this chapter, this is where I finished Chapter 10 and then 11. I will be finishing Volume 1 on Friday before I'll begin posting Chapter 12 next week. In Volume 2, I begin brainstorming some ideas including some new characters in the series. Also, I will be including the Hasegawa Cup, a friendly tournament organized by the Bravehearts, in the future volumes. So, stay tuned for that. In the meantime, enjoy reading Chapter 10!


    Chapter 10 will be the second part of High School DxD meets Ro-Kyu-Bu! and Tenshi no 3P! When the Occult Research Club appears to meet Subaru Hasegawa and his group of friends, they decided to plan a collaboration with one of Subaru's friends in the future for the internship. After this, they went to the Suzuran Shopping District because it's Michiko Takeda's birthday and Tomoka and her friends must have their gifts for Michiko. As Michiko became more cheerful as ever, Tomoka and Jun think Michiko is no longer shy like they did before when they meet Subaru and Kyō respectively.


    The bus continues to move as the Bravehearts and the Gremory Team are going to Kuoh to visit the Kuoh Academy, the home of the Occult Research Club. Later, they were arrived at the façade of the Kuoh Academy where they are going to the organization room for the Occult Research Club.

    “So, what is your name?” asked Rias.

    “Subaru Hasegawa” said Subaru.

    “Okay, Subaru, the club will take you a ride to our organization room of the Occult Research Club” said Rias as the Bravehearts and the Gremory Team are entering the building that the latter stays there since its formation of the club.

    “Wow! It’s beautiful!” said Tomoka.

    “I never seen this before” said Michiko.

    “How long will you take to the main room?” asked Saki.

    “It’s just located at the third floor where there are paintings inside the corridor before you enter to this room” said Issei.

    “So, Akeno, did you have the profile of students who were going to join the club for next year?” asked Hiroshi.

    “Not yet, my girl. We will start the recruitment next month, but we’re preparing to assign our members to do internship” said Akeno.

    “Okay, so what’s the internship?” said Hiroshi.

    “Internships are students who were preferred to work at the working place while benefits your reputation to get a job once you’re graduated from the recent school you enrolled” said Asia.

    “By the way, did you have your members do the internship?” asked Mihoshi.

    “Only Asia and Yuto were the members to do internship while studying at Kuoh Academy” said Akeno.

    “Okay, I get it. However, this only applies for special schools, am I correct?” said Mihoshi.

    “Yes, that’s exactly correct. Because some schools allowed internship to higher students to see how they do outside the school and they wanted to work there once they finished their subjects. Also, community colleges are allowed to open internships, but some regular schools won’t” said Xenovia.

    “Well, that makes sense” said Mihoshi. The two groups finally arrived at the entrance of the ORC’s organization room. Rias used the key to open the organization room. Then, the two groups sit down at the three couches while Rias and Asia are still standing at the President’s office.

    “This is the organization room where members of the Occult Research Club and students of the Kuoh Academy are allowed to stay here” said Issei.

    “I’m glad that you’re here in this room and you’ll have time to enjoy here for a while. As long as Asia and Yuto will start their internship next month, we will still operate the club without hesitations” said Rias.

    “Yeah, it seems that we re-organized the club ever since Rias and Akeno will leave the club by the end of the month” said Asia.

    “Right now, our young comrades will be holding training for the young students of Kuoh Academy to know about Rating Games while Issei, Asia, Irina, Xenovia and I will be doing our duties in the club” said Yuto.

    “Well, good for you, Yuto” said Nami.

    “You and Asia are hopefully looking forward to train hard outside the academy and the others will develop in using the abilities for Rating Games matches” said Kotoe.

    “Thank you, Kotoe. It’s been a long time to train outside Kuoh, but actually without Rias and Akeno, we would be overwhelmed” said Yuto.

    “As you can see, some occult nocturnal specialists have abilities to use while having some duties in their own way. We know that in Kuoh, there are some reports of stray devils and we blast them away” said Rias.

    “Now, what are occult nocturnal specialists?” asked Tomoka.

    “Occult nocturnal specialists are mostly gang members, exorcists, thieves, devils and night viewers” said Issei.

    “In case of those specialists have used abilities to beat those enemies, maybe they are working in your system, right?” said Saki.

    “Of course, Saki. Every occult nocturnal specialist has to do their duties and also they participated at Rating Games matches. There are limitations in our traditional system where it is available to occult nocturnal specialists only while other typing specialists have their own way to use their own system” said Yuto.

    “Today, we identified one of the specialists and its occupation is a Rating Games specialist. The name of this specialist is Tokuo Tsuda” said Xenovia.

    “Tsuda is an expert on using light powers and he creates barriers to protect himself from his enemies” said Irina.

    “Usually, my friends say that Tsuda is a stern guy who has been competing in Rating Games competitions with his Evil Pieces” said Koneko.

    “That’s interesting. I decided to tell you that most of the occult nocturnal specialists are capable of using strong abilities with the use of Sacred Gear” said Airi.

    “To analyze this, most of us have learned to use abilities by using the Sacred Gear and it seems that we can upgrade our abilities by mastering the highest level of the ability” said Ravel.

    “Since no one made this before, Rias and I will try our best to master the highest level of our abilities” said Akeno.

    “Then, do your best in mastering the highest level of abilities” said Tomoka.

    “We’ll try” said Akeno and Rias.

    “On the other hand, searching for occult nocturnal specialists would be accomplished in no time. So, may I ask you a favor, Subaru?” said Asia.

    “Yes, what is it?” asked Subaru.

    “Can we decided to join your group for a while to make sure that we will be able to search more occult nocturnal specialists?” said Asia.

    “Okay, Asia, but our batchmates will be assisting you while Saki and I were searching for members to join our group” said Subaru.

    “Okay, so even you will let your schoolmates to assist us, can we identify them soon?” said Asia.

    “Yes, they will, right, guys?” said Subaru.

    “Yes, we’ll do it” said Aoi, Kazunari, Tae and Satsuki.

    “Oh, thank you, Subaru. We’ll try our best to find some specialists to join our club” said Asia.

    “Okay” said Subaru.

    “Since Asia, Issei, Yuto, Xenovia and Irina will join our group for a while, we should split the Bravehearts into four groups” said Tomoka.

    “Okay, what are the groups?” said Maho.

    “The first group will be composed of Subaru, Aoi, Satsuki, Tae, Kazunari, Issei, Asia, Yuto, Xenovia and Irina. The second group will be composed of Tomoka, Maho, Saki, Michiko, Nami, Kotoe, Hiroshi, Airi, Banri and Hinata. The third group will be composed of Aya, Mimi, Natsuhi, Tsubaki, Hiiragi, Masami and Kagetsu. And the fourth group will be composed of Himeko, Mizuko, Yuka, Chiyako, Hana, Asuka and Kana” said Subaru.

    “For now, the members of the Occult Research Club will join Subaru’s group while Banri was assigned to Tomoka’s group. Aya will be with us until the new school year starts as she will leave us to return to Suzuridani Academy. But on the bright side, we will have our new members soon” said Saki.

    “Yeah, I expected that our search for occult nocturnal specialists will be accomplished by a week” said Subaru.

    “I’m sure that we will accomplish this mission in no time” said Aoi.

    “Yes, it will” said Subaru. Later, the Bravehearts and the Gremory Team leaves the organization room and while they stopped at the hallway, Rias, Akeno, Koneko, Gasper, Ravel and Roseweisse had to part ways with Issei, Asia, Yuto, Xenovia and Irina.

    “Rias, are you leaving with us?” asked Issei.

    “Yes, Issei. I have many things to do along with Akeno and Roseweisse because I have a meeting with Sona Sitri and Tsubaki Shinra at the Aurea Academy” said Rias.

    “Okay, I will call you when you’re done” said Issei.

    “I will, Issei” said Rias.

    “Gasper and I will go home first while Ravel will join with us while we’re waiting for you” said Koneko.

    “Okay, Koneko, but don’t get in trouble with them” said Asia.

    “Right” said Koneko.

    “Okay, we’re leaving now, everyone” said Rias as Rias, Akeno, Koneko, Gaper, Ravel and Roseweisse wave goodbyes to the rest of the members of the Gremory Team and the Bravehearts.

    “So, right now, are we actually search for occult nocturnal specialists or go shopping?” said Issei.

    “We will go shopping first, Issei. We will search for occult nocturnal specialists soon” said Subaru.

    “Okay” said Issei.

    “Let’s go back to our town and we should go shopping at the Suzuran Shopping Street” said Masami.

    “Yeah, let’s go, Bravehearts!” said Saki as the Bravehearts, Jun’s Angels, newly recruits, Issei, Asia, Yuto, Xenovia and Irina went to the bus. They are ready to go back to Nishina, Ōta to go shopping at Suzuran Shopping Street.

    While the bus continues to move, Subaru, Aoi, Tae, Satsuki, Issei, Asia, Yuto, Xenovia and Irina talked to each other with their conversation starts.

    “So, Issei, how did you like to shop with us?” said Subaru.

    “Oh, that’s a great idea, Subaru” said Issei.

    “Are you interested in searching for occult nocturnal specialists?” said Yuto.

    “Yes, in our town, we don’t have those because we were living separately before Maho declared that the Bravehearts have found a new home” said Aoi.

    “This is getting interesting since you were able to track those invaders” said Satsuki.

    “We did a lot when we encountered some bad dark side factions” said Asia.

    “When it comes to hunting the bad dark side faction members, we fight them with our abilities to weaken and capture them” said Xenovia.

    “You are living with Irina and Asia, right, Xenovia?” asked Tae.

    “Yes, we were known as the Church Trio of the Gremory Team. We respected the Catholic Church as we were able to pray for them and seek faith” said Xenovia.

    “So, you’re all Roman Catholic students of Kuoh Academy, which means that you went to Church as well” said Satsuki.

    “Yeah, Yuto is also a Roman Catholic, but he usually didn’t go to Church all the time because Rias assigned him to monitor the enemies” said Irina.

    “As you all know, we, the Catholics, have a minor population in Japan, but we respected God as one creator of Heaven” said Asia.

    “Well, it seems that you’re praying for faith, Asia. That’s awesome” said Subaru.

    “Thank you, Subaru. I could say that everyone has their own profession of faith based on what religion you convert to” said Asia.

    “Yeah, Asia” said Subaru.

    “When you and Rias were adopting your home while having the members to stay, it was more cozy and comfortable when they see you” said Aoi.

    “Yes. It was not a nightmare that I was resisted when my first date kills me, and then Rias revives me to become a devil” said Issei.

    “Actually, you’re dating with Rias and then the members of the club, right?” said Aoi.

    “Yes, I wanted to become the Harem King where I can have many wives and children as many as I can” said Issei.

    “So, I don’t know if I remembered something, Japan is a liberal-influenced nation and it has been a long time to allow multiple wives in some cases” said Aoi.

    “Well, the thing is that people knows about harem where multiple girls or women have joined with a guy or a man. I doubt that allowing marrying any girl I want is allowed, but it doesn’t mean that polygamy is allowed in Japan” said Issei.

    “The evidence is that some nations allowed polygamy only for Muslim nations, but in Japan, harem is allowed with different circumstances unlike group marriages are allowed in our country” said Yuto.

    “Oh, I get it. Although polygamy is not allowed in Japan, group marriages are allowed with the representatives can live together in the same field” said Satsuki.

    “You can marry only one woman from the group because polygamy is not allowed in our country” said Tae.

    “So, if that so, then who will marry to the other members of our team?” asked Issei.

    “I don’t know, Issei, but Yuto will marry Asia, Xenovia or Irina of polygamy is not allowed in Japan” said Aoi.

    “Okay, but can I allow my children to marry other members’ children?” asked Issei.

    “Okay, I believe that your children will marry the other club members’ children in the future” said Aoi.

    “We’ll see about that even though polygamy is not allowed” said Issei.

    “Well, good for you” said Aoi.

    “So, how is your group gonna do group marriage?” asked Yuto.

    “Since I’m in a close relationship with Tomoka while the other members have either have or not have a relationship, it’s our choice depends on what the desire leads to” said Subaru.

    “I’m sure that you are all going to do group marriage soon” said Yuto.

    “Yeah, we sure will, Yuto” said Subaru.

    The bus has stopped moving as they reached the Suzuran Shopping Street where shoppers buy some stuff with their own choice. The members of Bravehearts, Jun’s Angels, team of newly recruits and the Occult Research Club are preparing to use their money to buy their groceries and stuff.

    “Okay, Bravehearts, we’ll split up for a while. Subaru, Aoi, Tae, Satsuki, Kazunari, Mihoshi, Issei, Asia, Yuto, Xenovia and Irina, you’re going to buy clothes and shorts” said Tomoka.

    “Yes, we will” said Subaru, Aoi, Tae, Satsuki, Kazunari, Mihoshi, Issei, Asia, Yuto, Xenovia and Irina.

    “Himeko, Mizuko, Yuka, Chiyako, Hana, Asuka and Kana, you’re going to buy some foods for our dinner later tonight” said Tomoka.

    “Okay, Tomoka” saidHimeko, Mizuko, Yuka, Chiyako, Hana, Asuka and Kana.

    “Airi, Hinata, Maho, Banri, Aya, Mimi, Tsubaki, Hiiragi, Natsuhi, Masami and Kagetsu, you’re going to buy the stuff we need for school” said Tomoka.

    “Okay, Tomoka” said Airi, Hinata, Maho, Banri, Aya, Mimi, Tsubaki, Hiiragi, Natsuhi, Masami and Kagetsu.

    “And the rest of us will buy a gift for Michiko and find Ayane Shirakawa, Haruko Kōyama, Kozue Hanabusa and Aika Sagawa” said Tomoka. The rest of the members are Tomoka, Saki, Nami, Kotoe, Hiroshi, Michiko, Jun, Nozomi, Sora, Kyō, Kurumi, Kōme, Sakura and Yuzuha. “So, we’ll meet up at the counter when you’re all done.”

    “Okay!” all the members replied.

    “Then, let’s go shopping!” said Tomoka as the Bravehearts, Jun’s Angels, newly recruits and the Occult Research Club have temporarily parted ways in the meantime where they will go shopping at different sites.

    Part 2 will be on the next post.
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    Re: Rooks, Knights and Bravehearts - The Ro-Kyu-Bu!/Tenshi no 3P! X High School DxD Crossover Series

    "The Gremory Team" Part 2
    For Subaru’s group, Kazunari asked Issei about what kind of clothes they want to buy for.

    “Issei, what clothes do you like?” asked Kazunari.

    “I wanted to buy a brand new shirt for me to wear it at home. I want the yellow shirt” said Issei.

    “You’re interested in color yellow, right?” said Kazunari.

    “Yes, I do” said Issei.

    “Well, I will buy that one we want” said Subaru.

    “You’re going to buy our favorite clothes for us?” asked Aoi.

    “Yes, I do. I believed that we have many favorite shirts we used when it’s not basketball training” said Subaru.

    “So, what else do you want to buy, Subaru?” asked Tae.

    “I will buy new shorts and socks” said Subaru.

    “Yeah, me too. I want to buy new socks for me wear those at school” said Tae.

    “If Tae likes to buy new socks, then I will buy those as well” said Satsuki.

    “Wow! Your friends are seemed to be more energetic like Akeno and Asia” said Yuto.

    “Yeah, we were friends in Nashiba High School and lived together in Nishina separately” said Aoi.

    “I’m looking forward to improve your basketball skills, Aoi” said Yuto.

    “Yeah, I might become more positive to play basketball even that we will ready to compete at prefectural competitions soon” said Aoi.

    On the other hand, the newly recruits have shop for foods as they went to a donut shop.

    “Welcome to the Donut Corner. May I help you?” said the cashier.

    “I want to buy four boxes of assorted donuts, please” said Himeko.

    “That would be 480 yen. Any other orders?” said the cashier.

    “Nothing” said Himeko.

    “Okay, give me the money” said the cashier.

    “Okay” said Himeko as she gives the cashier 500 yen and the cashier give Himeko 20 yen as a change.

    “Thanks for ordering. Come again” said the cashier.

    “You’re welcome” said Himeko as the newly recruits left the shop.

    “Wow! You’re gonna give those donuts to our new friends” said Mizuko.

    “Yes, Mizuko. Also, I figured it out on what type of donuts we preferred to choose” said Himeko.

    “It has many flavors, but it is expected to be more delicious” said Yuka.

    “We need more food to buy, girls” said Himeko.

    “Yeah” said Mizuko, Yuka, Chiyako, Hana, Asuka and Kana.

    Maho’s group went to the bookstore to buy some stuff for school. Airi and Maho led the team with Hinata, Kagetsu and Banri had their lists of school supplies to buy for the Bravehearts.

    “We’re here at the bookstore. There are many materials to buy and Tomoka give the lists of materials to buy to Kagetsu. Did we have the lists of materials we need for school?” said Hinata.

    “Yes, we have pencils, pens, erasers, pad papers and notebooks. Also, we need envelopes for each of us” said Kagetsu.

    “Okay, who wants to buy the materials for school?” asked Maho.

    “I’m sure I’ll be the one to buy those materials and thanks to my brother, we combined our money to use to purchase all of them” said Airi.

    “Well, if you’re using your money, then I guess I will give my money to you” said Maho.

    “Okay, Maho. I will give you the change once I used all of our money” said Airi.

    “Make sure that our change will be equal to each of us” said Hinata as she and Kagetsu give their money to Airi.

    “Okay, then, let’s buy some materials” said Airi.

    “I’ll join with you, Airi, but make sure that our budget is the key and the change should be divided equally” said Maho.

    Maho’s team would search for materials they need for school. Later, Masami, Tsubaki and Hiiragi looked for crayons as Mimi watched them.

    “So, TsubaHii and Masami, did you have materials to buy?” asked Mimi.

    “Yes, Mimi” said Tsubaki, Hiiragi and Masami.

    “So, Tomoka gave me the lists of materials we need and it says here that crayons, color pens and construction papers are needed for us” said Mimi.

    “Well, we’re about to buy the crayons” said Tsubaki and Hiiragi.

    “Okay, but make sure that our budget is our key” said Mimi.

    “You’re right, Mimi” said Tsubaki.

    “Our budget should be at least the change is the half of the total price of all materials” said Hiiragi.

    “Sure, go ahead” said Mimi.

    “Mimi, I found the construction papers for origami and literature class” said Masami.

    “Okay, good for you, Masami. Now, buy them with the cheapest” said Mimi.

    “Got it” said Masami as Tsubaki, Hiiragi and Masami have bought the materials that are cheap.

    “So, these markers would be a good gift for Michiko and Tomoka” said Mimi as she buys markers for the team as well as for Tomoka and Michiko.

    Tomoka’s team went to the fashion store where Saki and Michiko saw the good sandals.

    “That’s amazing. These sandals would be fit to wear for you, Michiko” said Saki.

    “Yeah, I love those designs with the color light violet” said Michiko.

    “Hey, girls. Look what I have found here at the jewelry section” said Tomoka as she bought two bracelets. “I bought one for you, Michiko, and me.”

    “Ah, great selection you picked, Tomoka. You remembered anything about my clothes I wear when we’re classmates” said Michiko.

    “Yes, it was. I realized that you are beautiful that your friends. I’m sure we have to see them later on” said Tomoka.

    Later, Nami and Kotoe arrived as they found Kozue Hanabusa and Aika Sagawa. “Tomoka, Saki and Michiko, we found two of them” said Nami and Kotoe.

    “Oh, Kozue and Aika. We meet again, friends” said Michiko as they hugged together. “So, how’s your weekend?”

    “I was buying a gift for your birthday today. So, this is the gift that I will give it to you” said Kozue.

    “This is for you, Michiko. I hope you like my birthday present” said Aika.

    “Kozue, Aika, did you said to me that my birthday is today?” said Michiko.

    “Yep” said Kozoe as Tomoka and Saki gasped in surprise.

    “Michiko, is your birthday is today?” asked Tomoka.

    “Yes, Tomoka. I supposed it would have been a birthday party today, so I will have a birthday party at the resort hotel” said Michiko.

    “Oh, you’re right. I see what you want to surprise us after we joined you to the group” said Tomoka.

    “I will be pleased that you will come to my party later on, Tomoka” said Michiko.

    “Why, thank you, Michiko. I like your personality you have since you have changed. I realized that we’re going to become classmates again” said Tomoka.

    “Of course not, Tomoka. I will be with you for sure” said Michiko.

    “Yeah” said Tomoka as Michiko, Tomoka, Kozoe and Aika were happy about what would be Michiko’s birthday.

    “Ah, what a great day Michiko and Tomoka have” said Saki.

    “At least we found two of them, Saki” said Nami.

    “Where’s Hiroshi?” asked Kotoe.

    “She finds the remaining friends of Michiko, but I hope she finds them” said Nami.

    “Then, we have to stick to the plan to buy our clothes, girls” said Saki.

    “Okay!” said Tomoka, Michiko, Kozoe, Aika, Nami, Kotoe, Jun, Nozomi, Sora, Kyō, Kurumi, Kōme, Sakura and Yuzuha.

    Later, Hiroshi, Ayane and Haruko have finished buying their clothes and saw Tomoka and her team at the counter.

    “Tomoka! I found Ayane and Haruko at the young girls’ fashion section” said Hiroshi.

    “Then, come in” said Tomoka.

    “Okay!” said Hiroshi, Ayane and Haruko. Then, the Bravehearts, Jun’s Angels, newly recruits and the Occult Research Club were reunited at the entrance of the fashion store.

    “There you are. Where you have been?” said Maho.

    “We bought our gifts to Michiko for her birthday” said Tomoka.

    “Her birthday? Hey, I thought you said the gifts we give is for her reconciliation” said Maho.

    “Yes, it was, Maho, but Michiko had revealed to us that today’s her birthday. So, she invites us to your hotel” said Tomoka.

    “Okay, I never thought that your family and friends are in the hotel, but I’ll happy if I will join too” said Maho.

    “Me too. Because thanks to Tomoka, we wanted to thank her for choosing the gifts we need for her” said Saki.

    “I was able to buy a hairpin for her before we went to the bookstore” said Airi.

    “Oh, I found a perfect gift for you, Michiko” said Hinata.

    “We, the incoming sixth graders have something to give you a birthday gift” said Mimi as Tsubaki, Hiiragi, Masami and Kagetsu nod together.

    “Michiko, when we go to sports store, we decided to buy a perfect gear to improve your basketball skills” said Subaru.

    “At least Kazunari gives us the advice to buy cheap clothes” said Aoi.

    “That’s my Kazunari” said Tae.

    “Yeah, he likes to give everyone a smile after we followed the advice he gives” said Satsuki.

    “I thought that your day is a special day, so I decided to give this gift to you as well” said Kazunari.

    “Well, thank you, everyone, especially for you, Tomoka” said Michiko.

    “Count on it, Michiko” said Tomoka.

    Later, as they are about to board in to return to the Misawa Resort Hotel, the members of Occult Research Club have decided to remain at the downtown store as they have a group dinner.

    “Why are you not going to come to our home?” asked Mihoshi.

    “Because our team has a group dinner at the Sushi Drive” said Issei.

    “Why don’t you come to my restaurant Sushi Fujii” said Masami.

    “Thanks, but we have other plans to do. By the way, we’ll meet up son, Subaru” said Issei.

    “Well, we’ll call you if you need us” said Subaru.

    “Good, then off we go, guys” said Issei as the members of the Occult Research Club wave their hands and say goodbyes to the Bravehearts. The bus moves in as they are ready on board back to the Misawa Resort Hotel for Michiko’s birthday. It was 5:52 and it’s almost time for dinner and Michiko has invited Tomoka’s team to join the birthday party. Eventually, the Bravehearts began to look at the bright lights of the buildings in Nishina. Then, the bus went back to the Misawa Resort Hotel as the Bravehearts went back to their home to prepare for Michiko’s birthday party.

    At Michiko’s birthday party at the beach, Michiko and her friends have enjoyed eating their birthday cakes. Then, Tomoka and the Bravehearts were glad that Michiko has been friendly with her friends since Tomoka’s team found Michiko’s friends at the Suzuran Shopping Street. The instrumental version of 「大切がきこえる」 can be heard in the stereos.

    “Well, there she goes. She is very happy with her friends after what we gave her. I hope that they are going to hang out with us soon” said Jun.

    “Of course, Jun. That would be a great time to enjoy our vacation ourselves” said Tomoka.

    “Even Michiko was very pretty when she wears a lavender dress. I hope I would wear the same thing” said Nozomi.

    “I want to wear that dress, too, Nozomi” said Sora.

    “Yes, Sora. You can have it when we’re going to buy some new clothes tomorrow” said Nozomi.

    “That’s right, Nozomi. We’ll buy some new clothes for spring. I will organize a party for Michiko on Tuesday. Is that right, Angels?” said Jun.

    “Yes, we would!” said Nozomi, Sora, Kyō, Kurumi, Kōme, Sakura and Yuzuha.

    “Yeah, that would be a great idea, Jun! I hope we should have activities to do for Michiko and her friends” said Tomoka.

    “Oh, okay, Tomoka” said Jun.

    “I wonder if you will come to the party, Tomoka. My brother and I will share about you and your friends” said Kurumi.

    “Well, you should be ready for that, but I bet you will have a nice story to tell us” said Tomoka.

    “Yeah. We’ll do it for you!” said Kurumi.

    “That’s great, Kurumi. Yuzuha and Kōme, did you have plans for the party?” said Tomoka.

    “I will prepare to cook some foods” said Yuzuha.

    “Yuzuha and I will cook foods for the guests to eat” said Kōme.

    “That would be great, you two! I hope you’ll cook something delicious!” said Tomoka.

    “Okay, Tomoka. We will be ready to serve our food for you!” said Yuzuha and Kōme.

    “Okay, Yuzuha and Kōme!” said Tomoka.

    “So, Subaru, are gonna come to our party for Michiko?” asked Kyō.

    “I should, but I will think about it” said Subaru.

    “Okay, take your time if you want to come to our party” said Kyō.

    “I hope that your friends will come as well” said Sakura.

    “Of course, they would. We’ll think about that because we’ll have activities too in our home” said Subaru.

    “Sure, Subaru. Then, just call us if you want to come” said Kyō.

    “Okay!” said Subaru.

    “Tomoka, when you and Michiko were friends for the first time?” asked Jun.

    “I remembered Michiko when she invited me to come at her tenth birthday and then I enjoyed at the party. It seems that Michiko become humbler than her previous personality” said Tomoka.

    “That’s so sweet. I hope she will always be happy with you again like the old days” said Nozomi.

    “While we’re performing our songs for her, you should join us singing. Is that okay to you?” said Sora.

    “Well, I’ll be glad to sing your songs, Sora” said Tomoka.

    “That’s great, Tomoka! I should give Michiko a gift of appreciation at our party” said Jun.

    “Yeah, Jun. Let’s give her a gift together” said Tomoka.

    “Okay! Then, it’s settled! Thanks, Tomoka for trying to contribute our plans to create a party for Michiko” said Jun.

    “Anytime, Jun. I will be always helping you” said Tomoka as she smiled on Jun, who would smile on Tomoka as well. “Anyway, what Michiko wants in the future?”

    “She wanted to be the same like you. Her goal is getting stronger like you” said Nozomi.

    “That’s great! We usually play basketball and also, her friends are great players, too. When Jun and I were usually hang together with her, I would smile on her, then she would return the favor to us just a smile always. Michiko is my friend that she loves to play basketball and I hope she’ll improve her basketball skills when we grew up” said Tomoka.

    “Every time when Michiko joins our playtime, we usually play some tricks and she always doing the favor to us. Also, she always has good lucks from her teammates in her basketball club” said Jun.

    “I believe that she wanted to stop her problems with you in the first place, Tomoka. The reason of this is because she admitted that obsession in playing basketball would worry your friendship and it’s difficult to make a mistake. I hope that you’ll be more greateful to be with her as always” said Saki.

    “Especially, when Michiko wants to be a better basketball player like you, she is looking to improve her skills while playing with you” said Maho.

    “I fully respect on you, Tomoka. I hope you continue your friendship with her once we enter at Kirihara” said Airi.

    “Oh, Tomoka has to be less pressured with Michiko while having training with us” said Hinata.

    “I hope you are ready to play together with her, Tomoka” said Sora.

    “Yeah, Tomoka. You can enjoy playing with her. If she’s here, I’ll join too!” said Kurumi.

    “Count me in, Tomoka!” said Kōme and Yuzuha.

    “That’s very nice, everyone. It wishes me about how she was being friendly to me and I’m sure that we will be ready to improve soon” said Tomoka.

    “I supposed that we have to find other friends, Tomoka, but we still have time for that tomorrow” said Maho.

    “We will, Maho. So, what are your wishes on Michiko?” said Saki.

    “I wished that she will have more experienced in basketball as well as she will be committed to be with us” said Tomoka.

    “I love your wish, Tomoka. It was so admiring that you brought back your childhood friend again” said Airi.

    “Oh, I respected Michiko as well as she is going to join with us in trainings soon” said Hinata.

    “Yeah, I have to say that she will be more special when it comes to find a passionate friend of mine that has many skills” said Tomoka.

    “She will be fine and if she can help us, she deserves us to be more generous” said Saki.

    “Yep. I will be glad that we should start working with the activities, Tomoka” said Maho.

    “Looks like you are forming a team of friends with Michiko and Mimi” said Airi.

    “Oh, a big formation of a team will be built for Tomoka and her team” said Hinata.

    “It sure will and I have to be honest, there is one thing I wanted to do” said Tomoka.

    “And what’s that, Tomoka? Do you have ideas?” asked Saki.

    “Of course, Saki. I will be having more time to train with Michiko and my friends of mine” said Tomoka.

    “Wow! I’m sure you will know them first before we begin the training” said Maho.

    “Yes, Maho. That would be our daily activities for our team soon” said Tomoka.

    “That’s interesting to me, Tomoka. I’ll join you” said Airi.

    “I would love to join the training with them too” said Hinata.

    “I’ll be glad if you join your group, but in some other time” said Jun.

    “Me, too, Tomoka! Since we trust you, you should trust us, too!” said Nozomi, Sora, Kyō, Kurumi, Kōme, Sakura and Yuzuha.

    “Okay, then let’s work together!” said Tomoka.

    “Yeah!” said Jun, Nozomi, Sora, Kyō, Kurumi, Kōme, Sakura, Yuzuha, Saki, Maho, Airi and Hinata. Tomoka and her friends are going to help Michiko and others in preparing to be part of the Kirihara Middle School girls’ basketball club. Michiko sees Tomoka and her friends have their plans to prepare for training and smiled with her friend’s idea would be great.

    “I feel happy for our friendship, Tomoka. Let’s work together as a team” said Michiko.

    Ayane, Haruko, Kozue and Aika are also happy to see Michiko being proud of being friends of Tomoka again. It seems that Tomoka needs to find more friends in her former school, Keishin Academy, to begin their training.

    On the other hand, Mimi, Tsubaki, Hiiragi, Masami, Kagetsu, Aya, Himeko, Mizuko, Yuka, Chiyako, Hana, Asuka and Kana felt happy to see Tomoka and Michiko reconciled.

    “What a friendship I like to see” said Mimi.

    “I’m sure they’ll build together as a team” said Tsubaki.

    “I’m hoping to see how they go when in training” said Hiiragi.

    “I feel excited about our future plans soon” said Masami.

    “When our time comes, it will be a new opportunity for the Bravehearts” said Kagetsu.

    “Once Michiko is ready to play, she’s always ready to help her teammates to victory” said Aya.

    “Mimi, are you sure that we will have trainings soon?” asked Himeko.

    “Yes, Tomoka will send me some duties for you to train well” said Mimi.

    “Then I’ll improve to see who the best captain is” said Himeko.

    “If she wants competition with Mimi, then we will have a rematch with your team soon” said Chiyako.

    “I assumed that two halves are used for the elementary school games, but in our game against Keishin, it has four quarters instead of two halves. It was because Tomoka and her friends, Maho, Saki, Airi and Hinata, are now seventh graders” said Yuka.

    “Oh, you’re right about that, Yuka. Then we will try our best to beat you this time” said Mizuko.

    “We will do as long as we will be more competitive as we can” said Hana.

    “If Himeko and others are ready to improve, then we’re set” said Asuka.

    “I agree with them and we’re sure to beat you this time” said Kana.

    “Yeah, it sure will for as long as you will make it, Himeko and the team” said Mimi.

    “Yes, we will” said Himeko, Chiyako, Yuka, Mizuko, Hana, Asuka and Hana.

    “That’s great, Himeko and friends!” said Aya.

    “A new expectation for the incoming fifth graders, Mimi” said Kagetsu.

    “They will see if they will be more improved when we face them again” said Mimi.

    “I might say that our team will be more developed just like we did last year” said Masami.

    “As we all know that the competitions will start by September, we’ll participate first the ForM Mini Basketball Cup where Tomoka’s team beat us in the semifinals last year, and then the regional qualifiers for the Nationals” said Kagetsu.

    “That’s right, Kagetsu. I will be helping with Tomoka to train together” said Mimi.

    “Then if Tomoka is here, then Maho and I will improve our communication together” said Tsubaki.

    “I’m sure that Maho will be happy with us again” said Hiiragi.

    “I’ll do the same thing for Saki” said Masami.

    “Hinata and I will train together as well” said Kagetsu.

    “I’m also going to train with Airi, so that she’ll improve her skills” said Aya.

    “Well, then, time for grooving the team, girls” said Mimi.

    “Okay!” said Tsubaki, Hiiragi, Masami, Kagetsu and Aya. Mimi and her team are going to join with Tomoka and her friends for the training as well. The first formation of Keishin Academy girls’ basketball team will reunite again for the training with their future friends from Kirihara Middle School while the newly recruits will have their own training for the rematch with Mimi’s team soon.

    UP NEXT: Chapter 11: "Three Hearts" [Last chapter for Volume 1]
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    Re: Rooks, Knights and Bravehearts - The Ro-Kyu-Bu!/Tenshi no 3P! X High School DxD Crossover Series

    I finally updated all the posts of the Volume 1 chapters from Chapters 1 to 10 except for Special Chapter 1 and Chapter 10 will be more interesting since I added a song from Tenshi no 3P! which is 「大切がきこえる」 by Baby's breath. Also, Chapter 11 will be last chapter of the Volume 1 as I will be posting Chapter 11 tonight. So, enjoy reading the entire Volume 1 and I'll be planning to post a supplement to the series.


    Before the Sunday training at the outdoor basketball courts of the Misawa Resort Hotel, Jun's Angels had left the Bravehearts for a while and Tomoka was invited by Jun to join the appreciation party of their childhood friend Michiko Takeda. Later, the Bravehearts are heading to the basketball court to start training. Also, the group's new techniques in basketball will be revealed since they will trying to improve their skills in future games once they're heading to the summer tournament. Also, Natsuhi Takenaka had revealed his team as he will join Tomoka's team over Hiroshi's team because he is dating Maho Misawa, then Hinata Hakamada after the girls' basketball club was formed. He admitted that he wanted to help the girls to improve their skills and it's his choice to hang out with them rather than his teammates.


    The next day is a Sunday and the Bravehearts are planning to go around the Misawa Resort Hotel. But before they get started, Jun’s Angels will about to leave the group as they will go back to their home to practice their performance at the church.

    “So, Jun, did you have plans to come back to visit us?” asked Tomoka.

    “Yes. As long as we’re finished our practice, we will be back for some times. But since you’re my friend, you’re invited to come to Michiko’s appreciation party on Tuesday” said Jun.

    “Okay, Jun. We’ll see you at the appreciation party” said Tomoka.

    “Okay, Tomoka. We’ll see you too, Michiko” said Jun.

    “Come back when you have time to enjoy with us” said Michiko.

    “I promise, Michiko” said Jun as Jun’s Angels wave their hands and say goodbyes to the Bravehearts. It would a promising start of the relationship between the Bravehearts and Jun’s Angels where Jun’s Angels have plans to visit with Tomoka and her friends soon. Right now, before the new school year starts, Subaru and his friends hold a meeting to think about sticking together with Tomoka and her friends while the Bravehearts were heading to Nashiba, Kirihara and Keishin next month.

    “For now, when the classes end, we will go home together, then we will wait for Tomoka and her friends at Kirihara as well as Mimi and her friends at Keishin. So, that means that we will be heading home at 5:00 to do our studies and trainings at the mansion” said Subaru.

    “Actually, I was thinking if there will be new friends joining the Bravehearts, then we will have to arrange the rooms from each school they entered to” said Aoi.

    “That would be a great idea to assign them by each of the girl’s friends, but the sixth graders wanted to be with Tomoka and her friends because they will be planning to enroll at Kirihara Middle School next year” said Satsuki.

    “Well, then let’s give the sixth graders to be with them” said Subaru.

    “On the other hand, Hiroshi and Natsuhi will be joining with Maho’s friends at their own room once the latter join us. For now, Hiroshi will be joining with Michiko and her team while Natsuhi will be joining with us in our room” said Tae.

    “That’s a great idea. I will ask him later if he can sleep with us” said Subaru.

    “Okay” said Tae.

    “In our room, we have me, Subaru, Natsuhi, Banri, Aoi, Satsuki and Tae. The boys will be sleeping on the left side while the girls will be sleeping on the right side, so that there will be no conflicts between them” said Kazunari.

    “Nashiba High School Basketball Team will be using this mansion as our place to stay when we’re tired from training or the classes were ended” said Banri.

    “I will be reserving the other room for the other members of the club, so that we will have some arrangements based on the lineup for boys and girls” said Aoi.

    “That’s more like it, Aoi” said Kazunari.

    “Then, I hope we will be ready to begin our new lives in the mansion” said Subaru.

    “Yeah” said Kazunari, Banri, Aoi, Satsuki and Tae.

    “There’s one thing that I heard from Tomoka and her friends” said Subaru.

    “What is it?” asked Aoi.

    “A training for new friends from Kirihara Middle School while Mimi’s team will have a rematch with Himeko’s team soon” said Subaru.

    “Um, that would be interesting to see. I believed that before the Bravehearts will go back to their respective schools, we should have the rematch between Mimi’s team and Himeko’s team. The training will be every other day because we have to find some new members in our team like close friends” said Aoi.

    “Also, we have a meeting with the Occult Research Club soon. I hope that we will meet them as long as Jun’s Angels will be back for another visit” said Banri.

    “Of course, we should start doing our daily activities every day while we’re on vacation” said Satsuki.

    “It has a lot of time to do while we’re hanging out with them. I’m sure that we need to organize our group” said Tae.

    “That’s a great idea. Subaru, since you’re managing the recruitment, I will have a new position to make sure that Saki will handle on her own” said Aoi.

    “Okay” said Subaru.

    “Subaru, you will be the General Manager of the Bravehearts where you will be able to meet with the other team leaders of our team” said Kazunari.

    “I will be glad to accept the position as the General Manager of the Bravehearts and also, since Aoi is my childhood friend, I will give her position as the Assistant General Manager of our team” said Subaru.

    “Okay, Subaru. I will watch your back to see how they are doing in this organization” said Aoi.

    “I will be more helpful to be with me together as soon as we’re on a team” said Subaru.

    “Okay” said Aoi.

    “Let’s handle the rest of the positions to the other members of the group when we’re holding another meeting soon” said Banri.

    “Okay” said Subaru, Aoi, Kazunari, Satsuki and Tae.

    At hall of the mansion of the Misawa Resort Hotel, the members of the Bravehearts except for students of Nashiba are also holding a meeting. Tomoka, Maho, Saki, Airi and Hinata were standing while others are sitting to listen what they have to say about the next meeting.

    “Right now, we have two weeks to go before we will go back to school. As you all know, Subaru has assigned every one of us to different rooms to stay there starting tomorrow” said Tomoka.

    “Also, since the first formation of the Keishin Academy girls’ basketball team will be using my room to sleep together, other members will be assigned to sleep to other rooms” said Maho.

    “For the assigned rooms for other members of our group, the newly recruits will sleep beside our room” said Saki.

    “For Tomoka’s friends, they will sleep on the other side of the room beside our room” said Airi.

    “And for the other rooms, those will be reserved by other friends and members of the Nashiba High School Basketball Team” said Hinata.

    “Your stuff will be put into assigned room you are staying with and let’s make this new arrangement of rooms will be more comfortable than before” said Tomoka.

    “For the training, it will be every other day because some of us will have to do daily activities inside and outside the mansion. So, let’s move on to duties” said Saki.

    “Each of us will have duties to work on as a team and while everyone has doing their duties, we want to accomplish it day by day” said Maho.

    “Before the end of the day, we have to check everyone to see if you’re done doing the duties on time and if you have concerns, ask one of us” said Airi.

    “The Bravehearts will make sure that working together is like we did in basketball and our new journey will have new challenges for every one of us” said Hinata.

    “For now, every one of us will be divided into groups. I will be representing our group: me, Maho, Saki, Airi, Hinata, Mimi, Tsubaki, Hiiragi, Masami, Kagetsu, Natsuhi and Aya” said Tomoka.

    “We call ourselves Team Minato” said all the members of that team.

    “On the other hand, the team of Himeko will be called as Team Katayama” said Saki.

    “Michiko and her team will be known as Team Takeda” said Maho.

    “Each team will assign two members from Nashiba and they’ll be assigning our assignments and duties while you’re in the team” said Airi.

    “Since we have more time to find new members of our group, we will finalize this when we have new members by the end of the week” said Hinata.

    “In addition, Aya will not be part of the Bravehearts until she will finish her duties as a member of Suzuridani Academy Basketball Team” said Airi.

    “I will have time to decide whether to join the group, but still I will visit at your house once I finished the last class in my section or done training with my team” said Aya.

    “I’m sure you’ll be with us soon” said Hinata.

    “Okay” said Aya.

    “Hiroshi will be creating her own team once my friends are joining the team as well as Natsuhi” said Maho.

    “I will call out the boys to join our team to work together while we’re in Kirihara” said Natsuhi.

    “Okay, Natsuhi. I hope you will complete filling out the team” said Saki.

    “I will” said Natsuhi.

    “All groups will be staying to their respective rooms to use these as the meeting place to talk about anything what we discussed or do their hobbies with your team members” said Tomoka.

    “The more you cooperate them, the efforts in your team improves” said Maho.

    “Today, there will be free time to enjoy at the resort hotel, which means that each team will have to assign one area where you will have to enjoy playing recreational games or swimming” said Saki.

    “Make sure that one of the members of your team will assign to assist the team leader. It’s important to help your leader to organize your plans in the future activities” said Airi.

    “Now that we only form three teams, our team will find more friends tomorrow to add more teams for team activities” said Hinata.

    “That’s all for now. Since it’s already 1:00 after we ate together with Subaru and his friends and Jun’s Angels have left us to continue their practice at their home, let’s go to the resort hotel” said Tomoka.

    “Okay!” said the other members of the Bravehearts as they left the mansion for the main entrance of the main resort hotel where the three groups are ready for free activities to enjoy the day.

    “As of now, we’re 27 members plus Subaru, Aoi, Kazunari, Satsuki, Tae and Banri. That would be 33 members for now. I hope our membership increases soon. But for now, for today’s activity, this is the point that we will look at the vicinity map where each group will pick one area to spend the afternoon at the resort hotel” said Tomoka.

    “Also, tomorrow will be the first training for us to prepare ourselves to join the Kirihara Middle School Basketball Team. Natsuhi and his teammates will also join the basketball team, so that we will help together to win the prefectural tournament against different teams including the neighboring teams” said Maho.

    “Maho and I will be assigning our team to choose the area we stay for the group to enjoy while the two groups will pick their members to choose one area to stay for the afternoon” said Saki.

    “If you know the resort hotel, there are five areas to explore, relax, play and enjoy. The first area is the mansion where the Misawa family stays there. The second area is the main resort hotel where it houses hotel rooms for guests, the main office and swimming pools. The third area is the park where you can see the view of the ocean and has many ways to enjoy with your friends” said Airi.

    “The fourth area is the beachfront area where you can enjoy swimming at the sea as white sands are used to create sandcastles. And finally, the fifth area is the recreational center where you can play indoor activities and it has the basketball court outside of it” said Hinata.

    “We trained and played a lot while we’re working as a team. And because we enjoyed staying at the resort hotel to make Keishin being a team with many talents and abilities, now it’s time to test your enjoyment at the resort hotel” said Tomoka.

    “I allowed guests to stay there even my friends and associates to our family. Also, my father also holds a store known as the ForM Apparel Store where there are many jerseys available and we tried hard to design the jerseys for specific schools” said Maho.

    “The resort hotel has many areas to see and of course, we gave the priority to hold for trainings at the basketball court. Subaru said that trainings are usually held at the gym, but he has many ideas for us to be ready in a real game” said Saki.

    “Aside from the resort hotel, the team has many plans that we did last year including the trip to Kyoto. This year, with new teams created to prepare for the middle school, Subaru and our team will work together like we did in Keishin” said Airi.

    “Of course, any new opportunities for the Bravehearts should be ready when we’re on a team. We will win more games in Kirihara, but we have to help Keishin and Nashiba to win games as well, in order to make all three teams to be dominant” said Hinata.

    “For us, since the newly recruits are going to be evaluated tomorrow, we are ready to make Keishin stronger like the first formation with Tomoka and her friends” said Mimi.

    “By the time the newly recruits join us, we wanted to groove and improve the team. With Tomoka and her friends are here to train us, we’re ready again” said Tsubaki.

    “The sixth graders will bring Keishin to be new and improved and thanks to Tomoka and her friends, we’re moving on from struggle to dominance” said Hiiragi.

    “Being a member of Keishin girls’ basketball team is what I have experienced before to be bad, but now I trust the girls to make our team competitive again” said Masami.

    “I wanted to be more focused on the team because I wanted to the best as well. I respect Hinata and her friends and I feel that we’re ready again” said Kagetsu.

    “Once I will be working together with Tomoka and her team soon, it’s time for me to improve my skills and abilities. I will also help the new members too” said Natsuhi.

    “That’s why, you can be with us as well if you are able to enjoy playing basketball” said Tomoka.

    “Let’s achieve together as a group of basketball players and friends” said Maho.

    “No one will cross the borders because it’s on to you to adopt and play” said Saki.

    “Victory is the key to success and our gems will be ours soon” said Airi.

    “Our Bravehearts is our basketball and our team is our blessing” said Hinata.

    “Now, who will be representing Himeko’s team and Michiko’s team?” asked Tomoka.

    Mizuko and Yuka join with Maho and Saki to represent for Himeko’s team while Nami and Kotoe represent for Michiko’s team.

    “So, what would be your area to stay for the day?” asked Airi.

    “I’ll be picking the basketball court from the recreational center” said Maho.

    “It’s just like the old days in Keishin” said Saki.

    “I’ll choose the beachfront area” said Mizuko.

    “We’re all set to go to that place” said Yuka.

    “And I’ll choose the bowling room of the recreational center” said Nami.

    “We’ll play bowling with our team” said Kotoe.

    “Okay, we’re all set and ready to go, Bravehearts. We’ll be back at 5:30” said Tomoka.

    “Just enjoy the day, everyone!” said Hinata.

    “Okay!” said the members of Tomoka’s team, Himeko’s team and Michiko’s team as the afternoon activities begin. Subaru’s team is also present at the main entrance of the main resort hotel. Subaru and Aoi smile to see Tomoka being a good leader because she is a former team captain of the Keishin Academy girls’ basketball team.

    Part 2 will be on the next post.

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    Re: Rooks, Knights and Bravehearts - The Ro-Kyu-Bu!/Tenshi no 3P! X High School DxD Crossover Series

    "Three Hearts" Part 2

    Himeko’s team is composed of seven members: Himeko, Mizuko, Yuka, Chiyako, Hana, Asuka and Kana. They went to the beachfront area and saw the sun glowing up.

    “What do you think, girls? This place seems to be nicer than the other beaches out there” said Himeko.

    “It’s beautiful with fresh water on the sea” said Mizuko.

    “It’s good to swim there” said Yuka.

    “The white sand is not much rough at all, Hana” said Chiyako.

    “There are many sands in the beachfront area, but the area with the white sands is the good place to play with a beach ball” said Hana.

    “It’s so adorable” said Asuka as she inspects the white sand.

    “Well, Himeko, did you have a beach ball?” asked Kana.

    “Yes, I have. Then, let’s play together” said Himeko.

    “Okay” said Mizuko, Yuka, Chiyako, Hana, Asuka and Kana. Himeko and her friends begin to play with their own beach ball. They enjoyed catching the beach ball while used it as a basketball later on. Yuka and Himeko trade passes while Mizuko, Chiyako, Hana, Asuka and Kana have to use their agility for their movements.

    Himeko would pass the ball to Mizuko while Kana tries to stop Mizuko using her defense. Asuka made sure that Himeko is improving her passes to her teammates. Kana stops Mizuko from dribbling the ball and then she learns that she is improving her defense. “It works, Himeko! I finally stopped her” said Kana.

    “It looks like you’re getting great in defense, but you have to screen the player and make sure that you don’t fake” said Himeko.

    “Okay, Himeko. I’m getting better to play against Mimi’s team soon” said Kana.

    “The screen usually breaks the opponent’s movements and fakes won’t easily accomplish until you are able to immobilize them” said Himeko.

    “I can test it out one more time” said Kana.

    “Okay” said Himeko. Himeko passes the ball to Mizuko and Kana tries to look at the movements of her opponents. Mizuko passes the ball to Yuka and Kana tries to stop Yuka by screen her. Kana did well by not using the fake, thus she is able to steal the ball from Yuka.

    “It worked again” said Kana.

    “I’m sure you’re good in defending, but can you even try to use the fake on offense?” said Himeko.

    “Okay” said Kana. Kana would dribble the ball, trying to get past Yuka, Himeko and Mizuko.

    “Come on, Kana. You can do it” said Hana. Kana moves past Yuka and Himeko. Then, Kana goes for a fake on Mizuko, in which Mizuko was shocked.

    “She did it again!” said Mizuko.

    “Yes! I’m feeling so good to use my defense” said Kana.

    “Wow! Doing the fake is making the opponents cringed and I’m sure that you’re a good slasher like me” said Himeko.

    “Yes, it was. By the way, can I go one-on-one with you, Himeko?” asked Kana.

    “Oh, sure. Let’s see how you will test your fake and screen” said Himeko.

    “Okay” said Kana. Himeko holds and dribbles the ball and then Kana prepares to screen her. Kana made the right move and tries not to let Himeko using the fake. Kana stops Himeko from dribbling the ball and Himeko looks shocked on what Kana did.

    “Wow! You’re mastering the screen play” said Himeko.

    “Thanks, Himeko. I couldn’t commit a foul if I touch her, but it seems that I will work on the screen in the game” said Kana.

    “Good for you, Kana. You are great today” said Asuka.

    “Thanks, Asuka. I was trying to learn that move while you’re practicing the fake” said Kana.

    “Yep. I’ll make sure that when we’re facing Mimi’s team again, it’s time to stop them with our new skills” said Asuka.

    “So, let’s practice more” said Kana.

    “Okay, I’ll join with you” said Asuka.

    “Good. We’re ready, Himeko” said Kana.

    “Okay. Then let’s practice our play again” said Himeko.

    “Yeah” said Kana, Asuka, Yuka, Chiyako, Hana and Mizuko as the newly recruits continued to practice their play to prepare for a rematch against Mimi’s team.

    Michiko’s team is composed of members: Michiko, Hiroshi, Nami, Kotoe, Ayane, Haruko, Kozue and Aika. They get their bowling gears and bowling balls to start playing.

    “Is that Hiroshi?” a brown-haired girl appears as she saw Hiroshi and her teammates. Then, she meets her to know what she is doing.

    “Are you one of Tomoka’s friends?” asked the brown-haired girl.

    “Yes, I am. I know you. You’re Megumi Kadokawa, one of my classmates from 6-C” said Hiroshi.

    “Ah, you recognize me again since our graduation. It appears that you’re going to Kirihara Middle School. I’m one of Tomoka’s friends in our section and also entering Kirihara too” said Megumi.

    “Yeah, how did you go there?” asked Hiroshi.

    “Tomoka contacted me to come to this place where her friends will come tomorrow” said Megumi.

    “Okay, so you’re Tomoka’s friend and it seems that we’re gonna be schoolmates again” said Hiroshi.

    “Yeah, I know you meet me and I wanted to have time to stay here to see Tomoka later on” said Megumi.

    “Well, in that case, come to our bowling game” said Hiroshi.

    “I’m interested to play with you, but of course, I will pass” said Megumi.

    “Come on. You’re gonna have an experience to play this kind of sport” said Hiroshi.

    “Okay. I’m ready to play, Hiroshi” said Megumi.

    “Then let’s play” said Hiroshi. The bowling game starts with Nami and Kotoe score a strike, Ayane scores a spare, Haruko score an eight and Kozue score a nine. It’s Aika’s turn to play the round. She rolls the ball with her acceleration and she scores a strike.

    “Wow! You’re good too, Aika” said Michiko.

    “Yeah, it’s awesome to score a strike. Your first round will add more points depend on the score you got in the second round” said Aika.

    “I know that. Watch my play” said Michiko. Michiko goes for the strike as she rolls the ball to the speed line and scores a strike.

    “Hah! I did it too, Aika” said Michiko.

    “Wow! You’re getting good right out there, but this is the beginning of the game, so I hope that whoever has the highest score in the game wins” said Aika.

    “Don’t disappoint me, Aika if I lose” said Michiko.

    “Okay” said Aika.

    It’s Hiroshi’s turn to play the round. She saw the scoreboard where four girls scored a strike and she is motivated to join them if she scores a strike in that round. Hiroshi would roll the ball with her own speed and she managed to score a strike.

    “A strike!” said the other members of Michiko’s team. Five girls are scoring the strike while others didn’t.

    “You’re up, Megumi” said Hiroshi as Megumi gives her a high five.

    “So, what is she gonna do?” asked Nami.

    “I don’t know, but I believed that she is looking forward to score a strike” said Hiroshi.

    “We’ll see. She has prepared for that as she played bowling many times” said Kotoe.

    Megumi rolls the ball to the speed line and ball has smashed all the pins. Megumi scores a strike.

    “Yes!” said Hiroshi, Michiko, Nami, Kotoe, Ayane, Haruko, Kozue and Aika. The second round is about to begin soon and the girls have a two-minute break.

    “Did you see my play? It is really good!” said Megumi.

    “Wow! You’re a good bowling player, Megumi. It seems that you are scoring the highest point before” said Hiroshi.

    “Yeah. I never imagine what I did before when I was playing with my classmates while others have other hobbies. It seems that I was so lucky to win every game” said Megumi.

    “So, your basketball shoes are looked awesome. Why did you wear that rather than the bowling shoes?” said Michiko.

    “Because Tomoka and I were buying some shoes and I like the shoes that Tomoka wears during the games. I’m a good backup player for her during our intramural competition” said Megumi.

    “That’s nice. Well, I hope you play well in basketball and I’m sure that you’ll be my classmate again” said Hiroshi.

    “We’re on the same section as Tomoka and her friends. I wondered what other students have been put to other sections” said Megumi.

    “I’m with Tomoka for 1-C” said Michiko.

    “Aika and I will be entering as students of 1-A” said Haruko.

    “I’ll be joining section 1-E as a new student” said Kozue.

    “And I’ll be a student of 1-G” said Ayane.

    “Very interesting, Michiko and friends. You’re entering Kirihara with different sections” said Nami.

    “I love to see reunions and gatherings” said Kotoe.

    “So, while I’m watching you playing, I see the potential of your speed and acceleration. Hiroshi, Nami and Kotoe were good in those and so do I” said Megumi.

    “Mark my words, Megumi, that if you’re better than me, I will face you one-on-one” said Aika.

    “Don’t be so bad to her, Aika. Tomoka’s friends were happy students and they have other talents and hobbies aside from basketball” said Michiko.

    “Sorry, my bad” said Aika.

    “It’s okay, we’ll face them at some time” said Michiko.

    “Okay, girls. It looks like the break is up, then we should be ready to play round two” said Hiroshi.

    “Let’s see who the best bowler is” said Nami.

    “Okay, you’re on, Nami” said Megumi as the bowling game continues with Michiko’s team found a new team member.

    Tomoka’s team is composed of twelve members: Tomoka, Maho, Saki, Airi, Hinata, Mimi, Tsubaki, Hiiragi, Masami, Kagetsu, Natsuhi and Aya. Mimi and Tomoka talk with Natsuhi about the planned rematch against the newly recruits.

    “I wondered what would be our plays when we face the newly recruits again” said Natsuhi.

    “As you can see, the Complete Synchronization Skill is used for high teamwork and the communication technique worked well while using our movements to make a complete play” said Mimi.

    “In our team, Subaru learned everything I had as well as the floater and a layup. I never shoot three-pointers because I was so close to make it as I was stepped on the three-point line” said Tomoka.

    “Well, your team’s defense must be more improved and we should practice the screen and fake play” said Natsuhi.

    “I’m sure that Subaru and Aoi are good on that since they did in Kirihara, but can you please show that play?” said Tomoka.

    “Come on, Natsuhi. Your play gone well, but I want to improve our defense” said Mimi.

    “Okay, fine. Because I will help you, I will not join Hiroshi’s group” said Natsuhi.

    “I thought you want to be with them soon” said Maho.

    “Subaru said that I will be assigned to Hiroshi’s team once Maho finds all of her friends, but I decided to against it because I wanted to be with Maho, Saki and Hinata all along” said Natsuhi.

    “So, does that mean you want to join our team?” asked Tomoka.

    “Yes, Tomoka. You see, Subaru and I were talking while we’re walking to the basketball court” said Natsuhi.

    The flashback starts with Subaru, Aoi and Natsuhi walking together.

    “Going with you, Aoi and your friends? Yes, I wanted to, but I also wanted to join with the girls and Maho too” said Natsuhi.

    “Well, if you are friends with Maho, Saki and Hinata before, then why don’t you ask Tomoka and her friends to stay with them at their room” said Subaru.

    “You’re the team captain of the boys’ team and because you are respecting Tomoka and her friends since you and Subaru worked together to put Maho’s panties back to her” said Aoi.

    “I’m sure that Maho would let me part of the team that has many girls in the team. After all, I’m her classmate in our section” said Natsuhi.

    “Well, you can convince to them that you’re no longer part of Hiroshi’s team” said Subaru.

    “It will be fine that you’re the only boy to join Tomoka’s team” said Aoi.

    “Well, sure. I hope that we’re working together to make our teams stronger as they can be” said Natsuhi.

    “Then, you have to be more cautious to them because when you treat them, they will try to play with you like what I did” said Subaru.

    “Okay” said Natsuhi.

    “Now, convince them to be part of their team” said Aoi.

    “I’m counting on you whenever we worked together with them” said Subaru.

    “Right” said Natsuhi.

    The flashback ends as Natsuhi wanted to be more focused on the girls since he dated Hinata.

    “Oh, you’re trying to stay with us instead of joining Hiroshi’s team. Well, I’m not sure” said Hinata.

    “Me, either” said Airi.

    “Hinata, Airi. Natsuhi had sometimes joined us when we have training and also, he and Subaru are helping each other to improve their abilities. He has to be more focused on attacking the defense and that’s why he is a lucky shooter” said Saki.

    “I guess I will be happy if you can join us, Natsuhi” said Hinata.

    “Yeah, we can play together at our room while waiting for your teammates to gather up soon” said Airi.

    “Okay, as long as we will play together, then I will be nice with you” said Natsuhi.

    “That’s the spirit! I hope you join our team” said Saki.

    “Welcome to our team, Natsuhi! I hope you can come along with us later tonight” said Maho.

    “Okay, Maho. I’m ready for that” said Natsuhi.

    “Ah, my brother is finally getting along with us” said Tsubaki.

    “He will be fine with us and he’s no longer shy anymore” said Hiiragi.

    “I guess that since Natsuhi will be part our team, then I’m gonna be okay to be with him even if he treats Maho nicely” said Tomoka.

    “Instead of joining another team, he will be able to take advice to us when it comes to our offense or defense” said Mimi.

    “I’m gonna make sure that Natsuhi will help us improving our team soon” said Masami.

    “That’s how what Natsuhi wanted to be on our team because he wants to focus on being a good team captain” said Kagetsu.

    “I’m sure that Natsuhi will try his best to be the captain in the future” said Aya.

    “Okay, Tomoka and friends. Let’s practice our team plays” said Subaru.

    “Subaru, Aoi, Banri, Satsuki and Tae. You’re here to join our practice too? Okay, then, it’s all set” said Tomoka.

    “It looks like Natsuhi is happy to join with you, girls” said Aoi.

    “Yeah, Aoi” said Tomoka, Maho, Saki, Airi, Hinata, Mimi, Tsuabki, Hiiragi, Masami, Kagetsu and Aya.

    “The reason why I joined this team is because I wanted to improve my abilities and skills while playing with them. At least I’m going to be the only guy to join that team” said Natsuhi.

    “So, did you have plans to reunite with your teammates?” asked Banri.

    “Yes, we’ll meet up while Tomoka and her friends will split up to find their close friends” said Natsuhi.

    “Okay, then let’s practice, everyone” said Subaru.

    “Yeah!” said Aoi, Banri, Satsuki, Tae, Kauznari and the members of Tomoka’s team.

    The practice starts with the seventh graders were on defense while the sixth graders were on offense.

    Saki dribbles the ball and Masami begins to screen her. “Masami, you’re doing well after we played together against the newly recruits. By the way, are you strong enough to beat me?” said Saki.

    “Of course, I would. This is the practice that Natsuhi and Subaru plan and we will see how the offense and defense of our group going to the real game” said Masami.

    “Okay, Masami. If you play good, then I’ll play good” said Saki.

    “Okay, you’re on!” said Masami.

    Masami and Saki were good shooters and hoped that they will play together again as members of Team Minato. Saki passes the ball to Maho. “Here, Maho!” said Saki.

    “Alright, time to show what we got!” said Maho.

    Tsubaki and Hiiragi try to stop Maho from dribbling the ball and Maho tried to find an opening.

    “Come on, Tsubaki, Hiiragi. You can do it!” said Natsuhi.

    “I’ll stop you!” said Hiiragi. Hiiragi would try to steal the ball, but Maho moves out of the way. Tsubaki tried to use the same movement from her twin sister.

    “Oh no, you don’t!” said Tsubaki.

    “Trying to use your Double Mean Play to stop me? Well, then, I will pass to someone I want” said Maho.

    “Maho! I’m here” said Hinata.

    “Go get it!” said Maho as she passes the ball to Hinata.

    “Oh, I will show you what I have in our new plan, Tsubaki, Hiiragi” said Hinata. Tsubaki tries to screen Hinata, but Hinata breaks the screen and move past Tsubaki.

    “Ah, she’s fast!” said Tsubaki and Hiiragi.

    “Oh, I told you that I found a new move to beat my defenders out” said Hinata.

    “At least, we try, Hinata” said Tsubaki and Hiiragi.

    “Now, that’s my Hinata!” said Maho.

    “Thanks, Maho!” said Hinata.

    Hinata sees Airi and Kagetsu facing each other with their strength. Airi and Kagetsu would move until Hinata prepares to pass the ball to Airi. “Airi, go!” said Hinata.

    “Right!” said Airi as Hinata passes the ball to Airi while Kagetsutries to screen her.

    “Airi, I hope my stamina has matched your durability when we faced each other” said Kagetsu.

    “I’ll be nice to see if you improve your defense” said Airi.

    “Yeah. This should be a practice that you will never forget” said Kagetsu.

    “Oh, alright, I’ll be glad to” said Airi. Kagetsu would level the defense while Airi gains the use of fake, which allows Airi to move past Kagetsu.

    “Catch, Tomoka!” said Airi.

    “Okay!” said Tomoka as Airi passes the ball to Tomoka. Tomoka and Mimi have no pressure to see how the team play goes. It seems that this practice will improve the offense and defense of both teams. In order to make sure that this practice will be the best, both teams level their skills to see how they play well with Natsuhi and Subaru’s new strategy.

    “I’m confident to play with you, Tomoka” said Mimi.

    “Me too. I’m sure that you’re gonna see how we level the skills to improve our team play” said Tomoka.

    “Ah, okay. Let’s do what we have learned before in our first meeting” said Mimi.

    “I’ll be happy to, Mimi” said Tomoka. Tomoka would play better with her techniques to use while Mimi became more confident when she played with Tomoka during practice and in-game. Tomoka would move past Mimi to shoot the floater. The shot was good.

    “Alright!” said Maho.

    “Nice play, Tomoka!” said Saki.

    “You’re too good to use Shiny Gift” said Airi.

    “Oh, good job, Tomoka!” said Hinata.

    “Yeah, at least this is just the beginning to improve our team” said Tomoka.

    “You really looked great, Tomoka. It seems that we could level this team play to make sure that when we’re in the game, we will make sure that we will play better” said Mimi.

    “Yeah, that would make this a new strategy to use. Is that right, Subaru?” said Tomoka.

    “Yes. Just to make sure that the objectives I got will improve your skills and abilities” said Subaru.

    “Alright, I’m on it. Say, Mimi, wanna play offense while I’m on defense?” said Tomoka.

    “Sure, Tomoka” said Mimi.

    “Then, let’s play!” said Tomoka as she and Mimi smile to each other. Tomoka’s team continues to do their practice as they were enjoyed doing the practice like they usually do in drill practice at the gym of the Keishin Academy.

    UP NEXT: Extras 1: "The Bravehearts"

    This post marks the end of Volume 1. I hope you enjoy reading the first volume which was all updated with corrections I made. I will be posting an extra part featuring The Bravehearts, the characters from Ro-Kyu-Bu! and Tenshi no 3P! The Extras 1 will be posted on Sunday and I will add more extras if I have time. The next chapter will be the start of Volume 2 starting October 20 (Friday).

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    Re: Rooks, Knights and Bravehearts - The Ro-Kyu-Bu!/Tenshi no 3P! X High School DxD Crossover Series

    As I promised, I will be posting some extras for the series, starting with the characters from Ro-Kyu-Bu! in the extra chapter, "Why the Bravehearts?"


    The members of the Bravehearts have their reactions on naming their group. The name “bravehearts” was coined by Tsubaki and Hiiragi Takenaka as the members of the Keishin Academy girls’ basketball club have dominated very well in competitions like their counterparts who were progressing to the fourth round of the district tournament for the regional qualifiers of the National Tournament where they lose. The girls trusted their mentors Subaru Hasegawa and Aoi Ogiyama since its formation of the club. The Keishin Academy Basketball Team now has two groups: the boys’ club and the girls’ club. Currently, Mimi Balguerie has plans to reconstruct the basketball club by forming a unified group and organize their plans before the start of their first major competition, which is the district-wide ForM Mini Basketball Cup.

    In their final meeting for the Keishin Academy girls’ basketball club, Tomoka and her teammates have finally decided to stick together with Subaru and his friends from Nashiba High School. Then, Subaru let them choose on whether they’ll remain in Keishin or transfer to Kirihara, his former middle school team. The girls chose to transfer to another school in Kirihara, so that they will help the team to win games against other middle schools in their district. However, in the main series, after losing to Suzuridani Academy, the girls have decided to remain in Keishin Academy for junior high school, so that they’ll improve their skills and once they’ll compete against Suzuridani again, they’ll eventually become victorious. But still, they’ll continue to stick together with Subaru to increase their friendship with him.

    All of the members of the group except Aya Miyakoōji are members of the Keishin Academy girls’ basketball club. Aya Miyakoōji is a member of the Suzuridani Academy basketball club. The group is based on the characters from Ro-Kyu-Bu!

    Here’s what the members of the Bravehearts say their response.

    Tomoka Minato (湊 智花)
    Position: SG
    Number: 4
    DOB: September 9
    Blood type: A
    School: Keishin Academy (慧心学園)
    CV: Kana Hanazawa (花澤 香菜)

    “The name “bravehearts” was very interesting to me because our group had contributed our efforts to witness history in Keishin. Also, “dearests” can be an alternate nickname for our group because Subaru coined this term to recognize every one of us as dearests. Of course, he’s my mentor when he helped me to master my shooting skills as well as the floater and also, he helped my teammates too. I love my interests in the group because I enjoy playing with my friends especially Maho, Saki, Airi and Hinata. You have to be more admired and pleased as long as you are a brave person.”

    Saki Nagatsuka (永塚 紗季)
    Position: PG/SG
    Number: 6
    DOB: July 1
    Blood type: O
    School: Keishin Academy (慧心学園)
    CV: Yōko Hikasa (日笠 陽子)

    “The meaning of “bravehearts” is not always everyone needs determination, but to correct this, resilient, willpower and compassionate are the keys that my team has admitted to. Like what Tomoka said, it’s your own responsibility to overcome your fears and weaknesses especially when you tried hard until you finally made it. Before the game starts, Subaru gives us strength to make sure that victory is ours. As I’m the respectful and prettiest girl in the group, I always lead the group by expressing ideas and doing think tanks in our team.”

    Airi Kashii (香椎 愛莉)
    Position: C
    Number: 7
    DOB: April 5
    Blood type: A
    School: Keishin Academy (慧心学園)
    CV: Rina Hidaka (日高 里菜)

    “When I join the Keishin Academy girls’ basketball club, I overcame my fears and tried my best to play with my own style. As of now, I treat my friends including Hinata and Tomoka by expressing advice to them. I like to play basketball with Tomoka and her friends and of course, I admired them to make sure they are doing right. When I had to cheer myself up, the fun has never runs out as always. The name “bravehearts” was very fine to me and I wanted to make our group to change our strategies and styles of play because we’re determined to be the best in our team.”

    Hinata Hakamada (袴田 ひなた)
    Position: SF
    Number: 8
    DOB: March 3
    Blood type: O
    School: Keishin Academy (慧心学園)
    CV: Yui Ogura (小倉 唯)

    “On my past experience, as a player, it’s very interesting to me and I always treat them nicely to admire them. My teammates like Tomoka recognized me as a “charming and innocent” girl because I always smile on them and it’s the best way to treat them nicely. I expressed myself to commit playing basketball because my interests in basketball was very okay to me and being part of this group was one of my moments by the time after the graduation. Everyone is compassionate and we conquer our fears and mistakes by making our new strategies and make sure that we’ll win at the end.”

    Maho Misawa (三沢 真帆)
    Position: PF
    Number: 5
    DOB: July 2
    Blood type: AB
    School: Keishin Academy (慧心学園)
    CV: Yuka Iguchi (井口 裕香)

    “I like word “bravehearts” because my friends were very passionate just like me. It’s true that we give blessings as good lucks that allow us to give more strength. In Keishin, there are many of us who has special skills and we have to use these skills to pull off a victory. Like Saki said, I always suggest ideas or give advice to my teammates and cheer them up when there’s something wrong in our team. My friends and I felt happy for them as well as to my mentor Subaru. When you give strengths to your teammates, there are many ways to use to conquer the game one at the time.”

    Mimi Balguerie (ミミ・バルゲリー)
    Position: SF
    Number: 10
    DOB: February 3
    Blood type: AB
    School: Keishin Academy (慧心学園)
    CV: Misaki Kuno (久野 美咲)

    “The word “bravehearts” was the first time I hear that word and since Keishin is always a game changing team, we made momentums and triumphs. My teammates and I have trained hard to become members of the club and eventually, Kagetsu and I were the first of the five to fully respect on the senpais including Tomoka. I would be more delighted to become a member of the Bravehearts and I would start doing my duties as the captain of the Keishin Academy girls’ basketball club. So, remember, playing basketball is not hard to play and it’s very fun to play along with your friends.”

    Kagetsu Hakamada (袴田 かげつ)
    Position: PF/C
    Number: 9
    DOB: February 20
    Blood type: O
    School: Keishin Academy (慧心学園)
    CV: Asami Seto (瀬戸 麻沙美)

    “Like my sister Hinata, I begin to play basketball when we’re little kids and cheer up my sister when she’s not feeling well, of course. The Bravehearts must work hard and improve our skills to dominate the competition. I assured that my friends will help to master my playing skills and of course, I will give them a reward in return. You should have an opportunity to be a member of the group because they’ll take care of you and work together like I did in Keishin. The meaning of the “bravehearts” for me is people who have pure heart and being admired by themselves.”

    Masami Fujii (藤井 雅美)
    Position: PG/SG
    Number: 13
    DOB: June 16
    Blood type: A
    School: Keishin Academy (慧心学園)
    CV: Risa Taneda (種田 梨沙)

    “I was very good in basketball and I like to train hard by shooting at any range you get by using my own secrets. To be honest, I will do this skill to get more points I got in the game and being a point guard cannot be missed. The Bravehearts is my new home and because luck is always there, there’s always a blessing in our group. I believe that our revolution is our new look for our class because we decided to be more prepared and determined like the senpais including my childhood friend Saki. I’ll be happier if my friends have treated me fairly and do anything I want to cheer them up.”

    Tsubaki Takenaka (竹中 椿)
    Position: PF
    Number: 11
    DOB: January 1
    Blood type: B
    School: Keishin Academy (慧心学園)
    CV: Minami Tsuda (津田 美波)

    Hiiragi Takenaka (竹中 柊)
    Position: SG/SF
    Number: 12
    DOB: January 1
    Blood type: B
    School: Keishin Academy (慧心学園)
    CV: Aya Suzaki (洲崎 綾)

    “First of all, we decided to call our group as “The Bravehearts.” It’s very simple. Every one of our members has best friends in the Keishin Academy girls’ basketball club and they devoted to overcome their fears and mistakes. To be honest, we need to improve our playing skills for as long as you need to learn anything from our mentors like Subaru, Aoi and my older brother Natsuhi. The senpais like Maho and Hinata were always cheering us up when we have problems and we need to solve it out. This could be more fun to have help from senpais like them.”

    Aya Miyakoōji (都大路 綾)
    Position: C
    Number: 12
    DOB: April 22
    Blood type: A
    School: Suzuridani Academy (硯谷女学園)
    CV: Yumi Hara (原 由実)

    “Despite of being the member of the Suzuridani Academy basketball club, I followed Airi and her friends whenever she has many things to do outside training. The Bravehearts were very determined and respected basketball players and I wanted to challenge myself to be stronger. To elevate your skills, you need to improve your skills by having help from your friends or your mentor. I wanted to make sure that I have to work hard as possible. It means that when you enter to the game, don’t be afraid to your teammates and opponents, just be nice to them and respect the game.”

    UP NEXT: Extras 2: "Here Comes the Three Angels"

    In the next extra chapter, the characters from Tenshi no 3P! will be having some time to know about the series. Also, it will be another special post for Tenshi no 3P! since the anime adaption series had ended on September 25, 2017.
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    Re: Rooks, Knights and Bravehearts - The Ro-Kyu-Bu!/Tenshi no 3P! X High School DxD Crossover Series

    For the second part of the extras for Volume 1, this will be focused on the characters from Tenshi no 3P! They will introduce themselves and then they have to tell you about what are currently doing right now in the series. Enjoy reading Extras Chapter 2!


    The members of Jun’s Angels were appeared at the hall where they were talking about how they are doing in spring vacation. Also, what are their plans in the future? The answers will be revealed as Jun Gotō and Baby’s breath, along with Kurumi Nukui and the Dragon≒Nuts, Kyō Nukui and Sakura Toriumi will be entertaining you with the things they did in the series.

    All of the members of Jun’s Angels are from Shiromidai Elementary School and Niida Nishi High School. The group is based on the characters from Tenshi no 3P!

    Jun Gotō (五島 潤)
    Band: Baby’s breath/Lien de Famille
    Instrument used: Fender USA Duo-Sonic
    Grade/Section: 5-2
    DOB: August 8
    Blood type: A
    School: Shiromidai Elementary School (城見台小学)
    CV: Yoko Ono (大野柚布子)

    “My name is Jun Gotō. I’m the vocalist for Baby’s breath and I’m glad that you’ve reading this series. It was very exciting from the start ever since I was a friend of Tomoka. It’s true that my passion in singing was very interesting to me. Kyō said to me that my songs are enthusiastic and I was shocked that he likes my songs I sing. I hope that he would join with us singing the next time we perform. Right now, I was helping Tomoka and her friends in bringing their strength to prepare for junior high school. Since I’m the leading member of our band Jun’s Angels, you should be ready to explore our group as I’ll meet Tomoka and Michiko soon. See ya, everyone!”

    Nozomi Momijidani (紅葉谷 希美)
    Band: Baby’s breath/Lien de Famille
    Instrument used: Hofner・500/1
    Grade/Section: 5-2
    DOB: October 21
    Blood type: AB
    School: Shiromidai Elementary School (城見台小学)
    CV: Yurika Endo (遠藤ゆりか)

    “I’m Nozomi Momijani. I’m the bassist for Baby’s breath. Even though I was interested in music, I always sing a lot with my friends Jun and Sora. Our group is very interesting in uniting two groups as one solid group where rivals and friends are together with the songs we made. I can hear everyone’s voices with our passion and my heart seems to be beating. I wonder what will be next for us. I’ll be assisting Saki for the human resources group of the Bravehearts and also, I will be asking my bandmates to think about ideas for both of us and them. I’ll be smiled if you keep interacting with us. That’s all for now!”

    Sora Kaneshiro (金城 そら)
    Band: Baby’s breath/Lien de Famille
    Instrument used: Gretsch bop kit
    Grade/Section: 5-2
    DOB: December 1
    Blood type: AB
    School: Shiromidai Elementary School (城見台小学)
    CV: Aoi Koga (古賀葵)

    “I’m Nozomi Momijani. I’m the bassist for Baby’s breath. Even though I was interested in music, I always sing a lot with my friends Jun and Sora. Our group is very interesting in uniting two groups as one solid group where rivals and friends are together with the songs we made. I can hear everyone’s voices with our passion and my heart seems to be beating. I wonder what will be next for us. I’ll be assisting Saki for the human resources group of the Bravehearts and also, I will be asking my bandmates to think about ideas for both of us and them. I’ll be smiled if you keep interacting with us. That’s all for now!”

    Sakura Toriumi (鳥海 桜花)
    Band: Jun’s Angels
    Grade/Section: 1-A
    DOB: March 8
    Blood type: O
    School: Niida Nishi High School Regular Course (新井田西高校普通科)
    CV: Kanae Itō (伊藤かな恵)

    “I’m Sakura Toriumi. I’m working part-time as a baker for Sanois and I’m the childhood friend of Kyō Nukui. Everyone in our group was calm, less shy and passionate in singing. For me, it’s been a long time since I work with Kyō and Baby’s breath. While helping Kyō to go back to school, I decided to contact with my friends when they wanted to see our band as soon as possible. So, by Tuesday, we’re ready to celebrate our appreciation for Michiko, Jun and Tomoka’s friend in Shiromidai. I will be delighted if Tomoka brings her friends to come at the party. I’ll see you soon!”

    Kyō Nukui (貫井 響)
    Band: Baby’s breath/Lien de Famille
    Instrument used: Fender USA Jazzmaster & K.Yairi’s acoustic guitar
    Grade/Section: 1-A
    DOB: November 15
    Blood type: A
    School: Niida Nishi High School Regular Course (新井田西高校普通科)
    CV: Yūki Inoue (井上雄貴)

    “I’m Kyō Nukui. I’m a vocalist for Baby’s breath and also a poet who loves music. Despite being a shut-in in my current school, I decided to study hard as soon as possible. I will be passing my subjects to enter college since I have help from my childhood friend Sakura. Like Subaru, I admired my friends even Jun, Nozomi and Sora. Also, I wanted to take part of Jun’s Angels because I’m impressed with the songs they made. Say, I will be around with Sakura as we’re hopefully going to join with Subaru and his friends to take our journey. Thank you and see you around!”

    Kurumi Nukui (貫井 くるみ)
    Band: Dragon≒Nuts
    Instrument used: Yamaha P-95
    Grade/Section: 5-2
    DOB: November 19
    Blood type: A
    School: Shiromidai Elementary School (城見台小学)
    CV: Rina Hidaka (日高 里菜)

    “I’m Kurumi Nukui. I’m the younger sister of Kyō “HibikiP” Nukui and I’m the keyboard manager for Dragon≒Nuts. I lead the section to cooperate with my schoolmates as well as Jun, Sora and Nozomi. My group finally become members of the unified Jun’s Angels and I hope Jun and I will be composing songs to make the audience loves it. Right now, I’ll be helping Airi, Masami and Aya with the committee I was creating since I became a student leader for the first time since last year. Well, I’m sure that our band will be joining the Bravehearts and I will be calling everyone to prepare for activities in the future. See ya, everyone!”

    Kōme Ogi (尾城 小梅)
    Band: Dragon≒Nuts
    Grade/Section: 5-2
    DOB: July 7
    Blood type: AB
    School: Shiromidai Elementary School (城見台小学)
    CV: Kana Hanazawa (花澤 香菜)

    “I’m Kōme Ogi. I’m the vocalist for Dragon≒Nuts. I’m interested in singing because I like Kyō’s songs and of course, I always chat with him all the time. Now, being a member of Jun’s Angels will make me livelier as long my bandmates and I were together. I hear that Mimi and Kagetsu are on Tomoka’s side to prepare for their future activities in Keishin. I will help them and also, I will have to take care of my things to make sure no item is lost. I hope that I will able to join the activities that they are having as being part of both Jun’s Angels and the Bravehearts will be a hard task to do so. Thank you and I hope that I’ll see you next time!”

    Yuzuha Aigae (相ヶ江 柚葉)
    Band: Dragon≒Nuts
    Instrument used: Fender VI
    Grade/Section: 5-2
    DOB: June 10
    Blood type: AB
    School: Shiromidai Elementary School (城見台小学)
    CV: Yuka Iguchi (井口 裕香)

    “I’m Yuzuha Aigae. I’m a vocalist for Dragon≒Nuts and I’m one of Kyō’s friends in Shiromidai. I’m glad that Kurumi gave our blessings to us as we’re finally united with our former rivals Lien de Famille. I’m finally excited to be with Jun and her bandmates and while Kurumi is working with Jun for new songs, Kōme and I will be assisting the other members as well as Sakura and Kyō. Also, I will assist Maho for some ideas I will be making as being a member of the Bravehearts would be my long term to spend with them. I’ll be here at the appreciation party to meet Tomoka and her friends again. Bye, everyone and see ya at the appreciation party!”

    UP NEXT: Chapter 12: "A Shiny Task" [Start of Volume 2]

    And that wraps up the Volume 1 of Rooks, Knights and Bravehearts. Next time on Rooks, Knights and Bravehearts, the Bravehearts are planning to do activities as the spring break begins with all of their plans for the spring vacation begins with each member of the Bravehearts will head to their places to call their friends to expand the group. Also, there are things they need to adjust to improve Keishin, Kirihara and Nashiba basketball clubs in the future and some new characters will be revealed as they will appear in Volume 3. The name of the next volume for the series will be: "FRIENDS AND RELATIONS"

    I will posting Chapter 12 either Friday or this weekend. I hope you enjoy reading the series and I'll planning to post new chapters of Volume 2 starting either Friday or this weekend.
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    Re: Rooks, Knights and Bravehearts - The Ro-Kyu-Bu!/Tenshi no 3P! X High School DxD Crossover Series

    I'm back for another chapter and a new volume of Rooks, Knights and Bravehearts series! That's right, the series is almost reaching the 1,000 view count and I hope I will be continuing this series with new chapters, new characters, and new events. In this chapter, the Bravehearts are having a conversation about what they have to do with Himeko and the girls as they whether join the Keishin Academy girls' basketball club or one of them may not. Also, they will talk about who will be the managers for Keishin, Kirihara and Nashiba as the season will begin by summer. Also, Tomoka and Mimi have to talk with one of Tomoka's friends in order to know how they get their skills outside basketball. I hope you will enjoy this new chapter of the new volume titled "A Shiny Task". It marks the beginning of the new volume called "Friends and Relations" Enjoy reading Chapter 12!

    Also, I'm currently drafting Chapter 15 as I'm done doing Chapter 13 & 14. It will be posted on October 25 and 27.

    Here's the premise of Volume 2:

    “Tomoka and her friends have founded their own team to continue the legacy of the first formation of Keishin Academy Girls’ Basketball Team, known as the Bravehearts. After many friends have joined the group including Jun Gotō and the Angels, the Bravehearts are looking forward to expand their team and continue their activities before the new school year starts in April. On the other hand, the Occult Research Club began searching some new members to join the club and their president Asia Argento had to begin her internship along with other third year students of Kuoh Academy. As spring season begins, the Bravehearts will begin their preparations to play with their respective teams while Issei and his friends will begin their new journey without Rias and Akeno at the club.”

    As the sun is about to go down, Subaru and his friends are calling the three teams to gather up for the announcements for tomorrow.

    “Right now, Mimi and her teammates will evaluate the newly recruits to see if they are fit to play for Keishin next month. It will happen during the first training for new members” said Subaru.

    “I’m very excited about this, Mizuko” said Himeko.

    “Yep. I believe that we are ready for tomorrow’s evaluation” said Mizuko.

    “Me too. I’m happy to be ready for the exam” said Asuka.

    “I hope I will become an official player of Keishin soon” said Yuka.

    “I’m feeling good right now, but tomorrow, it will be a test” said Hana.

    “That’s true. A test will be the fate of us” said Chiyako.

    “Our team play will be more different than before, but I’m sure we’re ready to take the evaluation tomorrow” said Kana.

    “Kagetsu and I were ready to observe you to see how your talents and skills do and of course, this should be a fun activity” said Mimi.

    “On the other hand, the first training for new members will be not only the members of Team Takeda aregoing to join this activity, but the newly recruits will join as well” said Subaru.

    “What?” said Himeko, Mizuko, Yuka, Chiyako, Hana, Asuka and Kana.

    “I feel that the members of Team Takeda are better than us, but I hope that we will train well” said Himeko.

    “By the way, trainings are scheduled at any other day, which means that Subaru and I will schedule the trainings at any time we want” said Tomoka.

    “Of course, you’re gonna enjoy this training” said Saki.

    “Every member must wear their training clothes while training” said Maho.

    “The venue will be held at the basketball court of the Misawa Resort Hotel” said Airi.

    “We’ll have drills and practices in the training, so don’t be pressured a lot” said Hinata.

    “Now, for the afternoon activities, we’ll continue the training for an hour and then I will have a meeting with Team Takeda” said Aoi.

    “It’s going to be a short meeting, girls. So, don’t be late for tomorrow” said Satsuki.

    “It will be clear that everyone will have to do whatever they want after the training” said Tae.

    “For Mimi’s team and Himeko’s team, we’ll have team building at the park” said Banri.

    “As for us, we’ll be observing the teams to see how are they doing” said Tomoka.

    “Michiko’s team will visit the Little Wing Orphanage on Tuesday for the team building” said Maho.

    “Without Jun and her friends, Tomoka and Maho will be in charge for the team building on Tuesday. I’ll be going to Suzuran Shopping Street with Masami, Tsubaki, Hiiragi and Natsuhi” said Saki.

    “I’ll be back home for a day with my brother and Aya to make sure that the sports gym is still operating without us” said Airi.

    “I’ll be back home for a day with my sister and Mimi to visit my cousin and thinking about our plans to return to the Pink-Haired Students Club” said Hinata.

    “Since tomorrow will be many activities to do outside the mansion, our team will stay at home to do training for our return to Nashiba High School next month” said Subaru.

    “I’m expected to see how are you doing when you’re outside the mansion on Tuesday” said Mihoshi.

    “To concentrate with the acquisition of our friends on Wednesday, I’ll announce the next plans on Tuesday” said Tomoka.

    “Even that Tomoka and her friends will be going to different places on Tuesday, we, the sixth graders, will join them separately. When we’re outside the mansion, we communicate with each other by using our phones to chat with them” said Mimi.

    “As Team Takeda will be busy on Tuesday for team building, my friends of mine will visit our mansion soon” said Saki.

    “Also, I’ll be thinking if my classmates from my section will join to take part of the activities” said Masami.

    “Not only that each of us will invite friends from Keishin, but relatives and friends from outside Keishin” said Tsubaki.

    “My brother will invite his teammates at any time before we have to settle the groups soon” said Hiiragi.

    “I hope they will come on time to gather for activities” said Natsuhi.

    “Now, since we have many members in the Bravehearts, I suggest that each group will have their own home base when the new school year starts while the main group will stay together at the mansion” said Maho.

    “That’s a great idea, Maho! We’ll be merging Subaru’s team and Tomoka’s team into one team” said Airi.

    “Airi, If I’ll be joining with you and your friends at the mansion starting April, I will ask my parents to be with them when a new school year starts” said Aya.

    “Okay, Aya. Make sure that you come home after your class or training” said Airi.

    “Okay” said Aya.

    “This suggestion will allow our friends will communicate with us about the next activities to do inside and outside school” said Hinata.

    “So, there will be no conflicts of two or more groups if there are problems in their base” said Kagetsu.

    “That’s all for now and we’ll have dinner in a few minutes. So, let’s go back to the mansion, everyone” said Subaru.

    “Okay!” said the other members of the Bravehearts. The Bravehearts will go back to the mansion for dinner. Later, while at dinner, the members of Team Takeda are very enthusiastic like Tomoka and her friends. It seems that the members of Team Takeda were enjoyed staying at the mansion since the formation of the Bravehearts.

    “Tomoka, I’m very excited for the training tomorrow” said Michiko.

    “Yeah. I’m sure that our new life had just begun” said Tomoka.

    “Michiko, why are you so happy right now after you enjoyed the bowling game?” asked Megumi.

    “Because I won the game fair and square, but it seems that you are strong too” said Michiko.

    “I’m the one should win the bowling game if I was able to catch up with you” said Megumi.

    “I’m very excited to see how our acceleration to be used in a basketball game” said Nami.

    “It sure is, Nami” said Kotoe.

    “Megumi, I think you are good in acceleration, but my one problem is that some of your defensive skills are lower than Michiko” said Hiroshi.

    “Yeah, Hiroshi. It means that I need to improve my defensive skills and I’ll make sure that my opponents will be knocked down for sure” said Megumi.

    “I don’t think so” said Michiko.

    “And why’s that?” asked Megumi.

    “Your defensive skills are not good at all and I wondered if you are able to stop them” said Michiko.

    “I stopped them by movements, but in some cases, I failed to defend against the players that are on the same position as mine” said Megumi.

    “Well, I doubt that you need to improve your defense while trying to stop the opponents from moving in a game. Once your defense is good, that way you will be able to stop them on your own” said Michiko.

    “I get it. So, when I’m going to defend your opponent, then I have to make sure that your opponent is not going to move on with force” said Megumi.

    “Yes, it is. If you use your acceleration, then you have to make sure to imitate the movements of your opponent to prevent being faked” said Michiko.

    “Okay, thanks, Michiko” said Megumi.

    “Well, sure. I imagined if I can play with Tomoka in an intramural competition in Kirihara, that would be awesome to make it happen” said Michiko.

    “Yes, it will happen soon in the intramural competition, but right now, I was thinking about how are they playing in a real game” said Tomoka.

    “Aika is a stern student of mine that she is suited to become a point guard. She has able to shoot jumpers at her own” said Michiko.

    “Well, I’m better than her because I was able to shoot jumpers as well” said Saki.

    “For Haruko, she likes to block the shots out there, but she is not good at speed” said Michiko.

    “That makes sense” said Haruko.

    “Kozue and Ayane were both shooting guards when they play in the intramural competition. They got a friendly rivalry because of their positions” said Michiko.

    “We’re facing each other before and I won in one game against her section” said Ayane.

    “Kozue, are you the one who try to convince me to transfer to Keishin?” asked Tomoka.

    “Yes, I’m still friends with you even I advised you to transfer to a good school that is good in your environment like what your father said” said Kozue.

    “Yeah, even you didn’t turn away from me” said Tomoka.

    “I guess, yes. I’m the one of your friends that I didn’t isolate you because I’m also your childhood friend too” said Kozue.

    “Wow, you admit that you’re my longtime friend like Michiko” said Tomoka.

    “Yeah” said Kozue.

    “Michiko, when did you play for Shiromidai last school year?” asked Hiroshi.

    “Back when I was able to follow Tomoka’s footsteps even I turned away from her and then our team lost against Haneda Primary School in the quarterfinals” said Michiko.

    “Well, at least you are able to win against many teams” said Hiroshi.

    “Yeah. Shiromidai was previously a dominating team, winning district championships against strong elementary school teams” said Michiko.

    “Even I won the last championship in my fifth grade before transferring to Keishin” said Tomoka.

    “You’re right, Tomoka. I should have won for you, but my teammates and I were struggling against hard teams” said Michiko.

    “I feel bad about your team lost against Haneda, but you did a great job to score points” said Tomoka.

    “Yeah, it was. Tomoka, I like your floater during your team’s games in the mini basketball tournament and the regional tournament, but I didn’t know how to do it” said Michiko.

    “Michiko, my secret weapon is one of the techniques that Subaru taught me back in Keishin. He was able to master floater during the game against Ryu’s team before I use that when I shot the buzzer beater against the fifth grade team in the semifinals of the mini basketball competition” said Tomoka.

    “I hope that you can teach me for sure” said Michiko.

    “Yeah, my goal is to make Kirihara at the top and I decided to share it to Natsuhi to do that same thing. I’m so happy that I will be able to play at my mentor’s former school” said Tomoka.

    “Yeah, I hope you would able to continue playing basketball while befriending more players” said Michiko.

    “Okay, you said it. Maho, Saki, Airi and Hinata, we’ll be ready to play in Kirihara soon” said Tomoka.

    “Yeah, we’re ready as well” said Maho, Saki, Airi and Hinata.

    “I feel happy to be with you again, Tomoka. It’s another year for us to win competitions” said Saki.

    “I hope that we’ll win the prefectural championship this year” said Maho.

    “We’re ready to see new opponents when we’re playing in a real competition” said Airi.

    “Oh, playing in Kirihara will be a new journey for me and my friends” said Hinata.

    “You’re all delighted and I want to thank Subaru for giving strength to our team” said Tomoka.

    “Yeah, I feel good about you and your friends when you’re entering my former school. It will be a long journey to make it” said Subaru.

    “Since you’re all prepared in Kirihara, we’re also prepared to enter another season” said Mimi.

    “Our goal is to win the district championship with our new roster” said Tsubaki.

    “It’s going to be a new challenge for Keishin and our championship is in our hands” said Hiiragi.

    “Let’s pull out all of our struggles and we’ll be ready to win again” said Masami.

    “Since we’re all ready to be in Kirihara next year, we’ll reignite our friendly rivalry again” said Kagetsu.

    “Wow, you’re all prepared as well, Mimi and friends. It sure that both teams will have their good lucks in their new competitions” said Aoi.

    “I knew you are all set to move on for another season and we’re going to help you as well” said Michiko.

    “Thanks, Michiko. It’s good that we’re all set for another season. Then, let’s finish our dinner!” said Tomoka.

    “Yeah!” said the other members of the Bravehearts as they are continue eating their food before going to their respective rooms to sleep.

    Part 2 will be on the next post.

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    Re: Rooks, Knights and Bravehearts - The Ro-Kyu-Bu!/Tenshi no 3P! X High School DxD Crossover Series

    "A Shiny Task" Part 2

    Later, Team Takeda is not in their room as they’re outside the mansion while Team Minato is staying at the living room to know more about the former players of Kirihara Middle School.

    “Subaru, Aoi. Can you describe your former teammates in Kirihara before both of you went to Nashiba?” asked Saki.

    “Yeah, I’ll explain this. We’re good friends with my former teammates as many of them went to Nashiba” said Subaru.

    “Sono and Shouji are great friends of mine and also, Manaka Nobidome, the manager of Suzuridani Academy, is also my fellow friend during the summer camp” said Aoi.

    “Subaru was very confident to his teammates and he was able to communicate with them. I believed that in Kirihara, they are the good team to beat in major competitions, but they never get past after four rounds” said Tomoka.

    “Back then, in a fourth round match against Shizuno, I was struggled to beat Ryu and I lost the duel with him. After that, my former rivals began joining forces with me and my friends to go to Nashiba, trying to beat Ryu’s current school, Itoda Business School” said Subaru.

    “Then, when the manager of the basketball team has committed sexual abuse during his second year, the basketball team was suspended for a year. We decided to do part-time jobs while the basketball activities in Nashiba are suspended” said Kazunari.

    That’s why we decided to reestablish the Nashiba High School Basketball Team and our commitment to play in Nashiba is to develop each of our players with our principle: willpower” said Aoi.

    “It’s good to bring back our school’s basketball team and we’re all motivated to play again this coming summer” said Banri.

    “As you all know, many good players have committed to play in Nashiba and being supporters to reinstate our basketball team” said Satsuki.

    “Kazunari was currently the Vice Chairman of our school’s student council and he was able to bring back the basketball team by appealing the motion to the administration to lift the suspension of our team” said Tae.

    “Well, that was a great story you got, Subaru and friends. But for me, trying to reform a basketball team is a big task to accomplish” said Tomoka.

    “Yes, it was. We began planning to form the team to compete for major competitions” said Aoi.

    “Oh, what happened to Itoda Business School without Nashiba competing?” asked Hinata.

    “Unfortunately, they lost in the fourth round in the interhigh regional tournament and they seem to be rebounding this year” said Subaru.

    “Now, with Itoda and Nashiba are potentially title contenders this year, we’re ready to build Nashiba High School Basketball Team to the top” said Aoi.

    “As for now, we’re hoping to finalize our roster soon by May and we’re hopefully start training to prepare for major competitions” said Kauznari.

    “Sometimes, we’re holding trainings in our gym, but not all the time we did because we have activities to do outside basketball” said Satsuki.

    “I realized that after our encounter with Ryu and his friends, I feel happy that we’re going to battle them again. It will take time to progress our team and possibly meet them soon” said Tae.

    “I assured that you know about our team, but now that a new season has begun, we’re going to train hard and hopefully going to lead Nashiba to a championship” said Banri.

    “That’s my brother Banri! He wanted to make sure that his team will have more strength to use in competitions” said Airi.

    “Soon, Subaru and your teammates will be dominating the tournament for sure and it will be same as for Aoi and her teammates as well” said Maho.

    “Thanks, Maho. I hope that our expectations will be accomplished once we did well this year” said Subaru.

    “Since we have many members in the Bravehearts, I will let Himeko and Michiko to have their houses their new base for Himeko’s team and Michiko’s team, so that our main group will be staying at the mansion while Jun’s Angels will also join our group to stay with us soon” said Tomoka.

    “Each team has its leader to make his/her home as its base for the team to stay there” said Maho.

    “Also, at some point, each team will receive free time to leave their base for a week and it is scheduled during the school year. It is not applicable when it reaches exam week. Seasonal breaks allow teams to meet up at their base and to do trainings as long as they want” said Saki.

    “In case of emergency, he/she must give permission to their team leader to leave his/her base for any specific reasons and the team leader must have the right to allow him/her to return to his/her base once it was done” said Airi.

    “On the other hand, if a major competition is held, we will allow trainings at the basketball court of our home to have free time to practice for your game” said Hinata.

    “We can still able to talk to other team members by chatting. That way we will interact them about the things they do in school” said Mimi.

    “While other teams are heading to their bases, our team will be using five rooms and Jun’s Angels will use the sixth room” said Tsubaki.

    “The first room will be belonged to the seventh graders, the second room will be belonged to the sixth graders, the third room will be belonged to Subaru’s team and the fourth and fifth room will be reserved for players of Nashiba boys’ and girls’ basketball teams” said Hiiragi.

    “I will be expecting to see the students of Nashiba soon and they’re going to be with us for training” said Masami.

    “As I’m going to become a sixth grader like them, I’ll make sure that my duties as the captain of Suzuridani Academy girls’ basketball team are performed well” said Aya.

    “I wonder who will be coaching the basketball teams for Keishin, Kirihara and Nashiba” said Kagetsu.

    “For Keishin, Ginga would be fit to coach the girls’ basketball team, but if not, I will find someone from Nashiba to coach the girls’ basketball team” said Mihoshi.

    “In Nashiba, Mr. Furukawa had replaced Shin Mizusaki as the manager of our boys’ basketball team and he’s hopefully going to lead the team to the tournament” said Subaru.

    “Our girls’ basketball team has appointed Kumi Nakajima, a third-year student and a friend of Kirara” said Aoi.

    “It looks like Kirihara doesn’t have their coach yet. Their previous coaches left for Nashiba and I guess that we need someone can coach the boys’ and girls’ team” said Satsuki.

    “I asked the director of Kirihara Middle School Basketball Team to find someone to coach the boys’ team and girls’ team and he said that no one has been appointed yet” said Tae.

    “The Keishin boys’ basketball team will stick together with their coach for another year, despite that they lost in the semifinals in the district tournament” said Natsuhi.

    “Once all teams have appointed their coaches, we’re all set to complete the rosters for next season” said Subaru.

    “Yeah” said the members of Subaru’s team and Tomoka’s team.

    “Say, what did you plan out for college in two years?” asked Aoi.

    “I was hoping to come along with you to enroll together at a big university. It means that we need to commit to play our team to participate at the major competitions this year and we’re going to help Nashiba to win the championship this year” said Subaru.

    “That’s great!” said Kazunari.

    “It will be a big mission for Nashiba, Subaru!” said Banri.

    “So, if the boys will play hard, the girls will do the same thing” said Satsuki.

    “Let’s accomplish together!” said Tae.

    “Yeah!” said Subaru, Aoi, Kazunari, Banri and Satsuki.

    “Whoa, whoa, whoa, everyone. You almost forgot about us” said Natsuhi.

    “Ah, okay. So, what are your goals in Kirihara?” said Subaru.

    “We should win games in the regionals to compete for the national tournament this year” said Tomoka.

    “It’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to represent Tokyo for the national tournament” said Saki.

    “Our group should train hard early before the qualifiers begin in July” said Maho.

    “With many schools are competing, we’re going to face off against good schools in the competition” said Airi.

    “Oh, this is going to be our first tournament for us if we can make it to the top” said Hinata.

    “Our boys will try to work hard and we will win the regional tournament to represent Tokyo in the national tournament” said Natsuhi.

    “Now, the national junior high school basketball tournament will be held in four and a half months and this will be your opportunity to redeem yourselves to beat Miyu and her new team” said Subaru.

    “Yeah! We’ll do it” said Tomoka, Maho, Saki, Airi and Hinata.

    “For you, Natsuhi, I hope that you can play hard while competing against some schools in practice and tournament” said Aoi.

    “Okay, Aoi. I’ll do it” said Natsuhi.

    “The girls are looking good to participate at the regional tournament soon and it’s going to happen in July” said Satsuki.

    “I admit that Tomoka and her friends are going to be ready to step up and use the strategies they used from last year to beat their opponents in the regional tournament” said Tae.

    “I’m definitely going to see my sister playing in middle school” said Banri.

    “Tomoka, since we also have competitions to participate like the mini basketball competition and the regional tournament, we’ll try our best to win games too” said Mimi.

    “Yeah!” said Tsubaki, Hiiragi, Masami and Kagetsu.

    “Since tomorrow will evaluate the incoming fifth graders” said Tsubaki.

    “We will decide whether they will join the girls’ team or not” said Hiiragi.

    “Then, we will train hard to be fit to compete at major competitions” said Masami.

    “Let’s hope that we will finally step up to play against elementary school teams” said Kagetsu.

    “Okay, Mimi and the team. We’ll make sure that we’ll watch your games soon” said Tomoka.

    “Yeah!” said Mimi, Tsubaki, Hiiragi, Masami and Kagetsu.

    “I hope you will meet me again in the tournament, Mimi” said Aya.

    “Yes, Aya. Let’s face each other again with full energy” said Mimi.

    “Okay” said Aya as she and Mimi did a friendly handshake.

    “It looks like both aces are ready to settle a match soon” said Kagetsu.

    “We’ll make sure that Rena will be regretted for what she had done to us before” said Tsubaki.

    “With Suzuridani had a great change of roster, they’re all up for the next season” said Hiiragi.

    “We’ll show what they got when we face again in a rematch” said Masami.

    “It seems that you’re all excited for a rematch with Suzuridani soon” said Mimi.

    “Now, you will use my strategies I used when I’m your manager for your team” said Aoi.

    “Okay, Aoi. I’m going to make sure that our team is confident to win games” said Mimi.

    “That would be great, my pupils” said Aoi.

    “Thanks, Aoi” said Mimi, Tsubaki, Hiiragi, Masami and Kagetsu.

    “Well, then. Let’s end our meeting tonight, so that we’ll prepare for tomorrow” said Subaru.

    “Okay!” said the members of Subaru’s team and Tomoka’s team. As the Bravehearts leave the living room to go to their respective rooms, Tomoka and Mimi went outside of the mansion to see Michiko and her teammates playing at the terrace.

    “I wonder what are your friends doing” said Mimi.

    “Well, let’s find out” said Tomoka.

    Tomoka and Mimi find Nami and Kotoe, who were enjoyed playing shogi at the park.

    “So, Nami and Kotoe, have you find enjoy playing recreational games?” asked Tomoka.

    “It was fun playing shogi and I won a game against her” said Nami.

    “I should have focused on your strategies, but I wasted my time in this game” said Kotoe.

    “I hope you found interesting to play recreational games while preparing for tomorrow’s training” said Tomoka.

    “I believe that you are good in I.Q. I’m sure that you’re good in critical thinking” said Mimi.

    “Well, at least I was able to pass the examination in Kirahara” said Nami.

    “Me too. It was so hard to take this examination, but I was able to get a high score in mathematics” said Kotoe.

    “When I got an opportunity to study at Keishin, it was nice to have friends and I eventually find out that my passion of playing basketball has learned a lot for me” said Tomoka.

    “I see. So, I heard about you are dating with Subaru” said Nami.

    “Yeah, I became embarrassed when I was sitting on him. It’s not bad to sit with him and I’m interesting with him” said Tomoka.

    “Yeah, I also dated someone in our section and he was being a pervert” said Nami.

    “Oh, it seems that you’re dating with someone too” said Tomoka.

    “I was upset when he didn’t show up, but he was able to convince me to go on a walk” said Nami.

    “My friend was anxious the first time she met him, however, she thinks that he was good at basketball and decided to hang out with him” said Kotoe.

    “I thought that he didn’t do anything to me, but he was able to recognize my name” said Nami.

    “Well, I hope you continue hanging with him, Nami. He will be fine with you once he and you are developing your relationship” said Mimi.

    “Yeah, I hope I would” said Nami.

    “You see, she will be more comfortable with him once they develop their relationship together” said Mimi.

    “We’ll see for that, Mimi” said Kotoe.

    “So, Nami, you seemed to be tired and you’re gonna be fine to stay with your friend separately from Michiko for a while” said Tomoka.

    “Okay, Tomoka. I’m very tired from playing bowling and feeling comfortable when my friends have cheer me up when I got trailed” said Nami.

    “I hope she is fine with our friends because she is less enthusiastic” said Kotoe.

    “Then, let’s take you to the room, Nami and Kotoe” said Tomoka.

    “Okay” said Nami and Kotoe. Tomoka, Mimi, Nami and Kotoe were heading to an empty room where Nami and Kotoe will sleep together for a while. It seems that Michiko and her friends are worried about Nami and Kotoe while Megumi thinks Nami is less enthusiastic after playing bowling earlier.

    “So, this is your room for a while, Nami and Kotoe. This room is reserved for your team to occupy and eventually our group will rearrange it once a new school year starts” said Tomoka.

    “I feel that you’re going to stay with your friends once we’re heading to Michiko’s home” said Nami.

    “Yeah, it will be fine that you’ll stay with us if you want” said Tomoka.

    “Okay” said Nami.

    “It’s nice that you two will stay together before tomorrow’s training” said Mimi.

    “Thanks, Mimi. I will be refreshed for tomorrow and let’s make sure that our team will be trained well” said Nami.

    “Tomoka, when Michiko is here, you have to say to her that Nami and Kotoe were sleeping in your room, so that they’ll take their rest from exhaustion” said Mimi.

    “Okay, Mimi” said Tomoka. Tomoka and Mimi left the room and wondered about the future competitions for their schools.

    “Now, I was thinking about the national junior high school tournament qualifiers” said Mimi.

    “Yeah. My friends and I are going to train hard to compete for the qualifiers and it will take time to train in Kirihara” said Tomoka.

    “We’ll start train hard to prepare for the regional tournament to determine to represent Tokyo at the nationals” said Mimi.

    “It seems that we’re going on a different path. The training will be fine for us and hopefully, we’ll have more members in our team” said Tomoka.

    “I can’t wait to see new members and our new life begins from the scratch” said Mimi.

    “Since my friends and I were ahead of you and your friends, it’s fine that we should train with our friends together while Subaru and his friends are coming along with us” said Tomoka.

    “I respect with you and your friends after having realized that we tried to beat Suzuridani in the national qualifiers and we lost” said Mimi.

    “When our opportunity is here, we’ll make sure that every one of us will accomplish together” said Tomoka.

    “I hope that we’ll continue training until we’re able to master techniques in team play” said Mimi.

    “Sure, we’re going to become partners soon. Then, let’s wait for my friends to return to the mansion” said Tomoka.

    “Okay” said Mimi. Tomoka and Mimi were able to contemplate their future as long as that Keishin and Kirihara will have to accomplish their goals. Also, Nashiba will try hard to train in order to participate at the interhigh tournament this summer.

    UP NEXT: Chapter 13: "Himeko's Big Day"
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    Re: Rooks, Knights and Bravehearts - The Ro-Kyu-Bu!/Tenshi no 3P! X High School DxD Crossover Series

    The series now reaches its 1,000 view count and the series continues to Chapter 13! Himeko and her teammates are having their big day to see whether they will become permanent members of the Keishin Aacademy girls' basketball club or not. Later on, a challenge between the two levels begin to look for Maho's friends and Natsuhi's teammates at the Misawa Resort Hotel. With the new characters to be revealed in this chapter, you will find out on the next chapter about their group, Team Kikuchi.


    It’s the third day of the spring season as the Bravehearts are going to begin their training for their upcoming season in their respective schools. Himeko’s team is the first team to go to the basketball court while Michiko’s team and the main group followed. The training will be divided into two groups: the main group with Michiko’s team and Mimi’s team with Himeko’s team. They already done their warmup exercises and later, Subaru, Aoi, Tomoka and Mimi were standing in front of the two groups to begin the training.

    “So, this is going to be the first training for the. On this day, this will serve as the venue for the training. As you all know, today will be doing some exercises and let’s make sure that we’ll not have problems” said Subaru.

    “Of course, Mimi and I will be your coach for today” said Tomoka.

    “Since it’s my first time to coach in a training, I hope you’re going to follow my lead” said Mimi.

    “Right now, as high schoolers, we’re going to assist the new members of our team. If they don’t know how to do in their offense and defense, we’ll help them” said Aoi.

    “The newly recruits will have their evaluation today to see how are they doing” said Mimi.

    “If you’re good at the evaluation, you’re now part of our team, but if you don’t, you’re no longer part of our team” said Kagetsu.

    “The judges for the evaluation will be Kagetsu and Masami” said Mimi.

    “I hope you girls are doing well yesterday with your team play. So, let’s start the evaluation” said Masami.

    Kana was the first player to take the evaluation as her offensive play looks good and her defensive play was also good.

    Asuka was next to take the evaluation. She did well in shooting and has able to defend well.

    Hana would be the next player to take the evaluation. She was able to shoot well and her defense was greater than Kana.

    Chiyako would take her evaluation next. She was able to shoot the ball in inside zones and master her defensive play.

    Yuka was next to take the evaluation. She was able to master her techniques in passing and was good in defense as well.

    Mizuko would take her evaluation next. She’s not bad like her teammates as she was able to shoot jumpers and defend her opponent on ground.

    Finally, it was Himeko’s turn to take the evaluation. “I’m ready to take the evaluation said Himeko.

    “Good. Then let’s see your plays” said Kagetsu.

    “Okay” said Himeko. She started the evaluation with her offensive play. She was able to do pump fake and layup. She was able to pass the ball to her teammate Mizuko perfectly.

    “She’s good, Masami” said Kagetsu.

    “Yeah, she’s able to master her passing and shooting” said Masami.

    “I think she’s more likely to be our first back-up player to assist us” said Kagetsu.

    “I bet she’ll deserve her spot for that” said Masami.

    Himeko was able to stop her opponent Tsubaki and block the shot of Hiiragi up high. Hiimeko was looked good and being an ace of her batch is not bad as expected.

    “Very good, Himeko. I know you’re good on both offense and defense” said Kagetsu.

    “I’m happy with your result of your evaluation and since you’re the ace of your class, I’m going to give you the position of back-up player for our team” said Masami.

    “Thank you, Masami and Kagetsu” said Himeko.

    “It looks like her teammates did a perfect job to do their evaluations too” said Mimi.

    “I’m very proud of you, Himeko and the team. You really did well in this evaluation. As a result, I’m going to allow your teammates to join our team as well” said Kagetsu.

    “I hereby announced that Himeko and her teammates are officially joining the Keishin Academy girls’ basketball team” said Masami. Mimi would congratulate Himeko and her teammates for doing their evaluation very well.

    “Yeah, we made it, girls” said Himeko.

    “We’re now officially part of the Keishin Academy girls’ basketball club!” said Himeko, Mizuko, Yuka, Chiyako, Hana, Asuka and Kana.

    “They finally made it” said Maho.

    “That would complete the roster of our former team next season” said Saki.

    “The newly recruits showed their skills perfectly” said Airi.

    “Oh, they did well perfectly” said Hinata.

    “This is going to be the beginning of a new journey for Keishin girls’ basketball club” said Tomoka.

    “It looks like the newly recruits are going to have time to be with Mimi and her teammates” said Aoi.

    “That’s how Mimi was able to lead as the ace of Keishin girls’ basketball team. She knows what everything she had and she developed her leadership by the she’s on her own” said Subaru.

    “When Mimi began joining the basketball team, she was able to train hard while having fun with her friends. I know that she’s going to be more competitive like her master Tomoka” said Natsuhi.

    On the next activity, the team will do drills and exercises where the first group will do shooting and the second group will do defense. Subaru and his friends would split into two groups to assist the new members.

    The members of first group, composed of Tomoka, Maho, Saki, Airi, Hinata, Michiko, Ayane, Haruko, Kozue, Aika, Megumi, Nami, Kotoe and Hiroshi, begin to shoot the ball at the free throw line. Subaru, Natsuhi, Kazunari and Banri were assisting the group by giving the ball to the members.

    While Tomoka, Maho, Saki, Airi and Hinata were able to shoot the ball, Michiko and others are hopefully going to shoot the ball. As Michiko is ready to shoot the ball, Megumi thinks Michiko about her style of play.

    “I wonder if she’s going to shoot the ball” said Megumi. Michiko would jump from the free throw line, shoot the ball and her shot was good. Ayane, Haruko, Kozue, Aika, Megumi, Nami, Kotoe and Hiroshi were shocked to see Michiko shoots as high as she can.

    “She’s good, Kotoe” said Nami.

    “As expected to see how she did when she’s in Shiromidai” said Kotoe.

    “I didn’t see that shot before” said Hiroshi.

    “She can jump high as long as she can able to shoot well” said Megumi.

    “It’s amazing” said Ayane.

    “Wow, she is more enthusiastic than her teammates” said Haruko.

    “Even she didn’t know how to jump and shoot” said Aika.

    “That shot was magnificent” said Kozue.

    “That was very nice shot you got, Michiko” said Tomoka.

    “Thanks, Tomoka. I practiced these many times before I finally made it. It’s been a long year to practice this jump shot” said Michiko.

    “I did that every time when I was practice as Subaru’s house and I was able to do master it” said Tomoka.

    “It seems that your jump shot is better than mine” said Michiko.

    “Of course, Michiko. You’re just the beginner and if you want to improve your shooting, try to practice as many as you can. I hope this help works for you” said Tomoka.

    “Even if I try to shoot as many as I can, I may miss one” said Michiko.

    “Don’t panic. The most important thing is to focus on the ball to shoot at any area. Then, when you jump high, you will shoot with your speed” said Tomoka.

    “Yeah, I wish I could do that” said Michiko.

    “Take a look at your friends” said Tomoka.

    Ayane tries to shoot the ball, but it misses. Then, Natsuhi helps her to shoot the ball perfectly. She tries again and her shot was good.

    “Wow, Ayane! You’re doing well” said Natsuhi.

    “Thanks, Natsuhi. I was shocked that you help me for purpose” said Ayane.

    “Yep. I helped my friends to shoot well and they know how they shoot well. When you shoot the ball, you have to make sure that you need to aim at the target to shoot” said Natsuhi.

    “Yeah, it’s fine that I shoot the ball at the zone” said Ayane.

    “Wow, Ayane seem to be struggled, but she did well” said Michiko.

    Haruko would shoot the ball and she made it well. Her shooting skills were high like other players in Shiromidai.

    “I aimed well” said Haruko.

    “She was able to shoot at any direction she had, but this spot was her best area to shoot” said Michiko.

    Kozue would prepare to shoot the ball. She did a jump shot and the shot was good.

    “You’re doing well, Kozue” said Haruko.

    “I was not bad at shooting jump shots and free throws. These skills were better than layups” said Kozue.

    Aika misses the shot after the ball went off target. “Aw, I can’t shoot like that” said Aika.

    “I will help you” said Subaru. Subaru move the hands of Aika to aim the basket and Aika shoots the ball, which the shot was good.

    “Wow! Subaru helped one of Michiko’s friends” said Saki.

    “He’s a real coach to help players outside our club” said Airi.

    “Oh, I’m pretty happy to see Subaru working with someone who’s not in our club” said Hinata.

    “That’s my Subaru! He knows everything on trying to improve the players” said Maho.

    “I feel happy right now after you help me to shoot the right target” said Aika.

    “You have to be careful with your speed. If you shoot early or late, the ball will bounce off the backboard” said Subaru.

    “Okay, Subaru. I’ll be careful on that” said Aika.

    Hiroshi would do the jumper at the free throw line and it was good. Nami would do the same technique like Hiroshi did, followed by Kotoe. Both shots were good. It was Megumi’s turn to shoot the ball. Megumi asked Hiroshi what to do. “What am I going to do?” asked Megumi.

    “You have to shoot the ball. It has 50% chance to either the ball bounces off or shoots to the ring” said Hiroshi.

    “Okay, Hiroshi. I hope this will work” said Megumi. Megumi would try to shoot the ball at the free throw line. She releases the ball and the ball enters to the basket. The shot was good.

    “Wow! It worked! Just I thought that it would be an easy pick” said Megumi.

    “You’re looking good as well. Nice shot, Megumi” said Tomoka.

    “Yeah, just like the days in Keishin when our section is on practice” said Megumi.

    “It was fun to shoot the ball, depends on your speed and make sure you release the ball perfectly” said Tomoka.

    “I hope that we’ll continue this with a round-up activity” said Subaru.

    “What’s a round-up activity?” asked Natsuhi.

    “They will do the pass and shoot drill. Each player will pass the ball to another player and that one will release the ball to shoot” said Subaru.

    “It will be another drill to see how the new players are doing” said Banri.

    “I guess that the Michiko and her team might be able to improve their shooting skills” said Natushi.

    “Yeah” said Natushi.

    Tomoka passes the ball to Maho, allowing her to shoot the ball. Maho passes the ball to Saki. Saki passes the ball to Airi, who would release the ball to shoot. Airi then passes the ball to Hinata. It’s Michiko’s turn to shoot the ball. Hinata passes the ball to Michiko and Michiko would shoot the ball.

    Michiko would pass the ball to Ayane, who would pass the ball to Haruko. Haruko then shoots the ball and passes the ball to Kozue. Kozue passes the ball to Aika, who would release the ball to shoot. Aika passes the ball to Hiroshi. Hiroshi passes the ball to Nami and Nami releases the ball to shoot. Nami then pass the ball to Kotoe. Kotoe passes the ball to Megumi, who would release the ball to shoot and passes the ball back to Tomoka.

    “It seems that the seventh graders are doing well with their round-up activity. I hope they’ll use that for the regional tournament” said Subaru.

    “Yep. It’s just the beginning of the training for the regional tournament, but it will take time to be ready to face off against different teams from our region” said Natsuhi.

    “I’m sure that every time we train will make us well prepared for the games. At the conclusion, we worked hard to see how they do well in the drills and exercises” said Subaru.

    “Your girls are progressing very well” said Banri.

    “Yeah, I hope the sixth and fifth graders will also progress too” said Subaru.

    The first group continues to play their practice as Tomoka and her friends have trained Michiko and her friends for the first time.

    Part 2 will be on the next post.

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    Re: Rooks, Knights and Bravehearts - The Ro-Kyu-Bu!/Tenshi no 3P! X High School DxD Crossover Series

    "Himeko's Big Day" Part 2

    The members of second group, composed of Mimi, Tsubaki, Hiiragi, Masami, Kagetsu, Aya, Himeko, Mizuko, Yuka, Chiyako, Hana, Asuka and Hana, begin to do their team play. Aoi, Mihoshi, Satsuki and Tae were assisting the group as they will observe the members to see how their offense and defense were used in their team play.

    Mimi’s team will be defending the court while Himeko’s team will be doing shooting and passing. Himeko passes the ball to Yuka while Masami and Hiiragi guard Yuka. Yuka then passes the ball to Hana and later meets with Hiiragi. Masami would guard Mizuko.

    Hana and Kagetsu go one-on-one as they move to each other and Kagetsu tries to stop Hana from dribbling. Hana steps back and passes the ball to Chiyako, who would shoot the ball. The shot was missed and Kagetsu leaps high to get the ball. Kagetsu passes the ball to Tsubaki. Tsubaki dribbles to the left and passes the ball to Masami.

    Masami and Mizuko face each other and as Mizuko tries to stop her, Masami would do the fake step and drive for the basket as she shoots the ball and the ball enters to the hoop.

    “It seems that my jumper went well” said Masami.

    “Yeah, it’s beautiful, Masami” said Mimi.

    “It’s important to immobilize your opponent once you adjust directions when you fake and drive and make sure that you use speed when dribbling” said Masami.

    “I think you are a versatile point guard in our team” said Kagetsu.

    “Thanks, Kagetsu. We’ll make sure that we could win the practice game. Right, girls?” said Masami.

    “Yeah!” said Mimi, Kagetsu, Tsubaki and Hiiragi.

    Himeko passes the ball to Mizuko and Masami meets Mizuko once again. Mizuko and Masami would move each other and Mizuko would do the chest pass to Himeko. Mimi and Himeko face each other as Himeko dribbles the ball. Then, Himeko would do the jab step and shoots the ball. Himeko’s shot was good.

    “I did it, Mimi. I can shoot at any direction I want” said Himeko.

    “Himeko, just concentrate to the ball when you are about to shoot or pass” said Mimi.

    “Right” said Himeko.

    Mimi passes the ball to Hiiragi. Yuka would face off against Hiiragi. She tries to stop Hiiragi from dribbling the ball, but Hiiragi steps back and dribble the ball. Hiiragi passes the ball to Tsubaki. Chiyako and Himeko face off against Tsubaki as they are trying to guard her. Tsubaki would move out of their way and passes the ball to Mimi, who is about to shoot.

    “Oh no you don’t!” said Himeko, but she realized that it’s too late as she jumps too high to block Mimi’s shot and Mimi releases the ball to shoot and the ball goes to the basket.

    “You’re too good, Mimi. I can’t believe that I jumped too high, trying to block your shot” said Himeko.

    “If you’re trying to block the ball, make sure that you have to hit ball and make sure that the ball goes out of bounds” said Mimi.

    “Okay” said Himeko.

    It’s Himeko’s team’s possession and Yuka passes the ball to Chiyako. Chiyako and Tsubaki would meet again, but Himeko tries to screen on Tsubaki, so that Chiyako will move away from Tsubaki. Chiyako would escape from Tsubaki, but Mimi guards Chiyako. Masami and Kagetsu exchange positions, so that when Chiyako passes the ball, either Masami or Kagetsu will try to stop Chiyako’s teammates.

    Chiyako passes the ball to Mizuko and she was guarded by Kagetsu. Mizuko would do the jump shot, but Kagetsu blocks it. As the ball is free from the block, Hana gets the offensive rebound and shoots the three-point shot as she landed outside the three-point line. Hana’s shot was almost good, but the ball bounces off from the backboard and Tsubaki gets the rebound.

    Tsubaki faces off against Chiyako, but passes the ball to Hiiragi with a bounce pass. Hiiragi would drive to the basket to shoot the ball. The shot was good and it’s another score for Mimi’s team.

    “Nice shot, Hiiragi” said Tsubaki.

    “Yeah, your bounce pass was nice too” said Hiiragi.

    “I would be able to do bounce pass to any of our teammates” said Tsubaki.

    “Of course, Tsubaki. Let’s focus on defending” said Hiiragi.

    Himeko would pass the ball to Mizuko. Mizuko would be met by Masami as Masami guards Mizuko, trying to stop dribbling the ball. Mizuko would do the other way as she passes the ball to Himeko. Himeko would pass the ball to Chiyako as she’s going to shoot the ball with a jump shot. Chiyako’s shot was good as her shot is a three-point shot. Mimi, Tsubaki, Hiiragi, Masami and Kagetsu were amazed from Chiyako’s shot.

    “She’s aiming to shoot threes like Masami did” said Mimi.

    “It was a good three-pointer that I saw” said Masami.

    “She’s good in shooting, although she hasn’t found yet in defending” said Kagetsu.

    “These fifth graders are very good in trying to stop us” said Tsubaki.

    “I think we should focus on stopping them” said Hiiragi.

    “It’s alright, Tsubaki and Hiiragi. We should keep an eye on them when they’re on offense, but in defense, they’ll try to improve it” said Mimi.

    “Okay” said Tsubaki and Hiiragi.

    Masami passes the ball to Hiiragi. Yuka tries to stop Hiiragi from moving, but Tsubaki intervenes to screen Yuka. Tsubaki passes the ball to Kagetsu. Kagetsu would pass the ball to Masami, who would be guarded by Mizuko. Mizuko would do the defensive stance, preventing Masami to do chest or bounce pass. Himeko and Mimi were guarding to each other and as Masami tries to pass the ball to Mimi, Himeko steals the ball from Masami.

    “A steal?” said Masami.

    “Don’t let her shoot” said Mimi.

    “Okay” said Hiiragi and Tsubaki.

    As Himeko goes for the fast break, Tsubaki and Hiiragi prepare to guard her. Himeko would do the set shot as she releases the ball to shoot, but the shot bounces off from the hoop. Tsubaki gets the ball and passes the ball to Mimi.

    “Great defense, Tsubaki! Keep it up!” said Aoi.

    “Thanks, Aoi. It’s a drill to see how the fifth graders do in offense and defense” said Tsubaki.

    “Can you manage to fake and drive?” asked Hiiragi.

    “Yeah, I can do that with my own speed” said Tsubaki.

    Tsubaki would face off against Chiyako, who is trying to block her. Chiyako stops Tsubaki, but the latter moves back from the former. Then, Tsubaki dribbles the ball and Chiyako tries to touch her, but Tsubaki was too fast to move away from Chiyako as she shoots the ball with a layup.

    “That’s interesting” said Tae.

    “What is it, Tae?” asked Satsuki.

    “Tsubaki has capable of using her defense to reflect the opponent’s movements by trying to master the fake and drive skill. She and Hiiragi are good in stealing the ball, but also they were able to catch the ball from a missed shot of the opponent” said Tae.

    “Tsubaki and Hiiragi have been practicing that skill because they have to make their opponents immobilized from moving” said Satsuki.

    “If their opponents try to dribble to any distance, they should stop them by guarding the shooter while the other will use their arm to go for the steal” said Tae.

    “Or should steal the ball by double team the shooter and try not to touch her” said Satsuki.

    “You know about Tsubaki and Hiiragi’s roles, Satsuki and Tae?” asked Aoi.

    “Yeah” said Satsuki and Tae.

    “While their older brother is going to Kirihara to join with Tomoka and her friends, Tsubaki and Hiiragi will try their best to improve their skills and abilities while playing as wing players” said Mihoshi.

    “Yeah, I believe that Tsubaki and Hiiragi will play together to make sure that they will help Mimi, Masami and Kagetsu. They will improve their skills and join with Maho and her friends when they enroll in Kirihara” said Aoi.

    “The sixth graders are the new starting five for Keishin Academy girls’ basketball club starting next month, Aoi” said Mihoshi.

    “Yes, Mihoshi. They will finally win the regional tournament to represent Tokyo in the national tournament” said Aoi.

    Himeko passes the ball to Hana. Kagetsu guards Hana, trying to stop Hana to dribble the ball.

    “When I face off against Airi, I was scared of her, but I didn’t fear her. But for Kagetsu, she is really good in blocking and like Hinata, she passes the ball quickly. I hope I should do the same like the two” said Aya.

    Kagetsu calls Masami to guard Mizuko. Hana was feared that her teammate was guarded by her opponent’s teammate. Mimi came out of nowhere to steal the ball from Hana and passes the ball to Kagetsu. Kagetsu would do the layup and the ball enters to the basket as her shot was good.

    “I did it, Mimi and Masami! I finally able to do a layup” said Kagetsu.

    “Great job, Kagetsu!” said Mimi.

    “Try to make sure that you’re not too close to the basket” said Masami.

    “Okay!” said Kagetsu.

    Himeko dribbles the ball to the halfway zone and Tsubaki and Hiiragi tries to stop her by guarding her. Himeko moves away from them and enters the key to shoot the ball, using the jump shot. The ball shoots to the basket and the shot was good.

    “You’re doing fake and drive skill as well, Himeko?” asked Mimi.

    “Of course, Mimi. I practiced this with my teammates yesterday because when we watched a professional basketball game, we wanted to use that skill in order to improve our defense” said Himeko.

    “We also watch a professional basketball game as well with my teammates because not only Subaru and Aoi give us the tactics they used to battle against Suzuridani, but it will improve our team play next season” said Mimi.

    “We should practice more, Mimi” said Himeko.

    “Yeah, Himeko. Then let’s continue the drill” said Mimi.

    “Yeah!” said Tsubaki, Hiiragi, Masami, Kagetsu, Aya, Mizuko, Yuka, Chiyako, Hana, Asuka and Hana. The group continues to practice their drill while Aoi, Mihoshi, Satsuki and Tae were happy to see the players of Keishin Academy girls’ basketball club playing together with their own rhythm.

    “Mihoshi, when both teams are going to play together, they’ll make sure that they will reach the team to the top” said Aoi.

    “It sure is. I hope that after class, they are going to gather together to do drills and exercises. However, willpower can’t be needed for situations, but they used this principle as they wanted to achieve their dreams of being one of the strongest teams in our district” said Mihoshi.

    “By the way, when Kirihara and Nashiba compete first, Keishin will have more time to train and this winter, they are set to compete at the regional tournament” said Satsuki.

    “It will be a new season that Mimi and Himeko will play together. Of course, our friends are going to move on to their new heights when they go back to school” said Tae.

    “When the time comes, we will conquer the tournament as well as we’ll play hard and win games before the major competitions begin. We’ll be ready soon, right, girls?” said Aoi.

    “Yes, Aoi. We’re ready!” said Tae and Satsuki.

    “Good” said Aoi as she smiled on Mihoshi, Tae and Satsuki. The two groups have continued to do their trainings until they were tired from training. Then, they would do the cool off exercises before taking their break and eat their lunch.

    After lunch, they continued the training for an hour. After the training, Tomoka’s team, Mimi’s team, Himeko’s team and Subaru’s team (except Aoi) leave the basketball court for their next activities while Aoi and Michiko’s team have their meeting outside the basketball court.

    “Everyone in the park is guests and friends of mine” said Maho.

    “For today’s team building, you need to find at least seven friends of Maho and four teammates of Keishin Academy boys’ basketball club” said Tomoka.

    “At the end of this activity, the team with the most number of friends have been found at the resort hotel wins” said Airi.

    “While Team Takeda will do their own duties for tomorrow, we will meet the friends of Maho and Natsuhi after the activity” said Saki.

    “Of course, they will become new members of our team and they will be allowed to stay at our home for tomorrow while we’re gone” said Hinata.

    “Any questions?” asked Natsuhi. No one asked the questions. “Then, let the team building activity begins!”

    “Good luck, everyone!” said Tomoka.

    Mimi’s team and Himeko’s team start competing each other to find Maho’s friends and Natsuhi’s teammates.

    Tsubaki and Hiiragi saw Tsutomu Fukada and Akitsugu Wakui at the entrance of the main hotel while Chiyako and Yuka found Naoko Sugisaki at the swimming pool. Aya, Kagetsu, Mimi and Masami were walking at the main hotel to find Maho’s friends and Natsuhi’s teammates.

    “Masami, did you spot anything?” asked Kagetsu.

    “Not yet, Kagetsu” said Masami.

    “It looks like we have to keep looking” said Mimi.

    Meanwhile, Himeko and her teammates are trying to find friends at the beach.

    “I found one of them” said Yuka. Himeko and her teammates went to Yuka and Yoshinori Toshima.

    “Good job, Yuka. You’re good at finding them” said Himeko.

    “Tsubaki and Hiiragi have found two of Natsuhi’s teammates, earlier so we need one more teammates of Natsuhi at his basketball club” said Mizuko.

    “We can’t lose to Mimi’s team” said Chiyako.

    “You’re right, Chiyako. Let’s find them all” said Himeko.

    Back at the main hotel, Mimi’s team saw Kyōsuke Fumizuki and Asumi Ishida at the stairway.

    “There you are. I saw Asumi and Kyōsuke” said Mimi.

    “Hey, you found us” said Kyōsuke. Mimi’s team and the four students are running at the hallway to find four more friends of Maho.

    “Where are we going?” asked Asumi.

    “We still find your classmates here” said Aya.

    “I think they are staying at their room, but others are spotted elsewhere” said Masami.

    “I think we should split up, so that we will find the rest of them” said Mimi.

    “That’s a great idea, Mimi! Tsubaki, Hiiragi, Aya, Akitsugu, Tsutomu, Kyōsuke and Asumi, go back to the park right now” said Kagetsu.

    “Okay!” said Tsubaki, Hiiragi, Aya, Akitsugu, Tsutomu, Kyōsuke and Asumi. Mimi’s group and four batchmates of Maho and Natsuhi have split into two groups: Mimi, Kagetsu and Masami will find the rest of the members as they will go to the recreational center while Tsubaki, Hiiragi, Aya, Akitsugu, Tsutomu, Kyōsuke and Asumi will head back to the park.

    Kana and Asuka spotted Daisuke Kikuchi, the remaining teammate of Natsuhi, and his classmate Haruyo Kusaka at the stairway.

    “Oh, you two are here to find us” said Daisuke.

    “You looked tired” said Haruyo.

    “We should go back to Himeko’s team quick!” said Kana.

    “Yeah” said Asuka, Daisuke and Haruyo. The four of them walked back to the beachfront to find Himeko and her teammates.

    “Haruyo and, why you are here?” asked Naoko.

    “We’re searching for batchmates of Maho and Natsuhi at the resort hotel and we should find the rest of them” said Himeko “Yuka, Chiyako, Kana and Asuka, take them to the park.”

    “Okay!” said Yuka, Chiyako, Kana and Asuka as the four of them joined with Yoshinori, Naoko and Haruyo to go back to the park.

    “We’re sure they’ll make it” said Mizuko.

    Four of seven Maho’s friends and all of Natsuhi’s teammates in basketball were found by both Team Balguerie and Team Katayama. Only three remaining batchmates of Maho and Natsuhi were still heading elsewhere. Himeko, Mizuko and Hana were the remaining members of Team Katayama while Mimi, Masami and Kagetsu were the remaining members of Team Balguerie. The score is now 4-4, which means it’s a tie game.

    Tsubaki, Hiiragi, Aya, Akitsugu, Tsutomu, Kyōsuke and Asumi were running through the exit of the main hotel where they are going to head back to the park.

    “We should be hurry, everyone” said Tsubaki.

    “We need to head back to the park” said Hiiragi.

    “You’ll see your classmates later on” said Aya.

    “Okay” said Akitsugu, Tsutomu, Kyōsuke and Asumi.

    Mimi, Masami and Kagetsu were heading through the recreational center to find the remaining batchmates of Maho and Natsuhi. They saw Tarō Mastuba and Saori Minagawa, who were playing table tennis.

    “Kagetsu, Masami, we found two of Maho’s batchmates” said Mimi.

    “Good. That means?” asked Kagetsu.

    “There is only one more friend of Maho that we need to track them” said Masami. “I will be with them while you find the last one.”

    “Okay!” said Mimi and Kagetsu as Masami and the three schoolmates leave the recreational center to go back to the park.

    “Alright, Kagetsu, let’s go!” said Mimi.

    “Right” said Kagetsu.

    Himeko, Mizuko and Hana were not spotting any of the batchmates of Maho and Natsuhi because Team Balguerie finds three of four batchmates of Maho and Natsuhi. As both teams were heading to the second floor, they need to find the seventh and last member of Maho’s friends.

    “It’s too late, Himeko” said Hana. “We can’t win this activity.”

    “Don’t worry, Hana. I will find the last one” said Himeko.

    “Yeah, we should do it by ourselves” said Mizuko.

    “Okay. Let’s do it” said Himeko.

    On the other hand, Mimi and Kagetsu read about the profile of Maho’s friends and they identified the seventh member of Maho’s friends named Kishō Ogata.

    “It’s him. Kishō Ogata. He is one of the students in 6-C and Maho said that he is always rivaled with Saki to become a class vice president” said Mimi.

    “Okay, but he always playing video games. So, he must be playing at the video games room” said Kagetsu.

    “Yeah, let’s head to that room” said Mimi.

    “Yeah” said Kagetsu. When Mimi and Kagetsu were entering at the video game room, they found Kishō and Miori Misawa playing.

    “Huh? You’re one of Maho’s sisters?” said Mimi.

    “Yeah. I’m one of the six children of the Misawa family and I’m the youngest of the six” said Miori.

    “I see. That means that we found the last member of Maho’s friends” said Kagetsu.

    “You’re correct, my friend. As you can see, Miori is an incoming fifth grader in Keishin and she has always with me while Maho enjoyed with her teammates” said Kishō. “So, you found my friends of mine?”

    “Yeah, Kishō. My teammates found four of your friends and Team Katayama found the other two” said Mimi.

    “That means we won, Mimi. Now, let’s head back to the park.” said Kagetsu.

    “Okay!” said Mimi, Kishō and Miori. As Team Balguerie is about to head leave the recreational center, HImeko, Mizuko and Hana found them.

    “Can we get along too?” asked Himeko.

    “Okay, Himeko. At least we should do go back together as teammates” said Mimi.

    “I’m sorry, Mimi. We tried our best to find the last one, but we failed” said Himeko.

    “It’s okay that your team loses this activity, but the next time, your team may win soon” said Mimi.

    “Yeah. Let’s battle again, Mimi” said Himeko.

    “Sure, Himeko. You’ll be fine if your team wins the next activity” said Mimi.

    “I talked to Miori and she said that her sister, Maho, is expected to become the general manager of her father’s company while she and her siblings have other expectations too when they grow up” said Kagetsu.

    “That was interesting, Miori. Someday, we’ll have expectations too when we’re getting older” said Himeko.

    “Yeah. I wanted to explore everything, so that I could take pictures of beautiful places right there” said Miori.

    “That would be nice, Miori” said Kishō.

    “Everyone, enough with that talking. Maho and Natsuhi are waiting for us at the park” said Mizuko.

    “You’re right, Mizuko. We should head back to the park and meet with Tomoka and her friends again. Then, let’s go!” said Mimi. Mimi, Kagetsu, Himeko, Mizuko, Hana, Kishō and Miori were heading back to the park to meet with Tomoka and her friends along with the members of Team Balguerie and Team Katayama to determine the results of the first team building activity.

    UP NEXT: Chapter 14: "The Team of Blue and Yellow"

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