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    my Personal Novel - Arkayda

    here, i put my book i writed a this moment ! For the moment, this talk about Kantai collection !

    PS : Don't take this book like a reality ! it's just a Fiction !

    Alright... Enjoy !

    PS : I know, my english are bad about grammar... but if you can understand it's ok no ? :')


      Spoiler: introduction 
    The story is set in 2000 years ... During a peaceful day, a supernatural things is raging. Big black shield ... A shadowy fog and also the sudden apparition of dark portals around the Japan country... The evil wizards come from the portals and revives the US died during the Second World War putting a soul from another dimension in an empty body ... Some turns into a devastating torpedo with weapons in their bodies and some turns into a human ... They are called 'Abyssal ship' or boat from the void ... the boat processed with no conscience from a parallel dimension. Japan began to fall ... To destroy ... While a small team already prepared several years for the opportunity arise to restore peace in this world. The magicians of Japan are there, ready to summon the name of their Ship called Kanmusu ...
    In this story, we talk about a protagonist named Takuya. He prepared for ages in order to kill those who destroy the harmony of the country and above all, to avenge these parents ... He persists day and night but now at least, he's ready to take action!

    If the introduction make you want to read the follow, be sure to comment or like this thread

    For now, going wait...

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