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    Michi 18

    NBeed a programmer who can program Ren'Py or any other VN engines.

    Hi I'm making a project which I've already posted the details on one of the threads here though as I said , Im repeating myself so...............

    Here it goes:

    Wisdom Revival

    Its about a girl whom shockingly became the president of their class . She has been a president once in her elementary years but she didnt do well so she never tried to be in that kind of situation anymore. Yes she was a nerd though they never thought of her as an officer even she didnt think that would happen again .Until it was the start of her freshmen years wherein she meets a lot of new people who can be her friends or enemies. The class voted for her because during their orientation she displayed the attitude of responsibility ,initiative and good leadership . She is also trustworthy. Will she find love in this situation or will she end up failing in her responsibility again ?

    This is an otome game with a slice of school life

    The script is still in progress even the characters

    Feel free to pm me for further details and if you are interested .

    Thank you in advance.

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