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    Just found out some weird attitube when playing ルネ games...

    Whenever there is a screen fading effect like when load / title screen, if i move my mouse the effect will freeze and it is kinda bother me.
    Anyone also having this issues? I never having this on my previous Laptop (windows 10, with ndvia 650) but this ( AMD Ryzen 7)

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    Re: Just found out some weird attitube when playing ルネ games...

    I made similar experiences with AMD graphic cards in two laptops and after that I decided
    Im only gonna buy laptops (always sticking with HP laptops - price up from 1k since they are usually better quality
    than the rest in my opinion & had no issues with them yet) with good Nvidia+Intel graphic cards.
    Its so much better for gaming. (the only adjustments i had to make so far in the Nvidia control panel for games was only for Atelier Ryza, to make it look sharper)

    Of course always make sure to compare the hardware (with your current system and also overall) like graphic card, processor, ram, etc.
    from the computer you´re gonna buy before you purchase it since many laptops that are being sold have actually quite bad hardware,
    its worth taking the time looking through all the laptops hardware to find the best)

    There are good websites online to compare hardware quite easily, just search for instance:
    graphic card (which you have) vs graphic card (you´re interested in) or graphic card (game recommended requirement) vs graphic card (from laptop you´re interested in)
    If you dont know what you need just look at the games recommended requirements (steam for instance) which you want to play,
    then try to get a computer with those or even better and Nvidia.

    If you´re interested what I have right now heres my computers info:

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