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    How to download files from Anidb?

    I haven't downloaded files from Anidb for a while, they used to have ed2k links, but now they don't. However, there's still a ed2k hash, is there anyway to generate the ed2k link based on the hash (like generating magnet link from torrent hash)? Thanks.

    Edit:I think I got it figured out. You can build an ed2k link with the info that's on AniDB's release pages. Basically you'll need the file type, size, and ED2k Hash info.

    Follow this format, you can make up a file name without space, then use the file extension on the AniDB file page. the second value is the file size, that's the file size on AniDB without the dots (so 136.808.980 becomes 136808980), then the last part is the ED2K Hash on AniDB.

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