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Thank you for the review, it's one of my favourites game too. I especially love the fact that the wife is thrown into so many "first time cheating" scenes because I find it boring when a wife keeps getting boned by the same dude over and over. Do you know any other games like this where the wife is seduced over and over by different guys in different situations?
As a matter of fact i do My 1 terabyte ext drive is full of NTRs its ridiculous both for read and for play only problem
Was that i was so stupid to not tag them in the first place. I would have to play them all one by 1 maybe skip them
until it stikes a cord. But i will sure get back to you on it. Also i have a smiliar NTR in mind called Marriage Blue
I'm pretty sure that It's a play for keeps but idk if the ntr has a lot of different men on it.The scenes though....just wow
Currently i don't have the time to play the games but as soon as I get done i will right back to you.