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    Other [JDrama] Hotaru no Hikari Season 2


    Title (romaji): Hotaru no Hikari Season 2
    Title (English): Glow of Fireflies
    Genre: Romance, comedy


    Three years ago, the heart of Amemiya Hotaru, the 'dried up female', had settled on Takano 'Buchou', and the 'dried up female' was supposed to have grown up . However, right after that, Hotaru was posted as a project team member to far-away Hong Kong. She was cut off from 'Buchou' and devoted herself to work. Then, three years later, Hotaru returns to Japan after finishing the project. She is assigned to the First Planning Department, where 'Buchou' belongs, and immediately begins work as one of the team members. However, both the staff as well as the mood in the company have changed a great deal.


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