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  1. level 99 mission. I max out at level 99 but these enemies are level 130 so I die in 1 hit :/

  2. A2 is a bit different as she doesn't self destruct, she goes berserk. But end result is the same. Loses half her clothing lol.

  3. Actually the creator said that is indeed why he added it lol. When asked "why are all the androids girls" he said because I love women lol.

    They take time to get used to but after a while it's not that difficult. I died a few times in the intro stage lol. The combat is amazing though.

    Are you planning on getting the game? The US and Japanese version both have English subtitles. The EU version should as well
  4. I bet they added the self destruct for the fans just to get a better view of 2B's ass

    FIghts looks insane. Controls look hard though. Is it difficult or do I just need to get used to it?
  5. BTW. To get skirtless 2B you have you have to self destruct her by pressing the L3 and R3 at the same time lol. Made this small vid to demonstrate.

    Also, while 2B is awesome combat wise, A2 is just nasty lol. Love using her.
  6. Short vid I made of Honoka and her extra jiggles with the lotion lol.

  7. Ahh I see. Not the kinda of game for me time. I don't really have the patience for these games anymore lol.
    I'd probably enjoy it more watching someone else play it :3
  8. Here is a short game play video of Halo Wars 2. It's a Real Time Strategy Game. Basically in these types of games you play the role of a General/Military Commander etc... it's a overlord type view as you are commanding ALL of your forces. Infantry, Air, Naval etc.. so it can get a bit hectic and takes time to master. You have to basically micromanage all of your forces, tell them who/where to attack, or if you want them to defend a certain area, call in air strikes all that stuff. It can get hard on large maps where you might have to separate your forces to attack from different directions, or to take out multiple targets at once. Anyway, they are very fun imo, but very time consuming. You have to build a base, gather resources, make base defenses etc... Can spend hours on 1 mission easily.

  9. I'm pretty excited this one is getting a translation as well! It's by Front Wing so I know it's gonna be good. Plus, it has Monster Girls! Sounds like a perfect match.

  10. Man the new Zelda looks awesome! A launch game too! Geiing it day 1. Already pre-ordered the Switch. Wal-Mart had some available.

    New Xenoblade? I'll take that too!

    And no Nintendo console is complete without Mario, and this one looks amazing.

    They also announced a new Shin Megami Tensei game for the Switch! Yes!!

    All in all I'm impressed so far. Can't wait. Just 2 more months. Now they need to show some Pokemon gameplay!
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