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    Huh ? It were uploaded by Neko at the link below !

    btw, if you noticed, I also linked that thread in Description at sukebei too ! ^^
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    Hm...I do not like torrent for Dummy Cut Version, especial that Dummy Cut may crash your Operating System, that is why I ignored that game...

    About Starless, I may drop it if no better Raw come out, because it is useless to upload while other Members already do it with same quality. One more reason, Starless episodes keep getting worse from what I heard...
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    Nah, that OVERDRIVE game was removed from sukebei, maybe DMCA takedown, I still keep it on seedbox, if you want, I can reseed anytime

    Um...They have rights to posting torrents as long as they seeding, and it is not bother me anything at all so why I care ! *kuku*

    About Starless, I am not find good raw so I ignore it. There are 2 type of Dummy Cut, first one is company added Video, Preview to package, those stuff can cut-off without crash the game like でぼの巣製作所 games, second is company added Dummy files inside, it can cut-off but may crash the game or your PC, my personal think that onomatope* game is second, so I am not doing ! ^^

    One more thing, Neko aka Checkmate wanted to post that onomatope* so I let him do it, same for エスクード, Whirlpool and eufonie(ユーフォニー). If you noticed, I let him upload some games every month because he want to do, maybe those are his favourite

    Anyway, Anime-Sharing is best place to find all my uploads at the moment, there are some games that I am not publish at sukebei and some other forums

    PS: Thanks to your kind words, and of course, I will keep it up ! ^_^
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    hiya, i'm 1 of the new members and i wanted to share a torrent i made that has 36gigs worth of H games n anime from my hdd but not sure how to get it to post as site says i do not have permission so here's the link for the torrent also keep an eye on my page as i will be posting links there . thanks for your help

    can now also be found here
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    Ah, this game already out, but we need to wait for Patch though ^^
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    Hai, that is good idea, maybe someone have and kind enough to sharing ^^
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    Um...This Sister Scheme 2 HD that I was posting is the only one available at the moment, still no clue about animation as you said ! No worry, when I am manage to find, I will upload it right away ^_^
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    Um...I will start to do it at here in next month, although my torrent for those H-Movie available at nyaa ^^

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