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    I read your thread here about decompressing a password protected noa file and now I want to ask if you know how to compress the pictures back so that the game works with the new noa. Reason is I'm working on a German translation and it would be grate if I could edit the pictures too I already extracted and converted the pictures but at some point I'm making a mistake at the conversion from bmp back to eri all the times or at the creation of the noa archive -_- You can find out more about my problem in the thread if you were able to compress them back If not, I'm sry that I took your time
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    That's nice!
    You got an about 45 days vacation? That sounds good! You can spend your time to what you want to do.
    Summer vacation started in my country too, but it don't effect on me at all.
    It's a little difficult for me to understand your English because I'm not good at English. I know you write right English(I asked native English speaker). I want to become friendly with you. If I gave you a wrong idea, I'm sorry. It's because of my lack of English ability.
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    Hello, pingy!
    How are you? I'm very fine, yay yay!
    Did something good happen in these days?
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    Your sig.

    Omg, it has killed my sides.
    I can't stop laughing
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    I couldn't really make a comment about their cup sizes in the picture (well Lisa's is a bit obvious with that uniform). I suppose it was in the way Luluna asked for that Semyon that made you laugh? I might need more explanation on the "Her ransom is her freedom" line, though I think I understand her nickname Regarding Ema, nothing like family to explain one's circumstances. The opposite of the small framed, quiet and obedient masochist is the bully.:p Some say the rose's beauty is exceptional in that it hides a bite behind it's beauty. And nothing can beat an imouto with a brother complex! Unless she's tsundere and then it's even better.

    Happy moments become more special when you've tasted depression, that is what I believe. By heavy fiction, are you talking about heavy drama, by any chance? With so much suffering from the characters.

    Going to leave this here since I found the way you used the euphemism 'Semyon' amusing. If we are to use it anyway, I might as well introduce you to Semyon Farada, renowned stage actor. Moustaches are considered sexy by some people so it goes with the theme!
      Spoiler: Want some, Semyon? 
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    Haha, I was going to mention Girls und Panzer early on our conversations, somehow it just slipped from my mind. And the commander of each unit takes information from dispatch I imagine and coordinates with the other units via radio. Being a driver has to be hard, I mean it's not road you're gonna be driving in everytime, right?

    Depends on what comes on I guess. I just consider myself lucky the current shows catch my interest. You don't watch much anime then, I assume?

    as if humankind wants to commit suicide
    That would be really hard. The global population's only growing bigger, despite the situation in some developed countries.

    On a more serious note, it's never easy to deal with loss, whether its an acquaintance or a family member. It might help to talk about it though.

    What I like best about those 'speech checks' in the games you mentioned is that they illuminate points in the plot(sometimes) and they demonstrate the skill of the writers in matters concerning dialogue. Sometimes I put a lot of points in the speech skill to see if I can discover an alternate strategy to finish a quest without stepping on a lot of toes. And then there are the characters/villains who deserve being knocked off (I'm talking about those doublecrossing finks who thought they could pull one on me.) But when the credits roll, I relish the feeling in knowing my choices helped shape that ending.

    What's wrong with the NA servers?
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    Those screencaps are from WoT? And I'm acquainted with some people with those surnames but I've never thought of pointing it out to them, yet.
    Unrelated question; Are the only passengers in the tank the driver and the gunner?

    Dystopian societies are a paradise for some. If you've ever heard of Murphy's Law, the dystopia is usually the product of all the things that could go wrong in a society. For me it's an example of the saying 'The road to hell is paved with good intentions'. Some people usually like twisted stuff like that, take me for example

    Mind Squall flowed well through my head while I was reading your summary, that was really harmonic so thanks for putting that there. It sure would be worth it to go through Lisa's route for the whole experience though. Especially since I'm curious about Fiona's influence on Lisa and how Takahiro answered when he confessed.

    That graphic.. I think I have enough MMO experience to identify Christmas event decorations when I see them. A hangar, and that picture connected to the ceiling, this is WoP this time then?

    Light-colored hair, ribbons and flowing hairstyles. Yes, I definitely can see the similiarities. Did you like their routes as well?
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    I could swear I posted a reply already. Turns out I haven't done so yet. Sorry about that!

    Religion really helps in building good morals for young children. I might have not understood why such virtues were preached when I first learned about it, but it made sense when I grew older. For that I was grateful. Also did you know religious institutes were among the first to develop into learning centers? And this might come from an outsider's point of view, but I have a lot of respect for Buddhism's tenets. Truth in understanding, never in blind faith.

    I can write like barely a paragraph in the allotted time, but at deadline I compose them up completely...complete with citations and all the formal stuff. I actually proofread as I go (MS Word...helps a lot).
    I can seriously call that talent.

    Already had something good written about Kusomiso and Jigoku but I'll try to remember how I wrote it now..
    The strong emotions in Jigoku and the situation they were in contributed heavily to the humor. And yes, I finally found out the dynamite's location:p And no thank you but I will have to pass on the English version of both videos. No way a poorly executed dub can mimic the enemy soldier's 'Come on!' in Jigoku or the 'Did you mistake me for a vacuum car (septic tank truck)!?' from Kusomiso.

    There's already a spoiler in kusomiso's title though, unlike in Jigoku where I had to ask myself, "No way, really?! You're planning on doing that?"
    And yes, I totally agree with you when you mentioned preparing for an activity, whether it's a warm-up before a sports game, or foreplay before intercourse.
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    Over email.. I would be all formal, following the proper protocols, with the parts of the letter and all. On a maybe unrelated note, my class once did an activity which we did via chat. This was on a holiday so everyone was home at the time. My classmates later told me that I was more animated in chat than when I was in class. So I think I'm more comfortable interacting through the keyboard

    Now I understand what you mean by 'paper plane'. That naming sounds cool though, with innovation beneath simplicity.

    I place the word 'reality' in the same category as 'normal', we all have our own perception regarding these things. Some people describe reality as cruel, some think it needs to be more hardcore, hence we have fiction.:p

    While I agree that experiencing something yourself is the best thing you can do for yourself, I'm afraid there are several factors that are preventing me from enjoying Walroma at the moment. So I think it's best to hear about Lisa Eostre and her route from you right now.

    I respect people who can point out what they don't like in their hobby. In fact, I appreciate talking about things we commonly enjoy. We play these games, read manga, watch anime etc. because it means something to us, they make us feel something special, something we value above the average. I have my own definition of what feels good, what feels wrong, and I expect you to have your own. That's cool.
    And we don't really need to go technical about it anyway. You don't need to know the language of flowers to appreciate them, right?

    tl;dr, I'd like to hear how you feel about certain titles/characters/design etc. I'll throw in some of mine from time to time as well.
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