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  1. Um...Look like Neko aka Checkmate already torrenting it, I was a bit late but I am really appreciated your work, because there is some members were request it to me but I did not have time to searching around so this is not bother, actually, you were helping me to fulfill request ^^

    Anyway, my thank for your kind words, I will try to keep it up ^_^

  2. Hi Girlcelly, sorry for the bother, but well i have to you a quick message. I didn't see in Anime-Sharing some torrent or direct downloads for the Guilty Crown Lost Christmas Visual Novel.... uhmm well, i uploaded a torrent today of the game and i don't know if you want to share out in the forum for the great number of people who waits that game and obviously because you are one of the best uploaders, for me the best... so well... here is the link:

    Well i give you this game like a gratitude of all the games that thanks to you i could downloaded before... so i hope this could be helpful and well... only a thanks for all and still uploading as gorgeous as ever!!
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