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  1. Right, I forgot you're going to colleague now, hehe. Sometimes I really forgot the fact that I'm the only one who has nothing to do -_-
    I downloaded two animes in the last week too ... both seasons of Hyakka Ryouran and I just need to finish three episodes of the first season then the first one is finished
    Chrome? I just have it installed but I don't really use it (just for sites on which I need to deactivate adblock), so I can't say anything about it. I just have about 15 tabs or so, whereof around 10 are about music and 2 about mangas I'm reading regularly.
    Filling up your HDD? After downloading Hyakka Ryouran, FIFA 14 and some music collections in FLAC (MP3 had no seeders) I just have 4 GB left on my HDD ... now I need to convert the FLAC to clear my HDD and this will take some time.
  2. Puma! Long time no writing back, as you have seen I've not been very active in AS, well considering my low activity to begin with xD But yeah, colleague here and there so I've been busy as fu*k, I don't even remember last time I touched a VN......QQ
    Mostly playing mobile games from time to time or Elsword in free times, you should see my pile of downloaded anime that I have backed up in the hard drive.....ugh, and don't get me started with the amounts of new manga chapters saved in tabs in chrome. Never ever touch Chrome, that's the only requirement to use my laptop xD
    But at least, I've been keeping up with some of the LNs series, though there are still many to read, that's just a plus for me, since in a normal trip of 14 hours, I gulped at least 2 or 3 novels in one go xD
    And even so.....still downloading the interesting VNs from every month, just to fill my HDD because.....yolo?
  3. Long time no see, hope you're doing fine Anything new on your side? In my case it's the same as always ... playing games, watching animes (D-Frag! is so cool, haha), reading and translating mangas and yeah, no work. But I considered going to college in October if I haven't found a job until then, which means October is the end of the boredom. Regarding VN there's nothing new on my side. Just started Majikoi A-3 a few days ago and since the last message I played Ikikoi ... nothing special but it was funny.
  4. Normally I would say thank you and I would wish you the same, but... I'm sorry to hear that. However, I hope you and your finally did have a nice Christmas and New Years Eve or at least some of the holidays (since in Austria are a few holidays after New Years Eve). Normally I would say that I know how hard it is if someone loses a relative since I lost both of my grandfater's as well (the last one when I was 11 years old), but on the other hand I'm convinced of it, that I'm nearly emotionless (regarding RL). Maybe this will change when I experience such a situation again. But yeah, I don't really want to talk about such a topic since I'm the funny type (most likely like you?) and yeah, this topic is not really the topic we should talk about
    As far as I'm concerned everythings like usual. Nothing to do, writing application letters, translating mangas, playing games and that's it. Oh, I forgot, I also got a sickness over New Years Eve. It was just a cold ("Idiot's don't catch colds" my ass), so I could spend New Years Eve with my friends (and later with my family). Regarding VN you missed nothing in the translated branche. Fate/Hollow Ataraxia reached 99,1 % (yeah!!!), but that's it (along with some nukiges) And I played GoldenEye: Reloaded (remake of the GoldenEye for the Nintendo 64). Back then it was a masterpiece (it's a masterpiece today too), but the remake is the greatest shit Activision developed -_-
  5. Hi there puma! How've you been doing? Also, happy (late) Christmas and New Years Eve!!! I've hardly had time to go on these last weeks due to being quite busy with my grandma in the hospital. Unfortunately she passed away the 30th of december last year so we didn't get much of a holiday. After that we went to her homeland, spent time with the family and everything that comes next. Right now I'm fine so don't worry too much ^^
    I'll be going back to collegue in less than two weeks!!! OMG OMG OMG!!! I'll say goodbye to all games and anime so far QQ but maybe I can still read some Light novels from time to time.
    I was thinking of getting the PS4 but after checking it, it just bored me and my first thought was: "meh". I don't know if I'm growing up from games or I'm just stingy to waste that much money on it. So for now I'll just play some ipad games from time to time if i need some stress reelieve. In the VN case I may play one or two in the weekends but sporadically so....I guess I'll lay low these year.
  6. Nop, I never jumped or fell from a three-store building or something like that. To be true, the doctors also don't know why, but I also have epilepsy and since I'm really tall compared to my relatives (I'm 194cm and my brother is 172cm ... not even my grandparents are/were as tall as my brother) they think the reason behind the scoliosis (therefore the spinal surgery) and the other two things (height and epilepsy) is a genetic defect. But now everything is fine and I changed my lifestyle after the operation to a better one, hehe.
    And you're right with CoD, I really thought about buying it, but then I read reviews about CoD: Ghosts and this reviews are really really bad. I hope there will be a Modern Warfare 4 (I'll definitely buy it!), since I really hate Black Ops. CoD isn't that bad as many people say, but since there are so many titles without changes it looks like Activision just wants your money (like FIFA). Never played WoW? Me too, haha. I hate monthly fees to play a game. And I only played Diablo II and then I played Diablo III two or three hours, but it's really bad compared to II. Do you know the game Path of Exile? Really great MMORPG. If you find the time, watch a video or so about it. The passive skill tree is just epic
    Right, I'm back to VN. My newest VN is Ikinari Anata ni Koishiteiru (one route finished already, one I'm not interested in and two left). Really funny VN with some dirty lines/jokes.
    Btw, I bought Tomb Raider (the one from 2013) a few days (or a week, I don't really know) ago. Also a good game
  7. Well what I usually get is "she is stable but with no recovery yet". And yeah, I'm still in Intensive Therapy (is that's the right way to translate it) and she hasn't woken up yet. It's my grandma by the way, forgot to add. Have been in here for more than a month already and this doesn't seem to end fast. It will probably take all this whole month as well. Oh but you recovered from that so I guess that's good for now? And what did you do to get an spinal surgery??? Jump from a three-store building and fail?
    Why not get CoD??? It your normal shoot-and-run FPS that all the kids play and rage over the people in there. Of course, that was sarcasm (first part) but in my side I haven'mt played any big game in quite a while. I just don't feel like playing games in console anymore, I keep playing elsword but that will come to and end quite fast since the updates are bad. And for some reason or another (and having a full house of relatives too) I haven't really played any VN so far, I have some in mid-done and many many MANY others in wait. You came back to VNs? Since I saw you posting about in the cafe you were playing an english one, although I didn't see the date....not so long ago right?
    Would you believe if I tell you that I haven't played WoW or Diablo? (Any Diablo) from Blizzard, probably just Starcraft. And just a little.
    For now I'm reading usually non-stop LNs, those are my main dish all days and will probably continue since they are quite easy to handle, I can pick them up any time and are more easy to read in public (I don't have anything against watching manga in my collegue since most people usually do, but I'm not gonna watch/read an eechi/borderline H manga/anime xD)
  8. Hospital? Man, I hate this word. I had an spinal surgery three years ago (the operation took five hours) and since this day I hate hospitals, but somehow I'm also thankful since the operation went well. I hope your relative recovered already (otherwise I wish him/her a good and fast recovery)!
    No, I got no work and therefore I also got no money. "Battlefield" fits perfect since I bought Battlefield 4, but I just played a few games. The server are really bad (I just could finish two rounds out of eight or so cause in the other rounds the connection to the server disconnected) and I also don't really like the players. That doesn't mean, that I don't like all of them, but if I play Rush (my favourite game mode) I just see tanks, combat helicopters and "snails" (this are foot soldiers which creep along the ground). I really want a new Bad Company 2. I played it over 1k hours but since Battlefield 3 there are so few player on the servers ... awful. Yeah, in the end I spend most of the time with Kingdoms of Amalur, like you said. Nothing new on my VN and anime part since I gave up playing Japanese VN with exception of Majikoi. I also arranged a LAN party last week on friday, the first one since nearly one and a half year, there we played Warcraft 3 (with the characters from One Piece, Naruto, Bleach and some other animes).
    Going back to college in January? This means you have to play/read/watch that many games/VN/LN/animes to a fare-thee-well You need to enjoy the time until doomsday (in comparison to the time where you didn't go to colleague)
  9. And again I was death for weeks -.-, well that's a really bad joke since one of my relatives was on the hospital and everyone(including me) was coming and going.

    Well, aside from that, what have you been up to? Got a nice work? payment? spending it wisely? Or spending the time on battlefield and amalur? From my side there is not much change. Just yesterday I went back to read VNs, focused on Gleam Garden and Cocoro Function which I'll probably end by this week and try to finish Shinigami and Gensou before the new releases arrive. On the LN side....I'm running out of translated works. I'm finally closing in the edge of what a group of people can translate, but since I decided to give it a try to Chrome Shelled Regios, that will probably take some months to finish reading, and then there will be more works ready to eat. For the anime....I'm being way too lazy to watch, although if I can get them on the iPad, there is more probability I'll watch of these days. And to end it, the game's as a western dessert, you can probably see those balls that roll around in western series/movies. I was playing Elsword, but since I reached max level and conquered all late game dungeons, there is little for me to keep me playing. And so far, I don't really feel like playing more games, since The Last of Us that I bough at gamestop last time I went to USA didn't work...well, those were bad wasted 60dlls. And I doubt I will go to USA again till next year so I didn't even complain anymore.
    Well, I'm a hikkikomori (that goes out) for now, so I'll try to be more active. I'll be going back to colleague in January though. And then my virtual activity will be off.
  10. Weird taste for spicy food? Haha, I have a chili sauce with 553k scoville (on the scoville scale) at home, it's called "Crazy Gibbon" here, but I'm not sure if it's called the same in America. Even if you touch the glass of the chili sauce and then you lick your fingers ... man, that's more brutal than eating Tabasco without anything! World War Z was adopted from a book? Didn't know that, but yeah, I didn't like the film that much anyway. I watched it in a cinema which only shows the movies from America (which means in English and not in German). The good thing is that you can watch the movies on the American release date since the European one is later.
    About animes/VNs/LNs ... in the next two weeks I won't have time for these things. I bought the game Kingdom's of Amalur and then there's the release of Battlefield 4 next week and this means "Goodbye RL!"
    I can have the opportunity to have a job, but somehow I don't find anything. Normaly a employee with my education would earn around 1,600-2,000 € gross/monthly for a full time job. I even applied for jobs "under" my education (which means you just need the compulsory school and not a vocational school like I visited) and yeah, only refusals.
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