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    I don't know myself in which country I were. And gadflies are flies which can suck blood out of you (at least if the translator is right, hehe) like vampires.
    About the food: It would be a dream if they would have offered me kebab or curry, but they just had fish, fish, noodles, fish and some things out of potatoes (but that were definitely not chips).
    And I don't know if you know the drink Radler, but that's a mixed drink from Germany/Austria with beer and a limonade, so I think he didn't even care about my accent and maybe he just thought "Only a german speaking person knows this drink".
    The same goes for the case where I asked for "Cola with Fanta" ... there he asked "Spezi?" ... they all knew the special drinks of my country although it was another continent
    And I thought about RL-lolis because I didn't have my laptop with me, which meant a whole week without them, so I thought "If I can't have a VL-loli then I want a RL one" ... but yeah, the RL-grannies put a spoke in my wheel...
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    So, first message from Tunesia, and most likely the last one from here too.
    I WANT BACK! The food is terrible (at least in my opinion) and the city itself is a single huge cactus. They even have gadflies there. Ok, maybe I'm just spoiled in Austria, but nevertheless, I want back. A whole week without laptop is terrible.
    btw, I thought I would see some Real Life-Lolies here (ey, does that word even exist? If not, they should make it national), but man, here are just Real Life-Grannys -_-
    Next problem is the language. First dialogue: me "coke with fanta please" and then the barkeeper "ich komme aus deutschland" (i'm from germany" in english) ... the people here are speaking german, french and english, but just the barkeepers. But hey, I don't need the other ones since I'm at the bar all the time.
    Hope you are doing better than me in various ways ;D
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    Hehe, good decision. And the last sports game I played was FIFA 13 and next week onward I'll play NHL 14. But yeah, Mario Strikers was really epic. There's even one for the Wii which is even better, but yeah, I think the last time I played it was two years ago.
    Finished Senran Kagura and the Ikkitousen OVA two days ago. I wouldn't recommend you Senran Kagura since the girls don't even have nipples, which looks really weird sometimes, haha. But Ikkitousen was great.
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    I know the feeling. It's the same whenever I'm playing Football Manager on the PC. In games someone comes in my room and bam, the opponent scores a goal ... coincidence? But now I changed to NHL (ice hockey), which is my second favourite sport after football (or should I better say soccer, since this is the american word). Anyway, I think you know which sport I mean.
    And you must watch Endymion on the 60" flat screen ... I mean, we are talking about Kaori Kanzaki here!
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    One anime is still ongoing (Watamote), the OVA of Ikkitousen is from 2011 and then there's Senran Kagura. It aired already but the bluray was only released a month ago or so and I don't know if all of the specials were on the bluray or if there's another one coming.
    Hm, there are various kinds of busy? Didn't knew that so far since each "busy" seems equal to me
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    Hm, sounds like you were busy. I mean, I don't want to say that I'm not busy, but yeah, I'm busy regarding questions like "which game should I play?" and "which anime should I watch?"
    And the link is in 720p, don't worry. I'm also downloading only 720p for animes now since I'm also badly off regarding free space. I have my external hard drive, but yeah, I'm to lazy to copy it from my laptop to the external and on my laptop are just around 10 GB free space.
    And if you plan to start Yumina the Ethereal. Yesterday I saw the opening. At the beginning of chapter six. Maybe there was one at the beginning of chapter one too, be that as it may, I can't remember at all.
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    Hey, how are you? Long time no see
    I'm on holidays from 14 to 21. September so I thought I would write you news on my side, hehe.
    Regarding VN I finished Grisaia no Kajitsu and now I'm playing Yumina the Ethereal. It's a VN in RPG-style and there's no english walkthrough so far, so I'm trying my luck. I think I'll just play one route since the mini games are too time consuming for me. That was all regarding VN.
    Regarding animes: I downloaded the movie Majutsu no Index - Endymion no Kiseki. Here is the torrent. The movie was really great and I was really happy to see some characters again. Then I downloaded Senran Kagura and Ikkitousen - Shuugaku Toushi Keppuu-roku. Watched the first episode of Senran Kagura and it looks somehow interesting and funny. Ikkitousen is just an OVA, but one with 48min
    And that's all on my side for now.
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    First of all I wish all the best in hindsight
    Ehm, yes, the first "anime" should mean "manga" But there's an anime adaption of No Game, No Life in the near future. Here are infos about it.
    Afaik the movie from Majutsu no Index was released today on DVD/BR, or am I wrong there? I just remembered 26. or 28. Anime in 1080p is really useless if you watch it on the PC or on a normal TV (nothing like 120cm or higher). If you watch it on PC then 720p is enough since there's not much different ... said a friend of mine. It's true, I didn't notice the difference on my PC, but I never watched on a big TV screen.
    I don't know if I already mentioned it, but Komyu got a partial English patch already. After Grisaia I'll start Harukoi Otome, but I think I'll skip most of the text and then I'll download the partial patch. Really looking forward to the game.
    Btw, next time I'm in Czechia I'll make a few photos for you ... with a katana
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    God, if I compare my list with yours, then it's like you compare Austria with the US. On my liste are just two VN (Grisaia and Harukoi Otome, which also got an english patch), four animes (Naruto, One Piece, No Game, No Life and Gun X Clover) and then I'm waiting for a few animes. Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai NEXT and Senran Kagura are available on BR, but somehow nobody translates Senran Kagura -_- And then I'm waiting for the BR release from the movie of To Aru Majutsu no Index, which will be released in a week I think, Kagaku no Railgun S, KILL la KILL, Strike the Blood and Blood Lad ... anyway, some of them haven't even aired on TV so far
    And then I have my work with translating the mangas, but now I have some free time. Ok, I had free time since I already planned my free time out ... for Saint's Row IV.
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    Man, nice to see that at least you have the time to play or read something. In my case I finished SSX and just the first route (Makina's route) in Grisaia no Kajitsu. In the last days I just played Minecraft with a friend and translated mangas (Gun X Clover and No Game, No Life). No Game, No Life even gets an anime adaption now, hehe. But man, Minecraft is such a game you can play 100h and you're still not half done with your "building" -_-
    And, have you heard from the anime Watamote already? Is a must watch for you, trust me ;D
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