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    Where to get anime and/or japanese live concerts?

    They are mostly not available here, and you're lucky if they are available on nyaa, where they usually have no seeders even on other sites.

    Where to download full anime concerts? Clips from youtube, or full concerts in youtube/bilibili usually have low quality and you will never find one on niconico. I want to get a local copy of them. It took me 17 days of downloading to get my hands on fripSide 10th Anniversary Live 2012 and the starting days filled with no activity but lucky I managed to finish it. Downloaded 4.63 GB and uploaded 23.6 GB to help others get it. White Album 2 concert started with no activity and one day someone seeded.

    I've added the trackers for D.C. Da Capo - Secret live in Kawasaki, club Citta' 8.02.2004 and it's been sitting for 3 months already with no activity, while I have no luck of finding a download for both D.C. SUPER LIVE(初音岛超级演唱会)and Alan Dawa Dolma's Japan Premium Best Live 2011 concert.

    TLDR: Where to get anime concerts?

    Edit: Sorry double post can't delete my own thread I guess? Mod/staff I'd prefer to have this post/thread removed instead of the first one.

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