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    what game would you like to create?

    i would like to create a game

    the game i would like create is zombie based but areas u go thru is based in los angelas new york hollywood and las vegas

    bout this guy name john coleman his cia agent in cross fire who end up getting shot left for dead because he trying to save his wife from gang he left bleeding half conscious saw white room with doctors he was injected woth a drug experiment.

    He when body convulse he flat line for 3 seconds back to life only to kill the scientist eat them now his victims turn into zombie he could control them do his bidding he then his on street still have his memory of being john coleman speak like human but his zombie are not...........

    base open world zombies game he can control his victims his eaten them then turns them they do his job as eat enemy turn them into his soldiers but also he do human job run down his old friend & contacts while they have jobs for him to figure out who people behind his wife kidnapping

    the game like prototype show u how much u progress how much infected u caused

    this game fusion of prototype dead rising games

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