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Thread: Anime Section

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    Anime Section

    Mandatory information:

    1. Prefix: Choose a prefix that matches the resolution of your upload best. Minor inaccuracies are allowed (posting a 396p video with a 400p prefix is allowed, posting a 400p video with a 1080p prefix is not). If there are is no prefixes matching the resolution of your video closely, please contact a staff member with the resolution required.

    2. Topic Title: The topic title must contain the name of the anime. If the anime has no English audio or subtitles this needs to be marked in the title as well. Use brackets or square brackets.
      Additional information (fansub group, source, etc.) must be in brackets or square brackets.

    3. Boxshot: The boxshot or cover image (or similar) of the anime series or movie.

    4. Aired: A thread must contain information about the time the anime aired. This should at least specify year and season, but optionally also the exact date. Seasons are as followed:
      Winter: December of the prior year to February.
      Spring: March to may.
      Summer: June to August.
      Autumn: September to November.

    5. Categories: Which genre the anime falls into.

    6. Fansub Group: Which group released the subs. In the case of BD rip groups the original translator has to be credited as well. If you cannot find out the fansub group you have to contact a staff member with the source of the anime, so he can decide whether to create an exception. If you got the anime from torrent dumps that never credit the creators don't bother asking for an exception, as it will most likely not be granted.
      Exceptions: Official sub sources (R1, R2, Crunchyroll, etc.) do not need to be credited as translators.

    7. Audio: Language (if non-Japanese) needs to be stated. If there are multiple audio tracks, provide this information for each of them.

    8. Summary: A brief summary of the anime. You don't need to add a summary for each episode, just for the anime in general.

    9. Screenshots: These have to be, of course, from the actual video you're uploading. Screenshots should give an impression of the video quality (this means no JPEGs - PNG, please) and allow users to compare between releases.

    10. All episodes of an anime you upload need to be in one thread you created. All episodes should be in the first post.

    Additional Information:
    • Video: Codec and bitrate.

    • Audio: Codec and language. If there are multiple audio tracks, provide this information for each of them.

    • Subtitle: In which format (hardsubs, ASS, SRT...) they are.

    • Screencaps: Have to be from the actual video, of course.

    • Number of episodes.

    • Producer: The animation studio(s) that created the anime.

    • Extras: If available, please add them. Extras need to be clearly marked as such.

    • Source: HDTV, DVD, Bluray, Web...

    • Original Filenames: All filenames should be the original ones as created by the fansub groups. Spelling corrections are allowed. Adding the name of your blog/site to them is not.

    • Links to MAL, AniDB, or ANN.

    • Anything else benefiting the users.

    • Make it look good: The point of Anime-Sharing is to provide high quality content in an aesthetically pleasing fashion. Make sure your threads look good and allow easy access to the information.
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