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    Blizzard is cutting back the value of damage

    "All we're trying to achieve here is prevent cases where monsters die too quickly that players are unable to react to their presence WoTLK Gold, especially within World Quests," Blizzard explained. "Our initial setup was higher in intensity than it had to be. This can cause you to believe that your improvements weren't really aiding. This new setting will make quite clear that you're nevertheless becoming more powerful than those around you as your gear grows."

    Another significant change that is available in the game is that Blizzard is cutting back the value of damage dealt by enemies. "Our purpose behind this change is to prevent the duration required in killing a beast from getting excessively short, while also increasing the damage they do is unnecessary for that goal," Blizzard said. "Instead this could make you feel as if they were becoming more dangerous, but that was not our intention."

    Blizzard went on to say that some of the mentioned changes were made available to players on World of Warcraft through the 7.2 Public Test Realm patch as well as dating back to January. The company did not inform players about it right away because they wanted "raw accurate and genuine feedback."

    "When the feedback didn't come and we didn't believe that meant it was an acceptable change--i.e. the people who didn't notice it weren't worried about it, and those who did notice it believed it was okay," Blizzard said. "Clearly that was a false assumption and we should have drawn attention to this issue in the PTR cycle so that we could be aware of the issues prior to when Patch 7.2 went live."

    World of Warcraft lost 800.000 subscribers during the month of April and June, publisher Activision Blizzard announced buy WoTLK Gold as part of its latest earnings report. The game's subscription count as of June 30 was the game had 6.8 million subscribers, which is lower than the 7.6 million subscribers as of March 31.

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