This is a long shot, and I'm willing to throw someone a bit of money since I'm exhausting my efforts looking through stores and whatnot to try and find this game. It's a Japanese game, 3d models, simulation with a story line. I have no idea if it has an English translation but it starts off that you meet the land lady then go to a park where a rapist corners two girls and you have to intervene or it's game over. From there you mostly seem to have sex with the lolis, but occasionally get it on with the land lady. There's a bit of DLC for it too, outfits and whatnot, but I can't seem to find this game or any of its DLCs anywhere and been flipping through every post in the hentai game forum in hopes of stumbling on it.

If you find it, post it here or PM me and I'll throw some money your way via paypal or something. Cheers.