First time creating thread on this forum and I hope Im posting in right corner

So, I need to help find this game.

MC is female (schoolgirl? Not sure) wearing glasses that entered forest or park at night and then after meeting someone transformed into miko to fight different ghosts in this place.

Theres a 3 lanes on which monster walk and if I remember right, you can see only one lane, unless you use skill. Ghosts need at least 3 turns to reach heroine to start attacking. If her health get to 0, theres a minigame to transform back and evade ghost attacks and if failed - monster will do H scene which also another game of escape.
Each ghost can apply some sort of long-term debuff (I'd say its more corruption) that will make your game harder (less energy, health, harder escape and etc). Theres few bosses (If Im not mistaken 3 total) and one of them Monk.

Heroine have a diary where you can check her current status.

Game wasnt translated and I found it long time ago on Sukebei but now I cant even remember what name it had. If I will remember more details - I will update thread