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Thread: [2013] Koisuru Natsu no Last Resort - A December Summer in Paradise

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    Thumbs up [2013] Koisuru Natsu no Last Resort - A December Summer in Paradise

    Original Name: 恋する夏のラストリゾート
    Brand: Pulltop Latte
    Release: TBA, 2013


    Would you work a part-time job on the southern islands together with me?

    I am Oozai Soutarou, a poor student who works part-time to pay for my tuition fees.

    Due to me helping my kouhai, Kouzaki Umi, I got fired from my part-time job and got in a desperate condition.

    The one who then extended her helping arm to me was none other than Kouzaki.

    The place I and Kouzaki went together to is a tropical resort in the south like what you'd see in travel magazines, with deep-blue sky, crystal-clear sea and a plethora of plants.

    The warm southern wind carries with it an unexpected development: the other part-time workers are all girls.

    Whether it's the energetic girl who was like an imouto to me, or the warm, natural-airhead lady who tends to get too close with the others.

    There's also a shy girl who talks little but is a serious worker, and a manager who conceals a strict attitude behind her gentle smile...

    To top it off, Kouzaki uttered these shocking words whilst blushing:

    "Please spend your time here as my boyfriend!"

    There's no way to escape this harem.

    How will we spend our lives, working part time at the resort filled with noises and love?


    Kouzaki Umi - Your kouhai, your girlfriend right off the start

    Tsukumi Sango

    Kitsuki Rino

    Maki Shiori

    Kariu Nagisa - Your evil manager

    My Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥

    This is the second title from Pulltop Latte, Pulltop's moege brand. Judging from the plot and their previous title, looks like Umi will be your girlfriend from the start, a potentially three(awe)some endings, offering a fair amount of "cakes" and "cookies" (bewbs size). I'd not expect any surprise and just enjoy the warm December Summer at a southern island full of mero mero and ero ero.

    Art is by marui, who mostly do for GIGA's title in the past, and also Pulltop Latte's first. Character design is ok and CV details are still sparse but judging from their first, it won't be bad either.

    Well there you go. I'll picking this up for my lonely 2013 holiday. Hopefully it will warm my heart up in a dark, cold winter of Canada.

    Thanks Ignis for helping with the hard to interpret part.
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    Re: [2013] Koisuru Natsu no Last Resort - A December Summer in Paradise

    Hmm it should be up by now ..... Sad still waiting to torrent it

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    Re: [2013] Koisuru Natsu no Last Resort - A December Summer in Paradise

    Thread by check doesnt spell goo-, i mean its always good.

    Extremely pleased by marui's art too as usual, I like Umi very much based on design alone. Will probably get along playing this game later in april...

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    Re: [2013] Koisuru Natsu no Last Resort - A December Summer in Paradise

    The sparkling eyes, I can't stop looking at them

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