Original Name: 我が家のヒメガミさまっ
Brand: ChuableSoft
Homepage: http://www.chuable.net/hime/
Release: November, 2013


"Ne-ne, papa"

I found a little girl during the summer festival evening.

On the spot where one of the shrine's pillars was struck down by lightning, there was a little, little girl who appeared like Kaguyahime. (TL Note: It's a legend)

For some reason, the little girl, who has no family or relatives, became so attached to me. As a result, I took her ・ Hime ・ in under the care of my family.

It wouldn't be a problem if the following events didn't happen.

Sawamiya Shiori, my miko of a classmate, and even my senpai, the famous fencer Atou Tsubaki, demanded to live together with me!

For some reason, my osananajimi, Hinohara Kei, also gets herself involved with my life more than before!

Why has it become like this? Is Hime really a god's child ? How can it be possible ? God does not exist――

"Hime has grown up!"

――Heh, how come she's suddenly grown up into an adult……?!
Little Hime, who used to take baths together with and sleep next to me, has now suddenly become as old as me. I'm in trouble!

And now she hugs me in the same way as before with her grown-up body! I'm in deep trouble……!!

How should I hold Hime? What is this hot feeling that surges forth from her chest……!?

Ignoring my perplexity, Hime keeps clinging on to me.

Time slowly passes as we head to the end of summer...

This, indeed, is a romantic summer tale about the intertwining feelings of Hime and my own.


Minamori Hime - Your princess - Deredere

Hinobara Kei - Your osananajimi - Tsundere Twintail

Sawamiya Shiori - Your classmate miko

Atou Tsubaki - Your famous fencer

Protagonist: Kagami Takuya

  Spoiler: Sample CGs 

My Rating: ♥♥♥♥

Another moege from ChuableSoft. They have another title coming in September too. So two release in 2 months, that's pretty fast. I'd probably go for Hime and Kei. I'm just a little bit dissapointed since there's no "young" Hime route but atleast there's a route for her aged version, so all ii swell.

Art is by Sekiya Asami, whom I've never heard before... Scenario writer seem to be written by Oputo and Kusakabe Yoshio (Astraytheme), so I'd expect an "awesome" moege plot this time. Love La Bride was very enjoyable but it was done with another Scenario writer.

This will definitely make to my November must play list atleast for Hime and Kei! They are so cute, and this plot is just nice.

Definitely Hime first.

Thanks Ignis for helping with the hard to interpret part.