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    [Request] Finding a tentacle doujin no longer on a lot of sites

    Hi there! I'm on a quest to find a doujin that's been taken down from a lot of sites (or so it seems) and I would love any help in finding it. Basically was a vanilla-ish story of a boy accidentally turned into a tentacle monster by a princess from another world who speaks in stereotypical medieval english. It had a few chapters that I know of and at one point he even shows up to school and bangs everyone there too. Here is the only picture of it that I could find:

    Anyone out there that can even remember the name or find a site with it would make me the happiest person on earth.

    EDIT: Remade the post under the Hentai Corner since this doesn't seem to be the right place. If an admin sees this, feel free to delete this one.
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    Re: [Request] Finding a tentacle doujin no longer on a lot of sites

    LOL I squeeze my memory for 20 min.
    I believe you are talking about Tentacle Lovers.

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