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    Red face Tales of the Night [Chapter 01-08][Completed]

    Title: Tales of the Night
    Other title: 夜の童話, Evening Fairy-tales, Fairy-tales of Nightfall
    Status: Complete
    Author: Kita Konno
    Language: ENG
    Des: A collection of Konno Kita's early oneshots; originally self-published and later collected in tankoubon format.

    Story 1 - The Road Home: An old man reminisces about the past.
    Story 2 - Garden: A sheltered princess experiences grief for the first time.
    Story 3 - Beyer’s Waltz: A woman who's “getting on in years” makes a decision about her love life.
    Story 4 - The House that Waits for Spring: A girl faces her future in the shadow of the irresponsible father she dearly loves.
    Story 5 - Rattle: In an impossible land, an old man is reunited with his granddaughter.
    Story 6 - The Man who Sells Glasses: A magical glasses seller drops by a small town to sell his wares.
    Story 7 - Light Source: One snowy night, a man meets a curious little girl.
    Story 8 - Evening Fairy-Tales: A young man who professes to be a "cat lender" draws out long-forgotten memories in his clients.
    Chapter 8: Evening Fairy-Tales [End]: |
    Chapter 7: Light Source: |
    Chapter 6: The Man Who Sells Glasses: |
    Chapter 5: Rattle: |
    Chapter 4: The House that Waits for Spring: |
    Chapter 3: Beyer’s Waltz: |
    Chapter 2: Garden: |
    Chapter 1: The Road Home: |

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