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    Anyone knows this manga?

    Hello...i have been searching like crazy for a manga...
    So from what i remember it's a NTR - Blackmail and swinging sort of's about a MILF(wife maybe...i don't really remember)who is taken by the guy to some sort o of a swingers camp (something like that)...there is a older man( 60 years around there)...and it looks like he is the owner of the camp or the organizer of the event....he gives a speech everyone...i think it was about the swinger camps rules(the manga was not i don't really know)...and ever since the guy brought the MILF to the camp...the old guy had his eyes on her...and from what it looked like..the guy who brought her and the old man had some agreement of at the end of the speech, everyone couples up and go to separate houses...and the older man takes the female protagonist(the milf) to his house in that camp...i think it's a deal for a couple of if anyone knows of this manga or similar...pls do tell...i will check it out to see if it's the one i am talking about.

    Any help would be much appreciated!
    Thank you!

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