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    Wrought a Slave, Out of Mom [mF,coer,cons,reluc,inc,mother,son,D/S,Mdom,slow]

    Wrought a Slave, Out of Mom
    by DiscipleN

    [A neighbor's tales about her hot infidelities, first sparks and then heats up a domination relationship between a languishing wife and her curious son.]

    Chapter 1

    On Tuesdays, the neighbor from two houses down the block would visit Mom. Janice was older than Mom by a couple years, and more advanced in other things.

    "Little pitchers have big ears." Mom cautioned her friend one day. Janice had started the conversation with a mention of cheating on her husband. Only she had called it, "A little cock on the side."

    "Mom, I'm fourteen." That I metaphorically, still clung to my mother's skirt wasn't due to introversion. I was drawn to Mom out of sexual confusion. Puberty had hit me hard, hard up and hard in the pants. Kids are programmed to find their parents and siblings a total turn-off, but puberty must have skipped over my instinct to avoid incest.

    Mom was doing her best to ignore me, but Janice gave me a big grin after being cautioned. "Only it wasn't at all little, Eddie. This guy's was long enough to connect your ears!"

    Puzzled, I tilted my head.

    "Janice, please!" Mom frowned, her cheeks burning. "Eddie is at a delicate stage, closing on adulthood but off-balance from his changing body. Ralph and I don't force information on him but answer whatever question he asks. He hasn't asked many. I doubt he knows what you're talking about. I'll send him to his room if you keep using that kind of language. You're confusing him."

    "No, Momma!" I liked Janice, exciting and daring. Mom was shy. I loved to be present when she shrank from Janice's sexy stories. Not that Mom would ever kick out her friend for saying bad words. Janice was one of her few friends outside of my dad's circle. To prove my interest, I asked, "What's a cock?"

    Janice's grin wrinkled from a chortle. "He asked an honest question, Sue."

    Mom grimaced in frustration. Janice was usually sweet as sweet potato pie, but our guest's tales had an edge which my mother accepted, regardless of how they embarrassed her. Mom's grimace slacked. She turned a controlled, neutral expression at me. It made me think I was in trouble.

    I waited, hoping I could stay. Then she sighed. "It's another word for penis, Eddie. But a lot of people don't like to hear that word." Her face pouted as it turned to Janice. "I don't like to hear it."

    I frowned at Janice. Solidarity with Mom.

    "Then you probably don't want to hear how good it felt where the guy put it."

    Mom rolled her eyes, but she didn't rebuke her friend further.

    Janice left her tale dangling and began talking about how her husband, Dan, wanted to dig up the grass in their backyard and smother the ground in cedar bark.

    I yawned and walked out of the kitchen.


    The following Tuesday, Janice brought over a batch of home-made, butter cookies. Mom thanked her and let me eat one. Mom was pretty strict about junk food, but I noticed her absentmindedly nibbling one after another, listening to Janice's update about her 'boyfriend.'

    "It was great at first, the sex." Janice nattered. Mom's cheeks tinged light pink. "But then the guy got clingy, and Dan started sniffing around - literally. He told me I smelled funny." Janice's exciting grin returned. "So I clapped his ears and told him he had rug duty that night, to punish him."

    I didn't like picking up my stuff from floors or rugs. I nodded and grunted approval.

    Janice beamed at me. "What Dan didn't know was, he ended up licking adulterous cum!"

    "Janice, please!" Mom didn't want to hash out each and every one of Janice's verbal transgressions in my presence. That many rebukes would have drained all the fun. She flashed a sad face at me and shook her head. "Eddie, save your questions for later. Better yet, go watch TV."

    Janice told Mom, "I could have said, sperm, but I doubt you taught him that word either." Janice softened her voice. "But I'll bet ten dollars that he's already encountered what he can't label."

    My parents had told me the word, sperm, and I knew it referred to what came out of my penis when I played with it. But I abruptly fell in love with the word, cum.

    Janice switched to less exciting news. "Fresh cedar bark, now that has a nice smell..."


    Janice seemed to know Mom's limits, and her ribald tales pushed just enough to bend them. Each Tuesday afternoon, Mom's blush got a little darker. I was too absorbed in the older woman's amazing stories to notice. Each week, Mom would listen a little longer before challenging her friend about naughty things spoken in front of me.

    "Is this the same boyfriend?" Mother sounded confused when the guy's hair had changed from blonde to black curls.

    "Nah. I dumped that guy two weeks ago. He started out plenty cocky but steadily melted into a clingy lump nearly as wimpy as Dan." Her husband. "If this new, 'side order' of man starts begging for it, I'll kick him to the curb too."

    Janice got excited again. "I doubt he will, though. I didn't even know Chaz's name before he made me suck his cock." Janice's eyes narrowed. "Sue, you won't believe how hot it feels to have a hard cock forced into your mouth."

    "Janice!" Mom waved at me behind her back. It was her signal for me to leave the room.

    Her friend saw and instantly figured it out. "Oh, let the boy stay. He's just curious. He's surprisingly innocent and sweet for his age."

    Mom mumbled, "Less innocent after hearing about Chaz."

    "Sue, you worry too much. Eddie adores you! That's why he's always by your side."

    Don't get the wrong idea. I wasn't a mommy's boy. Her meek presence invigorated me instead of making me feel safe. I had friends that I played with most days outside of Tuesdays, younger boys and girls. I even hung out with adults when Dad's friends visited, but I didn't really care for them. They were boring compared to Janice.

    Mom relented by staring at her coffee. "I guess I have been remiss to teach him common street language. But don't you think a child should enjoy a few innocent years?"

    "Of course. That's why I'll save what happened after Chaz came down my throat." Janice winked at me. She switched to describing how Dan had planted a couple fruit trees in their backyard, mango and kiwi.

    "What happened with Chaz, Janice?" I asked, not wanting to listen to more of her husband's gardening efforts. "After he went down your throat?" I was imagining something important, like a thermometer.

    Our adulterous friend tightened her smile and looked at Mom. Mom bit her lip and examined her hands on the kitchen table. "Oh, go on. Just don't elaborate."

    Mom was as curious as I.

    Janice complied. "After I had, um, pleasured Chaz, he told me to take down my pants and underwear. Then he spanked me!"

    "Oh, my!" I blurted. I was pretty sure that having a boyfriend when you already had a husband was bad. But it shocked me to hear that the boyfriend would punish her. I was learning so much!

    A soft moan drew my attention to Mom. She looked redder than ever. I worried about it. "Don't hold your breath so long, Mom."

    "She'll be fine, Billy." Janice patted my shoulder. Her hand was really warm! "I shouldn't tease your mother so much."

    "What did you do wrong to get spanked?" I had to ask.

    "Well-" Janice looked to Mom, confident of more capitulation. Mom's nod was brief, but her eyes darted away. "Chaz guessed that it would turn me on, Donny, because when he forced me to go down on him a second time, I responded eagerly."

    I didn't understand, but I put up a tough facade. "Oh."

    "Sue," Janice confronted Mom. "I have never been more wet before some guy fucked my brains out." It was as if Mom's friend was daring her. "You wouldn't believe how incredible it feels when a guy is giving it to you with everything he's got."

    Mom's body jiggled suddenly, as if there'd been an earthquake right under her chair. She gasped. "That's quite enough."

    The conversation shifted into dullness after Mother's shudder. I wandered out of the kitchen, worrying about Janice's brains, confident that she had exaggerated about losing them.

    In the night, I overheard Dad rebuking Mom in their bedroom. "Why tonight? You asked last Tuesday when I got home from bowling. And we just did it on Friday. Maybe tomorrow night. I'm tired and a little drunk."

    *** Another Tuesday ***

    "Chaz was just a fling. You know, to test my limits. He's kind of a jerk, actually. Now Stephen, he knows how to use a belt!" Janice had met Stephan right after dumping Chaz.

    "I thought I was going to die when Stephan swatted my nipples, but then he was hugging me and licking them. He used a gentle but firm voice, encouraging me to find my inner slut." Janice paused, evaluating Mom's pink face.

    Mom suddenly appeared very self-conscious. She rubbed the back of her neck and yawned. "You sure do find them. I doubt I could be so daring."

    "Don't worry, Sue. I'll never ask about your affairs. I know you're a private person. I'm just glad that you'll hear my stories. You're the only person I'm comfortable telling."

    "I don't have affairs." Mom defended.

    Janice frowned, as if she was sad for Mom. She asked, "Eddie, does your mother tell my stories to your father?"

    "Janice!" Mom blurted.

    "Oh, Sue, I was teasing." Janice retreated in her chair. "But maybe you should - you know, to spice things up?" Mom's friend slowly leaned forward again. "I see how you listen, Sue. Ralph doesn't play with you like my special friends play with me. Maybe I shouldn't tease you any more." Janice did very much want to tease Mom more. That was a big reason Janice kept coming back. I'm not sure Mom knew how wrapped up she was in her imagination of Janice's affairs.

    "Please, Mom. I like Janice's stories. I'll tell dad about them." I wanted to help.

    "No, Eddie!" Mom was clearly disturbed by my offer. "I'm sorry I ever let things get this far. You're too young to be listening to adult stories."

    "No I'm not." I almost pouted, a little angry. Was Mom going to cut me off from hearing all the strange things that Janice did with men who weren't her husband?

    Unexpectedly, Janice intervened. "May I?" She asked Mom.

    Mom looked at her then me. "Let him down gently. He's as stubborn as they get when he wants something he shouldn't have."

    I glared unhappily.

    "I'm not going to let him down, Sue." Janice schooled. "I'm going to tell him how he can handle himself more maturely."

    "Huh?" I abruptly looked astonished. Janice's grin returned.

    "What you need to do, Eddie, is to be less shy about asking questions. Your mother wants you to learn adult things in a safe and supportive atmosphere. That's why she lets you hear my stories. Aren't you asking her all the questions you have after I visit?"

    My shock faded, and I shook my head.

    "If you give her opportunities to explain, she'll feel better about letting you listen with her."

    "Mom?" I sought her reaction.

    She seemed a little confused herself. "Janice, that's not exactly-"

    "What's fucking, Mom? What does that mean?" I rushed to do what Janice suggested.

    "Aaa!" Mom gasped, and she gave a brief, mean look at her friend.

    "I'll just leave you two." Janice's smile was filled with amusement. "See you next week." She floated out of our house.

    A couple years prior to Janice's stories, Mom and Dad had sat down with me. They told me about the birds and the bees. I knew what sexual reproduction was, but they had coached it in such dry terms, I never suspected that Janice's exciting stories were even remotely related.

    Mom was blushing from ear to ear. "That word, Eddie. It's like that word for penis, not acceptable to say in public. But the word you're asking about just means sexual intercourse."

    "Oh." I was tragically disappointed. Maybe Janice's stories weren't that exciting after all. When Mom and Dad had described it, sex was the last thing I wanted to do. I had to make sure. "So, fucking is just sex, cum is just sperm, and cock is just penis?"

    Mom's blush faded, and she looked very happy with my reaction. "Yes, Eddie, that's all those words mean."

    "Why don't people want to hear some words and not others, if they mean the same thing?"

    Mom hesitated at my question.

    I guessed, "Is it so sex won't sound as boring?"

    Mom paused, possibly surprised by my question. I decided that she liked my guess, because a little pink returned to her cheeks. "If you don't have any more questions, Eddie, then we should clean up here and get the place ready for your father." I bottled up the dozens of questions I'd accumulated from weeks of Janice's tales.

    That night I caught part of a conversation in their bedroom when Dad blurted, " a sinful slut. I hope Eddie didn't overhear a story like that. I should tell Dan."

    "It's just coffee talk, Ralph." Mom raised her voice. "She's a little imaginative that way. I was hoping maybe we could use our imaginations a little -- next time."

    "I can't believe you would suggest something so disgusting! It may be weeks before I can clear my head of that story." Dad sounded so unhappy, I crept back into my room.

    In the middle of the night, I had to pee. I got out of bed and ambled down the hall. The house was cool, but my flannel PJs were plenty toasty. The bathroom door was shut, and light leaked out from under it. From inside, I heard Mom grunting softly.

    My first thought was, Dad must be using the toilet in their bedroom. We have a three bedroom house. My parents bought it, expecting to have another child or two, but I was the only one, and I liked it that way.

    "Chaz, don't force me again." Mom muttered in a low, raspy voice. She groaned a little. "Not my nipples, Stephan. Ow!"

    I remembered what Janice had said about Mom being a private person. I walked to my room, a little sad that Mom didn't have her own stories, hoping my bladder would wait until morning.

    As I climbed into bed, I felt my penis pushing out the front of my bottoms. It got hard when Janice told her stories but also often at random times. It felt extra hard that night. Before sleeping, I masturbated. I'd been doing it for a couple years already. As much as I enjoyed the orgasm, I felt it was an uninteresting act otherwise, except for the cum, which accidentally sprayed on the bed instead of the tissue I'd readied. I jumped out of bed and rushed down the hall, running smack into Mom!

    "Eddie!" She caught me. "Careful, it's dark!" She wore a thick, ankle length terry cloth robe.

    "I'm sorry, Mommy!" I felt like a guilty little boy. "I tried not to get any on the bed!" I hid my wet hand behind my back, but I could feel the wetness in the front of my bottoms. I hoped she didn't notice.

    "Get what on the bed?" She sounded a little drunk.

    Suddenly, I had to pee for real, real bad. Without answering I raced into the bathroom and locked the door. I didn't notice the sweaty, slightly musky odor in the room until after I washed my hands. I used toilet paper to wipe up the white goo on my pants.

    "Are you okay?" Mom knocked lightly after I shut off the sink faucet.

    "It's okay, Mom." I looked at the cum dampened toilet paper, wondering if Mom would blush if I showed it to her.

    "Um, okay. Good night."

    I put my ear to the door and waited for the sound of her door closing, before exiting the bathroom. I lay in bed for a long time, thinking about being able to make babies. My happiness for being a single child waned that night. I kept thinking about Mom and the occasional comments she had made over the years about having a sister or brother for me. She always sounded a little sad. be continued...

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    Re: Wrought a Slave, Out of Mom [mF,coer,cons,reluc,inc,mother,son,D/S,Mdom,slow]

    Looks like this story has gotten over 150 clicks. I'd be grateful for your feedback about the beginning. I'll post more soon, but please, let me know what you think of it.

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    Re: Wrought a Slave, Out of Mom [mF,coer,cons,reluc,inc,mother,son,D/S,Mdom,slow]

    Chapter 2

    After that night, I understood more about Janice's naughty stories, and I began to figure out what Mom's reactions meant.

    Janice had us spellbound. "You won't believe what Arnie did. He sneaked into my house one night. He knew that Dan was visiting his mother for a few days. Arnie tied me to the bed, while I was sleeping. Then he woke me up and raped me!" Janice coughed guiltily. "I had given him a key to the house."

    Mom gasped. "Arnie? What happened to Stephan?"

    "Stephan got boring, like a good movie you watch too many times. He was a one episode actor." Janice puffed. "Arnie is much more creative and twice as passionate!"

    "Gosh, Janice, I guess because he raped you, you didn't cheat on Dan." I still had a lot to figure out about her sex life."

    "Hush." Mom admonished me.

    The kitchen fell quiet for long seconds. Janice squawked, holding back a laugh. She cleared her throat and mentioned that Dan's mango tree had a single fruit starting to grow on it.

    I wandered away from the boring part of Janice's visit, but I ran up to her when she was leaving. I hugged her. "I'm sorry you got raped."

    Mom uttered abrupt exasperation. Janice winked at her. "Be sure to protect your Mom, Eddie. You need to be strong with a mother to protect her."

    "She means, 'strong for me.'" Mom clarified.

    Janice didn't comment, and I guessed that Mom was wrong.


    Over the next few weeks, Janice began stretching out her stories with details about her lovers and how they treated her. At first, Mom would interrupt after several minutes, worried about my glazed expression and the obvious tent in my pants.

    "Arnie and Roger pinned me down with their knees on my arms and legs. The bed groaned and squeaked as they mauled my titties and slapped my face and ass and thighs and tummy. They loved to make me suck my pussy juice from their cocks.

    "In procession, one would fuck me a little and then stuff their messy prick into my mouth, while the other one would soak his cock in my cunt. Over and over, they must have made me drink a pint of my own fluids. You can't believe how many orgasms they denied me before they let me cum. They called me a slut for my own pussy when they finally came on my tits and face."

    Janice noticed Mom's eyes. Mom was staring at my covered erection. When Janice stopped talking, Mom jerked her red face from me. "How's Dan's garden?" She changed the subject.

    "No, Mom!" I whined. "How many times did you cum, Janice?" I asked, but what I really wanted to know was, "Why do you like it when men refuse to let you cum?"

    "I'm sorry, Eddie. It's your Mom's job to answer your questions. I wish I had a son you could play with instead of listening to my silly tales."


    "It's late, Eddie. Janice has to get home." Mom ended the conversation. I pouted. How could I ask her about things that only her friend would know?

    After dinner with Mom and Dad, I found myself in the bathroom. As I peed, I went over Janice's story in my mind. It wasn't unusual by then, for me to masturbate after peeing. After my penis spurted thick globs of semen in the bathroom, cleaning up was easier.

    I went to bed quite content that night. Before I fell asleep, I heard Dad shout at Mom behind the wall that separated my room from theirs. "What do you mean, you're tired of making love to me? I haven't touched you in weeks!" Dad defended himself.

    The air in my room warmed as I breathed heavily, knowing what was about to happen. Mom would wait until Dad and I were sleeping, before creeping out of their room and locking herself in the hall bath. There she would whisper Janice's stories.

    I had quickly figured out that Mom was masturbating. Janice often told us that she would "frig her clit" when she couldn't be with one or more of her lovers.

    That night was the second time that I dared to sneak out of my bedroom and listen at the door. This time I dared to fondle my erection, knowing what Mom was doing. Her favorite story was about Stephan, who would tie up Janice and then spank her until he came (always on her belly). Then he would untie, hug, and hold her while she frigged her clit.

    "Not my nipples!" Mom hissed softly and groaned.

    Listening, I had pulled my hard penis out through the slit in my flannel bottoms and was jerking on it slowly. Mom's moans grew louder. A part of me felt sad for her, because Dad wouldn't fulfill her fantasies. The rest of me remembered what Janice had told me. I decided that night to be strong with Mom.

    With one hand jerking my hardon, my other rapped a light knock upon the bathroom door.

    "HHH!!!" Mom huffed in surprise. "Who-"

    "Don't cum tonight, Mom." I interrupted with my most assertive voice. Mom fell silent. I imagined her gulping. I was strong then, waiting for her reply.

    "o k." She whispered so softly I barely heard her. I had sorta told her as a joke. Was she joking back, or would she actually deny herself an orgasm at my command? It was question that lurked in my brain for months afterwards. When I finally asked her, she explained that she had been shouldering incredible guilt about masturbating while thinking about someone other than her husband. When her son unexpectedly confronted her in the dark, she felt two things, overwhelming shame that made her stop, and incredible pride that her son was acting like a man, if a demanding one. Of course, I felt Mom was simply submitting to my will, like Janice did to her lovers' wills.

    Immediately, my penis pulsed and spat a string of pearls that seemed to glow in the dark. They splattered against the door, the frame, and fell soaking into the carpet. I groaned and fled to my room. I even propped a chair against the knob. I curled up in my bed, ready to meet my doom.

    Mom and I were super quiet the next morning. Dad didn't seem to notice, his eyes glued to his tablet computer next to his plate of cheese quesadillas with mild salsa. Mom and I traded surreptitious glances, worried that he would suddenly suspect the evil we had done. Upon waking, I had checked the hall bathroom door when I went to pee. The mess I had made was cleaned up.

    After Dad left for work, Mom busied herself with the dishes. I remained at the table, astonished by what I had gotten away with. I wanted to flaunt what I had told her not to do. Instead I asked meekly. "Were you - 'o k,' last night?"

    She turned off the faucet because she didn't have the gumption to talk over it. "Yes."

    It was Friday when I had to be strong with Mom again. That was their usual night when she and Dad made love. I think Dad initiated it that night, possibly surprising her. What didn't surprise her was his lackluster performance. Ever since Janice had told her stories, I had become more attuned to the noises from my parents' bedroom. I honestly hoped that Dad had satisfied her.

    Something woke me up, perhaps it was just a habit I had picked up from regularly listening to Mom in the hall bathroom at night. I heard light footsteps. I crept to my door and opened it silently to peek through a crack. Mom was standing in front of their bedroom door, hand on the knob. She sniffed once - twice-

    "Mom." I whispered. She must have already played with herself.

    "Huh?" She turned her head. In the dim glow of the hall's nightlight I saw her cheeks glisten.

    "Tell me, next time you use the bathroom." I was sad that I missed a chance to tell her not to cum, but I hoped that she had. Dad didn't deserve her.

    "You need to sleep, Eddie."

    "I'll go to bed earlier. Wake me up."

    She sniffed again. "o k." I couldn't see her expression, but she wiped her eyes with a sleeve and went into her room. I returned to my bed and jerked off to a great cum.

    Sunday near midnight, Mom knocked softly on my door. "Eddie?"

    I nearly slept through her brief attempt to wake me. By the time I got to the door, she was entering the bathroom.

    "Mom?" I rubbed my eyes.

    She looked back. "I'm sorry, but I changed my mind."

    "You can't cum." I tried.

    She bit her lip, turned around and shuffled quickly past me, back to her room. I heard her lock that knob. be continued...

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    Re: Wrought a Slave, Out of Mom [mF,coer,cons,reluc,inc,mother,son,D/S,Mdom,slow]

    Chapter 3

    "Dan surprised me yesterday with a hot fuck in the bathroom." Janice actually sounded surprised. "I do love him, but it was a drop in the bucket for my needs. Still it was a nice topping off after going at it for five hours with Roger on Sunday while Dan golfed. -- And wearing Arnie's collar most of Friday afternoon. -- And picking up a guy at the bus station the Thursday before."

    "Sue, I didn't realize how hot a filthy, old bum could be when he takes liberties with you." Janice laughed. "You must think I'm crazy!"

    Mom had been sitting, listening, quivering, eyeing me whenever our friend looked elsewhere. She seemed about to explode from nervousness. When Mom didn't respond. Janice looked at me, slightly suspicious."

    "Is wearing Arnie's collar like wearing a charity bracelet?" I asked Mom, trying to ignore Janice's inquisitive eyes.

    Mom grasped at my diversion. "They're similar, Eddie. You wear a charity bracelet to show that you supported a good cause. When Janice wears Arnie's collar, she is showing that Arnie is in charge of her like your Uncle Bruce is in charge of his German Shepard, Gulliver." Mom surprised me by answering calmly and fully, instead giving the simplest, safest answer. Uncle Bruce was Dad's only brother.

    Janice's suspicion increased. "Am I a third wheel here?"

    "I want to hear about the guy from the bus station." I looked at Mom.

    Mom disappointed me. "Has the mango on Dan's tree ripened yet?"

    I sighed and plodded to my room. I studied geometry which was more interesting than fruit trees.

    The front door opened and closed a little while later. I got up from my little desk and went to the kitchen. Mom was staring at her empty coffee mug. It said, "World's Greatest Mom." I had given it for her birthday when I was ten.

    "Mom, why don't you go to the hall bathroom." I wasn't asking a question.

    "o k." Mom didn't look at me, but her face, which had blushed during Janice's story, turned red again. She rose from her chair and walked steadily past me. I followed without further comment.

    She shut the door between us, but I didn't hear the little click of the lock button. Mom no longer recited one of Janice's stories aloud. Her mind was filled with erotic imagery. I wondered if she suspected that I was opening my pants and pulling out my hard peter. I wanked myself quickly, pretending that I was masturbating in front of Mom and Janice who were wearing collars that I had fastened around their necks. I came quickly, not caring what I soiled with my wasted seed. While I recovered from my intense orgasm, I heard Mom's low steady moans.

    "Mom." I called loudly. "Don't cum today."

    She moaned for another few seconds before I heard her running the sink faucet. She emerged soon thereafter. "Your father will be home soon." She saw the mess around the door and fetched soap and a wet washcloth. After she cleaned my cum, she went grocery shopping. I studied, but all I could think of was how sexy Mom looked while she was wiping up my cum.

    Dad arrived with big news. He had helped with an important project at work, and his company had rewarded him with a one percent raise. I thought it was a big deal and asked how we were celebrating. He took us to a family diner, where I ordered a full rack of ribs. Mom had fish. Dad ordered a sloppy joe. I took half of my dinner home.

    I think my parents made love after I went to bed. I was too full of ribs to deny myself sleep. A hand on my shoulder woke me.

    Mom stood over, wearing her full length, dark crimson robe. "It's the next day." She whispered. I pawed my cheap phone. 12:07 am. "Okay, go ahead." I said and turned my back to her, but I had trouble sleeping while Mom pleasured herself just down the hall.

    I dreamed of swimming in a warm sea. Fish around me flashed in dappled sunlight. A school of barracuda writhed before me like a curtain. I swam through it, unharmed, to see a great clamshell on the seafloor, slowly open, revealing a mermaid who spotted me. With a whip of her flukes she darted into the distant murk before I could recognize her. I woke up Wednesday morning with a mess in my pajama bottoms.

    "Is my cock little, Mom?" I asked spinning on my chair in the kitchen. Dad had left for work while nibbling a slice of toast. I had been trying to remember Janice's first tale of infidelity. I opened my pants, and my hard penis stood up.

    "Why are you showing your penis?" Mom tried not to look at it, but her eyes darted to and fro. "You know that's not polite."

    "I know, Mom, but it's just us at home. That's why I called it a cock. You're okay with cock, right?" I assumed so because Janice said that word five times a minute.

    "I don't need to see it." She countered, not saying she didn't want to see it. Her eyes kept glancing my way.

    "I want to know if you think mine is little." Janice had said her first lover wasn't little at all. It seemed important.

    "You still have a lot of growing to do, Eddie." It was a fair point. I was pretty sure that Janice's lovers were all much older than I. Mom walked out of the room, blushing as she passed. She mentioned, "It's a good size."

    I zipped up my pants and prepared to go to school.

    On Friday, I returned from school with a mind to see what else I could get away with. I tried to cop a feel of Mom's breasts. She isn't overly blessed, but Janice's were smaller.

    "Take your hand off of me, Eddie!" Mom demanded. She had been sitting on the couch, and I had crept up from behind. I had only brushed the side of one boob. The only thing I got from the attempt was a sense of her bra's sturdiness. I had hoped my slight transgression wouldn't bring much trouble if Mom got upset. I pulled my hand away and retreated to my room. Mom didn't pursue the matter, nor did she mention it later. I felt I had dodged a bullet.


    "The bum wasn't at the bus station the next time I checked." Janice was telling us on Tuesday. "I considered 'accidentally' splashing spoiled milk on Arnie, to simulate the bum's smell when he forced me to suck his cock and then take it up the ass. That bum loved my ass! Maybe he was gay. He kept complimenting how muscular mine is, while he cornholed it." Janice liked to keep fit, and I think Arnie had been helping her, by ordering her to eat half meals and throw the rest away in front of Dan. "Sue, I don't know if Ralph is giving it to you where the sun isn't supposed to shine, but if not, don't jump into it without plenty of lube! The bum's hands were so greasy they slicked me and his cock up lickety-split!"

    Janice went on to describe how Arnie was dog training her, to eat from a bowl on the floor and piss in her backyard on her hands and knees."

    "What did Roger do last week?" Mom surprised me with her question. She'd never egged our friend on to tell us more nasty deeds.

    "Pissed me off, is what he did. He brought a woman and told me to suck her pussy." Janice's smile soured. "I told him to suck it himself - somewhere not on my premises. I told the woman it wasn't personal."

    Janice spent nearly an hour telling us about her wondrous infidelities. We both walked to the front door with her and bid her good day. "Have a fun afternoon, you naughty mom and son." She was teasing. We both knew it.

    Mom turned back to the kitchen. I was so horny, I spoke before thinking. "Watch me, Mom." Hearing myself blurt that, I froze, worried about her reaction.

    Mom stopped and looked down. "Watch what?"

    My bold talk didn't ease up. "I didn't say you could ask questions." I reached down and unbuttoned the top of my shorts.

    Mom hesitated, almost as if she was expecting to hear my zipper slide down. I met her expectations and fished out my hard dick. "Do I have to tell you again?"

    "No, Eddie." Mom stepped in a half circle, biting her lower lip when she faced me. She tried to meet my hot stare with calm resolve, but her eyes fixed on my jutting cock. I was learning, from her reactions to Janice's tales, what Mom's private feelings were. She was also horny, but she didn't want to act it out in front of me. Right now, I could probably get away with touching her boobs, but it felt wiser to keep my distance.

    I touched myself, cupping the soft head gently. "I'm glad you think my cock has a good size, Mom." My hand began stroking the firm shaft. "I need you to watch me now, so you can tell me if I cum well enough."

    "You should do that in the bathroom, Eddie." Mom shivered at the sight of my blatant masturbation. "I'll bring you a measuring cup."

    "That's not what I said, Mom. You have to watch." I closed my eyes because she couldn't, and concentrated on the good feelings spreading from my hard penis. I imagined Mom drooling, wanting to touch me but too shy to do it. My hand increased its speed, up and down my throbbing dick. My eyes flew open but didn't catch Mom doing anything but watching. She was less red-faced as the novelty of seeing her son jerking off wore off, but she trembled, her resolve slowly shrinking from the heat growing in her loins. She licked her lips absentmindedly.

    The living room was eerily quiet except for my heavy breathing, light smacking, and Mom's tiny grunts from the back of her throat. The afternoon sun blazed across the wall farthest from us. Its reflected light gave no shadows to hide what I was doing. I moaned and nodded at her. "I like how you watch me."

    Mom's trembling faltered for a heartbeat. Warm red returned to her face.

    The rush of orgasm mounted quickly as I watched fire kindle in her eyes. Mom must have really liked my upright cock. She swallowed when my hips twitched from the onset of ejaculation. I blurted, "Hold out your hands, Mom!" My body convulsed as I strived to hold back.

    My words shocked her, and she acted to 'take care' of me. There was no time for her to decide what to do. Mom reached both hands out flat, a few inches from the cockhead disappearing and reappearing beneath my flashing fist. "Catch it all, Mom!" I groaned. Fireworks lit up the inside of my head, fueled to extra heights from her quick obedience. Cum gushed out of my prick!

    I aimed as best as I could to help her catch it, but I kept demanding, through a storm of pleasure, "Don't miss a drop, Mom! Don't spill ANY!" My seminal bulb spat a dozen times, shooting thick, bright white globs into her hands and up her wrists. We twisted and shifted in a cooperative game to catch all of my boiling sperm. I don't remember any spilling into the carpet, but from my wild throes we must have missed a few drops.

    I gasped and sighed. "That was really good!" I let her interpret my meaning.

    Mom's face made an abrupt transition from unhappy fascination to cringing regret staring at her slimed hands. "What have you done?"

    "I made you watch me and then catch my cum in your hands." I said, trying to catch my breath. The light in the room slowly brightened as my eyes relaxed from pinpoints of peak ecstasy.

    "Go to the hall bathroom, now." I tried to sound reasonable instead of my previous demand. "But you can't cum today." I told her.

    Mom very much wanted to have an orgasm. If she had even tried to masturbate, before or after washing her hands, she probably would have cum, and it would have been as intense for her as it had been for me, the proof soiling her hands. Mom rapidly retreated to the bathroom.

    I heard the faucet run immediately. Expecting her to emerge after washing her hands, she remained within. Was she going to disobey? I didn't know what to do if she masturbated. I assumed she wanted to be ordered around as much as I enjoyed commanding her. I reexamined my assumptions as I waited with great curiosity and concern.

    When I placed my ear against the door, I didn't hear her moaning. She was crying, nearly sobbing. I almost went in to apologize, but Janice had told me to be strong. I waited, confidence melting.

    When my mom did exit the hall bathroom, her face had lost its deep red, but her cheekbones were puffy and pink. She must have wiped away her tears before leaving and going into the kitchen. "You should study, Eddie."

    "Why were you crying, Mom?" I had to confront her.

    Mom halted but didn't look back. "I needed to cry. After so many years -- wanting more from-" She resumed her dash to the kitchen, leaving me to deduce who.

    Dad. Now, my father and I got along pretty well when he wasn't working or bowling or volunteering at a food bank. I had helped him many times at the charity, but the work didn't allow much time together. I suddenly saw Dad from a fresh perspective. I told myself, on that amazing Tuesday afternoon, that Dad was cheating on Mom. Not with another woman but cheating with a set of behaviors which would never fulfill his wife. It might have been the most adult thought I'd had in my fourteen years of life.

    That night I greeted Dad with a false hug. I asked him about his day and carried his briefcase to the spare room that doubled as an office and a guest room. I thought I was angry with him, but that wasn't it. I felt sorry for him. I didn't want to trouble him, but I swore to protect Mom from the troubles he caused by denying her passions.

    Mom woke me after midnight. I took her hand sleepily and kissed it. "No, Mom. You can't cum today neither."

    "o k." She left in darkness but I sensed her body buzzing with the exciting frustration of complying with her young son's decision.

    I had to masturbate before I could sleep again. Imagining the energy trapped in Mom's soul compelled me to jerk off twice.

    It was a new, bright day when I entered the kitchen. "Mom, there are some tissues by my bed that you should clean up."

    Dad reacted faster. "Eddie, don't talk to your Mom like that. She's your devoted mother and my wonderful wife, not a slave. If you made the mess, then you clean it up."

    "It's all right, Dear." Mom interceded. "I've been meaning to give his room a full cleaning. He'll do his share of the work."

    Mom hadn't lied. After Dad left, she made me clean most of it. However, before letting me in my own room, she picked up every soiled tissue beside my bed, with her bare hands. She cupped them carefully and blushed as she carried them past me to the kitchen waste bin.

    I wanted to jerk off, then and there, and make her carry more of my dying cum through the house.

    Remembering how it stung to be rejected for trying to grope her boobs. I was extra cautious not to overreach that week. Neither did I want to deny Mom's gratification for too long. On Thursday morning, as she was preparing breakfast, I whispered in her ear, "There are more tissues for you, Mom. When you're ready, take them to the hall bathroom. You can cum once, today."

    Mom nearly dropped a plate of hash browns. I quickly steadied her hand, holding it gently, expecting her to do my bidding after breakfast. Dad was oblivious, reading the news on his tablet. She announced, "Don't let the eggs burn, Eddie." She released the fried potato shreds to my care and scurried out of the kitchen.

    The eggs were only slightly overcooked when she returned. She ate hers happily, while Dad forked the solid yellow blob oozing with green sulfur and shook his head. "I'll stop and get some donuts for the office today." He left early.

    As I was preparing to go to school, Mom appeared meek and worried. "We should set some rules-"

    "No rules, Mom." I interrupted. "I'll try not to be stupid." Was all the assurance I gave. be continued...

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    Re: Wrought a Slave, Out of Mom [mF,coer,cons,reluc,inc,mother,son,D/S,Mdom,slow]

    Chapter 4

    Janice wasn't happy the next Tuesday. "That jerk, Arnie, got mad about me refusing to suck Roger's girlfriend. I thought he just wanted an excuse to paddle me, but he ranted for half an hour about how I should be a better slut and slave to them."

    "After threatening to call the police, I escorted him to the door. And nothing would make me crawl back to him." Janice. "I was so annoyed, I had sex with Dan three times last week. It was good to get a break from weird stuff." Her smile almost returned. "How are you, Sue?"

    The conversation quickly degraded into shopping and television shows. Math and history called me into my room.

    Janice ducked her head into my room before leaving. "Sorry to have been boring, Eddie." She winked at me. "Have a better week with your mom than I did with Arnie." Again, she was clearly teasing, but when I imagined otherwise, that she knew something was happening between Mom and I, I got a big hardon. Fortunately, she left too quickly to see it.

    I pushed the chair away from my small desk and opened my britches. With a handful of tissues in one hand, the other beat steadily up and down the root of my arousal. My eyes were closed, and my head tipped back as I imagined Janice stumbling in on Mom and I, Mom wearing my collar, naked and sporting red marks from my black tipped crop.

    You probably think that I had learned those things from the internet, but Dad had installed powerful porn filters on every computer in the house. They were so effective, they slowed our computers down to the speed of a turtle crawling over a puddle of glue. Occasionally, I caught a few randy bits from my friends' computers, but Dad must have warned their parents about watching out for me. No, most of the naughty information in my head had come from Janice's stories. There was a chance that one of the reasons Mom let me listen to her, was to give Dad a big, middle finger.

    What I didn't imagine was Mom at my door, peeping through the crack that Janice had left.

    I cried out as I came and soaked the tissues. It wasn't a great orgasm, but it did the job. I recovered quickly then heard the door creak slightly. Instantly guilty, my head spun to see who was there.

    Mom must have brushed against my door as she fondled herself, hand under her skirt and deep inside her panties. She was staring at the wet tissues as they slowly yellowed in my hand. It took me long seconds to understand what was happening.

    "Come in here, Mom."

    "Hh!" Her eyes flew open! "I'm sorry, Eddie. I didn't mean-"

    "You were peeking at me, Mom."

    She shut up.

    "Come in here." I repeated. I felt I had her over a barrel of unknown size. She was blushing to her navel. If I hadn't just cum, I might have done something stupid. I had just enough sense to reach for the clouds, if I couldn't shoot for the moon.

    Mom shuffled through the door, leaving it open behind her.

    "You were peeping and masturbating." I accused darkly.

    She bowed her head.

    "You can't cum for a week, Mom." I decided. Mom shuddered. That was going to be hard, but I wasn't finished. I held out the filthy tissues. "Take these, before my hand gets dirtier. Then get fresh tissues." She looked upwards, shame flushing her cheeks as she took the cum soaked wads from me. I leaned back and pushed out my hips, fully exposing my softening but still erect penis. "You have to clean my hand and my cock." I told her. "There's more inside that you'll have to squeeze out."

    "That's not right, Eddie. We're already doing too much, but I've been weak."

    "I know, Mom, but you were peeping AND frigging your clit like a naughty slut."

    Mom might have had an orgasm then. If so, it was so weak it hardly made her flinch. She agreed. "I-I'll clean you up."

    My penis sprang back to life when Mom rubbed a tissue up and down its "good size." Prior to touching my turgid rod, Mom carefully wiped the fingers and palms of both my hands. But instead of squeezing my hard cock, she simply held a tissue to the tip and rubbed another tissue up the underside to extract the cum from my urethra.

    I hardly felt jipped. I had made my mom touch my cum coated cock. Sure, with tissues protecting her fingers, but I was ecstatic! More bold words rolled out of my incredulous expression. "Next time, Mom, I'll make you show me your tits."

    Her hand halted as a little tremor ran through her body. "It'll never happen again, Eddie." She promised.

    I suddenly wanted her to watch me jerk off again, but I felt I had pushed Mom to her limit. I told her to take the big wad of tissues soaking with my disappointed sperm to the hall bathroom and reminded her not to cum until the following Tuesday.


    "I crawled back to Arnie." Janice announced without shame. "He promised to negotiate about my limits. Instead of sucking Roger's girlfriend, I agreed to sucking Roger's ass, but he had to wash it first. Arnie took great pleasure in humiliating me while Roger wagged his hairy butt across my face, as I licked and sucked his dirty hole. (even cleaned, asses were dirty - she believed)" She gave Mom a wink. "Then Arnie spanked my tits and tummy while Roger, um, rogered my ass with his hard prick." Janice cooed as she related her latest, nasty adventures.

    That was just the beginning of her story on that special Tuesday afternoon. I had sat at the table next to Mom and across from Janice. I ceased to stand shyly beside Mom during her visits. Halfway through our friend's porno week, my dick got so hard, I worried it might drill through my pants. I slumped down a little in my chair, to make sure Janice couldn't see it.

    When she regaled us with the many blowjobs she had been forced to give, one to a stranger at a park, I couldn't take it any more. I slowly unbuttoned and unzipped my pants to let my boner stick up into the open through the vent in my boxers. Only I wasn't sly enough. Suddenly Mom lightly slapped my elbow that was under the table. She could see the head of my dick from her angle and signaled me to put it away.

    "My jaws were sore for two days, but I came six times before they locked up." Janice paused. Her eyes must have caught something off in Mom's eyes. "Am I boring you?" She smiled.

    Mom was ready for her, having built up resistance to her friend's stories over three months. "It's just hard to keep track of it all, Janice. When do you have time to do the laundry?" Mom slapped my elbow again, secretly anxious about my exposed member.

    She laughed. "I don't! I told Dan that I would give him a blow job every time he washes our clothes. He's getting pretty good with the iron too."

    "Which iron are you talking about?" Mom's joke surprised Janice and me.

    I suddenly got clever too and started rubbing the part of my cock that Mom could see. "You must get plenty of vitamins, Janice, when you take care of that many irons." I elbowed Mom's hand to get her attention.

    She gasped at what she saw me doing under the table, but she managed to hide her shock and embarrassment. "Silly." She locked her eyes on her friend's. "Little pitchers are supposed to be seen, not heard."

    "Honestly, Sue." Janice's cheer darkened. "I wish Dan wouldn't use condoms when we have sex. I agreed, when I married him, not to have kids, but he doesn't trust the pill's effectiveness."

    Mom instantly sympathized. "Ralph and I have been trying for ten years, but we can't afford to find out what's not working."

    Still caught in my increasing arousal, I imagined telling Janice to stop taking the pill while I impregnated Mom in front of her. I nearly came, right then, but realization of their actual discussion kicked me in the head and my arousal leveled off.

    "If Dan did get me pregnant, I would want to keep it." Janice admitted. "I'm not absolutely sure what I would do if someone else accidentally bred me, but I'm not afraid to abort."

    "Ralph hates that word." Mom admitted. The erotic electricity in the kitchen weakened. She tapped my wriggling elbow again.

    "Real life." Janice sighed. "No matter how much we enjoy our fantasies, women have to take the lead when reality tosses us into its maze." Our favorite guest got up from her chair.

    Mom bounded up, to distract from my absent gaze and what I was still doing, albeit slower, under the table.

    "You're a good friend, Sue." Janice hugged Mom.

    Mom told her, "If you weren't so busy with your boyfriends, you'd be welcome to visit more often than once a week."

    "I appreciate that more than you might think." Janice admitted as they walked to the front door. "Goodbye, Eddie." She called into the kitchen.

    "I love your stories, Janice!" I replied, letting go of my erection. It wasn't as hard as it had been, and the thrill of doing it unnoticed disappeared.

    Mom rushed back after the front door had shut out her friend. "What were you thinking?" She scolded me.

    There was a good chance that Janice's spell over Mom had elapsed from their moment of truth, but I tried anyway. "I was thinking what would Janice think if I jerked off in front of her."

    "Don't be ridiculous." Mom seemed to consider my question, however.

    I pressed. "I think she might have jerked me off, Mom. You said my cock is a good size." I scooted my chair from under the table, taking precaution to keep my rod from jamming into the support plank. I felt fresh blood seeping back into my now mild erection as Mom got a good look. Her irises narrowed.

    "Maybe she would even suck it, Mom."

    "Don't let your imagination run away from you." Mom gulped. Her previous erotic state was returning.

    "Get down on your knees and touch my cock, Mom." I told her softly, firmly.

    "That's going too far, Eddie. I warned you."

    "I'll let you cum today, if you rub my penis with your hands."

    Mom had refrained from orgasming for a week. She wasn't nearly as randy as her fourteen year old son, but I couldn't imagine how she had lasted that long. I could hardly go a day without masturbating.

    She almost turned away so she could weep in her bedroom. She knew how wrong it would be to jack her son's erect penis, even if she didn't make me cum. I hadn't told her to make me cum, but she guessed I probably would. "May I, uh, cum as often as I want, this week?" Her attempt at negotiating surprised and empowered me.

    "That's not what I told you." I put my foot down - a little. "But if you do it good enough, I'll think about it. I know you had a rough week." I reached out to her, wanting to touch one of her blushing cheeks. "You've been very good. I just want a little more from you."

    "You're asking too much." She fretted. "What if I-"

    "Stop it, Mom." I cut off her next offer. I looked at her and then at my, once again, fully hard prick. "Now get on your knees or don't. You can put oven mitts on the floor." The tiles were hard and cold. Mom shivered, wishing she could give up the control that I offered her, the control that made her cum better than with my father." Her eyes glistened from natural saline seeping across them. She went to a counter and grabbed mitts and thick pot holders. As she kneeled beside my chair, she placed them randomly.

    I dared to stroke her burning cheek with my fingers. "You already touched it last week." I reminded her gently. "This won't be so different."

    She brushed her fingers up one narrow strip of my staff. It was happening! I wanted to shout with joy that my submissive mom was going to stroke me to an orgasm. I only worried about cumming the instant her soft hand wrapped round my engorged dick.

    Her fingers were soft and very warm. Mom looked away when she took hard penis into her hands. I wasn't so big as to need both hands, but I had told her to use both. "You can cum at least twice this week." I sweetened the pot.

    Mom's hands moved on me, and I barely managed to keep from exploding all over them. I thought of the math problems waiting in my homework. Her hands felt great! But they would have felt better if she had kneeled closer to me. If so, she might have bust my nut in the first few seconds.

    She kept her eyes away from me and stroked awkwardly. It was not the power play I had imagined, using her for the first time to get me off. My arousal waned from over analyzing the difficulty she was having. She was too caught in her own arousal to notice my disappointment.

    After a few more strokes, I told her. "This isn't working."

    "No?" Mom instantly worried that she had lost my approval to cum twice that week.

    "Not like this, Mom. It'll feel better if I stand up." I reassured, "It's not your fault."

    She relaxed and retreated on her knees to make room. I stood up and reassessed the situation. Seeing Mom on her knees, below me, her head at the same level as my jutting prick reawakened my libido. She reached up with one hand, but it faltered before gripping me. "I-I can't, Eddie. This isn't right. I've let you shame me for weeks now, and I enjoyed it." Mom wept. "That alone is reason enough to stop this-"

    Something like anger boiled up inside of me, my horny thoughts calculating well ahead of her announcement to forego my demand. Mine was a righteous anger. I watched her mouth dare to defy me, and when she said, "to", her lips formed a perfect O. My hand flashed out and grabbed her brown, shoulder length hair from behind. I thrust my hips forward, spearing my throbbing cock into her word "this-"! "Now you have to suck it, Mom." I clenched my finger in her hair, evoking a sharp cry from the back of her stuffed throat.

    My cock didn't reach quite as far as her gullet, but it was enough to silence her. I began humping her head which I held in a tight grip. "Suck me, Mom. That's all your mouth is good for, now." I slapped her cheek with my free hand. "How dare you tease me! You can't decide to suddenly quit what you started!"

    Although my deepest thrusts barely reached her uvula, Mom gagged and choked and slobbered all over my dick. Spittle spray out from around the soft head pounding her tongue. It leaked down her chin and wet my balls. My pubes collected little beads of my mother's forcibly drawn saliva.

    Mom began beating my hips with her fists. She tried to shake my dick out of her mouth, but every shake pulled the hair in my tight fingers. Her scalp burned with fire trying to escape my assault on her mouth. She tried to stand up, but I slapped her face harder. I railed. "The only way this is going to end is with a full load of my cum down your throat. Now be a good bitch like Janice and suck it!"

    Her airway was out of reach from my deep spearing, but she had trouble breathing through her nose while I demanded a good sucking. Mom couldn't understand why I was doing this to her. How could her loving son suddenly assault her mouth with angry fuck strokes? What kind of horror had Janice's stories unleashed in me? She would have begged me to let her jack me off, if she could have uttered more than coughs, hacks, and grunts.

    Mom continued to fight, and I continued to deform her tongue, with hard cock. I slapped her fists. They were starting to hurt! She was as strong as me, but she was down on her knees. I had the advantage, one hand clutching her hair. Pain punished her scalp. The final outcome was already decided.

    First she began sobbing on my stabbing dick. Tears streamed out of her panicking eyes. Mom's fists slowed, and convulsions of despair at her defeat, wracked her kneeling frame. I eased my grip in her hair, and I thrust less wildly, to signal my approval. Her tears weakened and her sobs ended. I found myself fucking my mother's face without resistance.

    Her nostrils rasped long pulls of air as her sobs faded to prevent asphyxiation. She wept, her head shuddering on me, but it wasn't the sensation I craved. I didn't know what being sucked felt like. As good as humping my mother's face felt, I was sure that sucking would be ten times better. "Go on, now, Mom." I urged. "I won't let you go until you do what I said." I gave her hair a little tug. She grunted, and her eyes squinted into teary, sorrowful slits.

    Even if she didn't suck me, I was willing to call it a victory and cum as hard as I could into her head. (but I couldn't tell her that) My consciousness nearly floated out of my body, reveling at her defeat. There was a part of me that was sad. I had broken the instinctual pact between parent and child to care for each other, simply because I was horny as hell. That part would soon haunt me, but not before I experienced the full effect of my transgression.

    Mom's cheeks and tongue and lips pulled me back into my head. Mom had begun to suck her son's hard, mouth raping cock. It was my turn to gasp! From the lofty heights of imagined power, my attention snapped into the reality of the best sensation in my young world - Mom's mouth softly pulling against my pumping cock. I almost mocked her initial resistance, but she made me feel too good to form a sentence. My hips stilled from the surprising pleasure. I almost let go of her hair. For a couple seconds, Mom's mouth held suction on half of my hard penis as if we were stuck together by her inward cheeks and lips protruding up my flesh.

    She looked up. My hot eyes met her teary ones. Was this okay? They asked.

    Abruptly my body convulsed from a head to toe wrenching orgasm. I didn't mean to shove my prick fully into her face, smashing her lips against her teeth. My body's reflexes did the erotic deed for me. Suddenly I was holding her face to my crotch and spurting gobs of thick cum into her gullet. My free hand joined the one controlling the back of my mother's head.

    Mom tried to escape the volume of hot goo flooding her throat, but my hands held her head firm. My seminal bulb spat and refilled as muscles worked in milliseconds to unleash a torrent from my burning balls. "Swallow all of it, Mom." I told her. Her hands, pushing desperately against the front of my pelvis, unexpectedly grabbed the meat of them, and I felt her tongue and throat begin to work, gulping down as much of her son's sex milk as she could. White beads oozed out the corners of her mouth. This new, incredible sensation caused my reproductive system to double their production. It was too much! Mom choked, and cum spat out from her lips.

    I abruptly let go of her head, afraid I had filled her lungs with cum. She coughed her head off of the rigid flesh I had stabbed into it. "Mom?" I started, but I had no right to ask if she was okay.

    Hacking against the volume of cum I had unleashed down her gullet, Mom fled the kitchen like a beaten dog. Guilt flooded me far deeper than I had flooded her with cum.

    It was the end. Mom would never talk to me again. She might have Dad send me to a boarding school, or worse, disown me. Whatever she told him, I wouldn't refute. I had raped my mother. The realization dazed me, knifing the joy jangling my nerves.

    My tears mingled with hers on the cold, kitchen tiles. A door slammed shut down the hall. Steeped in guilt, I almost missed the clue. Surely she had raced to her bedroom and locked herself in until Dad returned and dealt with my atrocious sin.

    Only, the door which closed was to the hall bathroom. You can tell the difference by the echo in its tiled walls. What was she doing? I tried to follow, but my legs were weak. I'd never fought so much nor orgasmed so intensely. I would have sore arms, hips, and thighs for the next couple days. Guilt, sorrow, endorphins, and exhaustion sent my butt crashing into the chair behind me.

    Minutes later, the bathroom door opened, but it was quickly followed by Mom closing her bedroom door. I hadn't even turned around to look at the hall entrance. Wracked with guilt and the undeniable satisfaction of an incredible orgasm, I couldn't face anything.

    At some point, I realized Dad was on his way home from work. I wiped up myself and the tile floor. Then, without questioning my actions, I prepared dinner. While not much of a cook, I could make spaghetti (when there were cans of marinara in the cupboard.) I added some frozen broccoli and frozen mushrooms to the beef sauce that I simmered next to the boiling noodles. be continued...

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    Re: Wrought a Slave, Out of Mom [mF,coer,cons,reluc,inc,mother,son,D/S,Mdom,slow]

    Chapter 5

    Dad returned home and went to their room to change. I held my breath until I couldn't any longer. When the door reopened, I cringed, expecting at the very least a tirade about forcing Mom into a horrible act. He strode into the kitchen and declared, "That smells good, Ed." He sat where Janice had been, placed his tablet on the table, and began to read.

    Mom stood at the hall entrance, staring at me like a lost fawn. I almost forgot to turn off the gas jets under the finished food. I frowned and looked at the floor. Mom entered the kitchen, each step hesitating before committing. Her wide open eyes never left me as she seated herself next to Dad and placed a hand on his lap.

    "That's nice, Dear." He looked up from his tablet and gave her a smile.

    "I-I love you, Ralph." Mom spoke as haltingly as she had walked.

    "You're embarrassing the boy, Sue." Dad gave me a shrug.

    My only conscious thought, other than the thousands assaulting my self-worth, was, she lied.

    We ate. Dad read. Mom stared at her plate of diminishing spaghetti, and I stared at mine. When we had finished eating, I pulled a carton of ice cream out of the freezer, and I fetched two bowls and two spoons. "I'm going to study."

    I escaped Mom's dazed aura, but I couldn't concentrate on homework. I ended up playing a game on the computer and going to bed. I had extra crust in my eyes when I woke the next morning. I stayed in bed and read my history book. The chapter contained a blurb about the original Pyrrhic victory.

    "Ed, are you coming to breakfast?" Dad shouted.

    "I'm still full from last night. I'll have a mango before I leave for school."

    When I did leave, I packed quickly and walked swiftly to the front door.

    "I put a mango in your lunch sack." Mom shuffled up to me, holding out a paper bag. She still looked a little scared.

    "I-I'm so so-" I began to break down.

    "You're going to be late." Mom's voice hardened. She turned away.

    Six hours of sanctuary wasn't enough to ease my guilt at the end of school, but I felt able to talk to her. Returning home quietly and carefully putting my things away, I changed into sturdy jeans and a full sleeve shirt. "Mom?" I exited my room.

    "I'm in the living room."

    Duh. I'd sneaked past her, to the safety of my lair. I walked to the end of the hall and peered into the big room. I watched Mom scoot on the couch, away from me. Or was she making room? "I won't blame Janice, Mom." I began.

    "No." She agreed. "Yesterday was my fault."

    "Mom-" I disparaged. "What I did-"

    She cut me off. "Was very wrong. Yes." Mom's face had a dark expression I'd never seen before. "Are you going to do it again?" Her eyes were burning.

    "I dunno. I don't want to, but Janice-"

    "I thought you weren't going to blame her."

    Mom's constant interruptions were confusing me and making me a little mad.

    "I'm not!" I blustered. "I was gonna say, 'She's lucky that she likes things like that.'"

    Mom added, "And that's why what happened was my fault." I obviously didn't understand, so she clarified. "You were having a critical moment, between your heightened urges and your good sense. I - I worried too much about being your mother instead of, um, doing what was best." Now she sounded confused.

    All I could fathom was, Mom wasn't very mad at me. My guilt calmed a little, but tension in the room remained. Despite the stress, I felt my dick twitch in my thick pants. Before it could embarrass me, I headed to my room. "Thanks, Mom."

    "I promise, Eddie, I won't react that way again." Both of us had used great restraint from saying that I had raped her face.

    Sleep eluded me that night. Although I was feeling less guilty, while I jerked off, I barely achieved an orgasm. I remembered her distress, while my prick rutted her outcries into anxious gurgles. It wasn't slightly arousing. Sometime before one in the morning I got up to pee. There was light from under the door, and soft mewling sounded behind it. I listened, ear against wood.

    "Chaz made me suck him before I knew his name." Mom was getting off in there.

    "Good for you." I whispered too low for her to hear, and I crept back to my bed and slept okay. I almost felt normal the next day, Thursday. When I returned from school, Mom knocked and entered. I had finished changing into shorts and a t-shirt.

    "What am I supposed to do about those?" She pointed at the tissues I had soaked with cum the night before. The tip of Mom's tongue parted her lips slightly. I figured she was trying to tell me that our games had come to an end. It only made sense, but I had the strangest feeling that she was testing me. Did I dare provoke her?

    "You have to eat them, Mom." It was such a bizarre answer. I could claim I was joking, however cruelly considering what I'd done.

    Mom made a strange sound in her throat, and a scowl appeared on her face. Her cheeks reddened. She pushed me aside and bent down reaching for the mess I'd made. Picking up the yellowed, rank smelling, tissues, she straightened and held them out like evidence at a murder scene. "Do you mean these?" Her scowl turned to disgust.

    I chuckled, hoping she would get the joke. "Um, yeah." I grinned, self-loathing churning in my gut.

    "You don't even care what I think." Disgust unexpectedly turned piteous. Sorrow and disappointment made her eyes big.

    Joke over, I took the slightly gooey tissues from my mother's hand. Her hand went to her throat, and she gulped, eyes glued to the mess now in my hand.

    Call me slow, but finally I realized that Mom had been staring at the tissues from the moment she came into the room. I had thought the red in her face was anger, but it had darkened as she stood transfixed by the cum soaked tissues.

    Barely two feet separated us. My free hand raised up along her right arm. It reached around her right ear and cupped the back of her head. I tangled my fingers into her dark brown, soft hair. My right hand moved the nasty clump to her lips and pressed it to them.

    Mom quivered at my firm actions. She shook her head. Her eyes burned at the gross wad. She could smell how foul it had grown after fifteen hours of lying on the carpet. "Don't-"

    The slight parting of her lips let me stuff the wad past them. Her teeth were clamped shut, so I packed the tissues into her gums and clenched her hair. "Eat my cum, Mom." I held my then empty hand to her mouth to keep her from spitting them out. "You liked my cum so much on Tuesday, you ran to the bathroom and gave yourself one of the two orgasms I allowed for this week." A dim bulb had finally lit up my head with comprehension.

    "It's gross." She continued to resist, speaking through her teeth with a tiny voice.

    "I might give you fresh cum after you eat these, to take the taste away." I offered. "If you stop stalling."

    A shudder passed through her. A sharp whine issued from her throat. Had she cum? "I-I'm not ready for-" Her eyes squinted with shame. That and the tissues stuffing her gums formed a deep frown. Mom relaxed her jaw and bit into the foul mess between her lips. Her face twitched from the awful taste.

    "Don't forget to chew ten times before swallowing." I lectured.

    Mom obeyed, cringing with every bite of the horrid flavor of my spoiled cum. Watching her squirm in my grip made my cock fully hard in my pants, but my attention was glued to Mom's chewing and grimaces. If I had cum in my pants, I would have made her lick them and my junk clean.

    "One. Two. Three. Four- wait, that wasn't a full chew. Four. Five. Six. Seven. Eight. Nine -- aaand ten!" I counted. "You can swallow now." I taunted, "Unless you started like the taste."

    Mom gulped down soggy, old cum flavored shards of tissue paper. "D-don't think I'll go along with every stupid thing." Shame and anger surfaced.

    "Sure, Mom." I released her hair and pulled my hand from her mouth. A couple bits of yellowed-white speckled them.

    She eased around me, headed for the door. "Don't you try anything more." She didn't say for how long, I interpreted. Mom went out of the room and quickly entered the hall bath.

    I followed, identifying sounds through its door. The rush of water at the sink likely meant that she was washing out the taste in her mouth. Clothing rustled, then the toilet seat creaked.

    "You can't cum today, Mom." I called from the hall.

    Dad arrived on time and changed on time. He sat in his lounge chair and watched a video feed on his tablet while waiting for supper.

    I sneaked into the kitchen where Mom was simmering custard for dessert. She had sampled everything while cooking that evening, still trying to rid the taste of her son's rancid cum from her mouth. She was leaning over, smelling the custard's hot aroma. When she straightened, I reached around from behind and smacked a steaming wad of tissues against her lips. "I told you, I'd give you something fresh." I whispered. It would have been dangerous to grab her so close to the stove. I relied on her obedience.

    "Your father's right around the corner!" She squeaked.

    "Then you better eat quickly, Mom." I painted cum across her lips. "But you still have to chew ten times."

    "Please let me cum, Eddie. This afternoon, I almost lost control." Her voice wheezed with arousal.

    "Don't stall, Mom, or I won't even consider it."

    She opened her mouth and accepted the fresh, warm clump into her mouth. Her teeth worked quickly to shred the gooey mass and cover it in saliva. If I hadn't just wanked a big load into the wad, my dick would have ballooned with blood, ready to dump another load for Mom's consumption.

    After she'd swallowed the mass, without looking behind at me, she sniffed, and I heard her groan with frustration. She must have been especially horny.

    "Not tonight, Mom. Tomorrow." I decreed.

    I set a soft alarm on my phone for midnight that night. When it's pleasant music finally woke me, I stumbled down the hall. She was already inside the bathroom. "You don't know what it's like, Janice, to have your son feed you day old cum." She moaned.

    I gave a light knock. "Mom. I want to see."

    Mom didn't sound surprised at my interruption. She understood that I would eventually intrude on her privacy. Her voice shuddered. "You can't, Eddie. The door is locked, and I'm, um-" She was sitting too far to reach the knob.

    "I'll be right back" I had a solution. "You have to wait." I ran to the kitchen and grabbed a tiny screwdriver from our junk drawer. Returning to the hall bathroom door, I unlocked the knob from the outside. I gave another knock. "I'm going to peek." I slowly turned the knob and opened the door just far enough to see my mother, her nightgown raised to her torso, legs spread and her hand waiting for me to watch what she had been doing. I pulled my hard penis out of my pajama bottoms and slowly stroked it.

    That was the first time I had seen something of my mother's sex. Her hand covered most of it, but her thick bush peeked out from every direction. As her hand moved its fingers in and out of her pussy and rubbed her clit, I saw flashes of more exciting bits.

    I came first.

    She came louder.

    Yikes! Upon Mom's eruption, with only her bedroom door to mute it, I raced to my room, hopefully not stepping in the puddle I had made. My heart drummed as if after a battle.

    I leaned against the inside of my closed door, waiting to hear Mom pass by. When she didn't I opened it and peeked into the hall. Light from the bathroom shined on her. The hem of her gown at her ankles, she was kneeling, face down, licking at the carpet and the door frame, licking up my hot blobs of thick cum.

    I shut my door quietly and told my deflating prick, "Good job." be continued...

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    Re: Wrought a Slave, Out of Mom [mF,coer,cons,reluc,inc,mother,son,D/S,Mdom,slow]

    Chapter 6

    You might imagine I had free rein to feed wadded cum clods down Mother's throat thereafter. Yet the next morning, after Dad had left, when I presented her with a cold, second breakfast (having cum before breakfast). She swiped the soggy clumps out of my hand and dumped them in the trash. She washed her hands, shaking her head. "I told you there were limits."

    What those limits were, I had yet to fathom. It was the first time I realized there really were limits. I did remember that she had rejected my directives a few weeks earlier. I had assumed that Janice's influence over her had run out. Was that still the case?

    I ruined my sleep for the next four nights, waking at the stroke of midnight to catch Mom masturbating and tell her not to cum. She failed to appear. That Friday night, I heard her and Dad making love, and I was jealous of Dad for the first time.

    By the time Tuesday afternoon rolled around, I had ants in my pants. I sat next to Mom while Janice went on about her latest infidelities. I watched Mom closely, to see if I could recognize the moment she became submissive to her desires, but she acted the part of 'embarrassed woman listening to friend's naughty deeds,' well. I found myself thinking Mom's blush was the most beautiful thing about her.

    "Truth be told, licking and sucking a man's ass does nothing for me. Even being told to do it turns me off a little. But anal sex, lordy! Sue, it's like having a second cunt that doesn't trouble you for days out of every month. Arnie and Roger prefer using it when I'm bleeding. With the right lube and extra-anal stimulation, I can cum just as hard as I can from a top notch, cunt fuck."

    "Extra anal?" I asked puzzled. "More than one ass?"

    "She means being stimulated outside of her anus, Eddie." Mom answered appropriately.

    "Roger has been giving me the best massages before sex. It's heavenly. I seriously think he's trying to get me to like him more than Arnie. Maybe Roger thinks I'll obey him more, but if he keeps lavishing me with delicious treats like that, he might end up wound around my little finger." Janice meowed. "That might be a good thing, to have a hot man I can fully control, instead of the lukewarm one I already control."

    Because of my extra attention on Mom, I didn't miss Mom's eyes darting at me. Was she thinking that she might like to control me? I instantly disapproved of that! To tease her, I took my time opening my pants under the table again. Her right hand was resting calmly on my thigh. So it was easy to take it and wrap her fingers around my turgid prick. Mom's flinch ran up her arm and shook her frame, but I managed to keep her hand on my hidden erection. I even jacked it up and down once, to show her what to do.

    "Sue?" Janice had noticed Mom's tremor. "Are you- ?" She grinned and raised suggestive eyebrows at me. "Is your Mommy playing with herself under the table?"

    My face turned bright red! Mom blushed too. My grip on Mom's hand evaporated, but she held on to my suddenly downward trending turgidity.

    "Little pitchers are too delicate for blows like that, Janice." Mom rebuked her friend.

    "Oh, I'm such a silly joker!" Janice laughed. "Is it time for me to go?" It wasn't. She hadn't been here thirty minutes. She made excuses and tottered away, saying she could let herself out. I think she was trying to hide her blush. Did she suspect what I had made Mom do?

    After the front door shut in the next room, I gaped at Mom for answers.

    "Shhh, Sweetheart." Her hand jacked swiftly on my revived boner. I was putty in her hands. I wasn't sure who was taking control of whom. Before I came, Mom grabbed a couple napkins from the table and aimed my considerable spend into them. I could get used to that, I thought at the time.

    Before I remembered to tell her to eat my cum, she had risen and trashed the napkins. She left the house then, to shop for groceries.

    My heart and face were glowing when I went to my room and studied. She returned about the same time as Dad, and she went to the kitchen while he changed. The evening progressed slowly, predictably, and bored me.

    During dinner, Dad talked about ordering computer services for his employers. Mom discussed the price of groceries. I answered each of their questions about school, with the same words. "It's okay."

    To make up for waking in the middle of the last four nights, I had slept in for the last four mornings. Yet I was committed to exerting control over Mom, preventing her pleasure until I decided she could orgasm. I woke up just after midnight, Wednesday, and waited. I spent fifteen minutes trying not to fall back to sleep, I got up and crept up the hall.

    Mom and Dad never locked their door unless they were making love. That happened on Fridays but few other nights. I twisted the handle, worried it would squeak, but I pressed on, slowly opening the door and sneaking inside. Moonlight through their window's thin curtains put a spotlight on Mom. She lay turned away from Dad, He had most of their blanket, but she seemed at peace. The flannel sheet covering her, rose and fell from silent breaths.

    I tiptoed around the bed and gently petted her hair. Mom's eyes fluttered open and I put a finger to my lips. "Shhh." I used the same finger to point at Dad who was snoring at the other end of their king sized bed.

    "Eddie?" She whispered and blinked.

    As if to answer, my fingers on her hair, sank in and clenched. "You have to suck me." I whispered and pulled her head to the edge of the bed.

    She jerked from surprise, jostling the bed. I checked Dad. His snores sputtered but didn't stop.

    "Eddie!" She hissed. "Let me go!"

    I whispered, "Suck out my cum, Mom, and you can go back to sleep." My hard penis pointed at her face.

    She gave Dad a nervous glance before declaring, "I told you there are limits."

    "You can't use that as an excuse, Mom. We both know Dad sleeps like a log. I'm betting that after sex, a tornado couldn't wake him."

    If she had disagreed or insisted on her limits, I might have backed down. Taking sexual control of your mother while your father slept three feet away, was a daunting endeavor. She pursed her lips, looking conflicted. How did I know they had made love, especially after finding their door unlocked?

    "You're sleeping by yourself." I answered her unspoken question. Mom is a cuddler.

    She flinched as if I had struck a nerve. I pressed my advantage. "Dad came inside you, but you didn't cum at all. He doesn't last long enough for you." I had learned that much from listening at their door for the last few months of Fridays. "Nod if I'm right, Mom."

    She bit her lip and nodded.

    "You don't like his cum, do you?"

    Mom slowly shook her head.

    "You like my cum, Right?" I brushed my penis against her lips. "Tell me, Mom."

    "I like your cum, Eddie."

    "You like it because I let you cum." It wasn't because of the taste.

    Her body tensed up, defeated.

    "Go on and drink my cum, Mom." I told her, pressing my pee hole to her pearly gates.

    Her head moved, pulling my hand in her hair, closer. She opened up and engulfed three quarters of my hard prick. Her mouth began sucking immediately.

    I groaned from the sensation and my victory over her. My hand relaxed in her hair. I humped her face gently while she sucked me in and out of her hot maw. Her tit mounds pressed hard nipples through her flannel nightgown. I touched and rubbed them. "Ohh, your mouth feels wonderful!" It was difficult to keep my voice quiet while my brain buzzed with excitement.

    The sheet beneath her head rumpled and straightened as my motion bobbed her head across it. She moaned when I started to toy with her nipples. They felt like big pencil erasers. "I'll help you cum, if you take a big drink from my balls." I reached further into the sheet covering her.

    She shook her head. I think she worried about getting too excited and jostling the bed. I was so enraptured by her sucking mouth, I cared less and less about waking Dad. My hand petted her tummy and scratched the top of her pubic thatch through her gown.

    To reach all the way to her crotch, I had to stop humping and step sideways. Her lips and tongue halted for a second, as if she worried that I might fall on the bed.

    I pinched her upper nipple. "Don't stop, Mom, or I'll spank you." It was an idle threat, but I think it spurred her to suck harder and faster. My hand petted her thatch, wishing I could rip through her gown and touch her deprived sex.

    Mother surprised me by pulling up her gown with her upper hand. The hem slipped past my fingertips and suddenly they were sinking into thick curls. Her hips jerked, but the bed moved only slightly. She groaned from the heat of my invading fingers. My cock lurched in her mouth, and I had to exert all of my self-control to keep from ejaculating.

    "You need to cum, don't you, Mom."

    "Hmm-mmmm." She nodded which added to my pleasure.

    I fingered the top of her vulva, intentionally missing the hard, eager bud of her sex. She quivered. I repeated, "I do want you to cum, but I said you have to drink deep, first. She nodded again, redoubling her efforts to unleash the pressure in my seminal bulb.

    I groaned! "Ohhh, Mommy." I wrenched away my hand holding her head and covered my mouth.

    Dad grunted and stopped snoring. His head angled towards his chest.

    Lightning coursed through my nerves and fireworks lit up my head. Cum blasted from my dick into my mother's sucking jaws. She gulped and gulped, possibly unaware of Dad's sleep state, possibly motivated to suck me faster because I had groaned loudly.

    Lost in the joy of cumming thick juice down Mom's throat, I hesitated, waiting for the last of my sperm to drool out of my pee hole and wash over her tongue. She gulped one last time as I pulled out and ducked down behind Mom's side of the bed.

    "Susan?" Dad asked groggily.

    Mom scrambled to draw their bedclothes over her heaving breasts. "Ralph?"

    "Can't sleep?"

    "Um, just a little too awake." Mom told the truth. She was eager to get off after sucking my cum, right next to her husband.

    "I wish I could help." Dad's voice slowed. He curled up a little smaller clutching his pillow like a life preserver.

    "You did your best earlier." Mom complimented him.

    "I hope you sleep soon." He drifted back to sleep, and light snoring returned to their bedroom.

    "I owe you, Mom."

    "Please, Honey." Mom squeaked. "You promised."

    "But - Dad."

    Mom reached out from under the blanket. "Give me your hand."

    She took it to her nest and used my fingers to slowly masturbate. "You promised."

    I had a fleeting notion of cheating her and declaring that she would have to wait. I could have made up some bullshit, blaming her for Father's lucid moment. The truth was, I wanted Mom to cum, not because she had just swallowed mine. Because I loved her, and she had obeyed my edict denying her from orgasiming.

    "Let go of my hand." I took charge and began to pierce her outer lips. My fingers slipped through her slightly wet groove.

    "Mmm." Mom hummed.

    "I can feel your juices." My fingers dove slowly into her inner lips. It found the pucker of her vagina's entrance and toyed with it. I brushed my thumb across her turgid clit. It felt like all her pent up passion had inflated it to the size of the largest cherry.

    "Oh, Eddie..." She gasped!

    My hand stilled, and I checked Dad.

    He snored without skipping a beat. I pushed two fingers into Mom's cunt and began to fuck her with them and firm strokes of my thumb against her clit.

    Mom clapped a hand over her mouth and groaned. She grabbed her pillow from under her head and smothered her face. My strokes in her sensitive, deprived hole extracted heavy grunts and moans. She bit down on the pillow when the first of several orgasms struck like deep earthquakes.

    I kept fingering her twat and clit until she reached down and grabbed my wrist.

    "Honey?" Dad's voice surprised me. Although he sounded as if he was talking in his sleep. "Whacha doin'?"

    "I - um, I'm masturbating, Ralph." Mom turned her head, so she could be heard from under the pillow."

    "That's nice..." His voice faded, and snores resumed immediately.

    I should have felt terrified, but I felt incredible, ducked down beside Mom, with my hand buried in her sex. I grinned for my own amusement and firmly pushed my fingers in and out, ignoring the resistance of Mom's hand. I didn't say anything. By touch alone, I communicated that her cunt was mine. She groaned, louder and louder, uncaring if my dad heard, as my hand worked to build an even stronger orgasm from her trembling body.

    "OOOHhhh!! SWEETIEEE!" Mom convulsed on the bed, lurching it.

    "Susan!" Dad lifted his head and cranked it around. "What happened?" I ducked down but refused to withdraw my groping hand while Mom quaked and shivered under the covers.

    "What didn't happen?" Mom sighed, finally satisfied. be continued...

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