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Thread: The Vivid Dream!

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    The Vivid Dream!


    I was looking through some old files on my computer, and found this very strange story that I had written several years ago. It really is a vivid dream (or nightmare) I had. Immediately upon waking, I wrote it down while the details were fresh. I had forgotten about it till I found it again, today.

    I have heard it said that most dreams mean nothing, but the vivid dreams we remember have some significance. I have no idea if that's true, or just guesswork. Even now, the dream makes absolutely no sense to me.

    But it is a most unusual read. What do you think?

    Two historical notes. First, my mother passed away a couple of years before the dream, so I attach nothing more to that part, other than memory and regret. Second, yes, I am a Detroit Lions fan, also to my regret.

    Without further ado...

    The Vivid Dream

    I just had a very vivid, incredibly detailed dream.

    I’m walking through a huge, well mowed lawn, which has a large multi-story house in the middle. I go in the house. Even though I’ve never been there before, and don’t recognize anything, somehow, I know it is my house.

    Ten children come over, and scatter around the house, playing. They are hungry. Fortunately, I have a huge meal there, with chicken and potatoes. I add a chicken bone, in case there is not enough. They eat everything except two pieces of chicken, and the bone. I take the bone for myself.

    I get a call. It’s my mother. She isn’t feeling well, so she went to the hospital. While I am playing with the children, I get another call. It’s a doctor. He says he has some bad news for me. I ask him what it is. He quizzes me on the details of Social Security. I ask him if my mother is dead. He says yes, so they sent her to Vancouver. That annoys me.

    Everyone is gone now, and it’s dark. I look out a large window with curtains, on the second floor. Parting the curtains, I see a different set of children skating in the street. While I watch, two beautiful, young women climb up the house and into the window.

    Ooops, I guess I caught some robbers. They move around the house some, as I block their way. One hands me a cell phone, and the other hands me a cane. I call 911 while I’m watching them, and the police have me on hold, while I listen to elevator music.

    Now there are four beautiful, young women. They separate, and casually start to rob my house.

    I follow one woman to a room that has a large freezer. We sit on the freezer and talk. Then I hit her several times, throw her in the freezer, and lock it. The police on the phone, tell me they’ll be sending someone around.

    I go to the front room, where one of the robbers is. While police lights flash outside, I club her with the cane she gave me. The other two robbers are gone.

    I let the police in, give them the key to the freezer, and decide to go for a ride.

    I drive to a funeral home. It is decorated for a party, with streamers, and large, brightly wrapped party favors. I’m good friends with the people who work there. We chat and gossip. I tell them that my dead mother is in Vancouver, and they agree that that’s annoying.

    I tell them that I must be dreaming. I take two very large, brightly wrapped party favors from their desk, and put them in my shirt pockets. They are so big, they hang out of my pockets. I tell them that if the party favors are not there when I wake up, then I’ll know it was all a dream.

    I go back to my car, and drive away. I pull onto a freeway up ramp. At the freeway, I have two ways to go, so I turn left. I find myself in oncoming traffic. I casually make a wide turn around a large jet plane parked on the freeway ramp. It’s wings are folded up.

    I go to the right freeway entry, and find myself riding a railroad track. I have no car or train, but that’s okay, because the track, itself, is moving. I sit on a cross tie, and four scruffy bums, two male, two female, join me.

    I compliment them on what nice people they are. One says, “Let’s magnetize him.” They strip my clothes off me, and magnetize me. Now I glow, and give off sparks. Then they put me in a giant slingshot, made of a girdle, and fling me away.

    I land on a deserted street, fully clothed. As I walk along, there is a giant TV in a huge display window. It’s on Channel 37. The Detroit Lions are playing the Atlanta Falcons. There’s three minutes left in the fourth quarter, and the score is 6-12, Atlanta. Atlanta has the ball. The Lions sack the quarterback. No one is blocking them. Detroit takes the ball, and runs toward the endzone, but the referees stop the play.

    I try to change the channel. It stays on 37, but something else comes on, but I don’t know what it is, because.........

    Suddenly, I wake up! A bit disoriented, I feel around in the dark. Yes, this is my bed, and I’m awake! What a dream!

    This dream is so vivid in my mind, every detail so clear, that I have been able to write it down, as it happened!

    Now that I’ve written it down, details are getting a bit fuzzy and faded. I can’t tell you what the robbers looked like, or what I wore on the street. The main thing, is that I remembered all of it long enough to write it down.

    There are two things I’m absolutely sure of, though. First, this dream was the most incredibly vivid and detailed dream I’ve had in years! I’m still a bit stunned!

    Second, I have no explanation for the party favors in my pocket!

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    Re: The Vivid Dream!

    Did you wake a second time? =/
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    Re: The Vivid Dream!

    It's rare to see Frank like something. I have to say this kinda feels like a thought-provoking short film. I wonder why.
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    Re: The Vivid Dream!

    Thread name was very misunderstood on my part.
    Still amusing though.
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