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    "Sticky Wet Lies"- A Suikoden 3 lemon

    "Sticky Wet Lies"

    By Bishoujo Lemon Solace

    Chapter 1
    Maiden of the Lies

    Chris fidgeted with the shackles that locked her hands behind her back, her eyes otherwise keenly watching the Harmonia soldiers going about their morning duties in their small encampment.

    Looking up, Chris eyed the 6 foot gigantic Harmonian guard watching over her with contempt, his cold eyes betraying no such emotion beyond his duty.

    "Well, well, well..." A familiar female voice suddenly exclaimed surprising all.

    "I see you have caught yourselves the Goddess Maiden of Silver! High ruler of the magical knights of the Zexen Coast and Sword Princess of the Virgins Valkyries!" The seductive voice boosted from behind.

    "Estella???" Chris answered bewildered, not expecting to see the provocatively dressed women here or walking so freely amongst the enemy.

    "If you are not quick to silence her powers, she shall call down her mighty Valkyries to obliterate your people and steal your children!" Estella further proclaimed, waving her figure at Chris.

    "Who are you and what is this nonsense you speak of!?" A Harmonia officer asked stepping forward from a tent.

    "I am the great Estella, disciple of Crowley and protector of Harmonia from the unseen evils of Zexen!" Estella proclaimed, running her left hand through her short pink bobbed-cut hair and struck a provocatively silly heroic pose.

    "Ah...I see..." The Harmonia officer chuckled, his eyes like his soldiers, slowly traveling up Estella's black leather thigh-high stiletto boots, to her little red mini skirt and black leather halter top ballooned out by her rather large round chest.

    "Yeah only a disciple of magic craft would dress like that..." another soldier chuckled.

    "Don't you know who you have here?" Estella asked ignoring the slight and ruffly grabbed Chris by beautiful platinum-white hair.

    "Yah some pathetic little girl playing Knight!" A fat Harmonia soldier laughed, followed by his comrade's chuckles and a deep angry red-complexion across Chris's face.

    "You fools! She is NO pathetic girl - she is the Silver Demon to Karayan's, the Silver Maiden of the Valkyrie's!" Estella scolded them violently pulling Chris's head back.

    "WHAT?!" Chris angrily exclaimed, tugging away from Estella.

    "I thought you said she was the Sword Princess of the Valkyrie's, not their maiden?" The officer corrected with a smirk.

    "She is many things, but above all else - she is a dangerous enemy - those shackles will not hold her for long!" Estella retorted stepping away from Chris , crossing her arms with a confident smile.

    "Hey boss...I think she's telling the truth, me and my buddies heard something about this Silver Maiden of Zexen. She wiped out half the Lizard Army and burned a Karayan village to the ground with all its people all on her own'some."

    "That’s not true!" Chris answered with defiance.

    "Sounds familiar...some foot note about a Silver Demon in my orders - but... I wasn't expecting such an easy capture of fortune..." The officer nervously spoke to himself, searching his surrounds for hidden enemies.

    "How do I know YOU ain't here to rescue her?" the officer suddenly accused unsheathing his sword.

    "Ah, because I bring you the answer to destroy her powers! For if left unchecked, she will certainly escape, kill you in your sleep and rally Zexen and her Valkyrie's to destroy Harmonia as she did the grasslanders!" Estella boisterously warned.

    "W-What?!? Estella!!! She's LYING- she's ALWAYS lying - she cannot be trusted!" Chris shouted in stoic defiance straining the muscles of her cold eyed guard to keep her from rising to her feet.

    "Haa! This slutty looking magician might very well be lying and she might not be...but your reputation is no lie Knight if you are who she says. It was my mistake - risking the life of my men with such a witch in are mist. Pray tell...magician...what is the answer to destroy this wicked creature that the sharp end of my blade cannot accomplish?" The Harmonia officer asked approaching Chris.

    Forcefully grasping the strands of Chris's silver hair, the cold eyed guard pushed Chris's head aside, baring her naked neck to his approaching commander.

    Chris grunted but made no effort to fight, showing her dignity of station before that of cowardice beneath the blade of a sword was not the actions of a Zexen Knight.

    "Ah commander, do tell me - but would it not be better to utterly soil and destroy her wondrous reputation, she is after all princess of Valkyrie's and goddess to the Zexen people. What would happen to their morale to hear of such thing happening to their blessed maiden?! To see their commander so utterly soiled?"

    The Harmonia officer paused, eyeing the back of Chris's naked neck then back at his men to Estella.

    "By soil you should know that it is below Harmonia soldiers to fornicate with are enemies and who would want to? They are below even slaves, they are no better then dog spit." The Officer spat.

    "Did I not say that I was the Disciple of Crowley? There are many ways to soil the reputation of a woman without soiling your own!" Estella smirked toward Chris.

    "ESSTELLLA!" Chris fumed, looking back up at the woman with a glare of death.

    "Truly..." The Harmonian officer replied, perceiving Chris's reaction with interest and re-sheathed his sword.

    "You've got my interest woman - just what is it that you have planned?" The officer asked, stepping back while the large cold-eyed soldier released Chris's head.

    Chris quickly looked toward Estella with seething anger; her patience for this lying witch depleted as she again tried rising to charge the women, but held down again by her guard.

    "Hmmm first we must soak her in a special potion, to temper her magical abilities she'd use call forth her Valkyries" Estella explained, then waved her hand in thought.

    A sudden white glow appeared before the feet of Estella, slowly materializing into a large filled ugly old bucket.

    "And just what, pray tell, IS THAT?" A soldier asked with disgust, the bucket’s very contents spilling its awful musky offending their senses.

    "A natural barrier with the added properties of an aphrodisiac - though not for her...this will be rather unpleasant for her..." Estella explained, smiling as Chris eyed the bucket with horror and revolusion.

    Estella suddenly clapped her hands, producing a puff of purple smoke shaped like that of a heart above her hands.

    Chris (like everybody else) looked watched the strange heart-shaped smoke rise up and away into the sky.

    "huh?-AAAAHH!" Chris suddenly screamed and crouched down closely to the ground.

    "Jeez, now that's a spell I wanna learn!" A Harmonia soldier laughed looking down upon Chris, whose armor, clothes and constraints had completely vanished save from her brown leather boots, which strangely remained.

    Estella smirked, noting the lustful glares suddenly set upon Chris's naked attractive body and grabbed the smelly bucket at her feet.

    "Hmmm, I find it hard to believe that even you men do not find such beauty irresistible...though I doubt that shall last long" Estella chuckled, lifting the bucket up high by both hands.

    Humiliated by her nakedness, Chris remained unaware of Estella's approach until her eyes met the dark shiny tips of the lying woman’s black stilettos. Instinctively looking up with utter hatred her face, Chris was simultaneously met by the bucket’s foul contents.

    "GHAAA!!" Chris cried in horror, quickly turning her face away as the foul contents spilled forth.

    Estella smirked rotating the bucket in her hands, equally pouring its gooey mass over Chris's naked snow white body. The Harmonia soldiers watched keenly with some amazement as the smelly liquid reacted rather unexpectedly. Embarrassed by her nudity and the humiliation of Estella's actions, Chris suddenly realized too the oddity of the liquid which seemed not even to touch her flesh.

    Instead, the bucket’s gooey contents washed over her body without touching it like the repelling force of two magnets, leaving her body strangely dry though the odor remained upon her. The same could not be said about the grass beneath and around Chris as Estella and the Harmonia soldiers disconcertingly began stepping back.

    The very grass, once a lush green was turning both in color and texture as that of a creamy paste and expanding outward like a rising fire while smelling something horrid. The Harmonia soldiers quickly covered their noses in response, their officer looking between Estella and the scene with some concern.

    Estella however appeared unfazed by the smell, crossing her arms as she smiled and watched on with lecherous amusement. A good 15 feet now lay between Chris and her captors with the peculiarity of the liquid's encroachment having pushed them slowly back until it had ceased.

    Stepping forward to the large gooey circular mass that completely circled Chris, Estella tossed the bucket forward with an audible "splat" landing between them.

    Chris instinctively reacted to the sound but her face and body language appearing dizzy in reaction to the foul, musky odor completely engulfing her. Her eyes briefly focused on the bucket but lost track of it in hazy vision while trying to remain unmoving lest she fall over into the creamy grass surrounding her.


    Chapter 2
    Hot, Wet & Sticky

    Coming soon.....

    Feedback is welcome!

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    Re: "Sticky Wet Lies"- A Suikoden 3 lemon

    Intresting, you have caught my attention.

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