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    Re: Rooks, Knights and Bravehearts - The Ro-Kyu-Bu!/Tenshi no 3P! X High School DxD Crossover Series

    The wait is over and the Hasegawa Cup Arc is now about to begin with a new chapter. Also, there are details about the upcoming Arc that I would be making. So, enjoy reading Chapter 33!

      Spoiler: Spoilers for the Charm, the Magnolia and the Cat Arc 
    The idea of making Koneko Toujou and Kuroka receive their roles in battling against a member of the Innocent Charm. The plot of the story is in Interlude 6 where Katase is dating a member of the Innocent Charm during the night of the first day of the Hasegawa Cup. This angers Koneko and Kuroka after seeing Katase and the guy (named Ryōta Nakamura). Katasae said to Koneko and her group composed of Kuroka, Gasper Bloody, Ravel Phoenix and La Fay Pendragon that Ryōta is a pinked-haired guy that he has many girl friends in Keishin Academy. Of course, Koneko said to Katase that Ryōta is a human, but not a devil. This causes a rivalry between Ryōta and Koneko's team. Later, Xenovia, Asia and Irina would join the fight between Ryōta and Rei Kanazawa and Koneko and her team. This arc would become the first arc that involves the Innocent Charm and the Crimson Aurora Brigade.

    The Hasegawa Cup is about to begin with 16 teams competing for the crown. Mimi and her teammates along with their friends Naoki Hatano and Shun Hinouchi are very confident, trying to win their first competition as the Keishin Academy Elementary School basketball team are favorites for the competition. Also, not only they are competing, but the friends of Kagetsu Hakamada are entering the competition as members of the Keishin Academy Elementary School basketball team. On the other hand, the Family of Angels are very confident that they are going to win the competition after miracle games in the qualifiers. This would make Michiko Takeda getting on a higher level like Tomoka's. Other teams competing are Suzuridani Academy (led by Aya Miyakoōji) and Shiromidai Elementary School (led by Asumi Hiramatsu, a member of Ginga's Pupils).


    The next day comes with the members of the Bravehearts are prepared to compete for the Hasegawa Cup. Different schools and community teams in Ōta have competed in the Ōta League for the Emperor’s Cup and the Empress’s Cup. With the Hasegawa Cup being the first competition to be held for the youth, the sixteen teams from the boys’ and girls’ division will compete for the trophy in two days.

    The six teams from the Bravehearts Group will compete for the Hasegawa Cup namely: Family of Angels, Team Blue and Yellow, Dazzled Hearts, Orange and Fuchsia, Innocent Charm (they will be named under Keishin Academy-Innocent Charm) and Team Aurora. The Keishin Academy basketball team will be competing as Keishin Academy-Innocent Charm due to the collaboration with the Innocent Charm, led by Rei Kanazawa and Erika Satō.

    Here are the following schools that will be competing for the Hasegawa Cup: Shiromidai, Suzuridani Academy (girls’ team), Den-en-chōfu, Miraku, Golden Hagisaka (boys’ team), Dark Star Nights (girls’ team), Mikawa, Yaguchi Nishi (divided into two groups sponsored by the youth teams of Chibuya and Edogawa), Kitaurani, Kikuchiba Academy, Ōmori Fourth (boys’ team) and Tokudomechi.

    The tournament begins with the opening ceremonies with Subaru Hasegawa had a speech.

    “Today, I hereby that the Hasegawa Cup is officially begun with sixteen teams competing for the trophy and two winners will be determined to qualify for the Ōta League Cup. This will be the first time that the Hasegawa Cup to be held and as you all know, this tournament is dedicated to the valiant and strong Keishin Academy basketball team, who were officially forming the girls’ team last year. Right now, their basketball program will begin to work on for the district tournament in winter and we’ll going to try our best to win the district tournament once and for all” said Subaru with the students of the Keishin Academy have clapped their hands for him.

    “Also, to my friends and teammates from the Nashiba High School, I believe that we’re going to train hard and hopefully we’re going to the Interhigh tournament as soon as possible. It is an honor that our basketball program has helped the other schools in order to organize the first Hasegawa Cup. I know that everyone will be prepared to play at the Recreational Center and the Basketball Courts where the tournament is staged in two venues and in two days. The tournament final will be held at the Recreational Center. I hope you are all enjoyed participating at the Hasegawa Cup and please, support our basketball team as the Interhigh prefectural qualifiers will begin soon. So, sit back and enjoy watching the tournament” said Subaru. The players from each team have clapped their hands as the Hasegawa Cup kicks off with the first round matches.

    The tournament bracket was revealed after the opening ceremonies where the first round will be held on the first day while the rest of the games will be held on the second day.

    Girls’ Division
    Shiromidai vs. Tokudomechi
    Dazzled Hearts vs. Kitaurani
    Dark Star Nights vs. Kikuchiba
    Family of Angels vs. Chibuya-Yaguchi Nishi
    Mikawa vs. Suzuridani
    Keishin vs. Chidori
    Den-en-chōfu vs. Orange and Fuchsia
    Team Aurora vs. Miraku

    Boys’ Division
    Golden Hagisaka vs. Edogawa-Yaguchi Nishi
    Team Aurora vs. Chidori
    Miraku vs. Ōmori Fourth
    Tokudomechi vs. Team Blue and Yellow
    Kitaurani vs. Keishin
    Mikawa vs. Kikuchiba
    Dazzled Hearts vs. Shiromidai
    Family of Angels vs. Hagisaka

    The first round of the tournament begins with different players from Keishin Academy and the Bravehearts perform well against their opponents. During the montage, the team leaders have strong skills to defeat their opponents. At the end of the first round, here are the results of the tournament.

    Girls’ Division
    Shiromidai vs. Tokudomechi (49-43)
    Dazzled Hearts vs. Kitaurani (56-48)
    Keishin 5th vs. Kikuchiba (49-33)
    Family of Angels vs. Chibuya-Yaguchi Nishi (46-34)
    Mikawa vs. Suzuridani (41-45)
    Keishin 6th vs. Dark Star Nights (48-37)
    Den-en-chōfu vs. Orange and Fuchsia (39-55)
    Team Aurora vs. Miraku (50-48)

    Boys’ Division
    Golden Hagisaka vs. Edogawa-Yaguchi Nishi (47-40)
    Team Aurora vs. Keishin 5th (46-45)
    Miraku vs. Ōmori Fourth (38-50)
    Tokudomechi vs. Team Blue and Yellow (42-51)
    Kitaurani vs. Keishin 6th (36-46)
    Mikawa vs. Kikuchiba (48-40)
    Dazzled Hearts vs. Shiromidai (60-53)
    Family of Angels vs. Hagisaka (47-41)

    Now, the quarterfinal match-ups were revealed at the Recreational Center where this is the point that the real competition in the Bravehearts Group is about to begin.

    Girls’ Division
    Team Aurora vs. Keishin 5th
    Family of Angels vs. Keishin 6th
    Suzuridani vs. Dazzled Hearts
    Orange and Fuchsia vs. Shiromidai

    Boys’ Division
    Mikawa vs. Golden Hagisaka
    Keishin 6th vs. Dazzled Hearts
    Ōmori Fourth vs. Team Aurora
    Family of Angels vs. Team Blue and Yellow

    Michiko Takeda and Mimi Balguerie were shocked to see both teams facing each other in the quarterfinals. Tomoka was very serious about this and saying “This match will be different than the first match. I know that Mimi and her team may win, but I believe that Michiko’s aura glows during the game. What is she up to?”

    Later, the members of the Keishin Academy-Innocent Charm were outside of the mansion along with Tomoka, Hinata and Maho.

    “Mimi, do you have experiences with Michiko before?” asked Maho.

    “No, not yet. But I met her when we’re toddlers. We’re playing together in a small house that was created by my friends. We did this every time until I went to Chidori Elementary School. Since then, we played a pick-up game against her once and I won. Now, this match-up against her team will be more challenging than the first game” said Mimi.

    “Oh, so that’s why you’re not playing Michiko yet ever since you have grown up to your current age” said Hinata.

    “Yeah. My teammates are very strong to play and this time, we’re going to win the competition no matter we’re going to face our opponents” said Mimi.

    “Since the Innocent Charm and the Keishin Academy girls’ basketball team have the same level, we’re going to use the Complete Synchronization Skill. Winding Aurora is the name of Mimi’s own Complete Synchronization Skill. The adjustment of players allows my players to detect my opponent’s moves. Also, the faster we run, the faster we score points” said Kegetsu.

    “I believe that you’re storming the game like a wind, Mimi” said Tomoka.

    “Yeah. By then, I’m going to show Michiko and her teammates about our team’s Complete Synchronization Skill” said Mimi.

    “Well, you have to perform well in the first half before using it on the second half. This is going to a tough match you’ll play against Michiko and her team” said Hinata.

    “Yeah!” said Mimi, Kagetsu and the members of the Keishin Academy-Innocent Charm.

    “I believe that you’re going to win this match, Mimi. It’s your own strategy to win the game” said Tomoka.

    “Yep. And when the game is over, we’re going to see who will be our next opponent in the tournament” said Mimi.

    “Then, good luck, Mimi!” said Tomoka, Hinata and Maho as they leave the conversation to go back to the mansion.

    “Yeah! We will!” said Mimi, Kagetsu and the members of the Keishin Academy-Innocent Charm.

    The second day of the Hasegawa Cup begins with the first two games of the quarterfinals are ongoing. It is the second half of the second game and Family of Angels and Keishin Academy-Innocent Charm have scored 28 apiece.

    The lineups of the Family of Angels are Michiko (SG), Minako (SF), AsamiN.(C), Miki (PG) and Kozue (PF) and the lineups of the Keishin Academy 6th Grade-Innocent Charm are Aya (PG), Asami M.(SG), Erika (SF), Chiwa (PF) and Miho (C). Michiko was holding the ball when she was confronted by Asami Miyazaki.

    “This is hard. Those girls are very strong, even our girls have become stronger since we have our friends of Megumi, we need to win this game no matter what!” said Michiko.

    Michiko would drive past Asami Miyazaki before she passes the ball to Miki. Miki would shoot the three-point jumper to let her team gets the three-point lead.

    “Nice shot, Miki!” said Michiko.

    “Nobody stops my three-point moves, Innocent Charm! My shots can’t miss even when you’re trying to stop me!” said Miki, who walks away from the players of Innocent Charm.

    Chiwa would be holding the ball and Kozue guards her. Then, Chiwa saw Miho on the key without her opponent. “Then, it’s time to pull things up!” Chiwa would perform the Booming Pass to pass the ball to Miho. Miho would shoot the ball with the layup, making it a one-point game.

    “It looks like my teammates are getting stronger” said Mimi.

    “Yep. I made the ideas to them, in order to win the game. Just think about us and them will be teaming together in a tournament. That would be very stronger than the first year” said Kagetsu.

    “How will you hold and drive when it comes to stamina?” asked Masami.

    “It’s simple. You just have to take your acceleration high and then, perform the pass that they have coined by yours truly. This means that with their acceleration goes up, they will allow them passing the ball with a swift. You see, Chiwa did this when it comes to battling against her opponents on the same position. She realizes that her opponents were shocked to see her moves as she performs the drive very easy” said Kagetsu.

    “So, that’s why the passing and running are very important after you dribble. To make sure that your opponent will be immobilized, we should learn those moves” said Mimi.

    “I believe that it’s their own choice to use the drive” said Tsubaki.

    “Of course, Tsuba. That’s why guards and forwards were able to drive on their opponents with different directions” said Hiiragi.

    “That’s right, Hiiragi. It’s going to be a long run to take things seriously” said Mimi.

    The ball was driving to the basket and Keishin 6th-Innocent Charm regains the lead with the score of 36-35. With 2:43 left in the third quarter, Team Balguerie must maintain the lead until the end of the quarter. Kozue would be running to the low post area and Erika and Chiwa guard her to prevent her from running. Kozue would step back and then, pass the ball to Michiko. Michiko would try to drive past Asami Miyazaki, but she was stopped by Aya. Aya would steal the ball and Michiko receives a turnover.

    Aya would pass the ball to Erika and then, Erika would try to shoot the ball with the hook shot, but was blocked by Minako. The crowd goes wild as both teams went back and forth. Minako would pass the ball to Michiko, who would drive past Asami Miyazaki before Erika stops her. Michiko thinks about this mismatch. “These girls are fast. I can’t believe that they are using their stamina to stop us. Hmm. I think I have a plan.”

    Michiko would pass the ball to the back and Asami Nakagawa gets it. Asami enters to the key and then, she would drive past Miho before shooting the ball with the hook shot. The shot is good, and the Family of Angels regains the lead with the score 37-36.

    “As soon as our players would be able to stop these players, we’ll make sure that they have no chance of winning” said Megumi.

    “I believe that Michiko and her teammates begin to endure themselves in order to play well” said Akiko.

    “Probably, Akiko. I assumed that Michiko didn’t use her Miracle Run yet. As you all know, she didn’t endure yet since the game starts” said Satsuki.

    “Oh, I get it. Maybe, Michiko will battle Mimi later on when the fourth quarter is up. I wonder what Mimi’s strategy would be” said Akiko.

    “Well, we’ll find out when Mimi enters from the bench” said Megumi.

    “I think it’s time to see who would lead the game at the third quarter” said Shizuka Tojo.

    Aya Tachibana would drive past Miki and Minako and then, pass the ball high and Miho would dunk it. The alley-oop puts the team of Bravehearts and Magentas to regain the lead with the score 38-37.

    Kozue would jump high to shoot the ball with the dunk and the Family of Angels regains the lead with the score of 39-38.

    “Two minutes remaining. These players from the Innocent Charm are looking stronger than before when Kagetsu gives them an opportunity to play with the varsity players” said Kyō.

    “I agree” said Jun.

    Erika would drive past on Michiko, much to the surprise of the members of Family of Angels to shoot the ball with the floater and the score is now 40-39.

    “She can jump over a player?” said Tomoka.

    “I believe that Erika can jump to perform the floater or the three-point shot. She endures with her own strength. She can dodge the moves of her opponents through her mind” said Hinata.

    “I think Mimi’s team is very confident to win the game” said Tomoka.

    “Yep” said Hinata.

    The third quarter is about to be over with one minute left remaining. Kozue would pass the ball to Michiko and then, Michiko glows her aura to prepare for the Miracle Run.

    “Go, get it, Michi–” said the members of Family of Angels, but Erika would jump high, trying to stop Michiko from shooting the ball with the jumper.

    “Oh no, you don’t!” said Erika, who scared Michiko. This causes Michiko to shoot the ball without warning. The ball would bounce off from the rim and Aya dashes to get the ball.

    “Michiko!” said Tomoka after Michiko fell from shooting. Michiko would try to recover the game as she runs faster to battle against her opponents.

    “I have to do this. With time is running out, I have to defend my team to stop them” said Michiko. Aya would drive past Miki before she shoots the ball with the jumper. The ball bounces off from the rim and then, Michiko gets the rebound.

    “She didn’t lose her stamina yet!” said Megumi.

    “I believe Michiko’s Miracle Run is about to run over the place” said Tomoka.

    “Michiko came back with her own speed and then, gets the rebound from the forced shot. Michiko is trying to take out Erika and her team as long as her stamina will be used for the fourth quarter. Michiko had played the entire game as of now, but she had to be more cautious about Mimi’s strength when Mimi comes out of the bench” said Akiko.

    “Exactly! I don’t think Michiko will run out of stamina early or just use it in the fourth quarter” said Tomoka.

    “We’ll see if she can do it” said Megumi.

    Michiko passes the ball to Asami Nakagawa and then, performs the behind the back dribble. She moves past Asami Miyazaki and then, shoots the ball with the floater. The ball drives to the basket and the Family of Angels regain the lead with the score 41-40.

    “Twenty-eight seconds left!” said Hitomi Hakamada.

    “Last possession, girls! We need to get the last shot to end the quarter with the lead” said Erika.

    “Yeah!” said Aya, Chiwa, Miho and Asami Miyazaki.

    “We’re not going to let them shoot! We need to stop them with full force!” said Michiko.

    “Yeah!” said Minako, Aya Nakagawa, Miki and Kozue.

    Chiwa passes the ball to Erika. “I have to make sure that my team is able to defend our court. I won’t let Michiko and others change their plans away” said Erika.

    Erika would begin to talk to Michiko while being guarded by Minako. “I know that you are strong, but I’m afraid that when Mimi comes back, her aura glows hard to perform the Winding Aurora. That move would make sure that her team will run fast as long as she would. It was so nice to meet with you, but this will end the quarter for us!” said Erika.

    “You’re not going to get away with this!” said Michiko as she runs fast to stop Erika.

    “Then, have it your way!” said Erika as she passes the ball to Miho.

    “What?!” said Michiko as Miho would perform the last shot with only three seconds remaining. Miho would shoot the ball with a new move: the Star-Studded Blossom. The ball would enter to the hoop faster than the original shot with a high speed. The buzzer was sounded, and the Keishin Academy-Innocent Charm gets the lead with the score 42-41.

    “Miho is using her own signature shot?!” said Maho.

    “She had grown to be more competitive than before!” said Sora.

    “That girl was shooting with a high range like Mimi did, but with her own stamina and acceleration” said Jun.

    “I guess this might going to be difficult to find some answers for Michiko and her team” said Nozomi.

    The players went back to the bench as the five-minute intermission begins.

    Part 2 will be on the next post.

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    Re: Rooks, Knights and Bravehearts - The Ro-Kyu-Bu!/Tenshi no 3P! X High School DxD Crossover Series

    "The Hasegawa Cup (Part 1)" Part 2

    Michiko looks at her teammates and walks to Tomoka. “They are looking to be stronger right now, but I believe that we need to form a better team to finish it off.”

    “I see. You’re the only one who manage the roster and you should have made the right decision to get our advantage in the game” said Megumi.

    “Well, I played the entire game and I decided to manage the roster without hesitation. But right after the first half, when I think that Mimi and her teammates have rallied back to tie the game, I put some reinforcements in the third quarter to make sure that they are ready to step up” said Michiko.

    “You made that choice, Michiko. So, I want to play for the fourth quarter!” said Megumi.

    “Yeah! You don’t know what’s going on. You made the wrong decision in trying to beat Mimi and her team” said Akiko.

    “I don’t think if wasn’t a wrong decision, but I made it the right way” said Michiko.

    “Oh, yeah. I don’t like your style being a maniac!” said Megumi.

    “Cut it out, girls!” said Tomoka. Megumi, Akiko and Michiko stop arguing to each other.

    “Tomoka” said Maho, who feels worry about the Family of Angels’ team chemistry.

    “Michiko, you made these strategies to win the game, but it’s not your game. It’s impossible to win with your own strategy. I couldn’t say that you want to ruin my strategy and use it on your purpose. I want to manage the roster and even though that I made the rotations before second quarter, they were doing alright” said Tomoka.

    “Yeah. I couldn’t want to leave them away without all of our players play in the game” said Michiko.

    “Michiko, you have to calm down and think about your team. If you keep doing your strategies in the line-ups, it will ruin the team chemistry. Do you understand what I was saying?” said Tomoka.

    “Yes, Tomoka” said Michiko.

    “You shouldn’t blame yourself for trying to change the management of our team. I know that you want to build your team to win the game. I want to trust you if you made the right decision that you make” said Akiko.

    “I really want you to follow what Tomoka says” said Megumi.

    “Okay!” said Michiko, who become more serious after her teammates talk to her.

    “Don’t play your own games, Michiko. You may end up doing a big mistake if you use your own strategy” said Anzu.

    “Yeah! Don’t pressure if your opponents are leading the game” said Hitomi Takao.

    “Okay!” said Michiko.

    “Then, good! I’m going to lead the rotations, Michiko. So, you’re going to follow my lead” said Tomoka.

    “Okay!” said Michiko.

    “Now, here’s the plan. I need Akiko and Megumi to go back to the bench and then, Nami and Anzu, you’re on the one and five. Make sure that when Michiko is passing the ball to you, just drive and shoot” said Tomoka.

    “Okay!” said Nami and Anzu.

    “Michiko will be switched places with Akiko. Akiko will be the shooting guard to focus on Hiiragi while Michiko will be focused on Mimi. Alright?” said Tomoka.

    “Yeah!” said Akiko and Michiko.

    “Megumi, when Tsubaki enters the Double Mean Play move, use your own Dazzling Gleam move to stop her from moving though angles” said Tomoka.

    “Okay!” said Megumi.

    “When the Winding Aurora is activated, Michiko, use your Miracle Run move and you should apply it to your teammates when Mimi’s teammates are moving” said Tomoka.

    “Okay!” said Michiko.

    “If you’re all okay to follow my strategies, then let’s win this game!” said Tomoka.

    “Okay!” said the members of Family of Angels.

    The fourth quarter begins with Mimi, Tsubaki, Hiiragi, Masami and Kagetsu coming back from the bench to battle against Michiko and her team. Masami passes the ball to Hiiragi. Hiiragi would drive past Akiko before Michiko stops her.

    “What is the meaning of this?!” said Hiiragi.

    “You don’t know when my Miracle Run starts running on any opponent in the court” said Michiko.

    “I don’t care what you’re doing, Michiko! Can you please stay out of my way?” said Hiiragi.

    “No! But I will teach you some lesson about staying in our way” said Michiko as she hardly tips the ball and gets it, receiving a steal. She would run faster enough to shoot the ball with the three-point shot without going to the three-point line. The ball would drive to the basket and the Family of Angels regain the lead with the score 44-42.

    “Wow! Amazing shot!” said Jun.

    “Michiko’s Miracle Run is going up already?!” said Nozomi.

    “Now, she’s now on her “true” form of herself” said Sora.

    Mimi and her teammates prepares their possession to play with Masami passes the ball to Mimi, who was mad after Michiko tricks Hiiragi. “I have to make sure that nobody tricks my girls. If someone tricks us, then I will teach them a lesson for tricking hardly.”

    Mimi would perform the eurostep move to prepare her shooting. Michiko tries to stop her by using her own stamina. “I’m going to let you shoot over me!”

    Mimi would perform the layup and the ball would drive to the basket and the score is now tied at 44.

    “You are very brave that you want to defend your team to win, but if you must know, I have a strong mind and body to observe your team. There is hustle in our team and that’s why we wanted to make sure that we will run the game without losing our cool” said Mimi.

    Mimi and Michiko would trade points in the next scenes where Michiko moves past Masami and Tsubaki before dunking the ball over Mimi. Mimi would perform the three-point shot over Michiko after she was able to perform the pro-hop. The score is now 47-46 with 4:05 remaining in the game.

    “This is going to be crucial. If Mimi continues to dominate the game, her Winding Aurora will be activated” said Maho.

    “Yep. I know what Mimi is going to do when she helped her team to move up” said Hinata.

    Akiko would drive past Hiiragi before shooting the ball with the floater. Then, Tsubaki uses the Double Mean Play and performs the alley-oop with Hiiragi shooting it with the dunk. Then, Nami would try to score back, but misses then Masami gets the rebound. She passes the ball to Mimi before doing an alley-oop, allowing Tsubaki to slam it down over Megumi. The score is now 51-48.

    “They’re on a three-point lead and it looks like Mimi is preparing her team to glow their aura” said Hinata.

    “Well, actually, Michiko and her team will have to switch plans with their strategies made by her” said Tomoka.

    “I don’t expect to see that happen, but maybe Kagetsu will try to stop Michiko and others with their special kind of move” said Hinata.

    “Well, Kagetsu was great in using the Prestigious Charm during the game against Team Kadokawa, but usually, she had to be more flexible when it comes to defense and boxing out over tall girls” said Tomoka.

    “That’s right, Tomoka. Remember, she had to do many things in her way, so that she can able to move past her opponents with her stamina. She won’t lose it that way” said Hinata.

    Anzu and Kagetsu would face each other. Anzu would try to move past Kagetsu, but the latter still determines to stop the former. Anzu would perform the pro-hop move to most past Kagetsu and performs the layup. Kagetsu would tilt the ball, but the ball drives to the basket by relief.

    “I’m very determined to play with you, Kagetsu. My sister said that you have a strong stamina to decimate forwards and centers” said Anzu.

    “Well, thanks, Anzu. It was really fun to have you my opponent for a little match. It’s interesting that you have hustle too” said Kagetsu.

    “Wow! I never knew what you are saying. It seems that we have the same level” said Anzu.

    “Yeah” said Kagetsu as she grins while Anzu smiles.

    Kōme was glad that her sister and Kagetsu were treating to each other. “My sister knows that Kagetsu has hustle and strength aside from stamina. She also believes that Kagetsu may end up trying to convince her to join her if their friendship grows up” said Kōme, who smiles to see both Anzu and Kagetsu talking together.

    “Catch!” said Masami as she passes the ball to Kagetsu. Anzu was here to guard Kagetsu.

    “My goodness! You’re quicker than me. On second thought, I wouldn’t think if you are using your flexibility in order to beat me. Well, you deserve a challenge, Anzu!” said Kagetsu.

    “Yep. I think it’s up to see who has a greater hustle” said Anzu.

    “Okay! You’re with it!” said Kagetsu as she drives past Anzu and she would pass the ball to Mimi. Mimi would be stopped by Anzu, much to Michiko’s surprise.

    “Surprise to see me?” asked Anzu.

    “Yeah! Then, let’s do it!” said Michiko as Michiko and Anzu would guard Mimi. This makes Mimi getting a disadvantage.

    “I have to reverse that double team with something I can do” said Kagetsu. Mimi would pass the ball to Masami. Masami would be stopped by Nami, but she would drive past on her to shoot the ball with the layup. Anzu would block the shot to prevent Team Balguerie-Innocent Charm to score.

    Michiko gets the rebound. The time is now 2:28 remaining and the Family of Angels have been motivating themselves in trying to regain the lead.

    “This is what our team runs with our Miracle Run” said Michiko as she drives past Hiiragi and Tsubaki before Kagetsu stops her. “Oh no!”

    “Kagetsu facing off against Michiko?!” said Tomoka, much to the surprise of the members of Family of Angels.

    “Looks like Kagetsu is trying to save us from trying to get the ball back!” said Erika.

    “I think Kagetsu has trained with Mimi on the other day when Kagetsu tries to master her Prestigious Charm. That move usually performs after the dribble. She needs to be more focused on her team’s playbook” said Miho.

    “Yep” said Erika.

    Michiko would move out of Kagetsu and then shoots the ball with the floater, but Kagetsu blocks the shot.

    “Whoa!” said Erika and Miho while Tomoka, Hinata and Maho gasped.

    “She did a block with her hustle” said Kira.

    “I recall about the day when she and her sister went on training. She was able to master her Prestigious Charm when she was able to use her hands to stop her sister with full force. Also, she jumps high to block shots” said Rei.

    “I remember that day right now. It was when we went to the court along with Kagetsu and her friends. That’s when we’re on a training before the intramurals” said Kira.

    “You know about that day, Kira?” asked Rei.

    “Yeah” said Kira.

    The ball went to Mimi and runs to the other side of the court. Tsubaki and Hiiragi would activate the Double Mean Play, allowing them to switch places. Mimi passes the ball to Hiiragi. Hiiragi would move past Megumi and then passes the ball to Masami. Masami would shoot the ball with the three-point jumpshot. The ball drives to the basket and the Keishin Academy-Innocent Charm gets the four-point lead with the score 54-50.

    “Great shot, Masami!” said Tsubaki.

    “Yeah. I feel better when it comes to shoot three-point shots” said Masami.

    “I guess that we can have the advantage to win the game, Tsubaki and Masami” said Hiiragi.

    “Yeah!” said Tsubaki and Masami.

    Nami gets the ball from Michiko and then drives past Masami and Hiiragi. She would try to shoot the ball with the floater “I’m not going to blow my shot whenever it goes” said Nami as she releases the ball high and the ball drives to the basket. The score is now 54-52.

    “Nice shot, Nami!” said Kotoe.

    “You really look good in doing floaters, Nami!” said Kazue Futagawa.

    Nami smiles and feels happy after she made the floater. “Thanks, my friends!”

    Tsubaki would drive past Akiko before being stopped by Nami and Michiko. “What the?!”

    “I’m going to shut you down!” said Nami. Tsubaki was scared and trying to get out of the double team, but Michiko steals the ball and gives it to Nami.

    “I’m going to be stronger than my friends I have met!” said Nami, who would perform the jump shot in the paint. The ball would drive to the basket and it ties the game. The time is now 49 seconds remaining.

    “Wow! Nami is growing her dominance with her versatile shots she did. It seems that she is ready to move on to the next level to match her level with me” said Tomoka. Nami smiles while running to the other side of the court.

    Kagetsu gets the ball from Mimi and she was defended by Anzu and Megumi. “A double team? Then, I’ll have to use my prestigious shot that I have used in the last game against Team Kadokawa!”

    “Come on, you can do it, Kagetsu!” said Hinata and Rei. Kagetsu would perform the floater over Anzu and Megumi. That shot was the same as Tomoka’s, but it grows stronger when Mimi and her teammates’ aura finally glows to become the Winding Aurora.

    “Will the shot make it?” asked Hinata. The other players were seeing Kagetsu’s shot while Kagetsu was determined to win. The ball drives to the basket and the Keishin Academy-Innocent Charm regains the lead with the score of 56-54.

    “Yes!” said Rei and Kira as the members of Innocent Charm have celebrated the shot. Kagetsu was given a hug by Mimi, Tsubaki, Hiiragi and Masami.

    “Great shot, sister!” said Hinata, who joins the celebration.

    “It worked! The Winding Aurora was activated when my strength goes higher and my jumper skills were maxxed out” said Kagetsu.

    “I’m so proud of you, Kagetsu!” said Hinata.

    “Thanks, sister!” said Kagetsu.

    “We have running out of time! We need to stop Michiko and others from trying to tie the game!” said Mimi.

    “Okay!” said Kagetsu, Masami, Tsubaki and Hiiragi.

    The next possession comes when Akiko passes the ball to Megumi. Megumi would meet Mimi. “I know that you are going to beat me for the last second.”

    “Well, I’m not being less focused on someone like you, but with our mind and body, our willpower means our way to victory” said Mimi.

    “That’s so great that you have stored your Complete Synchronization Skill, but I have to dare you to challenge me with your strength” said Megumi.

    “Okay, sure!” said Mimi.

    “Alright, then let’s finish this match once and for all. Right, girls?” said Megumi.

    “Yeah!” said Michiko, Akiko, Nami and Anzu.

    Megumi and Mimi would move back and forth before driving past Mimi after thirteen seconds.

    “Twenty-four seconds left!” said Hitomi Hakamada.

    “Here goes nothing!” said Megumi as she dunks the ball without her opponents behind her and the score is now tied at 56.

    “She scores with a dunk!” said Sora.

    “Yep. She’s no longer intimidating everyone” said Nozomi.

    “Megumi is also on her “true” form as well like Kagetsu and Michiko” said Jun.

    “This is going to be more like Team Bravehearts vs. Team Kadokawa all over again” said Hitomi Takao.

    Mimi, Kagetsu, Tsubaki and Hiiragi and Masami stopped at the moment to give time to go for the strategy. Hitomi Hakamada calls a timeout on Keishin Academy-Innocent Charm.

    “Time out, Keishin Academy-Innocent Charm!” said HitomiHakamada.

    “Listen up, girls! We need that win in order to advance to the semifinals. I can’t believe that they are growing their chances to force the game to overtime, but we need to stop it if we only have a total hustle and strength to finish the game off of it” said Mimi.

    “So, what are you gonna do?” asked Tsubaki and Hiiragi.

    “We still have the Winding Aurora. That’s why we need that to finish the game. In order to win this, we have to create a plan to make this happen. Of course, Tsubaki and Hiiragi, you should be ready when the ball is on either the two of you, then give it to me, so that I can finish this. Okay?” said Mimi.

    “Okay!” said Tsubaki and Hiiragi.

    “Now, let’s going to make this happen, team! Let’s win this game for us!” said Mimi.

    “Yeah!” said the members of Keishin Academy-Innocent Charm.

    Upon hearing this, Michiko turns to her teammates and talks about the plan to keep the game alive.

    “I think they’re going to end us with their own plan” said Michiko.

    “But what are you gonna do?” asked Nami.

    “I have to stop Mimi while others try to stop Tsubaki and Hiiragi with our strength we use. We can’t consume our stamina. We need this stamina to win this game. So, let’s going to make this happen, girls! Ready?” said Michiko.

    “Yeah!” said the members of Family of Angels.

    “Then–” said Michiko.

    “–let’s win this game!” said the members of Family of Angels.

    Both players from Keishin Academy-Innocent Charm and Family of Angels return to the game with only 14 seconds left.

    “Come on, Michiko! You need this win to go to the semifinals” said Tomoka.

    Masami passes the ball to Tsubaki, who was guarded by Nami and Akiko. “Tsubaki, move past them out of here!” said Masami.

    “Okay!” said Tsubaki as she drives past both Nami and Akiko before passes the ball to Hiiragi, who was confronted by Megumi.

    “You’re not going to get away with this!” said Megumi.

    “I won’t let this happen!” said Hiiragi as she shots the ball with the turnaround jumper, but the shot was missed, and the ball bounces off from the rim. However, as time is about to run out, it was Mimi getting the ball and then, shoots the ball with the three-point jumper.

    “It ends here now!” said Mimi, but Michiko jumps high to stop her.

    “I’m going to crush you!” said Michiko. Mimi was not afraid of Michiko and would release the ball with the high altitude. That shot was reminisce to Saki’s last shot against Suzuridani Academy.

    The ball would enter to the basket while the buzzer was sounded. The referees determine if the ball was counted or not. Then, Hitomi Hakamada would announce the result of the shot. “Basket counted! Keishin Academy-Innocent Charm wins the game!” The scoreboard allows the Keishin Academy-Innocent Charm to score three points to end the game with the Keishin Academy-Innocent Charm gets the victory. The final score is 59-56.

    The members of the Keishin Academy Elementary School girls’ basketball team and Innocent Charm celebrate their victory while the members of the Family of Angels were saddened with their loss. Michiko fells and she was losing her hope. The victory of the Keishin Academy-Innocent Charm allows them to advance to the semifinals.

    “Thanks for the game!” said the members of Family of Angels and Keishin Academy-Innocent Charm. Both players from both sides shook hands with each other. After shaking Mimi’s hands, Michiko left Mimi to walk to Tomoka, but Mimi grabs Michiko’s hand.

    “Wait!” said Mimi.

    “What is it, Mimi?” asked Michiko.

    “I just wanted to tell you that your performance was very outstanding, and you have a true potential to become a superstar. Without you, I wouldn’t have won easily. Of course, I have to be gentler to you whenever I win or lose” said Mimi.

    “Yeah. But you’re very stronger than me. You beat me twice and I couldn’t know that you have been stronger with your team. I think that I want to end my rivalry with you because I want to be with you together” said Michiko.

    “So, you say that you want to end our rivalry for now?” asked Mimi.

    “Yeah, but I can’t give up playing basketball because I was being blamed by Tomoka in the first place before I restored her relationship with my heart. It’s been a week since then I was trying to be stronger and more determined. I would be happier if I have beat you” said Michiko.

    “You don’t have to say that. It’s your opportunity to be responsible to everyone with your heart. You should remember that” said Mimi.

    “Yeah” said Michiko.

    “I will be glad that if we can battle each other again. That would be more fun to see your skills and techniques in the game” said Mimi.

    “Well, if that’s you want, then I will be glad to have a rematch again” said Michiko.

    “Okay!” said Mimi as she embraces Michiko.

    Tomoka feels happy to see Mimi and Michiko embrace to each other. “I know that Michiko wanted to feel the same way as Mimi, but she knows that her determination proves to be the highest of all of the members of Family of Angels. The next time Michiko faces off against Mimi again, it’s going to be Michiko’s chance to win this time.” Tomoka shed her tears after saying it.

    Meanwhile, the other games were seen as their star players have performed with their actions. Here are the results of the quarterfinals.

    Girls’ Division
    Team Aurora vs. Keishin 5th (49-50)
    Family of Angels vs. Keishin 6th (56-59)
    Suzuridani vs. Dazzled Hearts (69-58)
    Orange and Fuchsia vs. Shiromidai (44-49)

    Boys’ Division
    Mikawa vs. Golden Hagisaka (62-51)
    Keishin 6th vs. Dazzled Hearts (58-55; OT)
    Ōmori Fourth vs. Team Aurora (41-56)
    Family of Angels vs. Team Blue and Yellow (50-54)

    After the quarterfinals, the members of the Keishin Academy-Innocent Charm were having a lunch break at the Recreational Center. Tomoka would join the group to eat as well.

    “Oh, Tomoka, you’re here. So, where is the tournament bracket?” said Hinata.

    “Here it is. You’re gonna see this match-up” said Tomoka as she handed the paper to Hinata and then, Mimi and Kagetsu see the match-ups for the semifinals.

    Here are the semifinal match-ups of the Hasegawa Cup:

    Girls’ Division
    Keishin 5th vs. Keishin 6th
    Suzuridani vs. Shiromidai

    Boys’ Division
    Mikawa vs. Keishin 6th
    Team Aurora vs. Team Blue and Yellow

    “Huh? We will face off against Himeko Katayama and her team again?!” said Kagetsu.

    Hinata, Kagetsu and Mimi were shocked to see her team facing off against the group of fifth graders for the semifinals. “They are looking stronger right now” said Mimi.

    “I can’t believe that we’re going to face Himeko and her team again” said Masami.

    “That’s right. But this time, they have become stronger as they did. Of course, they added some back-up players to strengthen their team” said Kagetsu.

    “I see. They are better than before. Himeko Katayama and her teammates are having their training, but of course, there’s more. Himeko has her own signature shot after she was training at night all by her” said Masami.

    “Hmm. This seems to be a dream match for us and them” said Tsubaki.

    “That’s going to be more epic than the match against the Family of Angels” said Hiiragi.

    “Yeah. The semifinal match-ups will be held at the Basketball Courts #1 & #2 and the final will be held at the Recreational Center” said Erika.

    “This is going to be a warring game for the four teams. Team Balguerie. Team Katayama. Suzuridani. Shiromidai. All of them are going to clash for one trophy. The matches will start at 1 in the afternoon” said Miho.

    “Yeah. We should finish eating before the match” said Chiwa.

    “Then, let’s prepare the semifinal match-up against Team Katayama!” said Kagetsu.

    “Yeah!” said the girls of the Keishin Academy-Innocent Charm as they left the Recreational Center to prepare for their game against Team Katayama.

    The boys of Keishin Academy-Innocent Charm would also leave for the match against Mikawa Elementary School.

    The semifinal match-up between the Keishin Academy-Innocent Charm and the Keishin Academy-Team Katayama is about to begin with the players from two teams are in the center circle to prepare for the tip-off.

    “Let’s have a good game!” said the players of Keishin Academy-Innocent Charm and Keishin Academy-Team Katayama.

    “This is it. A rematch between the two levels since the ForM Cup. I can’t believe that it is finally happening” said Tomoka.

    “You know that Mimi and Kagetsu have amazing performance in their game against the Family of Angels, but in this game, it will be a test between their hustle and their opponent’s willpower” said Maho.

    “I’m sure that Erika, Miho and other friends of Kagetsu will help Kagetsu and her teammates whenever they wanted to step up” said Saki.

    “It will be a battle for two groups who have their potentials are higher than the other schools and of course, we were equals to both of them” said Airi.

    Shōzō Eda prepares the jump off as he throws the ball higher and Kagetsu and Hana jump together. Kagetsu gets the tip and Mimi gets the ball as they won the possession for the first quarter.

    “They will succeed no matter who are very known as the first Bravehearts of the Keishin Academy. Their pride, their willpower and their hustle” said Hinata.

    The game between Team Balguerie and Team Katayama begins with Kagetsu tips the ball and the ball went to Mimi. The Bravehearts will witness the epic match-up between two levels from the Keishin Academy. Who will prevail to advance to the final of the girls’ division of the Hasegawa Cup? The question will be unanswered until the game ends.

    UP NEXT: Interlude 5: "Prelude to The Charm, the Magnolia and the Cat" (Part 1)
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    Re: Rooks, Knights and Bravehearts - The Ro-Kyu-Bu!/Tenshi no 3P! X High School DxD Crossover Series

    While I'm cramming to finish the draft of Chapter 34 soon, I will be writing the drafts for the "Prelude to The Charm, The Magnolia and The Cat". This arc focuses on the rivalry between Koneko Toujou's Peerage and Innocent Charm after Ryōta Nakamura dated a Devil named Katase. This affair angers Koneko and her team, causing Koneko to fight against Ryōta. Ryōta wanted to impress Katase by showing his abilities to beat Koneko. The main part will be on Volume 4, so it's a month away to see that. I'll try my best to write more drafts for this arc. Also, when my new computer comes, I can easily write new drafts which will end my cramming to write new drafts for the series. So, here's Interlude 5, the first part of the "Prelude to The Charm, The Magnolia and The Cat". Enjoy!

    The Crimson Aurora Brigade begin its operations on the night of the first day of the Hasegawa Cup. This is where the members are doing their jobs at their temporary base at the Misawa Resort Hotel. Koneko and Gasper have their training in preparing for the drill match. As the members of the CAB meet each other at the basketball court, Rias conducted the drill match, which will be the first test for the members of Team Aurora. After the drill match, the members of CAB would be met by sisters Serafall Leviathan and Sona Sitri and Genshiro Saji. Both groups will begin organization their hierarchy for the team, in order to assign their members to do their duties as members of CAB.


    After the first day of the Hasegawa Cup is over, all teams went on a dinner, then later, they have some activities. Some of them were on a training, some of them were doing strategy making and some of them were doing hobbies.

    As the Innocent Charm was divided into two groups to have their own activities, Hinata and Kagetsu were walking to the mansion. They would later see Gasper who was waiting for Koneko.

    “Oh, he’s so cute. I’m so glad that you are here. What is your name?” said Hinata.

    “My name is Gasper Bloody. I’m a second year student of the Kuoh Acdemy. I’m a devil and a vampire. I usually live with my friends in the Occult Research Club. Probably, I’m not the shyest member of the club after all.” Gasper shook hands with Hinata and Kagetsu.

    “Hmm. I see. So, you’re a devil and a vampire?” said Kagetsu.

    “Yeah” said Gasper.

    “I know what you are waiting. You’re looking for Koneko, am I right?” said Hinata.

    “Yeah. I asked her to come down to practice my abilities” said Gasper.

    “It looks like Koneko is changing her clothes. Maybe you should wait for a while. In the meantime, my sister and I have a meeting with Mimi. Okay?” said Kagetsu.

    “Okay!” said Gasper.

    “We’ll see you later, Gasper!” said Hinata as she and Kagetsu walks away to go to the mansion. Then, Koneko would appear after changing her clothes. She saw Gasper, who was glad to meet Hinata and Kagetsu.

    “Gasper, I changed my clothes. See my wristband?” said Koneko, who shows Gasper a wristband.

    “It’s so cool! I think you’re a good in fighting. Maybe I want to teach it” said Gasper.

    “Okay. Since you’re a vampire, you can only use your hands and legs when you fight against your enemies. So, when I learned my fighting skills from Kuroka, I finally looked my potential to be a good fighter. You should try it out, Gasper” said Koneko.

    “Okay!” said Gasper.

    Kaori Katase would appear to see Gasper and Koneko. “Koneko. Gasper. May I ask you to join the training too?”

    “Okay!” said Koneko. Katase, Koneko and Gasper begin their training. Gasper starts to use his hands to crush objects. Koneko would crush a tree while Katase use her new ability to crush the wood. Gasper would use his dreading ability to crush the wood with his shadow move. The wood was devoured, much to Koneko and Katase’s horror.

    “I’m impressed with that move, Gasper. What move is that?” said Koneko.

    “My shadow move Devouring Shadow can destroy any object with my hands. The shadow would appear to devour an object and then, turn it into pieces” said Gasper.

    “You’re using shadow abilities as well as darkness abilities. Maybe you should use your new move called Enormous Eclipse” said Katase.

    “Enormous Eclipse? That’s a move where I was used to use darkness aura to destroy objects. It may destroy the entire area and all the darkness aura will disintegrate. This move compares to the Extinguished Star, Rias’ strong ability” said Gasper.

    “I think you need that move and also, I want to show you how to use your martial arts skills in the Rating Games” said Koneko.

    “Katase, you have to stay here” said Gasper.

    “Okay!” said Katase. Koneko would use Bare Fists to destroy the wood. She learns martial arts like Senjustsu and Youjustsu.

    “Your turn, Gasper” said Koneko.

    “Okay!” said Gasper. Gasper would use his hands to chop the wood, allowing the wood to be smashed into pieces. Koneko was impressed on Gasper’s performance.

    “I’m impressed, but you need your stamina to make your chopping easier to defeat your opponents” said Koneko.

    “Okay!” said Gasper. He tries again to chop the wood, this time with his stamina. The wood was smashed into pieces. Koneko looks at the piece of wood and grins after the result.

    “Now, you can allow using your hands to smash objects. But if you use that with your dreading ability, it can easily destroy the object” said Koneko.

    “Wow! I can do that in battles, Koneko?” said Gasper.

    “Yes, you can. Katase, bring these woods to the room. We’ll use it for the trip to Kyoto” said Koneko.

    “Okay!” said Katase, who gets all the woods and carries it to the mansion.

    “What are your other abilities, Koneko?” asked Gasper.

    “I used Senjutsu to smash the opponents and it may obliterate their clothes” said Koneko.

    “Sounds interesting! I can teach it with my dark flames, Koneko!” said Gasper.

    “Okay! Now, watch this!” said Koneko. She demonstrates on how to use the Senjustsu to destroy the tree. The tree now has burning scars on it. “This should be easy for you to burn it. Now, give it a try!”

    “Okay, Koneko! I got this!” said Gasper. “Take this!” shouted with his strong power. Gasper used four dark flams to destroy the tree. The tree now has many scars after two flames burn on it.

    “Great job, Gasper! Now, that you are good in using dark flames to destroy objects or obliterate clothes, you can now use it on your own. You don’t have to use the Forbidden Balor View many times, you can use your new moves as alternate moves to your Sacred Gear” said Koneko.

    “Maybe, we should team up together, Koneko. How will you do it?” said Gasper.

    “So, you can team up with anyone in your team to double your power. Now, to activate this, you have to make sure that you power up twice before you use the Double Team Power. Watch and learn, Gasper” said Koneko as she begins to power up her power. “Now, your turn.”

    “Alright. Here goes nothing” said Gasper as he powers up his power. His powers are on the same level as Koneko’s. “Koneko, I doubled up.”

    “Good. Then, we should team up together to receive double damage to our opponents. Now, we should work together to beat down one or more opponents. Try this!” said Koneko as she jumps high while Gasper would do the same.

    “Then, now!” said Gasper as he and Koneko would use the Double Team Power. They kicked the tree together, allowing the tree to be smashed into pieces. Gasper and Koneko receive a little damage. Koneko cleans her clothes while Gasper heals his clothes. “It worked, Koneko!”

    “See, now you can also use the Double Team Power to defeat any opponent you desire with your partner. Now, we should go to the basketball court to meet the others” said Koneko.

    “Okay!” said Gasper. Koneko and Gasper would run to the basketball. Meanwhile, Xenovia practices her swordsmanship skills by using her Holy Sword Durandal, Irina cuts the trees by using her Excalibur Mimic and Asia uses her Twilight Healing to heal the trees.

    “Whew! Looks like we’re all clear to use those moves for the Rating Games” said Asia.

    “Yeah. I expected that using our abilities to defeat our opponents, we will make sure that they will be shocked by our abilities right here” said Xenovia.

    “Now, we need one more member to form this quartet” said Irina. Yuto would appear to meet Asia, Xenovia and Irina. “Oh, Yuto! Come right here!”

    “Sure, Irina!” said Yuto.

    “Now, I need you to form the quartet. If you show your Sacred Gear, you have to show it to me” said Xenovia.

    “Okay!” said Yuto. He brings out his swords as he activates the Sword Birth. He pulls the Sword of Betrayer to smash the rock.

    “Wow! Impressive move, Yuto! I believe that you need to be more cautious on fighting against Sword Users” said Irina.

    “Yeah, of course! I need to be more focused on the opponents, so that I can wield them with one strike” said Yuto.

    “Hey! Looks like Koneko and Gasper are in the basketball court. We need to meet them” said Asia.

    “Okay!” said Yuto, Xenovia and Irina as they and Asia runs to the basketball court to meet with Koneko and Gasper.

    At the basketball court, Koneko and Gasper meets Yuto, Asia, Xenovia and Irina. “I believe that you are here, Yuto, Asia, Xenovia and Irina. Looks like the others are still not here yet” said Koneko.

    “Hmm. Actually, the others are still finding their members to come to us” said Yuto.

    “Exactly!” said Koneko.

    “I called the classmates of Issei earlier and they said that they will come right away” said Gasper.

    “Good. Where’s Rias and Akeno?” said Koneko.

    “I think they are training with Tomoka and Megumi at the beachfront” said Asia.

    “Oh, I see” said Yuto. Then, he saw Rossweisse and Azazel. “Hey, everyone! Gather up here!”

    “What’s the rush, Yuto? Why are we here?” asked Rossweisse.

    “We will have a drill match” said Yuto.

    “Hmm. Interesting. Sounds like you are going to battle against the other teammates out here” said Azazel.

    “I think we will have two groups: the one with Yuto’s group and then the other will be my team” said Vali as he appeared along with Arthur Pendragon, Le Fay Pendragon, Bikou and Kuroka. Then, Sir Zechs, Sairaorg, Seekvaira and Fallbium appear as well.

    “Well, I guess that you are all here. Now, anyone else?” said Azazel.

    “Guess that you’re all here for a drill match” said Asumi as she joins with the members of Team Aurora.

    Team Aurora: Composed of three groups
    Team Katobuki: Hanako Kotobuki, Kazuko Kakimoto, Mizuki Koyama, Izumi Masuda, Kurumi Sato, Yoko Shimizu, Jun Akiyama, Eriko Takao, Yurika Hashida and Sakiko Hasegawa
    Team Morizawa: Junichi Morizawa, Sōichi Aoyama, Jūbei Koga, Kōsuke Minagawa, Issei Uehara, Mantarō Hishikawa, Masanobu Yamada, Ryōta Tsujimoto, Shinobu Hatano and Moritaka Ueda
    Ginga’s Pupils: Kahele Hiraka, Asumi Hiramatsu, Rina Minagawa, Makoto Matsuda, Kazue Matsuoka, Kotori Katsura, Mika Mizushima, Hiroe Yamagiwa and Noriko Toyama

    “Junichi. Hanako. Asumi. Kazuko. Sōichi. Kahele. Chiyo. Rina. Everyone. I’m so glad that you’re all here and maybe Rias and others should come as well” said Yuto.

    “The others are here” said Issei Uehara as he saw Katase, Murayama, Matsuda, Motohama and Aika.

    “Looks like you’re all here and everyone has weapons inside of their Sacred Gears” said Aika.

    “I’m looking for a match!” said Matsuda, who declared that he will fight against his teammates for the drill match.

    “It looks like you’re all here for the drill match” said Rias as she arrives along with Issei Hyodo, Tomoka, Megumi, Mimi, Akeno, Ravel and Orphis.

    “That’s right. We wouldn’t start the match without you, Rias. I know that you have training with Issei and others” said Yuto.

    “Yeah. Now, let’s officially start the drill match. The first team will be composed of Yuto, Asia, Xenovia, Irina, Koneko, Gasper, Ravel, Junichi, Hanako, Asumi, Kazuko, Sōichi, Kahele, Chiyo, Rina and Issei. The second team will be composed of Vali Lucifer, Arthur Pendragon, Le Fay Pendragon, Bikou, Kuroka, Katase, Murayama, Matsuda, Motohama and Aika.

    “I’ll be the referee for this match. It will be a drill match where whoever the team beats all the opponents from another team wins the match” said Rias.

    “Why Issei is joining the game?” asked Tomoka.

    “I think he will observe the new breed of students and teach them on how to use the abilities in the Rating Games” said Mimi.

    “He will give the new players the options to use the abilities and Sacred Gears” said Megumi.

    “I guess Issei is ready to give the go signal to his teammates. Once the battle starts, the new players should be ready to battle against their opponents” said Tomoka.

    “Alright. Battle start!” said Rias as the two teams will be placed into a special field which is composed of crimson and turquoise objects.

    The battle starts with Issei joins with Junichi, Hanako, Asumi, Kazuko, Sōichi, Kahele, Chiyo and Rina to battle against Le Fay Pendragon, Katase, Murayama, Matsuda, Motohama and Aika.

    Issei says to the new breeds on how to use their abilities and powers. “All you have to do is to use your abilities and powers to defeat your opponents with ease. Is that clear?”

    “Yeah!” said the members of Team Aurora.

    “Then, let’s play!” said Issei, declaring the match to be started.

    Motohama and Matsuda begin to attack the field. “Dodge, everyone!” said Issei as the new players dodge to different places.

    Sōichi targets Motohama and the fight starts. Sōichi kicks Motohama before Motohama hits him back. Sōichi, then, use his Sacred Gear to use the Continental Drift. He uses his fist to destroy the field in circles. Motohama was hit and was out of the match.

    Kahele and Chiyo then saw Murayama. Murayama hits the field with the rocks try to hit Kahele and Chiyo. Chiyo would use her Warrior Mode to use her spear. She battles against Murayama while Kahele creates the aurora to cover the court with the beam of turquoise. Muryama was hit by that move and was out of the match.

    “Wow! She can use any color of a beam to add effects. When it uses the color turquoise, any user gets hit by that move will receive less damage” said Megumi.

    “Well, you know the abilities of your friends. There are first-level moves they can use before promoting to a middle-class level” said Orphis.

    “What’s your ability, Tomoka?” asked Akeno.

    “My ability is the Chrysanthemum Shining Star. The move can allow the ray of light to obliterate anyone in the field” said Tomoka.

    “That special move can also ignore effects in the field. There’s a chance that your opponents won’t stand a chance against you” said Akeno.

    “Yeah, I hope I can use it soon” said Tomoka.

    “Great!” said Akeno.

    Katase and Matsuda were defeated by the powers of the new players and Issei. Then, Issei and Aika face off one-on-one.

    “Everyone, we have to watch out on Aika’s abilities” said Issei.

    “Right!” said Junichi, Hanako, Asumi, Kazuko, Sōichi, Kahele, Chiyo and Rina.

    Issei jumps on to prepare the Balance Breaker while the eight went to use the weapons to attack the powers of Aika. Le Fay was calm, however, as she was seeing Issei facing off against Aika.

    “Issei would defeat Aika after Kazuko helps him by using the Sakura Connection. When Aika was defeated, Le Fay would appear. Le Fay attacks Chiyo and Rina, but the two were protected by Issei.

    “Don’t worry, guys. I’ll handle this” said Issei.

    “Me too, Issei!” said Kahele. Junichi and Asumi join the fight with Kahele and Issei. It is four-on-one battle. Kahele would prepare to use her icy powers by using the Refrigeration Resort to cast icicles crash on Le Fay. Then, the icicles became attached on Le Fay.

    “Now, Junichi!” said Kahele.

    “Okay, Kahele!” said Junichi as he uses his Sacred Gear Rockfall Downguard to allow rocks to appear. One of the rocks hits Le Fay. Asumi would use the Red Comet Cross Power to receive burns on Le Fay. Le Fay would recover from those after the damages send on her, then tries to attack Junichi, Asumi and Kahele. Issei would use his Dress Break as he touches Le Fay’s clothes and then, he clips his fingers to undress her naked.

    “Alright!” said Issei as Le Fay is eliminated from the match. Now, they have to go to the next level to battle against the eight: Vali Lucifer, Arthur Pendragon, Bikou, and Kuroka. “Let’s go, guys!”

    “Yeah!” said Junichi, Hanako, Asumi, Kazuko, Sōichi, Kahele, Chiyo and Rina. The other members of his team appear. It will be sixteen-on-four battle, in which Issei’s team gets the advantage.

    The second half of the battle starts with Bikou would battle against Irina. Irina would attack Bikou with her Excalibur Mimic, then Bikou uses his stick to dodge his moves. Issei would come to use his Dragon Shot, allowing Irina to finish Bikou off.

    “Now, we need to find the other members” said Issei.

    “Okay!” said Irina.

    Gasper and Koneko were battling against Kuroka. Kuroka begins to use her martial arts moves to attack Gasper and Koneko. Sōichi would attack Kuroka with his kicks. Kuroka would dodge it and then, defeats Sōichi in the match. Chiyo would appear and then, Gasper would use his Forbidden Balor View to freeze Kuroka. Chiyo would use her Miracle Annihilator to damage Kuroka. Then, Koneko finishes Kuroka off with her kicks to get her out of the match.

    “Everyone, we have to move on to our next opponent” said Koneko.

    “Yeah!” said Gasper and Chiyo. With Sōichi is out of the match, the fifteen members left in Issei’s team. Arthur Pendragon would battle against Yuto and Xenovia. Issei and Irina appear to battle Arthur as well. Yuto would use his Sword of Betrayer to battle against Arthur. Yuto and Xenovia attacks Arthur before Arthur attacks the two with his Excalibur Ruler. Then, Issei and Irina attacks Arthur to defeat him.

    With only one remaining, Vali Lucifer needs to stop the dominance of Issei’s team. Issei would battle against Vali with their swords. They battle back and forth until Issei hits Vali with a cut on the latter’s arm. Then, he slashes Vali on the abdomen to win the drill match.

    “The match is over! Issei’s team wins the match!” said Rias as she announces the results of the match. Then, all of the players left the field to go back to the basketball court.

    “How’s the game, everyone?” asked Issei to the new players.

    “That was so cool. I might be able to use the abilities against our opponents in the Rating Games” said Chiyo.

    “Well, you guys and girls have enjoyed the drill match. That’s good. Now, I believe that you are all know about the mechanics of the Rating Games” said Rias.

    “Hopefully, when the real competition starts, it will be more different as ever” said Akeno.

    “I agree” said Rias.

    “Everyone, I think we should take a break for a while. While others are having time to train or do hobbies, we should wait for the new members to come” said Tomoka.

    “Yeah!” said the members of Team Aurora while the members of the Gremory Team agree to Tomoka’s decision.

    Later, while some of the members went on a break, Rias, Akeno, Yuto, Sairaorg, Seekvaira, Fallbium, Vali, Arthur and Sir Zechs went on a meeting to talk about the group’s organization chart.

    “Now, I’m going to divide groups to make sure that you will be assigned to each group. Maybe this will help you to have your group names to be recognized” said Serafall, who appears along with Sona Sitri and Genshiro Saji.

    “Serafall. Sona. Genshiro. You’re here. Well, since we have to divide the group, maybe we can start training in no time” said Rias.

    “Oh, that was a great idea! Now, if I remembered correctly, I will be creating an organization chart. The top-class devils like us will be assigned to top part of the chart while others will be assigned through their abilities and powers” said Serafall.

    “Looks we’re all here to represent the Crimson Aurora Brigade. Also, I have found the organization cards for the groups to join our team” said Sona.

    “Well, Rias, here are the cards that Sona have right now” said Genshiro as he gives the cards to Rias.

    “Hmm. Sounds familiar” said Rias, who read the organization cards one by one.

    “What do you think?” asked Sona.

    “Well, we should assemble it, but right now, we should be fine to start building our own organization” said Rias.

    “Yeah. That’s what we are expecting to see because the organization chart should be done for a bit” said Genshiro.

    “I guess that we should start building the organization chart” said Akeno.

    “Yeah!” said Rias, Yuto, Sairaorg, Seekvaira, Fallbium, Vali, Arthur, Sir Zechs, Sona, Genshiro and Serafall.

    “Then, let’s start!” said Rias. The Crimson Aurora Brigade begins to build their own hierarchy for the members to be assigned to different positions. Also, while the organization hopes to see some new members to join, the members are having a break after the drill match. It is nine in the evening and it is very busy right now in the Misawa Resort Hotel due to the Hasegawa Cup.

    UP NEXT: Interlude 6: "Prelude to The Charm, The Magnolia and The Cat" (Part 2)

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    Re: Rooks, Knights and Bravehearts - The Ro-Kyu-Bu!/Tenshi no 3P! X High School DxD Crossover Series

    I have an announcement to make. Once my new computer has been bought by the weekend, I will stop posting new updatess in my old computer and instead start posting it in my new computer. It will take a few days to have the Internet connection on my new computer. Of course, I will be planning to write new chapters as faster as I can. But in the meantime, here's Interlude 6. In the next interlude of the Prelude to The Charm, The Magnolia and The Cat, Koneko Toujou and her team were shocked to see Katase dating Ryōta Nakamura, a member of the Innocent Charm. Despite of Katase's identity either a devil or a human was debated, Koneko warns Ryōta about dating Katase. But after the confrontation, Koneko and her team would fight against Ryōta and his team. I hope I would continue drafting new chapters in my new computer soon, but for now, enjoy reading Interlude 6!

    Previously on the Prelude to The Charm, The Magnolia and The Cat, the members of the Crimson Aurora Brigade conducted a drill match for the members of Team Aurora. Then, the CAB were met by Sona Sitri, Genshiro Saji and Serafall Leviathan to start building the team's organization chart. The other members including the peerages of Sairaorg Bael and Seekvaira Agares, the Kuoh Academy Student Council (led by Reya Kusaka) and other allied members include Bennia, Elmenhilde Karnstein, Lint Sellzen, Valerie Tepes and Riser Phoenix arrive shortly to visit the Misawa Resort Hotel. Meanwhile, Koneko and her peerage composed of young and low-class devils were shocked to see Katase dating Ryōta Nakamura. Upon learning this, Katase and Ryōta were warned by Koneko and her groupmates because Katase was believed to be a devil, but Katase said she's a human. Ryōta wanted to impress Katase by fighting against Koneko's peerage because he wanted to prove Koneko that he has abilities to beat her, using his kicks and swordsmanship.


    While Rias, Akeno, Yuto, Sairaorg, Seekvaira, Fallbium, Vali, Arthur, Sir Zechs, Sona, Genshiro and Serafall create their new organization’s hierarchy which includes peerages and factions, the peerages of Sairaorg Bael and Seekvaira Agares, the Kuoh Academy Student Council (led by Reya Kusaka) and other allied members include Bennia, Elmenhilde Karnstein, Lint Sellzen, Valerie Tepes and Riser Phoenix arrive shortly to visit the Misawa Resort Hotel.

    “Looks like you found a new organization, Rias” said Reya Kusaka, who was one of the Secretaries of the Kuoh Academy Student Council.

    “Oh, nice to see you back, Reya. How are you?” said Rias.

    “It’s fine. When I heard that a new organization was founded, we were interested to join the team after all we’re also members of the DxD Counterterrorist Team” said Reya.

    “I believe that uniting a group of supernatural beings would be a great time to make the Rating Games more diverse” said Yuto.

    “Of course, Yuto” said Tsubaki, who then pats the shoulder of Ruruko Nimura. “Ruruko, we’re staying in the hotel until Thursday when we’re going to Kyoto soon.”

    “That’s great! I think the organization chart that you are working right now needs to add the peerages. They will be handedly directed to the team leaders” said Ruruko.

    “Oh, I supposed that the leaders must be assigned to different groups, but since it’s an international pact, we will operate not only devil groups, but also human and mythological groups” said Sona.

    “So, how’s the invitation? Did you send them to the devils and humans in the Kuoh Academy?” asked Reya.

    “Yes, I did” said Sona.

    “Now, we should handle the business while the others have to train as well” said Tsubaki.

    “Well, I hope so” said Reya.

    Tomoe Meguri walks to Serafall Leviathan, who was creating their new uniforms for each group.

    “Serafall, did you create those clothes for your team?” asked Tomoe.

    “Yes, I am. These clothes will be assigned to our members to wear. When the devil clan’s crest was put to the right side of the shirt, that means that one of them is a member of a devil clan. Whether it is a middle class or a high-class devil, it’s up to them to choose their own title” said Serafall.

    “What about those who are the members of the peerage?” asked Tomoe.

    “They will be given a design crest to recognize the members as members of the peerage. Sometimes, the secondary colors will be applied to the members of the Occult Research Club and the Student Council” said Serafall.

    “That’s beautiful! Will you finish it?” said Tomoe.

    “Of course, I would. These shirts will be used for Rating Games competitions. I hope that everyone will be pleased with my designs I create” said Serafall.

    Tomoe smiles after she likes the designs of the shirt. “I guess that everyone will wear these shirts when the competition is started” said Tomoe.

    “Yes, it is. And to think of it, we might wear that too in team and conference meetings between the three factions” said Serafall.

    “This is going to be more like an army of various races and factions” said Tomoe.

    “That’s right” said Serafall.

    Rias and Bennia were putting the names to the organization chart while Akeno checks the names of the members if they are listed to the group.

    “Hmm. It looks like everyone is done for the high-class devils. Now, onto the peerages!” said Akeno.

    “Rias, when Issei becomes a high-class devil, he wanted to be in the higher position he wants” said Bennia.

    “Hmm. That’s interesting. Issei is just recently promoted to that level a few weeks ago. As a result, I decided to co-lead him with Ravel and Asia for the unified Occult Research Club and Student Council” said Rias.

    “So, what about his peerage will be co-leading instead of just Issei, Ravel and Asia?” asked Bennia.

    “I think that would be another option to do that because we will be adding some new members in the group like somewhere in the Kuoh Academy or in the other factions around Kurenai” said Rias.

    “That’s great! So,every member in the peerage division must have their own color” said Bennia.

    “Of course, it is. Also, if a leader comes from the devil clans, he/she must use their clan’s color. Some of the leaders use their own colors based on their characteristics. And some of the leaders come from the other factions or races they exist” said Rias.

    “I guess that the peerage system will be looked the same as in the club system in Kuoh” said Bennia.

    “Yep. That’s why I modelled this organization chart for the assignment of the members to different divisions. For example, the high-class devils along with the strongest members of various races and factions will be assigned to the central council, composed of one president and one vice president. Peerages in the Kuoh Academy will be entering to the peerage division of the group while outsiders or allies to the members will be entering to the foreign division” said Rias.

    “So, that’s why you based on the races and factions. Right?” said Bennia.

    “Yes, it is. That way, this will allow the members of the Crimson Aurora Brigade to have multiple assignments from their leaders like me” said Rias.

    “Okay! I get it right now” said Bennia.

    “Well, you guessed that you are a member of Sitri’s peerage. So, you will be working with the other members who were affiliated to the same peerage” said Rias.

    “Yeah! Thanks, Rias! Your explanations must be thinking of creating my own peerage in the future” said Bennia.

    “That’s right, Bennia. You can settle your own team if you’re promoted to the high-class devil” said Rias.

    “Okay! I’m sure you’re gonna love this if I’m stronger like you” said Bennia. Rias smiles after what Bennia saying.

    Issei wonders where Koneko and her team are. “Where’s Koneko?”

    “I think they’re heading to the garden for their training. They are joined with Ravel, Kuroka, Gasper, Valerie, Le Fay and Orphis” said Xenovia.

    “Hmm. I think they are going on a training session, so that they will learn some new moves” said Issei.

    “Senjutsu and Youjutsu are Kuroka’s mastery of fighting while Koneko learns Senjutsu as well. They are combat fighters that can crush their enemies” said Xenovia.

    “Yeah” said Issei.

    “By the way, Dulio’s peerage Team Joker of Heaven has joined our team” said Xenovia.

    “That’s great! This may boost our team with the increasing number of members ever since the foundation” said Issei.

    “Yes, Issei. Let’s hope that we will have new members for our team, so that the leaders will fill the roles for the peerages” said Xenovia.

    “Yeah!” said Issei.

    Koneko, Ravel, Kuroka, Gasper, Valerie, Le Fay and Orphis were together to go to the garden. As they finally reach the garden, Koneko instructs Ravel, Kuroka, Gasper, Valerie and Le Fay to use their abilities. This is the first time that Valerie Tepes will be joining the Crimson Aurora Brigade after Gasper invites her to come tohis team’s temporary base at the Misawa Resort Hotel.

    “Alright, everyone! We have to train hard if we’re going to battle against the other factions all over the universe. Let me show some pride and willpower!” said Koneko.

    Ravel, Kuroka, Gasper, Valerie and Le Fay open their powers to use their abilities. Koneko would prepare her own training by crushing a fake humanoid wood with a strong kick. “If I am working on this, maybe Issei can lend his powers to me to make me stronger.”

    “Koneko. I saw Katase dating a human” said Orphis. Koneko would come to her sense to hear what Orphis saying.

    “Everyone! Stop the training! We’ll continue this later. That sense makes me something weird” said Koneko. After Koneko said about the concern thinking Katase is dating a human, Kuroka powers up with her power. The same thing goes to Gasper. “Let’s go!”

    Orphis, Koneko, Ravel, Kuroka, Gasper, Valerie and Le Fay run to the entrance of the Recreational Center where they were shocked to see Katase courting a human.

    “I can’t believe that you did it, Katase!” said Koneko.

    “Why did you do that? Don’t you know that this guy is a human?! Cut the act! Who are you?” said Kuroka.

    “My name is Ryōta Nakamura. I’m a member of the Innocent Charm. Katase went to me while I was tripping to a floor and saved me for a bit. It was no accident, Koneko. I know you can say anything, but Katase is such a good girl!”

    “Oh, I see. So, don’t you know that Katase is a devil like us?!” said Koneko.

    “I don’t know what you’re saying, but she might be a human” said Ryōta.

    “I am a human, but not a devil!” said Katase, much to the dismay of Orphis, Koneko, Ravel, Kuroka, Gasper and Le Fay.

    “You’re a human, Katase? How could you?! For your insubordination, I will fight you now!” said Koneko as she is preparing to fight against Katase. However, Ryōta stops Koneko and gives her a slap.

    “Don’t you hurt my girl, Koneko! I don’t care if you fight her, but please, don’t hurt her” said Ryōta.

    Katase was seeing Ryōta like a brave and handsome guy. “Please, Koneko, it wasn’t my fault. I accidently date him after saving him.”

    “Well, you’re trying to prove your dignity to me and if you’re trying to test me with your ferocious act, then I should talk to your leader right now” said Koneko.

    “Okay, fine! Do anything you want, but please, don’t hurt us!” said Ryōta. Koneko grabs Katase that makes Ryōta feel guilty after the incident. Orphis, Koneko, Ravel, Kuroka, Gasper, Le Fay, Katase and Ryōta went to the Recreational Center. When they saw Ryōta being captured by Koneko and her team, Rei Kanazawa was enraged with her stern personality pops up on her mind.

    “What are you doing to my friend?” asked Rei.

    “That guy is courting a student from Kuoh Academy. Don’t you know that this is illegal to do this? Katase doesn’t seem to trust us when she was courting this guy. I wanted to make sure that no one is harming our members of the Crimson Aurora Brigade” said Koneko.

    “But she saves me. I didn’t hurt her” said Ryōta.

    “Koneko, it seems that he is not hurting her” said Ravel.

    “If you want to date her, then fine! I’ll be that way, but don’t you dare you hurt her! I’ll crush you if you do that!” said Koneko.

    “So, you’re threatening to fight me. Then, I’ll fight with you right now! Come with me, Rei!” said Ryōta.

    “Okay, Ryōta! Let’s team up together!” said Rei. Ryōta grins while Rei prepares her fists to battle Koneko and Kuroka. This would make a two-on-two battle between Rei and Ryōta and Koneko and Kuroka.

    “I wonder what the two are up to them” said Hinata.

    “I don’t know, but I can’t believe that Ryōta using his pride personality” said Kagetsu.

    “No, Kagetsu. I believe that Ryōta wants to fight Koneko for what his dignity to Katase. Katase is a human and I don’t think Koneko will trust them both” said Mimi.

    The fight begins with Kuroka used Senjutsu that creates blue flames to burn Rei and Ryōta. A thud puts the court being engulfed with flames. The members of Team Balguerie and the Innocent Charm including Hinata and Kagetsu were scattered and ran when the flames engulfed the court.

    “With my physical strength goes up, I can beat you with my furious kicks!” said Ryōta as she started to kick Kuroka hard. Kuroka was hurt a little while Rei uses her kendo to light it on flames on two ends to fight Koneko.

    “Take this, Koneko!” said Rei as she begins to attack Koneko with her flaming kendo. Koneko dodges the move and then, Koneko breaks the kendo with her single punch.

    “Don’t underestimate me, Rei!” said Koneko. She would punch Rei on the stomach, but Rei didn’t hit the wall. She uses her resiliency to prevent her from being hit by the wall.

    Ryōta and Kuroka trade kicks and punches to each other and then, when he sees Kuroka exhausting, Ryōta landed a direct punch on Kuroka that sends her flying to Ravel. Both Kuroka and Ravel were hit by the wall. Outside of the Recreational Center, Asia and Xenovia were seeing some sounds from it.

    “I think they’re here!” said Xenovia as she and Asia run to the Recreational Center. “Let’s check what’s going on.”

    “Okay!” said Asia. When they enter to the Recreational Center, they see Kuroka and Ravel got hurt by Ryōta’s punch.

    “Kuroka! Ravel!” said Asia as she and Xenovia went to see Kuroka and Ravel. “What did you do to them?”

    “How dare you hurting our members of our team!” said Xenovia as she holds the Ex-Durandal. “If you want a fight with your power and hustle, then I’ll fight too!”

    “Fine! Show me your strength!” said Ryōta, who wields a sword. Irina appears to see the fight between Ryōta and Xenovia fighting with their swords.

    Asia heals the wounds of Kuroka and Ravel. “I think they’re okay, but they’re badly hurt.”

    “So, Ryōta has dated one of our members. I can’t believe it. If Ryōta is a human and Katase is also a human, then that would have been a perfect match for them” said Irina.

    “I don’t think Katase is either a human or a devil, but if I remember correctly, she’s a human” said Asia.

    “Well, I think she’s trying to date with him after he trips on a floor and then she saves him” said Le Fay.

    “Ah, I see. Then, I’ll teach him a lesson for dating her!” said Irina, who brings out her Excalibur Mimic.

    Koneko and Rei are still fighting with traded punches landed on each other. Irina would join to Koneko’s side to fight Rei. Koneko would kick Rei, but dodges the move. “Are you strong enough?” asked Koneko.

    “Well, I have the power to defeat you with my more” said Rei.

    “Well, then. Show it to me!” said Koneko.

    Rei would perform has own ability as her aura glows to create the Carmine Aura Blast. The beam creates to hit Koneko and Irina. The move said to be strong for a pink-haired girl like Rei. Koneko and Irina were protected by Twilight Healing.

    “How it didn’t work?!” said Rei.

    Asia walks to see Rei while Koneko and Irina stands up. “You see, when you’re using that move, it may hit them. But then, when I hear Koneko and Irina giving up their power, I protect them to prevent them from being seriously hurt.”

    “And you thought you would be defeated, how can I beat you with my move?!” said Rei.

    “That’s because you’re not ready yet. I’m a low class Devil, Rei! That’s why–” said Koneko before she punches Rei to defeat her. “–you can’t beat me like that!” Koneko leaves her unconscious before Asia heals her.

    Ryōta and Xenovia continues the fight and the former gained the advantage on her by hitting her on the abdomen. Xenovia would use her Ex-Durandal to create an earthquake on Ryōta. The earthquake hits him and Ryōta was knocked unconscious.

    “You see, Ryōta. You can’t beat me with my move and if you’re trying to stop me with your pathetic attacks, there is no chance to make it” said Xenovia. Xenovia joins with Asia, Koneko, Irina, Kuroka and Ravel.

    “I’m… not… done… yet…” said a groaning Ryōta who tries to stand up. The members of the Innocent Charm tried to help him up while Koneko sees a struggling Ryōta standing up. Xenovia was shocked to see him.

    “I can’t believe that you are not down yet?! Are you a pride and handsome guy or a brave and valiant guy?” said Xenovia.

    “I’m a pride and handsome guy, but also a brave and valiant guy like me can able to stop everyone who gets on my way!” said Ryōta.

    “So, are you saying that you’re a brave guy?” asked Gasper while Valerie holds Gasper’s shoulder for a bit. She is chilled after Gasper says this.

    “Yeah. I know that you’re strong, but I wanted to impress Katase” said Ryōta. Everyone gasps when Ryōta saying this while Katase blushes a bit.

    “Well, fine. Your personality made me shocked. Okay, I guess you are trying to impress her. That would take too many days to do that” said Koneko.

    “If you want to impress her, then you have to train with your strength in order to beat us. When will you meet?” said Kuroka.

    “When you’re going to Kyoto, I’ll challenge you with my team!” said Ryōta.

    “Good. I’ll accept your challenge” said Kuroka.

    “But Ryōta, you have to fill your team to battle us. You have to create your own peerage. If you’re good enough to fill the members, then call us if you’re ready” said Gasper.

    “Okay!” said Ryōta. Then, he gets an idea. “By the way, maybe our team will start training at the garden?”

    “Huh?” the members of Koneko’s team wondered about Ryōta’s proposal.

    “It’s the middle of the night and I believe that our team needs strength for the match soon” said Ryōta.

    “Okay, be my guest” said Koneko.

    “We’ll make sure that you’re ready to battle against us” said Ravel.

    “Thanks, Koneko and the team. I know you are ready to see us stronger” said Ryōta.

    “Come on, Ryōta. Give them a pride for yourself” said Rei. Ryōta scratches his head after Rei says this.

    “Oh, I’m sorry. Well, then, we should come to the garden for the training” said Ryōta.

    “Okay!” said Koneko while the other members agree to accept Ryōta’s invitation.

    As they were walking to the garden, Katase was wondering about her date’s passion to face Koneko and her team. “I don’t know if he may do it, but Koneko has bare fists and learns Senjustu, Youjutsu and Touki. She is the Rook of Rias’ peerage and Ryōta needs to find his support through his friends.” The brave and determined personality of Ryōta Nakamura matches the quiet and cold personality of Koneko. Both factions will be ready to battle in Kyoto soon, but Ryōta and his peerage should give a permission to Rei Kanazawa for them to go to Kyoto. Koneko’s team will resume their training, but this time they will be joined by the members of the Innocent Charm.

    UP NEXT: Interlude 7: "Prelude to The Charm, The Magnolia and The Cat" (Part 3)

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    Re: Rooks, Knights and Bravehearts - The Ro-Kyu-Bu!/Tenshi no 3P! X High School DxD Crossover Series

    This will be the last time to post a new update in my old computer because I will be waiting to have my new computer to be bought, so I will be taking a hiatus for the meantime. So, I will be back on January 19 or 21 for the Interlude 8. When my new computer will be here, I will be writing the drafts faster to prevent cramming. So, hopefully, you will see the new Rooks, Knights and Bravehearts series when I will also be updating the first post soon. So, enjoy reading this new update and I'll see you by weekend!

    After Ryōta Nakamura had failed to beat Koneko Toujou and her peerage, he and his team would join their rival's training at the garden. Katase thinks about Ryōta Nakamura, whose brave and determined personality would defeat his opponents with a single shot. During the training, Ryōta was telling the story to Ravel Phoenix, Gasper Bloody and Valerie Tepes about his relationship with Hinata Hakamada. When they talked to Hinata, Hinata was enraged on Katase's plan to date with Ryōta. Their training would not only going to use for the battle against their enemies like the remnants of the Chaos Brigade, but for their opponents in the future competitions.


    Ryōta Nakamura and the Innocent Charm would join the training of the Crimson Aurora Brigade, so that he will be fighting Koneko and her peerage soon. Katase was thinking if being a devil would use their abilities and powers. They went to the garden to begin the training, but much to their surprise, Yuto Kiba appears to see them.

    “Hi, everyone! Looks like you found some company. Then, welcome to our training ground, new breed of students!” said Yuto, who appears to be charismatic.

    “New breed…” said Rei.

    “…of students?” said Ryōta.

    “That’s right. You must be a swordsman user, Ryōta. And you, Rei, you are strong with your fists” said Yuto.

    “Oh, am I a swordsman?” asked Ryōta.

    “Am also a fighter?” asked Rei.

    “Yep. I’ll introduce myself. My name is Yuto Kiba. I’m a Holy Sword user and the Vice President of the Occult Research Club. Recently, I’m working as a middle-class devil and I’m creating my peerage in Kuoh Academy” Yuto seems to be a gentle and upbeat person. He would introduce the Ryōta and his team to one of Riser’s peerage members named Karlamine.

    “Oh, you must be new to our organization. I’m so excited to see you all. My name is Karlamine. I’m a Knight of Riser Phoenix’s Peerage. Nice to meet you!” Karlamine was an enthusiastic person which can wield swords with fire and wind.

    “Nice to see you again, Karlamine. You’re tough like a shining knight” said Xenovia.

    “Yeah! It’s been a long time after working together as a duo. You are stronger right now as Issei’s Knight” said Karlamine.

    “Thanks, Karlamine!” said Xenovia, who smiles after hearing Karlamine’s words.

    “You see, we’re both working with the peerage division because of the increasing number of members in our team. Our organization will create peerages as well as firms and associations, in order to have jobs for the members” said Yuto.

    “Also, Riser gives me a permission to be with Yuto while the others are currently doing jobs for his peerage like settling their base and creating their uniforms for the Crimson Aurora Brigade” said Karlamine.

    “Our organization is considered to be the “Rainbow Organization”, but with the stronger color of crimson, we fight for bravery and willpower” said Yuto.

    “Now, we will start the training, but of course, I have to be the manager for a while because it was Riser’s ideas to train with the other members of CAB. Koneko and her peerage will be training the new breed of students while Irina, Xenovia and Asia will be training with Yuto” said Karlamine, who then turns to talk with Ryōta. “As for you, Ryōta, I heard that you have new friends in Keishin when you’re back in school soon. So, I must see your team when we’re in Kyoto. Okay?”

    “Okay!” said Ryōta.

    “By the way, you’re a determined person and I hope you will get the upper hand on Koneko and her team” said Karlamine.

    “Yes, I’m going to win!” said Ryōta.

    “Good. Then, I’m going to start dividing into two groups. The side of Koneko will be consisted of her, Ravel, Kuroka, Gasper, Valerie, Le Fay and Orphis. On the other hand, Ryōta will be joined by your groupmates of yours” said Yuto.

    “Great!” said Ryōta. He would go to his group and asked his groupmates to prepare their training. “Guys! I’m going to train you with your abilities and powers. We’ll make sure that Koneko and her team won’t stand a chance against us!”

    Koneko, after hearing this, was frowning her face. “If he beats me with his ability and power, I’m going to be beat him with my bare fists.”

    “Koneko, what are you planning?” asked Kuroka.

    “I have to make sure that Ryōta’s power will be nothing to beat my Nekomata skills” said Koneko.

    “I’m sure that I’m going to help you” said Ravel.

    “Oh, yeah. Thanks, Ravel” said Koneko.

    “I’ll go with you too, Koneko and Ravel!” said Gasper.

    “Me too! I’m not afraid of those!” said Le Fay.

    “If they want to beat Ryōta’s peerage, I’ll beat Ryōta and his team too!” said Valerie.

    “Looks like you have found yourselves having a team” said Asia.

    “Well, I guess that Koneko should add more members to her peerage” said Irina.

    “It’s getting more serious than I thought. Ryōta and Koneko are rivaling each other. I think we should fight too!” said Xenovia.

    “Yeah!” said Asia and Irina.

    The training begins with Ryōta’s team starts using their abilities and powers. Ryōta Nakamura and his team are composed of him, Rei Kanazawa, Kiyoshi Toshima, Akira Shimojō, Wataru Nakai, Mie Furutani and Yumi Nakamura. Seven of the members were from Innocent Charm-Team Kanazawa. Their abilities and powers were learned by their own preference.

    “If I will be adding some new members to join my peerage, I might be able to beat Koneko and her team” said Ryōta.

    On the other hand, Koneko and her team train on their abilities and powers. They even do their double team powers with Koneko and Kuroka, Gasper and Valerie, La Fay and Ravel. Orphis was impressed on Koneko and her teammates after seeing their abilities and powers including the double team powers.

    “I’m seeing their potential of their members as long as Koneko is trying to beat her rival” said Orphis.

    “Are you planning to manage them?” asked Asia.

    “Oh, yes, Asia. I’m going to make sure that they will win the match” said Orphis.

    “I think they wanted to prove Ryōta and his team to be stronger” said Irina.

    “Yep. I’m gonna be fine with Koneko and her teammates because they know what they are up to. But of course, Koneko wants to prove that her abilities were better than Ryōta’s abilities” said Xenovia.

    “Yeah. Xenovia. Irina. I think you should team up with Koneko and her team. Even though that her team is supposed of her friends from her class and in the Occult Research Club, she may able to crush their opponents with their skills” said Asia.

    “Okay!” said Xenovia and Irina.

    “Koneko don’t like lecherous boys, but lectures Issei because she wanted to be his bride like Rias and us” said Irina.

    “Hmm. Yep. Asia, you should join her team for a while” said Xenovia.

    “I would, Xenovia. But I’ll ask Issei if I can join them” said Asia.

    “Okay, Asia. We’ll make sure that we can win the match with our abilities overpowers our opponents” said Xenovia.

    “Let’s make sure that we’ll win the match against them!” said Irina.

    “Yeah!” said Xenovia and Asia.

    After a series of practices, Koneko and her teammates were tired. Valerie just finished using her abilities while Ravel burns the leaves with her flames.

    “Whew. That’s the last one of it” said Ravel.

    “Now, let’s see what Ryōta and his peerage do” said Gasper. Ravel, Gasper and Valerie went to the training of Ryōta and his team. Ryōta had done beating Kiyoshi Toshima in a one-on-one match.

    “Looks like you’re ready to beat us with your powers, Ryōta” said Valerie.

    “Why Katase chooses you as her date?” asked Gasper.

    “When I was tripping to a floor, Katase came to save me. Then, Katase said to me that she wanted to build a relationship to someone that has willpower. Of course, I wanted to impress her, so that I can have my abilities and powers to grow” said Ryōta.

    “So, did you have your friends joining in your peerage? If you have one, tell us” said Ravel.

    “Yes, I have. My group is composed of me, Rei Kanazawa, Kiyoshi Toshima, Akira Shimojō, Wataru Nakai, Mie Furutani and Yumi Nakamura. Rei was a close friend of mine who is a friend of Hinata Hakamada” said Ryōta.

    “I see. So, you are close to Hinata, right?” said Gasper.

    “Yep” said Ryōta.

    “Well, it looks like you are spending time to be with Rei. Is Rei your girlfriend?” said Valerie.

    “No. I became friends with her. But of course, Rei is dating Kiyoshi Toshima. I wasn’t dating to someone in our group except I have previously dating Hinata” said Ryōta.

    “So, you have dated Hinata before?” asked Gasper.

    “Yeah” said Ryōta.

    “What happened to your relationship with Hinata?” asked Ravel.

    “It was a fine day when we’re fourth graders and Hinata is my classmate in 4-C. Of course, we hang together and I became friends with her. When she trips me, she didn’t mean that it was an accident. So, I helped her by getting the things of her and giving it back to her” said Ryōta.

    “How long did you date with Hinata, Ryōta?” asked Valerie.

    “Well, I dated her for almost a year, but then, I decided to move on from her after she got mad at me for not getting together for many weeks. When I saw Tomoka talking with Hinata, I asked them what’s going on. Tomoka said that Hinata was dating someone else than me. I was sad when she said this and I have decided to be more like a friend of Natsuhi when Natsuhi and his team advance to the prefectural tournament” said Ryōta.

    “Well, since you are friends with Natushi, I believe that you made him work hard when you are visiting in his training days” said Rei.

    “Rei. How did you know that?” said Ryōta.

    “You see, Ryōta and I were friends with Natsuhi after Hinata broke up with him. The same day, Maho got her wish to date Natsuhi. It was then when we’re training together to prepare for the intramurals competition. That was the time when Ryōta and Natsuhi were helping their section to win the tournament. Even though that they’re friends, they were competing on who should hang out with Maho and Hinata” said Rei.

    “Ah, I see. It looks like you have a history with them since you were classmates with them” said Ravel.

    “Well, I’m from section 6-C and some of my friends from 6-E like Kana were creating our group known as the Innocent Charm. We’re originally from the Pink Haired Students Club and that’s why we dedicated to the pink-haired students in Keishin for their passionate and charming personalities” said Rei.

    “Ever since I was thinking if I would be dating with Hinata, but then when I was saved from Katase, I was thinking if I would not know if I will date Hinata again. Then, Koneko warned me that Katase is a devil, but she denied the former’s claims and said that she is a human” said Ryōta.

    “Well, if that case would be differed from your previous date, then I think your date with Katase might not be last for long. But dating Hinata would be a chance to take it back if Katase doesn’t impress your performance” said Ravel.

    “Maybe, you’re right. I might date with Hinata again, but I believe that Hinata is rivalling with Maho on who should date Natsuhi” said Ryōta.

    “Well, you have to ask Hinata if you can return your relationship to her again” said Gasper.

    “Yeah. Great idea you got, Gasper! Now, let’s talk to Hinata” said Ryōta.

    Ryōta, Rei, Gasper, Valerie and Ravel walk to Hinata, Mimi and Kagetsu. Katase would follow them.

    “Hinata. Mimi. Kagetsu. You see I was supposedly dating with Katase, but if she breaks up with me, I may end up proposing to someone who’s more competent and charming” said Ryōta.

    “Ryōta, I know you dated me before, but I believe that dating with someone who’s not in our territory is not a great idea to do it. You must tell the truth, Ryōta. No one could ever date a stranger outside our group. I think I should ask Katase for that” said Hinata. She would walk to Katase. “Katase, is that true that you dated him?”

    “Yes, but I know that it was a set-up by Aika Kiryuu. Aika said to me that I should date with someone who has a pink hair. That’s why I decided to choose him as his date” said Katase.

    “Oh, I see. Ryōta. She’s setting up for you and that means, I’m not going to accept her idea!” said Hinata.

    “Hinata! You mean that you’re trying to stop her?!” said Ryōta.

    “Yes! I know that girl is trying to set a trap on you. Then, I’m going to stop her with my abilities in one hit” said Hinata.

    “What ability do you have, Hinata?” asked Rei.

    “It’s called the Dazzled Penetrating Star. I have to use my power to stop one opponent with many stars hitting on it. It is more like a shooting star or a comet that blast one opponent” said Hinata.

    “Wow! That’s so beautiful! I think I can team up with you” said Ryōta.

    “Me, too!” said Rei.

    “Well, be my guest” said Hinata. Ryōta, Rei and Hinata would battle against Katase in the garden.

    The battle begins when Katase is using her kendo and creating pink flames to light on two ends. Katase would slam Rei first before Ryōta hits her with his own kendo. Then, Hinata would use the Dazzling Penetrating Star to defeat Katase.

    “Great job, everyone! I think you prove her that you’re strong” said Valerie.

    “Now that you’re done with her, you should date with Hinata again!” said Gasper.

    “Maybe we should work on your new move, Ryōta” said Ravel.

    “Okay!” said Ryōta. Katase would stand up and talks to Ryōta.

    “Wait! I think that you’re all wrong. I’m from Kurenai and I wouldn’t disappoint anyone who’s dating lustfully. I want to have a relationship with you, Ryōta. I believe that you need to be more cautious on someone who hates lecherous people. Koneko thinks that I have dating you, so I need to battle Koneko one-on-one right now!” said Katase.

    “Katase, you mean that you’re going to battle Koneko, too?” asked Ryōta.

    “Yes, I would, Ryōta. I wanted to make sure that I will have a new boyfriend in my arms” said Katase.

    “Well, it’s nothing to prove right or wrong you’re dating more than one person. So, let’s reconsider it that way” said Ryōta. He would give Katase a hand to join the training together.

    “Wait, Ryōta. Are you sure that you have to tell the others to work together as a team?” said Rei.

    “Yes, I would, Rei. Maybe we should work together to beat our enemies when it’s war time” said Ryōta.

    “That’s great, Ryōta! I knew that your ideas were really gaining my interests on you!” said Katase.

    “Alright, everyone! We should talk to Koneko and others to know about this!” said Gasper.

    “Okay!” said Ravel, Valerie, Ryōta, Katase, Rei, Hinata, Mimi and Kagetsu.

    Back at the basketball court, Issei and Elmenhilde were having a pep talk about the plans in the future.

    “Issei, I know that you have many girls on your side, but I wanted to say that I wanted to prove my powers to beat my opponents in the Rating Games” said Elmenhilde.

    “I think you are going to be fine with your powers, Elmenhilde. Like the other girls, they have the powers to defeat their opponents with their preferred choice. That’s why everyone in our team has many abilities and powers to make. This idea gives me something what I wanted to do when I hang out with Rias and the girls” said Issei.

    “Really, Issei? Oh, thank you, Issei!” said Elmenhilde as she hugged Issei. “By the way, Bennia and I were teaming together to use our double team move.”

    “Wow! That’s awesome! Maybe, we should talk to Rias to know that” said Issei.

    “Okay!” said Elmenhilde. Issei and Elmenhilde would go to the other side of the basketball court to see Rias and Bennia.

    “Rias. Bennia. I think Elmenhilde has created a new double team move with Bennia” said Issei.

    “I know that, Issei. Bennia’s gloomy powers and Elmenhilde’s destructive powers made their new move known as the Shattered Midnight” said Rias.

    “How did you know that, Rias?” asked Issei.

    “I was looking to see Bennia when I was done doing the organization chart, but she’s not here. Then, I see Bennia with you and Elmenhilde working on the new move. It was so beautiful that Bennia and Elmenhilde working together. Their relationship wasn’t the first time to see, but with the help of you, they were impressed with your help” said Rias.

    “Wow! I can’t wait to see that move, Bennia and Elmenhilde!” said Issei.

    “Yep!” said Elmenhilde and Bennia.

    “Now, you should come to our team. We’re almost finalizing the organization chart with the vacant spots to be held by other entities” said Rias.

    “I hope it will be done in no time!” said Bennia.

    “Okay!” said Issei and Elmenhilde. The high-class leaders of the Crimson Aurora Brigade has working with the organization chart, which will be done soon, while the other members were working on the double team moves and new abilities and powers to be used for the future competitions. It was ten in the evening and it’s highly night jam to see the participants of the Hasegawa Cup training for the tomorrow’s games. Meanwhile, a group of students from Kuoh Academy were appeared in a basketball court and trying to see Issei and his friends.

    UP NEXT: Interlude 8: "Prelude to The Charm, The Magnolia and The Cat" (Part 4)

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