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    Re: Rooks, Knights and Bravehearts - The Ro-Kyu-Bu!/Tenshi no 3P! X High School DxD Crossover Series

    "Charmed Allies" Part 2

    It’s 1:15 in the afternoon and the condominium is now full of guests and residents live in different rooms. Kumi Takamura, Suzuko Hakamda and Seijiro Hakamada arrive at the Hakamadas’ room as Hinata, Kagetsu and Mimi greet them.

    “Hi, guys! Come in!” said Hinata.

    “We have a lot of things to discuss” said Kagetsu.

    “Oh, sure, sisters” said Suzuko.

    “I believe that you are all here and you are glad to enjoy our discussion” said Mimi.

    “Oh, thank you, Mimi” said Suzuko and Seijiro.

    “Actually, I didn’t remember that girl, Suzuko and Seijiro. Are you Mimi Balguerie?” said Kumi.

    “Yes, I am. I’m the new team captain of the girls’ basketball team” said Mimi.

    “So, nice to meet you, Mimi” said Kumi.

    “Nice to meet you, too, Kumi. You are Miho’s relative and I believe that you’re a first year student in Nashiba High School, right?” said Mimi.

    “Oh, yes, Mimi. I’m her niece and also, I’m also Subaru’s cousin” said Kumi.

    “You know Subaru, our coach?” asked Hinata.

    “Yep. I realized that I never been here before, but Seijiro is my classmate in. We hang out there to know about cooking and we like to stay at the cafeteria and he likes to practice a lot. The coach impressed his skills and he became one of the Nashiba High School boys’ basketball team members” said Kumi.

    “You’re very good in basketball, cousin. I like your potential to be the big man and I believe that you’re going to be with Airi’s brother Banri and Subaru in the team. They’re good players” said Kagetsu.

    “Yeah, Gettan. I’m sure that there’s a lot of students in Nashiba have been train for the team and Subaru and Banri picked me to join the team” said Seijiro.

    “Why are you being called as the “Crimson Big Man Maker”?” asked Hinata.

    “It’s because of my hair color carmine and my techniques and skills are higher than the other power forwards. I prefer to play as the center, but I decided to be the power forward in Kirihara before I went to Nashiba. Since you are going to Kirihara, are you excited to be here?” said Seijiro.

    “Yes, cousin. I believe that Subaru gave the idea of going to his former school to compete for competitions, but if I stay in Keishin along with my teammates, I would have need Subaru his internship part-time job to manage the junior high school team. He wanted to be with us and that’s why we form the organization as “the Bravehearts”. I’m happy to tell you that you’re going to play alongside Subaru and Banri. It’s so good to be with us” said Hinata.

    “The Bravehearts? What a nice name you got, Hinata” said Suzuko.

    “Why, thank you, sister” said Hinata.

    “Well, Hinata, my cousins are doing well with your friends and I believe that Kira and Ai will be at the Misawa Resort Hotel on Friday” said Seijiro.

    “Oh, you’re right, cousin. How do you know that my friends are gonna be here?” said Hinata.

    “I was asked by those girls and they said that they wanted to see you again. I said to them that they’ll see you on Friday. That’s why we need to create a team for the Hasegawa Cup. I’m one of the organizers of the event along with Suzuko although she’s still a student from Kirihara, but she’ll be helping you friends for the competition” said Seijiro.

    “Wow! Aside from being the basketball player, you’re an organizer, too?” said Hinata.

    “Yes, Hinata. Then, I believe that we should start planning those by visiting our room, okay?” said Seijiro.

    “Oh, sure!” said Hinata.

    “That’s great, Hinata! Now, your friends will be here, we’ll finally going to build a team for the event” said Mimi.

    “Yeah, of course, Mimi” said Hinata.

    “I also expected to call my friends to visit our room to plan for the Hasegawa Cup. I’m sure that we should be ready to play against teams from the Ōta Ward” said Kagetsu.

    “Okay, Kagetsu! Then, let them come, so that we should begin forming the group” said Hinata.

    “Okay!” said Kagetsu.

    “Since my friends are the same as Kagetsu’s, but I have some of my friends in the training center where Ginga is our instructor” said Mimi.

    “Well, you have friends, too?” asked Kumi.

    “Yeah” said Mimi.

    “Since they’ll be here soon, we’ll start planning to create a team for the Hasegawa Cup” said Suzuko.

    “Since it’s a week before the tournament, we should register this to Subaru later tonight when you get home” said Kumi.

    “Okay!” said Mimi, Kagetsu and Hinata.

    “I apparently believe that the other friends of your teammates are going to participate at the cup, too” said Suzuko.

    “Oh, that’s great! I believe that Tomoka, Maho, Saki and Airi have form the teams for their friends to compete for the event” said Hinata.

    “My teammates Tsubaki, Hiiragi and Masami have their friends form the Dazzled Hearts. It includes the members of the boys’ basketball club” said Kagetsu.

    “That’s great! It’s down to the three of us, Kagetsu and Mimi” said Hinata.

    “Yeah!” said Kagetsu and Mimi.

    “While they’re gonna be here soon, maybe I should give you some juice to refresh yourselves” said Suzuko.

    “Okay!” said Seijiro, Kumi, Hinata, Kagetsu and Mimi.

    Later, the doorbell rings as someone wanted to visit the room. Hinata stands up to open the door. Then, it was revealed to be Rei Kanazawa, Hinata’s close friend and her friends Kiyoshi Toshima, Ryōta Nakamura, Kazuya Uehara, Yoshitsugu Kimura and Kana Uchida.

    “Hi, Hinata! We missed you so much!” said Rei as she and her friends hug Hinata.

    “Oh, I’m so happy to see you again since graduation, Rei” said Hinata.

    “Uh, yeah. I believe that you’re going to Kirihara Middle School. And so, do we” said Rei.

    “Oh, that’s great! I believe that we’re going to be together again along with my teammates” said Hinata.

    “I believe that you are with your teammates during the visit with Subaru’s friends” said Kiyoshi.

    “Yeah! We came to visit to the park after the graduation. I believe that we are having time to enjoy at our new home in the mansion. Maho had allowed her home to be our new home for us including Subaru and his friends” said Hinata.

    “You’re really good right now, Hinata. I believe that we are here to plan for the next week’s event” said Ryōta.

    “Oh, it seems that you’re all here why all of you will sit down and enjoy some drinks” said Hinata.

    “Okay!” said Rei, Kiyoshi, Ryōta, Kazuya, Yoshitsugu and Kana.

    Later, another one rings the doorbell.

    “Who is it?” asked Kagetsu as she opened the door. It was Erika Satō, the Keishin Academy Student Elementary School Council President, and her group of friends namely Miho Hikasa, Chiwa Furukawa, Aoi Kayano, Yuki Hashimoto, Natsume Ishikawa, Kazumi Togashi and Rina Ōtsuka.

    “Erika! Welcome back to our home!” said Kagetsu.

    “Wow! I can’t believe that your sister had her friends to be here. Just like the old days, Kagetsu” said Erika.

    “Yep. Everyone, this is Erika Satō. She’s the current President of the Keishin Academy Elementary School Student Council” said Kagetsu.

    “Hi, Erika!” said Rei, Kiyoshi, Ryōta, Kazuya, Yoshitsugu and Kana.

    “It’s been so nice to meet you, senpais. I believe that I have some plans for the event and also the future of the Keishin Academy Basketball Team” said Erika.

    “You really do, Erika?” asked Kagetsu.

    “Yep. And it’s all here!” said Erika as she showed the profile of students of Keishin Academy to find the new managers for the boys’ and girls’ basketball teams. Hinata’s friends read the names of who are potentially to be part of the coaching staff of the Keishin Academy boys’ and girls’ basketball club.

    “You see, Erika had visited the junior high school and high school classes to give the students the papers to apply to be part of the coaching staff of our basketball team. Our program retains the boys’ basketball team head coach, but he need his associate coach and assistant coaches. At the end, here are the final lists of candidates to take part of the coaching staff” said Kagetsu as she shows the lists of names for the staff of the elementary school team of the Keishin Academy Basketball Team.

    Keishin Academy Basketball Team
    Boys’ Team (Elementary School)
    Head Coach
    Shintarō Fujita
    Yuichi Uchida – brother of Kana Uchida and a first year high school student
    Assistant Coaches
    Kenta Sugihara – a first year high school student
    Ichirō Satō – older brother of Erika Satō and a second year high school student
    Shōzō Eda – a second year high school student
    Tarō Kitajō – a first year high school student

    Girls’ Team (Elementary School)
    Head Coach
    Ginga Hasegawa – father of Subaru Hasegawa
    Mao Kayano – a first year high school student and sister of Aoi Kayano
    Assistant Coaches
    Jirō Matsuoka – a third year junior high school student
    Hitomi Hakamada – a second year junior high school student, a basketball player and sister of Seijiro, Shinapachi and Kuni Hakamada
    Atsuko Hatano – a first year junior high school student and daughter of Touko Hatano
    Ayaka Hikasa – a second year junior high school student and sister of Miho Hikasa

    “All of those are new in the team?” said Rei, Kiyoshi, Ryōta, Kazuya, Yoshitsugu and Kana.

    “That’s right! All of them were picked when we have a cooperation between me and the student council presidents of the junior high school and high school. Also, your relatives are officially part of the coaching staff. Shinapachi, a first year junior high school student, had become a player in the junior high school team” said Erika.

    “Shinapachi’s age is a year away from you, Hinata. He’s a strong player and can defend his team with the zone created by Kenta Kihara” said Suzuko.

    “Oh, he’s alright when it comes to defense and he created defensive stops to take the advantage of his team” said Hinata.

    “Aside from that, his height is the same as Seijiro” said Kagetsu.

    “Wow! I can’t believe that he is a power forward and a center” said Hinata.

    “Yep” said Seijiro.

    “Miho, I believe that these new members will be able to beat the opponents in our ward during the tournaments they organize” said Kagetsu.

    “Yeah, Kagetsu. I hope that they will start training and hopefully they will lead to the championship” said Miho.

    “It sure is” said Kagetsu.

    “Kagetsu, we should start the plans for the Hasegawa Cup” said Kazumi.

    “Oh, okay!” said Kagetsu. “Everyone! We’ll start meeting right away, so let’s start this meeting with the formation of the team to participate at the Hasegawa Cup.”

    “Well, I wonder what will be the name of the team” said Kazuya.

    “Probably, the Charmed Angels” said Kiyoshi.

    “Uh, no. Jun and her friends have already used the name of Angels” said Hinata.

    “Oh, sorry” said Kiyoshi.

    “What about Pink Haired Group?” asked Ryōta.

    “Uh, Ryōta, some of our friends’ hair colors aren’t pink nor magenta. I think you should name something else” said Aoi Kayano.

    “Oh, okay. What else, Kana?” said Ryōta.

    “The Valiant Peaches” said Kana.

    “Well, that would be nice, but I don’t think that would be a great idea” said Yuki Hashimoto.

    “Pink Swordsmen and Pink Swordswomen” said Chiwa.

    “That’s a great idea, Chiwa. Although we need to find something close to that name” said Yoshitsugu.

    “What about…” said Rei. Then, she snapped her fingers to know a perfect name for the team.

    “the Innocent Charm?” said Rei and Erika.

    “Oh, that’s a fantastic name you got. That’s my special skill when I’m doing some wild shooting skills” said Hinata.

    “Innocent Charm? That’s perfect!” said Kagetsu.

    “Looks like all of you have come up on the name. I believe that the Innocent Charm will be our official name for the group” said Mimi.

    “Okay! Innocent Charm is officially entering to the Hasegawa Cup!” said Hinata, Erika, Rei and Kagetsu.

    “Yay!” said the friends of Hinata and Kagetsu as they cheered in joy to have their team joining the event next week.

    “Now, we should start finding some members of the team” said Hinata. “Since Rei and my other friends will join forces with Erika and her friends, we should add some more members like the Boys of ShuNaoki.”

    “What is the Boys of ShuNaoki?” asked Kana.

    “That group is composed of Naoki Hatano, Shun Hinouchi, Ryōhei Suzuki, Kōji Yamada, Satoshi Miwa and Daisuke Ōhata. They are very good in playing basketball and of course, Naoki and Shun are members of the Keishin Academy boys’ basketball club” said Rina.

    “Well, we should add that group to the list” Hinata.

    “Is that okay that we will have the boys’ team to compete?” asked Kagetsu

    “Okay!” said Miho Hikasa, Chiwa Furukawa, Aoi Kayano, Yuki Hashimoto, Natsume Ishikawa, Kazumi Togashi and Rina Ōtsuka.

    “Well, there’s one problem. Since Naoki and Shun are varsity players to play for the team of the sixth graders of the boys’ basketball team, we should have our boys to compete too” said Hinata.

    “Oh, okay!” said Kagetsu. “The boys will play alongside Kiyoshi, Ryōta, Kazuya and Yoshitsugu while Rei and Kana will play with Erika and her group.”

    “Well, that would fine if Ai and Kira will also join the team” said Seijiro.

    “And even Misaki Nagaoka” said Suzuko.

    “Okay, Seijiro and Suzuko. I will add those to the girls’ team and while for the boys’ team needs to add some back-up player” said Hinata.

    “I talked to Himeko and she said that her boys won’t be part of the group. I think the other sections can be the best to complete the roster” said Mimi.

    “Well, that would be nice to see some other sections to join the group” said Erika.

    “Miho, do you have other players to invite for the team?” asked Kagetsu.

    “Well, Kagetsu, section 5-D will be going to be with us while sections 5-E and 5-F will be with the Dazzled Hearts” said Miho.

    “Oh, who are the good players?” asked Hinata.

    “We have Akira Ōkawa and Ryō Nagashima for the boys and Asami Miyazaki and Aya Tachibana for the girls” said Miho.

    “Okay, then, contact them to join the group” said Hinata.

    “Sure, Hinata!” said Miho.

    “My friends from Ginga’s Basketball Training Center will also take part of the group. They will not play for us, but they will instead play with their own teams” said Mimi.

    “Okay, Mimi. We should finalize the team and then, we will talk about anything else” said Kagetsu.

    “Sure, Kagetsu” said Mimi.

    “Okay, everyone, are we finalize the lists of names for Innocent Charm?” asked Kagetsu.

    The lists show the names of the members of the Innocent Charm:
    Innocent Charm: Composed of four teams
    Team Kanazawa: Rei Kanazawa, Kiyoshi Toshima, Ryōta Nakamura, Kazuya Uehara, Yoshitsugu Kimura, Kana Uchida, Ai Ohara, Kira Kakimoto and Misaki Nagaoka
    Team Satō: Erika Satō, Miho Hikasa, Chiwa Furukawa, Aoi Kayano, Yuki Hashimoto, Natsume Ishikawa, Kazumi Togashi and Rina Ōtsuka
    Team Hatano: Naoki Hatano, Shun Hinouchi, Ryōhei Suzuki, Kōji Yamada, Satoshi Miwa and Daisuke Ōhata
    Others: Akira Ōkawa, Ryō Nagashima, Asami Miyazaki and Aya Tachibana
    Ginga’s Pupils: Kahele Hiraka, Asumi Hiramatsu, Chiyo Masuda, Makoto Matsuda and Kazue Matsuoka
    Staff: Yuichi Uchida, Kumi Takamura, Seijiro Hakamada, Suzuko Hakamada and Kuni Hakamada

    “Yes!” said the members of Innocent Charm.

    “Good! We have Team Kanaza, Team Satō, Team Hatano and Ginga’s Pupils” said Kagetsu. “Okay, are we gonna give this registration paper to Subaru?”

    “Yes, Kagetsu!” said the members of Innocent Charm.

    “Okay, good! Hinata, they’re accepting the team’s formation” said Kagetsu.

    “Okay! We’ll all set to play for the Hasegawa Cup, guys! On Friday, you should come to the Misawa Resort Hotel for the gathering of the teams” said Hinata.

    “Yeah!” said the members of Innocent Charm.

    “Okay, everyone! I had an announcement to make. On Thursday, Ginga’s Pupils will be here at the Misawa Resort Hotel. Tomoka said that Asumi is one of Mimi’s friends that she met at her friend’s appreciation party. Then, on Friday, since you’ll be coming at the resort hotel for the gathering, you need to wear the color shirts for the day. Then, on Sunday, Rei and Kiyoshi, you will be battling against The Bravehearts to show your skills and techniques in basketball as they’ll determine the draw on who will be pairing your teams with in the qualifiers” said Suzuko.

    “Wow! That’s interesting” said the members of Innocent Charm.

    “I will tell you something” said Rei.

    “Okay, Rei, go on” said Hinata.

    “I want to build my own fantasy world. My fantasy world is made of a small town with the buildings are architecturally Art Deco. These buildings are almost the same as in Keishin and also there is a gym that is looked like the Ōmori Sports Arena and the Nishina Sports Gymnasium. Aside from those, there is a port where people arrive or leave the country. I wanted to become an architect like Tsubaki and Hiiragi from Kagetsu’s batch” said Rei.

    “For me, there are so many things I want to explore, and I want to build a land that redesign the old architectural buildings from the past. I even wanted to look like the World Fair or the Expo. Tokyo is a bid city and when the new world was born in the Solar System, I want to colonize the uninhabited land to create a colony” said Kiyoshi.

    “Oh, you’re dreaming about your fantasy, Rei and Kiyoshi. I believe that we should create our own fantasy world by team building” said Hinata.

    “Yeah, Hinata. That would be nice that the Innocent Charm will be a group of architects, designers and photographers. I believe that we should build our own community to have our dreams come true” said Rei.

    “Oh, that’s a great idea!” said Hinata. “Okay, everyone! We will be getting the drawing materials and papers to start planning your dream world” said Hinata. She, Rei and Kiyoshi would bring the materials to start building their own world for the team.

    “Alright!” said the members of Innocent Charm. The team members begin drawing their own fantasy world, so that they are planning to play with these materials in the future. While Hinata and Kagetsu are planning to let the members to stay at the Misawa Resort Hotel for a year, the Hakamadas planning to leave the condominium once Seijiro was graduated from Nashiba in three years.

    “So, Seijiro, after graduating in three years, we’ll move out of the condominium for a new home?” asked Suzuko.

    “Yeah, cousin. I believe that we’re planning to move to beside the resort hotel, so that we should live there with the cousins together” said Seijiro.

    “Oh, that’s a great idea. This would take three years to build a new home. Kagetsu said to me that her teammate Masami is planning to build her own restaurant while trying to attract the customers to enjoy eating sushis at the Sushi Fujii. Misako, her sister, said that they are hopefully going to buy a lot to create a new restaurant a few miles away from the Misawa Resort Hotel” said Suzuko.

    “Oh, yeah. I believe that Kagetsu’s teammates are having their own dreams. I wonder what would be the dream for us. Maybe we should build our own community?” said Seijiro.

    “Well, cousin, that’s a great idea! I say that we will build our own community once we’re all graduated from college. That way we should invite our friends to stay there and enjoy for the rest of their lives” said Suzuko.

    “Yeah, let’s build it for the future” said Seijiro.

    “Sure” said Suzuko.

    An hour later, the members of Innocent Charm arranged their drawings to build a fantasy world that would cost a large money to build.

    “There! That’s better!” said Erika as she put the last piece of drawing to complete the community map of their fantasy world. The buildings and houses were drawn as well as the gym and the port that Rei was dreaming.

    “That would fit our community map for future use” said Hinata.

    “Yeah, this will be our new world to be used for building a fantasy world” said Erika.

    “You’re right, Erika” said Kagetsu.

    “Hinata, I possibly want to thank you for sharing your ideas in planning to build our fantasy world. We should do that every night after dinner” said Rei.

    “What about assignments?” asked Hinata.

    “Yeah, we should finish our assignment before playing. Is that okay to you, Hinata?” said Rei.

    “Yes, Rei. We’ll do that when we have time after doing our assignment, but right now, you and your groupmates will start training for the cup” said Hinata.

    “Okay!” said Rei.

    “What time is it, Hinata?” asked Kagetsu,

    “Oh, it’s 3:30. Remember what Tomoka said that we should go back to the mansion before 6” said Hinata.

    “Yeah, we only have two and a half hours to go to stay in this area” said Kagetsu.

    “Well, what are we waiting for? We should borrow your plush toys to play at your bedroom” said Mimi.

    “Yeah, Mimi. That’s my Mimi, everyone!” said Kagetsu.

    “Okay, everyone! We should play my plush toys at my room” said Hinata.

    “Yeah!” said the members of Innocent Charm. Hinata, Kagetsu and Mimi have let their friends to build their team known as the Innocent Charm. They were cherished and naïvete friends of the three. They like to play with them by using their imaginations and toys that Hinata have. Hinata, Kagetsu and Mimi were happy to see their friends again and they enjoyed their playtime with their friends at Hinata’s room.

    Here is the list of members of Innocent Charm:
    Innocent Charm: Composed of four teams
    Team Kanazawa: Rei Kanazawa, Kiyoshi Toshima, Ryōta Nakamura, Kazuya Uehara, Yoshitsugu Kimura, Kana Uchida, Ai Ohara, Kira Kakimoto and Misaki Nagaoka
    Team Satō: Erika Satō, Miho Hikasa, Chiwa Furukawa, Aoi Kayano, Yuki Hashimoto, Natsume Ishikawa, Kazumi Togashi and Rina Ōtsuka
    Team Hatano: Naoki Hatano, Shun Hinouchi, Ryōhei Suzuki, Kōji Yamada, Satoshi Miwa and Daisuke Ōhata

    Others: Akira Ōkawa, Ryō Nagashima, Asami Miyazaki and Aya Tachibana
    Ginga’s Pupils: Kahele Hiraka, Asumi Hiramatsu, Chiyo Masuda, Makoto Matsuda and Kazue Matsuoka
    Staff: Yuichi Uchida, Kumi Takamura, Seijiro Hakamada, Suzuko Hakamada and Kuni Hakamada

    UP NEXT: Interlude 2: "Team Hashimoto"
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    Re: Rooks, Knights and Bravehearts - The Ro-Kyu-Bu!/Tenshi no 3P! X High School DxD Crossover Series

    For tonight, I will post an interlude for Volume 2 of the Rooks, Knights and Bravehearts. Enjoy!

    After Subaru lectured to the members of Team Blue and Yellow about the Hasegawa Cup, he decided to have a one-on-one match between Team Hashimoto and Team Sugisaki. One of Tomoka’s classmates name Kanae Hashimoto is a good shooting guard and a back-up player for Tomoka. She is differed from Akiko Miyazaki for her special skill: the floater. With Kanae tries to test herself with her team facing against Naoko Sugisaki and her team, this would be determined by the members of Team Blue and Yellow on who will be triumphed at the end: is it Kanae or Naoko?


    The game between Team Hashimoto and Team Sugisaki begin with Naoko dribbling the ball as she faces off against Kanae. Naoko passes the ball to Saori and then, Saori would do the hook shot as the ball drives to the basket. Team Sugisaki scores the first two points of the game.

    “Wow! Naoko and her teammates are good. I believe that they are doing well since the intramural competition” said Miori.

    “I think they are paying off against the other sections before losing to Tomoka’s team in the semifinals, but at least they tried to settle their strategies during the game” said Himeko.

    “Yeah, they’re stronger than ever, but this would take time to beat their opponents for the Hasegawa Cup” said Kishō.

    Kanae passes the ball to Kazumi, allowing the latter to go crossover move and passes the ball to Yukari. Yukari faces off against Haruyo.

    “Haruyo, this is our rematch, but can you think you can beat me?” said Yukari.

    “I should’ve won the match, but Tomoka and others are so strong. Okay, Haruyo, that’s your call, but right now, I will beat you this time!” said Haruyo. Haruyo steals the ball, much to Yukari’s shock.

    “Catch, Naoko!” said Haruyo.

    “Okay!” said Naoko as Haruyo passes the ball to her. Kanae tries to stop Naoko as they face each other again.

    “I wonder what would be her plan to beat Naoko” said Asumi.

    “I think Kanae uses Ice Age as she will try to steal the ball once she has the time to do the right way on beating the attacker” said Kyōsuke.

    “Obviously, she did that during the intramurals and the reserves were also good like Tomoka and her friends did” said Kishō.

    “Aces and players were deserved to play time when they will use the strategy to size up their skills” said Asumi.

    “Yeah, definitely” said Kyōsuke.

    Naoko would shoot the ball after she moves her way from Kanae, but misses. Kazumi gets the rebound. Then, she passes the ball to Kanae, allowing the latter to shoot the three-point shot. The shot was good and it’s a lead change that allows Team Hashimoto to lead the game.

    “Subaru says that Tomoka’s teammates and her friends have played well during the intramurals and also, some of her friends are doing great in learning the skills. Shiny Gift and Ice Age were used by Team Hashimoto” said Asumi.

    “Yep. That’s true, Asumi. Kanae would need time to finish her opponents off the play. I will actually be fine if the three are helping us during the Hasegawa Cup” said Tarō.

    “Oh, reminds me. I forgot that where are the other boys to fill the team” said Asumi.

    “Actually, we receive a text from Natsuhi. It appears that Hiroshi Arakawa, Shinji Masuda, Hiroto Makara, Ryuuichi Kitajō and Hideo Akiyama are confirmed to join our team because Team Kikuchi wanted back-up players for our team” said Tarō.

    “Great! You should be ready to face some of the teams in Keishin and in Ōta. I’m sure you’ll going to see many of those when the cup begins” said Asumi.

    “Yep” said Tarō.

    The game continues with Naoko passes the ball to Saori and Kazumi and Yukari would switch place. Kazumi is trying to steal the ball from Saori, but Saori is strong in acceleration. Kazumi would catch her to go one-on-one.

    “I will crush you first before your teammates” said Saori.

    “Not gonna happen, Saori!” said Kazumi.

    “We’ll see. Ready, Haruyo?” said Saori.

    “Okay!” said Haruyo.

    Kazumi calls Kanae to prepare the defend call as Saori passes the ball to Haruyo while running through the key. Kanae would settle her own strategy to prepare the next play. Haruyo would shoot the ball with a hook shot, but Kanae blocks the ball. However, Haruyo gets the offensive rebound and passes the ball to Saori. Saori would be defended by Kazumi again. Both walk through the zone and Saori would do the pick and roll action to shoot the ball with the floater. The score is now 4-3 for Team Sugisaki.

    “So, you’re going to play your strategy to beat me? I guess we’ll going to see who the best team is” said Saori.

    “We’ll definitely make this game better than our last encounter” said Kazumi.

    “Sure, Kazumi. I won’t get easy on you” said Saori.

    “Me, too, Saori” said Kazumi.

    Kanae passes the ball to Kazumi while Saori goes defensive mode. However, Kazumi would pass the ball to Yukari, making Saori immobilize. Yukari would battle against Haruyo with Yukari currently holds the ball.

    “Let me show you how it’s done!” said Yukari as she did the hook shot to score two points for Team Hashimoto.

    “How did you do that?” asked Haruyo.

    “You see, I did this while Tomoka and I were training, and she taught me to do that” said Yukari.

    “Well, I’m not going to lose this game, Yukari” said Haruyo.

    “If that’s what you want, then I will prove it to you. Kanae, get ready!” said Yukari.

    “Okay, Yukari! We’ll make sure that Team Sugisaki can’t win!” said Kanae.

    “So, you’re going to make sure to win the game with your strategy, Kanae. Alright, let’s make this showdown started” said Naoko.

    “Okay!” said the members of Team Sugisaki and Team Hashimoto.

    “Oh, no. Naoko did that before in the intramurals, but loses the game. But maybe this showdown will be looked crazier than before” said Kyōsuke.

    “I hope we will make that the girls will win this match” said Kishō.

    “Wow! These members of Team Sugisaki are getting crazier than the last time they play against your girls, Subaru” said Aoi.

    “That’s right, Aoi. During the intramurals, when 6-D tries to win the game when they’re trailed, they score 12 straight points to get the lead, but when Tomoka and her teammates are back in the game, they lose in the end. Tomoka is definitely using her own strategy to beat Naoko and her teammates” said Subaru.

    “Yeah” said Aoi.

    “I hope Team Hashimoto will get revenge from Team Sugisaki for what they did last time” said Subaru.

    Saori passes the ball to Haruyo and then, Naoko calls Haruyo to get the ball through her hand signal.

    “Alright, catch!” said Haruyo as she passes the ball to Naoko. Naoko would do the jump shot to score two points for Team Sugisaki.

    “We did it! We let them lose with our own strategy!” said Naoko.

    “You’re doing great, Naoko! You can do it!” said the members of Team Sugisaki.

    “Come on, Kanae! These girls are doing beast mode. You have to beat them and cut their defensive play” said Daisuke.

    “Okay, Daisuke!” said Kanae.

    “Daisuke, are these girls are hopefully going to cut them down?” asked Akitsugu.

    “They’ll definitely will and this time, it’s going to be neck and neck for sure” said Daisuke.

    Kazumi would shoot the ball with the hook shot and her shot was good. The score is now 7-6 for Team Hashimoto. Later, Naoko would shoot the ball with the jump shot once again and her shot was also good. This is going to be a back and forth match that is compared to the intramural game.

    “They’re going to see who gets the team with the most points at the end of the game wins” said Satsuki.

    “Yeah, Satsuki. Remember, this game is one quarter with six minutes. The game is now a minute and 42 seconds remaining and both teams would decide to see who has the most points in that game. The team with the most points at the end of the game wins” said Aoi.

    “I hope Team Hashimoto would win, but Team Sugisaki was gaining on them” said Tae.

    “Well, we’ll see who will win at the end of the game” said Aoi.

    “So, this is going to be a new level for both teams” said Subaru.

    “Yeah, Subaru. Like the old days, but with improved skills” said Aoi.

    Kanae and Naoko would face each other to determine whose will beat the strategy.

    “Now, that you’re strong, maybe I will be trying to copy your skills by myself” said Kanae.

    “Okay, then show me” said Naoko.

    “Of course, Naoko. I’ll definitely do it” said Kanae as she imitates the moves that Naoko did earlier, but Naoko still determine to stop her.

    “I hope that it’ll work” said Kanae as she did the euro post on Naoko.

    “Huh? A euro post? How did she make it?” said Naoko as she shoot the ball with the floater and Team Hashimoto regains the lead once again.

    “While my friends and teammates have experiences in playing basketball, I begin playing basketball with them until I got something new with my advanced skills. I never did this before, but I will be hopefully going make it soon” said Kanae.

    “Wow! Kanae did a euro post and a floater altogether. I think she is imitating Naoko’s move, but with Tomoka’s idealization of the floater was added, Kanae did great with that situation” said Tsutomu.

    “I’m impressed with her skills and she’s going to have the same level as Tomoka and her friends” said Yoshinori.

    “Yep. That’s what her classmates wanted to expect to happen. Even though we’re Natsuhi’s teammates, we’ll going to have the same level as them as soon as they’re ready to improve themselves” said Daisuke.

    Haruyo would pass the ball to Naoko and this time, Kanae is the defender.

    “So, you’re going on the same level as mine? I wonder what would be your plan to beat me in this play” said Naoko.

    “Actually, I decided to go on another strategy that was compared to Tomoka and others, but this is my own work” said Kanae.

    “Well, you might expect to win this match, but I will end the game with us being victorious” said Naoko as she decided to do the turnaround jumper and the ball drives to the basket to allow Team Sugisaki to lead the game again.

    “Well, how’s that for the dagger of the game?” asked Naoko.

    “You know what we’re almost finishing this game, but I hope that your moments will be spoiled by my teammates” said Kanae as she passes the ball to Yukari. “I’m not going to let your victory to be happened!”

    “Alright, Yukari! Finish it!” said Kazumi.

    “Okay, I’ll show my move earlier!” said Yukari as she’s going to repeat her move earlier and the ball would enter to the basket as Team Hashimoto now getting the lead once again with the score of 11-10.

    “Wow! It’s getting higher than it’s expected!” said Daisuke.

    “Both Naoko and Kanae were expected to lead the game with the same level they have” said Aoi.

    “I hope which one of them will be victorious at the end of the game” said Kyōsuke.

    With only fifteen seconds remaining, Naoko passes the ball to Haruyo while Yukari and Kazumi double teams Naoko. Haruyo faces off against Kanae.

    “Darn it! I can’t pass back to Naoko, but Saori is still here. Saori should get out of the key to get to the three-point line” said Haruyo, then she’s going to pass the ball to Saori. “Sorry, Kanae, but the game is about to be over! Catch, Saori!”

    Kanae gasped while Naoko smiles to see Saori preparing the game-winning shot.

    “That’s not going to happen!” said Kazumi. Saori would shoot the ball with the three-point shot, but the ball gets rimmed and out and the game is over with the win by Team Hashimoto.

    Subaru blew his whistle to end the game as he declared Team Hashimoto the winners of the game.

    Team Kikuchi and Team Hashimoto would cheer themselves as they finally win the game that Kanae wanted to beat Naoko since their last 3-on-3 game. It was the first win for Kanae in the 3-on-3 game.

    “I lost?” said Naoko. “I can’t believe that I was beaten by one of Tomoka’s teammates in the intramurals outside from the varsity team. I think I was going to let this happen, but Kanae did her teammates a strategy to beat me and my team.”

    “So, Naoko. It’s a good game that we had. I like your shots earlier and I appreciate it” said Kanae.

    “Well, I have no faith in you when it comes to losing, but I decided to admit my defeat” said Naoko as she shook hands with Kanae while her teammates would do the same thing.

    “Since I’m good with our teammates, can we finally team up in the cup?” asked Kanae.

    “Sure thing, Kanae. Let’s win this tournament that we’ll ever going to promise” said Naoko.

    “Well, it’s a symbol of respect and sportsmanship. I can’t believe that they are finally going to team up. With Michiko and Akiko joining, so did with Kōichirō and Kentarō, Tomoka’s classmates will have a different level to settle the competition. I hope Tomoka will finally wait to see this” said Subaru.

    “This is going to be a big expectation for Team Blue and Yellow. At least that we’re going to have a new rivalry between them and us” said Himeko.

    “Oh, you’re thinking about facing them?” asked Aoi.

    “Of course, Aoi. Ichiro and I are ready to see goosebumps when we’re going to face them in the Hasegawa Cup” said Himeko.

    “I agree with that point, Himeko. But I hope that you’ll be lucky when the draw comes on Sunday” said Aoi.

    “Yeah, Aoi. Subaru, after this, we’ll going to continue the training with the boys” said Himeko.

    “Okay, Himeko. Just finish the training until it’s 5 in the afternoon” said Subaru.

    “Okay!” said Himeko as Team Purple will continue their training after ten minutes where Team Sugisaki, Team Kikuchi and Team Hashimoto will have their water break. Later, Himeko and Ichiro smile as they were having a practice for their team to compete at the Hasegawa Cup.

    Here are the lists of members of Team Purple and Team Blue and Yellow:
    Team Purple: Composed of two teams
    Team Katayama (girls): Himeko Katayama, Mizuko Fujisaki, Yuka Suehiro, Chiyako Kayama, Hana Mikimoto, Asuka Yokoi and Kana Hanaoka
    Team Hosoya (boys): Ichiro Hosoya, Sōichi Maeyama, Toshiya Shimura, Masafumi Mitamura and Hisamitsu Tsuchida

    Team Blue and Yellow: Composed of three teams
    Team Sugisaki: Naoko Sugisaki, Kyōsuke Fumizaki, Asumi Ishida, Haruyo Kusaka, Tarō Matsuba, Saori Minagawa, Kishō Ogata and Miori Misawa

    Team Kikuchi: Daisuke Kikuchi, Tsutomu Fukada, Yoshinori Toshima, Akitsugu Wakui, Hiroshi Arakawa, Shinji Masuda, Hiroto Makara, Ryuuichi Kitajō and Hideo Akiyama
    Team Minato: Kanae Hashimoto, Kazumi Tanaka and Yukari Uchida

    UP NEXT: Chapter 19: "The Unforgotten Shadow"

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    Re: Rooks, Knights and Bravehearts - The Ro-Kyu-Bu!/Tenshi no 3P! X High School DxD Crossover Series

    Hey, everyone! I finally finished Chapter 24 and Special Chapter 2, but these will be posted by the end of November. Probably, I finally finished Volume 2 and this may take at least a month to finish Volume 2. I will finally start to think of adding some twists by adding some ideas from Kuroko's Basketball/Kuroko no Basuke because I wanted to combine this series and Kuroko's Basketball/Kuroko no Basuke to be more interesting since it's a crossover series and also to add some new characters from Kuroko's Basketball/Kuroko no Basuke as well. It's going to make things omake since I will be planning to start brainstorming for Volume 3. Stay tuned for more updates of plans for Volume 3! So, enjoy reading Chapter 19!

    It's been two months since the reinstatement of the Nashiba High School basketball team, Shin Mizusaki is planning to play for college, but he forgotten about anything he made since he was accused of sexual harassment against the daughter of an adviser of the basketball team. With Kazunari and the Occult Research Club will try to help Shin from removing his bad memories and torments as they are ready to cooperate with the new basketball team coaching staff in order to make sure that Shin will play for college basketball starting summer.


    “How are you doing right now, Tatsuya?” asked Kazunari Uehara as he was walking to the town in Ota while he is calling with Tatsuya Higa, his classmate from Nashiba High School. Kazunari is planning to go to Kuoh Academy to see Issei Hyodo and his friends as they are planning to explore their school’s basketball team.

    “I’m having a vacation at the Misawa Resort Hotel. It was so nice to enjoy there. There are many rooms and I love the place like the garden and the recreational center. I like it!” said Tatsuya.

    “Whoa! Easy, boy. Don’t get too excited. I’m talking about where the Nashiba High School Basketball Team is planning to go to the resort hotel for the tournament” said Kazunari.

    “Oh, the tournament. I believe that the members are currently on vacation. And I see some new members of your group, playing basketball” said Tatsuya.

    “Well, they are the Bravehearts” said Kazunari.

    “What did you say?” asked Tatsuya.

    “The Bravehearts is a group of students from Keishin Academy who were most of the members are from the basketball club. Subaru is our leader and he leads the team through a new style of plays and skills” said Kazunari.

    “That’s so cool! I will be happy if you can call them” said Tatsuya.

    “Currently, they aren’t here. They have some activities to do, Tatsuya. Since you’re my classmate, I need you to join our organizing team of the Hasegawa Cup” said Kazunari.

    “The Hasegawa Cup? Oh, the tournament for ages 12 and below. That’s so cool, Kazunari! I will take part of the organizing group to help you” said Tatsuya.

    “Okay, sure. Well, we should talk later on because I’m already at Kuoh Academy” said Kazunari.

    “Kuoh Academy?” asked Tatsuya.

    “The school that Issei is studying right now. Currently, I’m on investigating the school’s basketball team where I need to make sure that this team needs to be improved” said Kazunari.

    “Okay, Kazunari. Good luck on your investigation” said Tatsuya.

    “Thanks. Bye!” said Kazunari as he hangs up his cellphones as he saw the sign of Kuoh Academy. Later, Kumi Kaneda appears to see Kazunari.

    “Well, well, well. If isn’t Kazunari, my classmate. How are you doing right now?” said Kumi Kaneda.

    “I’m currently investigating the Kuoh Academy Basketball Team. This school needs to improve their program because they always lose their games in major competitions” said Kazunari.

    “Oh, I see. So, that’s why you’re here” said Kumi Kaneda.

    “Yeah, Kumi. Come and join me to take you to this school” said Kazunari.

    “Okay!” said Kumi Kaneda as she and Kazunari went to the Kuoh Academy to visit to the school’s gymnasium.

    When they appear at the gymnasium, Serafall Leviathan was there as she trained the basketball players by doing drill practice.

    “Hi, Sera-chan!” said Kumi Kaneda and Kazunari.

    “Oh, you are here. I believe that you are here to investigate our basketball program. I’ll introduce myself. My name is Serafall Leviathan and I’m the manager of the Kuoh Academy girls’ basketball team and also I’m the devil king in charge of foreign affairs.”

    “Nice to meet you, Sera-chan!” said Kazunari. “My name is Kazunari Uehara, a student from Nashiba High School.”

    “And my name is Kumi Kaneda, a student also from Nashiba High School”

    “Kazunari and Kumi, nice to meet you and this is our basketball team. Our team captain is an agile and strong player. Her name is Asami Shimizu, a shooting guard and a classmate of Issei Hyodo in her class” said Serafall.

    “Wow, she’s beautiful, Kazunari. She looked like Kirara from our school and she has the same level as Tomoka” said Kumi Kaneda.

    “Yeah” said Kazunari.

    “I believe that the basketball team is rebuilding because they have a large number of losses in the major tournament for the last ten years” said Kumi Kaneda.

    “That’s right. Our previous manager Junichi Furukawa had coached this team for two years before he resigned to coach another school in Edogawa” said Serafall.

    “Yeah, what a shame for him” said Kazunari.

    “He coached the team and only wins four games in his two years of coaching in Kuoh. He was dissatisfied about the losses of their games and that’s the time he handed the resignation letter to the athletic director before he went to Edogawa to coach his new team” said Serafall.

    “That’s interesting. So, I believe that Kuoh Academy Basketball Team needs to improve their skills and techniques. The playbook should be different than the ones from Junichi” said Kumi Kaneda.

    “Yeah, I get rid of Junichi’s playbook and replace it with one of my own based on the run-and-gun offense” said Serafall.

    “Giving the players an opportunity to take the offense and defense will make sure that the team will improve their plays” said Kazunari.

    “So, are you gonna do it?” asked Kumi Kaneda.

    “I don’t know what you’re asking, Kumi, but I’ll try” said Serafall.

    “Sure!” said Kazunari and Kumi.

    “Before we start this drill practice, I will take you to Asia and Issei for you to talk about your plans to improve our program” said Serafall.

    “Sure, Sera-chan!” said Kazunari and Kumi.

    “Okay, you’re glad to see me and I hope we should meet each other later” said Serafall.

    “Okay!” said Kazunari and Kumi. Serafall accompanies Kazunari and Kumi to visit the building of the Occult Research Club. At that building, Asia calls Rias about plans for the future while Issei and Koneko play their card game.

    “Here we are! Kazunari, Rias said that you are one of the friends of Subaru that you went there in the other day” said Serafall.

    “Yeah, I believe that we’re here to talk about the future projects for Kuoh Academy” said Kazunari.

    “Of course, Kazunari. See you later!” said Serafall.

    “Okay, thanks, Sera-chan!” said Kazunari and Kumi.

    “Well, Kazunari, you’re back. You’re one of Subaru’s friends, right?” said Issei.

    “Yeah, we’re here to propose a plan for your school’s basketball team” said Kazunari.

    “So, did you plan it out?” asked Koneko.

    “Not yet. But I was thinking that we should help you to train with them” said Kazunari.

    “Oh, okay. I’ll call Asia. She’s calling with Rias” said Issei.

    “Sure” said Kazunari and Kumi.

    “Asia! We have visitors!” said Issei. Asia hangs up her phone after finishes her conversation with Rias.

    “Kazunari and Kumi. I believe that you’re here! As you can see, Rias and her friends are enrolling at the Ōta Magic Academy. It’s a mile away from our school” said Asia.

    “That’s great! What do you plan for the basketball team, Asia?” said Kumi Kaneda.

    “Well, I supposed that we trained the players to make sure that they’re good to play for the Interhigh tournament this summer. Serafall is the manager for the girls’ team while Shinobu Suehiro is the manager for the boys’ team” said Asia.

    “I’m sure that they are working well with the players. So, what are the players look like?” said Kazunari.

    “There are young second and third year students and we need some new players coming from the junior high school or from other schools” said Asia.

    “Recently, a student from Edogawa came to our school and he will be joining the group. His name is Reiji Matsutomo and he’s a first year student” said Issei.

    “Reiji is good in using jab steps and pump fakes. He’s a nocturnal basketball player who plays basketball at night along with his friends” said Koneko.

    “For the other players, we have some good players when the Sports Department of the Kuoh Academy made an intramural competition. I believe that some of the good players are having their potential high as they wanted to be part of the basketball team” said Issei.

    “Probably there are very good players in your class, Issei, but in Koneko’s class, they are excellent players. I believe that the boys’ and girls’ teams were hopefully going to become contenders at least” said Kazunari.

    “I hope so, Kazunari. I hope so” said Asia.

    “Since this school is a magic academy, but also a sports academy” said Kumi Kaneda.

    “That’s right, Kumi! Kuoh Academy is good in sports and magic, but we can’t allow magic while playing for sports because we confiscated these magic items for the safety of the players” said Asia.

    “My classmates are hopefully going to take part of the basketball team, but I hope that they’ll make it” said Issei.

    “Since Serafall is a second year student, she wanted to make sure that the team needs cooperation and once the cooperation exists, they will lead the game through the end” said Koneko.

    “Wow! That was great! I can’t wait to see the team going to compete at Interhigh!” said Kumi Kaneda.

    “Me too!” said Kazunari.

    “Well, you’re in! Kazunari, since you have your basketball team in Nashiba, maybe we should arrange a match, so that we could settle this friendly game” said Issei.

    “Okay! When?” said Kazunari.

    “Next month before the recruitment week, of course” said Asia.

    “Oh, okay! Alright, Asia, Issei and Koneko, we’re in!” said Kazunari.

    “Good! Now, do you have other plans aside from that program?” said Asia.

    “Well, there are some other sports we need to improve as well” said Kazunari.

    “Okay, what sports?” asked Asia.

    “Soccer and volleyball” said Kazunari.

    “Uh, soccer. We have that on our school and they’re competing in the Ōta High School League. For volleyball, we have that, too. I believe that they need some new players to make sure that it’s complete” said Asia.

    “Well, Asia, in our school, our soccer and volleyball programs were good and also baseball and swimming. I believe that our school has many ways to enjoy sports and with 15 sections, we have the freedom to choose any sport. When our basketball program was suspended, we decided to do part-time jobs or playing with other teams” said Kazunari.

    “So, the basketball program was suspended last year? Wow, that’s a shame, Kazunari. What happened?” said Issei.

    “It’s because of our manager Shin Mizusaki made a sexual affair with an 11-year-old daughter of an adviser of the athletic department. This leads to the suspension of our program for a year until thanks to me and my friends, the program was re-instated and we need to rebuild this team for the next competitions” said Kazunari.

    “So, where’s Shin Mizusaki?” asked Issei.

    “He’s prepared for college and wondered about his basketball career to be over after the suspension of their program. With him possibly taking part of his college team, we’re hopefully going to need to support him to play in college” said Kazunari.

    “Well, I have to say that Shin Mizusaki needs to be patient and I believe that we should inform him that he needs to play with Subaru and his teammates” said Issei.

    “Yeah, I wonder what would be your plan to see him” said Subaru.

    “Well, I have to tell you that we have a representative for the sports affairs name Chinami Tamayama. She’s good in counseling and I contact her to visit here and she said she’ll come in a minute” said Issei.

    “So, Issei, since you have that option, there are some options that are proposed by our school. I talked to Kirara Shimazaki and she said that she need to talk to Shin about his plans for the future and I also talked to Teiichi Sugimoto and he said that Takehiro Furukawa will give Shin some time to train while he’s in college” said Kumi Kaneda.

    “Oh, your friends have give options to him, too?” asked Issei.

    “Yep” said Kumi Kaneda.

    “Well, I should talk to him about that” said Issei.

    “Good! I think you can come to Nashiba High School to meet them” said Kazunari.

    “Oh, okay, Kazunari! We’re in to visit that school” said Issei.

    “Well, Kumi. We have them to visit Nashiba to talk to the managers of our basketball club” said Kazunari.

    “Yeah!” said Kumi Kaneda.

    “But before that, I will meet the basketball teams right away. So, you wanna come?” said Asia.

    “Sure, Asia!” said Kazunari and Kumi.

    “So, Asia, are these from Nashiba right? Then, I have to talk to our members if we can go to Nashiba High School for a visit” said Koneko.

    “Uh, I guess you should call them and then, we’re ready to go” said Asia.

    “Okay!” said Koneko.

    “Come on, Kumi! Let’s go back to the gym!” said Kazunari.

    “Okay!” said Kumi Kaneda.

    “Then, let’s go to the gym!” said Asia.

    “Yeah!” said Issei, Koneko, Kazunari and Kumi.

    Part 2 will be on the next post.

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    Re: Rooks, Knights and Bravehearts - The Ro-Kyu-Bu!/Tenshi no 3P! X High School DxD Crossover Series

    "The Unforgotten Shadow" Part 2

    Later, they went to the gymnasium to see Serafall again. There, Asami Shimizu and Reiji Matsutomo were taking a break from practice to see Issei, Asia and Koneko.

    “Issei! You’re arrived at last!” said Asami.

    “Actually, it was a nice to meet you, Asami. I believe that you’re doing great in practice” said Issei.

    “Wow! That’s so sweet to express me. Thank you, Issei” said Asami.

    “Thank you, Asami” said Issei much to Asia and Koneko’s shock.

    “Issei, that girl is also a member of the Occult Research Club?” asked Asia.

    “Yeah, she asked me to join the group since she’s my classmate and I accepted her to the group” said Issei.

    “Well, I believe that you’re having time to let your friends join the team” said Koneko.

    “Why, yes, Koneko. Actually, a three-way deal between the club, my classmates and the student council happened to start practicing their own sport to represent our school” said Issei.

    “I think that was great since the student council had given the powers and lead action to have the job done” said Asami.

    “So, Issei, are your friends here?” asked Reiji.

    “Yeah, Reiji. Reiji, this is Kazunari Uehara and Kumi Kaneda” said Issei.

    “Hi!” said Kazunari and Kumi.

    “Nice to meet you, you two!” said Reiji.

    “I supposed that we’re here to say that your basketball skills are good” said Kazunari.

    “Oh, that’s great, Kazunari! Thank you” said Reiji.

    “You’re welcome, Reiji. I believe that since you’re from Edogawa, how you worked out in playing basketball?” said Kazunari.

    “It was fine to say the least and I was here to study and play. So, Kazunari, what brings you here in Kuoh?” said Reiji.

    “We’re investigating this basketball team and I need to check the players of who are weak and strong” said Kazunari.

    “Well, go ahead. I’ll be glad that you have seen us earlier” said Reiji.

    “Sure, Reiji. Kumi, let’s check the players” said Kazunari.

    “Okay!” said Kumi Kaneda as she and Kazunari have checked the players to see who are strong and weak in the team. At the end of the investigation, none of them are weak, but they saw strong players from the younger levels.

    “It seems that none of the players are weak, but I saw the potential of your players from the younger levels. Reiji, I believe that you’re the strongest of the youngsters” said Kazunari.

    “Well, I was very excited to join this team, but I’m sure that I will be hopefully going to play in big schools three years after my playing time in Kuoh” said Reiji.

    “That’s okay that you’re good in playing basketball. I believe that you must be part of the clan” said Kumi Kaneda.

    “What clan?” asked Reiji.

    ‘The Matsutomo-Minagawa Clan of Edogawa” said Kazunari.

    “Oh, you’re right. I came from that clan through my father” said Reiji.

    “Well, that’s the reason why you wear the blue armband on your left arm” said Kazunari.

    “Yeah, Kazunari. It was used as a willpower and fighting spirit of our clan” said Reiji.

    “Well, you’re expressive as my teammates” said Kazunari.

    “I believe that you’re a great player, too. I saw your players while having a friendly match four years ago” said Reiji.

    “Oh, you remember that match before?” asked Kumi Kaneda.

    “Yeah, I came from Takahata Elementary School Basketball Team and you’re from Den Enchofu Elementary School” said Reiji.

    “That match was alright where we won against your team by thirteen” said Kazunari.

    “It was a memorable match that I made during the District Tournament and then, I became stronger when I enter in junior high school. We fought well including against Shizuno Middle School where we beat them by six during my third year” said Reiji.

    “Oh, you’re beating Ryuuichi Suga in the district tournament. That’s awesome! How did you know that?” said Kazunari.

    “Well, through our offense and defense, we tried to make them immobilize and we did thrice. All of them were in the final quarter. Then, I got fouled by Suga and I made a perfect release of my free throw to seal the game” said Reiji.

    “At least, you’re very good in playing in that game and you’re good like your former teammates. What happened after that?” said Kazunari.

    “We lost in the semifinals, but we did a good fight to stop their defense” said Reiji.

    “So, how are you going to play in Kuoh?” asked Kumi Kaneda.

    “Well, I will use the new playbook that Suehiro gives” said Reiji.

    “Can you show it to us?” asked Kazunari.

    “Okay!” said Reiji.

    “Reiji! I think we should go to Nashiba High School to talk with Shin Mizusaki” said Asami.

    “Yeah, I’ll show it to you later on. Alright, Kazunari and Kumi, maybe you’re going to meet him again” said Reiji.

    “Oh, sure!” said Kazunari and Kumi as Reiji, Asami, Kazunari, Kumi, Issei, Asia and Koneko would walk outside the gym to go to the bus and at the bus, Irina and Yuto appear.

    “So, Issei, we should go to Nashiba High School to talk with the managers” said Irina.

    “That’s right, Irina. We have to deal with Shin Mizusaki” said Issei.

    “So, I believe that we’re going to Subaru’s school to talk with their basketball team” said Yuto.

    “Yeah. I can’t wait that when we deal this, I’m sure that Shin will play college with the help of their managers” said Issei.

    The bus leaves the Kuoh Academy to go west as they will go to the Nashiba High School. At the bus, Kazunari and Kumi were ready to visit their school while Issei and Asia are playing their games at their phones.

    “Subaru, I have a question” said Kazunari as he calls Subaru on the phone.

    “Yes, Kazunari. What do you want?” said Subaru.

    “You see, we’re going to Nashiba High School to talk with our manager and Shin Mizusaki about Shin’s future because after he played well outside Nashiba through the competitions at the Ōta League” said Kazunari.

    “Well, I’m planning to see him whether he will play for college or not, but since you’re going to Nashiba to see him, you have to give me some updates of him. Is that okay, Kazuanri?” said Subaru.

    “Okay!” said Kazunari.

    “I know you can count on you and since you’re the student council president, you need to solve the problems and concerns they have” said Subaru.

    “Sure, Subaru. I’ll make sure that the problem is solved at the end of the day” said Kazunari.

    “Well, then, I’m having time with Maho’s friends and the members of our group and Miori said to you that maybe later we should plan things for the cup because Mihoshi is currently talking with my parents about the plans for our basketball team” said Subaru.

    “Okay. I’ll see you later, Subaru. Bye!” said Kazunari as he hangs up his phone.

    “Bye, Kazuanri!” said Subaru as he also hangs up his phone while seeing the fifth graders playing each other.

    “So, what did he say?” asked Kumi Kaneda.

    “I believe that I can handle the progress report of Shin to him after the visit at the Nashiba High School. I need your help, Kumi” said Kazunari.

    “So, what help do you want to solve this problem?” asked Kumi Kaneda.

    “I have to see Shin’s update on whether he will end or continue his basketball career because I believe that Shin needs support aside from the new manager Takehiro Furukawa, whose father is also from Nashiba” said Kazunari.

    “Oh, okay, Kazunari. I’ll make sure that Shin is okay when he decided to plan out his basketball career whether he will continue or end. It appears that the girls’ team vice captain Saori Aoyama said that Shin wanted to support us for the Hasegawa Cup and I believe that he wanted to coach a team” said Kumi Kaneda.

    “Uh, interesting. It looks like Shin Mizusaki is open for his coaching job for the Hasegawa Cup. Hey, I don’t know if there’s a team that he can coach for the tournament” said Kazunari as he checked the lists of teams to participate at the tournament. Later, he found out that Shin’s former team in elementary school Mikawa Elementary School had a vacant position for manager since Shinobu Mizusaki, his father, is the current head coach. “Maybe this school needs a new manager.”

    “Let’s see. Oh, this is his elementary school, the Mikawa Elementary School. Maybe, this one is a great idea, but I’m sure that he competes in the Ōta League, but didn’t manage any team” said Kumi Kaneda.

    “Well, I’m thinking that this should help him regain his confidence in managing a team after what he had done last year” said Kazunari.

    “Well, the option says that he should train to play in college since he got his choices when his team was suspended” said Kumi Kaneda.

    “Oh, yeah. I hope that will work. Then, he will have many options to do and managing in Mikawa Elementary School would be a good bet while giving consultations and training for him will be the other options to be the best. Once he will decide later on, maybe we should give the options to him” said Kazunari.

    “Yeah, sooner or later, maybe Shin will join our committee for the Hasegawa Cup” said Kumi Kaneda.

    “Yeah, you’re right, Kumi. I hope this will happen” said Kazunari. Then, he asked Kumi Kaneda about her clan. “So, are you working with the Kaneda Clan?”

    “Yes, Kazunari. You see, my sister Yumi is a former student leader from Shiromidai Elementary School and now, she’s currently enrolled at Tamagawa Middle School along with Jun’s friends from higher level” said Kumi Kaneda.

    “Oh, you even know Jun Gotō?” asked Kazunari.

    “Yep, she’s a singer and she is capable of organizing events for the school. I believe that her leadership was very good. She wished that she would run for presidency in Shiromidai Elementary School Student Council, but she ended up elected as the secretary. Kurumi Nukui became the President of the Council in a landslide victory and my sister said that both Kurumi and Jun are very good in leadership because they have their campaigns very good” said Kumi Kaneda.

    “Oh, I believe that they are friends with your sister, Kumi. I will say that its school is governed by churchgoers and a few of the orphans spread their faith like Asia did” said Kazunari.

    “Of course, Yumi and I were Catholics like Jun and Kurumi” said Kumi Kaneda. “In Ōta, we have a few communities that has a large Christian population located at Tamagawa and that’s why we live there.”

    “Yeah, you’re a very devoted Catholic and then, I wonder what would be your plan in the future when you go to college” said Kazunari.

    “As a second year student in Nashiba, I will continue to work with the Kaneda Clan and I’ll make sure that when the clan passes the torch to me, I will be the heir of the clan form my father” said Kumi Kaneda.

    “It seems that you’re very good in leadership, Kumi. So, where are we now?” said Kazunari.

    “It looks like where in Nashiba High School” said Kumi Kaneda.

    “Oh, yeah. Everyone, let’s go to the gymnasium!” said Kazunari.

    “Okay!” said Issei, Asia, Koneko, Irina, Yuto and Kumi Kaneda as Kazunari and the group went to the gym to visit Shin Mizusaki and the coaching staff of the Nashiba High School Basketball Team.

    At the gymnasium, Shin Mizusaki and the players from the Nashiba High School basketball team. Saori Aoyama greets Kazunari and Kumi. “Welcome home, Kazunari! It’s been a week since the encounter with Ryuuichi Suga.”

    “Well, it was been a while, Saori. I’m hanging together with Subaru and his friends” said Kazunari.

    “Good. I think we have a problem with Shin Mizusaki” said Saori.

    “Oh, okay” said Kazunari as Shin doesn’t shoot the ball perfectly. Shin came out of the suspension of his team to play for the Ōta League known as Team Mizusaki. He’s also a player-coach of his own team and led his team to the final of one of the invitational tournaments only to lose to Daisuke Kaida’s Ōmori United.

    “I can’t do it” said Shin as he misses shots trying to make the ball reaches to the basket.

    “What’s wrong?” asked Saori.

    “I can’t shoot anymore after I made a special training with our new manager Takehiro. He thinks that I didn’t made shots at the perimeter, but I made it well during the invitationals” said Shin.

    “Well, you have to target the basket by shooting the ball with your own skill. Watch this” said Saori as she demonstrated the jump shot to Shin and the ball enters to the basket. “See, Shin. I told you that you have to aim for the basket. Now, you try.”

    “Okay, here goes” said Shin as he shoots the ball and the ball enters to the basket like Saori did earlier. “I made it! Thanks, Saori! You’re a great coach and your teaching works!”

    “See, I told you to aim at the basket to shoot. By the way, Kazunari said that we should about your future after Nashiba” said Saori.

    “Oh, sure, Saori” said Shin.

    At the meeting between Shin and the managers, the managers Takehiro and Kumi Nakajima need to plan things with Shin.

    “I’m going to train here while in college?” asked Shin.

    “That’s right, Shin. Since you are in college, I talked to your coach in your school and he said that you need to undergo training with us for a while. I have to admit that you need to be with us for a special training. Since I have the duties as the manager of the team, I need you to join with us after your classes are done” said Takehiro.

    “Well, I’m sure that it will work out for me” said Shin.

    “You’ll be fine, Shin. I believe in you and it appears that you have some letters” said Kumi Nakajima.

    “Oh, the letters, okay” said Shin. “Let’s see what you got here.” As he reads the letters from different institutions, he found out that he will be playing his team for the Ōmori Invitational this May.

    “Oh, I finally gonna participate at the invitational! Yes, woohoo!” said Shin as he was so happy that his team will participate at the Ōmori Invitational. Takehiro and Kumi Nakajima finally praise him to have him and his team invited to the event.

    “So, it’s your chance to win this event. I wanted to win this tournament for us and I believe that you should do it by yourself” said Takehiro.

    “Yeah, I promise” said Shin.

    “Promise us not to lose this event?” asked Kumi Nakajima.

    “Yeah, Kumi! No problem! I’ll do it for my former colleagues and my teammates” said Shin.

    “Glad that you’re happy with this letter” said Kazunari.

    “Yeah, Kazunari. I’ll be hoping that my team will end up victorious” said Shin.

    “Good for you, Shin. Because I have another plan” said Kumi Kaneda.

    “What is it?” asked Shin.

    “Your father wants to come back to your former school to become the manager of the Mikawa Elementary School for the Hasegawa Cup” said Kumi Kaneda.

    “Mikawa? Well, I supposed I can do it, but what are other options?” said Shin.

    “Take part of our committee for the Hasegawa Cup?” asked Kazunari.

    “Uh, I would rather coach my father’s team for the Hasegawa Cup” said Shin.

    “Then, good. I’ll make sure that your friends will react about coaching your father’s team for the event” said Kazunari.

    “Oh, sure. I hope I will be facing against any team in the tournament” said Shin.

    “The draw will be on Monday and I believe that you have to come on Monday to determine the draw. Also, on Sunday, I heard that Subaru’s class will battle against your team, Shin. Do you want the match to be happened?” said Kumi Kaneda.

    “Sure, I’ll do it!” said Shin.

    “Then, it’s all settled! I will be excited to see your team playing against Subaru’s classmates on Sunday at the Misawa Resort Hotel” said Takehiro.

    “The Misawa Resort Hotel? That’s the place where I did an incident before” said Shin.

    “Oh, my god! You gotta be kidding me, Shin! I think you should keep your patience high when you go there” said Kumi Kaneda.

    “Yeah, one time I lost my patience, I fought against my classmates during the intramurals and I got a suspension for a day” said Shin.

    “You have to keep your cool to win that game. I’ll be rooting for you” said Kazunari.

    “Me, too! It’ll be fine to cheer your team to win!” said Kumi Kaneda.

    “Well, thank you, Kazunari and Kumi. I will be ready on Sunday to battle against them” said Shin.

    “Attaboy, Shin!” said Takehiro as he gives Shin a buddy hug to support Team Mizusaki for the game against Subaru’s classmates.

    “Wait guys! I almost forgot about when you have some time to train before the game?” said Shin.

    “Here at the gym, Shin! Just call us if you want to train here” said Takehiro.

    “Okay, thanks, Takehiro!” said Shin.

    “You’re welcome!” said Takehiro.

    Later, the training was finished and Kazunari and Kumi Kaneda have to leave Nashiba to go home.

    “If you want to continue our investigation, just call us!” said Kazunari.

    “Okay, Kazunari! Bye, guys! See you soon!” said Issei and Asia.

    “See ya, guys!” said Kumi Kaneda and Kazunari.

    “Wow! At least Shin finally gains its focus on playing and coaching” said Takehiro.

    “For me, Shin needs to improve his basketball and coaching skills to help his team to win games” said Kumi Nakajima.

    “Takehiro and Kumi, I think we should go back to Kuoh Academy for our work” said Asia.

    “Yeah, we want to go back to our training at the gym” said Asami.

    “Okay, good luck with your team, Asami and Reiji!” said Takehiro.

    “Take care of you two!” said Kumi Nakajima.

    “We will. Bye!” said Asami, Reiji and the members of the Occult Research Club as they leave the Nashiba High School to go back to Kuoh Academy for their works to be done.

    Meanwhile, Kazunari and Kumi Kaneda were in the taxi as they are heading back home.

    “So, Kazunari, are you excited about the Hasegawa Cup?” asked Kumi Kaneda.

    “Yeah, Kumi. It seems that it’s one week to go before this event and I have to give this progress report to Subaru about Shin” said Kazunari.

    “Oh, yeah. I hope that we will continue the investigation Kuoh Academy about trying to improve their basketball program. I hope that when I’m going to watch the Hasegawa Cup, this will be a new competition for the youngsters” said Kumi Kaneda.

    “Yeah, Kumi. I was thinking if we’re going to gather a meeting on Monday for the students of Nashiba High School for the event” said Kazunari.

    “Oh, you’re right. Maybe I can come, but do you have anything else you want to do before the event?” said Kumi Kaneda.

    “I have plans to go back to Kuoh Academy by Thursday to continue the investigation, but I have to ask Subaru if I can have time to leave my home to visit Kuoh Academy again” said Kazunari.

    “Well, if that’s your plan, then I’ll be joining with you” said Kumi Kaneda.

    “Oh, okay, Kumi, you’re on!” said Kazunari.

    “Thanks, Kazunari. I knew you can count on you with that investigation” said Kumi Kaneda.

    “Anytime, Kumi, anytime” said Kazunari.

    The taxi stops at the taxi stand as Kazunari and Kumi Kaneda leaves the taxi and they’ll walk home. Later, while the bus moves to the Kuoh Academy, Reiji and Asami asked Issei about going to visit Issei’s home.

    “Uh, Issei, can you visit your home?” asked Reiji.

    “Pretty please, Issei? I’m so excited to visit your home” said Asami.

    “Okay, you two, you’re in!” said Issei.

    “Yeah!” said Reiji and Asami.

    “So, Issei, are you going to let the two come to your home?” asked Asia.

    “Yep, Asia. Well, we should plan something for next weekend after the first day of classes” said Issei.

    “Well, what do you have in mind?” asked Asia.

    “About going to Kyoto for two days” said Issei.

    “What are you gonna do at Kyoto?” asked Irina.

    “To visit the first home of the Dragon Crimson Clan” said Issei.

    Issei said this because Rias wanted to go back to her ancestors in Kyoto to know about the secrets of their clan. Also, the other clans that are part of the Dragon Crimson Clan are planning to join with Rias and her friends to visit Kyoto on April 3 & 4. It seems that Issei had some plans to do with the clan as he and his members of the Occult Research Club will go on a vacation in Kyoto along with the Dragon Crimson Clan.

    UP NEXT: Chapter 20: "A Family Affair"

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    Re: Rooks, Knights and Bravehearts - The Ro-Kyu-Bu!/Tenshi no 3P! X High School DxD Crossover Series

    I finally begin planning to write Volume 3 by brainstorming the ideas and I will write new chapters for that volume by the time I finish brainstorming. Here is the plan that I was hoping for in order reveal the secret of the Kirihara Middle School’s basketball director.

      Spoiler: Keishin or Kirihara? 
    When I was watching the series finale of Ro-Kyu-Bu! SS, I found out that Tomoka, Maho, Saki, Airi and Hinata will stay in Keishin for middle school and let Subaru to be their coach for their own team. It seems that I planned an idea for Chapters 26 and 27 that during the intramurals, the basketball director of Kirihara Middle School talks to Subaru about the performance of their players and decided to let them enroll at Kirihara Middle School. But when Ginga talks to the basketball director of Keishin Academy about this after meeting with Subaru and his friends, the Keishin Academy’s basketball director knows this and they will meet with the Kirihara Middle School’s basketball director when the deadline of the registration of teams for the Hasegawa Cup reaches that day.

    I currently plan this for the future chapters and I will be giving you the full teaser for Volume 3 when I finish brainstorming ideas in the future. Also, I will be planning to write Special Chapter 3 about Miyu Aida and Rena Ashihara of Suzuridani Girls' Academy. They will talk about how their relationship maintain after their first game in the district tournament against the Keishin Academy. By the way, by December, I’ll be posting new chapters for Volume 3 soon. So, stay tuned for that and enjoy reading Chapter 20!

    When the problems of Shin Mizusaki were solved, the Occult Research Club and the members of the Dragon Crimson Clan have planned a vacation in Kyoto in order to meet their fellow descendants from the first patriarch. Also, if the members of the Occult Research Club have revealed many secrets and mysteries about their clan, they believe that they were born as supernaturalism was existed and so, Sona had decided to use the “mirror” world, in order to create a “crimson” world in the alternate universe. When the meeting is done, they are hopefully ready to visit Kyoto next week to see the mysteries and secrets of the Dragon Crimson Clan.


    “Well, Asami and Reiji, I will be glad if you can come to our home later on. But right now, when we’re back to Kuoh Academy, the training is waiting for you” said Issei.

    “Okay, Issei! We’re glad that you’re here!” said Asami and Reiji.

    “Sure! Anytime, you two” said Issei.

    The Occult Research Club, Asami and Reiji were on their way back to the Kuoh Academy to finish their duties for the day. As the bus will about to move back to the school, Irina asked Koneko about the plans for Kyoto.

    “As what I said, Koneko, Rias is planning to gather all of us for a team meeting later on” said Irina.

    “Well, I supposed that we should be aware that the opening of classes will be on April and I’m sure that a vacation will fall on a Saturday that is April 3. I’m sure Rias will tell us something” said Koneko.

    “Then, Asia and I will talk about the plans we need to make sure the vacation is set” said Irina.

    “Well, obviously, I’m sure that would be nice to be prepared soon, but I hope that the members will agree to this” said Koneko.

    “Koneko, there are some members who might join us in order to look at the historical site in Kyoto where the Dragon Crimson Clan originates in that area” said Asia.

    “Well, I guess that the secrets to this are not known to the public” said Koneko.

    “Exactly! So, I wonder what’s inside in the clan’s historical site” said Asia.

    “I don’t know, but Rias and the Gremories know this, so, please, don’t spoil it” said Koneko.

    “Okay, Koneko, got it!” said Asia.

    The bus finally stops to the Kuoh Academy as the Occult Research Club is now back to work for the rest of the day. Later, rumors surrounding the Kuoh Academy Basketball Team that a possible addition to the team may happen next week. Asami and Reiji would visit to the gym.

    “Hey, everyone! How’s it going?” said Reiji.

    “I found out that a new member may join to this team soon” said Atsushi Hamada.

    “What? You’re kidding. I’m sure what would be his appearance look like” said Reiji.

    “Well, he’s a power forward and he came from Shibuya and he has great skills like us” said Kiyoshi Akaike.

    “Who is he?” asked Reiji.

    “His name is Hideki Mitobe and also, a first year student enrolled at Kuoh Academy” said Atsushi.

    “Oh, I believe that this guy will be taking part of this team” said Reiji.

    “That’s right, Reiji! I think you and that guy will have to train together when he’ll be here for the first time” said Kiyoshi.

    “Well, I’m sure that the new guy may be stronger than us” said Reiji.

    “We’ll see” said Atsushi.

    “So, Asami, how’s the visit to Nashiba High School?” asked Yurika Higuchi.

    “Well, it was a fine school that has a basketball program and I met Shin Mizusaki” said Asami.

    “So, that guy was interesting to me and I heard that name in the news about his actions against the daughter of an adviser of the athletic department” said Sumire Tosaka.

    “Yeah, I think he is now in training with his team, so that he can play in college as soon as possible. Right now, Nashiba is a contender in the future competitions, so I’m sure that our boys may need strength to beat them” said Asami.

    “Oh, I see. So, Kuoh needs our boys the strength to win games. That would a great idea, Asami” said Yurika.

    “Me too! I wonder the boys are going to plan this team when they’ll face each other in a friendly match” said Sumire.

    “Well, I figured it out that the boys must be good in magic defense, but maybe the staff can give the boys a hard training every weekend” said Asami.

    “Yeah, that’s why I want to know if the boys are doing great as of now because they might be up to something with the new guy name Hideki Mitobe” said Yurika.

    “Oh, that guy is so food and I can think of me and him going together” said Sumire.

    “Well, I don’t know, but he hasn’t been popular yet since his great strength and versatile skills are outclassing his opponents” said Asami.

    “That’s true, Asami. We will wait to see him, girls” said Yurika.

    “Yeah!” said Sumire and Asami.

    “Everyone! Enough talking about this!” said Serafall as the members of the Kuoh Academy Basketball Team stop talking about the news about Hideki Mitobe. Then, she continues talking with the team. “Players, I almost forgot that all of you will have a friendly match against Kikuchiba Academy girls’ basketball team on Saturday.”

    “Wow! A match against Kikuchiba? That would be great, girls!” said Yurika.

    “Yeah!” said the members of the Kuoh Academy girls’ basketball team.

    “Boys, we have a match against the Nashiba High School on Sunday at their court, but it seems that some of their members are not gonna participate because they become organizers for the Hasegawa Cup. So, right now, this match against Nashiba will test to see who the team gets the stronger strategy and the other with the weaker strategy” said Shinobu while talking to the members of the boys’ basketball team.

    “Well, how will you figure it out about their strength?” asked Reiji.

    “We’ll see about that when the game starts” said Shinobu.

    “Okay, everyone! The training is finished, you may dismiss” said Serafall and Shinobu.

    The members of the Kuoh Academy Basketball Team have left the gym and later pack their things to go home. Asami and Reiji, who were refreshed again, went to the fountain of the Kuoh Academy.

    “Reiji, are you actually a member of the Matsutomo-Minagawa Clan?” asked Asami.

    “Yeah, Asami. I’m the eldest of the four children of Eikichi and Reiko. Of course, my younger siblings are studying in Ōta since all except my younger sister were graduated from Edogawa” said Reiji.

    “Well, at least you follow your father’s footsteps to become the heir to the clan” said Asami.

    “Yep. I will be the leader someday, but still I wanted to explore the Kuoh Academy since this school has many buildings and their environment was nice” said Reiji.

    “I meant to say is that your blue armband you’re wearing all day is sacred. How did you get that?” said Asami.

    “It was given from my grandfather when I was born as an infant. The symbol of this armband represents the goodwill and resiliency of the clan’s history” said Reiji.

    “Well, for that time, it was so great to join some gathering with your clan members” said Asami.

    “Yeah, my siblings trust me to do it and they always seen me playing basketball. I was so glad that I wanted to build a family someday” said Reiji.

    “Well, then, are you prepared to be determined if you wanted to be with me?” asked Asami.

    “Well, yes” said Reiji.

    “Good!” said Asami.

    “But what I say is that you’re prettier than my former classmates from Takahata Middle School” said Reiji.

    “Oh, you’re so sweet, Reiji!” said Asami.

    “Well, thank you, Asami!” said Reiji. Then, he saw the watch that it says 5:12. “Oh, Asami. I almost forgot that Issei said that maybe we should join us.”

    “Oh, okay!” said Asami.

    “Then, let’s wait for Issei and others to join us!” said Reiji.

    “Okay!” said Asami. Ten minutes later, Issei and the members of the Occult Research Club were arrived from the building and Asami and Reiji would join the group to visit the Hyodo Residence.

    Later, when they arrived at Issei’s home, the members of the Occult Research Club, along with Asami and Reiji went to the room of Issei to wait the others to enter. When the members of the Occult Research Club finally arrived at Issei’s room, Rias opens her computer to call her fellow clan members to begin the chat.

    “Millicas! Seekvaira! Sairorg! Ajuka! We have an urgent meeting!” said Rias as she called the members of the Dragon Crimson Clan to start the meeting. Millicas Gremory, Seekvaira Agares, Sairorg Bael and Ajuka Beelzebub were appeared via the chat organizer where they are ready to talk with Rias Gremory about the clan’s trip to Kyoto on April 3 to 4.

    “So, Rias, what’s up?” asked Millicas.

    “I have plans with regards of going on a vacation in Kyoto with the members of the Dragon Crimson Clan” said Rias.

    “Well, I believe that we’re hopefully going to visit there to go to the clan’s historical site” said Issei.

    “I see. Rias, I believe that we should go there before I believe that there are secrets in the clan. Of course, the members of the Occult Research Club would be allowed to take part of this expedition” said Sairorg.

    “Yeah, Sairorg. I think they are my friends and I hope that when we go there, we should be ready to explore our old place” said Rias.

    “It sure that this expedition will be different from before, but maybe Issei and his friends should help you out when we go there” said Millicas.

    “Yep, my nephew. I believe that the family name of Gremory will grow responsibility to know everything with the clan” said Rias.

    “Of course, Rias. I believe that there are some members of the clan were hopefully going to know the secrets and actions may be ordered under the leader of the clan” said Seekvaira.

    “Who?” asked Rias, Millicas, Sairorg and Ajuka.

    “Zeoticus” said Seekvaira.

    “I believe that my father may know about this” said Rias.

    “That’s right. There are many secrets in the clan saying that the Dragon Crimson Clan has collected members rise from the rebelled Crimsons in Kyoto to the division of the clan by creating new family names based on the “devil” world. The names Gremory, Bael, Belial and Lucifer were adapted from the first patriarch of the clan name Nobunori Karashima whose new name is Geoticus Duraregu” said Ajuka.

    “Seeing the fact that the community of Dragon Crimson in Kyoto and Tokyo have been increased since the modern era” said Sairorg.

    “We were coming from the devils and we thought that we were “aliens”, we have our original names until the leading patriarch names any one of the group. With that, we were descended from the rebelled Crimsons, who were crimson-colored military uniforms who wanted to build a new community for the first ancestors of the Dragon Crimson Clan” said Millicas.

    “Well, it seems that there any many secrets to be known by the members and I say that the other clans have other secrets basically from the historical accounts and legends. We bear the name Dragon Crimson Clan or Karakurenai Clan as the constructive group of inhabitants seek for occultism” said Rias.

    “You got it right, Rias. Then, I wanted to know that they are some members want to read some accounts to see how the Karakurenai Clan exists from the descendants of the famous Nobunori Karashima. They were once being famous on the Crimson Movement that was accomplished until the deportation during the Second World War” said Seekvaira.

    “So, where are the places that we should go to Kyoto?” asked Rias.

    “The Karakurenai Temple and the tomb of the original Karashimas” said Millicas.

    “That’s sacred, Millicas. Maybe there are many ancestors die for the name of Karakurenai and wish to be buried with Nobunori. It seems that we should prepare the old ways” said Ajuka.

    “Valon Zagan said that there any some members of the clan have use the clan’s initiation to bring the souls alive. It was existed in the legends, but I don’t think we should do it all by ourselves” said Sairorg.

    “Well, we should do it” said Rias.

    “Okay, Rias. But one question: can these friends of yours may need safety while doing this?” said Sairorg.

    “Yes, Sairorg. I will protect my friends from harm” said Rias.

    “Oh, good. We should be ready for the initiation and the places we go” said Sairorg.

    “Basically, the idea of a crimson world was all sacred, but one day when a world was formed, we should bear the ideas to create a crimson world” said Rias.

    “That’s right, everyone! I think the plan to create a crimson world would be a great idea until the days’ future past as long as our descendants will inherit this” said Millicas.

    “Indeed! Are we clear to build this in the future?” said Seekvaira.

    “Yes! We’ll hopefully make this happen” said Sairorg, Rias, Millicas and Ajuka.

    “Okay! Now, can we move on to something what we are born from: the Karakurenai Clan” said Seekvaira.

    Part 2 will be on the next post.

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    Re: Rooks, Knights and Bravehearts - The Ro-Kyu-Bu!/Tenshi no 3P! X High School DxD Crossover Series

    "A Family Affair" Part 2

    Seekvaira would tell the story about the Karakurenai Clan and its existence until its modern era.

    “The Karakurenai Clan was born from the merchants and colonial legitimists at the time during the Meiji era. Originally, they were born as Japanese, but later, they were influenced outside Japan with foreigners. Basically, the clan has 72 third-generation members descended from the second-generation members. It was said that these people were born under the idea of creating new names when the seventy second was born” said Seekvaira.

    “One day, Nobunori dies old in his nineties and later his children die too due to their old age. Then, the seventy-two begin to set their own journeys and later the great Takehiro Karashima have called on a meeting to gather them for a meeting and said that all will change their names based on what he read the secrets of occultism. Then, occultism became the new religious focus for the family despite of Shinto learnings continue” said Millicas.

    “A hybrid of Shintoism and occultism was born before the Second World War as they were against the policies of the Showa Emperor. It seems that they have purpose on trying to support the Emperor and they decided to keep it secret. Once the war was ended, the members of the Karukurenai Clan begin to shift from militarism to politics as they even want a better place in Japan. So, they transfer their homes to Tokyo and their descendants like us were lived ever since” said Rias.

    “The reason why the Karukurenai Clan never lost its honor during the Second World War is because their members want to fight for the Emperor and after the nation becomes more democratic in the 50s, they begin working on creating a crimson world. How long were basically need to use this for the fact that creating a new world would take this too long to finish for many years” said Ajuka.

    “By then, the Karukurenai Clan said their names in Goetic instead of Japanese because they use this for secretive purposes. No one has ever reveal it because they wanted to use both names as they wanted to live in the name of the clan. How long we ever been here? We have many members of the clan who thought about occult and magic and this should take any time we ever commit for the family and the clan” said Ajuka.

    “So, that’s why the members of the Karukurenai Clan have been developed as ritual defenders who wanted to respect each other’s families” said Issei.

    “That’s true, Issei. And not all of us have respected to each other, but also the members of the clan. We wore the crimson armband as a sign of being a member of the clan. If someone marry a person who is from another clan, he/she may renounce its rights to wear this armband and be removed from the clan” said Rias.

    “So, I thought that everyone is allowed to marry a member of the Karukurenai Clan, but what about the other clans?” said Asia.

    “The other clans have some other ideas based on what they did in the past and in the present. Of course, they can’t allow marry any one of us unless a female member can renounce his/her family name and join to another clan” said Millicas.

    “The other thing is that a new cadet of a strong family can be made if a member of the family has many children. We see this at least 8 members have too many children” said Rias.

    “Yeah, I think you’re all famous from leading the clan since they have hairs red or crimson-like. Why are you adopting the name Karukurenai Clan?” said Yuto.

    “Its name “karukurenai” means foreign crimson” said Ajuka.

    “So, that’s why all of you were sporting red hairs and wearing the clan’s uniforms. Are the name “karukurenai” appeared in your shirts?” said Akeno.

    “Yes, Akeno. The name bears on our clan’s crest in shirts and fortunately, we decided to keep the logo in Kyoto to recognize every one of us that we’re coming from the clan” said Seekvaira.

    “So, what are you planning to build a crimson world in the future?” asked Koneko.

    “As what I said earlier, the crimson world was all sacred. It has many things they ever made as people believe that the crimson world can be created by exploring the universe to colonize a new land. It depends on the shape of the planet we ever plan in the future, so that we should live there in the future” said Rias.

    “The existence of the crimson world is very huge to make, and it has been projected and when we’re transported to that world, we will create timewarps to jump to another world, but it will take it too long to have this one” said Xenovia.

    “I assured that when we created the crimson world outside the Solar System, we should transport everything we need and the only we can exist is an alternate world that can differentiate both worlds when we explore the new world” said Irina.

    “That’s right, Irina and Xenovia. Our plans to create the new world should be done once the initiation is done and according to the historical accounts, we should do that before summer. We can’t have this world to be destroyed. Once we created the crimson world, we should live there permanently” said Sairorg.

    “The Five Great Karukurenais are currently lived in Kyoto and we have to meet them before we will start the initiation” said Rias.

    “So, that’s what you’re planning, Rias” said Ravel.

    “Yeah. Being a member of the Karukurenai Clan has many responsibilities and that’s why, Ravel, you have to do your duties too” said Rias.

    “Okay, Rias. So, after summer, we’re now going to that place: the crimson world” said Ravel.

    “Yep. It’s going to make things differently and we should begin inheriting the new land and we should start doing this before reaches summer” said Rias.

    “On the other hand, our forms will be differed once we’re transported to the crimson world. It seems that the work of a devil can only be made to extract evil powers” said Seekvaira.

    “So, all of our powers will be formed once we’re in this new world. I can wait to see how the new world works” said Gasper.

    “Yep. There are also some changes when the culture of the crimson world exists” said Sairorg.

    “Then, it will be fine to live, and the population will be changed depends on the creation of a new world” said Rosseweisse.

    “As you can see, the crimson world cannot copy the replica of planet Earth and the population would be changed, but with a limited number of people that was projected to live in this new world” said Millicas.

    “The best part is that once the new world was formed, we will explore the new world and timewarps will be created to warp to another world” said Seekvaira.

    “Hmm. So, the planet Earth will be safe without us and our powers will be passed to someone who will inherit this” said Azazel.

    “I know what about us” said Asami as she and Reiji want to inherit powers from them.

    “So, are those two are new members of the club, Rias?” asked Azazel.

    “Asami is the member of the club, but Reiji isn’t” said Rias.

    “Hmm. I’ll say that these two can give powers to use it in the crimson world while the body double will be created” said Azazel.

    “That’s a great idea! Maybe the body double should be created to mimic your characteristics and movements you have” said Rias.

    “So, we should to this before the weekend, Rias” said Millicas.

    “Sure!” said Rias.

    “Good! Now, we can explain about what should look the equivalent of Kuoh Academy” said Ajuka.

    “I think it is Kikuchiba Academy” said Sairorg.

    “Kikuchiba Academy? That’s my school that I’m going to battle soon” said Asami.

    “Oh, I see. Maybe I can tell you that Kuoh Academy and the Kikuchiba Academy were looked the same. Of course, we should let the members join the conversation” said Rias.

    “Okay!” said Asami.

    Rias contacted Sona to join the conversation, then she asked her to call Miki Shimizu and Sumire Shiraishi to join the conversation as well. Later, Miki and Sumire appears on Rias’ computer to join the conversation.

    “Hello, Miki! Hello, Sumire!” said Asami and Rias.

    “So, you two are welcomed to this conversation and since you’re from the real world, we’re from the Karukurenai Clan. I’m Rias Gremory and this is Asami Shimizu” said Rias.

    “Hey! That’s my younger sister” said Miki.

    “Oh, I know why you are here” said Sumire.

    “Yeah, I can believe that we’re going to be teammates when my body double will be in the new world, along with Reiji Matsumoto” said Asami.

    “Wow! I know what you are thinking, and it seems that you will be with us soon” said Miki.

    “Okay!” said Asami.

    “So, you must be Reiji. Nice to meet you, Reiji” said Sumire.

    “Nice to meet you, Sumire. Guess what, Asami and I were dating” said Reiji, much to the members of the Occult Research Club’s shock.

    “Whoa! You say what?!” said Issei.

    “Yeah, the two of us will have our body double to the crimson world while we’re going to play with your school, Miki and Sumire” said Reiji.

    “Oh, that’s so sweet” said Miki.

    “What love is the most splendor thing” said Asami.

    “I guess that you’re the guy who loves another new student” said Issei.

    “I think we should be keep this secret, guys. I think the other viewers are speechless” said Reiji.

    “Okay, fine. Just continue the conversation. We’re listening” said Millicas.

    “Yeah, go on, Reiji” said Sona, Rias, Seekvaira, Sairorg and Ajuka.

    “Oh, I was hoping that when the two of us will play for the Ōta League” said Reiji.

    “Are you sure that you’ll be with us for the invitationals?” said Miki.

    “Yeah!” said Asami and Reiji.

    “Sure, you two. You can count on us when you’re going to be ready to play soon” said Miki.

    “Okay, we’ll do it!” said Asami and Reiji.

    “It’s fine that you two will be ready for the future competitions” said Sumire.

    “I hope that your plan works before playing against us, Asami” said Miki.

    “Of course, sister!” said Asami.

    “Then, Rias, when the body double will be made to the crimson world, we’ll take care of those two when you and your friends are transported to the crimson world” said Miki.

    “Of course, you can count on us when it will be done” said Rias.

    “Good! Then, we’ll see you on the match, Asami and Reiji” said Miki.

    “Okay! Bye, Miki! Bye, Sumire!” said Asami and Reiji as the screens of Miki and Sumireturn black.

    “So, Rias, are these two will be playing for us for one game?” asked Sona.

    “Yep, when the body doubles are here in the crimson world, we’ll make sure that this will be looked different when the crimson world is formed” said Rias.

    “I wonder what would be your plans in Kyoto” said Sona.

    “We should go to the Karukurenai Temple to visit the Five Great Karukurenais” said Rias.

    “Well, I think this planet has a mirror world, which means that we’re living in Japan, but the part is that we’re different than the humans” said Sona.

    “Yep. That’s why when we go to Kyoto, we should build the crimson world when the initiation is done” said Rias.

    “I didn’t tell the others that we’re living in the mirror world, so that’s why the barrier was here to reflect the Kuoh Academy” said Issei.

    “Hmm. Interesting. So, your friend Kazunari is a human and also, Kumi” said Yuto.

    “I believe that when we build this crimson world, we’ll have a different appearance for the humans” said Asia.

    “Is that so?” asked Sona.

    “Yep. It is basically where the barriers we made is to cover the mirror world to use the warp, so that everyone can jump to another world” said Asia.

    “You’re correct, Asia. That’s why these humans are great intelligent thinks and I should tell you that they visit there with the barriers we check on and we used that to photocopy the people to use to convert it to the crimson world” said Millicas.

    “So, what’s the conclusion, Millicas?” asked Sona.

    “There are chances that the “photocopied” people will be converted to the crimson world” said Millicas.

    “Hmm. Interesting. So, that’s why the photocopies we made from the barriers are used to copy the pictures and use for the crimson world project” said Sona.

    “Yeah, exactly correct, Sona” said Sairorg.

    “Will you come to our trip to Kyoto?” asked Seekvaira.

    “Yes, Seekvaira. I’ll also have my representatives from the Aurea Academy to come to the expedition too. That way, we’ll explore the secrets of the Karukurenais” said Sona.

    “Hmm. Okay, Sona. You’re welcomed to come to our expedition” said Azazel.

    “Okay, Azazel. Thank you, everyone” said Sona.

    “You’re welcome, Sona” said Rias, Sairorg, Seekvaira, Millicas and Ajuka.

    “So, how’s work in Aurea Academy” asked Ajuke.

    “Just to create my own invention, the barrier photocopy formulator” said Sona. “So, that would be used to create a new world by copying those pictures.”

    “So, we should know that the mirror world was used to reflect the other world that is differed from what you see” said Yuto.

    “Yeah. We will finally have the time to create the crimson world in order to allow the photocopies that Sona creates and the ideas we build to come to life” said Rias.

    “So, what are the other ideas to create the new world?” asked Millicas.

    “Maybe we should add magic in the crimson world since the mirror world has magic” said Sona.

    “That’s a great idea, Sona!” said Rias.

    “Okay, Sona, if magic should be existed in the crimson world, we should have that invention come to life as well” said Sairorg.

    “Okay, anything else?” asked Rias.

    The members of the Occult Research Club said either “none of the above” or “no ideas to be added” while others nodded to say “no”.

    “Okay, it’s all clear. We have them in the plans to create” said Rias.

    “Okay, Rias. We should have our dinner right now and all of you, we’ll see you on Friday night” said Millicas.

    “Okay!” said Rias, the she turned to the members of the Occult Research Club “Friday night, everyone. We should leave early before Saturday.”

    “Okay, Rias!” said the members of the Occult Research Club.

    “Alright, we’re ready!” said Rias.

    “Good! Then, let’s make this expedition to be the best, guys!” said Ajuka as the screens of Ajuka, Seekvaira, Sairorg, Millicas and Sona turn black. Later, Rias close her computer.

    “Okay, everyone!” said Rias. “I think we should be ready to visit my ancestor’s home and I hope the mirror world will be transported to the crimson world” said Rias.

    “Yeah!” said the members of the Occult Research Club.

    “Then, let’s eat before we play. Okay, guys?” said Rias.

    “Okay!” said the members of the Occult Research Club. The members of the Occult Research Club would later eat their dinner as Issei’s parents give them some delicious ramen noodles and tempura.

    Later, Asami, Reiji, Ravel and Gasper play video games in the television.

    “Well, Asami, Reiji, I think you’re enjoying playing video games” said Ravel.

    “Yeah, I love to play this thing. I think these games are sometimes have ratings. For example, some games are rated Mature” said Asami.

    “It looks like you’re good in describing everything” said Gasper.

    “That’s true. I believe that observing the items in order to play is the most important thing you have to watch out” said Reiji.

    “There are many games I like to play on my home. My brother Riser usually likes to play games that are related to women” said Ravel.

    “Oh, yeah” said Reiji.

    “So, your brother is seemed to be travelling elsewhere, but I heard that he will be joining the expedition soon” said Asami.

    “Well, it seems that he will come to our expedition until his own training to use fire weapons are finished” said Ravel.

    “Will he show up to battle against some enemies? I think he’s a great shooter in firing some opponents” said Reiji.

    “Yeah, he can shoot at any opponent, but his skills are much not a little bit” said Ravel.

    “So, what do you have in mind with you dating with Gasper?” asked Asami.

    “Well, since you ask for it, I’ll explain. There’s no right or wrong if I would date this guy, but I was thinking that I would love Issei, but I’m thinking that I had to have two lovers with him and Gasper” said Ravel.

    “Well, I guess you have the point in dating me despite that I want to be with you while Issei is the real guy to date him” said Gasper.

    “Oh, do you think we’re gonna test the two you to date?” asked Reiji.

    “No, I wouldn’t” said Ravel.

    “Me, either” said Gasper.

    “Fine. How about you will play together while battling against us?” asked Ravel.

    “Oh, okay. That would be great if we will win against you” said Asami.

    “Okay, but don’t cry if you lose” said Ravel.

    “Sure, Ravel” said Asami.

    The game starts with Asami and Reiji play well against Ravel and Gasper. At the end of the game, Asami and Reiji win against Ravel and Gasper.

    “Oh, I lost” said Ravel.

    “Yes! You see what I was thinking? We cooperate each other” said Asami.

    “Well, I didn’t want to cry if I lose this match, but I appreciate your win” said Ravel.

    “Thank you, Ravel” said Asami.

    “Reiji, did you enjoy a lot?” asked Gasper.

    “Yeah, I enjoyed. What about you, Gasper?” said Reiji.

    “Me, too. I think we’re doing fine when it comes to cooperate to each other, but I admit it. I wanted to win against you to know your strength and weakness of you” said Gasper.

    “Well, I guess you’re testing me again” said Reiji.

    “Yeah. Let’s play again!” said Gasper.

    “Okay!” said Asami, Reiji and Ravel.

    “Well, what do you know, Issei. They’re playing well together. At least, they cooperate with each other” said Rias.

    “Yeah, I think they develop their relationship, but I hope they improve yet more. Rias, when the crimson world was formed, maybe there are no restrictions for polygamy” said Issei.

    “Well, I hope that will work out” said Rias. The members of the Occult Research Club and the Karukurenai Clan have finalized their plans to go to Kyoto on April 3 & 4. Rias, Sairorg, Seekvaira, Millicas, Ajuka and Sona are ready to explore the secrets of the Karukurenai Clan. The Occult Research Club is also joining the expedition team to know more about the clan that was originated during the Meiji era.

    UP NEXT: Chapter 21: "Subaru's Dream Plan"

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