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Thread: Rooks, Knights and Bravehearts - The Ro-Kyu-Bu!/Tenshi no 3P! X High School DxD Crossover Series

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    Re: Rooks, Knights and Bravehearts - The Ro-Kyu-Bu!/Tenshi no 3P! X High School DxD Crossover Series

    For those who are not reading Chapter 124 yet, you can read it before or after you tonight's update (Chapter 125). I'm not sure if the series keeps on declining for recent weeks due to the view courts aren't doing week, but I'll be appreciated if the view count is higher. Anyway, time to go to tonight's update!

    Now that I have covered the first training of the basketball programs of all well-known schools in the series, tonight, I will cover another chapter featuring a school that hasn’t been covered yet, the Kikuchiba Academy High School boys’ basketball team. This team was coached by Akihiro Shirogame and managed by a devil named Issei Hyodo. Who knows Issei wants to make his school’s basketball team something magical with his own powers when he’s helping his team to win? In this chapter, I will cover their first training of their new season where a lot of new faces will be joining the varsity team including Issei's two best friends/the two perverts, Motohama and Matsuda, as well as the Burnt Leaf’s meeting with Shinzō Mizunaga. In a coincidence, this chapter will be dedicated to both Juri Kimura and Minami Tsuda, whose birthdays are tonight (June 7) and tomorrow (June 8). Juri is the voice actress of Rin Mate (Gochūmon wa Usagi Desu ka?/Is the Order a Rabbit?) while Minami Tsuda is the voice actress of Tsubaki Takenaka (Ro-Kyu-Bu!). Hopefully, I’m going to watch out for both Juri and Minami as they’ll hopefully going to make more progress in their voice acting careers this year. Happy birthday, Juri and Minami! Now, it’s time to witness the old and new players of the Kikuchiba Academy High School boys’ basketball team in action as here comes Chapter 125! Enjoy reading Chapter 125!

    After their early exit in the first round of the Young Players Cup, the Kikuchiba Academy High School boys’ basketball team would arrange a tryout for new faces in the team. Many of the aspiring players are coming from the first year level, but luckily, they have two more players to join namely Motohama and Matsuda, two-thirds of the Pervert Trio. Akihiro Shirogane and Issei would start the tryout for the new members of the team where the new faces must impress both Mr. Shirogane and Issei by showing their moves in the court. The new players have passed the three activities, based on what Mr. Shirogane’s preferred strength for his team. Motohama and Matsuda were able to show their pride for Issei by using their moves that Issei learned in recent days. Mr. Shirogane had also accepted Reiji Matsutomo, Nobuhisa Shiba and Hiroshi Ozato. After the training, Issei and his buddies from the basketball team to meet with the Burnt Leaf after the training was over. Issei was delighted with the announcement of the expansion of the Occult Research Club by recruiting the foreigners such as Valerie Tepes (a childhood friend of Gasper Vladi) and Tosca Giardiniere (a friend of Yuto Kiba), who would be part of the circle of foreigners from Europe known as the European Crimson. The Burnt Leaf would be met by Shinzō Mizunaga, one of the members of the Kikuchiba Academy High School boys’ basketball team. Shinzō was the guy who invited them to his group’s home on Thursday. Shinzō and Reiji would finally become friends with each other after a pickup game, hoping that they’ll develop their friendship by having a match with each other again when their groups, the Burnt Leaf and the Nine Blue Tridents Tokyo will each other at the latter’s home on Thursday.


    The basketball training at the Kikuchiba Academy High School basketball team was started after Issei finished changing his clothes into a gym uniform that is compared to his past in Kuoh Academy.

    He sees Hiroshi Ozato, who is running on his way to the gymnasium. He thinks about his talent. “That guy was fast. He believes that he’s ready for the tryout. But I’m not gonna worry to the two perverts. I think I’ll have to find out.”

    Issei enters to the gymnasium to see the aspiring players including Motohama and Matsuda, who are prepared to take part of the tryout. Akihiro Shirogane joins Issei as he meets the new players.

    “Where the hell are the kouhais…” said Motohama.

    “…and the senpais?” asked Matsuda.

    “Oh, they’ll be here, Motohama and Matsuda. They have just prepared the equipment they’ll use for the tryout” said Issei.

    “I believe that you two are ready to put your guts on your body because this is your chance to shine in our team” said Akihiro.

    “And here they come!” said Issei as he points at the kouhais and senpais of the team, who were bringing some equipment and place them in the floor.

    “Great job, boys! Now, please remain standing for a while. I’ll start this tryout in a few seconds” said Akihiro.

    “Okay, Shirogane-sensei!” said the kouhais and senpais of the Kikuchiba Academy High School boys’ basketball team.

    “Now, everyone is here to be part of the tryouts for our team and we’re lucky to have the number of participants being doubled from last year. There are 28 of them being listed to be part of this training. I hope that you’re ready to shine in our team because we’ll start our season with our introduction” said Akihiro.

    At the bench, Yuto and Koneko are sitting to look at Issei.

    “I can’t believe that the tryouts are about to begin” said Yuto.

    “Yep. Tryouts can’t be easy, Yuto-kun. I’m sure that a few will join while others will walk away from the court” said Koneko.

    “I agree, Koneko. I would say that this would be the biggest participation in the boys’ basketball team with many aspirants are eyeing a spot for the team” said Yuto.

    “Much like in Kuoh, who has strong players who have weapons being used, but in Kikuchiba, it’s prohibited to do so” said Koneko.

    “I wonder what Matsuda and Motohama will do in the tryout” said Yuto.

    “Yeah, me too, but you know what, they should be serious when they’re showing their guts to please Issei” said Koneko.

    “Well, we’ll found out, Koneko” said Yuto.

    “Yeah” said Koneko with a smile on her face.

    Akihiro and Issei would introduce themselves to the new players of the team.

    “My name is Akihiro Shirogane. I’m the head coach of the Kikuchiba Academy High School boys’ basketball team. I have been working in Kikuchiba for five years and I have also participated at the basketball camp for middle-class people in Kitakyushu.”

    “And I’m Issei Hyodo. I’m the manager of the Kikuchiba Academy High School boys’ basketball team. I’m a High-Class Devil and the holder of the Sacred Gear. I have a burning path to make my life easier and I want to explore everything about basketball.”

    “So, if you know about us, then you’ll be appreciated to recognize us right now. Okay?” said Akihiro.

    “Okay!” said the new members of the Kikuchiba Academy High School boys’ basketball team.

    “Now, I will tell you about the profile of our team last year. Issei, tell them” said Akihiro.

    Issei holds the piece of paper to read the review of the team’s last season. “Okay.” Issei clears his throat before he reads the first line. “Last season, it was a developing year for the team, but we aren’t succeeded like many years ago. We participated at the Interhigh prefectural tournament, but we failed to beat a team from Katsushika in the second round of the team. Fortunately, we beat a team from Musashino. Our players are doing great with their special moves being magnificent as they did. We lost three players due to graduation, but we have a brighter future to await this year.”

    “So, without further ado, let’s start the tryouts with the three categories you’re going to take. The first activity is the shooting and stamina activity. When you’re shooting the ball in any area, you have to keep an eye on your stamina where you will have a chance to get a perfect release or not” said Akihiro.

    “The second activity is the crash and defense activity. When you’re on offense, you must put your stamina on the line to have a chance to make the layup or tear drop, but in defense, you simply make your opponents mismatched with your hands to create offensive breakdown” said Issei.

    “And finally, the last activity is the fast break activity. If it’s not easy to break them out, then you must run as fast as you can. Once you’re on a fast break, you will boost your speed while holding the ball and you’ll have a chance to get easy shots for you or your teammates” said Akihiro.

    “So, whoever passes the three tests will be no exception. In order to become a member of the team, you must have full potential to show your guts perfectly. That potential of yours will be depended on how you did in the three tests and by the end of the day, I will give you the results of the activity. Now, are you ready for this?” said Issei.

    “Yeah!” said the new players of the Kikuchiba Academy High School boys’ basketball team.

    “That would also apply to you, Motohama-kun and Matsuda-kun. I want you strong!” said Issei.

    “Okay, Issei-sensei!” said Motohama and Matsuda.

    “Alright, then…” said Akihiro before blowing his whistle. “…let’s get going!”

    The tryouts begin with the new players of the Kikuchiba Academy High School boys’ basketball team preparing their guts to show their moves. The first activity would be the shooting and stamina activity. The new players are good with their shooting as well as maintaining their stamina while shooting the ball. Motohama and Matsuda were able to shoot the ball, despite their stamina are about to run out because of missed shots.

    In the second activity, the new players team up against the kouhais and senpais in two separate drills. They should watch out for the defense of the kouhais and senpais. In one scene, Hiroshi Ozato shows who’s the purple-haired defender in town as he was able to block the shot of Kyō Ōshima. Reiji was able to communicate with Motohama as they combine their forces with the Redfield Burning Play. Reiji passes the ball to Motohama with the bounce pass and then, Motohama shoots the ball with the layup. Matsuda was able to use his defense in battling against Haruki Gōda and then, he goes for the shot contest to make Haruki’s shot missed. Matsuda gets the ball after the rebound from Yuta Takahashi. Then, Matsuda unexpectedly uses his drive to drive past Kyō Ōshima before passing the ball to Nobuhisa Shiba, who finishes it off with the slam dunk.

    After the twenty-minute break, they would participate at the third and final activity, which is the fast break activity. The new players are doing well with their stamina while keeping their speed as they run with the ball. Hiroshi shoots the ball with the three-point shot while Nobuhisa shoots the ball with the reverse layup.

    Later, it was Motohama’s turn to show his fast break skills as he grabs the ball from Haruki Gōda. Motohama would slowly run at first, but a voice comes out to see what’s going on.

    “Focus on your speed, Motohama!” said Matsuda.

    Motohama grins without saying his word before starting to run faster. He would be defended by Keisuke Ōtsuka.

    “You’re going down, newbie!” said Keisuke.

    “Oh no you don’t, Keisuke! Because I’m about to rise up by myself!” said Motohama as he jumps high over Keisuke before shooting the ball with the runner. The ball drives to the basket.

    “Darn it! He’s too good!” said Keisuke as he is about to fall from Motohama’s jump.

    “Great job, Motohama!” said Reiji.

    “You’re a great runner!” said Matsuda.

    “Wow, at least that he was able to deflect his opponent’s defense with his aura” said Nobuhisa Shiba.

    Later, Reiji matches Motohama’s strength where he runs faster in a second after getting the ball before using the isolation move on Naoji Kurosaki. Reiji would drive past Naoji without hesitation before shooting the ball with the hook shot.

    Matsuda was thinking about Reiji’s hook shot during his turn. “Wow! That hook shot was his famous move. I can teach that move by myself.”

    “Hey, Matsuda-kun!” said Reiji as he calls Matsuda to stop daydreaming. “It’s your turn.”

    “Oh, o-okay!” said Matsuda.

    Matsuda grabs the ball for the rebound before he runs faster like Motohama and Reiji did. He would be challenged by Yoshiaki Tatsumi.

    “Alright, Matsuda, are you ready for this challenge?” asked Yoshiaki.

    “Yeah, I’m ready!” said Matsuda.

    “Show it to me!” said Yoshiaki.

    Matsuda begins to use the spin move with his pivot reaching in to match Yoshiaki’s speed. Matsuda would jump high to shoot the ball with the layup. The shot was successful, and it looks like Matsuda had been successful in making his shot after the fast break.

    “Alright, Matsuda! You’re good!” said Yoshiaki.

    “Thanks, Yoshiaki! It’s great that I was able to impress you with my spin move” said Matsuda.

    “No doubt about it, Matsuda! You should have been the One-Man Fast Break of Kikuchiba. But I know that you want to earn a spot to be the ace of the team. Isn’t right?” said Yoshiaki.

    “Yeah!” said Matsuda.

    “No, go with your friends. They’re pleasing with you!” said Yoshiaki.

    “Okay!” said Matsuda.

    “Way to go, Matsuda-kun!” said Motohama.

    “That was a nice layup with your spin move!” said Hiroshi.

    “You’re outmatching the captain!” said Nobuhisa.

    “No matter what you’re going to beat those big guys, use that move!” said Reiji.

    “Thanks, boys! It’s great that my moves are improving after the two tests” said Matsuda.

    “Yep. Now that we’re all done with the final activity, I believe that we have to wait for the others to finish their turn” said Reiji.

    “And then, it’s on to the results of the tryout” said Hiroshi.

    “Yeah!” said Motohama, Matsuda and Nobuhisa.

    Later, the other new members of the team made their efforts to show their fast break skills in stopping the kouhais and senpais’ defense. After this, another water break was made for fifteen minutes. Issei and Akihiro share their talks while looking at the results of the tryout.

    “You know, Issei, I was thinking about the roster we have for this year. There are eight players going to return this season while we’re open for five or six spots to complete the roster” said Akihiro.

    “Well, I was about to know the strengths and weaknesses of the roster, but I was stuck on what to do with Motohama and Matsuda. They’re very good with their offense and defense. I think that those two should deserve their spot first while announcing the other new members to join” said Issei.

    “Great idea, Issei. Look at the weaknesses of our team. You see, we’re not good in mid-range shooting and perimeter defense. The unexpected thing to happen is that we’re too narrow to guard those big guys because we only have one shooting guard and one power forward in our team” said Akihiro.

    “Ah, I get. So, that’s what I’m seeing, Akihiro. Maybe, we should come up a plan to balance our roster with great players in defense and mid-range shooting” said Issei.

    “I agree! Now, for the strengths, we’re good in blocking, close shooting and playmaking. We only have two players, Yoshiaki Tatsumi and Haruki Gōda, who are good in those things and they can break the mismatches by themselves” said Akihiro.

    “We have Reiji Matsutomo and Hiroshi Ozato. They’re very good guys with their playmaking and passing IQ” said Issei.

    “Wow, that’s absurd, Issei, but you’re right about picking some good players with playmaking and passing IQ. We would be more compact in offense, but we also improve our defense by picking some other players aside the ones you have planned on” said Akihiro.

    “Well, I think so. What about Nobuhisa Shiba?” said Issei.

    “What do you mean him, Issei?” asked Akihiro.

    “I mean, he’s from Nakano and he has great defensive performance in his middle school career. He should be the one to backup for Keisuke Ōtsuka, our vice captain” said Issei.

    “Oh, I see. Well, I will it as a consideration, Issei” said Akihiro.

    “Okay” said Issei.

    “Well, enough talking, let’s announce the results of the tryout” said Akihiro.

    “Okay” said Issei.

    A few minutes later, the new players are chatting with each other as they don’t know who will be joining the varsity team.

    “Alright, boys, settle down” said Issei.

    The new players stop chatting before turning to Issei and Akihiro.

    “Well, I hope that you finally got some fresh water into your body after the last test, boys” said Issei.

    “Yeah” said the new members of the Kikuchiba Academy High School boys’ basketball team.

    “Now, I will announce the results of the tryouts. So, you better brace yourselves” said Akihiro.

    Akihiro would clear his throat before announcing the results of the tryouts. “Okay. Now, we will acquire five to seven players, who will be stepping in to be part of the team. And to my surprise, we will have two third year high school students who didn’t have experience in basketball will be joining to our team.”

    The old and new members of the Kikuchiba Academy High School boys’ basketball team are surprised upon hearing Akihiro’s announcement. Motohama and Matsuda are smiling on their faces.

    Akihiro continues to explain about the results of Matsuda and Motohama. “It turns out that Seiichi Matsuda and Eiji Motohama will be joining to our team. They were strong shooters, but deadeye lockdown defenders. That’s why they’ll be joining to our team as the new power forward and center in our team.”

    “Alright!” said Motohama as he jumps in joy. “We’re going to be part of the varsity team!”

    “Thank you, Issei-sensei! Thank you, Shirogane-sensei!” said Matsuda.

    “You’re welcome, boys” said Issei, who sheds his tears.

    “Alright, we have two boys joining the varsity without any odd results” said Koneko.

    “That was expecting, Koneko. I mean, you can’t be disgusted with their tactics they’ll be using” said Yuto.

    “Of course, Yuto-kun!” said Koneko.

    “Now that we have a back-up power forward and a back-up center to defend our frontcourt, we will move on to the needs and wants of our team. We need a player who is good in perimeter defense while the other is a good mid-range shooter that is more like a hawkeye” said Issei.

    “That’s why we selected Reiji Matsutomo and Nobuhisa Shiba to be part of the team. Give them a round of applause!” said Motohama.

    “Alright, you’re now part of the team, Shiba-kun” said Hiroshi.

    “But what about you? Aren’t you selected yet?” asked Nobuhisa.

    “Well, not yet. I believe that Shirogane-sensei will pick for the remaining pieces to compete the roster” said Hiroshi.

    “Wait, is that so?” asked Nobuhisa.

    “I’m sure he would” said Hiroshi.

    “Reiji, I’m proud of you!” said Motohama.

    “Thanks, Motohama-kun. I’m feeling great to be part of the team. Now that we have an unstoppable force between the three of us, we will take over Tokyo in the Interhigh prefecture tournament!” said Reiji.

    “It sure is, Reiji! I believe that our expectations have been growing high” said Motohama.

    “Our team will need a shooting hawkeye and a playmaker. That’s going to boost our team’s offense!” said Matsuda.

    “Of course not, Motohama and Matsuda! I will expect to show them who the best shooting hawkeye is!” said Reiji.

    “Yeah!” said Motohama and Matsuda.

    “Now, and to wrap up the tryouts, we will determine the remaining pieces of our team. They are Hiroshi Ozato…” said Akihiro.

    “Yes! I’m part of the team, Nobuhisa!” said Hiroshi.

    “Good for you, Hiroshi! Hopefully, you’re going to get prepared to help them!” said Nobuhisa.

    “I agree!” said Hiroshi.

    Akihiro says the names of the last three members to join the varsity team. “Shinzō Mizunaga… Subaru Akimoto… and last but not the least, Hitoshi Fukaya.”

    While Shinzō Mizunaga (SG), Subaru Akimoto (PF) and Hitoshi Fukaya (SF) are joining with Matsuda, Motohama, Reiji, Hiroshi and Nobuhisa, the rest of the members moan and groan in shame.

    “The rest of you who weren’t called will be called up to the reserve team. Our reserve team had competed in different minor competitions, so don’t be ashamed of yourselves because you still earn it. Okay?” said Issei.

    “Okay, Issei-sensei” said the other new members of the Kikuchiba Academy High School boys’ basketball team.

    “And that concludes the tryouts for our team. We hopefully going to have our full training everyone Friday. So, our first training will take place here at the gym on May 7 (Friday). We’ll see you there, everyone!” said Akihiro.

    “Everyone! Dismiss, pack up your things and have a safe home!” said Issei.

    “Okay!” said the new members of the Kikuchiba Academy High School boys’ basketball team. The Kikuchiba Academy High School boys’ basketball team will have eight new players including two pervert friends of manager Issei Hyodo. Akihiro is surprised to see their potential because they believe that they should be part of the front of the team, serving as backup players.

    Part 2 will be on the next post.

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    Re: Rooks, Knights and Bravehearts - The Ro-Kyu-Bu!/Tenshi no 3P! X High School DxD Crossover Series

    Volume 7: "The Magenta Girls and the Sun Warriors" | Chapter 125: "From Kuoh to Kikuchiba"

    Part 2

    After the training was over, Issei and his friends would be joined by the Occult Research Club as they are ready to head home. Reiji convinces Hiroshi Ozato to join with them for a while, which Hiroshi accepts. Hiroshi leaves Nanako Akizuki, who will be meeting with the Bravehearts as she’ll be the representative for the Hane-Ume.

    Team Gremory: Rias Gremory, Akeno Himejima and Rossweisse
    Team Hyodo: Issei Hyodo, Asia Argento, Koneko Toujou, Yuto Kiba, Xenovia Quarta, Irina Shido, Gasper Bloody, Ravel Phoenix, Kuroka, Elmenhilde Karnstein, Valerie Tepes, Seiichi Matsuda, Eiji Motohama, Aika Kiryuu, Kaori Katase, Minami Murayama and Le Fay Pendragon
    Students of Kikuchiba Academy: Kenta Suginami, Hideo Suginami, Reiji Matsutomo, Asami Shimizu and Kozue Murayama

    “How’s your team, Issei? Did you find some good players?” asked Asia.

    “Well, it turns out that we finally add some new players in our team. One who has great perimeter defense (Nobuhisa Shiba) and some of them has the “A-” grade of mid-range shooting. We need them to increase our chances to successfully shoot mid-range shots in the court” said Issei.

    “Wow! That was awesome! I hope that your team will be able to drive in to the prefectural tournament final and get the spot for the Interhigh tournament” said Asia.

    “You should teach them some moves and also, use some of your moves transitioned from your power moves in the Rating Games” said Irina.

    “This would help them growing their use of special moves if they work well with the team chemistry” said Xenovia.

    “I guess so, Xenovia” said Issei.

    “It’s great that your team had added some new members in your team. For us, we added some new members in our team” said Yuto.

    “I convinced Valerie to join the Club and she accepted. It’s great to see wearing in a Kikuchiba Academy uniform, much to the ones in Kuoh” said Gasper.

    “Tosca Giardiniere was able to join our group alongside some of her new friends like Fernando Paragua and Angela Drechsler. Tosca and I were planning to form our own group known as the European Crimson” said Yuto.

    “That’s a cool name, Yuto-kun. What are you gonna do with that group?” said Reiji.

    “I want to represent the people from the European nations as well as devils from the European lands of Kurenai” said Yuto.

    “If that group was formed, we’ll start our own run by doing some research about the culture of the Europeans” said Asia.

    “The European Crimson is going to be a group of Europeans in Kikuchiba Academy and it will be expanded through partnerships with different schools in the country and in Kurenai” said Gasper.

    “Well, I hope that you’ll be working that, Yuto. By then, it’s going to be a league of your own with true intentions to keep the European legacy despite of your troubles in the past” said Reiji.

    “Well, hopefully, we’ll do, Reiji-kun” said Yuto.

    “I have to ask a question, Yuto. Do you accept pure blood Japanese to your group?” said Hideo Suginami.

    “No, you can’t, Hideo. It’s restricted to the students of the Kikuchiba Academy and all members in our group should be born in Europe. English and Scottish are accepted too. We got William Adelard, who is the smartest guy among all foreigners in Kikuchiba” said Yuto.

    “I’m curious, Yuto. Why there are so many foreigners in your group?” said Asami Shimizu.

    “It’s because the Kikuchiba Academy accepted foreigners to enroll there. Also, Kurenese people are considered “foreigners”. You should remember our nationality” said Yuto.

    “Oh, I get it, Yuto. I believe that those new members are hopefully going to speak Japanese when they’ll enroll in special classes” said Asami.

    “Yeah, definitely” said Yuto.

    “The Occult Research Club in Kuoh and Kikuchiba have shared their goals for this year. While influencing students in those schools, we want to recruit some foreigners to contribute more about the mythologies around the world” said Rias.

    “It’s great to recruit those guys because there are many beliefs when you read their stories all day, all night” said Akeno.

    “I give them some special treatment to read those stories, so that they’ll know how these fictional creatures influence in their own culture from Western nations to Eastern nations. I’m a good civics teacher to explain those types of mythology existed in this world” said Rossweisse.

    “I believe that we should boost our relationship between us and those new members, so that they’ll be able to know their secrets, but not to reveal them. We should believe in our own system where we will know their mysteries through our powers” said Issei.

    “You got it, Issei-kun” said Rias.

    “By the way, while you recruit some foreigners, there are many students who have expected to learn about martial arts” said Koneko.

    “Oh, really, Koneko-san. How are they doing?” said Kozue Murayama.

    “They listen to their senseis and try their best to know their moves. I’m quite shocked that my sister Kuroka had joined the Martial Arts Club. She’s a black belt if you ask her briefly” said Koneko.

    “Good for her, Koneko. I believe that she’s going to teach those new guys how to show their guts with their mind and soul to defend themselves from upcoming attacks” said Kenta.

    “Exactly, Kenta-kun. They’ll be safe from getting attacked by those enemies such as thugs and delinquents in the noisy areas in this district” said Koneko.

    “I expect that we should prepare ourselves for the qualifiers of the Kurenese East Asian Games, but I’m sure that we should bring something better for our team to form” said Akeno.

    “So, we should start forming our own roster to start the training by the weekends before we’ll be sending off to Kuoh for the competition” said Elmenhilde.

    “I agree!” said Akeno.

    “So, when is that tournament?” asked Matsuda.

    “It’s from May 5 to 9. A five-day tournament with one spot to be representing Kuoh in the Kurenease East Asian Games” said Asia.

    “Don’t forget that we will develop our own roster to make sure that we’re the unstoppable force in the tournament” said Yuto.

    “Yeah!” said the members of the Occult Research Club and Issei’s friends.

    “As always, we should eat dinner later. I let Sir Zechs hire some of his apprentices to serve the food for us. I know that you’re all excited, right?” said Rias.

    “Yeah, we do!” said the members of the Occult Research Club and Issei’s friends.

    “Now, when we’re back home, we’ll eat our dinner together!” said Rias.

    “Yeah!” said the members of the Occult Research Club and Issei’s friends.

    As they’re about to reach the Hyodo Residence, the Burnt Leaf and Issei’s friends would about to enter to the large condominium. Then, a blue-haired first year high school male student appears to see Issei and his friends. As he walks to the gate, he takes a deep breath before saying to himself. “That is his home. I hope that I will meet the leader of the club.”

    The blue-haired first year high school male student finally enters to the Hyodo Residence. As he enters from the entrance, he calls out someone. “Asia-buchou.”

    Asia would look at the blue-haired guy before approaching him “Yes, what do you want for me?”

    “I want to speak with Rias” said the blue-haired guy.

    “Oh, sure. Come with us. We’re about to eat our dinner” said Asia.

    “Okay” said the blue-haired guy.

    As the Burnt Leaf and Issei’s friends are sitting down, the blue-haired guy looks at Rias, who is sitting with Issei. Then, he sits beside Rias.

    “Oh, excuse for a moment, Issei” said Rias.

    Issei was looking at the blue-haired guy. “It looks like this guy was following us.”

    “What do you want?” asked Rias.

    “Uh, I want to let you know that I’m here to talk about your plans for the future because I made an idea of having a project we’ll be taking soon” said the blue-haired guy.

    “Oh, okay. But please, we’re currently starting to eat. So, let’s about it later. Okay?” said Rias.

    “Okay” said the blue-haired guy.

    As the Burnt Leaf and Issei’s friends eat their dinner, the blue-haired guy was given a food by one of Sir Zech’s apprentices.

    “Here is your food” said an apprentice of Sir Zechs.

    “Thanks” said the blue-haired guy.

    Then, when they’re all done eating their food, they would go to the living room. The blue-haired guy joins with them before talking to Rias.

    “So, before you tell about it, what is your name?” said Rias.

    “My name is Shinzō Mizunaga. I’m a first year high school student from the Kikuchiba Academy High School. I’m representing the Blue Trident and I’m here to talk about your plans for the future.”

    “Well, I’m glad that you can hear about it. Asia, this guy wants to tell you about your plans for your group” said Rias.

    “Oh, sure. I’ll hear about his words” said Asia. Asia would ask Shinzō. “Tell me about it.”

    Shinzō gives the blue letter to Asia. “As you can see, I’m giving this a letter to you, so that you’ll know about our activity.”

    “Oh, that was so nice. I’ll read it” said Asia. As Asia reads the letter, she’s quite interesting about the activity Shinzō planning. “So, this is an invitation to visit your group’s home for self-defense activity.”

    “Yep. I heard that some of your members are good in martial arts, even Senjutsu. In our group, we have good friends of mine who loves martial arts. They love to compete with each other with respect” said Shinzō.

    “So, I believe that you want to have a friendly competition between our group and your group. Is that correct?” said Asia.

    “Yes, of course!” said Shinzō.

    “Well, I’m interested in that activity, Shinzō-kun. But I don’t know if you’re going to have that competition during holiday because it is said that the activity will be held on Thursday” said Asia.

    “Ah, I see. Well, we’ll have two activities. Not just only an activity for self-defense, but there’s another activity for stamina and acceleration” said Shinzō.

    “You mean, basketball, Shinzō-kun?” asked Issei while Asia knows about Shinzō’s recent admission to the varsity team.

    “Yeah, since I’m now a member of the Kikuchiba Academy High School boys’ basketball team, I’m inviting you a practice match between your team and my own team” said Shinzō.

    “That would be interesting, Shinzō. Okay, then, I’ll let our members know about that activity” said Asia.

    “Okay” said Shinzō.

    Later, while Shinzō, Motohama, Matsuda, Murayama, Katase, Kenta Suginami, Hideo Suginami, Reiji Matsutomo, Asami Shimizu and Kozue Murayama are outside, Rias, Issei, Asia, Akeno, Yuto, Koneko, Xenovia, Irina and Gasper are having a conversation about their invitation to Shinzō’s home.

    “That guy seemed to be expressive” said Irina.

    “Yeah, he’s one of the new members of the basketball team, Irina. Of course, he came from Kanoya in the Kagoshima Prefecture” said Issei.

    “What affiliation came from, Issei-kun?” asked Gasper.

    “He came from a group of students coming from Kyushu that lived in Tokyo known as the Nine Blue Tridents Tokyo” said Issei.

    “Nine Blue Tridents Tokyo. That was a large group of students that are focusing on Kyushu heritage including their hometown’s history” said Akeno.

    “That’s right, Akeno. The existence of that group in Kikuchiba was about 100 members with most of them are from middle school. Shinzō said that he was a former basketball player in Kanoya before he moves to Tokyo to study in Kikuchiba” said Issei.

    “Does he have achievements in his former school?” asked Xenovia.

    “Yes, he has. He was a member of the Prefectural Tournament Mythical Team and won the local league tournaments for five years. He is a warrior-to-be and he is an expert in shooting mid-range shots with his right hand” said Issei.

    “Since he’s a good player, I believe that Reiji will train him to make sure that he’s going to boost his skills and attributes in time for the Interhigh prefectural tournament” said Yuto.

    “Yeah, probably, Yuto” said Issei.

    “Who is the leader of the Nine Blue Tridents Tokyo?” asked Asia.

    “The name of the leader for this chapter is Shōta Tamaki. He is a second year high school student. There are many leaders in different schools, but since we’re talking about our school, the Kikuchiba chapter has the least number of members, compared to different schools in Ōta. By the way, Shōta was also a member of the Kikuchiba Academy High School Student Council” said Issei.

    “I befriended Shōta when I met him for the first time in the Office of the Student Council. Shōta is a conservative. I’m a liberal leader because of being a Christian, but I would definitely not debate between the liberals and the conservatives because it was relied to national politics in Tokyo” said Xenovia.

    “Well, we should keep an eye on the Student Council, Xenovia-san. It appears that there are many challenges, regarding the policies of the school. Even the rules and regulations for foreign students, they’re definitely wanting to have their own culture instead” said Akeno.

    “Oh, I never heard about that, Akeno-san. I think that everyone is raising its concerns about the student population, but they don’t want to last it” said Xenovia.

    “I agree. On the other hand, since the Nine Blue Tridents Tokyo is focused on martial arts, sports and humanitarianism, they’re well-respected students from the southern area of Japan” said Issei.

    “That’s true, Issei. I have a feeling that they’re protecting the heritage of the region. I hope that they’ll continue to preserve it not long after they’ll graduate from Kikuchiba” said Yuto.

    “Of course, Yuto!” said Issei.

    “I think that we will organize a training for this before our encounter with them on Thursday. Do you agree?” said Rias.

    “Yeah!” said Issei, Asia, Akeno, Yuto, Koneko, Xenovia, Irina and Gasper.

    Elmenhilde and Valerie arrive to call Gasper.

    “Gasper-nii” said Valerie.

    “Oh, Valerie. I thought that you’re going to get some drink for me” said Gasper.

    “Oh, I see. Uh, are you finish having conversation about the activity on Thursday?” said Valerie.

    “Yeah” said Valerie.

    “That’s great! I believe that we should be ready to take on those guys, Gasper. I’m sure that we’re going to meet them” said Elmenhilde.

    “Yeah, Elmenhilde-nee” said Gasper.

    “The Nine Blue Tridents Tokyo in Kikuchiba has their own headquarters located in the boarding house a few miles away from the Academy and it should be easy to walk to that place” said Rias.

    “I agree, Rias-san. We should be prepared on that encounter on Thursday, but also we’ll have to field our teams to compete against them” said Issei.

    “I’ll be leading the martial arts activity while Issei will lead the basketball activity” said Koneko.

    “We should come up to create our own roster before visiting that place. Since those guys are from Kyushu, they’re sure to be harder to beat” said Irina.

    “Exactly, Irina-san. We should take care of those. I believe that Shinzō wants this challenge to be intense since Shirogane-sensei acquired him to be part of the roster” said Issei.

    “That’s right, Issei. We’ll make sure that we’ll bring the fire ablaze with our burning path. So, let’s work together to defeat them!” said Rias.

    “Yeah!” said Issei, Asia, Akeno, Yuto, Koneko, Xenovia, Irina, Gasper, Elmenhilde and Valerie.

    Outside the Hyodo Residence, Hiroshi, Nobuhisa and Shinzō are playing against Motohama, Matsuda and Reiji in a 3-on-3 match. Both teams go back-and-forth with their scoring lines being increased while Nobuhisa and Motohama clash with their strength in defense. At the end, it was Motohama’s team winning the match after Reiji shoots the three-point shot, thanks to an assist from Motohama.

    “Whew! That was a close game!” said Shinzō.

    “Yeah, I guess so” said Reiji.

    “I can’t believe that you have strong shooting skills, Shinzō. That kind of shot when you did it over my face was not like crazy” said Matsuda.

    “Yep. It’s called the Sky Wave Jump Shot. That move resembles to a wave that can crush the enduring rocks in the coast of Kyushu. I personally create that shot because I learn to shoot mid-range jump shots back in Kanoya when I was eight years old. It’s the only move I never lost, but sooner or later, I will add more special moves” said Shinzō.

    “You’re always breezing out there when you do some tricks, Shinzō. Are you going to play hard to be part of our team?” said Motohama.

    “Yep. Thanks to my skills in mid-range shooting, I will start working with you as teammates. I’m hoping to prepare my new season here in Kikuchiba. It’s getting crazy since I moved out of my hometown and travel to this city for two hours, heading to the Haneda Airport” said Shinzō.

    “Well, Shinzō, I’m glad that we’ll be working together as a team, but my buddies and I are going to meet you at your home on Thursday, we’ll try our best to beat you” said Reiji.

    “There ain’t challenges, Reiji and friends. I’m definitely going to show you my friends in our group before the challenges are set” said Shinzō.

    “Then, it’s settled, Shinzō! No matter what will happen on Thursday, let’s make this clash a start off for this year!” said Reiji.

    “Yeah!” said Shinzō. The burning path between Reiji and Shinzō would ignite their friendly competition as both sides will face each other in the home of the Nine Blue Tridents Tokyo on Thursday. With the Kikuchiba Academy High School boys’ basketball team completing their roster with eight new players including Matsuda and Motohama, their journey in the Interhigh prefectural tournament will about to begin soon, but they must deal with their strategies they’ll be using this season.

    “So, what do you want to do now, Reiji? I heard that you have some video clips of your career in the guest room” said Shinzō.

    “Yeah, I have them since my former school received video clips of some matches for the past three years and I want to keep those as treasures of my basketball career” said Reiji.

    “Well, I want to be close with you since I want to start getting influenced with friends who aren’t from Kyushu” said Shinzō.

    “Of course, Shinzō! I’m sure that we’re going to prepare ourselves after watching my videos of my performance” said Reiji. Then, he would turn to Matsuda, Motohama, Hiroshi and Nobuhisa. “Hey, everyone, come to my room. I will watch some videos of my memorable matches in middle school.”

    “Okay!” said Matsuda, Motohama, Hiroshi and Nobuhisa.

    “Then, let’s go!” said Reiji as he, Shinzō, Matsuda, Motohama, Hiroshi and Nobuhisa leave the basketball court before heading to the building to watch the video clips of the matches of Reiji’s basketball career. Issei smiles while seeing them getting excited to watch Reiji’s memorable matches in Reiji’s room.

    “I’m glad that they’re ready to get rolling. This is could be the start of my only season in Kikuchiba” said Issei.

    “Yeah, Issei-kun. We’re going to work on your team before facing against the Nine Blue Tridents Tokyo. A tuneup match before the qualifiers of the Kurenese East Asian Games would be great to start your season underway” said Yuto.

    “Yep. Hopefully, my team will have a successful season with our players burning up like a dragon” said Issei.

    “I agree, Issei-kun” said Yuto, who smiles to Issei, delivering an affirmation to support the Kikuchiba Academy High School boys’ basketball team.

    UP NEXT: Chapter 126: “True Bravehearts will Rise Together”

    The Burnt Leaf have been invited by Shinzō Mizunaga to come at the home of Shinzō’s group on Thursday, which Issei and his friends accept it. This means, this would be their chance to make progress for them before entering to the qualifiers of the basketball tournament of the Kurenese East Asian Games in Kuoh next week. The next update will be the first training of the Rainbow Angels where the boys and girls of the Rainbow Angels are going to have hard time to prepare for the Fuchsia and Celadon Dragons Tournament. Also, this will also be the return of Ryuuichi Suga in the series as he’ll be playing a major role where he’ll escalate his rivalry with Subaru before the tournament. Will Ryuuichi confronts Subaru during the training? Then, you’ll see it in the next schedule, which is on June 9 (Sunday). So, I’ll see you there for the next update!

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    Re: Rooks, Knights and Bravehearts - The Ro-Kyu-Bu!/Tenshi no 3P! X High School DxD Crossover Series

    Tomorrow, June 10 (Monday), will be the birthday of Yuzuha Aigae from Tenshi no 3P!/Angel’s 3Piece! Yuzuha is a friend of Kōme Ogi, the Shrine Priestess of the Soryu Island, and Kyō Nukui. Yuzuha’s nickname was Kiriyume, but it was mistaken for Kōme due to the misunderstanding made by Yuzuha that caused the friendship between Kōme and Kyō Nukui to deteriorate. Yuzuha is voiced by Yuka Iguchi, a voice actress and a singer from Tokyo. Happy birthday, Yuzuha! It’s time to step up with the Rainbow Angels as their first training will be a full of tactical activities and intense scrimmages for their members from both boys’ team, led by Subaru Hasegawa, and girls’ team, led by Tomoka Minato. The Rainbow Angels will organize their three days of training before they’ll compete at the Fuchsia and Celadon Dragons Tournament. Also, this will be the first appearance of the new characters that are representing for the teams who will also compete at the Fuchsia and Celadon Dragons Tournament including Mariko Matagawa of the Kirihara-Team Takeda, Kaguya Katsura of the Katsura Swordswomen and Shigeru Natsuka of the Winds of Den-en-chōfu. On the other hand, Ryuuichi Suga, Nana Yotsuya and Mayumi Odaka will return to the series as they’ll also field their teams to compete at that tournament and they’re going to meet Subaru, Tomoka and their friends during the first training. So, brace yourselves for scenes of action and hustle because here comes tonight’s update with the first training of the Rainbow Angels! Enjoy reading Chapter 126!

    A moon in the dusk comes out at the Recreational Center where the Rainbow Angels will have their first training, in preparing themselves for the Fuchsia and Celadon Dragons Tournament. The Fuchsia and Celadon Dragons Tournament is one of the minor tournaments to be held in the month of May to coincide the beginning of a new era known as the Era of Fuchsia and Celadon. In order to prepare themselves for that tournament, the boys and girls of the Rainbow Angels will have their guts to show their moves in the court as they’re trying to work on their strategies and special plays, in order to make themselves dazzled and grooved. During the training, the leaders of the respective teams who will be competing at the Fuchsia and Celadon Dragons Tournament have saw the performance of the members of the Rainbow Angels as they’re looking at the potential of the players of the Rainbow Angels including those coming from the varsity teams. The Radiant Fuchsia would also appear to meet with Subaru as they want to show the strength of the Rainbow Angels by arranging a match between both sides in a scrimmage match. During the match, the Rainbow Angels were able to activate their Complete Synchronization Skill, the Brave Rainbow Strategy, to show the true strength of themselves. Sayaka was impressed of the performance of the boys of the Rainbow Angels when they’re using the Complete Synchronization Skill, which makes Subaru delighted. Tomoka, Mimi and Aoi would also work on their Complete Synchronization Skill to shine themselves with their moves. Then, Subaru would finally confront Ryuuichi Suga, who watched the scrimmage of the girls alongside Nana Yotsuya and Mayumi Odaka. In turn, Tomoka, Mimi and Aoi would meet with Nana and Mayumi. While the girls have their good conversation, which motivates Tomoka, Mimi and Aoi, Subaru and Ryuuichi are having a heated conversation, trying to determine who the best between them. However, the verbal, non-physical fight was stopped by Tomoka, Mimi, Aoi and Sarasa. Sarasa would promise to both Subaru and Ryuuichi that both boys will not fight with each other even on her birthday. At the end of the training, Subaru and Ryuuichi would be invited by Shigeru to have a conversation with the other leaders while the members of the Rainbow Angels will take their shower baths at the sentō after they were exhausted from their two hours of training in the court.


    The Rainbow Angels will have their first training at the Recreational Center in the Misawa Resort Hotel. They are set to participate at the Fuchsia and Celadon Dragons Tournament, which will be held four days from today. The Fuchsia and Celadon Dragons Tournament will be the first test for Subaru’s own Dream Team and hopefully, they’ll prepare themselves to become the dominant force in Nishina, Ōta.

    At the hallway before the entrance of the Recreational Center, Nanako Akizuki talks to Aoi and Mao Kayano before the training for the Rainbow Angels start.

    “I’m happy to see your team ready to participate at the next tournament” said Nanako.

    “Yep. Our team will be representing from the following schools: Keishin Academy, Shiromidai Elementary School, Niida Nishi Middle and High School, Nashiba High School and Tsukuba Gakuen Elementary and Middle School” said Aoi.

    “Wow. That’s too many, Aoi-san! I can’t believe that your team had a lot of good players coming out from those schools you mention” said Nanako.

    “Exactly, Nanako. We’re forming a Dream Team that we’ll be using in future competitions, but this one would be a test” said Aoi.

    “With the Bravehearts expanding through different schools, we’re planning to have our own hierarchy that would not be compromised with the Dragons of Ōta. We’re coming up to solve problems from the past and hopefully, we’ll make the dominance in basketball in Ōta back where they belong” said Mao.

    “So, that was nice, Aoi and Mao. I’m glad that this would bring more boost to your friends in preparing for future competitions like the Interhigh prefectural tournament and the middle school prefectural tournament” said Nanako.

    “You got it, Nanako!” said Mao.

    “Thanks to the reinstatement of the Nashiba High School boys’ basketball team, the Warriors of Nishina will be growing their potential to be contenders once again like the past years when we’re all young” said Aoi.

    “Oh, I see! I hope that these schools will have miracles to happen” said Nanako.

    “Yep. Our goal in the Fuchsia and Celadon Dragons Tournament is to win the tournament with most of our talented players brining their A-game against our opponents like the way they did in the past” said Aoi.

    “This tournament is not going to be easy like the Young Players Cup and the Ōmori Invitationals, but it’ll be the icing of the cake for the Rainbow Angels” said Mao.

    “Are you going to participate in that tournament too, Mao?” asked Nanako.

    “Uh, no, Nanako. We already won the Intermediate Division of the Ōmori Invitationals. We’re planning to arrange some friendly matches against the competing teams in the Ōmori Invitationals right after the Fuchsia and Celadon Week” said Mao.

    “Good luck with the upcoming matches, Mao. You will be delighted to bring your team to victory and I’m also expecting a rematch between the two of us” said Nanako.

    “Sure, Mao! You’ll be my guest to face me again” said Mao.

    “Okay!” said Nanako.

    Aoi smiles to Nanako and Mao after Mao accepted any possible rematch between her team and Nanako’s team. “I’m sure that you two were connecting with each other since you played against each other in the Invitationals.”

    “Yeah, Aoi-san. Our team had willpower and we can’t lose it anytime we play against a tougher team like the ones in the Invitationals” said Mao.

    “It’s great that my team had a good run with me bringing the three-point shots while my teammates deliver relentless finishes” said Nanako.

    “I’m going to witness a witness, but we’ll see how it turns out for both of you” said Aoi.

    “Yeah!” said Mao and Nanako.

    Once Aoi, Nanako and Mao enter to the Recreational Center, the members of the Rainbow Angels are present while the moon shines up from the sky.

    “Oh, Aoi! I’m so happy that you’re here!” said Kotori Katsura.

    “Yep. Subaru and I were bringing the equipment to be used for the training while all of you were able to do the warm up” said Aoi.

    “Of course, Aoi! I know that you and Tomoka are ready to team up with your friends out there. I’ll be helping you to grow your defensive consistency” said Kotori.

    “Well, that’s a good idea, Kotori-san. By the way, when the training begins, let’s make sure that we’re all set” said Aoi.

    “Okay!” said Kotori.

    Subaru, Aoi, Kazunari, Banri, Satsuki and Tae are placing the equipment at the sideline, in preparing for the first training for the Rainbow Angels. Nanako Akizuki was called by Aoi to help her friends preparing the equipment they’ll be using for the training. The members of the Rainbow Angels are noticed to see the basketballs being placed in the sidelines while the cones are stacked up.

    Once it’s done, Subaru, Aoi, Tomoka and Mimi are standing in between the members of the Rainbow Angels to start the first training.

    “Alright, everyone! This is our first training for our Rainbow Angels, the first Dream Team of the Bravehearts, as we’ll be competing at the Fuchsia and Celadon Dragons Tournament this coming Saturday” said Subaru.

    “It’s great that all of you are present in this activity and I hope that anyone had participated at the tryouts including the ones in Keishin and Nashiba. Right?” said Aoi.

    “Yeah!” said the members of the Rainbow Angels.

    “Now, before we start the training, I want to inform you about the rules of the tournament. The tournament will be divided into two parts: elimination round and knockout round. The elimination round will be held on the first day (Saturday) while the knockout round will be held on the second day (Sunday)” said Tomoka.

    “As the final count was confirmed, we have 24 teams set to participate at the Fuchsia and Celadon Dragons Tournament. These teams include the following: Kirihara-Team Takeda, Team Purple, Radiant Fuchsia, Prestigious Wind Ōta, Homewrecking Dragons, Temperate Celadon, Azure Wind, South Bay Ōta, Black Tigers of Kamata, Guardians of Yaguchi, Winds of Den-en-chōfu, Katsura Swordsmen and Magome Elites-Team Suga” said Mimi.

    The members of the Rainbow Angels are surprised after hearing the name ‘Team Suga’. Team Suga refers to Ryuuichi Suga and his team, composed of his friends including his relative Nana Yotsuya.

    “Who are those guys from Team Suga, Mimi?” asked Junichi Morizawa.

    “They are ankle breakers and crash defenders coming from the Shizuno Middle School, led by the ace of Itoda Business High School boys’ basketball team, Ryuuichi Suga” said Mimi.

    “Ryuuichi is my rival and he want to let us know that he will bring his team to the tournament and try his best to become the top team. I have a feeling that Nana Yotsuya and Mayumi Odaka are trying to get their hands on us too” said Subaru.

    “It would be more serious for Ryuuichi and his team, but they’re very defensive with steals and blocks being their best moves” said Aoi.

    “Tomoka, I would expect to beat those bastards if we’re drawn with them or facing them in the knockout round” said Megumi.

    “Yeah, Megumi! In fact, we have some other teams competing in the tournament. Not just Team Suga, but we have so many teams ready to fight for the crown this weekend” said Tomoka.

    “So, we must be more determined and not to be ashamed of ourselves. Is that right, everyone?” said Mimi.

    “Yeah!” said the members of the Rainbow Angels.

    “Looks like Ryuuichi and his team are on his way to the Recreational Center soon, Subaru” said Kazunari.

    “Oh, really. That would be bring the show-off into our court for compliment” said Subaru.

    “I think so” said Kazunari.

    “Well, we have many things to do right now for the training and we can’t lose our hearts because we’re bravehearts. So, we will rise together as one. Right, everyone?” said Aoi.

    “Yeah!” said the members of the Rainbow Angels.

    “If everyone is ready to bring our willpower to win the tournament, then we’re all expected to be trained tonight” said Mimi.

    “Let’s stat the training, everyone!” said Tomoka.

    “Yeah!” said the members of the Rainbow Angels.

    The training of the Rainbow Angels starts with the members starting to shoot the ball from the free throw line. Then, they would run from left to right to boost their acceleration and speed in running on the court. Just like the trainings and tryouts earlier, they were able to show their moves in the next set of activities like the fast break activity, the crash and defense activity, the hustle activity and the technique test.

    After the technique test was over, Subaru and Aoi call the members of the Rainbow Angels for the water break. While the break is going on, Kaguya Kqtsura and Satoru Kaneko of the Katsura Swordsmen arrive to meet Subaru, Aoi, Tomoka and Mimi.

    “Hey, everyone!” said Kaguya Katsura.

    “Kaguya-san! Satoru-san! You’re here!” said Aoi.

    “It’s great that you’re here to show our team” said Subaru.

    “Yeah. I’m expecting to see your team because I heard that you made a Dream Team to participate in the upcoming tournament” said Satoru Kaneko.

    “Well, we did the formation of a new Dream Team and this is a run test, in order to prepare ourselves to participate in the future competitions in the Ōta League. Since we’re confirming our early participation at the Nishina Invitationals, we’re starting to plan on creating a Dream Team that will be our main team for the Bravehearts” said Subaru.

    “Wow! That was awesome, Subaru! I’m very shocked to see some potential players ready to play hard” said Kaguya.

    “It looks like the Fuchsia and Celadon Dragons Tournament will not only going to witness the new prospects, but also a great way to see some tougher teams competing without hesitation” said Satoru.

    “Yep” said Subaru and Aoi.

    “We believe that our team has great expectation to win in the tournament since Nashiba had won the double in the Young Players Cup. If we win the tournament, we’re planning to expand the Dream Team with the other Bravehearts to join” said Subaru.

    “The Bravehearts has many groups being formed and hopefully, we’ll continue to expand and to bring new connections with the other groups” said Aoi.

    “Well, good luck with that, Subaru and Aoi! Anyway, would you mind if we’ll watch the training” said Kaguya.

    “Oh, sure. I hope that you will make yourself comfortable to watch our players stepping up before the tournament” said Subaru.

    “Okay!” said Kaguya and Satoru.

    Later, Subaru blows his whistle to end the water break. In a few seconds, the members of the Rainbow Angels are back in the court before the second part of the training is about to start.

    “Listen up, everyone. In the second part of the training, everyone will participate in a scrimmage-style activity. Everyone must participate with 10 minutes of play and hopefully, I’m going to see some highlight reel plays with your special moves. Get it?” said Aoi.

    “Yes, Aoi-sensei!” said the members of the Rainbow Angels.

    “Since we’re having a great time to show your moves, I want you to empower yourselves and let’s make this scrimmage a better one” said Tomoka.

    “Okay!” said the members of the Rainbow Angels.

    “For this part, I will divide it into two groups. The boys will go first and then, right after twenty minutes, we’ll let the girls to step in to the court. So, are we clear with this?” said Mimi.

    “Yeah!” said the members of the Rainbow Angels.

    “That’s great, everyone! I know that you guys are ready for this!” said Mimi.

    “Now, let the second part of the training begin!” said Subaru.

    “Yeah!” said the members of the Rainbow Angels.

    The second part of the training begins with the boys stepping in to the court for the scrimmage. During the scrimmage for the boys, guests were seeing the boys of the Rainbow Angels doing their best with the special moves being shine. Ryūta Chiba of the Black Tigers of Kamata, Shigeru Natsuka of the Winds of Den-en-chōfu, Naoto Kuno of the Red Arrows of Kugahara, Asuka Kakinuma of the Violet Roses Rokugō and Mariko Matagawa of Kirihara-Team Takeda (a member of the Kirihara Middle School girls’ basketball team) appear to watch the scrimmage of the members of the Rainbow Angels.

    While Subaru is acting as the manager of the team, the boys of the Rainbow Angels show their willpower how they’ll be doing for the tournament. Katsuya Kameda throws the ball for Dairoku Kaji, who makes the alley-oop, while Kazunari Uehara assists Masanobu Uehara as Masanobu takes the layup over Mito Azaki. Junichi Kamisaka shoots the three-point shot over Katsuya while Kōichi Aoyama posterizes Jūbei Koga with the windmill dunk.

    The scrimmage for the boys of the Rainbow Angels was over with Team Uehara (composed of Junichi Kamisaka, Kazunari Uehara, Yoshitsugu Tsuchiya, Masanobu Uehara and Kōichi Aoyama) defeating Team Kaji (composed of Katsuya Kameda, Kōsuke Minagawa, Mito Azaki, Dairoku Kaji and Jūbei Koga) with the score of 26 to 24.

    “That would wrap it up, boys! Great job!” said Subaru, who is satisfied with the players’ performance in the scrimmage.

    “Looks like it’s turn now, Megumi!” said Kazuko.

    “Yeah, I have to say that we should work together to win this scrimmage” said Megumi.

    “Of course, we should!” said Kazuko.

    Tomoka and Mimi are smiling to Megumi and Kazuko.

    “I think that we’re ready to step up, girls. It’s showtime!” said Tomoka.

    “Yeah!” said Megumi and Kazuko.

    In the scrimmage for the girls, Tomoka, Mimi, Megumi, Kazuko and Hanako Kotobuki take on the opposing team, composed of Nami Takashirō, Hitomi Takao, Anzu Ogi, Kazue Futagawa and Fujiko Sasaki. Mimi would battle against Anzu with Mimi holding the ball.

    “I’m going to show my strength, Mimi!” said Anzu.

    “Well, then, I will do the same, Anzu-san!” said Mimi.

    The battle between Mimi and Anzu begins with both players using their pivots while Mimi uses the combination of behind the back and crossover moves. Mimi would step back, preventing the steal attempt by Anzu.

    “Wow! You’re too good!” said Anzu.

    “Yep. I’m expecting to say that answer. Not bad at all” said Mimi as she passes the ball to Kazuko. Kazuko jumps high to shoot the ball with the three-point shot.

    “Alright! We’re on a great start, Mimi!” said Kazuko.

    “Of course, Kazuko. We should deal with the defense now” said Mimi.

    “Okay!” said Kazuko.

    Tomoka’s team forms their defensive formation, the Brave Arrow. The Brave Arrow was a defensive formation used by Aoi Ogiyama when she was a middle school student. Anzu and her teammates would try their best not to lose their ball. Kazuko battles against Hitomi with Kazuko guarding Hitomi.

    “I expect that you’re a good defensive stopper, Kazuko. You know that you’re hyping to play for Mimi, right?” said Hitomi.

    “Yeah, I’m going to help my teammates in the varsity team and win the district tournament” said Kazuko.

    “Well, you have a great ambition, Kazuko, but can you stop me with my moves?” asked Hitomi.

    “I’m thrilled, but here I come!” said Kazuko.

    Hitomi steps back before Kazuko strengthens her defense to go for the defensive stop on the former. Then, Hitomi uses her between the legs move on Kazuko, but Kazuko swiftly responses it with her defensive stop once again.

    “She’s stopping Hitomi-san!” said Jun.

    “Wow. I never expected to see that move before, Jun. She’s always calm when she’s battling against her opponents. If she’s able to stop her opponents with her pressure defense, she’s going to let her opponents’ shot miss” said Aoi.

    “That was a remarkable observation, Aoi-chan. I guess that we will have a sharpshooter in our team with great defense” said Jun.

    “Yep” said Aoi.

    Hitomi steps back to shoot the ball with the jump shot while Kazuko makes the smart move by doing the shot contest. Suddenly, Hitomi’s shot was missed and Hanako Kotobuki grabs the ball for the rebound.

    “Darn it! It misses!” said Hitomi.

    Hanako Kotobuki passes the ball to Tomoka and then, Tomoka uses the crossover move on Nami. As Tomoka goes for the drive, she performs the floater and her shot was successful.

    “Alright! Nice shot, Tomoka!” said Maho.

    “She’s always coming out for the floater since she and Subaru work together with that move before” said Saki.

    “Tomoka won’t worry about her teammates since the Dream Team may be the foundation of our group” said Airi.

    “Oh! Things will go perfect for Tomoka and her team! I’m happy to see their teamworking being great right now!” said Hinata.

    “Yep. I’m so excited to watch Tomoka and Mimi working together with their friends and someday, we should join with them!” said Maho.

    “Yeah!” said Saki, Airi and Hinata.

    The scrimmage continues with Team Minato maintaining their lead throughout the rest of the play. Mimi shoots the ball with the layup after doing the between the legs move on Anzu. Megumi shoots the mid-range jump shot after leaving Kazue with the fake. Kazuko shoots the ball with the layup after doing the spin move on Hitomi. Hanako Kotobuki dunks the ball with the one-handed baseline dunk while matching the speed of Fujiko. Then, Tomoka finishes the scrimmage with another floater after doing the spin move on Nami. The final score of the scrimmage for the girls was 27 to 13.

    Aoi blows her whistle after the ten-minute play was over. “Alright, great job, girls! Nice performance, Tomoka and team! You made us impressed with your performance!”

    “Thanks, Aoi-san!” said Tomoka, Mimi, Kazuko, Megumi and Hanako Kotobuki.

    “The time is now 7:56, Aoi-san. We only have one more hour left to finish the training” said Banri.

    “Wow. I didn’t realize about that, Banri-kun. Okay, let’s have another water break and then, we’ll move on the third and final part of the training!” said Aoi.

    “Okay!” said the members of the Rainbow Angels.

    As for the guests, they would talk to Subaru and Aoi in a large conversation. Nanako and Mao join the conversation a few minutes later.

    Fuchsia and Celadon Dragons Tournament Teams and Captains: Kaguya Kqtsura and Satoru Kaneko of the Katsura Swordsmen, Ryūta Chiba of the Black Tigers of Kamata, Shigeru Natsuka of the Winds of Den-en-chōfu, Naoto Kuno of the Red Arrows of Kugahara, Asuka Kakinuma of the Violet Roses Rokugō and Mariko Matagawa of Kirihara-Team Takeda (a member of the Kirihara Middle School girls’ basketball team)

    “Since there are 24 teams competing in the tournament, I believe that this could be a serious tournament for all sides. I mean, the boys’ tournament and the girls’ tournament will be stacked with strong players and awesome prospects playing against each other” said Ryūta Chiba, a member of the Black Tigers of Kamata and a first year high school student from Nashiba High School.

    “I have a great feeling that this tournament would be a warmup for me and my friends, in preparing to compete in the middle school prefectural tournament” said Shigeru Natsuka, a member of the Winds of Den-en-chōfu and a third year middle school student from Den-en-chōfu Middle School.

    “As all of us will participate at the tournament, we’ll try our best to make it to the knockout tournament and we will make sure that one of us will take home the crown” said Satoru.

    “I believe so, Satoru-kun. The draw will be held on Thursday and hopefully, there will be some interesting draws you’ll see” said Mariko Matagawa, a member of Kirihara-Team Takeda and a third year middle school student from Kirihara Middle School. Matagawa is also the starting small forward for her school’s basketball team.

    “Of course! I’m thinking about the format of the knockout round where the top two per each group will advance to square off for the crown, but I think only the top two teams will go while the others will be eliminated” said Asuka Kakinuma, a member of the Violet Roses Rokugō and a first year high school student from Ōta Shingaku High School.

    “I agree. I’m sure that one of us will take the crown for the boys’ and girls’ tournament. I’m positively feeling about getting it because our Dream Team never stops” said Subaru.

    “Well, good for you, Subaru. Your team has great potential out there and hopefully, you’ll make your team progressing to the final. Also, what’s your idea for your team’s Complete Synchronization Skill?” said Naoto Kuno, a member of the Red Arrows of Kugahara and a first year high school student from Kugahara High School.

    “We haven’t work on that yet, Naoto. We’ll be trying our best to work on that skill before we’ll use it in the tournament” said Subaru.

    “That would be shocking to create that move, Subaru. We want to see that move!” said Kaguya.

    “I don’t know guys what you’re saying but…” said Subaru.

    Suddenly, a female voice coming out from the entrance of the Recreational Center. “You need that move, Subaru! It’s your Dream Team! Your team will rise together as one!”

    Subaru, Aoi and the leaders of the participating teams of the Fuchsia and Celadon Week are shocked to hear that voice.

    “Huh?” surprised Subaru, Aoi, Ryūta, Shigeru, Naoto, Asuka Kakinuma and Mariko.

    Subaru was speechless in pale white before saying to Aoi and the guests. “That’s strange. I wonder who that voice coming from.”

    “Yeah, me too, Subaru” said Aoi.

    “It looks like someone arrives too” said Ryūta.

    “Yeah, Ryūta-san. That person is…” said Asuka Kakinuma.

    “…Sayaka Ashihara!” said Subaru, Aoi, Ryūta, Shigeru, Naoto and Mariko.

    “The leader of the Radiant Fuchsia!” said Aoi.

    Sayaka Ashihara, wearing a violet-colored shirt and a blue skirt, arrives to meet Subaru, Aoi, Ryūta, Shigeru, Naoto, Asuka Kakinuma and Mariko. Sayaka and Subaru stare at each other before she speaks to him.

    “I bet that your Complete Synchronization Skill should be used, in order to bring your team to dominance with the true meaning of teamwork” said Sayaka.

    “Well, I was wondering about that, Sayaka. I mean, our boys were in the middle of the training and I’m about to send them back to the court for the third and final part of tonight’s activity” said Subaru.

    “Ah, I see. So, if you want to bring the Complete Synchronization Skill to your team, then I will help you” said Sayaka.

    “Okay, Sayaka-san. I would let the boys know if they’ll accept your help” said Subaru.

    “Sure” said Sayaka with a smile on her face.

    Subaru would meet the boys of the Rainbow Angels.

    “So, Subaru-kun, what do you want to talk about?” asked Kazunari.

    “It turns out that Sayaka wanted me to show our Complete Synchronization Skill” said Subaru.

    “Ah, I see. Well, I think that we can give it a try, Subaru” said Kazunari.

    “Okay” said Subaru. Subaru would meet Sayaka once again. “Alright, we’re set.”

    “That’s good. Now, I will let my friends to come and play against your team. So, you better get ready with your performance as well as your teammates!” said Sayaka.

    “You bet!” said Subaru.

    Part 2 will be on the next post.

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    Re: Rooks, Knights and Bravehearts - The Ro-Kyu-Bu!/Tenshi no 3P! X High School DxD Crossover Series

    Volume 7: "The Magenta Girls and the Sun Warriors" | Chapter 126: "True Bravehearts will Rise Together"

    Part 2

    Subaru and the boys (Kazunari Uehara, Yoshitsugu Tsuchiya, Masanobu Uehara and Kōichi Aoyama) are present in the court, facing off against the Radiant Fuchsia, composed of Shigemasa Araki (SF), Keisuke Kijima (PG), Shinobu Matsuda (PF), Yoshimatsu Yamagishi (C) and Masaji Nobumoto (SG).

    Yoshitsugu passes the ball to Subaru before he runs through the other side of the court. Subaru passes the ball to Kazunari, which the latter uses the behind the back move on Masaji. Then, Kazunari tries to shoot the ball with the jump shot, but he pulls the ball out and performs the pump fake on Masaji. Kazunari drives past Masaji before passing the ball to Yoshitsugu, who goes for the layup.

    “Amazing! Those guys are doing well with their playmaking skills. I’m happy to see that” said Ryūta.

    “I wonder what Subaru will do when he will put the Complete Synchronization Skill being activated later” said Shigeru.

    “We’ll have to find out, Shigeru. Right now, they should rally themselves to score and defend” said Ryūta.

    Shigemasa tries to pull the jump shot, but Kōichi blocks the shot. Masanobu takes the rebound before passing the ball to Subaru. Subaru was so fast that he uses the floater to score another two points for his team. Then, when Masaji tries to get past Kazunari, Kazunari’s mind ability was used to detect Masaji’s moves. Masaji makes the mistake when he goes to the wrong move and Kazunari steals it right away.

    “Nice steal, Kazunari-san!” said Satsuki.

    “You can do it!” said Tae.

    Kazunari holds the ball before seeing his opponents, who are trying to catch him with a trap. “Heh. Those guys are trying to stop me? Then, here’s my special move.” Kazunari stops while facing the basket before passing the ball to the player on the left, Yoshitsugu.

    The members of the Radiant Fuchsia were surprised to see Yoshitsugu holding the ball. Keisuke Kijima shouts at his teammates. “Take that kid out!”

    “Okay!” said Shigemasa, Shinobu, Yoshimatsu and Masaji.

    The members of the Radiant Fuchsia try to set a trap on Yoshitsugu, but Yoshitsugu steps back and passes the ball to Kazunari. Kazunari runs faster before throwing the ball to Kōichi. The members of the Radiant Fuchsia gasp and Kōichi dunks the ball out with the reverse one-handed dunk.

    “Oh, my goodness! That guy was a dunking machine!” said Naoto.

    “That guy is 6’6”. He can dunk the ball with his own strength” said Satoru.

    “Yeah, I believe that he’s not going to complain about that” said Asuka Kakinuma.

    Yoshimatsu battles against Kōichi with the former holding the ball. Yoshimatsu uses his stamina while dribbling the ball and tries to drive past Kōichi. Kōichi uses his resiliency, in order to be resistant to Yoshimatsu’s drive moves. Yoshimatsu steps back while Yoshitsugu sets a trap on his own. Yoshitsugu and Kōichi double teaming Yoshimatsu before Yoshitsugu snatches the ball for the steal.

    “Whoa! Another steal!” said Mito Azaki.

    “That Yoshitsugu is a steal expert. He is not hesitating to the ball any time he goes for that ball” said Dairoku Kaji.

    “First, the dunking machine, then the steal expert. This Dream Team has patterned with their characteristics of themselves” said Kōsuke Minagawa.

    “I think that it’s true, Kōsuke. Man, I believe that we have so many players working on athleticism and defense, but also we have great shooters too!” said Mito.

    “Yeah!” said Dairoku and Kōsuke.

    Yoshitsugu passes the ball to Kazunari, who is already entering the zone. Kazunari goes for the jump shot and his shot was successful.

    Then, as the Rainbow Angels continue their dominance, the Radiant Fuchsia try their best to score a single point and they did when Shigemasa performs the fake on Yoshitsugu and then, scores with the layup. As the score still shown with the Rainbow Angels leading the game, Subaru and his teammates are finally ready to use the Complete Synchronization Skill.

    When Shigemasa scores two more points with the runner, Subaru makes his trick when he battles against Keisuke.

    Subaru says in his mind about using the Complete Synchronization Skill. “I’m going to make sure that Sayaka will impress me with our skill.” Subaru uses the crossover move on Keisuke before steps back and passes the ball to Yoshitsugu.

    Yoshitsugu runs in with his ball handling before using the behind the back move on Shigemasa. When Shigemasa tries to steal the ball, Yoshitsugu sways the ball before shouting at Kazunari. “Kazunari, catch!”

    Yoshitsugu passes the ball to Kazunari with the normal pass before Kazunari uses the pivot to trigger the Complete Synchronization Skill. Kazunari smiles before saying to his teammates, “Boys, it’s time to show what our team will do in the tournament.”

    “You bet!” said Subaru, Yoshitsugu, Masanobu and Kōichi.

    When Kazunari passes the ball to Masanobu with 14 seconds left in the shot clock, the red auras emit on the bodies of Subaru, Kazunari, Yoshitsugu, Masanobu and Kōichi and they’re now using the Brave Rainbow Strategy.

    “Hey, look at that, Aoi-san! They’re activating the Complete Synchronization Skill!” said Natsuhi.

    “Oh! I can’t believe that they’re working together as a team and now, this is their time to dominate!” said Aoi.

    “I’m sure that Subaru and his teammates are ready to show their willpower with the Complete Synchronization Skill because he knows that their team chemistry is working all along” said Mimi.

    “Yeah, Subaru must please Sayaka since the Radiant Fuchsia is now a new mainstream member of the Bravehearts alongside the Ōmori Sakura, the Haneda Eleven and the Air Covert. I know that Sayaka wants to witness Subaru and his teammates using their auras to create easy moves, but I have a feeling that the Radiant Fuchsia will have their own Complete Synchronization Skill soon” said Tomoka.

    “I agree, Tomoka!” said Aoi while Natsuhi and Mimi nod their heads to agree with Tomoka.

    When Subaru and the boys are now fueling with their auras, thanks to the Brave Rainbow Strategy, they’re finally allowed to use combination moves. Masanobu passes the ball to Kōichi, who uses the right hand to capture the ball. Masanobu would shoot the ball with the standing dunk. The score is now 26 to 14 with 58 seconds remaining.

    “They’re getting strong, Satoru. I can’t believe that they’re powering up to make sure that they’ll dominate the game” said Kaguya.

    “Yeah, Subaru never forget that skill since he used that during the Young Players Cup. Their willpower can’t be stopped because of his own philosophy when learning that skill” said Satoru.

    “You got that right, Satoru. I’m not sure what Subaru and the boys will do in the Young Players Cup, but I’m thrilled to see that skill again once they’re all prepared for their first match” said Kaguya.

    “I believe that they will be ready to dominate the tournament as long as it’s their time to take over on a new era” said Satoru.

    “Yeah” said Kaguya.

    When Masaji dribbles the ball with the wraparound move on Kazunari, Masaji drives past Kazunari before Subaru catches him.

    “I will make sure that you’ll not succeed in scoring that shot!” said Subaru.

    “Oh, yeah, then I’ll prove it to you!” said Masaji as he steps back and then, jumps high to shoot the ball with the jump shot. Subaru goes for the shot contest and the ball doesn’t drive in to the basket, thanks to Subaru’s aura. “What?! It misses?!”

    “See, Masaji. You can’t underestimate our power!” said Subaru.

    The ball would be landed on the hands of Kōichi. Kōichi throws the ball and Yoshitsugu grabs the ball with right hand.

    “Wow! A long pass!” said Masami.

    “I can’t believe that Kōichi has strong hands to throw the ball as he passes the ball to his teammates with his strength” said Tsubaki.

    “I never expected to see that move and Kōichi’s ability was more focused on hustle. Hustle can’t be used as a force of ignition, but you can believe that hustles can be done through a person who can defend the court all by himself” said Kagetsu.

    “It requires acceleration and stamina, which means that big men and women have great abilities to block the shot or crash the board through their resiliency” said Hiiragi.

    “I agree, Hiiragi-san! That’s why big men and women will try their best to push their potential to break the opponents’ offense and block their shots with their hands” said Kagetsu.

    “Yeah!” said Masami, Tsubaki and Hiiragi.

    Yoshitsugu passes the ball to Subaru and Subaru uses the behind the back move on Keisuke. Then, Subaru passes the ball to Kazunari, who performs the pump fake on Masaji before shooting the ball with the jump shot. With 30 seconds remaining, the score is now 28 to 14, in favor of the Rainbow Angels.

    Then, another steal was made by the Rainbow Angels with Kazunari stealing the ball from Keisuke. Kazunari passes the ball to Subaru with the bounce pass before Subaru performing the spin move on Masaji and driving past him. Subaru shoots the ball with the floater, which adds two more points for the Rainbow Angels.

    As the clock is winding down, the Radiant Fuchsia try their best to finish the match with a shot to be made, but unfortunately, they don’t make it. When Yoshimatsu shoots the ball with the jump shot after Masaji passes the ball to Yoshimatsu, his shot misses with his shooting rating being slightly early and the whistle was blown by Sayaka.

    Sayaka would walk to Subaru and his teammates as she was pleased with the performance of Subaru and his teammates during the scrimmage.

    “Wow! That Complete Synchronization Skill was so awesome! I never look at that move before, but it was so amazing with the auras being emitted to your bodies” said Sayaka.

    “Yep. This is the power of our team because we want to be determined to win in every game. The thing is that only the true bravehearts will rise together as one through their team chemistry. A good teamwork is needed to use that skill” said Subaru.

    “Oh! Now, I understand what you’re saying, but Subaru, you’re an amazing guy and I believe that you have the potential to become a future superstar when you’re growing up soon” said Sayaka.

    “Thanks, Sayaka. You’re too kind to say those words, but I’m a guy who wants to be the best in my hometown. Right, boys?” said Subaru.

    “Yeah!” said Kazunari, Yoshitsugu, Masanobu and Kōichi. Sayaka smiles after Subaru’s teammates show their determination for Subaru. Later, Aoi, Tomoka and Mimi arrive to meet Sayaka, Subaru and the boys of the Rainbow Angels.

    “Subaru-san! That was a great match against the Radiant Fuchsia! I’m glad that you and your teammates were able to use the Complete Synchronization Skill! That was outstanding!” said Tomoka.

    “Thanks, Tomoka-san! I know that our team has our own Complete Synchronization Skill, but we have to deal more with some moves from the other players in our team because once we create a new Complete Synchronization for our team, we’re going to rise together and dominate the tournament!” said Subaru.

    “Wow! I’m glad that you’ll do it for the boys’ team and the girls’ team. I must be honest to you, but we’ll see how it turns out in our next training” said Tomoka.

    “I agree!” said Subaru.

    “Since the boys’ team had worked hard with their normal and special moves in the practice game against the Radiant Fuchsia, they will finally learn how to make a better teamwork and once they’re entering to the tournament, they know what they’ll be going to do” said Aoi.

    “Yep. I’m so thrilled that Subaru and his teammates are going to play hard in the tournament with their blazing and flaring moves to shock their opponents without noticing it. I hope that our team will do the same thing too!” said Mimi.

    “Of course, we will have to work on creating a new Complete Synchronization Skill, Mimi. I have a feeling that we need to train more and then, we’re ready to use the new skill!” said Aoi.

    “You got it, Aoi-san!” said Mimi.

    “Speaking of which, Subaru, what have you learned about anything tonight?” asked Tomoka.

    “Well, to rise together, everyone must work together to bring the groove and dazzle in the team. It’s a way of making the A-game to make sure that everyone is ready to go on fire. I know that it’s going to be expected for us, but we still have a few days to with it” said Subaru.

    “Oh, I get it. Right now, it’s almost 8:30 and we must work out more until it reaches 9:00. The girls should be ready to step in once again” said Tomoka.

    “Yeah, I will help it for you” said Subaru.

    “Okay!” said Tomoka, smiling on her face.

    Subaru would call the girls of the Rainbow Angels to meet up. “Girls! Come out here!” Jun, Kotori, Mayumi Nagakura, Nanako Funatani, Akiko Miyazaki and Minako Kawaguchi would join with the girls of the Rainbow Angels as Subaru will make an announcement.

    Subaru speaks to the girls of the Rainbow Angels. “Now, we only have 30 minutes left to finish the first training. I know that you’re all set for the third and final part for the girls’ team. Isn’t that right, girls?”

    “Yeah!” said the girls of the Rainbow Angels.

    “We know that we’re supposedly ready to step in to the court, but we must deal with our Complete Synchronization Skill. Our new skill was not yet developed in our playbook and I need all of you your help. Who wants to help me in building our new Complete Synchronization Skill?” said Aoi.

    “Yes, we do, Aoi!” said Nami Takashirō.

    “Me too!” said Kazue Ōgaki.

    “I’m sure that I will help you with that strategy, Aoi!” said Kazuko.

    “Yeah, we’ll make sure that the new skill will come once it works in practice” said Hanako Kotobuki.

    When the girls of the Rainbow Angels are agreed to help Aoi to create a new Complete Synchronization Skill, Aoi smiles to them. “Okay, I’m glad that you’ll make me proud when we’re going to do this altogether. But are you ready for another round of scrimmage?”

    “Yeah!” said the girls of the Rainbow Angels.

    “Good! I like it! Subaru, they’re ready!” said Aoi.

    Subaru was surprised when he looks at the girls of the Rainbow Angels, wanting to help Aoi for the new Complete Synchronization Skill. So, he responds quickly as possible. “Wow! That’s going to be lovely, Aoi-san! Now, we’ll divide it into two groups. This time, I’m going to call the first team right now. We have Tomoka Minato, Mimi Balguerie, Anzu Ogi, Megumi Kadokawa, Aoi Ogiyama, Kazuko Kakimoto, Hanako Kotobuki and Kazue Ōgaki. Then, on the other team, we have Nami Takashirō, Hitomi Takao, Ayame Isurugi, Kazue Futagawa, Fujiko Sasaki, Mizuki Koyama, Yurika Hashida and Sawako Ishihara. We’ll start the scrimmage in a few minutes. So, get ready to show your guts right now!”

    “Okay, Subaru-san!” said the girls of the Rainbow Angels.

    “I know that you’re all prepared for the scrimmage and I’m happy to see all of you fit and strong” said Jun.

    “So, shall we start the scrimmage, girls?” asked Kotori Katsura.

    “Yeah!” said the girls of the Rainbow Angels.

    “Then, let’s get going!” said Jun and Kotori.

    “Okay!” said the girls of the Rainbow Angels as they’re ready to battle against each other in another scrimmage with the time is now 8:34.

    The montage shows the girls of the Rainbow Angels playing against each other in the court. Unlike their counterparts, the girls are more determined to show their guts because they want to be more equal with the boys. Tomoka, Mimi and Aoi work on their Complete Synchronization Skill and they were able to communicate with each other by using the playmaking skills.

    Aoi passes the ball to Mimi before Mimi uses the crossover move on Hitomi. Then, the ball screen is activated where Aoi joins Mimi to do their trick. Aoi had to use the screen on Hitomi and then, Tomoka gets the ball after Mimi moves away from Hitomi through the left and passes the ball to Tomoka. Tomoka would shoot the ball with the layup and her shot was successful.

    At the rear sideline of the court, Ryuuichi, Nana and Mayumi are watching the scrimmage for the girls of the Rainbow Angels.

    “Look at that, Ryuuichi-kun! Tomoka and Aoi are playing together!” said Nana, who shrugs Ryuuichi’s left arm in excitement.

    “Yeah, I believe that they’re working together as a team, but I believe that Tomoka was improving” said Ryuuichi.

    “Absolutely correct, Ryuuichi. I’m so shocked that she, Mimi and Aoi are having a progress on the Complete Synchronization Skill” said Nana.

    “That skill is used when all teammates were able to increase their teamwork and their team chemistry was high” said Mayumi.

    “Oh, I see. But what are you going to do, Nana and Mayumi? Are you going to watch them how they’re doing?” said Ryuuichi.

    “Of course not, Ryuuichi!” said Mayumi.

    “We’re observing her because we want to know their moves as well as how their play works” said Nana.

    “Knowing their moves? Well, I’m not opposed to that. As soon as they have their moves, then I must be impressed with them, but I don’t know what I will say to them” said Ryuuichi.

    “I think that you should ask Subaru. He’s your rival after all” said Mayumi.

    “Ugh. Good point, Mayumi. I must ask him if he formed his own Dream Team to beat me. It doesn’t matter if he has great players to stop me. I’m still the best player in Ōta and nobody will stop the wrath of my playing style!” said Ryuuichi.

    “Oh, come on, Ryuuichi, you’re pressuring up again!” said Nana.

    “Whatever. We should talk to them right after the scrimmage is over” said Ryuuichi.

    Nana and Mayumi groan in a few seconds before responding Ryuuichi. “Okay.”

    The scrimmage continues with the girls of the Rainbow Angels showing their moves as well as trying to master their Complete Synchronization Skill. Aoi, Tomoka and Mimi once again doing the combination of ball screen and drive while Anzu and Megumi finally learn to use their combination move. Anzu uses the pivot before driving past Ayame and then, Anzu passes the ball to Megumi. Megumi uses the spin move on Kazue before finishing off with the layup.

    Jun blows the whistle after the final seconds in the scrimmage with the final score of 35 to 28, in favor of Tomoka’s team. “Alright, everyone! Time is up! Gather everyone right here!”

    The girls of the Rainbow Angels are finally exhausted with their sweats coming out on their bodies. Tomoka, Mimi and Aoi are satisfied with their play they have.

    “Wow! That was a strong combination of moves, Tomoka” said Kotori, who gives Tomoka a towel.

    “Yeah, it turns out that our play is working very well, but we still have to master it” said Tomoka.

    “I’m certainly right about what you’re saying, Tomoka. We have to improve our play by using some new moves to shine” said Aoi.

    “Yeah, Aoi-san. That way, we’ll be able to master the Complete Synchronization Skill!” said Tomoka.

    “I agree!” said Aoi.

    “Yeah, you bet!” said Mimi.

    Kotori smiles to Tomoka, Mimi and Aoi. “I hope that you three will be able to master it and you should work on athleticism too!”

    “Okay, we got it!” said Tomoka, Mimi and Aoi.

    As the girls of the Rainbow Angels are going back to the bench to take their water break, Ryuuichi, Nana and Mayumi are ready to meet Subaru and his friends.

    “Wow! They’re too good to dominate, Ryuuichi! I can’t be speechless when I look at their auras because they’re determined to be the best in Ōta” said Mayumi.

    “Also, since they’re the hosting team to compete, I think that they have a strong roster composed of playmaking shooters and relentless defenders from different schools” said Nana.

    “Yeah. I don’t know if they are the Dream Team. Even Subaru made his own Dream Team to compete in the Fuchsia and Celadon Dragons Tournament” said Ryuuichi.

    “Well, what are you waiting for, Ryuuichi? Meet him” said Nana.

    “Alright, I’ll meet him right away. Nana and Mayumi, you go to meet Tomoka and Aoi. We can’t be pressured, right?” said Ryuuichi.

    “Yeah, totally, Ryuuichi” said Nana and Mayumi.

    “Then, let’s go!” said Ryuuichi as he, Nana and Mayumi split up to meet their rivals in the bench of the basketball court.

    As Subaru and the guests are chatting in a conversation, Ryuuichi looks closely at them before calling Subaru out.

    “Subaru!” said Ryuuichi.

    Subaru would turn around to look at Ryuuichi. Ryuuichi is less expressive and he always staring Subaru when the two meet each other. “Oh, Ryuuichi-kun. You’re here! I’m glad that you watched the scrimmage! Okay, then, I’ll be here for a moment.”

    While Subaru meets Ryuuichi, Nana and Mayumi meet Tomoka and Aoi, who were drinking water in their water bottles.

    Nana calls at the two girls sitting in the bench. “Tomoka. Aoi.”

    “Oh, it’s you, Nana-san” said Tomoka.

    “And you too, Mayumi. You’re looking gentle” said Aoi.

    “Thanks, Aoi. I know that you and Subaru made your Dream Teams to compete at the Fuchsia and Celadon Dragons Tournament. It would be great that your team and our team are set to meet each other soon” said Mayumi.

    “You guess it, Mayumi. Our team had trained hard with our willpower and as the tournament approaches, it’s time for us to show our determination what we expect to bring the dominance of basketball back in Ōta” said Aoi.

    “I see. Very expressing, I thought” said Mayumi.

    “Good for you. I’m sure that you girls are ready for the tournament with your willpower, Tomoka, but I’m determined to await this moment that we’re ready to step in to the court in a real game” said Nana.

    “Oh, I wasn’t expecting to hear that, Nana-san. I believe that when the draw was revealed, you and I will meet each other soon” said Tomoka.

    “Okay, then, we’ll see if that is true, Tomoka, but I have one question. Are you ready to be brave enough to step in to the court?” said Nana.

    “You bet!” said Tomoka, Mimi and Aoi.

    “Since you and I were rivals just like Subaru and Ryuuichi have, I will settle this tournament as a friendly competition where the two of us will show our moves and at the end, we’ll find out who the best shooter is” said Tomoka.

    “I believe that it’s a challenge to me. Okay. I’ll accept your challenge, Tomoka!” said Nana.

    “You better believe it, Nana! I’m determined to meet you in a real game, but this is not going to be as easy game between the two of us” said Tomoka.

    “Yeah” said Nana.

    “I’m also going to challenge you, Nana! Just like Tomoka said, our team has determination and your team has expectation to win. Then, I will see if one of us prove to be the best in the game!” said Mimi.

    “Well, that’s fine with me. I’ll accept too!” said Nana.

    “That’s great!” said Mimi.

    “Looks like a friendly competition has come out between the three of them and since Tomoka and Mimi have the advantage on shooting and playmaking, nothing Nana will stand a chance against them” said Aoi.

    “Well, I’m hoping that Nana can beat those two, but looks like I’m going to beat you, Aoi! I promise!” said Mayumi.

    “Okay, be my guest, Mayumi. I’ll make sure that our match will be the best for all of us!” said Aoi.

    “You got it!” said Mayumi.

    “Speaking of which, Nana, what are you doing right here?” asked Tomoka.

    “Oh, we’re watching your performance, Tomoka. I believe that your aura has been dazzling when I see it. That was so cool!” said Nana.

    “Yeah, Nana. Aoi, Mimi and I were practicing our Complete Synchronization Skill and hopefully, we’ll be able to master it” said Tomoka.

    “Ah, I see. So, you made a new Complete Synchronization Skill for your team. I like that way you performed with your teammates, but I felt surprised when I saw your aura” said Nana.

    “My aura was activated when we’re using some special moves that interchanges with my teammates’ auras. It is the true meaning of teamwork, Nana. We want to use that skill in the tournament because everyone knows that we’re the Bravehearts” said Tomoka.

    “I’m glad that you and your teammates have prepared to use that move, Tomoka. That is nice. I hope that you will keep trying to master that move until you will succeed” said Nana.

    “Okay! We’ll try our best!” said Tomoka. Nana smiles neatly to affirm Tomoka’s decision to keep on mastering her team’s Complete Synchronization Skill.

    “Uh, Aoi” said Mimi.

    “Yes, Mimi, what is it?” asked Aoi.

    “It looks like Subaru and Ryuuichi are confronting with each other. That might be the bad move” said Mimi.

    “Well, I know that both Subaru and Ryuuichi were rivals, but they have different paths on their careers. I wonder what they’re doing now” said Aoi.

    Subaru and Ryuuichi talk with each other where they compare their teams based on strength and potential.

    “So, you finally form a Dream Team to battle against me, Subaru. Well done. I see that you have many potential players in your team” said Ryuuichi.

    “Thanks. It was part of my plan for our group to become one of the largest community groups in Ōta” said Subaru.

    “Huh? What did you say?” asked Ryuuichi, who was confused.

    “This Dream Team is one of the plans for the Bravehearts ever since our group was born composed of friends from the Keishin Academy. Now, I will try my best to lead my Dream Team in future competitions including the Fuchsia and Celadon Dragons Tournament and one day, my team and I are going to beat you” said Subaru.

    “Heh. Is that what you’re planning, Subaru? Hmph! I’m not pathetic to say this, but my team is just a small group and without doubt, my team will become stronger soon” said Ryuuichi.

    “Ah, I see the point, Ryuuichi. I can’t believe that your team will participate at the Fuchsia and Celadon Dragons Tournament too” said Subaru.

    “Yep. Ever since the two of us have always met with each other in competitions, there are highs and lows in our careers. Now that we’re going to participate in that tournament, I want to be best player in Ōta. There’s no doubt that you will stop me, Subaru!” said Ryuuichi.

    “Well, is that what you expect for the tournament, Ryuuichi? So, if you want to be the best player Ōta, then you have to go through me first!” said Subaru.

    “I guess that you’re heating up to battle me, Subaru, but we’re both warming up that tournament for the Interhigh prefectural tournament. The Interhigh qualifiers are one and a half months away from now and I expect to see your potential growing up before you face me” said Ryuuichi.

    “Well, what about you? Aren’t you training with your friends for the tournament?” asked Subaru.

    “Yes, I am. I’m the leader of the Magome Elites-Team Suga and everyone knows that I’m the Thunder Albatross of Ōta!” said Ryuuichi.

    “Whoa! That was a shocking nickname to me, but as you all know, my friends around here recognize my name and if you don’t know who I am, I’m the Braveheart Sensation and I’m always here to help my teammates, friends and family” said Subaru.

    “The Braveheart Sensation? What an unorthodox nickname. I never expect that you have a dream goal for your group. Well, that nickname is not pathetic just like mine” said Ryuuichi.

    “So, Ryuuichi, if your team wants to be stronger, then I’ll say this. My team will be stronger with full potential and willpower! Nothing you can stop our team now, right, everyone?” said Subaru.

    “Yeah!” said the members of the Rainbow Angels.

    “Hmph. Trying to prove to me that your team is better than mine? Well, then, you can’t underestimate my team, Subaru, because my team will be going to rip you into pieces with our own power!” said Ryuuichi.

    “Oh, yeah, I’m going to prove it you that I’m going to be better than you this year!” said Subaru.

    “I also want to be the better player to have a potential to become a basketball superstar! You will be crushed by my moves!” said Ryuuichi.

    “Then, how about we’re going to have a clash right now? You got your moves, then I have some moves!” said Subaru.

    “You can’t get easy on me, Subaru, but I’m going to defeat you right now!” said Ryuuichi.

    The Rainbow Angels and the guests are hearing the words of confrontation between Subaru and Ryuuichi. Nana and Mayumi are shocked to see Ryuuichi’s expression of trying to become the best player in Ōta. Nana and Mayumi try to tell Ryuuichi not to be physical with his rivals, but Ryuuichi wants it in his own way without needing help from them.

    “I have to tell this to anyone!” said Aoi as she runs away from the Recreational Center.

    “Wait, Aoi-san! Wait for me!” said Tomoka.

    “Me too!” said Mimi.

    As Aoi runs outside in the garden, Tomoka and Mimi try to catch up with Aoi, but later, Aoi was bumped by Sarasa. Aoi and Sarasa share their pain after being hurt.

    “Ow! Aoi, what are you doing?” said Sarasa.

    “Look, Sarasa, we have a problem” said Aoi.

    “Problem? What’s that supposed to mean?” asked Sarasa.

    “Subaru and Ryuuichi are confronting with each other, but just then, they have some words to say with each other and they’re about to clash with each other” said Aoi.

    “Oh, no! That’s not cool! I must ask them to stop that fight!” said Sarasa.

    “I’ll go with you, Sarasa! Tomoka and Mimi are here to help as well!” said Aoi.

    “Yeah, Aoi! We’re shocked to see Subaru being flared up with his words against Ryuuichi” said Mimi.

    “But when we tried to ask Subaru to stop it, Subaru had been heated up when Ryuuichi is mocking his team” said Tomoka.

    “Okay, I understand, Tomoka and Mimi. Everyone! Let’s stop that fight!” said Sarasa.

    “Yeah!” said Aoi, Tomoka and Mimi.

    As soon as the fiery aura comes out on the bodies of Subaru and Ryuuichi, it looks like both players are about to settle a fight.

    But just then, Sarasa comes out from the entrance of the Recreational Center and she was shocked to see Subaru and Ryuuichi are having a confrontation. She would be joined by Tomoka, Mimi and Aoi.

    “Oh, my goodness! What are you two doing out here?!” exclaimed Sarasa as she, Aoi, Tomoka and Mimi run on to Subaru and Ryuuichi. Subaru was restrained by Aoi while Ryuuichi was restrained by Sarasa. “Hey, you two! Stop that fight!”

    “Subaru, you need to calm down and heating up!” said Aoi.

    As soon Subaru and Ryuuichi hear Aoi and Sarasa’s words, they begin lowering their anger until they finally cool off. Subaru and Ryuuichi were finally calmed down.

    “Thank goodness, Subaru! Are you okay?” said Tomoka.

    “Yeah, I’m okay. I would have clashed with him for a challenge, but Ryuuichi had some words to mock our team” said Subaru.

    “Mock our team? That’s unacceptable! We don’t want to get pummeled by Ryuuichi and his team! We know that they’re strong, but they want to be physical” said Mimi.

    “And also, you’re the Braveheart Sensation. You should be respectful to anyone” said Aoi.

    “Of course. I must be determined, not to be serious” said Subaru.

    “Yeah, Subaru. You should not get involved into fights. Otherwise, you’re gonna get hurt” said Tomoka.

    “Okay, I understand” said Subaru.

    “Wow! That was so close. Sarasa-san. Is Ryuuichi alright?” said Aoi.

    “Yeah, he’s fine. He doesn’t want to hurt anyone too, even me” said Sarasa.

    “Well, I guess that we finally calm them down, Sarasa. We’re a great team!” said Aoi as she gives Sarasa a high five before Sarasa returns the favor.

    “Yeah! I’m sure that the problems are gonna be over once both parties were able to mend their own ways. They’ll have to learn their lesson, not get involved in fights again” said Sarasa.

    “I agree!” said Aoi.

    As Subaru and Ryuuichi stop their hatred with each other, they finally start to each with each other.

    “I guess that there is no fight after all, Ryuuichi” said Subaru.

    “Yeah, we would have been hurt if those girls aren’t paying attention to us” said Ryuuichi.

    “I agree. We should keep an eye on our courtesy and not to fight with each other again” said Subaru.

    “Yeah, we should have, Subaru. The Fuchsia and Celadon Dragons Tournament is not gonna be easy as an icing on the cake” said Ryuuichi.

    “Of course! We should not fight each other before, during and after the tournament. That way, we’re not gonna be serious at that time” said Subaru.

    “I hope so, Subaru, I hope so” said Ryuuichi.

    Sarasa arrives to meet Subaru and Ryuuichi after the Bravehearts and the Rainbow Angels tell Sarasa what’s going on with both Subaru and Ryuuichi. “Are you okay, you two?”

    “Yeah, we’re okay. Ryuuichi and I promise with each other not to fight with each other before, during and after the tournament” said Subaru.

    “Good. That was expecting. Well, I must tell you that the Fuchsia and Celadon Dragons Tournament will be held on May 1 and 2. And of course, May 1 is my birthday. So, you better not to fight with each other on my birthday. So, are you going to keep my promise, Subaru and Ryuuichi?” said Sarasa.

    “Yes, Sarasa-san. We promise” said Subaru and Ryuuichi.

    “Good. Now, shake hands, so that there will be no confrontation again” said Sarasa.

    Subaru and Ryuuichi were able to shake each other’s hands, much to the delight of the members of the Rainbow Angels, the guests and even including Nana and Mayumi.

    “This is just for the tournament, Subaru. So, you better not to say anything insulting to my team” said Ryuuichi.

    “Of course. I’ll be keeping an eye on you too, Ryuuichi. After that, we’ll make things settle” said Subaru.

    “Okay” said Ryuuichi.

    The Bravehearts are reacting about the confrontation between Subaru and Ryuuichi.

    “Wow. I can’t believe it that this would have been a disaster” said Maho.

    “Yeah, that Ryuuichi has got to stop growing his temper when confronting Subaru” said Airi.

    “I agree. No one insults our mentor, and no one gets his hands on him” said Saki.

    “Ah! Subaru and Ryuuichi are finally settling their promises! That was just lovely!” said Hinata.

    “If the girls didn’t calm them down, this would have the training for the Rainbow Angels to be ruined” said Kagetsu.

    “Yeah, Kagetsu. I have to be honest with you, but Ryuuichi is a strong player with his own eye to expose” said Masami.

    “Playing tricks to beat his opponents is his secret weapon and I’m not sure when this will gonna end” said Tsubaki.

    “I agree, Tsuba! Subaru has a pure heart to keep and defend his honor for us!” said Hiiragi.

    The guests are about to leave the Recreational Center and Kaguya and Satoru call Subaru and Ryuuichi.

    “Hey, you two! We’ll see you later at the garden” said Satoru.

    “Don’t stay with them too long!” said Kaguya.

    “Okay!” said Subaru and Ryuuichi before Kaguya, Satoru and the guests leave the Recreational Center.

    Ryuuichi would leave Subaru. “I have to wait for you too, Subaru. You said that you’re going to end this training, right?”

    “Yeah, I’ll be catching up with ya!” said Subaru.

    “Sure! I’ll wait here at the entrance, Subaru!” said Ryuuichi before leaving.

    Subaru would look at the members of the Rainbow Angels. “Everyone. That concludes the first training of our team. I hope that everyone is tired after three hours. Right?” said Subaru.

    “Yeah!” said the members of the Rainbow Angels.

    “Good. The next training will be held in the same place on Thursday. Hopefully, all of you are ready to practice the Complete Synchronization Skill once again. Okay?” said Subaru.

    “Yeah!” said the members of the Rainbow Angels.

    “Now, as you can see, Kaguya and Satoru are calling me to meet up at the garden. I must go now. I’ll meet up later at the mansion” said Subaru.

    “Okay!” said the members of the Rainbow Angels.

    Ryuuichi doesn’t want to get wasted too long to wait for Subaru. “Come on, Subaru, hurry up! We don’t want to be late!”

    “Oh, okay, Ryuuichi! So, I’ll see you later, everyone!” said Subaru as he leaves Sarasa and the Rainbow Angels to join with Ryuuichi, leaving the Recreational Center to meet with the guests.

    Then, Nana and Mayumi are expressing their gratitude to Tomoka, Mimi, Aoi and Sarasa.

    “Thank you for helping my cousin, girls! You girls are awesome! Mayumi and I are finally starting to trust you” said Nana.

    “You bet, Nana! We’re always coming out to help our friends!” said Tomoka.

    “I know that we’re supposed to be ashamed of ourselves due to Ryuuichi’s actions, but we’re alright right now” said Mayumi.

    “That’s good. I believe that, Mayumi. Hopefully, we’re going to settle things up to create our partnership even we’re still rivals” said Aoi.

    “Rivalries won’t last forever and someday, we will cooperate with each other” said Mimi.

    “Yeah, we agree!” said Nana and Mayumi.

    Sarasa gives a sigh before speaking to the members of the Rainbow Angels, Nana and Mayumi. “The drama is over, everyone. I’m glad that we’re good to go back to the mansion. So, hopefully, we’re going to make things settle for Ryuuichi if we’ll have a partnership with him.”

    “Yeah, we should be ready for the next training, but tomorrow is a big day for all of us” said Tomoka.

    “The Fuchsia and Celadon Week will start very soon, starting with the kickoff tomorrow, and hopefully, we will share our blessings with smile and peace!” said Jun.

    “Yeah!” said the members of the Bravehearts, the Rainbow Angels, Nana and Mayumi.

    “Speaking of this, we should talk about that at the mansion. But first, shall we go to the shower, everyone?” said Sarasa.

    “Yeah!” said the members of the Bravehearts, the Rainbow Angels, Nana and Mayumi.

    “Then, let’s go!” said Sarasa as she, the Bravehearts, the Rainbow Angels, Nana and Mayumi are leaving the basketball court of the Recreational Center to go to the sentō to take their shower. The Rainbow Angels have successfully worked out with their special moves and trying their best to master their Complete Synchronization Skills, in order to prepare themselves of the Fuchsia and Celadon Dragons Tournament. With Subaru and Ryuuichi re-ignite their rivalry for the tournament, there’s no serious rivalry that can be made with both Rainbow Angels and Team Suga are ready to meet each other soon in the tournament. Tomorrow is the beginning of the Fuchsia and Celadon Week, starting with the kickoff at the beachfront of the Misawa Resort Hotel, and everyone will be full of joy, smile and peace as this will usher in a new era, the Fuchsia and Celadon Week.

    UP NEXT: Interlude 23: “Kumi Takamura’s Dream Plan for the Charms”

    With the rivalry between Subaru and Ryuuichi had just been reignited since Ro-Kyu-Bu! SS, this would be more intense as they’ll have their teams participate (Rainbow Angels and Magome Elites-Team Suga) at the Fuchsia and Celadon Dragons Tournament. The Rainbow Angels are motivating themselves to prepare because this is their Dream Team and they’ll have to work together as one family of bravehearts and angels. Now, the next chapter, Chapter 127, will be posted right after my birthday, which means that I’ll post the two interludes between them. I’ll see you on June 12 (Wednesday), my country’s Independence Day for the next update!

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    Re: Rooks, Knights and Bravehearts - The Ro-Kyu-Bu!/Tenshi no 3P! X High School DxD Crossover Series

    Only three days to go before my birthday and I might be busy working for my birthday update this coming June 14 (Friday)! So, if you're ready for this, you'll see it in two days! By the way, June 15 is also the birthday of Rina Hidaka, a female voice actress from Chiba, and Miku Nishio (CV: Miho Okasaki), a female character from Ongaku Shoujo. So, let's move on to tonight's update with the first of the 6 interludes of the second part of Volume 7!

    June 12 is the Independence Day of my country, the Philippines. So, Happy Independence Day to the Filipinos, especially to the Filipinos in this forum! While the next chapter of the main part (Chapter 127) will be posted next week on June 19 (Wednesday), I’ll post the next two interludes of this volume, starting with the 23rd interlude. This interlude focuses on Kumi Takamura’s birthday party. The birthday celebrant had a dream plan for her friends, in order to keep their innocence and gentleness of the Bravehearts and her allies from the Innocent Charm, the Prestigious Charm and the Prestigious Wind Ōta. Enjoy reading Interlude 23!

    Kumi Takamura had celebrated her birthday yesterday, April 26, but for tonight, the Innocent Charm and the Prestigious Charm set up a birthday party for her at the hall of the Misawa Resort Hotel. Kumi invited her friends from the Nashiba High School to her birthday party. When her birthday party was started, Kumi had a dream plan for her friends from the Innocent Charm, the Prestigious Charm and the Prestigious Wind Ōta as well as from the Bravehearts too. As a first year high school student and the youngest sister of Mihoshi Takamura, Kumi had been dreaming about her future as she wanted to be close to her friends, especially to those from the Innocent Charm. Kumi had made three dream plans for her friends, trying to keep their innocence and gentleness of them. First, she is planning to create designs for every group in the Bravehearts, in order to use them for making jerseys and banners to be used in future competitions. Second, she and her friends will be contributing for the Pink and Plum Internship Week, which will be held in the summer break, where they will take their part-time jobs in their respective workplaces during the summer. And finally, she and her friends will be working on creating partnerships with the other community groups to bring more courage and kindness to them when the Bravehearts will start expanding their own group. They’ll be organizing future activities for their friends to participate, so that they’ll always have active participation in extra-curricular activities in their respective schools. As the new era coming in Ōta, Kumi hopes that her dream plans will be fulfilled, so that she and her friends will be happy and delighted with their innocence and gentleness.


    The interlude takes place between Chapters 126 and 127 in the evening of the day before the Fuchsia and Celadon Week. Kumi Takamura’s birthday was on April 26, but the ‘actual’ birthday party takes place on April 27. The Innocent Charm and the Prestigious Charm would set up a birthday party for Kumi while Kumi’s friends from the Nashiba High School were invited by Kumi to come to her birthday party.

    At the hall of the mansion of the Misawa Resort Hotel, Kumi’s birthday celebration starts her friends singing “Happy Birthday” to her.

    Pink and Plum-Section 10: Seijirō Hakamada, Kumi Takamura, Chigusa Seto, Mamoru Tachibana, Naoki Nakano, Hisaya Kogawa, Minami Matsubara, Tōru Suzaki, Misako Maruoka, Nagisa Sakai, Norio Yamada, Shū Ogasawara, Tokio Ogawa and Miyabi Oyama

    Kumi blows the candles of her birthday cake while Mihoshi and Kumi’s friends shout together in unison after singing “Happy Birthday” to Kumi. “Happy birthday, Kumi!”

    “Hooray for onēchan!” said Mihoshi.

    “Hooray!” said the members of the Innocent Charm, the Prestigious Charm, the Pink and Plum-Section 10 and the Prestigious Wind Ōta.

    “Everyone! Let’s eat!” said Kumi.

    “Yeah!” said the members of the Innocent Charm, the Prestigious Charm, the Pink and Plum-Section 10 and the Prestigious Wind Ōta.

    The Innocent Charm, the Prestigious Charm, the Pink and Plum-Section 10 and the Prestigious Wind Ōta are eating their food that was served by Kumi’s older sister, Mihoshi Takamura.

    “I’m so happy that this birthday party is the best!” said Kumi Takamura.

    “Yep. I’m glad that you’re turning sixteen years old, onēchan. Your friends have been delighted with your accomplishments you have last year being one of the students who have received ‘With Honors’ citations in your graduation in Kirihara” said Mihoshi.

    “I definitely agree, Miho-chan! Seijirō, Chigusa and I were doing great in improving our grades, in order to enter high school this year. I like the grades in Science and Art because I was able to topple the entire class” said Kumi.

    “On the bright side, Kumi, your former schoolmates in Kirihara have shared the joy with you ever since we left Kirihara for Nashiba” said Seijirō.

    “Well, things have gone better from the start after we just left off in Kirihara, but I need to be more motivated with my studies right now” said Kumi.

    “Yeah, you should be more focused on the grades, onēchan. I have a feeling that you’re going to enroll in the same college as mine. I was graduated there three years ago” said Mihoshi.

    “You mean, the Kotozaku University? I think that I’m leaning on that school as one of my choices in enrolling college, but junior colleges would be better too!” said Kumi.

    “Since you’re just a first year high school student just like us, you have to study hard to make high grades in different subjects before moving on to the next level” said Chigusa Seto.

    “Yeah, Chigusa-san! I’m definitely going to make it with my heart!” said Kumi.

    “Yeah!” said Seijirō, Chigusa and Mihoshi.

    “By the way, Kumi, what are you planning for your friends this year? Are you expecting to grow our friendship?” asked Mamoru Tachibana.

    “Well, I guess so. I have a dream plan for the Charms” said Kumi.

    “No way! Did you have that one?” said Hisaya Kogawa.

    “Well, of course not! Since I’m a member of the Innocent Charm, I have a lot of things to prepare for my friends and then, I might also be planning to do the same thing to my former friends in Kirihara, especially the ones in our group” said Kumi.

    “I expect that you’re going to help Subaru and his friends, in making the Bravehearts more blessed through their hearts” said Seijirō.

    “Yeah, I want to adapt new ways for the Innocent Charm because they want to be more admired than being naïve” said Kumi.

    “Definitely true, Kumi-san. My cousins Hinata and Kagetsu are doing well in leading their respective groups because they feel compassionate when they see them. I know that we should do that the same thing to apply something courageous” said Seijirō.

    “As a matter of fact, in the Pink and Plum, the opportunities can be made through their inspiration. I’m not sure if you’re speculating about the future, but you should make the decision of your own” said Chigusa.

    “Yep. The Pink and Plum is more liberal than the other community groups in Ōta, in terms of hobbies and leisure. I think that leisure could be suited for the Innocent Charm and the Prestigious Charm because if they want to grow up, then they should be more focused on going out for shopping or walking in the park to enjoy the view” said Kumi.

    “Any plan of yours would be appreciated and your friends might like it too!” said Mihoshi.

    “I believe so, nēsan. The only thing that we need to be more active in leisure is that we should be competing at the Ōta League this year” said Kumi.

    “Yeah, we didn’t join the Ōmori Invitationals since we have Team Uchi-yano representing for us. On the other hand, we might be planning to compete at the Nishina Invitationals. I mean, a lot of teams from Nishina and Kamata are going to clash each other for the four spots to advance to the Ōta League Cup” said Seijirō.

    “You’re right about competing at the Nishina Invitationals, Seijirō. That tournament would be taking place in the end of the summer break” said Naoki Nakano.

    “And this could be our chance to play together, right?” asked Mamoru.

    “Yeah, Mamoru-kun. If the Bravehearts are going to compete in that tournament, then it would be interested to face them if we’re desired to do it” said Kumi.

    “Subaru and his friends are very good in making strategies and they have a lot of moves they made since their monster performance in the final of the Young Players Cup” said Hisaya.

    “I agree. I’m not sure if we’re going to do it, but this would be a fair challenge to take home the trophy and qualify to the Ōta League Cup” said Seijirō.

    “Winning the tournament to qualify for the Ōta League Cup is a short-term goal for us, but since we didn’t able to participate at the Ōmori Invitationals, we might be more focused on training first before we’ll compete at the Nishina Invitationals” said Chigusa.

    “I believe that we would do that, Chigusa. As a matter of fact, Seiichirō and Chihiro may end up fielding their own teams if they desire to do so” said Kumi.

    “Seiichirō is from Kanagawa and probably, he might go back to his hometown for a while. As for Chihiro, he is planning to go back to his hometown for his summer break as well if he desires to do so, but he didn’t rule out yet” said Seijirō.

    “But good thing that we have a lot of friends that they’ll care of us” said Chigusa.

    “Yeah!” said Kumi.

    “About the dream plan, onēchan. What are you going to do for them?” said Mihoshi.

    “I think that I have to show something beautiful and magnificent before their very eyes” said Kumi.

    “Well, let’s show it to our friends!” said Seijirō.

    “Sure!” said Kumi.

    Kumi, Mihoshi, Seijirō, Chigusa and the members of Pink and Plum-Section 10 would meet with the members of the Innocent Charm, the Prestigious Charm and the Prestigious Wind Ōta. Kumi would show her dream plan to her friends.

    “What are you talking about, Kumi-san?” asked Hinata.

    “I have to talk about the dream plan that I have planned for the Innocent Charm and the Prestigious Charm” said Kumi.

    “This is going to be an interesting topic, Kumi. I know that you’re the one who brainstorm ideas for nēchan and her team” said Kagetsu.

    “I hope that you’re going to make my friends agree with your plan” said Hinata.

    “You got it!” said Kumi with a smile on her face. “Now, in our group, we want to be more admired and gentler to anyone including our friends, the Bravehearts. That’s why I decided to make my dream plan for everyone, especially for Hinata and Kagetsu.”

    “So, what does the dream plan would be looked like?” asked Kagetsu.

    “Good question, Kagetsu-san. You see, one of my dream plans is to create designs for every group in the Bravehearts organization, so that I will make jerseys and banners for them to use in future competitions. I made the jerseys for the Ōmori Invitationals, which is colorful and well-designed” said Kumi.

    “Ah! I believe that you’re working as a shirt creator, Kumi. That’s interesting” said Hinata.

    “It’s great that my group and nēchan’s group were able to use those uniforms during the Ōmori Invitationals and they feel satisfied with the designs you made” said Kagetsu.

    “You’re correct, Kagetsu. The designs for the Innocent Charm and the Prestigious Charm are basically the same, but with different colors and designs. For the Innocent Charm’s emblem, it has the heart on a diamond with the gradient shades of pink, while for the Prestigious Charm’s emblem, it has a diamond on a heart with the gradient shades of magenta” said Kumi.

    “Well, their designs are almost the same, but the main difference is mirror both heart and diamond through the art of symmetry” said Rei.

    “A heart represents innocence and courage while a diamond represents prestigiousness and generosity” said Erika.

    “That’s right, Erika. I have working on the designs since I’m good in Art subject. Now that I started working on creating colored shirts for every team, this will take a week to design the shirt for the Innocent Charm and the Prestigious Charm” said Kumi.

    “Kumi had selected Minami and I to work on the vectoring of the design after Kumi made the rough sketches and then, we worked on fixing those” said Hisaya.

    “The designs Kumi made are using the art of symmetry to represent the adaptability and the wisdom of the two groups” said Minami Matsubara.

    “We tried to call Ryōta if he’s allowing us to create a shirt design for them, but their shirts were just released lately. Despite this, I decided to create wristbands for Ryōta and his teammates to represent their courage and their bravery” said Kumi.

    “While Kumi had been working on designs, Mamoru and I were focused on buying some plain shirts before the final designs were made by Hisaya and Manami” said Seijirō.

    “And then, we begin working on the shirts and voila! They’re just beautiful as that!” said Mamoru.

    “So, we want to have encourage you to help us making designs for the other groups of Bravehearts, in preparing for future competitions in the ward” said Kumi.

    “I think that it would be appreciated to join our team to make new designs and then, we’ll release it in your shirts” said Seijirō.

    Kagetsu would raise her left hand, pledging herself to help Kumi in making new designs for the other groups of bravehearts. “I think that I can help it for you, Kumi!”

    “Oh, Kagetsu, are you in for this?” asked Hinata.

    “Yes, I am, nēchan. I love to take pictures and I want to make designs for my clothes I made. That’s why I want to be more passionate to take a picture and draw designs of my own. Since Kumi shared the same hobbies as mine, I will help her out” said Kagetsu.

    “That would be interesting, Kagetsu! Okay, you can help me out by taking pictures and then, I’ll see what I’ll do create a design for a group” said Kumi.

    “Okay!” said Kagetsu.

    “Oh! That’s awesome, onēchan! I guess that I will also work for Kumi too as a fashion designer for the design of the shirt!” said Kumi.

    “Good for you too, Hinata-san! Now that you and your sister will work together for her, I hope that you’ll make these designs beautifully and dazzling!” said Seijirō.

    “You got it!” said Hinata and Kagetsu.

    The members of the Innocent Charm and the Prestigious Charm would also be interested in working with Kumi.

    “I bet that we could do it as well, Kira-san!” said Ai.

    “Yeah!” said Kira.

    “Me too, Ai and Kira! I would want to make myself admirable with the designs I’ll make!” said Misaki Nagaoka.

    “This would be great if we’re going to work together as a team!” said Kazuya.

    “With these new designs, our friends will be admiring us with our talent of art!” said Miyu Higuchi.

    “Yeah!” said Ai and Kira.

    “Wow! I never heard that about plan, but I’m in!” said Asami Miyazaki.

    “Yeah, me too! I want to create designs for my friends!” said Ryō Nagashima.

    “That would be more dazzling to create new designs” said Akira Ōkawa.

    “And since we won a lot of money from the Ōmori Invitationals, we can use that for buying new plain shirts!” said Aya Tachibana.

    “Well, I believe that you’re interested to join with us in making new designs for your friends. I like that!” said Chigusa.

    “I agree, Chigusa. So, hopefully, when we finally have designs for each group, we’ll make sure that we’ll make them more admiring as it should be!” said Kumi.

    “Yeah!” said Hinata, Kagetsu and the members of the Innocent Charm and the Prestigious Charm.

    “Now, let’s move on to another dream plan I have in mind. It’s so interested that we will be prepared for the Pink and Plum Internship Week. It will be held in July and this is where all first year high school students to work during the summer break” said Kumi.

    “Oh! I guess that this might be interesting to you, Kumi-chan, because you’ll have a chance to work in the mansion as maids or cooks in the pantry” said Hinata.

    “Or better yet, work as a photographer in a studio” said Kagetsu.

    “Probably, but in the Internship Week, the first year high school students will be assigned to work on some places that focused on their hobbies” said Kumi.

    “As summer will be coming out in months, everyone will have to plan on which workplace they’re going to be. Each group must work in a workplace to work there for a week and that’s where everyone will work together to get the job done” said Seijirō.

    “So, you can suggest the places you want and then, we’ll decide it to Airi-san” said Naoki Nakano.

    “Now, start taking your suggestions” said Kumi.

    “I think that the Botanical Gardens would be nice to guard the area” said Chiwa.

    “Sounds interesting” said Kumi.

    Then, Yuto Ichinose raises his left hand to respond. “What about my father’s office? My father is an accountant.”

    “Well, that sounds more like office work to me” said Chigusa.

    “I’ll write the suggested place right away!” said Tōru Suzaki.

    “Anyone else?” asked Seijirō.

    Kuni Hakamada raises her hands to suggest a place. “The dressing shop in Shimomaruko.”

    “Oh! The papermaking factory!” said Machiko Kogure.

    “I’ll pick the library” said Akira Tayama.

    “Onsen” said Kana Uchida.

    “The furniture shop” said Kishō Ono.

    “The sports shop” said Daisuke Ōhata.

    Seijirō was smiling on his face after a lot of members from the Innocent Charm and the Prestigious Charm suggesting the names of places. “Well, that’s a lot of suggestions!”

    “I know!” said Tōru Suzaki.

    “Airi-san must pick one place for group and that’s way some of these suggestions may not be selected” said Kumi.

    “Yeah, that’s true, Kumi” said Seijirō.

    Mihoshi would raise her hand to talk with Kumi. “Uh… onēchan, I think that it’s the best to pick a suggestion.”

    “Oh, sure” said Kumi.

    “I’ll take the school office” said Mihoshi.

    “That would be interesting to take a summer job in your school, Mihoshi” said Hinata.

    “Yep. Some high school students have worked on their part-time jobs in Keishin before they’ll take college. I believe that working in the school office would be the best bet for students who have strong courage to admire them” said Mihoshi.

    “Oh! That would be fantastic!” said Hinata.

    “And it’s a job that you can have it done without losing your enthusiasm” said Kagetsu.

    “That’s true, Kagetsu!” said Mihoshi.

    “Nēchan, that suggestion was fine with me. Okay. Who else?” said Kumi.

    “The Nishina Station” said Motoichi Miyaji.

    “To guard the station and let the people pass through the train” said Akira Miyaji.

    “A steak house” said Shōjirō Miyashita.

    “Working on a convenience store!” said Sora Fukutomi.

    “How about the pastry shop? That’s where you can cook some pastries for customers to eat” said Aoi Kayano.

    “Well, that would be cool, Aoi-san!” said Yuki Hashimoto.

    “Oh, I know! What about working on a fast food restaurant? That’s going to be the easiest way to get the job done” said Syaaka Akatsuka.

    “Or working in a Japanese tea factory” said Koji Nagagaichi.

    “I think that the toy store would be a best to work there” said Shinobu Hirasawa.

    “Anime store would be better than the toy store” said Seiichi Abe.

    “That’s where you can buy some merchandise of different anime” said Natsumi Ishikawa.

    “Comic store would be nice to work there too!” said Shun.

    “Yeah, there are a lot of comic books and magazines to read!” said Naoki Hatano.

    “I agree!” said Shun.

    “I’m going to pick the pet shop. You can adopt a pet and take care of it” said Miho Hikasa.

    “I believe that we have a lot of suggested places in your list, Kumi-san” said Kagetsu.

    “That would be more compromised to choose one” said Hinata.

    “It sure is, Hinata” said Kumi before talking to the members of the Innocent Charm and the Prestigious Charm. “Okay, I will now close the nominations to suggest the places for the Internship Week. So, this will take two months to determine the workplaces to be used for the event. Hopefully, one of your suggestions might be included to the list.”

    “If you’re lucky to suggest those names” said Seijirō.

    “For now, we’ll wait for some major announcements for the Internship Week. So, stay tuned for that” said Kumi.

    “Okay!” said Hinata, Kagetsu and the members of the Innocent Charm, the Prestigious Charm and the Prestigious Wind Ōta.

    “Now, the third and final dream plan is that with the creation of the Unbreaking Charisma and the Prestigious Wind Ōta, I’m going to say that we’ll start working on creating partnerships with the other community groups to bring more courage and kindness to them” said Kumi.

    “Since the Bravehearts is a group of blessing and willpower, we’ll allow our friends to give their blessing and willpower that may brighter their future. Our group, the Pink and Plum-Section 10, had been planning to partner with you for some activities to make” said Seijirō.

    “For that, we’re going to have an outdoor activity, which is the kite flying activity” said Kumi.

    “This kite flying activity would be held at the beachfront of the Misawa Resort Hotel. It will be held in June. Since we’re going to use the designs Kumi made, this will be our first time to fly the kite in the beachfront” said Seijirō.

    “Then, we’ll also have another activity known as the karaoke activity. This is where you can pick a song and sing it out with your melody” said Kumi.

    “For those who are interested in singing, this would be a challenge for everyone” said Mamoru.

    “It will be held on May 29, which the sports day meet will also be held in Keishin Academy” said Misako Maruoka.

    “So, hopefully, you’ll be able to sing a song and be the best singer to get a high score” said Minami.

    “I think that I will be ready to compete at the karaoke activity” said Hajime.

    “Yeah, me too!” said Daiki Mitsugi.

    “I’ll make sure that I’ll beat everyone to get a high score!” said Seiichi.

    “If they want to sing, then I’ll sing too!” said Akari Tanigawa.

    “That singing activity would be fine with me” said Rina Sugaya.

    “I thought that you’re good at that” said Fūko Shibasaki.

    “Yeah, you said that you’re not good enough to find a good song to sing” said Yoshiyuki Naomoto.

    “Well, of course not! Fūko and Yoshiyuki, I know how to sing, but I’ll not pressure it out when I’m going to pick a song and then, sing” said Rina.

    “I think that you can outclass them with your good voice” said Atsushi.

    “The more you sing well, the better you get a high score” said Haruka.

    “You got it!” said Rina Sugaya.

    “Oh, I want to take part of that competition!” said Kōji Yamada.

    “Yeah, me too!” said Shinjō Uchida.

    “Wow! Everyone knows that some of us have good talent in singing and hopefully, hopefully, someone will get a high score” said Asuka Ōshiro.

    “I agree, Asuka-san. This could be more like a real challenge” said Kazumi.

    “Yeah!” said Asuka Ōshiro.

    “My other hobbies aside from making designs are making delicious foods and photography. That’s why I make up two more activities for those. One for making delicious foods, it will take place during the week of the Yaguchi Invitationals” said Kumi.

    “The Yaguchi Invitationals will be held on June 12 and 13. Which means, we might be doing that activity since we have Saki and Masami working in their restaurants” said Hinata.

    “Don’t forget that most of Saki and Masami’s friends are good in cooking foods which is either fast food or gourmet” said Kagetsu.

    “I agree! The Dazzled Hearts and The Wisteria Club are interested in different kinds of foods, which is why they have shared the food together” said Seijirō.

    “Others like Hijiri-san and Nayu-san are good cooks as well. It’s great to say that they’re very good in inspiring their ideas to make delicious foods and make the customers satisfied about the way they cook” said Mihoshi.

    “Yep. Then, the other is a photography activity. If you must know, photography is an activity where you can take pictures of your desired object. I know that I have been doing this since I was part of the student council in Kirihara Middle School and I never lose that interest because I’m passion to make designs. The photography activity will take place every Sunday and everyone must have their cameras on you” said Kumi.

    “Okay!” said Hinata, Kagetsu and the members of the Innocent Charm, the Prestigious Charm and the Prestigious Wind Ōta.

    “We’ll make sure that our dream plan will be accomplished with our hearts and courage. Also, we’ll be able to make it together!” said Kumi.

    “Yeah!” said Hinata, Kagetsu and the members of the Innocent Charm, the Prestigious Charm and the Prestigious Wind Ōta.

    Kumi takes the slice of the pink-colored birthday cake. Then, the rest will take the slice of the cake as well “Everyone, it seems that a new era will about to change in Ōta.”

    “Yeah, I know, onēchan. After many groups have been growing since the fall of the Dragons of Ōta, the Era of Fuchsia and Celadon will be bringing new hopes and dreams for everyone in this ward” said Mihoshi.

    “Hopefully, everyone is ready to give out the courage and smile with each other to make themselves happy” said Seijirō.

    “We’re growing together as one family of bravehearts, but also we’re showing our innocence and gentleness in our group” said Chigusa.

    “You bet, Chigusa! Our courage won’t be lost because we’re more admired than being naïve. So, let’s make my dream plan turn into a reality!” said Kumi.

    “Yeah!” said Mihoshi, Seijirō, Chigusa, Hinata, Kagetsu and the members of the Innocent Charm, the Prestigious Charm, the Prestigious Wind Ōta and the Pink and Plum-Section 10. Kumi makes her dream plan for her friends including Hinata, Kagetsu and their friends. With her courage had never been lost, Kumi is ready to bring new opportunities to get high grades in different subjects as a first year high school student and to keep her friendship with her friends she had encountered them, so that they’ll get along with them for fun.

    UP NEXT: Birthday Update: "Nagoya x Ōta SS"

    I like the way Kumi Takamura being one of the important figures of the Innocent Charm because of her being part of the Pink and Plum. Hopefully, I will make a future chapter that features her and her friends where they’ll have their own sidestory to work with. Since Kumi is close to her sister Mihoshi, Kumi is ready to give her friends their time to enjoy together with her for fun. The next update will be another birthday interlude featuring the twins, who were allied to two members of the New Camellian Dragons, Toshihiro Kanzaki and Chinami Itagaki. That will be posted on June 17 (Monday) because I'll be posting a special update of the series because it's almost my birthday, which will be on June 15 (Saturday). That's why the special update of the series will be a birthday update to be posted on June 14 (Friday), two days from now. I hope that you're all excited for this because I have currently working on it right now. I hope that I will finish it before I'll be posting it on the right time. So, I’ll see you on June 14 (Friday) for my birthday update!

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    Re: Rooks, Knights and Bravehearts - The Ro-Kyu-Bu!/Tenshi no 3P! X High School DxD Crossover Series

    Hi, everyone! As my birthday will be tomorrow (June 15), I will post my birthday update in the series! This is the first time that I’m going to post a birthday update that is outside the main part of the series. In this birthday update, you will see the two Braveheart groups, both Ōta and Nagoya, meeting with each other in a big table at the room of the Bravehearts of Nagoya. This is where everyone is talking with their own topics including the secrets that are coming either from the Bravehearts of Ōta or the Bravehearts of Nagoya. Also, you will see the Easter eggs in this update where I will post it in the next post. I will dedicate this birthday update not only to me, but also to Rina Hidaka. Born in Chiba, Rina Hidaka is one of the voice actresses that I like and admire, but, of course, she’s the most admired voice actress due to her voice acting for young, admired and sweet female characters from different anime releases. Rina Hidaka is the voice actress of Airi Kashii (Ro-Kyu-Bu!), Kurumi Nukui (Tenshi no 3P!/Angel’s 3Piece!), Ai Hinatsuru (Ryūō no Oshigoto!/The Ryuo’s Work is Never Done!), Iris Freyja (Unlimited Fafnir), Nagisa Akatsuki (Strike the Blood), Last Order (To Aru Majutsu no Index/A Certain Magical Index), Sakuya Kurai (Tonari no Kyuuketsuki-san/Ms.vampire who lives in my neighborhood), Warabi Hanasaka (Busou Shoujo Machiavellianism), Nemesis (To-Love Ru), Mimina Ōsawa (Ladies versus Butlers!), Enju Aihara (Black Bullet), Ako Tamaki (Netoge no Yome wa Onna no ko Janai to Omotta?/Are you thought there is never a girl online?), Lynne Davis (Märchen Mädchen), Silica/Keiko Ayano (Sword Art Online), Ririchiyo Shirakiin (Inu x Boku Secret Service) and recently, Bethor (Hangyakusei Million Arthur). Rina Hidaka’s birthday is on June 15, the same date that is my birthday as well! Hopefully, I will watch out for her in her next voice acting appearances this year and make her progress in her voice acting career as well! Happy birthday, Rina Hidaka! Also, June 15 is the birthday of Miku Nishio, a female character from Ongaku Shoujo. Born in Nagoya, Aichi, Miku is an energetic and passionate girl due to her being one of the members of the 12-girl idol unit Music Girls that is so cute. Miku is voiced by Miho Okasaki. Happy birthday, Miku! Now, I’ll give you my birthday update with the title, “Nagoya x Ōta SS”! Enjoy reading my birthday update!


    This update takes place between the midnight hours of June 15, the birthday of Miku Nishio, and June 16, the birthday of Masami Fujii, where the Bravehearts are having a dream of them meeting with the Bravehearts of Nagoya at the Gotō Clan Ancestral House.

    The Bravehearts are sleeping at their respective rooms right after they celebrated the birthday of Miku Nishio at the mansion of the Misawa Resort Hotel. They’re about to celebrate another birthday, this time, for Masami Fujii. Miku’s birthday is on June 15 while Masami’s birthday is on June 16.

    Later, a dream cloud is made where Tomoka was staying at the balcony of the Ancestral House, looking at the view of the city. Kira Ōgaki would appear to see Tomoka.

    “Tomoka-san” said Kira.

    “Oh, it’s you, Kira-san! I never expect that you’re in my dreams too!” said Tomoka.

    “Yeah, this is your dream, Tomoka-san. It seems that you have arrived just in time to meet our friends in a secret meeting” said Kira.

    “Well, I would be glad to, Kira-san. Are Subaru-san and others there?” said Tomoka.

    “Yes, of course! I’m going to tell you that in this dream, you and your friends will get along with my friends in my group. You’ll be thrilled to see what we’re talking about today” said Kira.

    “That would be fine with me, Kira-san. Then, I’ll be appreciated to see what’s going on with your group” said Tomoka.

    “Yeah, Tomoka-san! Now, let’s go to our room!” said Kira.

    “Okay!” said Tomoka as she and Kira would leave the balcony of Kira’s room before heading to the room of the Bravehearts of Nagoya, which is located three rooms from Kira’s room.

    At the room of the Bravehearts of Nagoya, the Bravehearts of Ōta and the Bravehearts of Nagoya are present in the big table. The allies from both sides are also appeared including Jun, Megumi, Miku and Keisuke Nishio, Rentarō Shizuma and Sayako Hanada (leader of the Gleamed Cherry).

    Bravehearts of Nagoya: Kira Ōgaki, Megumi Kazama, Yuiko Maeyama, Yūmi Takasaki, Aki Kaneko, Erika Yoshioka, Rumi Saito, Sumire Takeyama, Chiyo Takezono, Reina Nonaka, Shinobu Miyamoto, Eri Toyama and Kazumasa Nonaka

    “Tomoka-san!” said Subaru.

    “You came to be part of this meeting!” said Jun.

    “Yeah! I never expect that everyone in my side is all here” said Tomoka.

    “Yeah!” said the Bravehearts of Ōta and their allies.

    “I’m sure that you’ll be going to love this meeting, Tomoka. You see, everyone had been waiting for you and Kira, so that we’ll start our secret meeting in a few minutes” said Saki.

    “Well, I haven’t seen you in Kira’s room before I found out that you are part of this dream” said Tomoka.

    “Yes, it is, Tomoka” said Saki.

    “So, sit down in this seat beside me, so that we’ll be starting the meeting soon” said Jun.

    “Sure thing, Jun-san!” said Tomoka as she’s seating beside Jun.

    Kira would also be sitting to have the pair with Tomoka. “I’ll be going to sit here beside Shinobu Miyamoto and Aya Nakada to make sure that we’re all lined up in this table.”

    “Wow! It looks like each member of our Bravehearts have the resemblance to yours, Kira-san” said Tomoka.

    “Yep. This is where everyone in our group have always meeting with the other Bravehearts like this, so that we’ll have the matching pair” said Kira.

    “If you are matched with one of our members, you’re in luck to sit in front of us” said Megumi Kazama.

    “As for those who are not matched with one of our members, they can sit at the back of the person you’re matching with if they’re close to you” said Yuiko Maeyama.

    “Well, that was a good alignment to hear, Yuiko. I never heard about that arrangement since it’s different from the one at the ground floor” said Aoi.

    “You got that right, Aoi! This large table is for the members of the Braveharts of Nagoya only” said Yūmi Takasaki.

    “Which means, the rest are welcomed to seat in front of us. The left of the big table is exclusive to those who are matched to one of our members in our Bravehearts” said Aki.

    “While all of us, the Bravehearts of Nagoya, will be sitting on the other side” said Rumi Saito.

    “That way, all of us will be comfortable. Right?” said Erika Yoshioka. Erika is the cousin of Seiichirō and Miyu Yoshioka.

    “Yeah!” said Tomoka, the members of the Bravehearts of Ōta and their allies.

    “I’m sure that you’re all comfortable in your seats because this isn’t an imaginary big table, but this is the table we’re using for doing assignments and projects” said Shinobu.

    “The other groups who were closed to us have their own big tables too!” said Eri Toyama.

    “Yeah, I’m comfortable to this seat, Eri! It feels so good to sit there while meeting with my pair” said Natsuhi.

    “Exactly, Natsuhi. Usually, the matched pair can work together or having a private session without hesitation” said Kazumasa Nonaka.

    “As for today’s meeting is secret, no one will notice about this because this is all the dream. Okay?” said Reina Nonaka.

    “Okay!” said the Bravehearts of Ōta and their allies.

    “I think that we’ll start the session with you, Shinobu” said Kira.

    “Oh, okay, then. I’ll start” said Shinobu. Shinobu would start his own topic. “Right about the beginning of the prefectural tournaments, I heard about the rumors of a certain first year high school student from Okazaki named Genjiro Kageyama.”

    “Who that guy is, Shinobu?” asked Subaru.

    “He is a basketball player coming from the Tateyama Middle School in Okazaki and now, he’s playing for Nagoya Ōtani High School. I recognized him as one of the future players in Aichi when he’s going to perform his monster players in the court” said Shinobu.

    “Wow! That guy was seemed to be beasting when he’s on fire, Shinobu. I would be wondering if he can take on my team” said Subaru.

    “Yeah, that’s why he’s known as the Whirlwind Winger. He can go for the ‘fly’ moves that he can strike the shot in one move” said Shinobu.

    “Are you sure that he has the potential to become a superstar?” asked Natsuhi.

    “Why, yes, he is, Natsuhi. When I met him the first time in the middle school prefectural tournament last year, his eyes are clear as a cloud. He’s very ambitious when he’s leading the court” said Shinobu.

    “I believe that this person had been doing a great job in making his game so different than the other talented players in your hometown. You might be known to look at his strength” said Subaru.

    “Yes, indeed, he has a lot of strength to go for a strike” said Shinobu.

    “And also, he can break his opponent’s ankles with one swoop” said Eri Toyama.

    “Yeah! I believe that he’s more like me, Shinobu. I never thought how I played hard, but also I’m doing my own moves to shine” said Subaru.

    “Well, that might be cool if you take him out one-on-one very soon, but he’s going to be gone crazy, I’ll tell you” said Shinobu.

    “Yeah!” said Subaru.

    “Now, who wants to take a turn to talk?” asked Shinobu.

    “I’ll do!” said Aoi.

    “Well, then, Aoi, you’ll start your own topic” said Shinobu.

    “Okay!” said Aoi before she takes a deep breath. Then, Aoi starts to put another topic to focus on. “As for me, I usually worked on building strategies to make things better for our group to accomplish.”

    “Ah, interesting. So, how often did you do that?” said Eri.

    “I think that I have been doing this during our school project. The school project is all about family issues where my group including Subaru have talked with the people in our hometown about the troubles in their families one by one” said Aoi.

    “When we’re talking with them, we made interviews about how they started their problem and then, how it coped it out” said Subaru.

    “So, what have you accomplished in that project?” asked Keisuke Nishio.

    “We were able to interview 24 people in our home including our friends in the neighborhood. It’s so good that everyone had responded about their concerns in their family” said Aoi.

    “I think that you are good in analyzing their problems when you gave them advices to make sure that they’ll feel better” said Eri.

    “Yeah, we did that when we heard about their problems responded from the people we interviewed” said Aoi.

    “Mostly, they were able to resolve their problems through consultation. Others have done that before and then, they repeated it to fix their problems without losing their hope” said Subaru.

    “Well, I’m proud of that project, Aoi! Now, when did you made that project?” said Eri.

    “It was last year, but this year, it would be different because the teachers will give us the tasks we have before the finals to be held next month” said Aoi.

    “You mean, the final examinations for the first term?” asked Shinobu.

    “Yeah!” said Aoi.

    “Ah, I believe that this might be going for the hassle, but make sure that you’ll be able to build your own strategies to make sure that you and your groupmates will earn the credit from your teachers” said Eri.

    “Yeah, that’s true, Eri. Teamwork always get earned once you get the job done” said Aoi.

    “Yeah, I agree, Aoi!” said Eri. Then, she turns to her groupmates. “Now, you can talk anywhere you want. Let’s start with you, Reina.”

    Reina would happily reply to Eri. “Okay! I’ll go for it!”

    “We’ll be listening to you, Reina. Make sure that your pair will be listening to you too!” said Eri.

    “You got it!” said Reina.

    “What are you going to discuss to us?” asked Masami.

    “That’s a good question, Masami. I’m usually teaching some toddlers from my mother’s daycare center. My mother is a daycare teacher who can take care of the little youngsters to teach and read” said Reina.

    “Wow! That sounds like your mother have taken care of those little kids in that area” said Masami.

    “Yep. What about you?” said Reina.

    “I’m taking care of my father’s business during the weekend and also, I bought some seafood ingredients, so that I’ll give it to either my father or Mihoshi” said Masami.

    “Who is Mihoshi?” asked Reina.

    “She’s the cook for our home, the mansion at the Misawa Resort Hotel” said Masami.

    “I never heard that place before, but I really expect that you have been there with your friends since you are part of the Bravehearts” said Reina.

    “You got it, Reina! It’s great that we have so many accomplishments in our organization like working the assignment together while building a tree planting outside of the entrance” said Masami.

    “Whoa! That was one of the things we usually have that in our school!” said Yuiko.

    “Then, how did you know about that?” asked Masami.

    “In our school, we were able to build trees at the back of our school, so that it will grow for about three to four months” said Yuiko.

    “Yuiko and I were volunteering for that activity to save our preservation of our school’s garden” said Aki Kaneko.

    “Good for you for the two of you, Yuiko and Aki! I’m so proud of your active participation to make sure that you’ll save the mother Earth. I hope that you’ll see those trees really grow more” said Masami.

    “Yeah!” said Yuiko and Aki.

    “Now, Reina, I have a question for you” said Masami.

    “Okay. What is it?” said Reina.

    “Have your group being part of the student’s association? The last time I know about you is that you have been active in participating the student body for your school” said Masami.

    “Yeah, I was part of the student’s association where I was the representative of my section. I tried to run for a higher position last year as the secretary of the association, but I was defeated by Nobumasa Hiromitsu, a close friend of Rumi Saito” said Reina.

    “That’s a shame, Reina, but you were able to get your position when you have been elected as the class president in your class” said Masami.

    “Yep. I’m currently satisfied with my position right now. It feels like I’m very motivated about the platforms made by my club’s president” said Reina.

    “So, what do you think if you can help it out?” asked Masami.

    “I’ll be glad to, Masami! I’ll make sure that I’ll contribute their plans to make sure that we’re going to make our school more active in extracurricular activities” said Reina.

    “Then, I’ll say that you’ll go for it, Reina. Once you have contributed for their plans, you’ll be able to gain your trust with your schoolmates. That’s how student leaders do every time they have their mission to serve” said Masami.

    “I agree with that, Masami! I’ll make sure that I’ll continue to serve for my school’s student body until my graduation next year” said Reina.

    “Well, I’m glad that you’ll make it, Reina. Make them proud with your type of leadership” said Masami.

    “Okay!” said Reina.

    Erika Yoshioka talks to Mimi. “Mimi, there are many groups of bravehearts coming from different cities in our country.”

    “Yeah, I have seen the Bravehearts of Fukuoka during the Fuchsia and Celadon Week. They are coming from Fukuoka, led by the Ace of Fukuoka Kazuhito Hatakenaka” said Mimi.

    “Ah, I know him! He’s a strong prospect due to his athleticism and his style of play” said Erika.

    “Yeah, Erika-san! He’s a close friend of Subaru through his father. Right, Subaru?” said Tomoka.

    “Yep. He was the guy who had defeated Ryuuichi Suga in the Nationals two years ago when they faced each other in the quarterfinals” said Subaru.

    “It was unfortunate that you had your school’s basketball program suspended last year. How did you left it off when you’re coaching for Keishin?” said Keisuke.

    “Well, it’s a long story, Keisuke. Everyone in our school said that the deputy manager had assaulted the daughter of the athletic director last year. That was an act of sexual violence, which is unacceptable in our school” said Subaru.

    “That’s why all of the first years who have joined the program would have shined last season” said Aoi.

    “Kazunari, Banri and I have proposed the reinstatement, stated that Shin was an innocent for his love of the daughter of the athletic director. Shin said that he didn’t know that he had worse times with girls when he was young” said Subaru.

    “Shin was such a jerk, Subaru. If he crosses the lines against the girls, they’re going to hate him for what he did to Tsubasa” said Maho.

    “Yeah, that’s true, Maho-san. Thank goodness that I didn’t make a wrong move on one of the girls in my side” said Subaru.

    “Of course not, Subaru-san! I’ll make sure that you’ll not turn against us” said Tomoka.

    “Yes, I will, Tomoka-san! I’ll always keep an eye on you if you’re in trouble. I’ll be here to take the courage of myself to save you” said Subaru.

    “Promise me that you’ll not let me or my friends down” said Tomoka.

    “Okay, I promise, Tomoka-san” said Subaru.

    “That’s good, Subaru-san!” said Tomoka before she talks to Erika. “So, Erika-san, I heard that you have met some of your friends that are part of the Bravehearts. Right?”

    “Yeah, there are many cities have their own groups of bravehearts, which they are more determined to make themselves blessed and inspired” said Erika.

    “As far as they’re here to bless and inspire, they’re here to show their willpower to become stronger just like the top prospects have” said Mimi.

    “Yep” said Erika.

    “Each city had their own group that have the name of ‘Bravehearts’. For example, in our city, we have us, the Bravehearts of Nagoya” said Kira.

    “While for you and your friends, you called your group as the Bravehearts of Ōta” said Erika.

    “Yeah!” said Tomoka and Mimi.

    “The Bravehearts have been existed around the country through the inspiration of Ginga Hasegawa. The first group that was created is in Fukuoka, then it was followed by different cities in the west including Hiroshima, Kyoto and Osaka” said Kira.

    “Last year, we formed the Bravehearts of Nagoya after we were able to grow our potential during the summer tournament” said Shinobu.

    “By the way, Subaru, when did you form your group?” asked Eri.

    “Our Bravehearts was formed three months ago when we merged with different groups, who have befriended them due to their inspiration they have” said Subaru.

    “We’re currently expanding our group due to the re-organization and hopefully, we’ll be able to create more partnerships with different community groups in our hometown” said Aoi.

    “Wow! That was super awesome, Subaru and Aoi! I believe that your future had been doing well with a lot of friends have started to be closed to you” said Kira.

    “Yeah!” said Subaru and Aoi.

    “That’s why we’re finally ready to build our partnership with the Dragons of Ōta, who have mended their troubles from last year” said Aoi.

    “Once the partnership is settled, we’ll no longer be part of that organization as we’ll be splitting off from them, but we’ll be associated to them” said Subaru.

    “I see. I hope that you’ll start working with them and then, you’ll develop their relationship with them. That way, you’ll gain more friends with them” said Shinobu.

    “Yeah!” said Aoi and Subaru.

    “Mimi, I heard that the Bravehearts of Saga was established by the time your group had been established” said Erika.

    “Oh, yeah, I never seen that group before after the last time I stayed on a summer vacation in Fukuoka” said Mimi.

    “Did you have friends from your family?” asked Erika.

    “Yes, I have. You see, when I was in vacation in Fukuoka last year after the final session of Ginga’s Basketball Camp where my friends and I have spent there for a week. We visited Saga where I met a young girl, who is also a friend of my mother, named Chikako Uesugi” said Mimi.

    “Hmm… Chikako Uesugi” said Erika as she repeats the name of that little girl. “That girl is not familiar with me, but I recognized one of the members from that group.”

    “Who is it?” asked Mimi.

    “The name of that person is Eriko Miyagi. She is the youngest sister of Kunio Miyagi. I met her when I was on a vacation with my relatives like Seiichirō and Miyu” said Erika.

    “Wait a minute, Erika. Did you meet her?” said Tsubaki.

    “Yes, of course!” said Erika.

    “How did you describe her?” asked Hiiragi.

    “She had sported a forest green-colored hair and she had turquoise eyes, symbolizing her calm and expressive personality” said Erika.

    “That sounds like she’s compared to me, Erika” said Mimi.

    “Yeah, she’s currently 11 years old and she had been selected as the captain of Kōgakukan Elementary School” said Erika.

    “Well, I believe that she’s very inspired to become a superstar, Erika” said Tsubaki.

    “Everyone knows that she had been stepping up though the court like the young pupils from Ginga’s summer camp did” said Mimi.

    “Yeah, exactly, Mimi!” said Erika.

    “So, if I remember correctly, are both Chikako Uesugi and Eriko Miyagi are studying in the same school?’ said Hiiragi.

    “Yeah, Hiiragi-san! They’re coming from the Kōgakukan Elementary School before Chikako and her teammates moved to Kōgakukan Middle School this year” said Kira.

    “They’re currently first year middle school students just like most of us” said Megumi.

    “Ah, yeah! I believe that they’re on the same level as us” said Maho.

    “And also, they’re very hopeful to have their future brighter” said Saki.

    “I agree!” said Megumi.

    “Who is the leader of the Bravehearts of Saga?” asked Airi.

    “Good question, Airi-san. Their leader was Kotaro Itahashi while their vice leader was Yūko Hideshima” said Yūmi.

    “Ah, okay! I understand about them. What are their hobbies?” said Airi.

    “Helping people to become complex and fit as they were working as part-timers in a gym owned by Kotaro’s mother” said Yūmi.

    “Wow! That’s awesome, Yūmi-san! I can’t believe that they’re very healthy when it comes to exercise and dietary” said Airi.

    “Yeah, that’s right, Airi-san. Kotaro played as center while Yūko played as both shooting guard and small forward. I’m going to say that if they’re flexible with their strength, they’re going to perform quick and rustling moves to dazzle” said Yūmi.

    “I hope that we can meet them very soon, Yūmi-san! This will give us more strength to increase once we have a training with them” said Airi.

    “Sure, they will, Airi-san. It’ll be better to work together if I have time to go to your hometown. That way, I’ll be joining with you for a while” said Yūmi.

    “Okay, Yūmi-san! I’ll accept your proposal, but as soon as we’ll meet each other very soon” said Airi.

    “Okay!” said Yūmi.

    “I think that we should wait and see to meet the Bravehearts of Saga, Kira-san. Hopefully, they’re going to join with us during the summer break” said Tomoka.

    “Yes, they will, Tomoka-san” said Kira.

    “Since all of us might be busy for the upcoming middle school prefectural tournaments, we’ll have to make an appointment for them, so that we’ll ask them if they’ll be going to join with us during the summer break” said Erika.

    “Okay!” said the Bravehearts of Ōta.

    “I see that you have been thinking about inspiring a group that are passionate and charismatic to become bravehearts, Sayako” said Miku.

    “Yeah, Miku-san. The Bravehearts of Nagoya have usually formed their own hierarchy to match with the other Braveheart groups. Each member of the Bravehearts of Nagoya had their own friends” said Sayako.

    “For example, Kira’s friends formed the Gleamed Cherry, led by Sayako Hanada” said Aya Nakada. Aya Nakada is a member of the Gleamed Cherry and a close friend of Kira Ōgaki.

    “Yep. Kira and I were close with each other and that’s why we want to be more compassionate like the people of Nagoya used to” said Sayako.

    “Another example is the Valiant Blaze. It is a group composed of friends of Aki Kaneko. Its leader is Yukari Ninomiya” said Rentarō Shizuma. Rentarō Shizuma is a member of the Bravehearts of Nagoya, representing the Diamonds and Roses, and is resembled to Kazunari Uehara. The Diamonds and Roses is a group composed of the friends of Eri Toyama and Shinobu Miyamoto and is led by both Eri and Shinobu.

    “Every member has their own set of friends to share their bonds of friendship. I have to say that if we’re passionate, they’re also be passionate” said Aya Nakada.

    “Ah, I finally understand about this, Aya. That’s pretty cute to say that your friends are passionate” said Miku.

    “Yeah!” said Sayako, Aya and Rentarō.

    “By the way, Miku, your group, Fire Edelweiss, had been growing since you left Nagoya for Tokyo” said Sayako.

    “Yep. My friends have formed the Fire Edelweiss, which was led by Ayako Hashida. The group was divided into four sub-groups, composed of yellow, orange, scarlet and lime green. Ayako is the leader of the yellow group, Atsuko Tachibana is the leader of the orange group, Miori Itō is the leader of the scarlet group and Shun Akimoto is the leader of the lime green group” said Miku.

    “What about your friends from Todoroki?” asked Rentarō.

    “Some went to my current school, but other have either remain or left for another school” said Miku.

    “Good thing that you have remembered them when you leave Todoroki for… I don’t know what school you are studying now” said Rentarō.

    “It is the Hasekura High School, a school dedicated to people who has talents in music and art” said Miku.

    “Well, that sounds like your music had been started when you enroll in Hasekura” said Aya.

    “Yep. I’m a member of the Music Girls, also known as Ongaku Shoujo, and I’m currently being less conservative when it comes to meeting with my groupmates, especially for Sasame and Shupe” said Miku.

    “That’s very nice, Miku! I hope that you’ll be able to develop your friendship with them because even you’re now get into music, you should learn to sing with your heart” said Rentarō.

    “Just be calm and don’t motivate too much” said Aya.

    “Okay, you got it, Aya and Rentarō!” said Miku.

    “What are you interested into, Megumi?” asked Maho.

    “Writing books about war and love” said Megumi.

    “Ah, that’s interesting, Megumi! I never seen you working on your own novel” said Maho.

    “I guess so. It’s been a while that I want to be a writer since I was 7 years old. I decided to read novels when there’s no time to be busy for me” said Megumi.

    “Have you ever competing in writing competition?” asked Saki.

    “Yeah, Saki! I won the contest for my school’s official publication about a flower known as plum” said Megumi.

    “I believe that you’re good in describing things, Megumi. I know that you have taken a long time to write your poems and short stories” said Saki.

    “You got it, Saki! That’s why I want to work with my father’s business in the publishing company where his colleagues are there working for literary pieces too!” said Megumi. “What about you, Maho?”

    “For me, my father is a businessman as he owned a big company in our hometown. The resort hotel we’re residing right now was owned by him, originally as a villa. Then, he ventured into other things like sports apparel and construction and infrastructure” said Maho.

    “Wow! Your father had worked hard to invest money, Maho! My father had also invested money for the selling of copies of published pieces in our city and in the country” said Megumi.

    “I see. I know that this is something good for your business, Megumi. Hopefully, you’ll be able to publish a new novel, so that we can read it” said Maho.

    “Sure, I will, Maho!” said Maho.

    “What about yours, Saki? Did you go family business with your family?” asked Yuiko.

    “Yeah, Yuiko, I had been into family business when I’m working with my father’s family restaurant in the Suzuran Shopping Restaurant” said Saki.

    “Oh, I think that you’re into food. Right, Saki?” said Yuiko.

    “Yep. It’s a family restaurant where we’re specializing rice dishes” said Saki.

    “Who manages the restaurant?” asked Yuiko.

    “My father had managed the restaurant most of the time alongside his colleagues. Sometimes, I joined with him when I don’t have time to be busy for school” said Saki.

    “Ah, I see. When did you do that?” said Yuiko.

    “By the weekends, Yuiko. If I have time to work with my father, then I’ll have to go there with my friends if I have done my homework” said Saki.

    “What position are you working for?” asked Yuiko.

    “I’m working part-time as a cook” said Saki.

    “Oh, me too, Yuiko! I’m a cook too, working for my father’s business as well!” said Masami.

    “So, both of you are cooks and then, in separate family business, right?” asked Yuiko.

    “Yeah!” said Saki and Masami.

    “Well, I’m glad that I can try going to either of your restaurants because I want to make sure that your specialties should be good for me. If I want to go to your restaurant one day, I can eat there if I want to” said Yuiko.

    “You’ll be appreciating us if you want to come to my restaurant, Yuiko” said Saki.

    “That would be great to see you, Yuiko. I hope that you’ll visit one of our restaurants soon, probably by summer” said Masami.

    “Sure, I will! I hope that you’ll serve something good for me to eat, Saki and Masami! I can’t wait to see the way you served the food” said Yuiko.

    “Okay!” said Saki and Masami.

    “I have a question, Yuiko. What is your dream in the future?” said Kazue Ōgaki.

    “That’s a good question, Kazue. I want to become a vexillologist” said Yuiko.

    “Wow! That’s an interesting occupation, Yuiko! I never seen that kind of occupation before” said Kazue.

    “How did you know that you’re good in studying flags?” asked Saki.

    “Well, when my father was working as a pilot, he describes the flags being used for aviary purposes. Also, he studied about the flags of our country” said Yuiko.

    “Then, how come did you work on becoming a vexillologist?” asked Kazue.

    “By creating flags for each group in our Bravehearts” said Yuiko.

    “That’s interesting, Yuiko. Can you show the flags to us?” said Saki.

    “Sure!” said Yuiko before she shows the sketches of the flags of the groups of Bravehearts of Nagoya. “These are the flags that were used in active participation outside our school.”

    The first flag shows the wing in the shield with seven different colors on it. Yuiko explains to Kazue and Saki the first flag. “This is the flag of my group, the Colorful Albatross. It is a group where I have found my friends to work together in creating designs for the flags of each group of bravehearts.”

    “Who leads your group, Yuiko?” asked Jun.

    “The leader of my group is Fumitaka Kishida, the son of a pilot who had also been working in the airport” said Yuiko.

    “Well, I recognized him during our vacation last month, Yuiko. Fumitaka had been using his own imagination to create flags for our group” said Jun.

    “That’s right, Jun. Fumitaka had been known for his imagination since he was able to follow the Code of Vexillology. That way, he can only create flags with his own imagination” said Yuiko.

    “Would it be awesome if he can create a flag for my group, the Dazzled Hearts?” asked Saki.

    “Well, that would be awesome to let him design it for you, but we’ll think about it once we have the right time to work on creating flags in the future” said Yuiko.

    “Okay!” said Saki.

    The second flag shows the camphor laurel, the symbol flower of Nagoya, while the leaves are shaded in rainbow colors. Yuiko continues to explain the three flags with the second flag. “The next one is the flag of the Bravehearts of Nagoya. Our team had been composed of 12 main groups where they were divided into sub-teams.”

    “Just like your Bravehearts, Saki. Your team had been divided into different groups, based on the characteristics and persona of each member” said Hisayo Uchida, a member of the Bravehearts of Nagoya, representing the Diamonds and Roses.

    “That’s right, Hisayo! Our Bravehearts have been divided into many groups where they represent their own symbol and personality. For example, my group, the Dazzled Hearts, represents prosperity and adamant” said Saki.

    “Ah, I get it, Saki. That seems to be good for a team who had wished to be pure and motivated” said Yuiko.

    “Yeah, I agree! That’s what my group had stored for because I’m very prospered to be a good girl and becoming an adamant person can’t lose faith” said Saki.

    “That’s good to know about your personality, Saki. I hope that you’ll keep the faith to become wisdom through mind, body and soul” said Hisayo.

    “Okay!” said Saki.

    “What is the other flag, Yuiko?” asked Kazue.

    “Oh, that one? This is the flag of the Gleamed Cherry. This is the flag with the cheery leaves and branches connection with each other. It resembles to a cherry, but its color was pure red, instead of cherry pink” said Yuiko.

    “Oh, that’s beautiful, Yuiko! I have been thinking about my group’s flag, but I’m very sure that I finally have an idea of creating this” said Kazue.

    “Then, you should start thinking about your group’s flag before creating. It’s important that you have an aesthetic idea of making a flag for your group. I’m sure that you’ll be doing it to represent your group” said Yuiko.

    “Oh, okay! I got it, Yuiko!” said Kazue.

    “As your group had been small, but you and your friends have connections with each other. You should find one true symbol of your group before you finally have an idea to create an inspirable flag. Get it?” said Saki.

    “Okay, I understand, Saki! I’ll do it once I finally have a true symbol for my group” said Kazue.

    “You got it, Kazue!” said Saki.

    “Yūmi-san, what is your hobby?” asked Airi.

    “I’m into graphic design where my brother Yasuhiro-kun had been good in doing animated designs through his computer” said Yūmi.

    “Have you ever used the computer for creating graphics of yours?” asked Airi.

    “Well, yes, Airi-san. I made some background pictures and illustrations to see people what I have resembled to” said Yūmi.

    “That’s great, Yūmi-san! I can see your future of being a graphic designer like your brother. In the future, you can see the glimpse of animation in the computer where designers create their own innovation to see the beauty of a design” said Airi.

    “I’ll do that I want to, Airi-san! Thanks for your compliment, but being a graphic designer was my dream if I want to improve my skills in creating designs in the computer” said Yūmi.

    “Of course, you will, Yūmi-san! I’m going to wait and see if you will have one to show me the next time we meet” said Airi.

    “Okay, Airi-san!” said Yūmi. Then, she asks Airi a question. “By the way, did you start improving your shooting skills the way I practiced to you?”

    “Of course, Yūmi-san! I have been good in making three-point shots and jump shots every time I practiced in the court. That’s what Tomoko said to me when I want to be good in making outside shots because I want to be more involved with the players outside the post” said Airi.

    “Then, you must keep up on working on outside shots more, Airi-san! It’s awesome that you have improved your shooting because while your inside shots are good as in being mastered, your outside shots would be lucky for you to score more” said Yūmi.

    “Yep. I could say that it’s good to have outside shots when you’re going for a hasty accelerated play. I made that when I want to shoot three-point shots outside the line, but I can also contribute in getting rid of shots from my opponents if they’re eager to play smart” said Airi.

    “Playing smart would benefit you to be serious in making good plays with your teammates, Airi-san. I’m sure that you should be fine to have your defense up ahead when you’re going for chase down blocks and surprise blocks” said Yūmi.

    “Yeah, I agree, Yūmi-san!” said Airi.

    “When we’re going to play with each other again, I want to see your strength as well as your performance if you please me confidently” said Yūmi.

    “Sure, I will!” said Airi.

    “What are your interests, Aki-chan?” asked Hinata.

    “For me, it’s photography and logistic things” said Aki.

    “Oh! I know that you’re interested in photography, but my sister and my cousin are interested in photography too!” said Hinata.

    “Really? But what about you?” asked Aki.

    “I’m going to become a fashion designer” said Hinata.

    “Well, that’s a good occupation for you when it comes to interests in fashion” said Aki.

    “Fashion combines the style of beauty and dazzle of designs they have. I think that we might run our place in the future if we want to be together” said Kagetsu.

    “Yeah, onēchan! I think that we should run together with you, Aki, if you’re going to move to Tokyo very soon” said Hinata.

    “I hope so, but I refer to running my own business because you and your sister are good in helping together with different styles of designs they have” said Aki.

    “Of course, Aki-chan! My sister and I will make sure that we’ll make fashion in our community going dazzle with the designs we have. Also, our group will be planning to work for innovative and aesthetic ways because that’s how my friends want to be more innocent and more prestigious” said Hinata.

    “That was very expected to see your future, Hinata-san! I hope that you and your sister will be ready to run your own business to make sure that you’ll please them with the designs you have. It’ll be better to have beautiful designs to innovate, but I’m sure that the styles would be different every time a trend changes one at the time” said Aki.

    “Okay!” said Hinata and Kagetsu.

    “Uh, Aki-san, I think that you should share about you and your friends from the Valiant Fire about the buildings you took” said Rumi.

    “Sure, Rumi-san! I’ll go with it!” said Aki before taking to Hinata and Kagetsu. “By the way, my friends and I have been working on our progress in for the project we made.”

    “What are you doing in your project?” asked Kagetsu.

    “You see, we want to take pictures of different buildings in our hometown while looking at the designs they have. Then, we just made some adjustments through the computer where we create designs for alternative changes of one’s area” said Aki.

    “Well, that’s interesting, Aki-san. I see the fact that you have been working on designs and structures while portraying them with your own impression” said Kagetsu.

    “I know that who’s interested in making impressions, but photography was my hobby when I started at the age of 10. My family had been good in taking pictures and that’s why I always taking pictures outside the school because it’s my own style to take the scenery of one’s area with a glimpse you take” said Aki.

    “It’s great that you have great thoughts the way you take the pictures with your own expression. I would be wondering if you can take a glimpse of a beautiful place and then, picture it. That’s how photographers have their own angle to see what’s in and out of a picture you shot” said Hinata.

    “Oh, I understand, Hinata-san. I’m honest to take pictures, but it’s great to have a perfect view to create shots in the camera without losing the angle. That’s what I do every time I take a picture. Especially, when the events are ongoing, I did the picture time to impress somebody by looking at their beauty and personality” said Aki.

    “You know what, I have an idea. Why we can work on shooting the camera during the summer break. It will be awesome to see the pictures you have, but I think that we can do this too” said Hinata.

    “Sure, I will, Hinata-san! I’m going to wait for another time to visit your home if I want to have time to spend the vacation during the summer” said Aki.

    “Okay, that would be a good deal, Aki-chan! Let’s make our activity going to happen!” said Hinata.

    “You got it, Hinata-san!” said Aki.

    “Kagetsu, I made some emblems for the groups of bravehearts in our organization. Would you like to show it?” said Rumi.

    “Okay!” said Kagetsu. Rumi gives the notebook to Kagetsu, allowing the latter to look at the emblems the former created. “Wow! They’re so beautiful!”

    “Yeah, Kagetsu! I made all designs from the higher groups up to the lower groups from the mainstream groups. I also made personal emblems for each member of the Bravehearts of Nagoya. I’m sure that you’ll like it” said Rumi.

    “Well, that was a good set of designs you have, Rumi! Maybe, if you can work on creating designs for our groups too” said Kagetsu.

    “I’ll be glad to, but it’ll take time to go with your hometown if my friends are done for the first term. I think that I’ll be planning on this as soon as possible” said Rumi.

    “Okay!” said Kagetsu.

    “What are other interests other than photography, Kagetsu?” asked Rumi.

    “These are plush toys and ribbons. I bought them if I found them interested” said Kagetsu.

    “Oh, I got those too! I have a teddy bear with the ribbon in its neck” said Rumi.

    “That’s so cute, Rumi! I have that too! But with a different color” said Kagetsu.

    “Do you think that you can take care of them?” asked Rumi.

    “Yep” said Kagetsu.

    “Ah, me too, Kagetsu! I usually played stuffed toys with my friends long time ago, but I decided to stop it when I joined the basketball team” said Rumi.

    “Well, that seems to be bummer if you’re busy with the basketball team, Rumi. I know that you have limited time to play with your friends since your parents are strict” said Kagetsu.

    “Oh, no, no, Kagetsu. My parents are not strict to me, but they give me some time to play with my friends often. That’s why we played in limited time before I moved to the Gotō Clan Ancestral House” said Rumi.

    “But what about your friends? Are they also moved to your new home?” asked Kagetsu.

    “Not almost leave, I’m afraid” said Rumi.

    “Oh, that’s a shame, but I believe that you’ll have play time with them after you have moved to Kira’s home since you are a teammate to her” said Kagetsu.

    “That’s right, Kagetsu! It’s great that I have a chance to play with my friends again, but also, I’m allowing myself to go to my group’s base if I want to” said Rumi.

    “Then, I’m going to say that you need to keep your friendship with them until you will develop them to become close to you. I hope that you trust me for my advice” said Rumi.

    “Okay, I will, Kagetsu. When I’m going to play with you, my friends and I will meet your friends someday” said Rumi.

    “Sure thing, Rumi, I will!” said Kagetsu.

    Part 2 will be on the next post.
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    Re: Rooks, Knights and Bravehearts - The Ro-Kyu-Bu!/Tenshi no 3P! X High School DxD Crossover Series

    BIRTHDAY UPDATE: "Nagoya x Ōta SS"

    Part 2

    “What is your dream, Natsuhi?” asked Kazumasa.

    “To become a trainer to help young guys to become fit and healthy” said Natsuhi.

    “That’s an interesting occupation for your future, Natsuhi. I really think that you’re good in this” said Chiyo Takezono.

    “Yeah, Chiyo! As a member of the Keishin Academy Middle School girls’ basketball team, I will develop my career to the next level if I’m good enough to use my own tricks against my opponents to make sure that I’m good to be rolling” said Natsuhi.

    “Well, that’s one type of a good aspirant to be trainer would be looked like, Natsuhi. I’m sure that you’ll keep your good work to earn the better. I will be glad that you’re set for the upcoming middle school prefectural tournament this coming next month” said Sumire Takeyama.

    “Okay, I will be honored to keep up my good work as long as I’m ready to get rolling” said Natsuhi.

    “Yeah!” said Kazumasa, Sumire and Chiyo.

    “It’s your turn, Tsubaki. What is your interest?” said Sumire.

    “I want to become a physical education teacher” said Tsubaki.

    “That sounds like you’re good into P.E., Tsubaki. I’m very impressed of your performance in your match against Suzuridani last year” said Kazumasa.

    “Yeah, Kazumasa, but I have a question. Where did you find out about that?” said Natsuhi.

    “I spotted a picture of you and Hiiragi on the group chat where you have played well against those girls from Suzuridani. It seems that you’re good in making double plays in the court” said Sumire.

    “Well, not all are best, Sumire, but Hii and I are good to make their opponents confused to see by making invisible plays to make sure that they’re impossible to see something tricky” said Tsubaki.

    “Like what, Tsubaki?” asked Sumire.

    “I call a move known as the Double Mean Play. It can make the ball invisible while either me or Hii drive with acceleration” said Tsubaki.

    “As far as you drain your stamina, you can make your moves to surprise them while your opponents won’t see the ball often” said Hiiragi.

    Sumire and Chiyo laugh a little bit while Tsubaki and Hiiragi are feeling delighted to see them happy with the example.

    “That’s a good move you got, Tsubaki! I didn’t expect to see what kind of move you’re using with, but I’m proud of your style of play” said Sumire.

    “Thanks, Sumire! It’s a good deal to make the game really interesting and fun for sure!” said Tsubaki.

    “Yeah, that’s true, Tsubaki. I hope that I will watch out for you to see your moves again by the time you’re competing at your next competition. I hope that you’ll perform well in that competition” said Chiyo.

    “Sure, Chiyo! You bet!” said Tsubaki.

    “Hiiragi, what is your occupation if you want to grow up?” asked Sumire.

    “Well, I’m going to become a physical therapist, Sumire” said Hiiragi.

    “Oh, I see what your hopes have, Hiiragi. I think that you’re going to be like your older brother when you grow up” said Sumire.

    “Yep. Natsuhi had been brave to become a trainer, but as for me, I want to be bold further to help my friends in becoming more hustle and more flexible with my own theory of exercising” said Hiiragi.

    “That would be great if you are going to become a physical therapist, but it will take a long time to be a good trainer. I mean, your twin sister Tsubaki, had been good in P.E. and you are more confident to be like her” said Chiyo.

    “Of course not, Chiyo! Rest assured, I’m so excited that I want to train more to become a good dearest in Keishin and I’ll make sure that I’ll be determined to show my willpower for my teammates including Mimi and my twin sister” said Hiiragi.

    “That’s my Hii to you, Chiyo! I’m so happy that my twin sister has an enthusiasm to seek for” said Tsubaki.

    “Yep. I’m going to be more ambivalent to see you shine, Hiiragi! Just keep up the good work and you’ll get what you want!” said Chiyo.

    “Okay, I will, Chiyo!” said Hiiragi. Then, she asks Chiyo a question. “Uh, what are your interests, Chiyo?”

    “I’m working part-time in my family business, Hiiragi. My family business is gourmet catering” said Chiyo.

    “Good for you, Chiyo. I believe that you’re more like Saki, whose father always cook rice dishes, and Masami, whose father always cook seafood dishes including the tofu special” said Hiiragi.

    “I believe that you have a good hope that you will continue the honor for your family. Since you’re the only daughter of your parents, I think that you’ll have the opportunity to work with them while excelling your studies” said Tsubaki.

    “Yeah, I agree! My three brothers have been working very well to cook gourmet foods, even they’re young, but I will try my best to work on dishes as long as I could” said Chiyo.

    “Hopefully, you’ll be able to make it on time, Chiyo!” said Hiiragi.

    “Make sure that you will make your parents proud” said Tsubaki.

    “Okay, you got it!” said Chiyo.

    “Now, it’s your turn, Sumire” said Tsubaki, smiling to her friend.

    “Sure, Tsubaki. For a couple of years, my mother began owning a dress store for people to wear gorgeous clothes. That’s why I’m working with my mother’s business as a part-time salesgirl” said Sumire.

    “That’s so cute, Sumire! It seems that you have pretty eyes to see them when you’re working in the cash register” said Hiiragi.

    “That’s true, Hiiragi! My father had also doing his business with a different course. He’s interested to sell jewelries to the customers in a large department store in Atsuta” said Sumire.

    “That area is near our home, Sumire” said Kazumasa.

    “Yep” said Sumire.

    “How did you prefer on your mother’s side in selling beautiful dresses?” asked Tsubaki.

    “It costs from 500 yen, the cheapest, up to 2,600 yen” said Sumire.

    “I believe that you have invested your money to your mother to make sure that you’ll save your money for your school budget” said Tsubaki.

    “You got it right, Tsubaki! It’s good to save your money for your school budget. Also, if you’re working part-time and you’re studying in a private school, you have to collect money really fast to make sure that you’ll have more money to invest for your future” said Sumire.

    “Yeah, Sumire. Everyone in a large city like Tokyo or Nagoya has to deal with the budget, but in order to save your money, you have to invest it with your parents and you need to buy less, which in other words, paying for a right time” said Natsuhi.

    “I’m sure that I can keep on that, Natsuhi. If I do that at the end of the month, I will share my money with my older sister, who’s currently a second year middle school student in my school” said Sumire. Sumire had an older sister named Miyuki Takeyama.

    “Well, that’s a good choice you have, Sumire. Just make sure that you’ll earn more money before you’ll use in the right time” said Tsubaki.

    “Okay, Tsubaki!” said Sumire.

    “Now, Kazumasa. It’s your turn and you have to tell us what your family doing right now” said Natsuhi.

    “My family had been involved with young boys and girls in a daycare school” said Kazumasa.

    “That’s good. I see something potential for you to become a daycare teacher too” said Tsubaki.

    “Not really, Tsubaki. My younger sister Reina and I are different with our interests when it comes to taking care of the young students. Reina wanted to become a daycare teacher while I wanted to raise them by owning an orphanage” said Kazumasa.

    “So, is that what you want to have in your future?” asked Natsuhi.

    “Yeah, Natsuhi. I want to help these people who are either abandoned by their parents or losing their parents without taking care of their hearts. That’s why I build my own group, the Rose and Periwinkle Dolphins, composed of my classmates who have been closed to me, especially to those who are from Yuiko’s side” said Kazumasa.

    “That’s a nice group you have, Kazumasa. Are you the leader of that group?” said Hiiragi.

    “Yes, I am. I have been taking care of this group ever since I joined the Todoroki Gakuen Elementary School boys’ basketball team. Even my journey with them was almost successful, compared to their counterparts, I had been honored by many of my friends because they know that I’m saving the team who had been fallen giants nearly a decade ago” said Kazumasa.

    “And what’s new to you, Kazumasa, after you joined your current school’s boys’ basketball team?” asked Natsuhi.

    “Well, nothing has changed if you know what I mean, but I started a relationship with Yuiko since we’re classmates for a long time. Right, Yuiko?” said Kazumasa.

    “Yeah, Kazumasa. I feel admired when you are playing like a captain. I’m sure that you’ll feel trustworthy for your duties when you’re now part of the Todoroki Gakuen Middle School boys’ basketball team” said Yuiko.

    “You bet, Yuiko!” said Kazumasa.

    “I’m so happy that you have a new life with your friends, especially to the ones who have followed you. It seems that you’re good enough to be responsible to anyone who had blessed you, but hopefully, you’ll deserve the right charm, Kazumasa” said Hiiragi.

    “You can trust us if you want to be blessed because you’re more confident to be a younger guy who had followed Shinobu’s footsteps of becoming a superstar someday” said Tsubaki.

    “Well, I’ll be glad to have that promise through my heart, Tsubaki! I’ll go with that, that’s what I will work for the future of my career!” said Kazumasa.

    “Yeah!” said Tsubaki and Hiiragi.

    “And same goes to you, Natsuhi! I want to remind you that basketball is not always important through your heart, it’s the soul you have keep it up for your grace” said Kazumasa.

    “Yeah, I agree, Kazumasa! I’m feeling so good to be friends with you and hopefully, we’ll have our chance to meet each other in the court someday” said Natsuhi.

    “You got it, Natsuhi! That’s how a true braveheart can keep his faith in a better way” said Kazumasa.

    “Yep!” said Natsuhi.

    “Oh, I feel so delighted that both boys have been planning to meet each other in the future” said Chiyo.

    “That gives me goosebumps to see both guys ready to take their journeys on before they’ll possibly face each other in the Nationals very soon” said Sumire.

    “Yeah, Sumire. My older brother knows best when it comes to his charisma and heart-minded hope because he’s really a lionheart to show his willpower” said Tsubaki.

    “As long as he’s on the roll, he’s ready to show what’s best for his school to be like. Maybe, Natsuhi can really shine out like a Night Blue Knight, who can slay his opponents through his sword of willpower” said Hiiragi.

    “Yeah, I agree, girls!” said Sumire and Chiyo.

    “The future is ready for both Natsuhi and Kazumasa. They’re ready to fire it up with their own auras in their bodies” said Sumire.

    “Whoever is a lionheart, he can make the bravest moment to shine it out through bravery and fortitude” said Chiyo.

    “Yeah!” said Tsubaki and Hiiragi.

    Kira talks to Tomoka about the latter’s hopes for the future. “Tomoka-san, what is your thoughts about your future?”

    “I say that I want to lead my team through the Nationals if we’re good enough to show our willpower and true meaning of bravehearts” said Tomoka.

    “Well, I have the same hope for that too, Tomoka-san!” said Kira.

    “Oh, I see! You seem to be close to me because you have that goal too!” said Tomoka.

    “Yeah, Tomoka-san! I remember the time when my friends and I have stayed in Tokyo for our vacation, I met you in the sakura tree in the Tamagawadai Park” said Kira.

    “That’s where we meet each other for the first time!” said Tomoka.

    “So, you finally remember our first appearance, Tomoka-san? Right?” asked Kira.

    “Yeah! I believe that this is the first sign of our friendship, Kira-san. That’s when we’re hanging out together” said Tomoka.

    “Hanging out together?” asked Kira before the flashback shows Tomoka and Kira meeting with each other at the Tamagawadai Park.

    “What is your name?”

    “Tomoka Minato, sixth grader from the Keishin Academy Elementary School. I’m a member of the school’s girls’ basketball team. How about you?”

    “Kira Ōgaki, sixth grader from the Todoroki Academy Elementary School. I’m a member of the school’s girls’ basketball team.”

    “Well, sounds like we’re having the same hair, Kira-san. My hair is short.”

    “Yep. Me too, Tomoka-san! My hair is small, but I have a different hair color. Mine is lavender and your hair is…”


    “Fuchsia as in pure pink.”


    Kira smiles to Tomoka as this is her first smile in their first appearance. “You’re cute, Tomoka-san! I like your appearance.”

    “Thanks, Kira-san! It’s nice to meet you!”

    “Nice to meet you too, Tomoka-san!”

    “Want to hang out together?”

    “Sure, Kira-san! You have your friends?”

    “Yep. I’m with Megumi Kazama, Yuiko Maeyama, Yūmi Takasaki, Aki Kaneko, Shinobu Miyamoto, Eri Toyama and Kazumasa Nonaka. What about you, Tomoka-san?”

    “I’m with Subaru, Maho, Saki, Airi, Hinata and Aoi. They’re currently having a relaxing hour.”

    “Oh, I see. Then, call them out and play basketball!”

    “I got it, Kira-san!”

    The scene changes to Tomoka and her friends battling against Kira and her friends in a pickup match at the basketball court in the Tamagawadai Park. Tomoka battles against Kira in the post where Tomoka performing her between the legs move on Kira. Then, Tomoka would go for the escape spin move on Kira to drive past her. Tomoka would jump high to shoot the ball with the floater and the ball drives to the basket.

    “Nice shot, Tomoka-san!” said Subaru.

    “You’re looking good to show your moves to her!” said Aoi.

    “Thanks, Subaru-san and Aoi-san! I’ll keep this up until my team will win!” said Tomoka.

    “You got it, Tomoka-san!” said Subaru.

    “Just keep dazzling with your moves and then, impress her!” said Aoi.

    “Okay!” said Tomoka with a smile on her face.

    Later, Tomoka drives past Kira with the accelerating drive before running thorough the paint as she shoots the ball with the layup. The ball drives to the basket to score another two points for Tomoka’s team. Then, Tomoka would shoot the ball in different directions after impressing Kira with her moves. At the end of the game, Tomoka’s team defeated Kira’s team with the score of 21 to 13.

    Tomoka and Kira shake each other’s hands after the match is over.

    “Great game, Tomoka-san! You’re such a phenomenal with your moves shining on you!” said Kira.

    “Yeah, you too, Kira-san! You’re good in surprising me, but I’m the girl who can inspire anyone” said Tomoka.

    “Well, I’m glad that you are, Tomoka-san!” said Kira.

    “Yeah!” said Tomoka.

    Later, as the sun is about to set soon, Tomoka and Kira are walking together while their friends are on their backs.


    “Yes, Kira-san?”

    “I was wondering if you’re going to lead Keishin for this year’s district tournament.”

    “Yeah, Kira-san. My school had just founded the girls’ basketball team when Maho, Saki, Airi, Hinata and I have proposed the team to make sure that we’re better than the counterparts as the boys including Natsuhi thinking that the little girls can’t play basketball without learning the moves they have. That’s why it’s awesome to have a basketball team like this because it’s a blessing for the five of us to be stronger.”

    “You mean, you and your teammates are going to become stronger just like the boys did?”

    “Yeah! I want to make sure that we’ll be leading our team to the prefectural tournament with just the five of us in the team. I didn’t know if they would surprise us for a minute.”

    “Have you ever made a match this year?”

    “Only one, Kira-san. It is against the Suzuridani Girls’ Elementary School, led by my rival Miyu Aida.”

    “Hmm… I didn’t see them before, Tomoka-san, but that team is one of the strongest teams in the elementary school girls’ basketball in your hometown.”

    “Yep. We tried to win this match against them, but Saki missed the game-winning shot.”

    “So, have you ever been prepared for the upcoming tournament?”

    “Uh… not yet, Kira-san. There’s nothing for us to do right now except we’re currently on a summer break.”

    “Well, I hope that your team will be powering up for the upcoming district tournament, so that you and your teammates will be blessed in fortune.”

    “You got it, Kira-san! Anyway, let us be friends!”

    “Oh, sure, Tomoka-san! I never see a stranger like you before alongside your friends, but I’m finally happy that I have met you.”


    Tomoka and Kira would hold their hands together to start their symbol of friends. “Let’s go together!” They smile with each other after they were finally become friends as the flashback ends.

    The scene changes to Kira finally remembering her first encounter with Tomoka. “Yeah, I remember that, Tomoka-san. That’s where we played basketball against each other.”

    “Yeah, it is! We go together to the city where a lot of people are busy out there” said Tomoka.

    “Of course, Tomoka-san! We were also buying our souvenirs in the department store” said Kira.

    “Ah, the bracelet, Kira-san!” said Tomoka as she shows the bracelet to Kira.

    “Yep. That is how the first symbol of friendship is, Tomoka-san! It means that this bracelet is the symbol of courage and determination” said Kira.

    “Oh, yeah! That’s why we’re growing our friendship recently since the last time we met last month” said Tomoka.

    “You got it, Tomoka-san!” said Kira.

    “Kira-chan!” said Jun.

    “Yes, Jun-san, what is it?” asked Kira.

    “You know about how we have the courage for people to be blessed and determination for their own willpower, right?” asked Jun.

    “Yep. That’s what my friends being taught by our head coach Michiya Watanabe, a PE.. teacher in the elementary school division” said Kira.

    “Have you remembered anything since you were part of the basketball team?” asked Jun.

    “Yes, of course!” said Kira.

    “Ah, I see! The courage and passion you and your friends have were one of the things that we remembered in the Oath of Friendship. It is stated that every member of the Gotō clan had to be more compassionate through the philosophy made by our patriarch Shunsuke Gotō” said Jun.

    “That’s true, Jun-san. Since the Bravehearts of Nagoya had been connected to our clan, every member who is part of it had to be more courageous and more compassionate, in order to be blessed through the flames of opportunity” said Mitsuhisa Yamamoto, a member of the Bravehearts of Nagoya, representing the Fuchsia Moonlight. The Fuchsia Moonlight is a group composed of the friends of Rumi Saito and is led by Nobumasa Hiromitsu.

    “I think that all of us in the Bravehearts of Nagoya have their own courage and passion to live up, so that we’re ready to show our flames of fortitude” said Kira.

    “Yeah, Kira-san! That’s what we made during our last year’s campaign when we defeated the Nagoya Gakuin University Elementary School in the final of the city tournament where we punch our ticket to the prefectural tournament for the first time” said Megumi.

    “If there’s the Bravehearts of Ōta focused on taking their willpower to step up for the difference, here in the Bravehearts of Nagoya, we determined to win through our flames of fortitude and we’re here to inspire everyone” said Erika.

    “I hope that you and your friends will be able to keep up the good work to keep your courage and passion in their hearts because we believe that you’re determined to shine out with your auras” said Jun.

    “And keeping their faith means keeping the heart of a braveheart for everyone is blessed” said Tomoka.

    “Yeah, Jun-san and Tomoka-san! We’ll make sure that our courage and determination will be here to guide us to victory! Right, everyone?” said Kira.

    “Yeah!” said the members of the Bravehearts of Nagoya.

    “I believe that the Bravehearts of Nagoya had been connected to the Gotō clan because they shared the symbols of courage and determination. Some of the members of the Gotō clan have joined the Bravehearts of Nagoya because they want to be more courageous and more compassionate for their friends” said Megumi.

    “Yep. Even those who are living outside Nagoya like Jun and Kazue, they were able to keep their courage and determination as they inspire their friends to create their circle of friends” said Kira.

    “My friends in Tsukuba Gakuen Elementary School and I have created my own group known as the Red and Orange. They were coming from the Kansai region and staying in Tokyo. As I’m leading that group, I’m very determined to help everyone who had their roots coming from the Kansai region to make sure that they’ll progress together as one group” said Kazue.

    “When my parents passed away, I was adopted by Masayoshi. Masayoshi had taken care of me since the day he adopted me alongside Nozomi and Sora. We decided to create a band known as Lien de Famille because we’re part of Masayoshi’s ‘family’. Our band would be expanded by adding Kyō, Sakura, Kurumi, Kōme and Yuzuha. It’s great to have a band of awesome and cute members because we want to be more inspired how life can be easy after the early struggles of our lives” said Jun.

    “I’m going to say that everyone in the Gotō clan have their own goals to settle and then, they’ll make the difference, in honor of the name of the clan” said Megumi.

    “Exactly, Megumi-san! This is one of the things that any member can make the honors to bless them. It is great to have that while hoping to make their future brighter” said Kira.

    “Yeah, I agree with that, Kira-san! Hopefully, you’ll defend the honor for your clan as long as your future descendants will carry a new name soon” said Megumi.

    “Yep!” said Kira.

    “I’m sure that things will go better for you, Kira-san! Like Jun and Kazue made their pride for the clan, you’ll be blessed too!” said Subaru.

    “You got it, Subaru-san! I’m going to remember the time when I met your father long time ago after we meet each other the first time before we recalled it again when we met each other during your vacation” said Kira.

    “Well, it sure is, Kira-san!” said Subaru.

    “Now, it’s your turn, Asumi and Kentarō. What did you do when you’re at home?” said Aya Nakada.

    “I made text messages with my friends while taking assignments at my room” said Asumi.

    “For me, I also did take assignments while listening to the music” said Kentarō.

    “That’s interesting, Asumi and Kentarō! I’m sure that you focused on both extracurricular activities and academic studies” said Aya Nakada.

    “Yeah, Aya-san!” said Asumi and Kentarō.

    “We’re very determined to make high grades while playing for honor” said Asumi.

    “That’s how young students from Den-en-chōfu make the change to become blessed through the winds blowing” said Kentarō.

    “Yeah, I agree with your statements, Asumi and Kentarō! For me, I decided to go to Shinto shrines right after school where I prayed to the Japanese gods for a good life” said Aya.

    “Ah, I see, Aya! I know what you’re compared with” said Asumi.

    “Well, you guessed that I’m a member of the Ogi clan, of course!” said Aya.

    “I would be honored to see you wearing a special bracelet that is colorful” said Asumi.

    “Just like what Kōme wore when she was going outside with her friends” said Kentarō.

    “Yep. This bracelet symbolized good luck and honor. That’s why I keep it for myself to make sure that I’m going to be blessed through the symbols of it” said Aya.

    “I hope that you’ll be more blessed at the time you’re growing up” said Kentarō.

    “You and Kōme are good with their charms because you were part of the Ogi clan. I hope that you’ll grow more to be friendly and adapted to your family and your friends” said Asumi.

    “You got it, Asumi and Kentarō!” said Aya.

    “I believe that you’re ready for the middle school prefectural tournament, Miyu. I see the fact that you’re motivating for this” said Saori Ishiyama, the cousin of Miku Nishio and a second year middle school student. Saori is a member of the Bravehearts of Nagoya, representing the Sunlight Rose. The Sunlight Rose is a group composed of the friends of Yūmi Takasaki and is co-led by Saori herself and first year middle school student Keiko Yasumi.

    “Yeah, I’m so expected about that tournament because it’s going to be my first test in becoming a member of the Suzuridani Girls’ Academy Middle School basketball team” said Miyu.

    “Wow! That’s a nice expression to us, Miyu. You should be proud to your friends on your side” said Keiko Yasumi, the leader of the Sunlight Rose.

    “I would be glad if you’re going to shine in but facing Tomoka would be a big test for you” said Saori.

    “Yeah, I know that it’s going to be too good for a competition that I’m aiming it. Of course, Tomoka and I were friends and rivals, if you know what I mean” said Miyu.

    “Well, I hope that you’ll be able to show your moves coming out from the bench to make sure that you’re deserved to earn it” said Keiko.

    “Always smile to them and make them proud!” said Saori.

    “Okay, you got it!” said Miyu.

    “Aya and Sayaka, I believe that you’re having a big progress with your attributes and tendencies being improved in the recent days” said Kaede Okazaki, the leader of the Wisteria and Celadon. The Wisteria and Celadon is a group composed of the friends of Reina Nonaka.

    “Yeah, Kaede!” said Aya Miyakoōji and Sayaka.

    “It’s great to have me getting improved with my special moves including the directional drives I made from Miyu. I’m going to be more flexible to play hard once I’m good to go” said Aya Miyakoōji.

    “Mao-sensei had trained me to be a good role player since I’m good in making fast break plays with my fellow teammates Mimi and Kazuko. I’m getting satisfied when I was able to learn one of my new moves, the Purple Radiance Accelerator” said Sayaka.

    “What that move is, Sayaka?” asked Nanako Sakurano, the leader of the Akamatsu Blazers. The Akamatsu Blazers is a group composed of the friends of Erika Yoshioka.

    “it is a move where I made the crossover move while making my own pattern to dash my opponents away. It increases my acceleration while driving through the pattern I made” said Sayaka.

    “That sounds like it is resembled to Erika’s Red Pineblazer move” said Nanako.

    “Oh, really? I never expect to see that move before” said Sayaka.

    “Erika had brought her acceleration through the way of observing her opponent by dazzling through her move. Then, she can go for either a spin or an iso move” said Nanako.

    “That will make her opponents rushed away with the aura she got” said Aya Miyakoōji.

    “You got that correct, Aya-san!” said Kaede.

    “When the next time we meet, I want to show that move, Sayaka!” said Nanako.

    “Of course, I will, Nanako! You can count on me!” said Sayaka.

    “Yeah!” said Nanako.

    “Aya-san, if my friends and I will meet you again, what would be planning with?” asked Kaede.

    “If I will invite you to the Recreational Center. That’s where the Bravehearts and their allies made their mind and hustle going up while progressing themselves to groove” said Aya Miyakoōji.

    “I think that I will ask Reina-san about this, Aya-san. If Reina-san says ‘yes’, then I’ll go with you! I can invite my friends out there to join!” said Kaede.

    “Okay, you got it, Kaede!” said Aya Miyakoōji.

    Suzue Miyaichi, the leader of the Luminate Tangerine, asks Seiichirō Yoshioka a question about his team’s progress. The Luminate Tangerine is a group composed of the friends of Megumi Kazama. “Seiichirō-san, how’s the progress with the Nashiba High School boys’ basketball team?”

    “It’s getting better right now with most of the players have improved their attributes and tendencies. Also, we won three practice matches before the start of the Interhigh prefectural tournament” said Seiichirō.

    “I’m sure that your team had been prepared for your first match in Nashiba. What round your team drawing in?” said Suzue.

    “It’s in the first round, facing off against a team from Suginami” said Seiichirō.

    “Well, that was a good match for you Seiichirō-san. I hope that you’ll be able to shine in that game and make sure that your team will rally for a win” said Suzue.

    “You got it, Suzue! I won’t let my team down!” said Seiichirō while Subaru is smiling at him.

    “Nice answer, Seiichirō! You’re good in answering those questions really fast” said Subaru.

    “Yep. I have a lot of intelligence to get, Subaru! So, let’s make our boys rolling in our first match!” said Seiichirō.

    “You betcha!” said Subaru.

    “Among of your friends, Ayako, who befriended the most?” asked Mikuni Hirano, the leader of the Viridian Salmon. The Viridian Salmon is a group composed of the friends of Chiyo Takezono.

    “Well, I have a lot of friends in this hometown, but also in Tokyo too!” said Ayako Hishida.

    “That’s certainly a lot of them, Ayako! Some are from this hometown and others are from Tokyo. Right?” said Mikuni.

    “Yes, it is, Mikuni” said Ayako.

    “Then, tell me who befriend the most” said Michirō Koike, a member of the Bravehearts of Nagoya, representing Viridian Salmon.

    “It’s going to be Miku-san, Michirō-kun” said Ayako.

    “Why Miku?” asked Mikuni.

    “You see, Miku is my close friend since we’re kids in Mizuho. Miku loves to go sea sighting while I love travelling places around the prefecture. When I invited her for a walk, she likes her appearance to be beautiful and cute” said Ayako.

    “That girl is also a singer, Ayako-san! I listened to her songs including her single” said Chiyoko Kijimuta, a member of the Bravehearts of Nagoya, representing Viridian Salmon.

    “Yeah, that’s right, Chiyoko! Miku had started her music career when she was in middle school in Todoroki. She was so energetic that she sang her song through her passion. That’s why she’s very delightful to sing her joyful songs, inspiring everyone to be compassionate” said Ayako.

    “Compassionate could be more like generosity and humility” said Atsuko Tachibana.

    “I agree what you’re saying, Ayako-san! I inspire Miku because she was a good singer through her passion. Since then, she was able to give cherish smiles to us” said Mikuni.

    “What’s more for her is that she is a get-going girl with a lot of knowledge to tell” said Michirō.

    “Of course, Michirō! When I’m singing my songs, I must keep my faith while looking at the audience, which is why I love to inspire everyone who had their hearts being passioned gracefully” said Miku.

    “That’s my Miku, Michirō-kun! She knows best what she expresses for anyone on our side like us” said Ayako.

    “Yeah, I agree to that!” said Michirō.

    “Now, another question, Ayako. Why is the name of Fire Edelweiss?” said Mikuni.

    “Fire Edelweiss is the name of the group coming from two words. Fire symbolizes passion while edelweiss is a flower that gives us courage or power” said Ayako.

    “I believe that defending the honor of the friends would be more valiant” said Einosuke Higa, the leader of the Yamayuri Sphere. The Yamayuri Sphere is a group composed of the friends of Sumire Takeyama.

    “Yeah, Einosuke. Our group represents courage and compassion because we descend from this hometown and we’re here to grace one’s hope to be good and happy” said Ayako.

    “To be honest, people in Nagoya have said that the edelweiss are giving pureness and grace. It’s true that people who had passion must bring one’s hope to be blessed” said Misato Hayata, a member of the Bravehearts of Fukuoka, representing the Yamayuri Sphere.

    “That’s why everyone can be courage with their grace since they came for their pride of the city” said Michirō.

    “I believe so, Michirō-kun and Misato-san. Giving one’s hope to be good and happy not only gives their blessing” said Ayako.

    “But also, their empowerment as they’re going to let the pressure out and be kind to anyone” said Atsuko.

    “What would be empowering is that those who have pride for their friends must give their hope to build” said Einosuke.

    “Sometimes, it’s alright to make blessings to them by giving their grace, but there are some of them who have not given such grace will be given too” said Miori Itō.

    “That’s why people become energetic to see what’s up in their day, so that they’ll thank them for their faith being kept” said Shun Akimoto.

    “I agree, everyone. People who lived with their grace can give their blessing to anyone who has either pure heart or now because they’ll care for them” said Einosuke.

    “I love to take care of them because they want to be empowered just like me. Right now, it’s almost the end of the first term and all of us will be ready for the exam soon” said Miku.

    “Yeah!” said Ayako, Atsuko, Miori and Shun.

    “Well, I’ll be graceful to have that too, onēsan. Hopefully, my grace will be coming out when I will be coming out to play for the varsity team” said Keisuke.

    “Of course, you will, oniichan! Just give your friends some empowerment and make them shine in your first game in this year’s prefectural tournament!” said Miku.

    “We trust you, Keisuke. So, make us proud!” said Ayako, Atsuko, Miori and Shun.

    “You got it, guys!” said Keisuke.

    “I’ll bid you a good luck to you too, Keisuke!” said Einosuke.

    “Don’t lose your courage and be empowered!” said Mikuni.

    “Okay, boys, I will!” said Keisuke.

    “Looks like it’s almost the end of an hour, everyone! I believe that we should wrap it up soon!” said Kira

    “Okay!” said the Bravehearts of Ōta and Nagoya and their allies.

    “Now, tomorrow will be another day. I believe that someone will celebrate his or her birthday” said Eri.

    “That would be you, Masami!” said Saki.

    “Oh, yeah. That’s right, Saki. I’m going to turn 12 tomorrow” said Masami.

    “Then, happy birthday to you, Masami!” said Eri.

    “Happy birthday, Masami!” said Kira.

    The other members of the Bravehearts of Ōta and Nagoya alongside their allies would also say ‘Happy Birthday’ to Masami in unison. “Happy birthday, Masami!”

    “Thanks, everyone! I believe that it’s finally time for me to make something joyful and ambivalent to all!” said Masami.

    “That’s right, Masami-chan! I believe that your group should be working on this, but since you and Miku have shared the budget for the birthday celebrations, then give your friends what they got to celebrate your birthday” said Jun.

    “Okay, you got it, Jun! I’ll do it!” said Masami.

    “It’s great that you’re going to be next for another birthday celebrant. I’m so proud that you’re hyped for your birthday tomorrow” said Reina.

    “Since you’re more dazzling like your friends did, we’ll be ready to see you shine soon” said Chiyo.

    “Okay, I will be happier to have my birthday party being important like the way my other friends have!” said Masami.

    “I believe that your friends will prepare a birthday party for you to make sure that this is going to be a big surprise” said Sumire.

    “A big surprise can be something you didn’t know before. I hope that they’ll treat you the better way” said Kaede.

    “Of course not! That’s what my friends for as they’re going to give me a great blessing to celebrate my birthday!” said Masami.

    “It will be a good day for you, Masami! As a childhood friend, I will give you a special gift to you. So, promise me not to pull a surprise?” said Saki.

    “Okay, Saki! I’ll be glad to!” said Masami.

    “Atta girl, Masami!” said Saki.

    “Everyone! We should be expecting that the summer break will be coming a month away from now. So, the summer break will be different from last year and hopefully, you’re going to be ready for it” said Kira.

    “Yeah!” said the Bravehearts of Ōta and Nagoya and their allies.

    “As both sides are going to deal the matter, we’ll wait for a surprise soon. So, hopefully, when the first term is over, then we’ll talk about it real soon” said Tomoka.

    “Okay!” said the Bravehearts of Ōta and Nagoya and their allies.

    “As for the participants of the middle school and high school prefectural tournaments, good luck and may your team’s power be growing with willpower and courage!” said Kira.

    “Yeah!” said the Bravehearts of Ōta and Nagoya and their allies.

    “So, let’s meet each other for another dream meeting soon. Let’s make sure that we’ll give blessings to everyone for another and keep our determination and passion to ourselves!” said Tomoka.

    “Okay, we will!” said the Bravehearts of Ōta and Nagoya and their allies as the secret meeting is over with the sunrise coming out in the sky, which changes to a scene showing Tomoka and Masami waking up together.

    Masami yawns a little bit before saying her first word. “Good morning, Tomoka.”

    Tomoka opens her eyes and sees Masami. “Good morning, Masami-san.”

    “Sounds like it’s morning again” said Masami.

    “Yep. I have seen something great in our dream, Masami-san. I hope that we will make your day brighter because today is your birthday” said Tomoka.

    “Oh, yeah, today is my birthday, Tomoka. It really is my lucky day” said Masami.

    “Happy birthday, Masami!” said Saki as she wakes up before saying to her childhood friend.

    “Oh, Saki! You surprise me!” said Masami.

    “That’s right, Masami. I believe that we’ll have another good day of hope for us” said Saki.

    Airi wakes up from her bed as well. She yawns like a cute girl before saying to Masami. “Yeah, Saki-chan. Oh, I can’t wait to see Masami turning twelve for her birthday today!”

    “I agree, Airi-san! It seems that we have to go school first before we’ll prepare for you a birthday party” said Tomoka.

    “Sounds like it’s going to be a good birthday party to me, girls. Now, let’s make it happen, Saki, Airi and Tomoka!” said Masami.

    “You got it, Masami!” said Saki, Airi and Tomoka. Tomoka, Saki, Airi and Masami are ready to have another day of joy and ambivalence after what they dreamt earlier. June 16 is going to be Masami’s birthday and hopefully, things will go brighter as expected for the Bravehearts and their allies to celebrate Masami’s birthday when they’ll throw a birthday party for her later in the day.

    UP NEXT: Easter Eggs of My Birthday Update

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    Re: Rooks, Knights and Bravehearts - The Ro-Kyu-Bu!/Tenshi no 3P! X High School DxD Crossover Series

    BIRTHDAY SPECIAL: Easter Eggs of My Birthday Update

    As you read my birthday update, you’ll see the Easter eggs that I have made, so that these things will be remembered when I’m going to have an update that I recalled from them.

    Here are the three Easter eggs I have made for my birthday update:
    1. Groups of the Bravehearts of Nagoya: Aside from their main group, each member of the Bravehearts of Nagoya has his/her own set of friends. These main groups, known as the mainstream groups, include the Gleamed Cherry, the Diamond and Roses and the Akamatsu Blazers.
    2. Bravehearts of Saga: This is a new group of bravehearts that was recently founded in Saga, in the south of Fukuoka. This group was led by Kotaro Itahashi. Its members include Chikako Uesugi, Eriko Miyagi and Yūko Hideshima. This is a reference to the birthplace of voice actress Aoi Koga, who was born in Saga. Aoi Koga is the voice actress of Sora Kaneshiro (Tenshi no 3P!/Angel’s 3Piece!) and Kaguya Shinomiya (Kaguya-sama wa Kokurasetai ~Tensaitachi no Ren'ai Zunousen~/Kaguya-sama: Love is War). Her birthday is on August 24, two months from now.
    3. Gotō Clan of Nagoya: This clan was originated in Nagoya where it was founded by its patriarch Shunsuke Gotō. Its members include Jun Gotō, Kira Ōgaki, Kazue Ōgaki and Mitsuhisa Yamamoto.

    UP NEXT: Interlude 24: “Hanging Around with the Kitano Twins”

    I have planned this birthday update since it was listed as one of the planned omakes that I have worked this. I started it last Tuesday (June 11) and then, it ended earlier in the afternoon. I made this idea more awesome and cuter because this will bring some harmonious relationship between the two groups of Bravehearts. I’ll be planning to write a special chapter about the Bravehearts of Nagoya in the future. Anyway, I’m thinking about their secrets will be revealed in one of the special updates about them as I’m planning to have their backstory before their journey in the Todoroki Gakuen Elementary School. However, we’re still in Volume 7 and I have to work more on writing new drafts I’m going to work on that idea. So, that’s why this birthday update will be served as a teaser to the upcoming arc in the series. I will reveal it when I will finish Volume 7 very soon. So, I’ll see you on June 17 (Monday) for the next update of Rooks, Knights and Bravehearts and happy birthday to me, everyone!

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    Overall activity: 3.0%
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    Re: Rooks, Knights and Bravehearts - The Ro-Kyu-Bu!/Tenshi no 3P! X High School DxD Crossover Series

    I'm back, everyone! It's time to post a new update of Rooks, Knights and Bravehearts! Yesterday, June 16 (Sunday), it is the birthday of Masami Fujii, a female character of Ro-Kyu-Bu! Masami is a childhood friend of Saki Nagatsuka and a member of the Keishin Academy Elementary School girls’ basketball team. Both Masami and Saki are working as cooks and poster girls for their respective family business in the Suzuran Shopping Street. Masami is voiced by Risa Taneda, who is also the voice actress of Yukina Himeragi (Strike the Blood) and Rize Tedeza (Gochūmon wa Usagi Desu ka?/Is the Order a Rabbit?) Happy belated birthday, Masami! Continuing the series with another interlude, this time, another birthday celebration will be held in the Misawa Resort Hotel. It would be the Kitano twins, composed of Shō and Shōta Kitano. Due to them being twins, their birthdays were held on the same day as them being identical to the Takenaka twins, Tsubaki and Hiiragi. Shō is a member of the Cerulean Wing while Shōta is a member of the Spades of Lavender. Shō and Shōta Kitano’s birthdays are on April 27 and they’re having a birthday party at the Recreational Center with their friends. Without further ado, I’ll give you the 24th interlude featuring the Kitano twins! Enjoy reading Interlude 24!

    The Cerulean Wing and the Spades of Lavender throws a birthday party for the Kitano twins, Shō and Shōta, at the Recreational Center of the Misawa Resort Hotel. After eating their food (including a piece of birthday cake), they would play a video game called Miracles of Basketball, a game that features the Generation of Miracles. Shō and Shōta’s birthday cake was flavored with different kinds of berries and was baked at the bakery that was owned by their parents. The Kitano twins would make Toshihiro, Chinami and their friends delight as they’ll invite their friends to come to their family business if they have to get along together for the weekend. Later, Shō and Shōta would demonstrate Toshihiro and Shinpei the gameplay of the Miracles of Basketball. As avid basketball fans, they love to play the Miracles of Basketball as one of the other hobbies they used to get with. Sometimes, they battle with each other, but they were able to share their time playing with or without their siblings. Shō and Shōta have three other siblings in their family, namely Yuichi, Sayuri and Kurumi. With the motivation and teamwork being worked out impressively, the Kitano twins are hopefully going to grow their friendship with Toshihiro, Chinami and their friends while preparing themselves for the future of their respective groups once it reaches the Era of Fuchsia and Celadon.


    The interlude takes place between Chapters 126 and 127 in the evening of the day before the Fuchsia and Celadon Week. It is the same time as the previous interlude, but in a different place. The members of the Cerulean Wing and the Spades of Lavender are staying at the video game room of the Recreational Center whey they play video games joyfully. As for Shō and Shōta Kitano, they are quite mischievous like Tsubaki and Hiiragi Takenaka. Their birthdays are on April 27 and tonight is their night to celebrate with their friends.

    Cerulean Wing: Toshihiro Kanzaki, Kaori Nishikawa, Yuichi Satō, Shō Kitano, Tetsuo Akita, Nobunaga Shibasaki, Akinobe Koyama, Shizuo Iwase, Hanako Ogawa, Miho Shindō, Kira Watanabe, Shōji Nonomura, Shun Takahashi, Yoshitsugu Ueda and Sayo Oniki

    Spades of Lavender: Chinami Itagaki, Shinpei Yamazaki, Fumika Oya, Jun Hironaka, Akeno Takakura, Akihiro Egusa, Shōzo Ono, Shōta Kitano, Sayaka Kawai, Mitsuhiro Taneda, Yuka Yamaguchi, Riko Kusachi and Rin Takenaka

    The members of the Cerulean Wing and the Spades of Lavender are competing against each other in a video game called Miracles of Basketball. It was a game that was reflected from the campaign of Seirin High School and the Generation of Miracles. The twins Shō and Shōta Kitano are competing against each other in a friendly match. Shō played as Seirin while Shōta played as Kaijō. At the end of the match, Seirin emerged victorious over Kaijō by a slim margin with the score 78-75.

    “Yeah! I won it again!” said Shō after his team won the game when Junpei Hyuga scored the game-winning three-point shot.

    Shōta was disappointed after losing another game against his twin brother. “I can’t believe that you’re getting stronger right now, playing Seirin three games in a row. You beat me three times in a row!”

    “Well, it’s easy to say that, Shōta-kun. I have a player converting three-point shots right over the face of your opponents. Not even, Ryōta Kise or Shintarō Midorima see that coming!” said Shō.

    “Oh, okay, I get it. Well, my performance would have been better if I’ll pick Rakuzan, but I guess that it’s just a game” said Shōta.

    “Of course not, Shōta-kun. It’s just a game. Well, there’s always next time to win” said Chinami Itagaki.

    “Yeah, that’s true” said Shōta.

    “So, what are we going to do, Shōta-kun? We should eat our birthday cake” said Shō.

    “Oh, yeah! You’re right, brother. I think that it’s time for us to eat before we have another round of playing Miracles of Basketball” said Shōta.

    “You got it!” said Shō.

    “Well, I’m glad that you twin brothers played hard against each other. Sadly, you two aren’t good enough playing basketball in a real game yet” said Toshihiro.

    “I guess so” said Shō while Shōta nods in agreement.

    “Oh, in that case, why we’ll have a real game later in that video game. But for now, we’ll eat your birthday cake because it’s your birthdays, of course!” said Toshihiro.

    “Yeah!” said Shō and Shōta.

    “Hey, everyone! Let’s eat our birthday cake!” said Shō.

    “Okay!” said the members of the Cerulean Wing and the Spades of Lavender.

    When the members of the Cerulean Wing and the Spades of Lavender are eating the birthday cake, they feel delighted that the cake is delicious.

    “Deelish! I love the flavor!” said Shinpei.

    “It’s more berry-citing!” said Fumika.

    “I can’t believe that this birthday cake is flavored in berries! That kind of flavor seemed to be intriguing for my birthday soon” said Kaori Nishikawa.

    “Well, it’s nothing to say that our birthday cake was awesome. I have a feeling that this year’s birthday cake was better than the last one” said Shōta.

    “Oh, I’ll say that your birthday cake was something special for you two, Shō and Shōta. I might probably be planning if you’re going to make birthday cakes for us” said Yuichi Satō.

    “Let’s just say that the next birthday celebrant will be Shun Takahashi” said Toshihiro. Shun Takahashi’s birthday is on May 14.

    “Would you want to do that for them?” asked Chinami.

    “We’ll do it, Toshihiro and Chinami!” said Shō and Shōta.

    “My parents have owned a bakery shop where they make cakes for their customers” said Shō.

    “We have a lot of flavors to use for the beauty of the cake. We also offer different pastries and muffins to the customers too!” said Shōta.

    Shinpei gleams his blue eyes when he heard about the other specialties of the family business of the Kitano family. “Oh! I might be delighted to get one!”

    “Me too! I should get one if you’re working at that shop!” said Jun Hironaka.

    “I can get a taste of that delicious bread!” said Fumika.

    “Well, you would be my guests, everyone! Once we’re working every weekend…” said Shō.

    “ can get all what you want for our shop! It’s delicious and nothing else can prove to us!” said Shōta.

    The members of the Cerulean Wing and the Spades of Lavender are jumping in excitement. “Alright!”

    Toshihiro and Chinami are smiling on the Kitano twins.

    “I’m very happy to hear about your free offer, Kitano-san!” said Chinami.

    “It reminds me that we might going to visit your store once we’re done in school” said Toshihiro.

    “Of course not, Toshihiro! Since you and Chinami are leaders, then I’m probably going to allow the two of you to buy our pastries for free!” said Shō.

    “It’s great that we’re together in our group, but it would be more exciting for all of us to have a great relaxing break in our bakery shop!” said Shōta.

    “Yeah, I agree!” said Toshihiro and Chinami.

    “Now, what should we do, Shō-kun? We should get back playing Miracles of Basketball, right?” said Shō.

    “Yeah!” said Shōta.

    Toshihiro gives in to play that video game. “I think that I will play too, Shō!”

    “Yeah, I wonder what other things you can play there” said Shinpei.

    “Well, I will show you something special” said Shōta.

    When the members of the Cerulean Wing and the Spades of Lavender are sitting together, Shō and Shōta demonstrate Toshihiro and Shinpei the gameplay of the Miracles of Basketball.

    “This video game is focused on the campaign of the Generation of Miracles, which was headlined by Seijūrō Akashi and the four other best players who have their careers skyrocketed in the history of Japanese high school basketball” said Shō.

    “Where does that game takes place?” asked Shinpei.

    “It’s in our country, Shinpei-kun. You see, some bigger schools that have status of ‘elite’ and ‘prestigious’, they have a different level when they’re competing against high school basketball teams that are not in their level. That’s why there is a special tournament for them, which is where they’ll compete against some of the prestigious schools from 47 prefectures to square off against each other” said Shōta.

    “And these schools are Seirin, Kaijō, Shūtoku, Tōō Gakuen, Yōsen and Rakuzan. These prestigious schools have been performing on a higher level. They outmatched their opponents with the Generation of Miracles’ moves. Unfortunately, as their career would wind down to their final year of their high school career, they’re probably going to enter college basketball in the United States just like Taiga Kagami did recently” said Shō.

    “Well, if I remember correctly, there are some rumors that the Generation of Miracles have an option to skip college. I don’t know if it’s true or not” said Chinami.

    “That might be cool if they want to grow their potential together to form a Dream Team. I could say that these monsters are going to rule Japan in the future” said Toshihiro.

    “I agree, Toshihiro-kun. Right now, about 40 players from East Asia have been playing professionally in America including the United States. Although the impact was not soon enough to overshadow other players from around the world” said Shō.

    “Yeah, but on the bright side, we might be going to see Taiga playing in a preparatory school this year” said Shinpei.

    “Yep. We’ll see if he had stocks in increasing his chances of going to the NBA in the future, but no one knows if he’s going to deliver monster performance for him” said Shōta.

    “Yeah!” said Toshihiro and Shinpei.

    “Now, how should we look at the gameplay of that game?” asked Shinpei.

    “I’m glad you ask. In Miracles of Basketball, there are four modes available. Aside from the Quick Game mode, there are other modes you can play with. There is the Winter Cup mode” said Shō.

    “The Story mode” said Shōta.

    “And the ‘Create your Legacy’ mode” said Shō.

    “So, what are those modes would be looked like?” asked Toshihiro.

    “The Winter Cup mode is a mode where you can pick one of the six schools to be your team to lead for the Winter Cup. The goal is to make it to the Winter Cup by winning the Interhigh tournament. The six schools would always be available because they’re the main teams that was featured all the time” said Shō.

    “But if you want to choose a different school other than the six, you can choose some other teams in the ‘Others’ tab. That way, you’ll be able to pick a different school that was featured in the game. But the only thing to unlock those teams is by winning the prefectural tournament. This will allow to play as one of the prefectural champions or rivalries like Kirisaki Daichi, Fukuda Shogō and Seihō” said Shōta.

    “Next up, the Story mode. Unlike the Winter Cup, you can choose only six main teams of the game, which are Seirin, Kaijō, Shūtoku, Tōō Gakuen, Yōsen and Rakuzan. In that mode, you’ll play one of them, in guiding a dynasty for a featured player. Each side has their own goals and challenges to make the game even interesting. There is also a chance that you can continue the Story mode after the graduation of the Tetsuya Kuroko and the Generation of Miracles where they can go either college basketball or professional” said Shō.

    “And finally, we have the ‘Create your Legacy’ mode. This is the mode where you can insert yourself to this game by making a school to compete against different high school teams from around the country and then, you can lead yourself to the next level just like Tetsuya and the Generation of Miracles did” said Shōta.

    “Are you planning on choosing that mode?” asked Shinpei.

    “Yes, it is, Shinpei-kun. I was wondering about that because I thought Keishin was part of it, but it wasn’t. I doubt that multiple universes could be combined with the six strongest schools and other schools like us” said Shōta.

    “Maybe the six strongest schools are on a different level, which allows them to compete in a higher level. The Winter Cup has two tournaments, same as the Interhigh tournament. Which means, these six strongest schools have ended up competing in a different Winter Cup that was composed of stronger high schools coming from different prefectures around the country” said Kaori.

    “I believe that you’re right about their potential, Kaori. I don’t think that these ‘elite’ and ‘prestigious’ schools have been considered as preparatory schools because they’re on a different level” said Shō.

    “Too bad that some high schools that have risen in the second level of high school basketball aren’t part of it” said Shōta.

    “That’s true, Shōta-kun. If the six schools have competed against each other for their talents, they’re surely going to be a different trend that we’re going to see” said Toshihiro.

    “Yeah, I agree” said Shōta.

    “Now, shall we start that ‘Create your Legacy’ mode?” asked Shinpei.

    “You got it, Shinpei-kun!” said Shō.

    Shō selects the ‘Create your Legacy’ mode in the title screen. As the ‘Create your Legacy’ mode was popped up after loading a little bit, Shō decides to start creating their own dynasty by giving the name of their school.

    “I think that it’s going to be challenging, brother” said Shōta.

    “Yeah, Shōta-kun. What the name of the school would be?” said Shō.

    “Ah, I don’t know if we’re going to use the Keishin Academy. We’re not good enough to beat Seirin nor Tōō Gakuen” said Shōta.

    “Shōta’s right, Shō. Since we’re on a different level, we can’t determine if we’re good enough to win the Winter Cup” said Toshihiro.

    “Yeah, I’m sure that we could do something alternative” said Shō.

    “Oh! I have an idea! Why we can activate another mode, which is the ‘Battleground’ mode. That’s where you can play in an outside league for fun” said Tetsuo Akita.

    “That’s a great idea! We would make sure that we’re gonna make it to the main roster!” said Shō.

    “Yeah! That way, we’ll be dominating in a virtual world!” said Shinpei.

    “I agree!” said Shō.

    After coming up of their name and their roster in the ‘Create Team’ screen, Shō, Shōta, Toshihiro and Shinpei have finally created a team to use for the ‘Create your Legacy’ mode.

    “There you have it! I decided to use the name of our school, so that we could make history in making it to the Winter Cup” said Shō.

    “That was a good catch, brother! I like what you’re planning for the game!” said Shōta.

    “Now, let’s start our own dynasty in a virtual world!” said Toshihiro.

    “Yeah!” said Shō and Shōta.

    As the new screen pops up, the Home tab for the ‘Create your Legacy’ mode was shown.

    “So, this is where we’re going to start our own legacy in a virtual world” said Shō.

    “I have to ask a question first, Shō-san. What level are you using?” said Kaori.

    “We’re in middle school right now and it’s the best to go ‘Middle School’ level just to make this game interesting to depict us in real life” said Shō.

    “Wow! Good call for that!” said Kaori.

    “Now, in order to start our very own dynasty, we have to win against five middle school teams before the prefectural tournament. But the main problem is that we don’t have a helper in our team” said Shō.

    “Hmmm… that’s strange. Have you played that game with your family?” said Toshihiro.

    “Of course! They’re here to see us right now!” said Shō.

    “Oh, really?” puzzled Toshihiro.

    “Yes, they will, Toshihiro” said Shōta.

    At the front door of the video game room, a tall blue-haired boy arrives at the scene to enter the video game room. He would be recognized as Yuichi Kitano, a second year high school student from the Keishin Academy.

    “Hi, Shō-kun! Hi, Shōta-kun!” said Yuichi Kitano.

    “Big brother!” said Shō.

    “You came here!” said Shōta.

    Later, two girls have shown up to meet with the Kitano twins. They are Sayuri and Kurumi Kitano. Sayuri is a third year middle school student and Kurumi is a first year high school student, both are studying in Keishin Academy.

    “Hi, Shō-kun! Hi, Shōta-kun!” said Sayuri and Kurumi Kitano.

    “Wow! I haven’t seen those guys before!” said Shinpei.

    “They must have a one big happy family for them” said Toshihiro.

    “That’s right, Toshihiro-kun and Shipnei-kun. These are my siblings. They are Yuichi, Sayuri and Kurumi” said Shō.

    “They are also working for our bakery shop” said Shōta.

    “Hi!” said Toshihiro, Shinpei and the members of the Cerulean Wing and the Spades of Lavender.

    Yuchi, Sayuri and Kurumi smile to the members of the Cerulean Wing and the Spades of Lavender. “It’s nice to meet you!”

    “Nice to meet you too!” said the members of the Cerulean Wing and the Spades of Lavender.

    “Our siblings have been together since we’re all in Keishin and of course, we want to grow together like you, guys!” said Shō.

    “Yeah!” said the members of the Cerulean Wing and the Spades of Lavender.

    “It’s great that you guys have gone together with your twin brothers!” said Chinami.

    “I can’t believe that in a coincidence, you were all coming from our school too!” said Kaori.

    “We agree!” said Yuichi, Sayuri and Kurumi.

    “Shō and Shōta have been with us after school time. Then, we decided to go to the bakery shop to help our parents in building more customers by offering products to them” said Yuichi Kitano.

    “We always save our money every day, so that we can buy some more electronic appliances to improve the quality of our products” said Sayuri.

    “Since you made them proud, I believe that we want to give this gift for you as a gratitude of your friendship between you and our twin brothers” said Kurumi.

    Yuichi reveals the gift to the members of the Cerulean Wing and the Spades of Lavender. It was a box of cupcakes, containing the flavors of different kinds of berries. “Berries are the best specialty for our shop.”

    “You should eat those cupcakes made by us!” said Sayuri.

    “Enjoy!” said Kurumi.

    “Thank you very much!” said the members of the Cerulean Wing and the Spades of Lavender.

    The members of the Cerulean Wing and the Spades of Lavender would eat the flavored cupcakes and they’re satisfied with the taste.

    “Wow! It’s delicious!” said Toshihiro.

    “It’s more like a berry party for us, Shō and Shōta! These cupcakes are so good!” said Fumika.

    “I’m so motivated that these cupcakes are so sweet and cute with the icings on the top” said Yuichi Satō.

    “Yep” said Yuchi, Sayuri and Kurumi Kitano.

    “I can’t wait to cook these cupcakes of my own, Shō-kun! My cousin used to bake those cupcakes when I ate it as my afternoon snack” said Akinobe Koyama.

    “Sounds like we will have a lot of berries to buy for them if we would be able to keep our friendship between us” said Jun Hironaka.

    “Yeah!” said Shō and Shōta.

    “Oh, that reminds me, oniichan, what game you are playing?” asked Sayuri.

    “It’s called Miracles of Basketball. It was a video game that you can play as Seirin or Tōō to battle against the strongest high school basketball teams in the country” said Shō.

    “To be the best in Japan, you have to play your own role with your moves that was considered phenomenal” said Shōta.

    “Are you playing in ‘Create your Legacy’ mode?” asked Yuichi Kitano.

    “Yeah!” said Shō and Shōta.

    “Well, I never tried playing that mode after I played the ‘Story’ mode and the ‘Winter Cup’ mode, but I can count on that” said Yuichi.

    “Alright!” said the members of the Cerulean Wing and the Spades of Lavender.

    “You’re all lucky because I will be managing your team, oniichan. But also, what a coincidence that our school has been part of that mode” said Yuichi Kitano.

    “Yeah, oniichan. Keishin was not listed in the lists of playable high school basketball teams in Tokyo, but we created this, in order to make this game more fun” said Shō.

    “Okay! I think that I can manage this, oniichan. You two, we should prepare our first match in this mode” said Yuichi Kitano.

    “Okay!” said Shō and Shōta.

    In the screen, it is a match between the Keishin Academy and the Tamagawa Middle School. The Tamagawa Middle School was playing in violet jerseys while Keishin wears its unique blue uniform.

    “Well, it’s about time, boys! Let’s get this game going!” said Yuichi Kitano.

    “Okay!” said Sayuri, Kurumi, Shō, Shōta Kitano and the members of the Cerulean Wing and the Spades of Lavender.

    As the game starts, Yuichi Kitano uses his controller to move the players in running in the court. Then, he uses the controls to let the player passing the ball to his teammate. Later, when an open spot was being used, the player would shoot the ball with the jump shot.

    “Wow! That shot was good, oniichan!” said Shōta after Keishin makes the first two points in the game.

    “Yep. We’re on a great start and we must score more!” said Yuichi Kitano.

    Later, Yuichi Kitano uses his own moves of playing better offense, so that ball movements and open spots would be the keys to get an easy bucket. This leads to Keishin being led by 10 points in five minutes after the first quarter.

    “Well, that turns out that our opponents got nothing to stop us” said Yuichi Kitano.

    “I’m sure that we would be able to drop more points just like what experts did blowing out the game” said Shō.

    “You got it! I can say that we’re on a roll to prepare since we have a lot of players I recognized” said Yuichi Kitano.

    “This includes Ichirō Fujio, a prospect who has good IQ shooting” said Sayuri.

    “Yeah, I agree, onēchan! I believe that Ichirō-san is a deep range deadeye and a powerful iso specialist when it comes to his outside play. He can fire threes with his own Sunstriking Blast Shot” said Shō.

    “Natsuhi and Toshihiro can make the guard combination before passing the ball to Ichirō-san and it’s good to go for our team!” said Shōta.

    “Definitely right, oniichan!” said Yuichi Kitano.

    “Now, here comes the defense!” said Toshihiro as the scene changes to a play where two defenders trying to guard one of the players of Keishin.

    “Bring down the system, oniichan!” said Shōta.

    “Okay! I’m coming up with this play!” said Yuichi Kitano as he uses the controller to move the player being doing the behind the back dribble move before doing the pump fake on his opponents. Then, the player would shoot the ball with the finger roll layup.

    “He’s on fire right now!” said Shinpei.

    “16 points without letting our opponents score a single point in the game in the first six minutes? That would be crazy!” said Toshihiro.

    “Yep. That’s crazy, Toshihiro. You look at our offense, we’re doing great with the outside scoring while making the best defensive lineup we ever made” said Shō.

    “Yeah, that’s true, oniichan. These players from Keishin are about to catch fire with their own shots outside the zone” said Yuichi Kitano.

    “Would it be great that it will be applied to real life?” asked Chinami.

    “That would be more awesome, Chinami!” said Fumika.

    “Well, we’re not known yet, but I bet that your friend of yours can bring outside shots into the game” said Yuichi Kitano.

    “I agree with you, Kitano-san! I’m from the Kasuragi Elementary School and I can make shots with my own hands!” said Toshihiro.

    “That’s my Toshihiro!” said Chinami.

    “He can’t lose his pride because he’s always coming on top!” said Fumika.

    As the first quarter ends, Keishin would have a large lead with the score of 26-7 over the Tamagawa Middle School. Yuichi would lend the controller to Shō. “Your turn, oniichan. Show your moves to see who’s the best in this match!”

    “Okay, Yuichi-kun! You got it!” said Shō. Shō would use the controller to control Keishin in the game. He would make Keishin scoring more points than the first quarter where the players would fire three-point shots that would make a large lead for them. Despite their opponents score at least 10 points in the second quarter, Keishin would continue to dominate the game.

    “We’re on fire, everyone! These three-point shots can’t be denied by their attributes!” said Shō.

    “Yeah, I guess that the margin was bigger since the bench had been working as well” said Shōta.

    “In other words, getting a large defensive stop allows the ball to be brought back in our possession” said Yuichi Kitano.

    “I agree! I’m sure that when we’re going to battle against some of the strongest teams in the country, we should be more focused on getting a better strategy to win the match” said Shō.

    “Yeah, we agree!” said Shō and Yuichi Kitano.

    As the match continues, Keishin would finish the first half with 70 points against Tamagawa’s 23.

    Shō places the controller on the table before sighing. “Whew! That turned out to be best! Alright, Shōta-kun, it’s your turn to play!”

    “Okay, Shō-kun!” said Shōta.

    As the third quarter starts, Keishin’s defense was more focused for Shōta when he’s playing in the game. Like the way he did earlier against his twin brother in a quick match, he uses the pressure ability to allow his team to go for better defense in their play to create defensive stops on their opponents.

    “How long will you let their opponents miss their shots?” asked Toshihiro.

    “Well, you have to find out” said Shōta as he uses the controller when the player tries to let his opponent miss the fadeaway shot. The shot would not go in and one of the players grabs the ball for the rebound.

    “It uses the shot contest to make them miss. I’m sure that I’m going to use that technique in a real game” said Toshihiro.

    “That’s right, Toshihiro. Shot contest can determine if the opponent’s shot go or not. It’s a deciding point where the ball may either drive or not drive to the basket, depends on your stamina you’re using” said Chinami.

    “Oh, I see it right now, Chinami. I know that our team’s defense was more efficient with the big guys in our team” said Toshihiro.

    “That would give the big guys their part to make them miss when they’re taking the hustle to grab the board” said Akeno Takakura.

    “I can’t wait to see those guys getting rebounds before passing onto you to go for fast break” said Chinami.

    “Yeah!” said Toshihiro.

    The player would go for the fouled layup before getting a bonus free throw. Then, Shōta once again using his defensive play, so that the players can create double team on their opponents.

    “It seems that not only Shōta uses his own strategy, but others can do of their own too!” said Nobunaga Shibasaki.

    “That’s true. In Miracles of Basketball, this a trial of challenge where you must prove your team to be the best in Japan, but in order to make it to the top, you must have a great player to bring their potential, in making your career skyrocket through the top” said Yuichi Kitano.

    “Are you actually playing for the varsity team, Yuichi-kun?” asked Akihiro Egusa.

    “Yeah, but I’m on the reserve team. Which means, I’m not possibly entering to the main roster yet. I have to keep trying to improve my skills before I’m going to prove to them that I should get a spot to join the basketball team” said Yuichi Kitano.

    “Ah, I get it right now. The Keishin Academy basketball team has many members coming from the Pink and Plum and since this is their home base, they’re very ambitious the way they performed” said Rin Takenaka.

    “You got it right, Rin-san. Even we have a few members of the Pink and Plum in our group, we would state that we’re growing well with our friendship with them” said Chinami.

    “Rin, Sayaka, Shinpei and Fumika are members of the Pink and Plum, despite they didn’t join the Dragons of Ōta long time ago. It’s great that we have a lot of ambitions to go on with” said Jun Hironaka.

    “Yeah” said Chinami.

    “When it comes to determination, both Shō and Shōta are good in making their connections with their friends in the community. As a family, we were able to bring the community to be happy because we gave them cherish moments with their pure hearts” said Yuichi Kitano.

    “We, siblings, have a lot of work to have the job done, but also we want to be more compromised in engaging activities in the community” said Sayuri.

    “While Yuichi had been a member of the Pink and Plum for two years, the two of us were able to work with the disciplinary committee as well as the Nevercrystal Legion” said Kurumi.

    “Our group had acquired the former members of the Dragons of Ōta after it was founded two years ago as one of the groups that have been associated with the Pink and Plum organization during their foundation last year” said Sayuri.

    “Hopefully, we would be able to grow our friendship with them and bring their blessings to them” said Yuichi Kitano.

    “I hope that you’re going to lead the family with ambitions to take this year. Even for Shō and Shōta too. They know who they want to be expressive just like the other members of the Pink and Plum” said Toshihiro.

    “You got it!” said Yuichi, Sayuri and Kurumi Kitano.

    As the fourth quarter was ongoing, Shō and Shōta share the controls, in order to bring Keishin into its first victory in the school’s virtual journey. They were enjoyed playing the game while they see their siblings, Toshihiro and Chinami smile.

    “We’re about to finish the game with the win, Yuichi-kun!” said Shō.

    “Okay! I hope that you’ll score many points just like I did earlier!” said Yuichi Kitano.

    “Okay, I got it!” said Shō.

    “Say, Shō-kun, what’s the score?” asked Shōta.

    “Right now, the score is now 108 to 54. We’re not behind after we score consecutive shots in the second quarter, but I guess that we should close out together” said Shō.

    “Okay, I believe that we should, Shō-kun” said Shōta.

    “Let’s do this!” said Shō.

    “You got it!” said Shōta.

    Shō and Shōta would switch their places in controlling the game through deadballs. Deadballs are often to be used if the ball goes outside of the court or a foul was called by the referee.

    In one scene, Shō and Shōta use the controller when they’re battling against big guys of Tamagawa. Shō would make the player successful in hitting three-point shots while Shōta makes the player performing inside shots.

    “Alright! Another three!” said Shō as the player scores the three-point fadeaway shot.

    “Well, we’re on fire again, Shōta! With just only two minutes in the game, we could probably be going to pull off the biggest win in the match” said Shōta.

    “Yep. It’ll be our time to make this game something what the future of Keishin would be looked like, but I guess we’re not sure if it’s going to happen” said Shō.

    “Yeah, that’s true, Shō-kun” said Shōta.

    While Shō and Shōta are cooperating with each other in controlling the game, Yuichi Kitano, Toshihiro and Chinami are delighted about the Kitano twins’ teamwork.

    “Even they’re on different teams, they still work together without losing their teamwork” said Toshihiro.

    “I have to say that they’re not going to lose their teamwork when they’re on the same group, but if they’re on different teams, they have work on their own” said Chinami.

    “Yeah, they’re motivated to work together as a team because they have their own charisma to get the job done. Just like me and my sisters, we have a lot of jobs to do and it was great that we finished it easily” said Yuichi Kitano.

    “I’m sure that those guys will hopefully be going to apply this when they’re grower and I’m very motivated to work on your family business” said Toshihiro.

    “I agree with that, Toshihiro. When the time comes, we’re going to prepare something expected for our family to work together and saving our money would be more efficient to us to get anything what we want very soon” said Yuichi Kitano.

    “I hope that you and your siblings as well as to Shō and Shōta will be able to make your customers proud when working together as a team in the bakery shop. One day, we might be visiting your place if we don’t have anything for rest of the day” said Chinami.

    “Of course, you can visit our place, Chinami. Hopefully, we’ll give you a joy that you’ll never forget in our place” said Yuichi Kitano.

    “Yeah!” said Toshihiro and Chinami.

    The scene changes back to the screen where it says that the match between Keishin and Tamagawa was over with Keishin obliterating Tamagawa with the score of 138-76. Shō and Shōta give each other’s high five after getting the victory.

    “Great job, Shōta! We were able to show our team’s willpower to victory!” said Shō.

    “Yeah! It’s better to play together rather than just facing each other, but I guess that we finished the game together” said Shōta.

    “I agree! But I know that we should be ready for another match if we have another time to play Miracles of Basketball, but we must deal with the academics first” said Shō.

    “Oh, of course, Shō! We should work first on the assignments and researches before doing that game” said Shōta.

    “Then, at the end, we will finish the assignment together!” said Shō.

    “Yeah, I agree!” said Shōta.

    Yuichi Kitano, Toshihiro and Chinami would appear to meet Shō and Shō.

    “So, how’s the game? Did you win?” asked Yuchi Kitano.

    “Yep. We were able to defeat Tamagawa by a larger margin of sixty-two points” said Shō.

    “We show how we done with the ball movement plays made by the players of our team” said Shōta.

    “Very good, Shō and Shōta. Well done!” said Yuichi Kitano as he gives his twin brothers a high five.

    “Yeah!” said Shō and Shōta.

    “Oh, by the way, Toshihiro, where are you participating at the Ōta League this year?” asked Yuichi Kitano.

    “We’re going to participate at the Ikegami Invitationals and hopefully, we’re going to make it the finals and have a match against either Natsuhi’s team or Ichirō’s team” said Toshihiro.

    “It would be our year to win and probably, we’re gonna punch our ticket to the Ōta League Cup next year!” said Kaori.

    “Well, I have more enthusiasm with your goal in that tournament. We know that you’re playing for the varsity and all you have to do is to let them show how you have proud of when you’re playing for your former school in Kasuragi last year” said Yuichi Kitano.

    “You got it, Yuichi-kun!” said Toshihiro.

    “We’re ready to support you, Toshihiro-kun! Since you’re the captain of the team last year, I believe that you’re ready to get motivated this year” said Sayuri.

    “Since you’re now in middle school, it’s time for you to be more positive and make your year being the best for you and your group!” said Kurumi.

    “Okay, Sayuri and Kurumi! I’m ready to be motivated with my blue eyes going wild! No matter what our team going to do in the tournament, we’re surely ready to bring dominance in our team! Right, everyone?” said Toshihiro.

    “Yeah!” said the members of the Cerulean Wing.

    “After Shō and Shōta’s birthday, it’s my turn to celebrate!” said Shun Takahashi.

    “Yeah, Takahashi-san! You’re feeling motivated just like Shō and Shōta, but hopefully, we’ll have another successful birthday party to remember!” said Toshihiro.

    “You got it!” said Shun Takahashi.

    “If the Cerulean Wing will be ready to bring their determination to dominate, we’re always ready to bring our own play, so that we got the perfect teamwork to finish!” said Shō.

    “After the Cerulean Wing will participate, then it’s our turn to shine as a team! Right, Chinami?” said Shōta.

    “Yeah, Shōta-kun. We’re still a few months away for our team to participate at the Ōta League, but we would already know that Ōta will being new challenges for everyone to grow their potential this year. Therefore, everyone is ready to prepare for the Fuchsia and Celadon Week to usher a new era in the Era of Fuchsia and Celadon” said Chinami.

    “When a new era arrives, everything will be changed in one area as well it will either flourish or influence with the other areas that surrounded our hometown. This would be a year of change to have prospects leading our future this year soon” said Shinpei.

    “I agree, Shinpei! I think that this is the time for all of us to bring peace and enjoyment in the community and make them happy with their smiles. Right, everyone?” said Chinami.

    “Yeah!” said the members of the Cerulean Wing and the Spades of Lavender.

    “Alright! I know that we’re expected this year, Toshihiro. It’s about time of the year to usher a new era in Ōta” said Chinami.

    “You got that right, Chinami! Let’s bring our team through happiness and harmonious enjoyment in our beloved hometown in Ōta!” said Toshihiro.

    “Yeah!” said the members of the Cerulean Wing and the Spades of Lavender. The Kitano twins’ birthday celebration was a success for the birthday celebrants while motivation is the key for them to grow their family business into success just like the other food shops did. It’s a great night for Shō and Shōta to remember their motivation and teamwork and hopefully, they’ll adopt themselves through success in their lives within the family and their respective groups, the Cerulean Wing and the Spades of Lavender.

    UP NEXT: Profile of Pink and Plum-Section 10

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    Re: Rooks, Knights and Bravehearts - The Ro-Kyu-Bu!/Tenshi no 3P! X High School DxD Crossover Series

    In case you miss it, I forgot to post the profile of the Pink and Plum-Section 10, who were appeared in Interlude 23 when they celebrate Kumi Takamura’s birthday. So, here is the profile of Team Hakamada-Takamura, also known as Pink and Plum-Section 10. They are one of the groups that are coming from the Pink and Plum and they were all studying at the Nashiba High School. It was co-led by both Seijirō Hakamada and Kumi Takamura, who were formerly students of the Keishin Academy Elementary School before they transfer to Kirihara Middle School and recently, Nashiba High School.

    Pink and Plum-Section 10: Seijirō Hakamada, Kumi Takamura, Chigusa Seto, Mamoru Tachibana, Naoki Nakano, Hisaya Kogawa, Minami Matsubara, Tōru Suzaki, Misako Maruoka, Nagisa Sakai, Norio Yamada, Shū Ogasawara, Tokio Ogawa and Miyabi Oyama

    Seijirō Hakamada: September 26 / 1HS-10 / Nashiba HS / Cousin of Hinata and Kagetsu Hakamada / Member of Nashiba High School Boys’ Basketball Team and Innocent Charm
    Kumi Takamura: April 26 / 1HS-10 / Nashiba HS / Youngest Sister of Mihoshi Takamura / Member of Innocent Charm
    Chigusa Seto: March 12 / 1HS-10 / Nashiba HS
    Mamoru Tachibana: October 9 / 1HS-10 / Nashiba HS
    Naoki Nakano: January 17 / 1HS-10 / Nashiba HS
    Hisaya Kogawa: May 22 / 1HS-10 / Nashiba HS
    Minami Matsubara: November 26 / 1HS-10 / Nashiba HS
    Tōru Suzaki: April 1 / 1HS-10 / Nashiba HS
    Misako Maruoka: August 14 / 1HS-10 / Nashiba HS
    Nagisa Sakai: July 9 / 1HS-10 / Nashiba HS
    Norio Yamada: February 15 / 1HS-10 / Nashiba HS
    Shū Ogasawara: December 20 / 1HS-10 / Nashiba HS
    Tokio Ogawa: May 28 / 1HS-10 / Nashiba HS
    Miyabi Oyama: August 23 / 1HS-10 / Nashiba HS

    UP NEXT: Chapter 127: “A Family Affair with the Bravehearts”

    After I have posted two interludes in separate days, the main part will be returning as the next chapter (Chapter 127) will be all about a family affair between the Bravehearts and their parents as they’ll prepare themselves for the kickoff of the Fuchsia and Celadon Week. This week would be limiting my free time as I’ll have a family vacation with my cousins this weekend, which means I’ll have the following update (Chapter 128) to be posted next week, but as for the next update, it will be released in two days. So, I’ll see you on June 19 (Wednesday) for the next update of Rooks, Knights and Bravehearts!

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