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Thread: Rooks, Knights and Bravehearts - The Ro-Kyu-Bu!/Tenshi no 3P! X High School DxD Crossover Series

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    Re: Rooks, Knights and Bravehearts - The Ro-Kyu-Bu!/Tenshi no 3P! X High School DxD Crossover Series

    I'm back with another chapter of the series Rooks, Knights and Bravehearts! I was finishing Chapters 6 & 7 during the weekend and I managed to continue the series with more characters to be revealed in the following chapters. I'm currently plan to finish Chapter 8 before posting it after Chapter 6 & 7. Issei Hyodo, Rias Gremory and the Occult Research Club from High School DxD will make its first appearance on Chapter 9. So stay tuned for that in the meantime as I will post Chapter 6 tonight and Chapter 7 tomorrow. I'll be able to complete Volume 1 at the end of the weekend to start brainstorming ideas for Volume 2, which is titled "Friends and Relations". Enjoy reading Chapter 6!

    In this chapter, the day has finally come to see who the best team is as the Keishin Academy girls' basketball team will battle against a young group of basketball players who were called by Mimi Balguerie as newly recruits for the girls' basketball team. It will be the passing of the torch for Tomoka and Mimi as they will play together for the first time since their recent game against Suzuridani Academy. Also, Aya Miyakoōji of Suzuridani will make her first appearance as well after the match between her school and Keishin Academy. The first part will cover the entire first half of the game.


    The fifth day comes with the big game between the First Group and the newly recruits. The Bravehearts, the newly recruits and Jun’s Angels went to the basketball court of the Misawa Resort Hotel with the newly recruits are sporting their bicycle clothes for the newly recruits while the First Group wears their school’s jerseys. Aya Miyakoōji of Suzuridani would appear at the basketball court after she was called by Airi Kashii to watch the game at the resort hotel’s basketball court.

    “Hi, Airi. It’s been a long time since we face each other” said Aya.

    “Yeah, me too. Hi, Aya. I’m glad that you visit our new home for today, then you will go back home later” said Airi.

    “Yep. My mother agreed to visit your new home after what I just heard about your transfer to Kirihara Middle School for junior high school” said Aya.

    “I’m hoping that I will be glad that if you join our group soon” said Airi.

    “Oh, your group?” asked Aya.

    “Yes. We are preparing to play against the newly recruits and it will be a passing of the torch match for Tomoka and Mimi” said Airi.

    “Okay, I’ll be glad to watch this match. By the way, Miyu Aida and her teammates are heading to Suzuridani Academy Junior High School” said Aya.

    “How's your head coach Manaka?” asked Airi.

    “She is finally rehabilitated and ready to play in her team next season. Also, an incoming middle school student will enroll at Kirihara and also a friend of mine. Her name is Aiko Egawa and she came from Tsukuba Elementary School in Tokyo” said Aya.

    “That’s good news for her. I hope we will face Miyu and Suzuridani again when I’m playing for Kirihara, Aya” said Airi.

    “Yeah, I was planning to leave Suzuridani for Kirihara because I recognized you the first time we meet in our school” said Aya.

    “You are interested to join our basketball team next year?” asked Airi.

    “Yeah. Rena said that she will go to another school to compete against us. Maybe, we will be rivals on both Miyu and Rena, but I’m hoping that we will play together soon” said Aya.

    “Okay. Probably, I am planning to invite you to visit at my family’s sports gym. Will you come?” said Airi.

    “Oh, sure, Airi. It will be pleasure if you invite me to work out with you” said Aya.

    “Thanks, Aya. The sixth graders in Keishin are also planning to transfer to Kirihara next year” said Airi.

    “Wow! Your teammates are believed in Subaru and you might help them while you’re in Kirihara. I realized that when you played against us, I know that you are a great defender even the skills you used was astonished me while I’m playing” said Aya.

    “I wanted to say that your skills are also good too, Aya. I was shocked that you blocked my shot before Tomoka tried to score back. I think that you made it for the team, but it’s a fair game for us” said Airi.

    “Yeah, Airi. It seems that I will be continuing my efforts to play what skill I had to use the next time Keishin meet us again, but without you and your teammates as well as Miyu too” said Aya.

    “I hope Mimi would be play with you further. The game is about to start, Aya. Just cheer me as you want” said Airi.

    “Okay, Airi, I will cheer for you” said Aya as Airi was smiled on her. The game is about to start in a few minutes as Airi, Tomoka, Kagetsu, Mimi and Hinata are in the court against Himeko, Mizuko, Yuka, Chiyako and Hana.

    “Go, Tomoka! Good luck on your game!” shouted the members of Jun’s Angels.

    “Thank you, Jun. Okay! I’m ready to play for the first time back in our last game against Suzuridani. This time, we should win, right, girls?” said Tomoka.

    “Yeah” said Mimi, Airi, Hinata and Kagetsu.

    “I’m sure that Tomoka and Mimi have to play together for the first time because they are looking forward to use the Complete Synchronization Skill when we got a good lead later on” said Maho.

    “Yeah, Maho. I’m sure that our team has prepared today against the newly recruits. At least two players will play for the second quarter. Will Himeko have to find the right place to play in?” said Saki.

    “I’m hoping that it will be a “break the strategy” focus for the newly recruits because each of their special abilities can able to activate with full strength, but I’m sure that only our team knows about our special abilities” said Masami.

    “I might say we can see how Mimi does her role against the young gals” said Tsubaki.

    “I’m probably entering the team for the second quarter. Let’s see how Tomoka and Mimi made a good teamwork” said Hiiragi.

    “Hana, I won’t make things easy on you” said Airi.

    “You’re on, Airi” said Hana.

    “Are you alright, sister?” asked Hinata.

    “I’m fine, but Airi should be the one to jump” said Kagetsu.

    “Yeah, she’s much taller than you and I hope she has flexibility” said Hinata.

    “Yes, she will get anything she wants, Hinata” said Kagetsu.

    “I hope Airi does well” said Hinata as Natsuhi whistles and prepares for the jump ball. The ball jumps high and Airi manages to get the ball first and give it to Kagetsu.

    The game starts with six minutes in four quarters. Kagetsu pass the ball to Hinata, and then she shoots in the rim and scores the first points in the game. Keishin 2, Newly Recruits 0.

    Yuka controlled the ball and passes to Himeko. Himeko would move in straight to the paint and gives the ball to Mizuko. Mizuko tries to shoot, but falls off. Tomoka gets the rebound.

    Tomoka passes the ball to Mimi. Then, Mimi moves away from Yuka and steps in to the three-point line. Airi moves in, allowing Mimi to pass the ball to her. Airi would shoot the ball and she scores for Keishin. Keishin 4, Newly Recruits 0.

    “I made it, Mimi” said Airi.

    “Good job. Time for defense, girls” said Mimi as the next possession went to the team of newly recruits.

    Mizuko enters the three-point line, and then passes the ball to Chiyako. “You’re quite good, Kagetsu. But I wouldn’t know if I have to shoot here, so, pass, Himeko” said Chiyako as she give the ball to Himeko and Tomoka defended her team by facing Himeko one-on-one.

    “I’m sure that your style of play is all-around, but I made sure that my style of play is practically for key movements” said Himeko.

    “So, what will you say if you can shoot right above me?” asked Tomoka.

    “I’m not sure, but, I will test it out” said Himeko as she tries to jump in to shoot the ball and scores for her team, much to Tomoka’s shock. Keishin 4, Newly Recruits 2.

    “She jumps and shoots?” said Tomoka.

    “Well, Himeko didn’t have the guts to play, but I’m sure that she is good in stamina” said Maho.

    “If you know that my tendencies are better than my teammates, then, I could know that I have to move out there to see your strategy would go down” said Himeko.

    “You’re looking fine, Himeko. But my teammates are capable of assisting. Watch!” said Tomoka as Himeko gasped. Hinata gave the ball to Kagetsu and Kagetsu shoots with a floater to score two points for Keishin. Keishin 6, Newly Recruits 2.

    “Great job, sister” said Hinata.

    “Yeah” said Kagetsu. Himeko would control the ball and tries to get in to the frontcourt. She, then, passes to Mizuko. Mizuko battles Mimi, trying to get in to the rim. Then, Mizuko passes to Yuka. Yuka runs and shoots the ball, but Airi blocks it. “It’s not about what my skills do on someone who’s fast, but I’m able to block your shoots well” said Airi.

    “Ugh, why did she do that?” said Mizuko as Chiyako and Kagetsu tries to get the ball. Kagetsu would manage to get the ball clearly and passes to Hinata. Hinata would give the ball to Tomoka. Tomoka challenges Himeko and Tomoka pass in to Mimi and Mimi shoots the ball from the right side of the paint and scores for two points. Keishin 8, Newly Recruits 2.

    “Wow! Mimi did pretty well and Tomoka was doing well like the training” said Saki.

    “That’s an ace connection for you, Saki” said Maho.

    Mizuko is currently holding the ball and decided to pass it to Yuka. Yuka was cornered by Tomoka and Hinata. “Well, this isn’t over yet, girls” said Yuka. Yuka passes the ball to Chiyako. Chiyako shoots the ball and accelerates it to score for two. Keishin 8, Newly Recruits 4.

    Hinata would hold the ball for a bit and she passes to Tomoka. Just Himeko enters the ring, Hinata enters to face each other and Yuka faces Tomoka. As trying to see who’s going to go in, Himeko tries to steal the ball, but, Tomoka gives the ball to Kagetsu.

    “I’m holding the ball, now. Let’s what you got, Himeko” said Kagetsu. Kagetsu runs and shoots for three. The shot misses, but Tomoka would tip in and scores for second chance basket. Keishin 10, Newly Recruits 4.

    “Really, Tomoka? You waited this for you to tip in?” asked Yuka.

    “I’m sure that if the ball isn’t land on the basket, I decided to change tracks and I’ll be the one to shoot it right away” said Tomoka.

    “Are you sure that you specifically change tracks?” asked Himeko.

    “Yes, it would. I’m not sure if you might be able to get pass on us, but, you have to see your talents way better if you do” said Tomoka.

    “Okay, fine. We’ll see about that” said Himeko as Yuka hold the ball. Yuka would pass the ball to Chiyako. She passes in through Hinata and Kagetsu, but faces Airi. Airi’s speediness forces Chiayko to stay back. Chiyako, then, steps back and shoots the ball. The ball landed well to the basket and the newly recruits cuts the lead to four. Keishin 10, Newly Recruits 6.

    “I’m not way faster than you, but I would be able to fight back with the shot” said Chiyako.

    “Is she is able to step back and shoots in? Wow, she’s doing well to break cases” said Airi.

    Hinata would pass the ball to Airi. Airi moves in to the right and sees Tomoka. She passes to Tomoka and Tomoka got the ball. She moves on to run and scores the basket with a floater. Keishin 12, Newly Recruits 6.

    Two minutes remaining, the newly recruits tried to get back in as Chiyako tries to counter Airi’s movements. Kagetsu would screen Chiyako, but Chiyako went strong on her and she presses hard to move in to the rim. Chiyako gave the ball to Hana. Hana shoots the ball and makes it. Keishin 12, Newly Recruits 8.

    “So, the newly recruits are still trying to tie the game. I’m sure that my girls need efforts to stop their run” said Subaru. Hinata passes the ball to Kagetsu. Kagetsu sees Mimi and passes in to her. Mimi would perform a three-point shot and makes it. The lead was increased to seven. Keishin 15, Newly Recruits 8.

    Chiyako faces Hinata, and then passes to Himeko. Airi and Tomoka would begin to double team her. Tomoka would steal the ball and passes to Hinata. Hinata’s agility was a fast break and decides to shoot the ball. Yuka would break it out as she fouled her. Natsuhi called Yuka a defensive foul. “White uniform, foul. Number 8, shooting. Two free throws, Blue uniform number 8” said Natsuhi.

    Hinata prepares to shoot the ball for the free throw. She makes the first free throw. Keishin 16, Newly Recruits 8.

    “Wow, Hinata’s agility allowed her to move in through directions” said Tsubaki.

    “That’s true, Tsubaki. She had good movements while holding the ball. She never gets pressured on that” said Hiiragi.

    Hinata prepares to shoot the ball again. The second free throw scores in. Keishin 17, Newly Recruits 8.

    Himeko holds the ball for the next possession. Hinata and Tomoka switch places and Hinata tries to steal the ball from Himeko. Himeko would pass the ball to Hana. Hana, then, shoots the ball way up high and scores. Keishin 17, Newly Recruits 10.

    “Great job, girls” said Asuka.

    “You can do it, Himeko” said Kana.

    Hinata holds and dribbles the ball with her agility. Hinata passes to Tomoka and gets in to the free throw line. She faces Himeko, and then she dribbles to the left. “I have to make sure that at the end of the quarter, it’s going to be an easy start for us” said Tomoka as she dribbles and passes the ball to Airi. Airi then shoots the ball with the three and the ball shoots to the basket. Keishin 20, Newly Recruits 10.

    With only fifteen seconds remaining, Himeko and Yuka traded passes and Yuka sees Mimi and Tomoka screening. However, when the time is about to expire, Yuka still had hope by giving the ball to Chiyako. Chiyako tried to shoot in the free throw line and scores in to end the quarter. Keishin 20, Newly Recruits 12.

    “First quarter ends. Blue uniform, 20, White uniform, 12. Intermission for five minutes” said Natushi.

    “You did a great job, Tomoka” said Subaru.

    “Yeah, thanks, Subaru. I couldn’t have done this before by trying to use your playbook to maintain our lead” said Tomoka.

    “Oh, that’s going to make more shots to score in. By the way, Mimi, do you have plans to prepare for the Complete Synchronization Skills?” said Hinata.

    “Not yet, Hinata. We still have things to do” said Mimi.

    “As you can see, Saki and Maho are preparing to play for the next possession right now” said Airi.

    “We’re ready to play, girls!” said Maho.

    “Oh, Maho and Saki, I think you have to do what we did earlier” said Kagetsu.

    “Okay, thanks” said Maho and Saki.

    “Are you really sure that we will do the special skill?” asked Tsubaki.

    “I’m not sure, but the Dazzled Copy can activate at any occasion” said Masami.

    “The Double Mean Play will about to change the possessions of both teams” said Hiiragi.

    “Alright, team meeting, girls” said Tomoka.

    “Listen, I observed the newly recruits that they did well as well as using their special skills. I’m sure that you will have to keep playing like what we did. For now, Fire Works and Double Mean Play can be used while Dazzled Copy can possibly copy the opponents’ movements. So, are we clear?” said Tomoka.

    “Yes, Tomoka” all the girls said.

    “Okay, let’s do it!” said Tomoka. “One, two, three…”

    ‘Let’s go, Keishin!” all the girls shouted as the second quarter is about to begin with Asuka playing for the shooting guard and Kana playing for the small forward while Masami and Saki on the backcourt and Tsubaki, Hiiragi and Maho on the frontcourt.

    Part 2 will be on the next post.
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    Re: Rooks, Knights and Bravehearts - The Ro-Kyu-Bu!/Tenshi no 3P! X High School DxD Crossover Series

    "Passing of the Torch" Part 2

    Asuka holds the ball as the newly recruits have the possession. Tsubaki mentioned about the two girls about how they are able to play with their own special skills. “It enters the zone that both players can move in directions. Others can move the same way they did. So I’ll have to copy it with my Double Mean Play” said Tsubaki, thinking about both Asuka and Mizuko playing with the use of pick and roll.

    Then, both Tsubaki and Asuka move simultaneously, and then Asuka goes for the pass to Mizuko. Mizuko managed to get the ball while Tsubaki call Saki for back-up. Saki, then, observes Mizuko as Mizuko is about to shoot the ball. The shot was off target and Saki gets the defensive rebound.

    Saki noticed Masami about how they need to play with the Dazzled Copy. She knows that Mizuko is trying to get back the ball. Saki dribbles to the rim post and passes the ball to Masami. “Shoot, Masami” said Saki as Masami would shoot the ball with a jump shot. The shot made and the First Group extends the lead to ten points. Keishin 22, Newly Recruits 12.

    “Good job, Masami! Keep it, up!” said Kagetsu.

    “Thanks, Kagetsu” said Masami.

    “Wow! Masami and Saki were playing well together. It means that they know that the opponents are very confused on who should defend with either the two” said Hinata.

    “The Dazzled Copy had to observe the opponent’s movement before the guard can adjust the movements or dribbles to an empty space. It means that Masami did a nice job to turn them back” said Kagetsu.

    “I’m sure that Saki wanted to make Masami a good player to assist. Probably, the offense gone well since the first quarter” said Airi.

    “You’re right, Airi. This will be a good time to look at these players who were hoping to use the Complete Synchronization Skill” said Kagetsu.

    “I hope that they will do before the half ends” said Airi. Mizuko passes the ball to Kana. Kana would go for an uncontested shot on Tsubaki and the shot was good. Keishin 22, Newly Recruits 14.

    Saki holds the ball for the next possession, and then passes to Masami. Masami prepares for the full-court offense against the newly recruits as the Double Mean Play activates. Masami passes the ball to Hiiragi and then with Hiiragi’s speed, she made the team to move as well. Hiiragi would make the jump shot good. Keishin 24, Newly Recruits 14.

    “Our Double Mean Play works with our speed” said Hiiragi.

    “I can’t believe they’re too fast” said Chiyako.

    “Don’t worry, Chiyako. I’ll handle this” said Hana. Asuka passes the ball to Hana and then faces Maho. Maho would try to steal the ball, but Hana keeps the ball further. Then, Maho set a screen on Hana. Hiiragi joins the screen and Chiyako tried to ask Hana to pass the ball.

    “Hana, pass the ball to me” said Chiyako.

    “Okay” said Hana.

    “Not so fast!” said Hiiragi and Maho as Hiiragi steals the ball from Hana. Hana would call the team to go for defense. Hiiragi, then, pass the ball to Maho. Maho runs through her opponents and shoots a layup. The shot was good and the First Group are commanding a 4-0 run. Keishin 26, Newly Recruits 14.

    “How do you know if you are able to shoot with the use of your agility and charisma?” asked Hana.

    “I decided to use the special skill to move our teammates away the same we did earlier and I move through dashing and shooting” said Maho.

    “Okay, Maho. I’m going to show you something what I wanted to do” said Hana as Asuka pass the ball to Chiyako, then to Hana. Hana would try for a fake on Maho and she manages to shoot one step back. The ball landed to the basket and the newly recruits scores back. Keishin 26, Newly Recruits 16.

    “How did she do that?” asked Maho.

    “Well, it’s not easy as I have to shoot one step back, but I decided to fake it out while trying to steal it” said Hana. “It doesn’t happen, you know.”

    “Wow, I don’t know if Maho had good skills on blocking, but I’m sure she will be fine on that” said Tomoka.

    The next possession comes with only four minutes left. Masami went one-on-one on Mizuko. Mizuko try to press in to get the ball, but Masami passes the ball to Tsubaki. Tsubaki gives the ball to Saki. Saki dribbles to shoot the ball, but Chiyako blocks it. Then, Asuka grabs the ball.

    “What?!” said Saki.

    “She can able to block shots like that?” said Masami.

    Chiyako would give the ball to Asuka. Asuka, then, goes for the isolation and goes for the jump shot. The shot was good and the newly recruits cut back Keishin’s lead to eight. Keishin 26, Newly Recruits 18.

    “Oh, no. I think the newly recruits are trying to stop our offensive plays through Chiyako and Hana” said Subaru.

    “This is getting bad” said Hinata.

    Saki passes the ball to Tsubaki. Tsubaki then pass the ball to Hiiragi. The Double Mean Play would be activated again as Hiiragi and her team dribbles further. Hiiragi runs against Hana and made the field goal with a contested layup. Keishin 28, Newly Recruits 18.

    Asuka would go for her team’s possession as she tries to get an open space to shoot. Asuka would face Saki one-on-one. “Are you strong enough to beat me?” said Asuka.

    “I haven’t decided yet” said Saki.

    “Okay, fine” said Asuka as they moved on to the free throw line. Asuka would go for a floater and made the shot perfect release. Keishin 28, Newly Recruits 20.

    “I won’t lose against you, Saki” said Asuka as the newly recruits are still trying to decimate Keishin’s strategy.

    “It won’t last long, Asuka, because our teammates are still moving in directions” said Saki as her team plays for the possession with Saki passes the ball to Tsubaki.

    Tsubaki would move in and goes for the isolation. She did well and made a shot using the same move that Asuka did. Keishin 30, Newly Recruits 20.

    Mizuko now has the possession of the ball while her teammates began to change their strategy, in order to repel the Double Mean Play. Mizuko passes the ball to Asuka as Masami and Tsubaki tries to double team her. Asuka made a mistake as Masami can’t let her escape from the screen.

    “Is your strategy gone enough to beat us?” asked Mizuko.

    “Our play has different movements, but some players have copied the same moves from the last possession” said Masami.

    “All we want is to keep controlling our possession, but you won’t make it anything that is altered” said Asuka as Asuka pass the ball back to Mizuko. Mizuko would move the ball for the shot as Tsubaki tries to block her shot. Mizuko would fake Tsubaki and make the jump shot. The ball goes to the basket and the newly recruits are cutting the lead to eight. Keishin 30, Newly Recruits 22.

    Now, Saki holds the team’s possession while Asuka tries to stop Keishin’s offense. Asuka calls Mizuko to screen on Saki and both attempted to stop Saki from passing the ball to anyone else.

    “You girls are seemed to be good in defending” said Saki.

    “Yeah, Saki. We made sure that we can steal the possession with our move” said Asuka as Mizuko steals the ball from Saki and passes the ball to Asuka. It became a potential chance to see a fast break for the newly recruits.

    “Don’t let her shoot, girls” said Saki as Tsubaki, Hiiragi and Maho goes on Asuka. Mizuko tries to stop either the three, but Asuka was screened by Tsubaki and Hiiragi. Then, Mizuko would be met by Masami, the fast break was broken.

    Mizuko call Asuka to pass the ball to the other players. Asuka, then pass the ball to Kana. Kana then opens the shot and the shot was good. Natsuhi called the shot for three points. Keishin 30, Newly Recruits 25.

    With only two minutes left, Tsubaki passes the ball to Masami, then to Maho. Maho goes for the pick and roll play with Hiiragi as they trade passes. Hiiragi, then get past Chiyako and Kana and would shoot the ball in the paint. The shot was made, making Keishin gets back further. Keishin 32, Newly Recruits 25.

    Kana now possesses the ball and Masami locks in to go one-on-one on her. Tsubaki saw Hiiragi defending Chiyako, waiting for the next move. Kana would pass the ball to Asuka while Saki and Tsubaki tried to stop Asuka’s move, but failed. Asuka would shoot the ball with another three, but misses. Chiyako recovers the ball as their possession is still in the newly recruits’ hands.

    Chiyako was exhausting along with Hana as they played in two quarters. She started to lose her energy as she still holds the ball. Then, she passes the ball to Hana and tries for spin. She made through, getting past Maho and tries to shoot the ball, but it misses again. Hiiragi would get the board as she managed to get the ball.

    “I don’t know what the newly recruits tried to do to stop our skills. Maybe, they feel tired after they made a good defense” said Tsubaki.

    “I’m sure that they are pressured from trying to cut the deficit since they failed to score twice” said Hiiragi, who still possesses the ball. She would pass the ball to Tsubaki while Kana faces her to see what they going to do on the next move. Tsubaki goes for the spin and passes the ball to Masami. Masami tries for the layup and Chiyako blocks it.

    “Huh? Chiyako come from Kana’s back?” said Masami as she feels worried about the newly recruits’ defense getting more active than the offense. Chiyako passes the ball to Hana and made the fast break. Maho tries to stop Hana, but failed as Hana would shoot the ball with the hook shot and scores for her team. Keishin 32, Newly Recruits 27.

    “Oh, no. The newly recruits are trying to make a comeback” said Tomoka.

    “This will be bad than the previous situation from our last game against Suzuridani” said Mimi.

    “I hope that Maho needs to focus on the opposing team’s frontcourt” said Airi.

    Saki passes the ball to Maho and Masami would use the Dazzled Copy, trying to copy Asuka’s moves. Then, Maho passes the ball to Masami and Asuka and Mizuko tries to stop her. Masami would make the floater and scores the basket. Keishin 34, Newly Recruits 27.

    “Did she do a floater over the two players?” asked Hinata.

    “Yeah, she did. I believe that she makes the copy of her opponent’s move to shoot over the two of them” said Kagetsu.

    “Looks like you two are running out of time. We still have the lead, despite your defense are strong” said Masami.

    “We still have hope, but we sure that our next possession could be crucial as is” said Asuka.

    Mizuko and Asuka trade their passes while Kana had to watch the opponent’s movements. Asuka would pass the ball to Kana. Kana was hoping to see their opponent’s defense to be broken as Tsubaki tries to stop her. Kana would spin and being met by Hiiragi. Kana would defend the team as the shot clock decreases to only seven seconds with one minute remaining.

    Kana would go on to shoot the ball with a jump shot and she made it perfectly. Keishin 34, Newly Recruits 29.

    “I know that we are still doing our best, girls” said Asuka.

    “Yeah, we have to prepare for the next possession” said Kana as Saki passes the ball to Hiiragi. Hiiragi and Chiyako would face each other as Keishin’s possession is now stable. Hiiragi then passes the ball to Maho and Maho would shoot the ball with a fadeaway on Hana. The shot was good as Keishin takes back two points. Keishin 36, Newly Recruits 29.

    “Way to go, Maho!” said Hiiragi.

    “Yeah, Hiiragi. I knew that my skills are still good than the opponents” said Maho.

    With fifty seconds remaining, Himeko thinks about the next quarter where the sixth grades will play together against her team. “I will have to put Chiyako on the bench while adjusting the lineups for the next quarter” said Himeko.

    “So, are you possibly put Mizuko and Chiyako on the bench?” asked Yuka.

    “Yeah, so that we will be playing with full energy” said Himeko.

    “I’m hoping that we will gain back our points soon” said Yuka.

    Asuka and Mizuko would trade their passes to each other and Mizuko faces Saki one-on-one. Saki prepared her special skill to be used as Mizuko would try to score a three-point line. Saki then detects her as Mizuko’s shot was missed. Hiiragi gets the rebound and passes to Saki. Saki would do a eurostep on her own and made the three-point line without either Asuka or Mizuko trying to stop her. Keishin 38, Newly Recruits 29.

    “We did well to finish our last possession with my own move” said Saki.

    “You’re getting good in improving your agility” said Masami.

    “It sure was, Masami. Let’s make sure that the opponents wouldn’t make the last shot” said Saki.

    Asuka gave the ball to Kana as Kana had to be more focused on her play. Then, Saki and Masami try to trap Asuka while Tsubaki faces Kana once again. Kana would be faster than Tsubaki as she did a spin move and shoots with a layup. The shot was good with only eighteen seconds remaining to the end of the first half. Keishin 38, Newly Recruits 31.

    “Alright, last possession, girls” said Himeko as the newly recruits are trying to stop Keishin’s chance of getting the buzzer beater. Masami would dribble the ball while Saki and Maho used their own offensive play to make Tsubaki and Hiiragi used the Double Mean Play for the last play. Masami then uses the Dazzled Copy on Asuka and Kana. She would shoot the ball with the tear drop and makes it before the buzzer sounds. Keishin 40, Newly Recruits 31. The time clock was expired and Keishin still leads the game by nine.

    “First half ends. Blue uniform, 40, White uniform, 31. Intermission for ten minutes” said Natsuhi.

    “Great job, Masami!” said Saki.

    “Yeah, great job you there, my girl” said Tsubaki.

    “Oh, yes! I finally made the buzzer beater for the team. It really is good to end the first half with almost a double-digit lead” said Masami.

    “Now, you two, Maho and Saki, definitely need rest for you to play on the final quarter” said Tsubaki.

    “Okay” said Maho and Saki.

    “I’m sure we did a lot of time to use our special ability. Hey, Mimi, we need to make sure that those newly recruits are ready to prepare for their zone defense” said Hiiragi.

    “I believe that Himeko and Yuka are back for the next quarter and I’ll be in for the third quarter” said Mimi.

    “Okay, but since it is half time, we have a long meeting to do. I hope you girls are playing well in the first half because Himeko is going back to the game with full energy. So, I need full energy, Mimi and the sixth graders” said Subaru.

    “Okay, Subaru. We will” said the sixth graders.

    “I would be delighted to if we can able to do our own style of play with my own principle” said Mimi.

    “What’s the principle you’re talking about?” asked Subaru.

    “My idea is to make the players getting their teamwork as higher as they can. I proposed that the Complete Synchronization Skill will be used if we would be able to complete the cycle of synchronizing where players are able to pass or dribble the ball the more that we need high power” said Mimi.

    “Actually, Mimi, this would be a chance to make us stronger if we can keep our teamwork high until it reaches the highest level. We know that we did this while we played practice a few days ago. Also, aces should be more competitive with their own style of play they used” said Tomoka.

    “Okay, Tomoka. I would be happy if we will be able to do it once our teamwork level goes to the highest level. I realized that you are the one who help us making the team more blessings. It could be anything we will do, dearest” said Mimi.

    “Yeah, I’m sure that we will be doing the same thing once we will be playing for the final quarter. Our teammates are observing the opponent’s plays and we should be able to win the game with our own game plan. So, then, can we do it, Mimi?” said Tomoka.

    “Sure, Tomoka” said Mimi as the entire members of the Keishin Academy girls’ basketball team are looking forward to finally master the Complete Synchronization Skill. They grew together and hopefully it’s going to be a best match they will play as a team.

    “Are we ready for this, girls?” said Mimi.

    “Yeah” said the other girls.

    “One, two, three…” said Mimi

    “Let’s go Keishin!” all the girls shouted with full energy as Mimi, Tsubaki, Hiiragi, Masami and Kagetsu are back in the game for the third quarter. As the second half is about to begin, Himeko and Mimi are back to face each other again.

    “Himeko, let’s have a fair game to make this match the best” said Mimi.

    “Okay, bring it on, Mimi!” said Himeko as the game is back with Keishin gets the possession for the third quarter. Mimi had to make sure that they will accomplish at the end of the match.

    “I will” said Mimi to Himeko as the battle of the aces continues into the next chapter.

    UP NEXT: Chapter 7: "Battle of the Aces"
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    Re: Rooks, Knights and Bravehearts - The Ro-Kyu-Bu!/Tenshi no 3P! X High School DxD Crossover Series

    This series hits the 200 views mark which is awesome! Hopefully, I will finish Volume 1 by the end of the week. Also, I will be planning to post a special chapter at the end of Volume 1. So, let's move on to Chapter 7! Enjoy!

    In this chapter, the game between Keishin Academy and the team of newly recruits continues with Mimi and Tomoka challenge Himeko to see who the best ace player is. The Keishin Academy girls' basketball team will have its team skill known as the Complete Synchronization Skill. This skill allows the players to synchronize themselves as the ace player moves, the other players move the same movement as the ace player does. It is required to use this skill when the team has the maximum level of teamwork and very good communication between the players. Also, new characters Yokono Tamanaka, Nami Takanoya and Kotoe Kano will appear at the end of the chapter to lead up for the following chapter.


    The match between Keishin Academy and the newly recruits continues as Keishin leads the game with the score of 40-31. Himeko now thinks that she needs to recover herself from the first quarter because she knows that Mimi was subbed out as well. While her team tried to go for the defense, Himeko wanted her teammates about what they have to do in the third quarter.

    “Girls, I wanted to make sure that our defense should be more dynamic and we have to make sure that once we stop the offense of Keishin, we can take the advantage against them” said Himeko.

    “So, what are you gonna do in defense?” asked Kana.

    “Let the frontcourt to play in action while me, Yuka and Asuka will be attacking the offensive play to make their shots missed” said Himeko.

    “Also, when you’re in offense, try to focus on the playbook, understand?” said Yuka.

    “Yes, we do” said the other members of the team of newly recruits.

    “Okay, let’s do it!” said Himeko. The flashback ends with Himeko prepares the zone to be used while having Asuka and Kana trapping Tsubaki.

    “What’s that?” asked Hiiragi.

    “The newly recruits tried to stop our play” said Kagetsu.

    “We need back-up, girls” said Hiiragi.

    “Yeah” said Mimi, Masami and Kagetsu. Asuka tried to steal the ball on Tsubaki, but Tsubaki would pass the ball to Masami. Masami pass the ball to Mimi where Himeko meets her at the same time. Himeko challenged Mimi to see who the best ace in the team is. Mimi would shoot a three-pointer and the shot was made. Keishin 43, Newly Recruits 31.

    “You are too good on shooting?” asked Himeko.

    “I didn’t attempt to shoot a three-pointer earlier before I finally made up my mind to shoot three-pointers during practice” said Mimi.

    “Wow. She is good in shooting three-pointers because she is an all-around ace player to do what she wants. I hope that her teammates are going to help her to keep our lead” said Hinata.

    Asuka passes the ball to Kana as she dashed on the opponents before giving Himeko the ball, allowing Himeko to go for an alley-oop. The play would shock the members of Keishin Academy as the shot was made. Keishin 43, Newly Recruits 33.

    “Himeko did an alley-oop?” said Maho.

    “No way! She did with her expectations are going to be clear that we might be in trouble soon” said Tomoka.

    “I know that this would be a big situation for our teammates” said Airi.

    “Himeko had to play with her own minds, so that her teammates can help her in order to break our plays. That means that we need to keep it further from trying to shoot baskets” said Saki.

    “I hope Mimi and her teammates can make a better defense to them” said Hinata.

    Kagetsu now holds the ball after Mimi passes to her. Kana attempted to steal the ball, but Kagetsu would do the rally and passes the ball to Masami. Masami was stopped by Asuka, but she still able to step back and move in closer to the key. Masami tries to go for the jump shot, but misses it. Himeko would get the board and passes the ball to Asuka.

    Asuka faces Masami once again, but this time Tsubaki would enter the play to screen Asuka. Asuka passes the ball to Kana, who would do the crossover dribble and shoots the ball with a bank shot. Keishin 43, Newly Recruits 35.

    Masami passes the ball to Tsubaki and tries to focus on her team’s possession. She passes the ball to Hiiragi and Yuka tried to stop her by creating a trap on Mimi, who was guarded by Himeko. Then, Asuka would steal the ball from Tsubaki and would create a fast break. She then shoots the ball with the jump shot and scores for two points. Keishin 43, Newly Recruits 37.

    “Come on, girls. We still have our lead, but make sure that their defense won’t make things easy on us” said Mimi as Masami passes the ball to her. Mimi would use the French Drive where she runs through Asuka, Kana and Himeko and makes a floater on Himeko, which the shot was good. Keishin 45, Newly Recruits 37.

    “Alright, we still lead the game, girls. Keep it up” said Subaru.

    “Okay” said Mimi, Tsubaki, Hiiragi, Masami and Kagetsu.

    “Those players are really look good like Tomoka and her teammates because they did a good job in trying to maintain their lead. It looks like they have almost ready to do their team’s special skill” said Jun.

    Tsubaki and Hiiragi guarded Yuka while denying Yuka’s chance to do the next move. Yuka fights back by dribbling to the right where Tsubaki leaves and Hiiragi still fights Yuka for the ball. Yuka would shoot the ball and scores for another two points. Keishin 45, Newly Recruits 39.

    Masami would make the next move as she drives through Asuka and tries to keep her style of play to be good. Yuka tries to stop Masami from driving, but fails as Masami would shoot the ball with a fadeaway, which is good as Keishin still maintained the game with only three minutes remaining. Keishin 47, Newly Recruits 39.

    Asuka passes the ball to Himeko and tried to challenge Mimi once again. “You’re still doing well in facing us. I would have been astonished if we didn’t try to steal the game” said Himeko.

    “I would say the same thing, but it’s not a big competition for us, but for the passing of the torch” said Mimi.

    “Okay, if you say so, then, I’ll perform the spin and drive” said Himeko.

    “Alright” said Mimi as Himeko would try to get the advantage of Mimi by spinning and driving on her, but Mimi is still controlling the defense. Then, Himeko would begin doing the special ability known as the Lavender Drive where she did the crossover, get around to her defender and drive to the basket. She would do the tear drop and her shot was good. Keishin 47, Newly Recruits 41.

    “We’re even, Mimi. I need more strength and you do the same thing” said Himeko.

    “Sure, Himeko. Wow, Himeko’s such a strong girl to have her own abilities. She wouldn’t have committed a mistake if she didn’t use that ability” said Mimi.

    Masami would give the ball to Hiiragi and Kana and Hana are trying to stop her. Kana steals the ball from Hiiragi, passing to Hana, but Kagetsu stops her. Hana would try to go for a layup, but misses. Kagetsu gets the rebound.

    Kagetsu gives the ball to Tsubaki while Hiiragi calls Tsubaki to pass the ball. Tsubaki manages to pass the ball to Hiiragi without the opponents seen. Hiiragi would try to shoot the ball with a bank shot, but misses as Kana gets the rebound.

    With both teams try to score with 2:34 remaining, Kana passes the ball to Himeko. Himeko was challenged by Mimi once again. Himeko would do the Lavender Drive once again, but Mimi had to alter it, denying Himeko the ability. “So, you’re trying to stop my skill?” asked Himeko.

    “I had some plans to put our strategy working for our teamwork to be high. I would change the set-up to play for our team’s special skill. So, I won’t stay right away until you passed the test again” said Mimi.

    “Okay, but, I’m still ready for the special ability again” said Himeko as she tried to do the Lavender Drive again and it worked, and then Kagetsu is trying to block the shot. Himeko would shoot the ball with a layup and the shot was made. Keishin 47, Newly Recruits 43.

    “The newly recruits are slimming our lead, but it’s impossible to do a comeback. I referred that Himeko needs her teammates to do their special abilities before Mimi and her teammates have to stop them” said Tomoka.

    “Right now, Mimi is planning to use the Complete Synchronization Skill, but I’m sure it is not yet the main part that they will do. I hope they finally make the team’s special skill” said Saki.

    Mimi passes the ball to Tsubaki, then to Kagetsu. Kagetsu was challenged by Hana as she goes for the drive. Kagetsu would do the bank shot on Hana and the shot was good. Keishin 49, Newly Recruits 43.

    “Alright, they have to do more good plays before they finally use the special skill” said Airi.

    “Go, Kagetsu! You can do it!” said Hinata.

    “Keep working to use the special skill” said Maho.

    Masami faces Yuka, who was given the ball from Himeko. Yuka would run on her and passes the ball to Kana. Kana would drive to the basket and stopping Tsubaki, in order to shoot the ball.

    “I’m not done yet!” said Hiiragi.

    “Come on, Hiiragi, block it!” said Mimi. Kana shoots the ball, but the shot was blocked by Hiiragi and the ball went to Tsubaki’s hand. Now, that the Keishin Academy is finally going to perform its complete team skill, Mimi and her teammates are ready to change the field of playing. It’s not about the style of play they used, but it’s a call for synchronization.

    Tsubaki passes the ball to Mimi and she was holding a deep breath to prepare for the Complete Synchronization Skill. Masami, Tsubaki, Hiiragi and Kagetsu are also ready to use the skill as the five players began to move faster and Mimi would drive in while getting past Himeko. She would do the reverse layup and it was two points for Keishin. Keishin 51, Newly Recruits 43.

    “Yes, we made it, girls! We finally made the Complete Synchronization Skill” said Mimi, who as tears in joy after she made the shot.

    “Yeah, great job, Mimi. You’re one of my favorite teammates I had when it comes to characteristics” said Kagetsu.

    “You’re doing great, Mimi. I’m sure that we have more things to do, but that shot was awesome” said Mimi.

    “I was shocked that you made it. While you’re doing it, my moves are faster as I can with Hiiragi make the same thing” said Tsubaki.

    “It sure is, Tsubaki. But on the bright side, Mimi, you finally have a good job in defending our team. Let’s make sure that we will win with this new skill” said Hiiragi.

    “I’m so proud of you, Mimi” said Tomoka.

    “Thanks, girls. I couldn’t do that without you if they are trying to take the advantage against us. It seems that we still have 1:47 remaining, so let’s groove things out, girls” said Mimi.

    “Okay!” said Masami, Kagetsu, Hiiragi and Tsubaki. Himeko passes the ball to Asuka as Masami tries to stop the newly recruits’ offense. Asuka would pass the ball to Kana and Kana launched a three-pointer. The shot was missed, but Himeko grabs the board.

    “Why these girls are using their own motion offense?” asked Himeko.

    “It’s because Mimi and her teammates are rely on their own strategy as they begin to cut our advantage. We still need to stop them, but how are we going to do?” said Asuka.

    “I wanted to, but I didn’t notice that Mimi is setting up a challenge for us” said Himeko.

    “Do you have plans to take another strategy to break them?” asked Asuka.

    “Yes” said Himeko. “We have to use our tendencies to make sure that we have to keep fighting. We have chances to go for a comeback, but I’ll make sure that it’s not going to be the same situation like these girls did earlier.”

    “Okay, all girls, let’s break their play” said Asuka.

    “Okay” said Kana, Yuka and Hana.

    Himeko passes the ball to Yuka and Mimi and Tsubaki are double teamed her. As Mimi and Tsubaki are getting the advantage, Yuka moves them out and shoots the ball with a layup. The newly recruits were delighted after Yuka made the strategy to top Keishin’s special skill. Keishin 51, Newly Recruits 45.

    Masami now holds the ball for her team and dashed in through Yuka and Kana and passes the ball to Mimi. Mimi faces Himeko once again and she did the French Drive on her while Masami uses the Dazzled Copy to copy Yuka’s movements. Mimi would go for an alley-oop and Masami dunks in to the basket. Keishin 53, Newly Recruits 45.

    “An alley-oop!” said Jun

    “Wow! She’s taking the advantage against the newly recruits” said Nozomi.

    “I thought that she misses, but she did a great job to maintain their team to lead the game” said Sora.

    With one minute remaining, Himeko passes the ball to Yuka. Yuka would be met by Masami. “We thought that you missed the shot, but you did well in doing an alley-oop” said Yuka.

    “It’s not the type that I shoot, but I make the team having an advantage by maximizing the movements we did and the shot I made would give our team the strong play we used aside from Complete Synchronization Skill” said Masami.

    “I hope that will work when we were teammates, but in this game, it’s all about passing of the torch” said Yuka as Yuka passes the ball to Kana. Kana would pass the ball Himeko, who was on the three-point line. Himeko prepares to shoot the three-pointer while Tsubaki tries to block the shot. The shot was missed, not by blocking, but rather tilted.

    Asuka would get the board as passes back to Himeko where Himeko tries to shoot the ball again with another technique. The shot was good as Himeko shoots the ball with a teardrop. Keishin 53, Newly Recruits 47.

    With thirty-eight seconds remaining in the third quarter, Keishin goes for the last possession as Tsubaki passes the ball to Hiiragi. Then, Hiiragi gives the ball to Kagetsu where Kagetsu prepared to use her stamina to take her advantage. Real Runner was activated for Kagetsu to prepare for the dunk. She jumps high and dunks the ball and the foul was called on Hana, who was trying to block Kagetsu’s shot.

    “Field goal, made. Blue uniform number 9. White uniform, foul. Number 13, shooting. One free throw, Blue uniform number 9” said Natsuhi. Keishin 55, Newly Recruits 47.

    “Alright, now, you’re going for the three-point play, Kagetsu” said Mimi.

    “Okay, I’ll try my best” said Kagetsu as she is preparing to shoot the free throw. The shot was made and Keishin is now led by nine. Keishin 56, Newly Recruits 47.

    “We only have 17 seconds remaining, so play well to finish the quarter” said Himeko.

    “Okay, Himeko” said Asuka, Yuka, Kana and Hana as Yuka passes the ball to Asuka, and then she dashed through Masami and Mimi. Tsubaki defends Asuka and Asuka would try to get the advantage as time is about to expire in ten seconds. Asuka gives the ball to Kana, who would spin and drives before giving the ball to Himeko.

    Himeko would gain the advantage for her team as she Himeko performs a three-point buzzer beater. The shot was good as time expires. Keishin 56, Newly Recruits 50.

    “Third quarter ends. Blue uniform, 56, White uniform, 50. Intermission for five minutes” said Natushi.

    “Ah, we made it, girls” said Himeko as she is glad that she made buzzer beater at the end of the third quarter. “You did a great job, girls. We have to use the first quarter lineup for the final six minutes. Asuka and Kana, you did well and I hope Mimi would allow you to join the varsity team. Take a short rest.”

    “Okay, Himeko” said Asuka and Kana.

    “Nice play, Mimi and the team. It seems that the Complete Synchronization Skill was very good. It was good to see how the offense changes the game and your teammates have gained their potential to lead the team” said Subaru.

    “Thanks, Subaru” said Mimi. “The reason why we made this special skill is because it was a good spirit that we trained a lot while we are training a few days ago. We did that skill to make sure that we have the advantage to defeat opposing teams.”

    “You girls are good after you played a lot. Since you’re seemed to be exhausting, then, I will let you take some rest, so that Tomoka and her friends will step up” said Subaru.

    “Okay” said Mimi, Tsubaki, Hiiragi, Masami and Kagetsu.

    “Alright, while Mimi and her group are playing, Aya and Airi were talking earlier and Airi said that Hiroshi Yamanaka, Nami Tamayama and Kotoe Kano are enrolling at Kirihara Middle School and we invited them to join us later on. Girls, we are going to be prepared for tomorrow’s visit and let’s not talk about tomorrow, we’ll be ready to finish the game soon. Are we ready for the final quarter, girls?” said Tomoka.

    “Yes” said Maho, Saki, Hinata and Airi.

    “Then, let’s give what we all what we got to beat the newly recruits. One, two, three…” said Tomoka.

    “Let’s go Keishin!” all the girls shouted as the game enters the fourth quarter of the game. Tomoka and Himeko are smiled to each other with the ace players are ready to take their roles for the final six minutes of the game.

    Part 2 will be on the next post.
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    Re: Rooks, Knights and Bravehearts - The Ro-Kyu-Bu!/Tenshi no 3P! X High School DxD Crossover Series

    "Battle of the Aces" Part 2

    Yuka has the ball to possess the team. The newly recruits would try their best in hoping to tie the game. Yuka passes the ball to Mizuko. Mizuko would attempt to shoot the ball with a jump shot and it was scored. Keishin 56, Newly Recruits 52.

    “We have to get more points before Tomoka and the others tried to score back” said Mizuko.

    “Okay” said Himeko, Yuka, Hana and Chiyako.

    Saki passes the ball to Himeko while Mizuko tries to create a trap on her. Hinata responded with a pass to Airi. Airi runs through Hana and would do the jump shot. The shot was good with Keishin scored the first two points in the final quarter. Keishin 58, Newly Recruits 52.

    “Great job, Airi. Just keep it up” said Hinata.

    “Okay, Hinata. I will try my best to keep the lead” said Airi.

    Himeko now holds the ball and Tomoka tried to defend her. Himeko and Tomoka are sure to be rivals, but both ace players have good skills. Himeko would defend the team by trying to shoot a three-pointer beyond the arc, but was missed.

    “Oh, no. It won’t get through. Get the ball, girls” said Himeko.

    “Okay” said Chiyako and Hana as Chiyako would get the ball to save the team’s possession.

    “I’m sure you are refreshed from the last play you did earlier” said Maho.

    “It is not expected to be done when we are trying to get back, but we still have opportunities to take the advantage of playing” said Chiyako.

    “I would tell you that we still have the special skill to be used until we get the advantage as well” said Maho.

    “What do you think if we can play for skills?” asked Chiyako.

    “Okay, it will be a good play to see who the best team is” said Maho. Chiyako would go for the crossover drive while Airi enters the defense whilst Maho enters as well. Then, Chiyako would go for the jump shot and the shot was off target. Airi gets the rebound and passes the ball to Maho.

    “You see, Chiyako, we still have more opportunities to defeat you, but this is a passing of the torch matchup, so we will try our best” said Airi.

    “Okay, we make sure that we will do the same thing” said Chiyako as Airi passes the ball to Hinata. Hinata would battle against Yuka one-on-one. Innocent Charm was activated at the time Hinata hold the possession of her team while trying to make sure that her teammates will receive the ball later on.

    Hinata would run on Yuka while shooting the ball with a fadeaway. The ball went to the basket and Keishin scored once again. Keishin 58, Newly Recruits 52.

    “I’ll make sure that both of our teams have to maintain their plays until the end of the game” said Hinata.

    “You said it, Hinata” said Tomoka.

    “Let’s take it back, girls” said Himeko as the newly recruits hold the possession. Yuka passes the ball to Hana, who would run through Maho and Airi and performing the dunk. The newly recruits’ shot was counted for two points. Keishin 58, Newly Recruits 54.

    “It seems that Keishin still maintain their lead while the newly recruits tried to stop the dominance of their opponents. This will surely go to be a war between the two great teams” said Aya.

    Tomoka passes the ball to Saki as Airi, Hinata and Maho prepares to do their special skill. Saki passes the ball to Maho while Chiyako and Himeko try to stop Maho by creating the zone. The zone would be different than the defensive play of Mimi’s group. Maho loses the control of the ball as Himeko steals the ball.

    “Huh?” said Maho.

    “No way! Did Himeko steal the ball?” said Saki.

    Himeko goes for the fast break and shoots the ball using the floater. The shot was good and cuts the lead of Keishin into two points remaining with 4:09 left. Keishin 58, Newly Recruits 56.

    “As far as the newly recruits are doing their great job in trying to get more points as they can, we need to change the strategy, girls” said Tomoka.

    “Okay” said Maho, Airi, Saki and Hinata as Hinata passes the ball to Tomoka in the next play. Tomoka faces Himeko and she goes on to use the Shiny Gift, her special ability. Tomoka prepares to shoot the ball with the floater as she runs on Chiyako to shoot the ball and the goal was made. Keishin 60, Newly Recruits 56.

    “Wow! Outstanding technique, Tomoka!” said Jun.

    “Great job, Tomoka!” said Nozomi.

    “Nice technique you got!” said Sora.

    “Thanks, Jun and the Angels! We are almost there to use the Complete Synchronization Skill, girls” said Tomoka.

    “Yeah, let’s finish the game what we done here” said Maho.

    “Okay” said Saki, Airi and Hinata as Keishin Academy prepared to go for defense. Yuka dribbles the ball to the backcourt. Yuka passes the ball to Chiyako, then to Hana. Hana would try to shoot the ball with a jump shot, but misses. Airi gets the rebound.

    Airi dribbles to the left as passes the ball to Tomoka. Tomoka would run through her opponents and shoot the ball with a jumper, which was good. Keishin 62, Newly Recruits 56.

    “Tomoka did it again with another technique she uses” said Mimi.

    “Go, Tomoka and the team! You can do it!” said Tsubaki and Hiiragi.

    “Don’t lose your skills, girls” said Kagetsu.

    “It’s almost there to use the Complete Synchronization Skill again” said Masami.

    “We did it a lot, girls! Now let’s keep the lead until the end of the game” said Tomoka.

    Himeko holds the ball for the team’s possession while the newly recruits moves on to go for the offense. Himeko passes the ball to Hana as Hana goes to the arc. She runs on Airi and would go for the jumper. The shot was good as both teams traded points. Keishin 62, Newly Recruits 58.

    With 3:18 left in the game, Tomoka and Hinata traded their passes while Airi moves in to the zone. Hinata drives on her opponents and goes for the pass. She passes the ball on Airi, who would do the jumper and scores for two points. Keishin 64, Newly Recruits 58.

    “Nice jumper, Airi. Time to defend the team” said Kagetsu.

    “Go for it, Airi. We’ll be cheering for you” said Aya.

    “Okay, thanks, Kagetsu and Aya” said Airi.

    Yuka dribbles the ball to the key and passes the ball to Chiyako. Chiyako runs, but Maho and Airi traps her. The trap stopped the easy tricks of the newly recruits, but Chiyako passes the ball to Hana.

    Hana passes the ball to Yuka as Tomoka and Mizuko tries to see what Yuka do on the next play. Yuka faces Saki and goes on the crossover move on her. Yuka then shoots the ball with a three-point shot and the shot was good. Keishin 64, Newly Recruits 61.

    “It’s getting close for both teams and both teams are fighting for the win” said Aoi.

    “As long as Keishin continues to keep playing well, they’ll use the Complete Synchronization Skill” said Subaru.

    Saki passes the ball to Hinata while Mizuko cornered Hinata. Both players are fighting for the ball and Hinata began to run on Mizuko and tries to shoot the layup. The shot was good and Keishin are delighted with their lead is up. Keishin 66, Newly Recruits 61.

    “Now, we need more defense for the next play, girls” said Subaru.

    “Okay” said Tomoka, Maho, Hinata, Airi and Saki.

    The next possession went to the newly recruits as Mizuko goes faster and went to the three-point line. Mizuko passes the ball Himeko, who’s also on the three-point line. Himeko became confused when Maho and Hinata cornered her to create a trap. Himeko would receive a turnover as Maho steals the ball and gives Hinata a ball for the bank shot. The shot was good as it is considered a fast break relay shot. Keishin 68, Newly Recruits 61.

    With 2:27 left in the game, the newly recruits tried to get back from the turnover as Mizuko repeats the process, but this time, runs through Saki and confronts Tomoka. “Time to create the zone” said Tomoka as Keishin forms a different defensive play with the zone was formed to allow Tomoka and her friends to corner Himeko and her teammates.

    Mizuko would pass the ball to Chiyako while Maho called Hinata to corner Chiyako. Chiyako would shoot the ball with a layup and it was good. Keishin 68, Newly Recruits 63.

    “We’re okay, girls, but it’s time to show the newly recruits what we have” said Tomoka. The next possession went to Keishin as Hinata and Saki prepares to use the Complete Synchronization Skill. With 2:10 remaining, Hinata and her teammates use their movements to create that skill while Airi uses Prismatic Bird to call Hinata for the ball. Hinata passes the ball to Airi and Airi would use her speed and dunk the ball. The shot was good, much to everyone’s surprise. Keishin 70, Newly Recruits 63.

    “The Complete Synchronization Skill is back” said Himeko.

    “It looks like Tomoka and her friends are doing their jobs perfectly and their teamwork is maxxed enough” said Mimi.

    “Time to finish the game, Tomoka” said Tsubaki.

    “Yeah, you can do it with that skill” said Hiiragi.

    “Okay, we’ll do the simulation play while using our abilities” said Tomoka.

    “We’ll do it” said Maho, Saki, Airi and Hinata.

    Himeko passes the ball to Chiyako and Chiyako passes the ball to Hana. Hana would accelerate herself by allowing Himeko and Chiyako to run faster. Hana passes the ball to Chiyako and Tomoka faces her.

    “Do you think our abilities go well to the higher level?” asked Himeko.

    “I would say, yes, Himeko. We controlled the game and our teammates are doing well in both offense and defense” said Tomoka.

    “Okay, Tomoka. The real challenge is on” said Himeko.

    Himeko would do the crossover move and Tomoka calls Hinata to trap her. With ten seconds of the shot clock remaining, Himeko had no choice, but to pass the ball to anyone else. Himeko passes the ball to Miuzko and Mizuko would do the jump shot and scores for two points. Keishin 70, Newly Recruits 65.

    “It’s not over yet, girls” said Mizuko. “Let’s move faster as we can.”

    As Tomoka runs through the three-point line, Himeko defends her. Tomoka called Saki and her teammates to communicate each other with the use of words and movements.

    “Run further as you can, Saki” said Tomoka.

    “Okay” said Saki as Saki runs faster, allowing Tomoka to pass the ball to her. Saki dribbles to the right.

    “Maho, Airi and Hinata, don’t let them steal the ball” said Saki.

    “Okay” said Maho, Hinata and Airi as they are trying to defend the team and stop the newly recruits from getting the advantage.

    “Shoot, Saki” said Subaru.

    “Okay” said Saki as she gave Subaru a nod and shoots the ball with a three-point shot. The shot was good and Keishin perfectly use their new technique. Keishin 72, Newly Recruits 65.

    “One minute and thirty seconds remaining” said Aoi.

    “Make sure that the newly recruits are unable to make a comeback” said Subaru.

    “Okay” said Tomoka, Maho, Saki, Airi and Hinata.

    Yuka runs through the free throw line and passes the ball to Mizuko. Mizuko begins to use her own special ability, the Andormedic Maker, where she uses the acceleration and teamwork to make the shots go through. Mizuko would use the crossover move on Saki and goes for the jumper, which is counted as two points. Keishin 72, Newly Recruits 67.

    Saki passes the ball to Tomoka and runs on Yuka and Himeko. She did better than Himeko as she decided to go for the floater and the shot was good. Keishin 74, Newly Recruits 67.

    With 1:08 left, Himeko prepares the possession to be crucial as Yuka passes the ball to Mizuko. Mizuko and Himeko would begin to run faster and Mizuko passes the ball to Himeko for the alley-oop, which was counted. Keishin 74, Newly Recruits 69.

    The final minute was played as Tomoka meets Himeko once again. Tomoka would do the crossover move on Himeko and passes the ball to Hinata. “Fourty-eight seconds left, girls” said Subaru.

    “Okay” said Tomoka, Maho, Saki, Airi and Hinata. Hinata would run faster with the use of Innocent Charm. She used her own direction to drive to the basket and shoots the ball. Keishin 76, Newly Recruits 69.

    “Alright, I think my special ability is working well, thanks to the Complete Synchronization Skill” said Hinata.

    “You said it, we still have more jobs to do” said Tomoka.

    Himeko passes the ball to Yuka and Yuka was met by Saki. Tomoka calls Saki to defend Yuka, which Saki did. Yuka wasn’t able to do anything as Tomoka prepares her teammate to call for the communication technique.

    “Make sure that she won’t shoot further” said Tomoka.

    Saki did a great job in trying to stop Yuka and Yuka needs an open spot for her to pass the ball. Eventually, Mizuko calls Yuka for the pass. “Pass it to me” said Mizuko.

    “Okay, I’ll do it” said Yuka as she escaped Saki and passes the ball on Mizuko. With twenty-three seconds remaining, Mizuko would run through her opponents and do the floater, which is counted. Keishin 76, Newly Recruits 71.

    “Sixteen seconds left remaining, Blue uniform, 76, White uniform, 71” said Natushi.

    Tomoka and Saki run faster as Tomoka passes the ball to Hinata. Hinata then passes the ball to Maho. Maho was defended by Chiyako and Hana as she tried to finish the game with a winning shot. Maho looks both Chiyako and Hana tired. “Are we done yet?” said Chiyako.

    “Not yet, we still have time to stop them, despite we lose” said Hana.

    “Checkmate” said Maho as she moves back and passes the ball to Airi.

    “Four seconds” said Saki.

    “Okay. Here, Tomoka, catch for the floater” said Airi.

    “Here I come!” said Tomoka as Airi passes the ball to Tomoka and Tomoka performs the floater before the buzzer was sounded. The shot was good with one second remaining and Keishin would become victors. Keishin 78, Newly Recruits 71.

    The buzzer was sounded after Tomoka made the last second shot with Tomoka and her teammates jump in joy. “We won, girls! We made this game looked epic than the other games” said Tomoka.

    “We did it, Tomoka. It’s not about what we did today, but you’re a real hero” said Maho.

    “I’m glad that we win the game and the newly recruits have fought hard and they nearly made it” said Saki.

    “Great job, girls! I told you that we will win with our special skill because we have so many plays to use including the communication technique” said Airi.

    “Oh, what a great match for everyone in the team. The passing of the torch can change everything in the team” said Hinata.

    “We won the game, girls. We were able to master the Complete Synchronization Skill and the use of special abilities was getting well” said Mimi.

    “It seems that we are finally having a great time to pass the torch between Tomoka and Mimi soon” said Tsubaki.

    “You said it. Seventh graders, not only because you made the strategy looked well, but the skills we got are good to use in future games” said Hiiragi.

    “I’m glad that we achieved our team skill in the game and we made the newly recruits what they learn their lesson” said Kagetsu.

    “I’m appreciated about the plays we did as well as I will finally say that the newly recruits are finally good to play for our girls’ basketball team soon” said Masami.

    “Girls, it was a great match and I believe that we made a fair game since we trained together yesterday. I’m finally going to respect you and your teammates when we are ready to play for the varsity team” said Himeko as she is going to give a handshake on Mimi.

    “You deserve it. I know you are also good potentials to play for the team, but it sure we’ll do it together” said Mimi as Himeko and Mimi shook hands as a symbol of respecting the results of the game. Both players of Keishin Academy girls’ basketball team and the team of newly recruits would shake their hands as well.

    “With the final score of 78-71, Keishin wins the match. Bow!” said Natushi.

    “Thank you very much!” all the girls bowed together.

    Later, the members of the Bravehearts and Jun’s Angels and the newly recruits have walked back to the mansion as they were tired and they need to take their bath. As they were all entering to the living room of the mansion, Hiroshi Yamanaka, Nami Tamayama and Kotoe Kano were seen by the members of the Bravehearts as Tomoka and her friends recognized those friends from Keishin Academy.

    “Looks like you three are here and we’re about to take their bath, so we’ll see you later, my friends” said Tomoka. The three guests were smiled on Tomoka. Aya and the members of Jun’s Angels went to their rooms while the members of the Bravehearts and the newly recruits went to the bathroom to take their bath.

    UP NEXT: Chapter 8: "The Breeze of the Blues"

    The fifth day of the Bravehearts' spring vacation is not over yet as the third part of this day will be covering the first appearance of Yokono Tamanaka, Nami Takanoya and Kotoe Kano.
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    Re: Rooks, Knights and Bravehearts - The Ro-Kyu-Bu!/Tenshi no 3P! X High School DxD Crossover Series

    Previously on Rooks, Knights and Bravehearts, Keishin Academy girls' basketball team has managed to defeat the team of newly recruits, 78-71 where Keishin finally used the Complete Synchronization Skill to defeat the team of newly recruits. After the game, Yokono Tamanaka, Nami Takanoya and Kotoe Kano appeared at the living room of the mansion of the Misawa Resort Hotel and have recognized Tomoka and her friends because of their encounter with them at Keishin Academy.

    In this chapter, this will explore the first friends of Tomoka Minato outside the Keishin Academy girls' basketball team named Yokono, Nami and Kotoe. They were planning to transfer to Shitoba High School as a result, they joined the Bravehearts, which includes Tomoka and her friends. Later, they have a fun view to see the ocean view at the park of the Misawa Resort Hotel. The Bravehearts are looking forward to have lucks and dreams as they hoped that in the future, the team will work together as a group of friends and basketball players.


    Hiroshi Yamanaka, Nami Tamayama and Kotoe Kano remembered Tomoka and her friends, Maho, Saki, Airi and Hinata, when they’re schoolmates in Keishin Academy. Now, that the three students are enrolling at Kirihara Middle School like them, it looks like they wanted to join the Kirihara Middle School girls’ basketball team. Natushi mentioned them when Keishin Academy holds an intramural competition, in which 6-B, 6-C and 6-D are the strongest sections when it comes to basketball.

    “Those girls met us before when we’re in Keishin. I know the reason why we’re here” said Nami.

    “It’s because Tomoka said that some of her friends that aren’t from her section are also good in playing basketball like us. Elsewhere, section 6-B is the second-best section while section 6-C is the best section of all six sections” said Kotoe.

    “It seems that Tomoka invited us here and we wanted to join their group. I have to make sure that we will participate at the activities that they are planning to” said Hiroshi.

    “I agree” said Nami.

    “By the way, Nami, can we eat first?” asked Kotoe.

    “Okay” said Nami.

    “You too, Hiroshi” said Kotoe.

    “Okay” said Hiroshi.

    “Then, let’s eat while the girls are taking their bath” said Kotoe.

    “Okay” said Nami and Hiroshi as they are going to the dining room to eat their lunch. The members of the Bravehearts are taking their baths while Subaru, Aoi, Tae, Satsuki, Banri and Natsuhi were outside the bathroom.

    “It’s 11:43. I believe that the three guests were Tomoka’s friends in Keishin” said Subaru.

    “I never see them before with their faces” said Aoi.

    “I remembered those girls. Hiroshi was a friend of Maho and Tomoka while Nami and Kotoe were friends with Tomoka and her friends. Those girls are not members of the girls’ basketball team, but instead, they competed in the intramural competition last year” said Natushi.

    “So, Tomoka and her friends have some friends based on their comparisons on other sections” said Satsuki.

    “Our lunch is prepared soon, so we should be ready to eat our lunch” said Tae.

    “Aya and Jun’s Angels were on one of the rooms and they will return soon” said Banri.

    “They are currently talking about Tomoka’s friends in Keishin as well as Maho, Saki, Airi and Hinata” said Subaru.

    “Well, that would be a plan to expand the Bravehearts depends on their decision to join those girls” said Natushi.

    “There are 177 out of 243 students remain for Keishin Academy Junior High School. And then, the rest are transferred to different schools. So, Kirihara has the most number of your batchmates preferred to transfer with 45, which means that those guests must be one of them aside from Tomoka, her friends and Natsuhi” said Aoi.

    “You’re right, Aoi. I realized that it will be a big plan to make this group more like a gathering, of course” said Tae.

    “Subaru, if you don’t mind, I will ask Aya about them” said Satsuki.

    “Okay” said Subaru as Satsuki went to the room that Aya enters.

    “We’ll wait for a few minutes to finish taking their baths” said Banri.

    “Yeah, we will” said Aoi.

    At the bathroom, the girls went on a relaxing bath after taking their shower. The newly recruits also relaxed themselves as well after Tomoka and her friends invited them to take their bath.

    “I feel relaxed again after we play the game” said Hinata.

    “Well, it’s refreshing to take a shower, and then we relaxed here” said Airi.

    “I was impressed about the newly recruits because they know their roles and have a good teamwork as well” said Kagetsu.

    “I’m sure that we have to review them by Monday” said Masami.

    “Oh, the newly recruits began to respect you after the game” said Hinata.

    “I was planning to schedule the next week’s activities because on Monday, it will be another week to stay at the mansion” said Airi.

    “That’s true, Airi. I will talk to Mimi later on about how are we going to review the newly recruits” said Kagetsu.

    “It will be based on their skills and tendencies on how they did in training and in game” said Masami.

    “That’s a great idea, Masami. I will evaluate them and then, they’ll become permanent members of our team” said Kagetsu.

    “You said it, Kagetsu” said Masami.

    “Finally, the newly recruits will be hoping to prepare their skills and abilities when they’re in a real competition, Hinata” said Airi.

    “You know that Mimi holds everything like Tomoka and Subaru did. It’s her job to look at the players and how their players used their skills and abilities” said Hinata.

    “I will be glad that Himeko and her teammates are able to help Mimi and her teammates to work together” said Airi.

    “I wish they would, Airi. It will take time to see how they’ll do in the future” said Hinata.

    “Maho, can we talk about the guests we saw earlier?” asked Tsubaki.

    “Okay, take your time, twins” said Maho.

    “My brother remembered how you and one of the guests are friends with each other” said Hiiragi.

    “You mean, Hiroshi?” asked Maho.

    “Yes, Maho. I was lucky to see a friend who’s a friend of you” said Tsubaki.

    “Yeah, Tsubaki. It means that most of the students who are good in basketball haven’t made it to our team” said Maho.

    “You’re right about that statement. Hiroshi, Nami and Kotoe were basketball players, but they didn’t make it originally in the first formation of the team. Maho, did you meet Hiroshi, right?” said Saki.

    “Yes, Saki. She is one of my friends that they went to my father’s uniform apparel store to buy the jerseys for our section for the intramural competition” said Maho.

    “Wow, your father is a fashion designer, too. Well, the jerseys he made were good to fit while we’re playing” said Hiiragi.

    “My father was a great businessman and I have my siblings have other professions based on my father’s recommendations in the future. I will become a manager of this hotel soon” said Maho.

    “Looks like your father likes you when it comes to your profession” said Tsubaki.

    “Since this hotel is owned by your father, Maho, I may have wanted to offer a job with my twin sister while Natsuhi trained players” said Hiiragi.

    “Yeah, I will do that when we’re planning to do for the future” said Maho.

    “We sure do, Maho” said Tsubaki and Hiiragi.

    “Maho, since Masami and I were usually cooking foods at downtown, we will make sure that we’ll serve foods and entrees at this hotel” said Saki.

    “Okay, but we’ll talk about this when we have the time to talk about our expectations for the future” said Maho.

    “I agree with that, Maho” said Saki.

    “Tomoka, the newly recruits are worked together as a team. I don’t have concerns with them” said Mimi.

    “Yeah, Mimi. When we faced each other, I know that you’re strong in being a slasher” said Tomoka.

    “I was a good slasher and a lockdown defender when I’m entering Keishin, but when I was in Hawaii, I was assigned as a team captain and I decided to help the coach to settle the strategy to win games” said Mimi.

    “Wow, you looked good to be a head coach in the future, but Subaru and I were trained together when he told me to shoot as many as I can” said Tomoka.

    “I did it the same thing when I was in Hawaii at my father’s workplace, Tomoka” said Mimi. “So, newly recruits, enjoy the bath?”

    “Yes, Mimi” said the newly recruits.

    “Mimi, Tomoka, I was delighted that you are real heroes and I liked the special abilities you did” said Himeko.

    “Even that we lost, I have to keep working with my skills” said Mizuko.

    “We have to work hard with the skills we used and I’m sure that using the Complete Synchronization Skill would change the strategies from time to time” said Yuka.

    “I realized that every player has strengths and weaknesses when you play in a real game” said Chiyako.

    “When we play the game, we need some skills in order to rally the game from the start up to the end” said Hana.

    “We wanted to make sure that when we became new members of this team, we will have more training to work out before we’re ready to play soon” said Asuka.

    “Mimi, Tomoka, being a basketball player has many ways to do and while you’re in the game, you need to concentrate on the playbook” said Kana.

    “Wow, you girls know everything about basketball. Alright, we’ll be ready to evaluate everything you did from the beginning as well as you need to pass the test before entering to this team” said Mimi.

    “Hopefully, when you’re playing with Mimi and her friends, I hope you finally learned everything about the skills and abilities to use. So, it’s time to wear our clothes for us to each our lunch today” said Tomoka.

    “Okay” said Mimi and the newly recruits. The girls were done taking their baths and while they are wearing their clothes, Aya, Jun’s Angels and Subaru’s group realized that the three guests were done eating their lunch.

    “So, you girls are enjoying eating our lunch before we’re about to eat here” said Aya.

    “Yeah” said Nami, Kotoe and Hiroshi.

    “It’s so delicious when I tasted the soup” said Kotoe.

    “I believe that the maids and butlers have cooked these when we’re outside” said Hiroshi.

    “I never expected to eat these foods, but I’m fine with the tempura” said Nami.

    “I hope you enjoyed everything you eat and you have to stay here because we’ll be going to eat as well” said Aoi.

    “Now, guests, I hope the group is ready, so feel free to talk with us” said Subaru.

    “Okay” said Nami, Kotoe and Hiroshi. Later, the Bravehearts, Jun’s Angels and the newly recruits were eating their lunch. Nami, Kotoe and Hiroshi were glad that the members of the Bravehearts and Jun’s Angels and the newly recruits join together with their plans are worked well since Maho made the mansion of her family’s resort hotel as their permanent residence of the Bravehearts.

    “We are going to be busier than we usually have trainings because tomorrow will be an outing trip which means that aside from going to Kirihara Middle School and Nashiba High School, we should go shopping for our stuff” said Tomoka.

    “I agree, Tomoka” said Maho.

    “Of course, it’s almost spring season and we will be ready for the Vernal Week tomorrow” said Saki.

    “Actually, since the three guests and Aya are here today. We’re planning to join us soon because Aya will leave Suzuridani for Kirihara next year while the three will enroll at Kirihara this year” said Airi.

    “Also, they will be joining us for tomorrow when we are going to Kirihara Middle School” said Hinata.

    “The newly recruits are hoping to become permanent members of the girls’ basketball team by Monday” said Mimi.

    “As we are going to evaluate the results of the newly recruits from our yesterday’s special training up to today’s game” said Kagetsu.

    “Now, that we only have one more test to become permanent members of the team starting next month” said Tsubaki.

    “It will be an examination where they will have to do their skills and techniques in front of us” said Hiiragi.

    “Of course, on the third week of the first term, we will start doing our daily activities in coinciding of the opening of membership of students to join regular, extracurricular and sports clubs” said Masami.

    “For the meantime, we will be planning some things to do when we’re reaching to the second week of the vacation where the Vernal Week starts tomorrow and ends on Wednesday” said Subaru.

    “Okay, we will update for us” said the newly recruits.

    “Sure, girls. You’ll be ready in no time” said Natsuhi.

    “So, today, we have to go to the park of the resort hotel where everyone enjoys seeing the view while the sun shines bright” said Aoi.

    “Let’s hope that we will be enjoying the view of the seas and skies out there” said Satsuki.

    “Then, on the evening, we will be updating the information about the students from Kuoh Academy” said Tae.

    “They’ll be here tomorrow after our meeting with Kazunari Uehara and I’m thinking that they are planning to hold internships for students” said Banri.

    “So, right now, I will introduce to you the two students from Keishin Academy and a friend of mine. They will be enrolling at Kirihara Middle School next month” said Tomoka.

    “Okay, tell us your names” said Subaru.

    “I’m Hiroshi Yamanaka from section 6-C”

    “I’m Nami Tamayama from section 6-B”

    “And I’m Kotoe Kano from Saki Elementary School”

    “So, Hiroshi, Nami and Kotoe students are good in basketball, but they aren’t part of the first formation of the girls’ basketball team. Tomoka and I were choosing the first members based on who’s the best player when it comes to the positions” said Maho.

    “It’s so nice to meet you, Maho and I wanted to have time to be in the hotel because my family is here as well” said Hiroshi.

    “Oh, it looks like you are in vacation too, so come along and join us” said Hinata.

    “Okay, Hinata” said Hiroshi.

    “Kotoe and I were called by Hiroshi to spend here and Tomoka called us to reunite again since our last encounter” said Nami.

    “As long as you are here to enjoy our stay, you can take time to join our activities while we’re searching to expand our membership of the team” said Saki.

    “So, Saki, what members do you want to join this group?” asked Kotoe.

    “We have to invite our friends of mine as well as relatives and acquaintances” said Saki.

    “Are you searching for them to become members of your group?” asked Nami.

    “Yes, Nami. We should start working together to acquire them and hopefully we will be able to work for us in the future” said Tomoka.

    “If you want, you can join us to search our friends on track” said Saki.

    “Okay, we’ll do it” said Hiroshi, Nami and Kotoe.

    “I agree with them. They are friends of us while we’re tracking some of the good players in Keishin” said Tomoka.

    “I hope we can search for some good players in our former school, but right now, let’s go to the park everyone” said Saki.

    “Okay!” all the members of the Bravehearts and Jun’s Angels, Aya, the newly recruits, Hiroshi, Nami and Kotoe replied. They would go to the park at the Misawa Resort Hotel where many guests wanted to see the view and spend their time to enjoy their recreational activities.

    Part 2 will be on the next post.
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    Re: Rooks, Knights and Bravehearts - The Ro-Kyu-Bu!/Tenshi no 3P! X High School DxD Crossover Series

    'The Breeze of the Blues" Part 2

    The Bravehearts went on a walk at the park while the three guests were accompanied by Tomoka and Saki.

    “Thanks for inviting us here, Tomoka” said Nami.

    “I can also do the same thing” said Kotoe.

    “Me too, Tomoka. It wasn’t you who invited us, but your friends” said Hiroshi.

    “I appreciated it, Nami, Kotoe and Hiroshi. While you’re here, I wondered about how you met my friends in my former school” said Tomoka.

    “Jun Gotō and Michiko Takeda?” said Nami. “I know Jun and Michiko. They’re rivals because you changed sides while you got obsessed on playing basketball.”

    “I met Jun when I went to the park and I saw her and her bandmates performing a song in front of my friends in the class” said Hiroshi.

    “I saw Michiko playing basketball, but she also got techniques too” said Kotoe.

    “I preferred to them as your friends from your former school. Jun is friendly to her fellow schoolmates, despite of being an orphan. Michiko is much jealous to Jun after Tomoka and Jun began to work together” said Nami.

    “Although that I am a passionate basketball player, I missed a lot of things I remembered before Jun and I were reunited before the graduation” said Tomoka.

    “You see, Tomoka has many friends and although that she is passionate to be with them, she likes to be with us and her friends the most” said Saki.

    “I began to follow your footsteps, Tomoka and Saki, when the two of us were practicing our skills in basketball. Although our section was composed of equal players, we helped them and tried hard to defeat section 6-C, but we lost” said Nami.

    “Well, you know about us after you saw us playing against Miyu Aida and Suzuridani Academy” said Tomoka.

    “Yeah” said Nami, Kotoe and Hiroshi.

    “As you can see, we decided to bring luck in our school and because our team has composed of dearest and passionate players, we made sure that we witness history in forming the girls’ basketball team” said Saki.

    “You two are awesome playing against Suzuridani and I expected that when we played together against some of the toughest high school teams, we will make sure that we will be the best in the prefecture” said Hiroshi.

    “Oh, thank you, Hiroshi. You’re a nice girl with gentleness and kindness” said Tomoka.

    “Thank you too, Tomoka” said Hiroshi.

    “Saki, when the skies are blue, it goes through purification. I believe that the blessing has changed the lives of the students of Keishin Academy since we decided to help you together” said Nami.

    “As you all know, I decided to start forming the basketball team because Tomoka was confident about how she befriend us based on the positions. I am a point guard, Tomoka is a shooting guard, Hinata is a small forward, Maho is a power forward and Airi is a center” said Saki.

    “I’m very interested about your team and I hope we became classmates when we started our new school year” said Kotoe.

    “Okay, I’m fine with that. Well, would you look at that view” said Saki as the Bravehearts saw the view with sea, skies and clouds move forward. The breeze of the clouds makes the view more beautiful. They were happy in joy as they liked the view.

    “Ah, what a nice fresh air, Subaru” said Aoi.

    “Yeah, I like the sound of a breeze to feel us better” said Subaru.

    “Wisdom and opportunity are the words related to the view” said Natsuhi.

    “We’ll hopefully begin our quest soon, Satsuki” said Tae.

    “I feel hyped for this at least we feel relaxed like the old days” said Satsuki.

    “Now, everyone wants to relax and enjoy at the park” said Aya.

    “It’s true to say that we relax and enjoy with happy faces, Aya” said Banri.

    “It’s clear that this is the best view I ever had” said Maho.

    “As long as this view is the perfect fit to stay here, I like the clouds” said Airi.

    “Oh, I like the colorful birds flying, Airi” said Hinata.

    “My perfect picture of blue skies matched my clothes” said Mimi.

    “A fine day after we play at the court” said Hiiragi.

    “I wondered what would be the lesson we want to expect a great day” said Tsubaki.

    “We have to ascend boarders and hope for the great expectations” said Masami.

    “It feels good with our expectations we made from the day we lived there” said Kagetsu.

    “I’m assured that tomorrow will be another great day for us” said Jun.

    “Me too, Jun” said Sora.

    “The combination of breeze and music can hear the sounds of angels” said Nozomi.

    “Wow, you looked confident about what we practiced at home” said Kyō.

    “The girls are very excited to perform again in our town” said Kurumi.

    “The blue skies were always here to make everyone happy” said Sakura.

    “I dedicated this to my schoolmates because they are helping me a lot” said Kōme.

    “Everyone in the band feels energetic to see the view” said Yuzuha.

    “I should listen to the waves of the sea that makes me excited about our future, girls” said Himeko.

    “I will commit to play with the girls who are being gentle” said Mizuko.

    “We will grow together as we long as we will feel good together” said Yuka.

    “I like to relax myself, so that I can ready to improve my skills” said Chiyako.

    “You know that it would be a beautiful day to refresh ourselves after we play together” said Hana.

    “I like the waves and breezes when you take a look at the view” said Asuka.

    “I will take a picture of the view I wanted to dream with” said Kana.

    “Well, that view is good to see in the afternoon” said Nami.

    “As long as we will be ready again, I will commit to play soon” said Hiroshi.

    “You girls are more beautiful than my schoolmates, but I am the most” said Kotoe.

    “This day will witness us to see how we progress as a team” said Saki.

    “Yeah, I will never forget this view because it is a day to remember everything from the past” said Tomoka. The Bravehearts smile together in joy as they will expect to grow together in the future. Later, they began to explore at the park after they refreshed themselves from looking the view.

    Subaru, Tomoka, Saki, Hiroshi, Nami and Kotoe went to seat on the bench while the rest of the Bravehearts were playing recreational games.

    “Subaru, these girls were enrolling at Kirihara Middle School and they are looking forward to join the basketball club soon” said Tomoka.

    “Now that’s what we will talk about” said Subaru.

    “Actually, Subaru, you know that the trainings will begin in the third week of the first term, so Kazunari will settle everything during the meeting of the basketball club” said Saki.

    “Oh, you’re right, Saki. Thanks for noticing that” said Subaru.

    “So, about the club, Subaru?” asked Hiroshi.

    “The Nashiba High School basketball club is one of the prestigious high school teams in the prefecture from their early days until an incident put the team into a one-year suspension” said Subaru.

    “So, while you’re coaching the girls, did the players have gone separate ways?” said Nami.

    “Yeah, many of us began to play elsewhere, but Aoi and I went to Keishin, in order to coach the Keishin girls’ basketball team. The other players have competed in different competitions that they were loaned from Nashiba while others move on to focus on coaching and scouting” said Subaru.

    “I see. I would tell you that you have influenced with them after the girls formed the club” said Kotoe.

    “Yes, they decided to let me coaching the team and we were able to progress enough. We build together, we train together and we excel together. We finally made the first real formation of the team composed of sixth and fifth graders” said Subaru.

    “Our teamwork worked the most while playing against tough opponents. We also created special abilities, so that we were able to gain our potential as we were to win against them. We hopefully going to use the special abilities when we’re in Kirihara soon” said Tomoka.

    “Our skills and techniques are stronger than the other players in this prefecture, but we hoped to accomplish our major goal: to become a formidable team to compete in the prefecture” said Saki.

    “That dream would be come true if we were able to win more games than we have in Keishin” said Subaru.

    “I’m sure you’ll going to make it eventually. So, right now, how’s your training in basketball, Nami?” said Tomoka.

    “Kotoe and I were trained together with my schoolmates and we were able to have our special abilities too” said Nami.

    “So, will you show it to us by the time we’ll have our outdoor practice soon?” asked Saki.

    “We’ll do that if we can find some nice places to play aside from the resort hotel” said Nami.

    “Okay, we’ll settle this, Nami. Subaru, we’ll have another activity to be scheduled in a few days” said Tomoka.

    “Okay, we’ll include that to our to-do list” said Subaru.

    “That’s the spirit!” said Kotoe.

    “I hope you are glad to be cool off and I hope that we will train together soon” said Saki.

    “You said it, Saki. We’ll be ready” said Nami.

    “I feel enjoyed while sitting with you” said Hiroshi.

    “Well, looks like you’re comfortable while we’re sitting here” said Nami.

    “I like cozy places like this. I really like to enjoy the spot to see the view, swim out there and play recreational games” said Kotoe.

    “If you want to be more comfortable, why will go to the recreational center where you can play whatever you want” said Tomoka.

    “Of course, since we’re residents of the mansion as guests, we have the freedom to enjoy the privileges at the resort hotel” said Saki.

    “But for those who were guests in the resort hotel, you have to pay the charge when you’re going to play with” said Subaru.

    “Okay, we’ll have our money to go there” said Nami.

    “That’s nice. Then, let’s go to the recreational center” said Tomoka.

    “Okay!” said Saki, Nami, Kotoe, Hiroshi and Subaru as the six went to the recreational center. They would play badminton with Nami and Kotoe facing off against Tomoka and Saki.

    Nami starts the game as she smashes the shuttlecock, then Tomoka smashes back. Kotoe tried to smash back and she made, and then Saki would smash hard to receive a point for her team.

    “Are you girls looked good to play?” asked Saki.

    “Yeah, at least a little of it” said Nami.

    Tomoka smashes the shuttlecock, and then Nami smashes back. Saki smashes the shuttlecock perfectly to receive another point for her team.

    “So, do you think you’re good, Saki?” asked Kotoe.

    “Yeah, with my directions are my key to see how the object goes, I decided to catch or get that object all the time” said Saki.

    “We should play another game” said Nami.

    “Okay” said Tomoka, Saki and Kotoe.

    Tomoka, Saki, Nami, Kotoe and Hiroshi have decided to play bowling. Tomoka scored a spare, Nami scored a nine as well and Hiroshi scored an eight.

    Kotoe’s turn is up as she is about to use her speed to roll the bowling ball. The ball smashes all the pins and Kotoe scored a strike. “Yes! I’m good at this one” said Kotoe.

    “Your turn” said Hiroshi to Saki as Saki holds the bowling ball and is about to roll the ball. She accelerates her speed and rolls the ball better than Kotoe. The ball smashes nine pins.

    “Wow, that was so close” said Tomoka.

    “It’s okay. I’ll deal with this” said Saki as she is going to use her acceleration to roll the ball. She would do the same thing as earlier and this time, the ball smashes one pin. Saki scored a spare.

    “I got the spare as well, Tomoka” said Saki.

    “Wow! You’re good too, Saki” said Tomoka. “Anyway, this center is full of guests playing sports and recreational games. I wonder what we will have to use the basketball court over there.”

    “Interesting point, Tomoka” said Saki.

    “That’s the court that we are using for the game earlier” said Subaru.

    “Oh, you’re right. About the game, it was a good match to see how the newly recruits able to work on in a game by using their skills and techniques” said Tomoka.

    “I feel that we should be ready for tomorrow’s visit at Kirihara Middle School and Nashiba High School” said Saki.

    “You know that I went there before when Maho, my friends and I were practicing our techniques to prepare for the intramural competition. Natsuhi told me that I learned Fire Works as my special ability to use in the game” said Hiroshi.

    “So, you’re also using Fire Works as your special skill?” asked Saki.

    “Yes. It was so good that I may be able to steal or block the ball with full acceleration” said Hiroshi.

    “I agreed with you, Hiroshi. Nami and Kotoe are good in the backcourt, but usually they have the same position as shooting guard. Hiroshi, you’re a forward, right?” said Tomoka.

    “Yes, I played with the three and Hinata and Maho were usually my mentors when we’re practicing for the class” said Hiroshi.

    “It will be happy if we’re going to have a reunion soon with them” said Tomoka.

    “So, what’s the reunion you’re talking about?” said Hiroshi.

    “Our section is going on a reunion by summer and we have to adjust our plans soon” said Saki.

    “Since there are 40 students in our section, only 19 of them have decided to stay in Keishin for junior high school. That means that the 21 of them are us” said Hiroshi.

    “I’m going to say that it will take a long time to reunite with our schoolmates since we have many goals to be accomplished and we have to gain our relationship with the batch too” said Tomoka.

    “I’m counting on that, Tomoka” said Hiroshi.

    “Me too. I’m from section 6-B and since we’re friends with you, this will be a family of friends” said Nami.

    “If Nami wants, then I will be joining too” said Kotoe.

    “Our goal will be accomplished once we are searching and inviting them. Then, I will be happy to join our journey, Hiroshi, Nami and Kotoe” said Saki.

    “Count me in!” said Hiroshi, Nami and Kotoe.

    “Subaru, we finally invite them to join our group. Now, we will have to recruit Michiko and our fellow friends from Keishin Academy” said Tomoka. The word “fellow friends” refers to other students who were friends with the Bravehearts in Keishin Academy.

    “Okay. Alright, girls, we have to go back to the park where the others are still playing” said Subaru.

    “Okay” said Tomoka, Saki, Hiroshi, Nami and Kotoe. The six went back to the park as the members of the Bravehearts and Jun’s Angels, Aya and the newly recruits have done playing recreational games.

    “So, what’s the next activity for today?” asked Maho.

    “Our next activity is we are going to the hall to search of our friends including the younger batches of Mimi and Himeko” said Tomoka.

    “Well, we have many friends from this section and not only some of our batchmates play basketball, they have something else” said Maho.

    “Of course, Maho. We have to group those friends one by one. It will be Tomoka, you, me, Airi and Hinata” said Saki.

    “Then, we’ll reserved the other members for the rest of the members of the group” said Airi.

    “As Maho says, there’s a chance that some of them are athletes from other sports” said Hinata.

    “Right now, I will be wondering who will be in charge for the duties for recruitment” said Subaru.

    “I will be in charge for recruitment, Subaru” said Saki.

    “Okay, Saki. I will be the supervisor for the recruitment in the meantime” said Subaru.

    “As Saki and Subaru will search for members to join the group, other members will be given duties later on. Jun and the Angels, when will you have free time?” said Tomoka.

    “As you can see, we only have practice three times a week, so it depends on our adviser whether we will return to this mansion soon” said Jun.

    “Okay, we’ll keep in touch if you have time to talk with us later” said Tomoka.

    “I will, Tomoka” said Jun.

    “It’s 4:35. We still have time to enjoy relaxing and playing at the park. So, we’ll be ready for the next activity after dinner” said Saki.

    “Then, let’s play” said Tomoka as the Bravehearts, Jun’s Angels, Aya and the newly recruits returned to relax and play at the park as the sun is about to go down in a few hours. With Nami, Kotoe, and Hiroshi are new members of the Bravehearts, Tomoka will have to find more friends to join the Bravehearts as the group will start planning to expand the group.

    UP NEXT: Chapter 9: "From Dusk to Dawn"

    Finally, I'm done finishing Chapter 9 with the first appearance of the characters from High School DxD. It will be posted tomorrow as Volume 1 will be done by the weekend, (Sunday, August 6). I will start doing Chapter 10 and the Special Chapter tomorrow, so that I will be ready to brainstorm ideas for Volume 2 with the title "Friends and Relations" where Tomoka and her friends began to expand the Bravehearts by choosing close friends from school and family.
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    Re: Rooks, Knights and Bravehearts - The Ro-Kyu-Bu!/Tenshi no 3P! X High School DxD Crossover Series

    Okay, I'm back with good news and bad news. The good news is that Chapter 9 will be posted tonight because it will be the first appearance of the characters from High School DxD. Of course, this world is set with Japan is a liberal-influenced nation while a few references from the DxD universe were included, so this crossover series is composed of two universes combined as the Bravehearts are finally going to meet Rias Gremory and the Occult Research Club. Now, for the bad news. Unfortunately, I may need to post Chapter 10 and probably Chapter 11 and the Special Chapter by Monday because I wasn't begin to draft Chapter 10. This chapter will be the continued part of The Bravehearts meets the Occult Research Club. However, don't worry, I will be able to finish Volume 1 on the time I posted the final two chapters and the special chapter. But for now, hope you are ready to see the members of the Occult Research Club in the series because Chapter 9 is posted. Enjoy!

    In this chapter, the Bravehearts have an outing for three reasons: 1.) going to Shitoba High School for Tomoka, Maho, Saki, Airi, Hinata, Yokono, Nami and Kotoe have to get their own I.D. card, the final requirement to become students of that school; 2.) going to Kuoh Academy after Rias Gremory and the Occult Research Club invites them to explore the school; and 3.) going to a downtown mall where Tomoka and the Bravehearts have to find the best gift for her childhood friend, Michiko Takeda. Michiko Takeda finally sees Tomoka Minato and Jun Gotō since their last encounter in their former school. Will the new friendship of the three changes everything to the Bravehearts?


    At the Hyodo Residence, Issei Hyodo and the Occult Research Club were staying there because Issei dated Rias Gremory and her friends and dreamed to become the Harem King. Issei was such a lucky boy and known to show the girls how he would try to be enjoyable in his life. It’s almost nighttime and there are no rules in the community because Koto is a neighborhood of nocturnes. Of course, the members of the Occult Research Club are currently using sightseeing to see some of their friends on how they are doing.

    Kuoh Academy is their home, but since Rias and her batchmates were third year students, the club has found themselves looking to see some of the new club members to join the team. Rias and her batchmates are enrolling at a community college, which means that Asia will become the president of the Occult Research Club.

    Issei and his friends are walking in the streets as they are going to a Japanese restaurant and then they will go back to Hyodo Residence.

    “Rias, what are your plans in the future?” said Issei.

    “I will have to study hard and plan to become a member of the human resources club” said Rias.

    “I wanted to explore to communicate with new faces and probably write some literary pieces” said Akeno.

    “Hopefully, I will finish my training to become a combat fighter like my sister did” said Koneko.

    “When I’m taking the office as the president of the club, I wanted to make sure that the devils and angels are cooperating to each other no matter what will happen to them” said Asia.

    “I will prepare a meeting with my friends in the academy where I gather some information about the Southern Sun Conference” said Yuto.

    “I hope that I will have opportunities to create the Light Reminisce Group where swordsmen will gather together to plan some ideas and to conduct a Rating Games school of mine” said Xenovia.

    “If your plan is to create a Rating Games school of yours, I will start owning a community school to help the young ones to study and excel” said Irina.

    “I wanted to go back to my home for me to start learning martial arts soon, so that I will be able to defeat the invaders” said Gasper.

    “I will teach more students to let them excel in academics. I’m sure that they know me when I’m entering Kuoh for the first time” said Rossweisse.

    “I wanted to support my brother and my family to participate at any Rating Games matches and I will try to use my skills to overcome opponents” said Ravel.

    “My plans for the future are to keep communicating with you and try my best to learn my skills while using the Sacred Gear” said Issei.

    “Wow, Issei! I was also saying that aside from my plans I’ll do” said Asia.

    “Issei never misses anything he wants because he is a prolonged humble guy” said Rias.

    “I’m sure he would try to conquer anything after we beat the invaders” said Koneko.

    “Our club is gaining opportunities to host Rating Games competitions as long as we were able to meet more expectations like experts who have the influenced with the legend that witness many years ago” said Yuto.

    “Probably, if we can start training outside the school to battle against teams with good strength” said Ravel.

    “You know that we have influences with other groups, but we never call them strangers of the dark” said Gasper.

    “I wondered what would be our next mission to do” said Xenovia.

    “You know that the students from the south were having the same level but have focus on sports” said Irina.

    “I believe that those students are from Keishin Academy and most of the members are going to Kirihara Middle School” said Rossweisse.

    “Keishin Academy? That school is far away from our school” said Issei.

    “That’s right, Issei. We are living in a group of connected towns and I assumed that the other students from other schools are having their time to have their own hobbies, but no one has ever learned the Rating Games” said Rias.

    “Yeah, Chiyoda has too many experts based on their own professions while other towns in Tokyo are good at other professions other than combat games” said Koneko.

    “The residents of Koto are focused on night viewing and they wanted to make sure that their environment is good as green” said Asia.

    “Well, our objective in Kuoh is to protect people from invaders and I remembered that other brigades are currently in training to combat against invaders like syndicates and dark factions” said Akeno.

    “There are two kinds of dark factions: the good dark side and the bad dark side” said Yuto.

    “Maybe this world is ruled in mixed liberal influence and occult nocturnal-born influence” said Xenovia.

    “Is it interesting that we want to know about those factions?” said Irina.

    “I guess I will do that. The good dark side faction is composed of the organizations who were accepting the traditional feudal system of the devils and follows the Code of Maou. On the other hand, the bad dark side faction is composed of the organizations who were opposing the traditional feudal system of the devils and despises anything that may harm the community itself” said Roseweisse.

    “Are you sure that those invaders are going to attack the town again?” asked Gasper.

    “I’m sure it will be but according to Azazel, there are no threats in our town” said Ravel.

    “Issei, I hope that tomorrow will be a big day to visit those lovely students from Keishin and we should invite them to visit at our school” said Rias.

    “Well, okay” said Issei. The club members of the Occult Research Club continued to walk from the Japanese restaurant as they done eating their dinner right there. At the mansion of the Misawa Resort Hotel, Subaru, Aoi, Aya, Natsuhi, Satsuki and Tae were in the living room while the rest of the members are in the hall. They have separate activities to do for tonight.

    “Kuoh Academy is surely a special high school, but it seems that it is almost looked like a community college to me” said Tae.

    “Of course, not, Tae. I believe that the specialty schools are looked like junior colleges, but they have focused on their main profession that was good at” said Satsuki.

    “I’m not sure if other schools have been considered special, but not all of the schools were special schools” said Natsuhi.

    “Also, their president Rias Gremory was one of the most respected girls in Kuoh Academy. She refers to the family and friends as the Crimson-Haired Ruin Princess” said Aoi.

    “The members of the Occult Research Club are once being members of the Gremory Team. It is composed of devils that are servants to the Rias and have combined powers through the use of Sacred Gears” said Subaru.

    “The perverted guy named Issei Hyodo was one of the members of their team who have many abilities to use while competing in a Rating Games match or a war against their enemies” said Aya.

    “So, how are we classifying them as high-class devils?” asked Tae.

    “It’s based on their experiences in using the abilities to determine their class ranking in their own system” said Satsuki.

    “Each servant and King has their class ranking based on the participation in the Rating Games they join and the abilities they used in a Rating Games match” said Natushi.

    “So, what is Rating Games, Aoi?” asked Aya.

    “I referred that Rating Games is a combat strategy game where two teams are facing each other to determine who has the strongest team they got. As members used their abilities to power up themselves and defeat their opponents, they have strategies for each team to double the power of their abilities” said Aoi.

    “There are many high-class devils participating at the Rating Games and they usually have the strongest powers they use and mastered their abilities all by themselves. Of course, some schools who have their Rating Games team are participating in Rating Games competitions like tournaments and duels” said Subaru.

    “Friends, we have the lists of members of the Occult Research Club. I believe that they also become members of the Gremory Team” said Tae.

    “Okay, good. Let’s see. The members of the Occult Research Club are Issei Hyodo, Asia Argento, Akeno Himejima, Koneko Toujou, Yuto Kiba, Xenovia Quarta, Irina Shido, Gasper Bloddy, Azalel, Roseweisse, Ravel Phoenix and their leader Rias Gremory” said Satsuki.

    “Ah, you found the list of members of the club. Perfect!” said Aoi.

    “We should read those profiles while the Bravehearts are checking the lists of friends for each of our members” said Subaru.

    “I guess we should read many of those profiles” said Natsuhi.

    “We wanted to know about them” said Aya.

    “Okay. Everyone, we will read about their profiles and then we should be ready to see them by tomorrow” said Subaru.

    “Okay” said Aoi, Natsuhi, Tae, Satsuki and Aya. Meanwhile, the other members of the group have done researching the lists of friends of every member of the Bravehearts and since Keishin Academy has six sections per each level, there are at least 240 students on the batch while at least 40 students on the class. However, the Bravehearts will only choose their close friends to them while their stay at Keishin Academy.

    “Okay, girls. We finally done researching the lists of our friends with us and we will only choose the close friends who were friendlier to us” said Saki.

    “So, we will also invite our friends outside Keishin Academy where I will give the assignments to our members to find them soon” said Tomoka.

    “So, let’s start the expansion of members in our group with Tomoka’s friends” said Nami.

    “Since Michiko Takeda will be here tomorrow, there are some of our friends will also come as well” said Jun.

    “I assumed that we can talk to them after the meeting of the basketball club” said Hiroshi.

    “We should invite Michiko and others to a shop and give the gift to her tomorrow” said Airi.

    “That’s a great idea, Airi. You’re good in thinking ideas about what are we going to do to them” said Hinata.

    “Thanks, Hinata” said Airi.

    “I forgot to mention about the Occult Research Club. They will come to Nashiba High School and invite us to visit the Kuoh Academy” said Maho.

    “For the visit to Kuoh Academy, I’m sure that we can have plans to go for internship, but as long as we need our members to master Rating Games” said Saki.

    “As of now, Nashibaa High School doesn’t have the Rating Games team and since Nashiba is a sister school to the University of Tokyo, the students in Nashiba are not interested in that game after all” said Tomoka.

    “Instead of creating a Rating Games team, we will ask for internship” said Kotoe.

    “Yeah, we have opportunities to track down the invaders in our town” said Hiroshi.

    “As long as Rias wanted to invite one of our members, we will be able to help them to spot her enemies” said Jun.

    “Okay, we wanted to make sure that our safety committee will protect people from the bad dark side factions like invaders and rogue brigadiers” said Mimi.

    “Yeah, Mimi. But I got an idea, since you’re a member of the safety committee in Keishin, I want you to form a group of students to report anything about them” said Maho.

    “Okay, Maho. I’ll do it” said Mimi.

    “Actually, my family members are members of the downtown safety committee. I will join your group, Mimi” said Masami.

    “Okay, Masami. I’ll be glad if you will help me, is that right?” said Mimi.

    “Well, yes I am, Mimi” said Masami.

    “That’s the spirit, Mimi and Masami! While the safe committee will be created, we should organize the chart soon” said Nami.

    “Yeah, Nami. Let’s make sure that once the organization chart is done before classes will start soon” said Tomoka.

    “I will help my brother to find my friends outside Keishin. I enjoyed staying at my family sports gym, but I wanted to have time to stay with my brother soon. Also, my other siblings have many friends with the customers as well” said Airi.

    “Aya, my sister Airi and I were hoping to find some good athletes in gymnastics or athletics in our sports gym, but if you want to stay at the sports gym, then I’ll ask our parents to allow you to stay at our sports gym” said Banri.

    “Okay, Banri” said Airi.

    “On the other hand, Kagetsu and I were members of a pink-haired-only club in our town. I will be glad that we’ll be going to our club’s office soon” said Hinata.

    “Just like what Airi and Banri planned to find more friends, we’ll do the same thing” said Kagetsu.

    “Okay, Hinata and Kagetsu. I’ll accept your proposal as well as the other one” said Saki.

    “Okay, thanks, Saki” said Hinata, Kagetsu, Airi and Banri.

    “Do you have other plans to do while expanding our group, Tsbuaki, Hiiragi?” asked Maho.

    “We will be monitoring the group to see what they are doing” said Tsubaki.

    “It seems that our members have to find new members, we will let the members to report to us on their progress of their assignments” said Hiiragi.

    “Okay, but you have to stay at our mansion, so that your brother Natsuhi will be joining you to ask our members on how’s the progress of their assignments” said Maho.

    “Me too, Maho, I will be monitoring for Tomoka and others while we’re on practice in our band’s house” said Nozomi while holding Sora. The other members of Jun’s Angels smiled on Maho after Nozomi and Sora asked Maho to monitor Tomoka’s friends while they’re on practice.

    “Okay, fine. You two will monitor for Tomoka and her friends” said Maho.

    “That’s great!” said Nozomi and Sora.

    “So, right now, the goals for next week are to finish our organization chart and to add new members for us to give assignments to them. Then, if you don’t have any questions to ask, then we should end this activity and go to bed right now” said Saki.

    “Okay!” said the members of the Bravehearts and Jun’s Angels and the newly recruits as the fifth day of the activities in the group’s spring vacation ended with new plans are added for the group.

    Part 2 will be on the next post.
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    Re: Rooks, Knights and Bravehearts - The Ro-Kyu-Bu!/Tenshi no 3P! X High School DxD Crossover Series

    "From Dusk to Dawn" Part 2

    The next day comes as the Bravehearts are leaving the mansion to go to the town to visit the Kirihara Middle School. Before they leave the mansion, Hiroshi asked her parents to join with the Bravehearts.

    “Mom, Dad, can I leave for a while to go to Kirihara Middle School for the enrollment?” asked Hiroshi.

    “Okay, but make sure that you go back before dusk” said Hiroshi’s dad.

    “Okay, I promise” said Hiroshi.

    “Have fun with them, my daughter” said Hiroshi’s mom.

    “Okay, I will” said Hiroshi as she waves her hand to her parents to say goodbye to her parents and joins with the Bravehearts to begin the outing where the first trip is going to Kirihara Middle School.

    The Misawa Resort Hotel bus leaves the compound to move to their first destination for today’s outing. The Bravehearts, Jun’s Angels, the newly recruits and Aya began to see the view of the buildings in the town. The bus stops moving and parks at the school parking area.

    “We’re here!” said Subaru as the Bravehearts, Jun’s Angels, the newly recruits and Aya saw the façade of Kirihara Middle School. “This will be your new school, Tomoka and friends. We will finish one more requirement to become students of Kirihara High School: to have an identification (I.D.) card for you to use for any privileges.”

    “After that, we will go to Nashiba High School for the meeting of the basketball club. So, since I will be representing for the girls’ team, Kazunari and Subaru will be representing for the boys’ team” said Aoi.

    “It’s a great honor to become a representative for the boys’ basketball club with my friend Kazunari. Then, let’s go to the I.T. room” said Subaru. The team has visited the ground floor of Kirihara High School where the administrative offices were located. It also houses the school’s cafeteria and information technology room. The IT worker took the pictures of Tomoka, Maho, Saki, Airi and Hinata and created the I.D.s for them.

    “My own I.D. card is looking good” said Tomoka.

    “Me too, Tomoka. I smile a lot” said Maho.

    “We can use this anywhere we go” said Saki.

    “We can keep the I.D. in our wallet, so that it won’t lose” said Airi.

    “Okay, Airi” said Hinata as Tomoka, Maho, Saki, Airi and Hinata kept their new I.D.s at their wallets. “This is going to be our new life in Kirihara. Right, Subaru?”

    “Yep. We went there to enroll for next school year as well. After your graduation, we decided to invite you to enroll for next school year together” said Subaru.

    “It’s a great honor that we finally entering Kirihara as first year students” said Tomoka.

    “You said it, Tomoka. We are ready to start our new journey here” said Saki.

    “I’m so excited that we are here thanks to your help in our basketball club” said Maho.

    “I’m very happy with you, Subaru. I hope we will hang out together soon” said Airi.

    “As you all know, we will be classmates together because we’re assigned to 1-C” said Hinata.

    “I hope that you are finally enrolled at my former school because we’ll be going to Nashiba High School and straight to the gym for the first meeting of the basketball club. Come on, everybody, let’s go back to the bus and go to Nashiba High School the gym” said Subaru.

    “Okay” said all the members of the Bravehearts as the meeting for the basketball club is about to begin at Nashiba High School. Michiko Takeda would see Tomoka and her friends as they left Kirihara and went to the bus to go to Subaru’s current school Nashiba High School. Michiko Takeda and her friends would go to her father’s car to go to Nashiba High School as well.

    After they arrived at Nashiba High School, they entered to the gym where Kazunari Uehara and the athletic staff were present at the stage.

    “Subaru, Aoi. You’re just in time to start the meeting” said Kazunari.

    “Okay, we’ll be in a minute” said Aoi and Subaru.

    “Everyone, you have to seat right there” said Subaru.

    “What’s going on?” said Maho.

    “The meeting is about to start and Aoi and I were representing for the basketball club. So, Saki, you’re in charge” said Subaru.

    “Okay, Subaru” said Saki.

    “Good. Now I gotta go” said Subaru as he and Aoi went to the team staff at the center of the gym where about 80 students were attended to see the basketball club again.

    “Good afternoon, everyone. Today is the day that we’re all waiting for so long” said Mr. Furukawa. “I’ll present to you the Nashiba High School Basketball Club!”

    Kazunari, Subaru, Aoi and Saori Aoyama were present at the stage. They are revealed themselves as captains and vice captains of the basketball club.

    “Subaru is the captain of the team?” said Tomoka.

    “How did he become the captain?” said Maho.

    “I get it. Subaru and Kazunari were friends to each other as well as Aoi. Then, Kazunari, then offered Subaru a job to become the captain of the team while himself being the vice-captain of the team” said Saki.

    “Aoi is the new captain of the team and hopefully she’s going to improve the girls’ basketball club” said Airi.

    “Oh, it seems that Aoi will finally play for Nashiba and it will be fun to play in Nashiba soon when we’re tenth graders” said Hinata.

    “Greetings, students. As you all know, the administration had reinstated our basketball program after a year of suspension because of our player, also an ex-advisor was charged of sexual harassment. Since then, we have new hope that we might want to change and I want all of you to expect that we’ll be trying our best to become the best team in the prefecture” said Kazunari.

    “We wanted our basketball program to be more improved as possible. This is our dream for everyone aside from other sports like gymnastics, football, baseball, tennis, athletics and many more” said Saori.

    “It’s been a long time since I was improving myself to play outside Nashiba and we wanted our dreams come true. Our true formation of a basketball team will witness the changes since we worked hard inside and outside the school. I wonder what would be the true meaning of formation” said Subaru.

    “The formation is to create or establish a program that we wanted to build for the community. Our school is ready to get back in action as we wanted all of you to register at our basketball program next month” said Aoi.

    “So, don’t be surprised if you will ever witness the reincarnation of the basketball team sooner or later” said Kazunari.

    “There you have it. Let’s give a round of applause for our new captains and vice-captains of the basketball team” said Mr. Furukawa as everyone clapped their hands to give the newly appointed captains and vice-captains a standing ovation. Later, the Bravehearts left the gym as they walked together.

    “Subaru, it seems that you’re ready to be back in the game again. I hope you are trying to improve more as you can” said Tomoka.

    “Yes, I know. I let Kazunari joined us in the group because I need him to be part of this organization” said Subaru.

    “Yeah, you and Kazunari were both friends to each other and it’s been a long time that they word together with Aoi” said Saki.

    “I was with Subaru and Kazunari for many times in the rooftop of our building. Then, we talk about anything in our class as well as our sports program” said Aoi.

    “I think you have your potentials are going better and it looks like we will join the club soon” said Maho.

    “Yep. So, by the third week of the first term, we are allowed to have trainings for our basketball team. Which means that we have more time to expand the Bravehearts” said Subaru.

    “I’m so proud of you that both of you are captains of the basketball club. I hope that you are working together as long as we will win more games” said Airi.

    “Thanks, Airi” said Aoi and Subaru.

    “I recalled back in one of our conversations where we decided to help the other athletes from other sports. They help us in bringing back the basketball program” said Aoi.

    “By the way, Aoi, it seems that Mr. Furukawa is a young guy who is the manager of the club. Who is him?” said Hinata.

    “Mr. Furukawa is a third-year student and his father is also a basketball player. Sometimes, he was gentle and humble during the class while he is conducting trainings with his father in his town” said Aoi.

    “Hey, is that Michiko?” asked Kotoe as they stopped walking and saw Michiko Takeda, who is sitting in the bench alone. On the other hand, they also saw some of the attendees listed on the lists of friends.

    “I think she is” said Nami.

    “Well, let’s talk to her” said Tomoka. Tomoka, Nami, Kotoe, Hiroshi, Jun, Saki and Subaru went to Michiko while the other members of the team are hoping to see both Tomoka and Michiko being friends again.

    “Michiko, what are you doing?” said Tomoka.

    “I’m trying to find my friends in my former school” said Michiko.

    “Who are your friends?” asked Jun.

    “I’m looking for Jun Gotō and Tomoka Minato” said Michiko. Jun and Tomoka gasped as Michiko remembered the two when they’re schoolmates in their former school.

    “Michiko, I knew you remember me since I didn’t see you again after you did this to me” said Tomoka.

    “Do you think that I hated you because of your obsession of playing basketball?” said Michiko.

    “Yes, it’s my fault for trying to be obsessed in playing, but I wanted to play with you again” said Tomoka.

    “Yeah, Tomoka wanted to say sorry to you because she didn’t admit that she is obsessed on playing basketball” said Jun.

    “Tomoka, Jun, okay, I was wrong about what I have done to you. You see, I also begin to play basketball in my school and I tried to be better than you, Tomoka, but I failed” said Michiko.

    “You mean you begin to play basketball after I left the school” said Tomoka.

    “Yeah. I tried to be stronger than you when you left us and I tried to help my team to advance in the prefectural tournament, but I failed” said Michiko.

    “Does that mean that you are trying to compete with me?” said Tomoka.

    “Yes, I wanted to, but I realized that you are a strong player when you’re in Keishin” said Michiko.

    “Michiko, I should have to say I’m sorry because I wanted to show my techniques to support my former school’s basketball team, but then I realized that the team falls apart because I was with Subaru, my friend in our town” said Tomoka.

    “Oh, I see. So, you’re with Subaru. Is that true that you have training with him rather than you join the training in my former school?” said Michiko.

    “Yes. But I also joined the training in my former school when Subaru is busy. So, are you okay with me, Michiko?” said Tomoka.

    “What did you say, Tomoka?” said Michiko.

    “Are we okay to be friends, Michiko?” said Tomoka.

    “Yeah, I will, Tomoka” said Michiko as Michiko, Tomoka and Jun were reconciled together and Tomoka cried tears of joy to see her childhood friend again.

    “So, are we good, Michiko, from the very beginning?” said Tomoka.

    “Yes, Tomoka” said Michiko.

    “That’s a spirit! You’re now friends with her again. I will be glad that Michiko will ever join the Bravehearts soon” said Jun.

    “Say, Michiko, will you join our group: the Bravehearts?” said Tomoka.

    “Okay, Tomoka, I’ll join your group, but you have to promise me to stick together with your friends” said Michiko.

    “Okay, I promise. After all, I will be your back anyway” said Tomoka as Michiko Takeda became the third member to join the Bravehearts as Tomoka’s friend. Everybody is happy to see Tomoka and Michiko reunited again. Then, they walked together as they are about to leave the Nashiba High School. “So, Michiko, what did you see in Kirihara?”

    “You know it was an awesome place to see the classrooms and the corridors” said Michiko.

    “I like this environment and the classroom looks better than the two former schools. Probably, I will be classmates with my friends. Michiko, this is Maho Misawa, Saki Nagatsuka, Airi Kashii and Hinata Hakamada” said Tomoka.

    “Hello” said Saki and Maho.

    “Hi” said Airi and Hinata.

    “Hi. Nice to meet you, girls” said Michiko.

    “Nice to meet you too, Michiko” said Saki, Maho, Airi and Hinata.

    “Wow! My friends are also recognizing you. They liked you, Michiko” said Tomoka.

    “Thank you, Tomoka” said Michiko.

    “Now, you said you have other friends in your former school. Of course, maybe I recognize them a little. So, who are other friends in your former school, Michiko?” said Tomoka.

    “The names are Ayane Shirakawa, Haruko Kōyama, Kozue Hanabusa and Aika Sagawa. There are four of them and I believe that they also enrolling at Kirihara like me” said Michiko.

    “So, your friends are also enrolling at Kirihara Middle School. It looks like they are trying to follow you as well after you and your friends are graduated” said Tomoka.

    “Yeah, I mean they were having hobbies they usually enjoyed aside from talking about basketball. I mean that would be awesome if you meet them” said Michiko.

    “Yeah, I hope so. So, since you’re enrolled at Kirihara, I feel that everyone in Kirihara have hearts to give them lucks and they have been more ambitions as we are” said Tomoka.

    “Well, that make sense” said Michiko.

    “I totally almost forgot that my gift to you will be here eventually” said Tomoka.

    “Okay, can you help me where are my friends going?” said Michiko.

    “Well, I will and my friends will help you as well” said Tomoka as Nami, Kotoe and Jun are smiled on Michiko.

    “Oh, thank you so much, Tomoka. I knew you would help me like the old days” said Michiko.

    “Yeah, like the old days, Michiko. Hey, who are those people out there?” said Tomoka as the team saw the members of the Occult Research Club at the hallway. Tomoka gives the invitation to Akeno. “Well, you looked got today, but I believe that we were about to leave the school because we wanted to go shopping and find Michiko’s friends.”

    “Oh, I see. So, you’re the members of the Bravehearts?” said Rias.

    “Yes, we are” said Tomoka. “Who are you?”

    “Well, I’m glad that you ask. My name is Rias Gremory and I’m the leader of the the Gremory Team”

    “Hey, I know you. You’re the famous Crimson-Haired Ruin Princess” said Subaru.

    “Why, thank you, boy. I know you are one of your friends, right?” said Rias.

    “Why, yes, it is, Rias” said Subaru.

    “Okay. Let me introduce to you our club members of the team” said Rias.

    “I’m Issei Hyodo. I’m the pawn of this team and an incoming third-year student from Kuoh Academy”

    “I’m Asia Argento. I’m the bishop of this team and your President of the Occult Research Club”

    “I’m Akeno Himejina. I’m the queen of this team”

    “I’m Koneko Toujou. I’m the rook of this team and a young second-year student from Kuoh Academy”

    “I’m Yuto Kiba. I’m the bishop of this team, Vice President of the Occult Research Club and an incoming third-year student from Kuoh Academy”

    “I’m Xenovia Quarta. I’m the knight of this team, your President of the Kuoh Academy Student Council and also an incoming third-year student like Issei and Yuto”

    “I’m Irina Shido. I’m the knight of this team, Ace angel of the Heaven and a third-year student from Kuoh Academy”

    “I’m Gasper Bloody. I’m the bishop of this team and a second-year student from Kuoh Academy”

    “I’m Rossweisse. I’m the rook of this team and a teacher from Kuoh Academy”

    “And I’m Ravel Phoenix. I’m the bishop of this team, sister of Riser Phoenix and a second-year student from Kuoh Academy”

    “We know that our group is originally form as the first Occult Research Club, but now, the other members are going to join the club soon while the Gremory Team is set to go on a new journey” said Rias.

    “Now, that’s a great introduction to us, Rias and the team. Your members are good in the combat battle game known as Rating Games” said Mihoshi.

    “Oh, yes, you are good in researching us and it looks like we coming from the good dark side faction where devils, angels and fallen angels unite themselves, but classified to a liberal world that changes the world” said Rias.

    “So, Rias. It looks like your team is awesome. I think we are on a good world that dark sides look popular when it comes to mythology. By the way, we, the Bravehearts, also have our journey in Kirihara Middle School. Well, I’m very confident that we are the students with wisdom and gentleness” said Tomoka.

    “So, what’s you bring here in Nashiba?” said Michiko.

    “Well, I was going to talk to you and the team where we have plans to do internships, in which we trained students who are capable of doing anything in the dark side like nighttime mission” said Rias.

    “As you can see, there is no evil in this world, but most of the times, we fight against the bad dark side factions as they tried to invade and overthrow us for good” said Yuto.

    “Every member of the Gremory Team has many powers to defeat the invaders and rogue brigadiers during war time. We secure everything in our town known as Kuoh Town. As you all know, our town is away from your town and because of that, we wanted to invite you to come at our school, Kuoh Academy” said Akeno.

    “There are many students who have their specialties in using abilities and have been participating at the Rating Games competitions” said Issei.

    “On the other hand, we decided to research some of the information beyond our town where some of the dark side specialists are using abilities. So, we decided to go there to see you” said Asia.

    “I will be glad to help you, Asia. As I’m the human resources manager, I usually find some students to join our organization. I’ll make sure that our partnership will be made to find some dark side specialists” said Saki.

    “Well, our plan is to know anything about the occult nocturnal specialists especially the devils, angels and fallen angels” said Xenovia.

    “Actually, we know about the secrets of the occult nocturnal specialists and the system of using the occult nocturnal specialists in their own system” said Irina.

    “Okay. We want to list down the organizations in our district as well as in Kuoh. That’s why I can really use your help” said Xenovia.

    “Alright, Xenovia. I will help you, but as long as that if we’re busy in our team, we can send representatives instead” said Subaru.

    “Oh, thank you, Subaru. Thanks for accepting our help” said Xenovia.

    “Alright, team. The Gremory Team is temporarily joining the Bravehearts for a while. So, next stop: Kuoh Academy” said Subaru.

    “Then, let’s go, Bravehearts!” said Tomoka as the Bravehearts and the Gremory Team are going to the bus to move on to their next destination: Kuoh Academy, which will be two miles from Nashiba High School.

    UP NEXT: Chapter 10: "The Gremory Team"
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    Re: Rooks, Knights and Bravehearts - The Ro-Kyu-Bu!/Tenshi no 3P! X High School DxD Crossover Series

    こんにちは。 (konnichi wa: meaning of hello when it's daytime in Japanese)

    I'm back for the first time since my last post on August 5! I tried to know that it's been a long time to post another chapter in Rooks, Knights and Bravehearts. I'm been away from two months since I've been busy on my work and I don't think it's going to be the end of this series. So, I will bring back this series once again, but I will be continuing to post new chapters for Rooks, Knights and Bravehearts starting Wednesday. I apologized for not being posted for so long and I hope that I will finish Volume 1 on October 13. For today, I will post the Special Chapter 1 and a teaser to the last two chapters. Also, I will finally update the the entire Volume 1 once I will finish the final touch for grammar corrections. By the way, since Tenshi no 3P! anime series was ended a week ago (September 25), I begin plans on writing some ideas for future chapters including the Hasegawa Cup. So stay tuned for another news in the future.

    So, sit back, relax and enjoy reading!


    The Special Chapter is all about the plans for a unified team composed of Subaru Hasegawa and his friends including the members of Keishin Academy Basketball Club. During the last day of school for Subaru and his friends, he met Ryuuichi Suga and said that he will create his own team to challenge them in the future and since Nashiba High School Basketball Club is back in the game, Subaru will seek redemption to his middle school rival once they'll face each other again in Interhigh. Keishin, Kirihara and Nashiba are located at Nishina, Ōta, Tokyo, Japan and it seems that they wanted to work together to win competitions some day. Some of the names mentioned by Subaru and his friends will be potential members to take part of his "Dream Team" roster.


    This special chapter is set on the fourth day of the vacation of Subaru and his friends. After Mimi set the new lineups to be used for their match against the newly recruits, Subaru, Tomoka, Maho, Jun and Mimi were in Maho’s room as Subaru was thinking about how Nashiba form a team of former captains and good players, so that they are going to beat Itoda Business School.

    “Subaru, what is your basketball team looked like after it was reinstated?” asked Tomoka.

    “Tomoka, I’ll explain this. Our school’s administration had lifted the suspension of the activities of our basketball team and our friends were glad that we’re ready to build our new team with our newly improved skills and abilities” said Subaru.

    “So, when did you gather up with them?” asked Tomoka.

    “During your graduation, Tomoka. It is where Kazunari, Banri, Aoi, Satsuki, Tae and I were meeting with Ryu as the park where Ryu thinks that our team is composed of weak players, but I said that we’re forming a different team that has improved talents and better skills” said Subaru.

    “Subaru, I have to say, that you have improved your skills and abilities and might be able to work together with them when you’re on that team. I planned to enroll at your former school because my parents said that it was a middle school that has their basketball program. I’ll prove that I’ll try to keep playing basketball as long as I can” said Tomoka.

    “I also wanted to follow Tomoka to enroll at Kirihara because Saki, Airi, Hinata and I were looking forward to move on to new heights, especially Tomoka and I will be together again. Right, Tomoka?” said Maho.

    “Yes, Maho. I believed that you helped me playing basketball and as long as we’re partners, we’ll play together” said Tomoka.

    “I believed that you two are partners once you’re in Kirihara. For me, I’ll be joining Kirhara next year with my teammates too” said Mimi.

    “No way. What did you have plans in your future?” asked Maho.

    “We worked together as fifth graders and as we’re going to become sixth graders, it’s a new beginning to see how we will play our own moves by grooving the team” said Mimi.

    “So, is Kirihara will your new school next year?” asked Tomoka.

    “Yes, Tomoka. I have my teammates Tsubaki, Hiiragi, Masami and Kagetsu to play together with you and since we build our friendship to make sure that we’re hoping to succeed our objectives in our school. Sometimes, I have joined to your team when you are chatting with them” said Mimi.

    “We usually chat with our friends to talk about the activities to tackle and I believed that we were excited to prepare for the activities. Since I found you to be more confident, we will be working together as teammates” said Maho.

    “I brought this team as a group of girls with good abilities before I let you join to our team in preparing for the prefectural tournament. Now, when we’re in Kirihara, you’re still in Keishin, but there’s a time that we will reunite again in our new school” said Tomoka.

    “I have a good enthusiasm and it sure that we’ll be working together again when we have time to practice” said Mimi.

    “Wow, good for you. As long as you can make it to the top, it’s on to you to achieve that feat” said Tomoka.

    “Yeah, we should be expected to see how you play without us, but to start anything from the scratch like us” said Maho.

    “Developing your talents is the key to a perfect team. Now that you have newly recruits and your plans in the future, it means that you’re ready to be the captain, Mimi” said Jun.

    “Of course, Jun. Tomoka is the first captain of the first formation of Keishin Academy girls’ basketball team and I wanted to be like her” said Mimi.

    “So, I believed that you have to be more communicate to your teammates and make sure that you have organized schedules for drill practices and trainings” said Tomoka.

    “Also, Tsubaki, Hiiragi, Masami and Kagetsu will be helping you to improve the team’s strategy. It would be best if we can combine our strategy and your strategy into one big strategy” said Maho.

    “That was a great idea, Maho. I really expected to see how we will make this strategy better. I usually come up on a strategy to use in order to beat our opponents” said Mimi.

    “I’m sure you are ready to do improve everything that your team needs and I believed in you of your enthusiasm and undefiant personality. I assumed that you can work with me to build for better opportunities” said Tomoka.

    “As we are heading to middle school, you are the one to prepare for the team to gather up and talk about what they have to do when there’ll be a practice in one day” said Maho.

    “I wanted to expect that your team is building ideas and gaining opportunities when the new season starts” said Jun.

    “I will be happy to, Tomoka, Maho and Jun. Right now, Subaru, Tomoka and I were planning to build a dream team in Nishina Town where everyone is expected to see how the young men and women playing basketball with our own skills” said Mimi.

    “Subaru has known to play basketball with his friends from Kirihara until he finally becomes a student in Nashiba High School. Majority of the students from Kirihara Middle School went to Nashiba High School because they have their relationship between the two schools” said Tomoka.

    “Right now, as we formed the Nashiba High School Basketball Team, we wanted to form a dream team of players from Keishin, Kirihara and Nashiba by looking at our talents and skills” said Subaru.

    “Subaru will be leading the boys’ team while Aoi will be leading the girls’ team” said Maho.

    “As of now, we are confident to form a team with team captains and good players from the schools in Nishina and its neighbors” said Tomoka.

    “I have planned this because it will be a team that would be looked like the Bravehearts, but with strong willpower and good enthusiasm” said Subaru.

    “We wanted to work together as one. In Nishina, there are many people with smiles and they developed it as one of the populous towns in Tokyo” said Mimi.

    “So, how will you find members in your own Dream Team?” asked Jun.

    “My friends and I were scouting some students to see how they were good based on the attributes and tendencies” said Subaru.

    “Subaru, since you’re the mentor of our team, you know about our skills and abilities, right?” said Tomoka.

    “Yes, Tomoka. I did that when we’re in Keishin” said Subaru.

    “So, did you know the names of the players in Nashiba?” asked Maho.

    “Yes. The names are Kazunari Uehara and Banri Kashii” said Subaru.

    “Banri is from Hashima Middle School and the captain of his school’s basketball team” said Tomoka.

    “Oh, you’re correct, Tomoka” said Subaru.

    “Airi said that she will enroll at Kirihara over her brother’s former school Hashima because she loves to be with Hinata, Saki and us” said Tomoka.

    “Yeah, Tomoka. She likes to be more patient than being extremely shy. I wonder what she was dreaming with” said Maho.

    “I think she wants to be with Subaru because she was confident and respectful to him while asking for help” said Tomoka.

    “Well, Airi is friendly to her friends at the sports gym as well as in Keishin like you, Tomoka, Maho and Mimi” said Subaru.

    “Yeah” said Tomoka, Maho and Mimi.

    Airi and Natsuhi arrive as Airi opens the door. “Tomoka, Maho. I’m sorry to interrupt your conversation, but I see what you’re planning in the future” said Airi.

    “Airi, Subaru has planned to create a Dream Team in Nishina and we’re trying to help him to see who will be taking part of the team” said Maho.

    “I’m sure I will help you for that” said Airi.

    “So, Natsuhi, did you call your teammates to meet up with them soon?” asked Maho.

    “Yes, Maho. They said that by next week, they’ll visit us while your friends are hoping to join with them” said Natsuhi.

    “With that, I should be more excited to see how they will work with us” said Maho.

    “It will be needed for boys to help with us, so that Natsuhi will be assigned as operation manager of our group” said Tomoka.

    “My teammates will be in Kirihara by April and as long as we will end the slump of the basketball team, we will be ready to win games with good teamwork” said Natsuhi.

    “Okay, Natsuhi. It looks like your teammates will come as well, then on the other hand, Subaru will be discussing about whom are the boys will be joining the team” said Mimi.

    “There’s a guy named Takumi Ōhata, who is one of the team captains to battle against Suga and he was able to reflect the defense of Suga by imitating his moves” said Subaru.

    “He’s sure to be an all-around defender when he competed in the prefectural games” said Tomoka.

    “He’s currently a second year student like me and he was able to join our team since he is a team captain from a certain school name Kamata Middle School” said Subaru.

    “My brother said that his teammate Naomori Abe is also entering Nashiba and he was able to compete with him during the intramural competition” said Airi.

    “That’s nice. I believe that they test to see how they do their skills and abilities when they face each other in certain plays” said Maho.

    “I agree, Maho. It seems that when they play together as varsity members, they developed their friendship between the two, but when it comes to facing each other, they test each other to see who is better” said Jun.

    “I also recognized Ryōta Sugihara, who is a friend of mine in Nashina and he is a great back-up center in Shizuka Middle School” said Subaru.

    “That makes the boys’ team to have six members. Anyway, is Shin Mizusaki joining your team?” said Tomoka.

    “I don’t know, but he’s going to be a first year college student and I heard that he will be playing in a large school once he’s entering college” said Subaru.

    “I was thinking if we will join your team, Subaru” said Natsuhi.

    “Of course, I think you are doing well in improving your play after winter where your team looked good in the intramural competition” said Subaru.

    “I cheered for you, Natsuhi. It wasn’t you who make the game winning shot our section’s boys’ team, but you’re a lucky shooter” said Maho.

    “Well, I might say that I did flashy passes and tear drops in that game and Nagamasa Miwa was so fast like Hinata, but I was able to overcome him” said Natsuhi.

    “Our finals game against 6-B is better than your game against your teammates’ team, Natsuhi” said Tomoka.

    “Well, I guess that your game is better than mine, but it would have been better if my battle with Nagamasa proved better” said Natsuhi.

    “I don’t think that your encounter with Nagamasa proved to be good and of course, many boys spend to play basketball at the same time, it only happens when it’s lunch time” said Mimi.

    “Looks like you know my schedule, Mimi” said Natsuhi.

    “Yes, Natsuhi. I peek at the schedule of you, Tomoka and her friends while I have lunch with my classmate Kagetsu” said Mimi.

    “Okay, so if you peek our schedule, who cares if you observe our class outside” said Natsuhi.

    “I observed you and the boys on what are they doing and I’m looking forward to date one of your teammates” said Mimi.

    “No, you can’t, Mimi. You can’t date one of my teammates” said Natsuhi.

    “Then, I guess I’ll find someone else who’s good to play basketball and I’ll be impressed if he does” said Mimi.

    “Okay, good luck with that, Mimi” said Tomoka.

    “I hope you find someone who is more expressive and more politeness in your class” said Airi.

    “I guess so, Airi. There are no fifth graders in the boys’ basketball team at the time and when they’re all graduated, I let some boys to train hard while Kagetsu observes them” said Mimi.

    “So, did you make this useful while the newly recruits trained the same?” asked Tomoka.

    “Yes, the newly recruits have scheduled their trainings every Tuesday and Thursday while the boys trained every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Sometimes, I let them invite when it reaches Saturday” said Mimi.

    “That’s different than the schedule that Subaru gives us when we’re joining as players for Keishin” said Airi.

    “My father and Subaru’s father were friends to each other and I decided to transfer to Keishin upon the recommendation of my father because it has a good basketball team. So, I decided to train hard as many as I can” said Mimi.

    “It seems that you are idolizing Subaru’s father and that’s why you made schedules for trainings with the new players. I like your duties when we’re gone from the team because we graduated and decided to enroll at Kirihara” said Tomoka.

    “Yep. I thought that Subaru is good in coaching, but I decided to do on my own when the sixth graders are training elsewhere” said Mimi.

    “Tomoka, Mimi. Since my father is a good basketball player and I decided to follow his footsteps, I made these better including observing the players. It was so hard that when I became a good starter in Keishin before I fought hard against Ryu Suga in middle school. Playing in Kirihara was not bad for me, but I didn’t motivate anything after Ryu had being better than me” said Subaru.

    “I believe that I did the same thing, Subaru. When my former team kept winning games, my friends isolated me and my father thinks that my obsession of playing basketball is causing many problems in my studies. I improved my studies when I was in Keishin, thanks to you. I finally become more focused on playing basketball while working on my assignments and activities with my new friends” said Tomoka.

    “You are doing well like we did and it seems that once you overcome the problems, you made the right solution to those. When we’re competing at the intramural competition when I was a fifth grader, we were struggled, but we were able to win the tournament by beating the opponents with good efforts” said Maho.

    “I got pressured when I entered in Keishin in my fifth grade and since there’s no girls’ basketball team yet, I decided to train with Hinata and Kagetsu because it helps me to block shots and shoot field goals” said Airi.

    “When I left Hawaii for Japan, I missed anything I learned in Hawaii because my father finds this place hard to work here and when Subaru’s father gives the solution to my father, I become more confident to play in Japan. When I grow up at high school, I will apply for naturalization citizenship” said Mimi.

    “I hoped that we will be able to overcome the problems for sure. Now, then, I also found more players in my lists of basketball rosters when I was in middle school” said Subaru.

    “You have that, right, Subaru?” asked Natsuhi.

    “Yes, I was. Then I’ll show you who are the best captains and good players in this prefecture” said Subaru.

    “Since your team has seven players, you need five more players to complete the roster” said Airi.

    “I think you are interesting to have our batchmates in your team, Subaru. It seems that I could help you for finding those” said Natsuhi.

    “Well, I guess I will pick only three players from my list and two from your class, Natsuhi” said Subaru.

    “Okay” said Natsuhi.

    Part 2 will be on the next post.

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    Re: Rooks, Knights and Bravehearts - The Ro-Kyu-Bu!/Tenshi no 3P! X High School DxD Crossover Series

    A teaser to the last two chapters:

      Spoiler: Teaser #1 for Chapter 10: "The Gremory Team" 
    “This is the organization room where members of the Occult Research Club and students of the Kuoh Academy are allowed to stay here” said Issei.

    “I’m glad that you’re here in this room and you’ll have time to enjoy here for a while. As long as Asia and Yuto will start their internship next month, we will still operate the club without hesitations” said Rias.

    “Yeah, it seems that we re-organized the club ever since Rias and Akeno will leave the club by the end of the month” said Asia.

    “Right now, our young comrades will be holding training for the young students of Kuoh Academy to know about Rating Games while Issei, Asia, Irina, Xenovia and I will be doing our duties in the club” said Yuto.

    “Well, good for you, Yuto” said Nami.

    “You and Asia are hopefully looking forward to train hard outside the academy and the others will develop in using the abilities for Rating Games matches” said Kotoe.

    “Thank you, Kotoe. It’s been a long time to train outside Kuoh, but actually without Rias and Akeno, we would be overwhelmed” said Yuto.

    “As you can see, some occult nocturnal specialists have abilities to use while having some duties in their own way. We know that in Kuoh, there are some reports of stray devils and we blast them away” said Rias.

    “Now, what are occult nocturnal specialists?” asked Tomoka.

    “Occult nocturnal specialists are mostly gang members, exorcists, thieves, devils and night viewers” said Issei.

    “In case of those specialists have used abilities to beat those enemies, maybe they are working in your system, right?” said Saki.

    “Of course, Saki. Every occult nocturnal specialist has to do their duties and also they participated at Rating Games matches. There are limitations in our traditional system where it is available to occult nocturnal specialists only while other typing specialists have their own way to use their own system” said Yuto.

    “Today, we identified one of the specialists and its occupation is a Rating Games specialist. The name of this specialist is Tokuo Tsuda” said Xenovia.

    “Tsuda is an expert on using light powers and he creates barriers to protect himself from his enemies” said Irina.

    “Usually, my friends say that Tsuda is a stern guy who has been competing in Rating Games competitions with his Evil Pieces” said Koneko.

    “That’s interesting. I decided to tell you that most of the occult nocturnal specialists are capable of using strong abilities with the use of Sacred Gear” said Airi.

    “To analyze this, most of us have learned to use abilities by using the Sacred Gear and it seems that we can upgrade our abilities by mastering the highest level of the ability” said Ravel.

    “Since no one made this before, Rias and I will try our best to master the highest level of our abilities” said Akeno.

    “Then, do your best in mastering the highest level of abilities” said Tomoka.

    “We’ll try” said Akeno and Rias.

    “On the other hand, searching for occult nocturnal specialists would be accomplished in no time. So, may I ask you a favor, Subaru?” said Asia.

    “Yes, what is it?” asked Subaru.

    “Can we decided to join your group for a while to make sure that we will be able to search more occult nocturnal specialists?” said Asia.

    “Okay, Asia, but our batchmates will be assisting you while Saki and I were searching for members to join our group” said Subaru.

    “Okay, so even you will let your schoolmates to assist us, can we identify them soon?” said Asia.

    “Yes, they will, right, guys?” said Subaru.

    “Yes, we’ll do it” said Aoi, Kazunari, Tae and Satsuki.

    “Oh, thank you, Subaru. We’ll try our best to find some specialists to join our club” said Asia.

    “Okay” said Subaru.


      Spoiler: Teaser #2 for Chapter 10: "The Gremory Team" 
    At Michiko’s birthday party at the beach, Michiko and her friends have enjoyed eating their birthday cakes. Then, Tomoka and the Bravehearts were glad that Michiko has been friendly with her friends since Tomoka’s team found Michiko’s friends at the Suzuran shopping district.

    “I remembered Michiko when she invited me to come at her tenth birthday and then I enjoyed at the party. It seems that Michiko become humbler than her previous personality” said Tomoka.

    “I believed that she wanted to stop her problems with you in the first place because she admitted that obsession in playing basketball would have been a situation to say the least” said Saki.

    “Especially, when Michiko wants to be a better basketball player like you, she is looking to improve her skills while playing with you” said Maho.

    “I fully respect on you, Tomoka. I hope you continue your friendship with her once we enter at Kirihara” said Airi.

    “Oh, Tomoka has to be less pressured with Michiko while having trainings with us” said Hinata.

    “It wishes me about how she was being friendly to me and I’m sure that we will be ready to improve soon” said Tomoka.

    “I supposed that we have to find other friends, Tomoka, but we still have time for that tomorrow” said Maho.

    “We will, Maho. So, what are your wishes on Michiko?” said Saki.

    “I wished that she will have more experienced in basketball as well as she will be committed to be with us” said Tomoka.

    “I love your wish, Tomoka. It was so admiring to have your childhood friend with you again” said Airi.

    “Oh, I respected Michiko as well as she is glad to join with us in trainings” said Hinata.

    “Well, I have to say that she will be more special when it comes to be a passionate friend of mine” said Tomoka.

    “She will be fine and if she can help us, she deserves us to be more generous” said Saki.

    “Yep. I will be glad that we should start working with the activities, Tomoka” said Maho.

    “Looks like you are forming a team of friends with Michiko and Mimi” said Airi.

    “Oh, a big formation of a team will be built for Tomoka and her team” said Hinata.

    “It sure will and I have to be honest, there is one thing I wanted to do” said Tomoka.

    “And what’s that?” asked Saki.

    “I will be having more time to train with Michiko and my friends of mine” said Tomoka.

    “Wow! I’m sure you will know them first before we begin the training” said Maho.

    “Yes, that would be our daily activities for our team soon” said Tomoka.

    “That’s interesting to me, Tomoka. I’ll join you” said Airi.

    “I would love to join the training with them too” said Hinata.

    “Okay, then let’s work together!” said Tomoka.

    “Yeah!” said Saki, Maho, Airi and Hinata. Tomoka and her friends are going to help Michiko and others in preparing to be part of the Kirihara Middle School girls’ basketball club. Michiko sees Tomoka and her friends have their plans to prepare for training and smiled with her friend’s idea would be great.

    “I feel happy for our friendship, Tomoka. Let’s work together as a team” said Michiko.

      Spoiler: Teaser for Chapter 11: "Three Hearts" 
    At hall of the mansion of the Misawa Resort Hotel, the members of the Bravehearts except for students of Nashiba are also holding a meeting. Tomoka, Maho, Saki, Airi and Hinata were standing while others are sitting to listen what they have to say about the next meeting.

    “Right now, we have two weeks to go before we will go back to school. As you all know, Subaru has assigned every one of us to different rooms to stay there starting tomorrow” said Tomoka.

    “Also, since the first formation of the Keishin Academy girls’ basketball team will be using my room to sleep together, other members will be assigned to sleep to other rooms” said Maho.

    “For the assigned rooms for other members of our group, the newly recruits will sleep beside our room” said Saki.

    “For Tomoka’s friends, they will sleep on the other side of the room beside our room” said Airi.

    “And for the other rooms, those will be reserved by other friends and members of the Nashiba High School Basketball Team” said Hinata.

    “Your stuff will be put into assigned room you are staying with and let’s make this new arrangement of rooms will be more comfortable than before” said Tomoka.

    “For the training, it will be every other day because some of us will have to do daily activities inside and outside the mansion. So, let’s move on to duties” said Saki.

    “Each of us will have duties to work on as a team and while everyone has doing their duties, we want to accomplish it day by day” said Maho.

    “Before the end of the day, we have to check everyone to see if you’re done doing the duties on time and if you have concerns, ask one of us” said Airi.

    “The Bravehearts will make sure that working together is like we did in basketball and our new journey will have new challenges for every one of us” said Hinata.

    “For now, every one of us will be divided into groups. I will be representing our group: me, Maho, Saki, Airi, Hinata, Mimi, Tsubaki, Hiiragi, Masami, Kagetsu, Natsuhi and Aya” said Tomoka.

    “We call ourselves Team Minato” said all the members of that team.

    “On the other hand, the team of Himeko will be called as Team Katayama” said Saki.

    “Michiko and her team will be known as Team Takeda” said Maho.

    “Each team will assign two members from Nashiba and they’ll be assigning our assignments and duties while you’re in the team” said Airi.

    “Since we have more time to find new members of our group, we will finalize this when we have new members by the end of the week” said Hinata.

    “In addition, Aya will not be part of the Bravehearts until she will finish her duties as a member of Suzuridani Academy Basketball Team” said Airi.

    “I will have time to decide whether to join the group, but still I will visit at your house once I finished the last class in my section or done training with my team” said Aya.

    “I’m sure you’ll be with us soon” said Hinata.

    “Okay” said Aya.

    “Hiroshi will be creating her own team once my friends are joining the team as well as Natsuhi” said Maho.

    “I will call out the boys to join our team to work together while we’re in Kirihara” said Natsuhi.

    “Okay, Natsuhi. I hope you will complete filling out the team” said Saki.

    “I will” said Natsuhi.

    “All groups will be staying to their respective rooms to use these as the meeting place to talk about anything what we discussed or do their hobbies with your team members” said Tomoka.

    “The more you cooperate them, the efforts in your team improves” said Maho.

    “Today, there will be free time to enjoy at the resort hotel, which means that each team will have to assign one area where you will have to enjoy playing recreational games or swimming” said Saki.

    “Make sure that one of the members of your team will assign to assist the team leader. It’s important to help your leader to organize your plans in the future activities” said Airi.

    “Now that we only form three teams, our team will find more friends tomorrow to add more teams for team activities” said Hinata.

    “That’s all for now. Since it’s already 1:00 after we ate together with Subaru and his friends and Jun’s Angels have left us to continue their practice at their home, let’s go to the resort hotel” said Tomoka.

    “Okay!” said the other members of the Bravehearts as they left the mansion for the main entrance of the main resort hotel where the three groups are ready for free activities to enjoy the day.


    "Subaru's Dream Team" Part 2

    “Now, on this list, I found out that a first year student in Nashiba is formerly my teammate in Kirihara name Seijirō Hakamada” said Subaru.

    “Seijirō Hakamada?” asked Maho.

    “That’s Hinata and Kagetsu’s cousin, who is a solid power forward in Kirihara Middle School. He is part of the All-Tournament First Team for improving his team to the quarterfinals in the recent tournament” said Tomoka.

    “Hinata said that her cousins were good in their hobbies and Kagetsu said that he is the sixth man when he’s a second year student while Subaru’s a third year student in Kirihara” said Airi.

    “That’s interesting. I guess that Hinata and Kagetsu have found another member of her family to play basketball. It seems that they play together with him as part of the daily activities they did at home” said Mimi.

    “Well, Subaru, I was shocked that your teammates have been joining Nashiba. You see, they were working as bravehearts and your childhood friend Aoi and her friends have worked too. That means that you are hanging out with them all the time” said Jun.

    “That’s true, Jun. When weekends, we decided to hang out with them in order to play basketball and they decided to do drill practices and team building, so that they will improve themselves to play when we’re competing against strong teams” said Subaru.

    “Is Kazunari Uehara come from Kirihara too?” asked Natsuhi.

    “Yes, Natsuhi. He is the one who had been on my back as the Kirihara Duo. Every game, we play together as a duo and develop our friendship together” said Subaru.

    “Subaru, while you’re in Kirihara, you invited me to see your teammates back then when I was alone” said Tomoka.

    “Oh, I did this when you watched my game in the tournament. When did you transfer to Keishin?” said Subaru.

    “I transferred to Keishin during the summer break and then, I made Maho, Saki, Airi and Hinata as new friends to create the basketball team. We won the intramural competition twice in my fifth and sixth grades” said Tomoka.

    “So, Tomoka. I accepted your decision of leaving our school and then you are no longer afraid of me after we reunited again” said Jun.

    “It was bittersweet when I leave for Keishin, but I learned my lesson when I began to improve myself because Subaru had decided to help me shooting as many as I can” said Tomoka.

    “Subaru, about the two remaining players” said Airi.

    “Okay, Airi. The other two are the ones who were good in the frontcourt. During summer, I encountered the two of them namely Kōshirō Shirota and Mikuni Okuda and played with them” said Subaru.

    “Kōshirō is a center while Mikuni is a shooting guard. I know those as well” said Mimi.

    “You did, Mimi?” asked Tomoka.

    “Yep. Those players are former rivals of Subaru when Subaru was in Keishin. Subaru was able to beat them in the tournament. Mikuni is a serious player like Natsuhi while Kōshirō is known for Magic Defense” said Mimi.

    “What is Magic Defense?” asked Maho.

    “Magic Defense is where one player can reflect the opponents’ moves by transferring one player with another player if the two were close to each other, then the screen will work to prevent the offensive player to move” said Mimi.

    “Only power forwards and centers can learn Magic Defense, but can only be learned if he/she is good in two categories: acceleration and defense” said Airi.

    “Natsuhi, your teammates are good in shooting and defense. It makes sure that your “Lucky Shooter” status is working with your recent performance at the intramural competition” said Tomoka.

    “I have luck in our team, but your team have luck too” said Natsuhi.

    “Who are your two players will join Subaru’s Dream Team aside from you?” asked Maho.

    “They are Daisuke Kikuchi and Akitsugu Wakui. Those two were usually hanging up with me and we’re alike to each other. On the other hand, Yoshinori Toshima and Tsutomu Fukada are very good players of mine that were good in defense” said Natsuhi.

    “I believe that the boys’ team is complete. So, Tomoka, do you have ideas for the girls’ team?” said Airi.

    “Yes, I have, Airi. Since you, Maho, Saki, Hinata and I will be joining with Aoi, Sono and Shouji, we need four more players to complete the team” said Tomoka.

    “I’ll be joining your team, Tomoka. Since I am the captain of Keishin Academy girls’ basketball team starting next month, I’ll be able to work with you like we did in Keishin” said Mimi.

    “Okay, Mimi. I will find three more players to fill out the roster of our team” said Tomoka.

    “Aya said to me that she’ll be interested to join our team because she will be the team captain for Suzuridani Academy next month” said Airi.

    “Okay, I’ll add her to the list” said Tomoka.

    “Wow! Since Mimi and Aya are known to be team captains for the next school year, I will be able to watch the two facing each other soon” said Maho.

    “We’ll see about that if we’ll be able to meet with Suzuridani again” said Mimi.

    “Subaru, on our batch, I recognized Nami and Kotoe, who were known to play basketball” said Natsuhi.

    “My friend Hiroshi has joined us alongside Megumi Kadokawa, Ai Ohara and Kira Kakimoto when we’re preparing for the intramurals last winter” said Maho.

    “Aoi told me that during her time in Kirihara, she befriends Misaki Natsukawa, a point guard and formerly team captain of her former school. Misaki is currently section 1-1 in Nashiba and she is one of the most cheerful students in the whole batch” said Airi.

    “I think Aoi has many friends as well and she is able to communicate with them at some time. Also, Sono and Shouji have been playing with Aoi long time ago. They are trying to cheer her up when she has concerns on any occasion with Subaru” said Tomoka.

    “Aoi and I were helping each other to learn the skills and abilities, in playing basketball. My special ability is Phantom Floater and Aoi’s special ability is Bloom Floater. Our abilities were able to use the floater with high acceleration” said Subaru.

    “Hey, Subaru. That ability is the same as Shiny Gift” said Tomoka.

    “Oh, you’re right, Tomoka” said Subaru.

    “It looks like your floaters are more interesting than other techniques that we used” said Maho.

    “There are many techniques that they used and they were able to master it with their own motivation” said Subaru.

    “I hope you are able to develop your special ability when you’re in the game” said Tomoka.

    “Yeah, I will do that, Tomoka” said Subaru.

    “So, what are other friends looked like, Tomoka?” asked Jun.

    “Okay, since you asked, I have friends from section 6-B as well as in my section, 6-C. Since there are six sections, I was able to befriend friends in 6-B and 6-C. My other teammates have friends on other sections: Maho and 6-D, Saki and 6-A and 6-D, Airi and 6-F and Hinata and 6-C and 6-E” said Tomoka.

    “While Nozomi, Sora and I were clubmates in our Music Club, we’re not classmates to each of us” said Jun.

    “Jun, did you have friends in your section?” asked Tomoka.

    “Yes, Tomoka. I have friends of mine who were still friends with you even though that you leave our school for Keishin” said Jun.

    “So, do you know them?” asked Tomoka.

    “Yes. Their names are Hitomi Takao, Masami Nojima, Kyōji Nozumi and Masanobu Uehara” said Jun.

    “That’s nice. So, it seems that they like your songs and I wondered what they are up to” said Tomoka.

    “They are enrolling for Shikadai like me and they have separate vacations for spring break” said Jun.

    “I hope I would meet one of them” said Tomoka.

    “It will be fine to see them if I have encounter more of them. Kyō said that he has many friends as well and sometimes he bragged him to take part of the music club” said Jun.

    “As long as he likes your song, he was able to sing with you as well” said Tomoka.

    “Yeah, Kyō and I were walking together with my bandmates Nozomi and Sora. Nozomi and Sora asked me if Kyō is a singer and I said to them that he is a song composer, but somehow being a singer as well” said Jun.

    “You seem to be more interested on him” said Tomoka.

    “I guess so. His sister Kurumi was different than us, but she wanted to make sure that Kyō has able to study. Rather than his boredom, he was able to do his own hobbies while studying in high school” said Jun.

    “Good for him, but he should be able to sing together at the audience soon” said Tomoka.

    “We will probably sing together soon” said Jun. “Also, I was hoping to enjoy the Vernal Week with you and your friends.”

    “Yeah, it was expected to see many trees and flowers blooming. We should be able to look at those by Monday” said Tomoka.

    “I’m waiting to see the flowers bloom in Nishina” said Maho.

    “I almost forgot that tomorrow we will go to the park to see the view” said Airi.

    “Yeah, I would be expected to see how the season changes when it reaches spring” said Mimi.

    “There are many cherry blossom trees in north Nishina, but it sure that they’ll bloom out” said Subaru.

    “I believed that we will ever see a cold view for the last time before trees and flowers grow again” said Natsuhi.

    “It seems that we should be ready to visit the park tomorrow after the game” said Jun.

    “Yeah, Jun. It will make us refresh from our memories” said Tomoka.

    “Uh, I was thinking if you have plans for your friends in Keishin” said Subaru.

    “Well, to be honest, I invited them to the mansion by Monday, so that they decided to work together as a team of my friends” said Tomoka.

    “So, since you know Nami and Kotoe, they will come as soon as possible. For others, I think you should call them if you want” said Maho.

    “Yeah, it will be a gathering of my friends based on relations outside Keishin or close friends in Keishin” said Tomoka.

    “Oh, that’s a great idea, Tomoka. Are you planning to do that by Monday?” said Airi.

    “I will, Airi” said Tomoka.

    “Are you planning for our friends to come at the mansion too?” asked Maho.

    “Yes, Maho. It seems that we should be forming new groups to assign their duties when we’re expanding the group” said Tomoka.

    “It would be a better idea to join the boys too” said Natsuhi.

    “Of course, Natsuhi. We have to be fair with the counting because the roster should be composed of at least 12 members of our team” said Subaru.

    “On the other hand, Saki is good in communicating with our classmates” said Maho.

    “Well, I should give her a role as the human resources manager to find some friends to join us” said Subaru.

    “When a new journey begins, we should start all over again. Let’s make sure that everyone is happy to be with us” said Mimi.

    “You’re right, Mimi. It’s like an organization, but we will add some roles to each of us” said Tomoka.

    “Well, I wanted to operate for fitness and health” said Airi.

    “Subaru, you should create a sports club for us because you’re the one who manages everything” said Tomoka.

    “Oh, that’s a great idea” said Subaru.

    “Yay! We should be ready to start our daily activities soon” said Maho.

    “I hope that this organization will be our legacy since Tomoka formed the Keishin Academy girls’ basketball team” said Mimi.

    “Subaru, aside from making this organization, I wanted to be always with you as long as we’re working together” said Tomoka.

    “I’ll take care of the training schedules” said Airi.

    “It seems that I will be working with Maho and her friends in Kirihara and in the mansion” said Natsuhi.

    “I like your expectations about what are you gonna do outside school. It looks like your future is in your hands, Subaru” said Jun.

    “Yeah, Jun. I hope that the Angels will be working together as well” said Subaru.

    “You know, it was a great day that I visited this mansion as a friend of a dearest” said Jun.

    “Jun, will you work with us sometime after school or church?” asked Tomoka.

    “Okay, I will be joining your team with my bandmates. We’ll become partners” said Jun.

    “That’s the spirit! Our group will grow together until we achieve as champions” said Tomoka.

    “So, once we have expectations to be working with, then we should follow our new principles of our group: cooperation, wisdom and willpower” said Airi.

    “Well, there is always a blessing in this organization like in Keishin” said Maho.

    “Maho! This is the motto of the Keishin Academy basketball team” said Natsuhi.

    “I’m sorry about that, but we should have more luck in our group and I can feel about our future” said Maho.

    “Subaru, I realize that we should work on our special abilities soon” said Mimi.

    “Okay, Mimi. I was planning to do that because I never master this special ability while coaching the team” said Subaru.

    “I want to make sure that when you’re mastering the special ability, you have to keep trying until you finally made it out” said Tomoka.

    “Thanks for your advice, Tomoka. I knew that I want to use this in the future and I should be focused on our team and my friends” said Subaru.

    “Alright. I’m expected to be ready for tomorrow’s game, Subaru” said Maho.

    “I’m feeling good to be ready, Maho” said Airi.

    “We can limit down our pressure and let’s make this match that will never forget” said Mimi.

    “Soon, it will be the blessing start for us to bring wisdom to our group” said Natsuhi.

    “New beginning, new blessing” said Jun.

    “Yeah, tomorrow will be a colorful day and we’ll work together” said Tomoka.

    “It sure is, Tomoka. I hope thatby the time we’ll start our new activities, we’re going to work together like the way we did in Keishin. Tomorrow, let’s focus on our game against the newly recruits” said Subaru.

    “Okay!” said Tomoka, Maho, Airi, Natsuhi, Mimi and Jun. Subaru, Tomoka, Maho, Airi, Natsuhi, Mimi and Jun were finished planning some new activities after they talked about the Dream Team, friends, relations, organization and tomorrow’s game between Mimi’s team and Himeko’s team.

    UP NEXT: Chapter 10: "The Gremory Team"

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