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Thread: Rooks, Knights and Bravehearts - The Ro-Kyu-Bu!/Tenshi no 3P! X High School DxD Crossover Series

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    Re: Rooks, Knights and Bravehearts - The Ro-Kyu-Bu!/Tenshi no 3P! X High School DxD Crossover Series

    Volume 5: "Brave and Bold Warriors" | Chapter 59: "The Admired Girl with Two Colors: Airi Kashii's Birthday"

    Part 2

    The Bravehearts were able to gather each other at the Nishina Square at 4:15 in the afternoon. They walk back home to the mansion of the Misawa Resort Hotel and prepare for Airi’s birthday, which will be held at the hall.

    At the hall of the mansion, the Bravehearts and the guests are present for Airi’s birthday. Most of the guests are Airi’s friends as well as her old friends. Aya Miyakoōji and her teammates from Suzuridani Academy girls’ basketball team arrive as well to meet Airi.

    Orange and Fuchsia: Composed of four teams
    Team Hayashida: Asuna Hayashida, Shizuka Ōta, Mitsuki Kaneshiro, Ai Tsukada, Erika Iguchi, Kazuyo Miyazawa, Miki Hishida, Yuriko Akinaga, Chiyo Goto and Yōko Yamazaki
    Team Aoyagi: Kenshō Aoyagi, Ichirō Kanehira, Shōsuke Koyama, Kojiro Miwa, Hirokazu Chijimatsu, Junpei Hayano, Kentarō Nakamatsu, Tsunehisa Nakayama, Naruhisa Ishikawa and Kōichirō Akaike
    Team Ogura: Minami Ogura, Tomoko Aoyama, Miyako Hisamura, Sakura Matsuoka, Maho Okamura, Kazue Tamaki, Chōei Utsumi, Shigehisa Deguchi, Tatsuya Aso, Hisahito Hishida, Eijirō Fukuda and Ryōsei Wakui
    Other: Aya Miyakoōji
    Staff: Itsuko Kanehira and Kaori Kashii

    Team Fujisaki: Rina Fujisaki, Rei Rakuyama, Minami Ōshima, Sakura Nobumoto, Chinami Nishida, Ryōsei Sakurai, Nobuo Momijidani, Masahiro Kurokawa, Mareo Koga and Kazurō Ikeda
    Staff: Minako Machida and Kozue Hidaka

    “Every time I see you, they always want to smile at me. I like the way you dress, Aya” said Airi.

    “Yep. It’s so beautiful, isn’t?” said Aya Miyakoōji.

    “Yeah, Aya. I know that you and your teammates are present for my birthday party. I told you to come to my birthday on time and I have been grooming before the party started” said Airi.

    “Yeah. Oh, by the way, thank you for inviting us to your birthday, Airi. Here’s our gift for you” said Aya as Aya gives the birthday present to Airi.

    “Thank you, Aya! I guess that you are kinder than anyone else as a friend. Well, then, sit down and I’m going to give you some food!” said Airi.

    “Okay!” said Aya and the members of the Suzuridani Academy girls’ basketball team.

    Masami, Tsubaki and Hiiragi, who were joining with the other members of The Wisteria Club, serve the food for the guests to eat.

    “Here’s your food!” said Masami.

    “Thanks! I can’t believe that you’re very good in cooking!” said Kōichirō Akaike.

    “Wow! You said nice things to me. Well, I’m glad that I was able to get help from the Dazzled Hearts because I was able to cook some food all night and then, I delivered the food to our restaurant. It seems that you’re interested in eating rice dishes. Is that right?” said Masami.

    “Yeah! I usually love to eat rice with a dish on our home!” said Kōichirō.

    “Good for you! Always remember that you have an appetite to eat and you can always smile while eating your food. Enjoy the food, boys!” said Masami.

    “Thank you very much!” said Junpei Hayano, Kentarō Nakamatsu, Tsunehisa Nakayama, Naruhisa Ishikawa and Kōichirō Akaike.

    Natsuhi looked at Airi’s friends, eating their food. “Those boys are always getting their luck when it comes to their excitement. Even when they meet Airi, they know their roles as they want to be nice with her. Airi made the boys more compassionate to make sure that they will be able to develop their relationship with her.”

    “Oh, I believe that Kōichirō is the guy that he had been in the tryouts, but he had his desires to be with Airi. As long as he is ready to step in to the court, he is ready to bring actions for the Orange and Fuchsia” said Hinata.

    “I might compare those boys to our boys, Hinata. The boys of the Prestigious Charm are heavily compared to Kōichirō and his boys because their centers, Ichirō Kanehira and Akira Miyaji, are much alike to each other based on their defensive role plays. I wonder if Miyaji played better defense than Ichirō” said Kagetsu.

    “Ah, I think Miyaji had a great solid defensive protector because he can able to block shots and dunk over strong boys in the court” said Erika Satō.

    “Are you sure that Miyaji would be able to handle the defense over the offense?” asked Kagetsu.

    “Uh, no” said Erika Satō.

    “I’ll say that Miyaji had to deal with his defensive roles before he switches to be the big man to shoot” said Kagetsu.

    “Well, that’s more like it, Kagetsu. I’ll be glad that Miyaji will be able to lead his team once they are going to enter the Ōmori Invitationals” said Erika Satō.

    ‘Yeah” said Kagetsu.

    “We still not know if we will represent one group or divide into groups” said Miho Hikasa.

    “Uh, I will about that, Miho. When the charm had been picked, there are many lucks that they have to take” said Kagetsu.

    Tomoka, Airi, Subaru and Aoi are calling the Bravehearts to gather around for the blowing of candles. “Everyone! Let’s sing “Happy Birthday” to Airi, so that she will make her wish once we finished singing the song!” said Subaru.

    The Bravehearts and the guests begin to sing “The Happy Birthday Song” as Airi feels charismatic to see her friends singing “Happy Birthday” to her. After they finished singing, Airi looks at the candle as she makes her wish.

    “What is your wish, Airi? Do you want to say something?” asked Tomoka.

    “Well, the only wish that I left is that I want to be more respectful and admired to anyone who had been friends like you. I wish that one day I will be able to improve my basketball skills and to help my teammates to win” said Airi as she blows the candle. The Bravehearts and the guests are happily cheering for Airi as Airi’s wishes have come true.

    “Happy birthday, Airi!” said the Bravehearts and the guests.

    “Wow! I can’t believe that all of you have helped me grow to turn thirteen. That means that I would able to do anything of my own!” said Airi.

    “That’s right, onēsan. Like my older sister and I were able to be independent to our parents, you would be able to go anywhere, but you have to be more careful when you go to different places that are not good for teenagers. Usually, there are some things that might be dangerous to you. So, I have to tell you that you have to be a good girl and be respectful to your friends” said Banri.

    “Airi, I have to tell you that it’s your wisdom and hope that you will be able to continue playing basketball in Keishin. Once you grow up, you will have more opportunities to get with. It’s your choice if you want to stay with Tomoka and her friends” said Kaori.

    “Okay, Banri and Kaori. I will do anything I want, but also, I will be able to trust you” said Airi as she hugs her brother Banri and her sister Kaori.

    “Thank you, Airi” said Banri and Kaori.

    “Thank you, oniisan. Thank you, onēsan” said Airi.

    “I guess that Airi will be able to follow her siblings’ footsteps to play basketball and with Kaori had already went to college, that means that Airi will be able to help her brother Banri anytime she wants” said Tomoka.

    “Yeah, with Kaori going to be with us only for weekends, Airi and Banri will try their best to improve their basketball skills and hopefully, they will be able to help their parents to attract customers at the sports gym soon” said Subaru.

    “Oh, that reminds me, Airi said to you earlier that we should go to their sports gym on Saturday afternoon for a meeting” said Aoi.

    “About what, Aoi?” asked Subaru.

    “Well, there are some things that Kaori will miss when she will be studying in college” said Aoi.

    “Oh, so that’s why Airi and Banri are trying to help Kaori to monitor their family business. The Kashii Sports Gym has attracted customers even their friends came by to visit there. The main reason why both Airi and Banri want to help Kaori in attracting more customers is because Kaori had already got a degree for sports wellness and management. I guess that Airi and Banri are planning to get their sports science course soon” said Tomoka.

    “That’s right, Tomoka. I hope that Airi and Banri will be able to get high grades in order to take a degree that will help them for their family business. I’m glad that Airi will be able to bring her friends to visit the gym anytime she wants” said Aoi.

    “Also, Airi and Banri will be able to monitor their friends and give their friends some advice to make sure that they will stay fit and healthy at all times” said Subaru.

    “Yeah, I hope that they will be bringing the Orange and Fuchsia some surprise soon. I can’t wait to see the Orange and Fuchsia going to play in the court after their hard work they made!” said Tomoka.

    “That’s right, Tomoka. I’m sure that the two colors are bonded as the symbol of fortitude of their family values” said Subaru.

    “Yeah” said Aoi.

    “Alright, everyone! Let’s eat the cake!” said Airi.

    Airi begins to cut the birthday cake into pieces and gives those to her friends. The Bravehearts begin to eat their cakes at the table while Airi, Banri and Kaori enjoy talking with Tomoka, Sabaru and Aoi. After that, Saki, Maho and Hinata join Airi, Banri, Kaori, Tomoka, Subaru and Aoi in one table as Airi is about to open her birthday presents.

    “Let’s see. There are many birthday gifts I got from my teammates in Keishin Academy girls’ basketball team and my friends. Of course, there are also birthday cards from my relatives while Itsuko Kanehira brought a big present for me. I wonder what’s inside” said Airi as she is unwrapping the first birthday present. Itsuko’s gift for Airi is a pair of orange-colored athletic shoes.

    “Wow!” said Tomoka, Maho, Saki, Airi, Banri, kaori, Subaru and Aoi.

    “Is that your new shoes?” asked Saki.

    “Yeah! These shoes are very nice than the ones I wear when we’re together in elementary school” said Airi.

    “Well, put it on, Airi” said Hinata.

    Airi removes her mules to wear her new athletic shoes. The new shoes fit on Airi’s size of her feet. “Looks like it’s fitted, Hinata.”

    “Do you like it, Airi? I bought it at the sports shop where I was able to buy a valuable pair of athletic shoes good for your exercise and training” said Itsuko.

    “It’s so nice, Itsuko. I will be wearing this when I’m going to join outdoor activities and training with my friends” said Airi.

    “Okay, Airi. I’m sure that you will be able to boost your running when you’re playing in the court” said Itsuko.

    “Yeah!” said Airi.

    “Okay, Airi. What’s the next present you will open?” said Tomoka.

    “I guess that I will unwrap this present” said Airi as she picked the present from Tomoka, Maho, Saki and Hinata. Airi unwraps the present and the present from her four best friends is a set of hairclips and a birthday card.

    “Wow! These hairclips are good to fit for my hair, girls!” said Airi.

    “That’s correct, Airi. I’m glad that you are growing up and I wonder if you are going to be admired by us” said Tomoka.

    “I think you’re right, but I’ll wear it every day” said Airi. Then, Airi opens the birthday card. It contains greetings from her best friends and teammates: Tomoka, Maho, Saki and Hinata. “Oh, it’s lovely. I can’t believe that you made me smile after I read the greetings.”

    “Yep. We made this birthday card for you. It’s not because you’re very kind to us, but you’re very respectful when we’re together as teammates” said Saki.

    “Yeah, you’re right, Saki. Thank you very much, everyone” said Airi.

    “Well, I was very generous to be with you, Airi. It’s been a while that you become closer to me after the girls and I helped you overcome your fears” said Subaru.

    “Yeah, I was expected to be determine, but yeah, it was” said Airi.

    “There’s another present that you’re going to pick next, but what about the present from Jun and her group?” said Subaru.

    “Oh, that one” said Airi, who is pointing to the violet wrapped birthday present with the music note on the greeting card. Airi gets the present and unwraps it. The birthday gift received from Jun and the Angels is a school bag. “Wow! Would you look at that?”

    “It’s your school bag, Airi! It’s your lucky charm for you to wear it when it’s school time” said Maho.

    “Yeah, I guess that this bag fits for my school materials to bring when I’m going to enter to Keishin. That’s very nice!” said Airi, who admired Jun and her group after she revealed the gift.

    “Now, Airi. There are four more presents for you to unwrap and then, the others will be unwrapped after the party” said Aoi.

    “Okay!” said Airi.

    Airi gets the birthday presents received from Banri, Kaori, Subaru and Aoi and unwraps both presents to see what’s inside in those two presents. “Okay, for Aoi, I got the dress which is beautiful. I like the colors of yellow and orange.”

    “It fits for you to wear that dress on your weekend activities” said Aoi.

    “Yeah, Aoi. Well, this one is from Subaru. It’s a bracelet!” said Airi.

    “Huh?! A bracelet?!” said Saki.

    “Yeah! I think it’s more valuable to wear as my lucky charm” said Airi.

    “It suits you for your safety against your troubles in your life” said Banri.

    “Yeah, it was, oniisan. Thank you, Subaru!” said Airi.

    “You’re welcome!” said Subaru.

    “Now, for Kaori…” said Airi as she unwraps the birthday present received from her sister Kaori. The present from Kaori is a jacket. “…it looks good for me. It’s a jacket!”

    “Now, you have your dress and your jacket! I guess that you will feel better if you are chilling in the cold” said Kaori.

    “Yeah, but since winter is over, I won’t be wearing this jacket until I feel cold in some places” said Airi.

    “Good for you, Airi. Since you have your jacket from the basketball team, that means that you won’t worry to wear at least one jacket anymore” said Aoi.

    “Oh, yeah, you’re right. I have been thinking about that” said Airi.

    “Now, on the last present you will unwrap for now” said Subaru.

    “You bet!” said Airi. Airi unwraps the birthday present from Banri and it was revealed to be a water bottle. “Thank goodness, Banri! You brought a water battle for me?”

    “Yeah, onēsan. Every time I bought some goods for our family sports gym, I found this water bottle to be suited for everyone who wants to be fit” said Banri.

    “Yeah, it was. Banri, I feel confident when you bought some valuable goods for the sports gym, but I know that you’re doing great in improving our family business. I mean, our family had been enriching sports and most of us are wanted to be athletic trainers in the future” said Airi.

    “I believe so, Airi. Well, I guess that we should be planning on how to run our gym without our older sister Kaori in the weekdays, but I’m sure that Kaori will be able to run the gym at least two nights during weekdays” said Banri.

    “Yeah. I guess so. However, we should follow our parents’ goals in our gym” said Airi.

    “Of course, onēsan!” said Banri.

    “Uh, Subaru” said Airi.

    “Airi, what is it?” asked Subaru.

    “My parents talked to me earlier and they said that they want to meet you at our home on Saturday” said Airi.

    “Oh, the plans for your family business when most of the days are school time” said Subaru.

    “That’s right, Subaru. I’m sure that you’ll be coming with us on that day” said Airi.

    “Well, I should, but there’s a problem” said Subaru.

    “Uh, did you have something to say about your activities in your school’s basketball team?” asked Airi.

    “Yeah” said Subaru.

    “Well, Subaru, we were told by our manager Takehiro Furukawa that he and his father will be going to Minato for a three-day general assembly in planning for the upcoming Interhigh tournament. Also, we should go to Minato on Saturday” said Banri.

    “Ah, I get it. So, Airi, what if Aoi will be running the gym for a while?” said Subaru.

    “Oh, she can, Subaru. Aoi is my friend and I know that she is being a cheerful person ever since we met each other” said Airi.

    “Subaru, I know that I’m going to have weekend activities in the mansion, but every weekend, there are different activities we make. So, that’s why Airi and her family are going to discuss something for their family business. It means that their family sports gym is going to be run by their friends of theirs” said Aoi.

    “Well, I’m fine about my parents’ friends because they were usually trained together in our gym. Usually, my parents run the gym for the weekdays, but sometimes either me, my brother or my older sister join with them on the weekends. I’m sure that my parents will be able to know what to do after my older sister is doing her school assignments soon” said Airi.

    “It’s okay for that, Airi. I will be handling the sports gym only if I will be helping my parents to improve our business with the profits we lost and also, if the customers think that it’s valuable for them to visit there, we will earn our expenses at the end. They’ll be able to give satisfactory actions for us to improve our sports gym” said Kaori.

    “Well, I’m going with that choice, Kaori” said Airi.

    “Okay, that’s great!” said Kaori.

    “Subaru, it’ll be alright that all of us will be able to settle things up. Of course, since you’re my friend, we will be able to help you improving your skills and techniques for Nashiba to win matches” said Banri.

    “Yeah, I will be glad about that, Banri!” said Subaru.

    “I’m sure that we’re all agreed to this and we’re ready to work together. I hope that it’s going to be fun!” said Airi.

    “Yeah!” said Subaru, Aoi, Banri, Kaori, Tomoka, Maho, Saki and Hinata.

    At the Recreational Center, the Orange and Fuchsia would battle against Itusko’s friends at the basketball court. Asuna Hayashida would battle against Itsuko Kanehira, who currently holds the ball while both sides are ready to take their action in the practice match. This is one of the practice matches for Itsuko Kanehira, who will return as the starting center of the Nashiba High School girls’ basketball team in her third and final year in high school.

    “I guess that it’s a wonderful day to see my friends playing basketball and I feel excited to see how my friends going to do when they are running the Orange and Fuchsia” said Airi.

    “Yeah, Airi. I’m glad that your group had been developing their relationship with you. I’m happy to hear that!” said Saki.

    “Of course, Saki!” said Airi.

    “Oh, I’m very happy to see your friends playing basketball like we did at the basketball court in the Misawa Residence” said Hinata.

    “Yeah, it seems that my friends are always hanging out with me at the gym and probably, they might end up choosing their futures too!” said Airi.

    “Yeah!” said Hinata.

    “Airi, I like your feelings to be more complimented and I know that we’ve been together as best friends since we formed the elementary school girls’ basketball team. I wonder what future you will be hoping for” said Maho.

    “I want to continue my family business in running the sports gym with my family. It’s very important to help my parents and after I graduated from sports wellness degree in a college, I will follow my parents’ footsteps to run my family sports gym” said Airi.

    “Well, I’m appreciated that you are my best friend and I’m always holding your back because it’s so nice to get along with you” said Maho.

    “Oh, yes, I am. Thank you very much, Maho!” said Airi.

    “You’re welcome, Airi! Now that we’re middle school, let’s continue working together with our best friends and we’ll succeed!” said Maho.

    “Yeah!” said Airi.

    “Airi, your friends are giving smiles to you when you meet them, and they want your support to keep on playing basketball. By the time we will be going to high school three years later, we will face some serious challenge” said Tomoka.

    “Yeah, we should focus on our plans this year, so that we will be able to join the middle school girls’ basketball team” said Airi.

    “I expect that our friendship continues to bond each other and I’m glad that you’re my best friend, Airi” said Tomoka.

    “Yeah, Tomoka. You’re very sweet to me to say that and I like you too” said Airi.

    “Yeah, Airi. We brought two colors to connect new opportunities between the two of us” said Tomoka.

    “I believe it was, Tomoka. I’m glad that I’m happy to see my friends enjoying their night at my birthday party and I expect that when the next birthday celebration comes, it will be better than ever!” said Airi.

    “Yeah, Airi!” said Tomoka. Airi’s birthday party was filled of surprises and Airi was admired to see her friends coming to enjoy the party. Airi’s plans for the future are different than her expectations when she was in the sixth grade. Airi hopes that she and her siblings Banri and Kaori will continue running her family sports gym at some time. Airi and her friends shared the admired things and their friendship may continue to develop as long as they’re best friends since their elementary school years.

    UP NEXT: Supplementary 4, Part 1: "Birthdays of the Characters of Rooks, Knights and Bravehearts - Team Bravehearts"

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    Re: Rooks, Knights and Bravehearts - The Ro-Kyu-Bu!/Tenshi no 3P! X High School DxD Crossover Series

    Volume 5: "Brave and Bold Warriors" | Supplementary 4, Part 1: "Birthdays of the Characters of Rooks, Knights and Bravehearts"

    The Supplementary 4: "Birthdays of the Characters of Rooks, Knights and Bravehearts" will be divided into different groups and it will be posted after one update. Let's start over with the dates of the birthday celebrants of Team Bravehearts, which also includes Team Hasegawa and the Nashiba High School Basketball Team!

    SUPPLEMENTARY 4: “Birthdays of the Characters of Rooks, Knights and Bravehearts”
    Legend: ESElementary School, MSMiddle School, HSHigh School

    PART 1

    Team Bravehearts
    Team Bravehearts: Tomoka Minato, Saki Nagatsuka, Airi Kashii, Hinata Hakamada, Maho Misawa Mimi Balguerie, Kagetsu Hakamada, Masami Fujii, Tsubaki Takenaka, Hiiragi Takenaka and Natsuhi Takenaka

    Team Bravehearts (Keishin Academy)
    Tomoka Minato: September 9 / SG / 1MS-C
    Saki Nagatsuka: July 1 / PG / 1MS-C
    Airi Kashii: April 5 / C / 1MS-C
    Hinata Hakamada: March 3 / SF / 1MS-C
    Maho Misawa: July 2 / PF / 1MS-C
    Mimi Balguerie: February 3 / SF / 6ES-D
    Kagetsu Hakamada: February 20 / PF-C / 6ES-D
    Masami Fujii: June 16 / PG-SG / 6ES-B
    Tsubaki Takenaka: January 1 / PF / 6ES-A
    Hiiragi Takenaka: January 1 / SG-SF / 6ES-A
    Natsuhi Takenaka: June 20 / PG / 1MS-C

    Team Hasegawa: Composed of three teams
    Luminous Camellia: Subaru Hasegawa, Aoi Ogiyama, Kazunari Uehara, Banri Kashii, Satsuki Kakizono, Tae Mishōji, Ayame Shionji, Aoba Wakayama and Misaki Natsukawa
    Team Shionji: Marina Kamiya, Chinami Takao, Kaori Takeuchi, Miho Taneda and Haruka Kajio
    Nashiba High School Boys’ Basketball Team: Subaru Hasegawa, Kazunari Uehara, Banri Kashii, Takumi Ōhata, Naomori Abe, Ryōta Sugihara, Seiji Kōno, Kenshō Odawara, Mitsuhiro Nagakura, Sadatoshi Kiuchi, Itaru Tsuchiya and Daisuke Kojima
    Nashiba High School Girls’ Basketball Team: Aoi Ogiyama, Satsuki Kakizono, Tae Mishōji, Ayame Shionji, Misaki Natsukawa, Nagisa Tamaki, Minami Endō, Kirara Shimazaki, Saori Aoyama, Nanami Togashi, Yurika Tsuchida, Hajime Okuno and Istuko Kanehira
    Others: Ginga Hasegawa and Mihoshi Takamura

    Luminous Camellia (Nashiba High School)
    Subaru Hasegawa: October 11 / PG / Starter / 2HS-10
    Aoi Ogiyama: January 9 / C / Starter / 2HS-3
    Kazunari Uehara: December 11 / SG / Starter / 2HS-10
    Banri Kashii: August 13 / C / Starter / 2HS-7
    Satsuki Kakizono: May 14 / SG / Starter / 2HS-4
    Tae Mishōji: February 16 / PG / Starter / 2HS-4
    Aoba Wakayama: May 7 / 2HS-9

    Team Shionji (Nashiba High School)
    Marina Kamiya: November 4 / 2HS-5
    Chinami Takao: June 10 / 2HS-5
    Kaori Takeuchi: April 19 / 2HS-5
    Miho Taneda: August 11 / 2HS-5
    Haruka Kajio: February 26 / 2HS-5

    Luminous Warriors / Nashiba High School Boys’ Basketball Team
    Takumi Ōhata: February 11 / SF / Starter / 2HS-6
    Naomori Abe: May 8 / PF / Starter / 2HS-8
    Ryōta Sugihara: September 13 / PG / 2HS-10
    Seiji Kōno: November 26 / PG / 2HS-7
    Kenshō Odawara: January 20 / SF / 2HS-9
    Mitsuhiro Nagakura: June 28 / SG / 2HS-3
    Sadatoshi Kiuchi: November 15 / PF / 2HS-6
    Itaru Tsuchiya: March 20 / C / 3HS-2
    Daisuke Kojima: March 9 / SF / 3HS-3
    Seiichirō Yoshioka: June 2 / SG / 1HS-5
    Chihiro Himejima: May 6 / PF / 1HS-4
    Takehiro Furukawa: May 22 / M / 3HS-6

    Camellian Warriors / Nashiba High School Girls’ Basketball Team
    Ayame Shionji: May 11 / SG / 2HS-5
    Misaki Natsukawa: June 19 / PG / 1HS-1
    Nagisa Tamaki: December 3 / SF / Starter / 3HS-3
    Minami Endō: September 15 / SF / 2HS-2
    Kirara Shimazaki: September 8 / C / 3HS-3
    Saori Aoyama: August 12 / C / Starter / 2HS-6
    Nanami Togashi: April 19 / SG / 1HS-7
    Yurika Tsuchida: November 1 / PG / 3HS-6
    Hajime Okuno: July 26 / SF / 1HS-5
    Kumi Nakajima: July 16 / M / 3HS-8

    Ginga Hasegawa: October 26 / Father of Subaru Hasegawa
    Mihoshi Takamura: September 28 / Aunt of Subaru Hasegawa, Adviser of 6ES-D

    UP NEXT: Chapter 60: "Electrically Shocking Between Two Colors" [Part 2 of Airi Kashii's Birthday Celebration]

    The second part of Airi Kashii's birthday celebration will be posted on June 13 (Wednesday). You will witness the debut of another group that will join the Bravehearts as Team Groundwinger is ready to take the action while celebrating the birthday of their friend, Airi Kashii. See you on June 13 (Wendesday) for the next update of Rooks, Knights and Bravehearts!

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    Overall activity: 4.0%
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    Re: Rooks, Knights and Bravehearts - The Ro-Kyu-Bu!/Tenshi no 3P! X High School DxD Crossover Series

    While the celebration continues, the second part of Airi Kashii’s birthday celebration witnesses the first appearance of Team Groundwinger. The team had been inspired from the anime series, To Aru no Majutsu no Index, and they are friends with Airi Kashii. Also, this chapter will feature both Team Groundwinger and Airi’s group, Orange and Fuchsia, because each group had their own sides on what they’re doing after the birthday celebration of Airi Kashii. This chapter is dedicated to the voice actress of Airi Kashii and Kurumi Nukui, Rina Hidaka, whose birthday is on June 15. It’s also a coincidence that June 15 is also my birthday! Hopefully, I’m going to start working on the new drafts for Volume 6 since I have done drafted the last pieces of the volume which will be posted very soon. The projected date to post new chapters for Volume 6 will be probably in August. I hope that this series will reach another milestone, which will be the one-year anniversary in the making. For now, sit back and witness the new group, Team Groundwinger, for tonight’s update! Enjoy reading Chapter 60!

    The Orange and Fuchsia is a group composed of Airi Kashii and Kurumi Nukui. The group was divided into four groups: Team Hayashida, Team Aoyagi, Team Ogura and Team Fujisaki. They also have their extended group known as the Sunset Team. The Orange and Fuchsia had been focused on getting the hustle and keeping the willpower for the players to excel in making themselves fit. But there is another group that likes to send shockwaves when it comes to video games. Meet Team Groundwinger. The team becomes involved in playing video games and wearing cosplay clothes due to them being fans of To Aru no Majutsu no Index. With both sides are enjoying their night after Airi’s birthday celebration, they looked forward to see new opportunities for themselves to excel in the future.


    The members of the Orange and Fuchsia and the friends of Airi are playing at the Recreational Center. Airi was very delighted to look at her friends playing together.

    Lists of Guests and Friends Attending the Birthday Party of Airi Kashii:

    Orange and Fuchsia: Composed of four teams
    Team Hayashida: Asuna Hayashida, Shizuka Ōta, Mitsuki Kaneshiro, Ai Tsukada, Erika Iguchi, Kazuyo Miyazawa, Miki Hishida, Yuriko Akinaga, Chiyo Goto and Yōko Yamazaki
    Team Aoyagi: Kenshō Aoyagi, Ichirō Kanehira, Shōsuke Koyama, Kojiro Miwa, Hirokazu Chijimatsu, Junpei Hayano, Kentarō Nakamatsu, Tsunehisa Nakayama, Naruhisa Ishikawa and Kōichirō Akaike
    Team Ogura: Minami Ogura, Tomoko Aoyama, Miyako Hisamura, Sakura Matsuoka, Maho Okamura, Kazue Tamaki, Chōei Utsumi, Shigehisa Deguchi, Tatsuya Aso, Hisahito Hishida, Eijirō Fukuda and Ryōsei Wakui
    Staff: Itsuko Kanehira and Kaori Kashii

    Team Fujisaki: Rina Fujisaki, Rei Rakuyama, Minami Ōshima, Sakura Nobumoto, Chinami Nishida, Ryōsei Sakurai, Nobuo Momijidani, Masahiro Kurokawa, Mareo Koga and Kazurō Ikeda
    Staff: Minako Machida and Kozue Hidaka

    Suzuridani Girls’ Academy (Suzuridani-Ikegami Tigers)
    Middle School: Miyu Aida, Kumi Tsukada, Misuzu Kōmoto, Ran Yahagi, Momoe Tachibana, Nobu Okuda, Yume Nakano and Wakana Kitano
    Elementary School: Aya Miyakoōji, Rena Ashihara, Asako Matsubara, Sakura Akaike, Manaka Iwamura, Ayano Nobidome and Hanako Nobidome
    Coaching Staff: Manaka Nobidome (ES) and Yurika Yahagi (MS)

    This chapter is focused on the two groups: the Orange and Fuchsia and the new group that joined the Bravehearts known as Team Groundwinger.

    Banri Kashii announced the results of the game after his sister Kaori Kashii blew her whistle as the game between Team Kanehira and the Orange and Fuchsia ended with the victory for Team Kanehira. “With the final score of 60-53, Team Kanehira wins the match! Bow!”

    “Thank you very much!” said the players of Team Kanehira and the Orange and Fuchsia on the court.

    The members of the Orange and Fuchsia take their break at the vending machine where they bring their money to buy their refreshments.

    “That was a great match, Itsuko! I hope that we will be able to help us ready to participate in the future tournaments. I’m glad that you are very strong” said Asuna.

    “You know that you have good defensive roles when you battle against me” said Itsuko.

    “Oh, yeah. I see the fact that you are doing well with your performance, Itsuko” said Asuna.

    “Yeah! I’m glad that you’ll be able to propel your team to Interhigh tournament soon” said Mitsuki Kaneshiro.

    “I believe that you are very supportive to me in trying to help me ready for the Interhigh preliminaries. Well, I’m happy to see you all impressed with my performance. I’m not sure what to do next” said Itsuko.

    “You said that you are going to join with Aoi, Satsuki and Tae to facilitate the tryouts for the girls’ basketball team” said Miki Hashida.

    “Yeah” said Shizuka Ōta.

    “Oh, I guess you’re right, Miki. I know that our program had been waiting for the decision to open tryouts by the end of the month, but of course, Subaru and his teammates are currently planning to team up with our team to go for a school meeting on Wednesday” said Itsuko.

    “Ah, what meeting, Itsuko?” asked Miki.

    “It’s for the plans for our school’s basketball program this year” said Itsuko.

    “Ah, I get it. So, that’s why Subaru and his friends brought your friends here for a week” said Miki.

    “Yep. There are many things that we have to do at the mansion starting earlier when they meet with the other members of the basketball team to know about this year’s competition system. I also heard that Takehiro Furukawa and his father Takeshi will be heading to Minato for the three-day general assembly. On the other hand, our coach is planning to officiate practice matches next month before the Interhigh preliminaries in June” said Itsuko.

    “Since you’re one of the members of the girls’ basketball club in Nashiba, I think you have to prepare some goals expectations for your season. Right now, you’re a second year student and you’re ready to manage our group for the Ōta League” said Ai Tsukada.

    “Yeah” said Itsuko.

    “Uh, by the way, Itsuko, I wonder what you are going to do if you are given a chance to manage a sports business just like Airi did with her family” said Asuna.

    “Well, my mother is a pharmacist while my father is a sports trainer. I haven’t got into those things, but I really want to get a degree to enter sports management. My father usually plays baseball in high school and college, but later, he was assigned to Saitama to work in a private high school” said Itsuko.

    “So, is he helping the students?” asked Ai.

    “Yes, of course. Just I thought that he was training with the students, I want to follow my father’s footsteps to become a sports trainer or not. I mean, it’s so nice that I have been part of the Nashiba High School girls’ basketball team and it’s my opportunity to help my teammates to improve their program. Our team were able to advance to third round last year and then, lost to a strong team in Adachi” said Itsuko.

    “I’m sure that this year will be the chance that your team will be able to make it beyond the third round in this year’s Interhigh preliminaries” said Shizuka.

    “Yes, probably. However, I believe that there are other big schools have found new prodigies to make them stronger this year. In our team, we currently landed at least two players from Saitama through my head coach’s scouting. They are Rina Umemoto and Yuka Takayama” said Itsuko.

    “Wow. Those two are great players who were experts of shooting hook shots in the paint” said Miyako Hisamura.

    “Yeah. Both of them are small forwards, but Yuka is also a shooting guard. Our small forward Chinami Kamiya is always shooting the ball in the paint and she was able to develop her sharpshooting attributes when she is on offense. Right now, Rina and Yuka are the two prodigies that we’re going to train them. However, I wonder if there are any other members who are willing to join our team. The first training session will be in three weeks and hopefully, we should start our year with the intense training sessions” said Itsuko.

    “Itsuko, I believe that your team will be able to become stronger, so that they will be progressing on their way to the top. Of course, you think you’re gonna advance to the block qualifying finals, then I suggest that your team must improve their strategy with the combination of offensive shooting and defensive screening” said Yuriko Akinaga.

    “Okay, I will be addressing that to my teammates and we’re going to have one hope that our strategy works in the future matches” said Itsuko.

    “I’m sure that you’ll be able to help your team winning and having a potential to make it to the Interhigh tournament may be even higher” said Yuriko.

    “Yeah” said Itsuko.

    “Well, our group had been planning to add some new members, but I found out that Yōko’s friends are forming their group of their own. They aren’t basketball players, but they are interested in reading and video games” said Asuna.

    “If I remember correctly, Yōko said to us earlier that her friends are good in playing video games while they are interested in reading light novels and drawing of fantasy illustrations” said Shizuka.

    “Oh, okay. Thanks, Shizuka. So, like I said, Yōko had been a basketball player in Takahata while her friends are having fun to get along with Yōko after school time. Also, when we meet them at the party after the Hasegawa Cup, I found out that one of them is an expert of playing video games. She had been playing video games since she started it at the age of 11” said Asuna.

    “Hmm. I believe I recognize those girls. They are Naoko Arakawa, Yuka Fukuhara and Kana Inoue” said Rina Fujisaki.

    “Okay, I know those girls. Also, you said that you will bring more members from your school. Is that right?” said Asuna.

    “Yeah, Asuna. Some of the other sections are already adopted groups, but if I can ask anyone to join the Sunset Team, then these new members will be able to get along with us very soon” said Rina Fujisaki.

    “Good thinking, Rina!” said Erika Iguchi.

    “I hope that your fellow schoolmates will be able to join our group and that Sunset Team of your dreaming will finally come true” said Kentarō Nakamatsu.

    “That’s right, Kentarō. Not only Yōko’s team will be planning to join the Bravehearts, we will be able to make our group and theirs join forces to create the Sunset Team” said Rina Fujisaki.

    “Yeah!” said the members of the Orange and Fuchsia.

    “I’m glad that you’re planning to create the Sunset Team, but here are the things that we all need to know. The Orange and Fuchsia is composed of students from the Keishin Academy and the Shiromidai Elementary School. Yōko’s team is composed of students from the Takahata Elementary School and associates. That means, maybe Naoko Arakawa is leading that team after Yōko had joined our team” said Itsuko.

    “Oh, I get it. We decided to let Yōko join to our team since she is one of Airi’s friends, not her friends” said Asuna.

    “I agree, Asuna” said Itsuko.

    “Well, I’m sure Yōko will meet us later, but she hasn’t been with us after she played against you and your team” said Shizuka.

    “Oh, did you say “where’s Yōko”? Well, she’s meeting with Airi and she said that she will be right back at the moment” said Itsuko.

    “Maybe Yōko had her friends played at the Recreational Center” said Kōichirō Akaike.

    “Probably, Kōichirō. Alright, who wants to rest first?” said Itsuko.

    “I do!” said some of the members of the Orange and Fuchsia.

    “Then, let’s find a place to cool off!” said Itsuko.

    “Yeah!” said the members of the Orange and Fuchsia.

    Meanwhile, Hatsue Nobidome, Manaka Nobidome and Yurika Yahagi are eating at the Recreational Center. They eat yakizakana, a yakimono composed of rockfish and often served with grated daikon.

    “Hatsue, what are the things you have to do for the season?” asked Yurika Yahagi.

    “Uh, since I was working as the advisor of the basketball program, I had to attend meetings next week. Also, I begin researching about the principles of making our program progress in the future” said Hatsue.

    “While my older sister Hatsue is working with her own research, on the other hand, I have to go back to the high school team because it’s been a while I didn’t play due to serious injuries that make me incapable to play for many months. Also, Hatsue will be turning 24 soon and my cousins Ayako and Hanako will begin their practice for the elementary school basketball team” said Manaka.

    “I’m glad that you will be able to come back to the high school team, Manaka, but I have a question” said Yurika.

    “Yes, go on” said Manaka.

    “Are you missed playing basketball? I mean, you got two serious injuries and the doctor recommended you stop playing basketball” said Yurika.

    “Well, yeah, Yurika. I did miss basketball. When I got to that sport, it was a fun sport to play with my friends and I even get shined when I compete in major tournaments. But then, when the doctor said to me that I have to stop playing basketball for a while after I successfully done my knee surgery. It makes me wonder if I can come back for the senior season, but I’m sure that my teammates aren’t worrying about me anymore” said Manaka.

    “Sister, I know that your knee had been repaired, but you are proving yourself to lead the high school team. Even though I was sad that you hurt your knee. Our parents told us that we have different paths to choose. After I graduate in college, I begin working in Suzuridani Academy as a sports staff member. Then, I decide to support you when you and your team start campaigning for Interhigh preliminaries until you left the game with a knee injury” said Hatsue.

    “Yeah. I was very scared after I felt that injury to be worse. Then, I begin to think of my future. I know that I want to leave the team for a while to heal my right knee. So, I decided to take a job as the manager of the elementary school basketball team a few weeks later in order to focus on my time with the kids” said Manaka.

    “You did a great job progressing the elementary school team to the fourth round of the district tournament, but you’re uncertain if you are ready to return in action” said Yurika.

    “Well, first of all, I want to follow my doctor’s advice to take a break from basketball, but after I found that the high school team had been progressing to the Interhigh preliminary finals and later the Winter Cup prefectural qualifiers, I want to look forward coming back to the team. As of now, I want to bring the glory of Suzuridani to the top and it’s my dream to do it” said Manaka.

    “I know that you are ready to come back to the team as soon as possible, but I remember about your sister Hatsue did that goal long time ago when she was part of the basketball team” said Yurika.

    “You really think so?” asked Manaka.

    “Yeah, sister. I remember that day when I was joining the high school basketball team and our team had been able to progress for three years and we almost make it to the main round of Interhigh and Winter Cup. Of course, I begin to develop myself when I enter college. I was cut by the prefecture’s All-Star team when I was a second year, but in my final year, I made it what my teammates did. You see, Manaka, no matter what you expect to make things happen, you have the heart to prove it yourself. As I’m your sister and advisor of the school’s basketball, I want to entrust you to follow your dreams and, in the end, you will receive true treasure” said Hatsue.

    “Yeah, I will do it. Thank you, sister and Yurika” said Manaka.

    “You’re welcome, Manaka” said Yurika.

    “I know that you will be able to finish the season with something that you will make our program improve. It’s your destiny to make it this year” said Hatsue.

    “Yeah! I’m very empathetic to be part of the basketball team and I will be continuing to manage the elementary school basketball team” said Manaka.

    “Manaka, I know that you will be graduating next year, but I’m currently a second year student. I believe that you will be able to find your successor after the campaign is done” said Yurika.

    “Yeah, Yurika. I believe that the kids are getting more potential as they do, and I want them to make their opportunities to participate at the Ōta League this year. After losing to Keishin at the Hasegawa Cup, our campaign will continue at the Ōta League before going to participate at the ForM Cup this year. Finally, when the district tournament is approaching, we will be able to prepare the unexpected for this will be my last year of coaching in the elementary school basketball team” said Manaka.

    “Well, I’m going to keep supporting your team to improve their program, but also, if you’re ready to get back in action, you will be able to shine again” said Hatsue.

    “Yes, I will!” said Manaka.

    “Oh, by the way, I was looking at the attendants for Airi’s birthday party and I found out that most of them are Airi’s friends. Also, that’s us” said Hatsue, who is pointing to the names of the attendants in the paper she borrowed from Aoi. “I believe that Aya is ready to groom herself as the ace of the elementary school basketball team.”

    “Yeah, that’s why I decided to let Aya join the Bravehearts because she thinks that it’s a group that Tomoka and her teammates join forces with their friends. Of course, Aya is Airi’s friend and I wonder if she will be able to get her potential to lead her team. Also, I heard that Aya is going to transfer to Keishin next year once she’s finishing her sixth grade in our school” said Manaka.

    “That’s very expected to see how the players of Suzuridani have impacted their careers after elementary school. I mean, a few of the players left for another school and, of course, most of the produced players have been dominating our school’s middle school and high school basketball teams” said Yurika.

    “I believe that Aya will be ready to move on after her elementary school basketball career is done. However, I don’t know if Rena will be staying in Suzuridani for middle school” said Hatsue.

    “Well, I said to Rena that she will try her best to join the basketball this year, in order to learn everything from me. Rena said to me that if she wasn’t do dirty tricks in the first place, she would have been joining the team” said Manaka.

    “Of course, no, Manaka. Rena’s actions are not suited for Rena to compete at major tournaments because of her unsportsmanlike and rough personality, but Rena is already hoping to prove herself that she will be able to help her team to win” said Yurika.

    “I see. I know that Rena will be able to turn Suzuridani into a powerhouse team, but I don’t know what to do with both Rena and Aya playing together” said Manaka.

    “Manaka, I know there’s a big way to make Rena and Aya communicate with their playing roles. I think both of them are playing in the frontcourt” said Hatsue.

    “Yeah, both of them are considered good in dunking the ball over the hoop” said Manaka.

    “That’s right, sister. I will tell you something what Rena and Aya need to improve the elementary school’s team chemistry” said Hatsue.

    “Then, what’s going to be?” asked Manaka.

    Hatsue whispers to Manaka and says “Aya and Rena must team up in a practice match between the sixth graders and the fifth graders. That way, they will be able to communicate each other with their roles to do.”

    “Ah, I see. Okay, I will talk to Aya and Rena about that” said Manaka.

    “Good. Now, then, you will call Aya and her teammates to gather up for a small meeting and you have to expect what to do for the next days before the tryout comes out” said Hatsue.

    “Okay!” said Manaka.

    “I hope that Aya and Rena will understand about what you’re going to say” said Yurika.

    “I will entrust you to help them improve their roles once you start execute the match” said Hatsue.

    “Okay! I’ll do it!” said Manaka.

    At the second floor of the Recreational Center, the members of Team Blue and Yellow play their video game at the game room. Daisuke finished playing the kart game, placing first in a multiplayer race.

    “Alright! I win again!” said Daisuke.

    “Oh, come on, Daisuke! We are the only members staying here for two hours and we don’t have some other people to play that game!” said Kishō.

    “Well, that’s a problem” said Miori.

    “What is it, Miori?” asked Kishō.

    “It appears that other groups have their own interests and since we’re the only members who loved to play video games and doing business role play just like how my family runs, there are my strategies to make sure that we will attract more people to hang out with us” said Miori.

    “Ah, I think you’re right. Maybe the guests aren’t interested to play the game” said Daisuke.

    “Well, there’s a chance that another player will be stepping up to battle you” said Asumi Ishida.

    “Yeah, I’m sure that we’re gonna find our next opponents to play the next game” said Daisuke.

    “I’ll play that game.” An unknown voice comes out which makes Daisuke notice someone arrived at the door.

    “Who said that?!” said Daisuke.

    “Daisuke. Someone wants to play with you” said Tsutomu. The members of Team Blue and Yellow looked at the brown-haired girl joins along with Naoko Arakawa, Yuka Fukuhara and Kana Inoue. Daisuke stands up and stares at the girl.

    “Uhh… please, can I join with you playing that game?” asked the brown-haired girl.

    Daisuke thinks that this girl is going be his next opponent in his next kart race. Daisuke reluctantly answered, “Okay. You can join with us with your friends.”

    “Oh, thank you, thank you. You’re such a good boy” said the brown-haired girl.

    The members of Team Blue and Yellow were relieved after Daisuke answered the brown-haired girl’s question.

    Part 2 will be on the next post.

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    Re: Rooks, Knights and Bravehearts - The Ro-Kyu-Bu!/Tenshi no 3P! X High School DxD Crossover Series

    Volume 5: "Brave and Bold Warriors" | Chapter 60: "Electrically Shocking Between Two Colors"

    Part 2

    When both sides start playing the game, Daisuke leads the first lap in the kart race. Suddenly, the brown-haired girl begins to rally in the following lap while Naoko, Yuka and Kana are doing the same thing over Daisuke’s groupmates.

    “What?! Is she better than me?! How could a girl use her own strategy to beat me?!” said Daisuke, who gets shocked after losing his lead in the match. At the end of the race, the brown-haired girl defeated Daisuke by a mile. Daisuke and his groupmates sigh after losing the race.

    “That was a nice race with you. Can you tell me your name, so that we can race again?” said the brown-haired girl.

    “Okay” said Daisuke.

    “Hold on a second, Dai. We don’t know that girl if she’s from Keishin Academy, but if she’s from other school, we shouldn’t do it” said Tsutomu.

    “Oh, don’t think about that, Tsutomu. I want to know her before I will say something to you” said Daisuke.

    “Err… fine. Just tell your name to that girl and then, do it your way” said Tsutomu.

    “Okay” said Daisuke. The brown-haired girl looks at Daisuke closely before Daisuke says his name. “My name is Daisuke Kikuchi. I’m a student from Keishin Academy, representing my section 1-D. What is your name?”

    “My name is Yūko Mikawa. I came from section 1-H and I’m an acquaintance of Yōko Yamazaki. It’s so nice to see you!”

    Daisuke gasps after hearing Yūko’s name. “Ah! I know it!”

    “What, Daisuke? What happened?” asked Natsuhi, who appears from the door of the game room and walks to Daisuke.

    “Uhh… Natsuhi, you don’t know Yōko had a friend of hers and that girl is one of them being invited to go to Airi’s birthday” said Daisuke.

    “Yeah” said Yoshinori.

    “She and her friends came here to play the kart race and she is faster as a jaguar” said Akitsugu.

    “Okay, I get it. So, I heard that Yōko had a group of hers and I believe that you are one of the video game experts if I remember correctly” said Natsuhi.

    “Well, I’m not kind of a good racer who defeats my opponents in my previous encounters in my neighbor’s house, but Yōko said to me that I’m one of the video game experts that I’m specialized in racing. Naoko is good in playing video games that are related to magic and electric magic” said Yūko.

    “Say, are you from Takahata Elementary School?” asked Natsuhi.

    “Uh, no. I’m not Takahata, I’m from Ōmori Fourth Elementary School” said Yūko.

    “Oh, so, you have just transferred to Keishin” said Natsuhi.

    “Yeah. I thought that you are interested in electric magic, but if I remember, you are much better than a geek who loves to read novels like me” said Yūko.

    “Now, I get it. If you are a lover of video games, then you love to write stories too?” said Daisuke.

    “Of course! I never got into writing, but I love to express indulgence. It feels happy to impress me if you think that I’m better in playing video games than writing stories” said Yūko.

    “Well, if you’re interested to come with us, Airi had called us to gather at the Recreational Center. Would you join with us?” said Naoko.

    “Okay, we’re fine to be with you” said Natsuhi.

    “Yeah” said Daisuke.

    “It’s a great pleasure to be with you” said Tsutomu. Yūko, Naoko, Yuka and Kana smile to hear Natsuhi and his friends’ answer.

    “Very good answer indeed. I’m sure that you’re gonna see a full of surprises when you meet our team” said Yūko.

    “Where is your entire team? I mean, you are only four of them” said Daisuke.

    “Four of us? No, we’re too many. Let’s not waste our time! Come on!” said Yūko.

    The members of Team Blue and Yellow and the four girls walk to the Recreational Center where Airi and the guests are sitting at the bench chairs of the basketball court.

    “Oh! You came here to meet my friends of mine!” said Airi.

    “Yeah. These girls are playing with us and we lost” said Daisuke.

    “Oh, I see. You know my friend, Yūko Mikawa?” said Yōko.

    “Yeah” said the members of Team Blue and Yellow.

    “So, how did you recognize them?” asked Yōko.

    “I meet them at the game room. Those guys are playing kart race video game, but they don’t have any other opponents trying to challenge them into a race because they are playing for themselves. But then, I saw them who were trying to find their opponents for the next race. So, I decided to play with them and I defeat them fair and square” said Yūko.

    “Yōko had many friends from Takahata, but a few didn’t come from Takahata. I’m sure that our team is composed of electric shocking lovers who likes to read stories and play games. What about you? Are you video game lovers too?” said Naoko.

    “Actually, we are. As we grow playing video games together, we were hanging around at Natsuhi’s house or at my house and then, we work together to enjoy playing basketball” said Daisuke.

    “It’s been a while that we were part of the Bravehearts as members of Team Blue and Yellow. I’m not sure if you girls are familiar about that” said Yoshinori.

    “Uh, probably. But we have our group name for us. We’re representing Team Groundwinger!” said Naoko.

    “With the shocks and fissures, we work together by force!” said Yūko.

    “Amazing! That was a nice name you got, Naoko!” said Daisuke.

    “So, that’s why Naoko had brought her friends from her former school and her associates to group themselves. They represent the shocks and fissures that bonds their friendship through their past days as neighbors” said Airi.

    “That’s right, Airi. Now that you recognize my friend’s team, then you don’t have to be worry playing with someone else. These friends of mine are very interested to play video games and that’s not all, Naoko had been a fan of To Aru Majutsu no Index” said Yōko.

    “Wow! That’s very awesome to hear! I can’t wait to see how these girls are coming out to play” said Natsuhi.

    Yūko smiles to Natushi and the members of Team Blue and Yellow. “You can always count on me if you want to play with me again!”

    Natsuhi and the members of Team Blue and Yellow gasp in surprised. “Eh?!”

    “I’m sure that you are not going to get bored with just only you and your friends. At the end of the day, you will be shocked to see us when you are going to play video games” said Yuka.

    “Now, if I remember correctly, Yōko befriends a few of the students from Keishin Academy because they are already being classmates with her during her elementary school years in Takahata. Also, if you’re familiar with her, then you will be shocked to hear her secrets” said Airi.

    “Uh, Airi, there are a lot of secrets that I didn’t tell others before because I thought that I would say that, but I feel embarrassed in the end” said Yōko.

    “Well, don’t say that for a while” said Airi.

    “Okay” said Yōko.

    “Now that the there are two teams who loves to play video games, then it’s going to be a bidding war to see who the best team is” said Miori.

    “Yeah, I’m not gonna lie. Everybody knows how to play video games and it’s going to make us challenge when there are major tournaments held in this city” said Kishō.

    “So, what are the competitions you participate?” asked Naoko.

    “Well, the local kart race tournaments in our home as well as in the city” said Kishō.

    “Wow! You have been there?” said Yūko.

    “Yeah! I almost got qualified to the national tournament, but it’s a fun tournament to play because there are a lot of young people playing kart games” said Kishō.

    “For us, we decided to play combat fighting video games when it’s summer, but we switch genres to get know about the video games we bought” said Naoko.

    “Ah, I see” said Kishō.

    “Oh, that reminds me, Kishō, what are other expectations for your team?” asked Yūko.

    “Uh, we play basketball together and we compete in the local league” said Kishō.

    “Oh, I remember that right now” said Yūko.

    “How did you know?” asked Kishō.

    “We watched your matches a few days ago when you guys are competing at the Hasegawa Cup. You guys would have won that match if you are able to rally the game lately” said Yūko.

    “Yeah, it’s a tough loss in our final matchup against the sixth graders, but we’re ready to move on to the middle school basketball team as soon as possible” said Natsuhi.

    “I know that some of my friends have played basketball, but it’s a fun game to play at the Recreational Center” said Kishō.

    “Say, maybe you should know about my other friends of mine to know about Team Groundwinger?” asked Yōko.

    “Well, okay. Also, one thing, are you a member of that group?” said Natsuhi.

    “Uhh… yes, Natsuhi. I have two groups and I can handle both of them. Aside from joining the Orange and Fuchsia, I decided to form Team Groundwinger, but I’m not the leader of this group. The leader of Team Groundwinger is Naoko Arakawa” said Yōko.

    Team Groundwinger: Naoko Arakawa, Kana Inoue, Yuka Fukuhara, Yūko Mikawa, Masatoshi Kobayashi, Tomohisa Aihara, Nagisa Saionji, Junpei Matsunaga, Narumi Hara and Ayumi Tsuda

    “Ah, okay. I understand” said Natsuhi.

    “Without further ado, let us introduce ourselves” said Yōko. Yōko begins to twirl around to introduce herself. “I’m Yōko Yamazaki. I have been studying in Keishin Academy and it’s so nice to meet you since I have joined the Bravehearts a few weeks ago.”

    “I’m Kana Inoue. I came from section 1-A alongside Yuka Fukuhara and I’m the class secretary.

    “I’m Yuka Fukuhara. Like what Kana said, I came from section 1-A and I always work with my parents during summer.”

    “I’m Naoko Arakawa. I’m a student from section 1-H and I’m a video game expert.”

    “I’m Yūko Mikawa. I’m a student from section 1-H and I love to read stories.”

    “I’m Masatoshi Kobayashi. I’m a student from section 1-I and I’m a fan of To Aru no Majutsu no Index.”

    “I’m Tomohisa Aihara. I’m one of Yōko’s friends from Takahata, but now, I’m studying in Ōmori Fourth Middle School.”

    “I’m Nagisa Saionji. I’m a student from Izumo Junior High School and I always come to play video games with Yōko during weekends.

    “I’m Junpei Matsunaga. I’m a student from Yaguchi Middle School and I’m one of Yōko’s former classmates in her class.”

    “I’m Narumi Hara. I also came from Yaguchi Middle School and I always hang out with Junpei when he always joining with Yōko and her friends at lunch.”

    “And finally, I’m Ayumi Tsuda. I’m a former student of Takahata Elementary School and I always play basketball with Yōko during weekends because I’m her neighbor.”

    “We want to use our shocks and fissures to change the force of electricity. Our goal is to gain interests in To Aru no Majutsu no Index and we want to work together with force” said Yōko.

    “With our compassionate, our group had always been working together in Takahata. But after we left Takahata, we continue to get along together, and we found interests in our hobbies” said Yuka.

    “That’s why our group is ready to take the action with our bonds have been connecting one member to another” said Naoko.

    “Now, Natsuhi and Team Blue and Yellow, since Team Groundwinger is finally here, they wanted to join the Bravehearts because they think that we are growing our community by bringing many friends to develop our interests of one’s hobbies. Of course, they won’t be joining the Orange and Fuchsia, but they will be joining as a branch of students who formerly come from Takahata Elementary School. That’s why I hope that you will able to enjoy staying with us for a week because after Sunday, most of the members will go back to their homes” said Airi.

    “Oh, that’s okay, Airi. Only me, Naoko, Yuka, Kana, Yūko and Masatoshi will be staying at the mansion. The others will go home later” said Yōko.

    “Oh, okay. But I hope that they will be safe from the dark” said Airi.

    “Of course, not, Airi. They brought their bikes outside the mansion” said Yōko.

    “Ah, looks like they have their own transportation to travel one place to another in the ward” said Airi.

    “Yeah” said Yōko.

    “By the way, yesterday, another group had just joined the Bravehearts as they want to begin their own project about creating another light novel. Their team was known as Team Eromanga. They want to collaborate with us in pushing this project and I believe that they are interested to work with them” said Airi.

    “Well, I think it’s going to be a pleasure to work with them. Of course, a few of us are loved to read stories like me” said Yūko.

    “Okay, then, your team will be staying with them except for Yōko” said Airi.

    “That’s fine with me, Airi. I’m sure that they will get know to each of us” said Yūko.

    “Yeah, I’m sure that they will tell you about their project” said Airi.

    “Okay. I’ll meet them later on at the mansion” said Yūko.

    “Good. I hope that you will get yourself comfortable when you will sleep in their room” said Airi.

    “Oh, one more thing, can we join the Bravehearts?” asked Yūko.

    “You can always count on our group, Yūko. You can join our group!” said Airi.

    “Okay!” said Yūko as she shakes hands with Airi, much to the delight of the members of Team Groundwinger.

    Airi looks at the time on her watch. “Oh, it seems that it’s already ten in the evening. We should go to sleep now.”

    “Okay!” said the members of Team Groundwinger and Team Blue and Yellow.

    Tomohisa Aihara, Nagisa Saionji, Junpei Matsunaga, Narumi Hara and Ayumi Tsuda leave the mansion to go back to their own by riding their bicycles while Yōko Yamazaki, Naoko Arakawa, Yuka Fukuhara, Kana Inoue, Yūko Mikawa and Masatoshi Kobayashi go to the mansion along with Airi, Aya, Natsuhi and the members of Team Blue and Yellow as they will go to sleep at their room.

    The next day, during the lunch break, Airi, Yōko, Asuna and Shizuka are looking at the view down the school’s assembly area.

    “Well, Airi, it looks like your plans are ready to execute in no time” said Yōko.

    “Yeah, it’s been a while that since I’m already independent from my parents, I would be able to stay with my friends at the mansion” said Airi.

    “It’s about time, Airi. I know that you are ready to prepare your next plans with your friends and I hope that you will be able to join the middle school girls’ basketball team” said Shizuka.

    “Yeah, I always loyal to Tomoka and I want to be on her side, so that we will train together anytime we go. Of course, I will be trying to help my siblings in running our family sports gym” said Airi.

    “Airi, I know that you are doing great in playing basketball, but I think you’re interested to be a sports trainer in the future. You know that your brother Banri is running the gym and you are expected to join with him because I feel that you are very close to him” said Asuna.

    “I always come to the sports gym with my brother and sometimes, my older sister joins with us when we’re going to exercise and cool off. I hope that we’re going to attract more customers to enjoy staying at the sports to be fit and healthy. Maybe you can join with us too!” said Airi.

    “Well, sure. I always trust you to be my friend and let’s hope that we would be able to improve our skills and techniques in basketball. I guess that it will improve us in making our flexibility works on our bodies” said Yōko.

    “Yeah, I agree. Oh, by the way, are you planning to join the Keishin Academy middle school girls’ basketball team, Yōko?” said Airi.

    “Well, yes, Airi” said Yōko.

    “My goodness! I guess that we’re going to become future teammates soon” said Airi.

    “Yeah, since I’m a team captain of the Takahata Elementary School girls’ basketball team, I always lead my former team when it comes to our execution in order to win games. We lost the second round match against Ōmori Third Elementary School by a close margin and after that, I started to improve my skills in basketball by doing some advanced moves” said Yōko.

    “I hope that you will be able to play alongside my teammates from our elementary school and it’s going to be more different than the first formation of our elementary school girls’ basketball team. Mimi is already the ace of the elementary school girls’ basketball team and she hopes that her team will lead to its first-ever district championship soon” said Airi.

    “Wow! I can’t believe that your former teammate had become stronger as expected” said Shizuka.

    “Yeah, I like her playing style because she was able to observe her opponents through her mind” said Asuna.

    “That’s right, Asuna. I become more delighted to see Mimi and her teammates working together, but if they are playing in the major tournament, they will try to overcome the odds with their own strategy” said Airi.

    “Nobody knows how Mimi and her teammates get their job done if they are able to groove their plays to dominate the game” said Yōko.

    “Yeah!” said Airi.

    “I wish if they will be continue playing like that, they will be hoping to carry their team to victory” said Shizuka.

    “You bet! They are ready to take their destiny to bring blessings for their team and hopefully, they will become warriors just like me and my friends” said Airi.

    “I hope that Mimi and her teammates are going to prove their opponents that they are bravehearts and when you and your teammates are now in the team, I’m sure that you’ll be able to prove your opponents too!” said Asuna.

    “Yeah!” said Airi.

    Yūko Mikawa appears to meet Airi, Yōko, Asuna and Shizuka. “I just came here to thank you for inviting me to your birthday party, Airi. It was a nice birthday party you have, and I hope that you more birthdays to come in the future.”

    “Oh, don’t thank me like that, but to tell you the truth, it was my friends who have made my birthday party more important to me because I’m already growing up like an admired and beautiful girl who overcomes the fears in the past” said Airi.

    “Yeah, it’s true, Airi. I’m very admired that you have grown up to be a good girl and I hope that we will always get along together” said Asuna.

    “Airi, I’m asking you a favor. Would you let me come to your sports gym?” said Yūko.

    “Why, Yūko?” asked Airi.

    “I have never been there before because I don’t know if you’re here for the weekends” said Yūko.

    “Well, you can always come to our family sports gym at any you want, Yūko. You can also join your friends to come and enjoy staying fit and healthy” said Airi.

    “Ah, okay! Well, I should think about that” said Yūko.

    “Sure, Yūko. Anytime, you want” said Airi.

    “On the bright side, I guess that the five of us will be bosom buddies now” said Asuna.

    “Wow! You’re kidding me?!” said Shizuka.

    “Well, since the five of us are together now, maybe later in the afternoon, we should spend our time together” said Asuna.

    “I’m glad to, but I guess that I will think about that, Asuna. There are a lot of things to do and hopefully, it will be a beautiful day to get the job done” said Airi.

    “Yeah!” said Asuna, Shizuka, Yōko and Yūko.

    “Okay, then, I’ll see you later!” said Airi.

    “Okay! I’ll see you later too, Airi!” said Asuna.

    “I’ll see you later, Airi!” said Shizuka.

    “Let’s meet together again!” said Yūko.

    “See ya, Airi!” said Yōko.

    Airi, Asuna, Shizuka, Yōko and Yūko go separate ways to back to their classrooms. Airi was delighted after she talked to them.

    “I have a lot of time to do, friends. It’s so nice that I’m a happy girl right now! I can’t wait to talk to my friends!” said Airi. Airi had finally welcomed Team Groundwinger, led by Naoko Arakawa, to the Bravehearts as they are going to represent as former students of the Takahata Elementary School except for the video game expert Yūko Mikawa. Airi enjoyed getting along with her friends and hopefully, she will give more blessings to them if she is going to join with them to spend time outside the Keishin Academy after class.

    UP NEXT: Supplementary 4, Part 2: "Birthdays of the Characters of Rooks, Knights and Bravehearts - Family of Angels"

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    Re: Rooks, Knights and Bravehearts - The Ro-Kyu-Bu!/Tenshi no 3P! X High School DxD Crossover Series

    Volume 5: "Brave and Bold Warriors" | Supplementary 4, Part 2: "Birthdays of the Characters of Rooks, Knights and Bravehearts"

    Continuing the supplementary part of Volume 5 with the dates of the birthday celebrants of the angelic and respectful Family of Angels! The group includes the main characters from Tenshi no 3P!/Angels 3Piece!

    SUPPLEMENTARY 4: “Birthdays of the Characters of Rooks, Knights and Bravehearts”
    Legend: ESElementary School, MSMiddle School, HSHigh School

    PART 2

    Family of Angels: Composed of five teams
    Team Gotō-Takao: Anzu Ogi, Nanako Funatani, Dairoku Kaji, Shigeru Hirashita, Hitomi Takao, Masami Nojima, Kyōji Nogami and Masanobu Uehara
    Jun’s Angels: Jun Gotō, Nozomi Momijidani, Sora Kaneshiro, Kyō Nukui, Sakura Toriumi, Kurumi Nukui, Kōme Ogi and Yuzuha Aigae
    Team Takeda: Michiko Takeda, Ayane Shirakawa, Haruko Kōyama, Kozue Hanabusa and Aika Sagawa
    Others: Yūki Sasaki, Noriko Masuda, Aimi Isurugi and Miyako Mizuno

    Team Miyazaki: Akiko Miyazaki, Natsuki Sakura, Satsuki Ōkuma, Katsuei Kōno, Asami Nakagawa, Miki Akizuki, Kōichi Aoyama, Mito Azaki and Kiyoto Miyaji
    Team Kadokawa: Megumi Kadokawa, Nami Takashirō, Kotoe Kanō, Fujiko Sasaki, Ryōta Mikawa, Shōzō Takamatsu, Junichi Kamisaka, Akiyuki Katsumoto, Kaiji Nakagami, Kazue Futagawa, Chitose Ayano, Shizuka Tojo, Sayoko Nagata and Minako Kawaguchi

    Team Gotō-Takao (Keishin Academy (except for Shigeru Hirashita) and Shiromidai Elementary School (Shigeru Hirashita only))
    Anzu Ogi: May 15 / SF / 1MS-C / Keishin Academy MS
    Nanako Funatani: August 20 / 1MS-C / Keishin Academy MS
    Dairoku Kaji: December 19 / PF / Starter / 1MS-C / Keishin Academy MS
    Shigeru Hirashita: February 2 / 6ES-2 / Shiromidai ES
    Hitomi Takao: May 18 / 1MS-C / Keishin Academy MS
    Masami Nojima: April 28 / SF / 1MS-C / 1MS-C / Keishin Academy MS
    Kyōji Nogami: January 14 / SG / Starter / 1MS-C / Keishin Academy MS
    Masanobu Uehara: September 10 / 1MS-C / Keishin Academy MS

    Jun’s Angels (Shiromidai Elementary School and Niida Nishi High School)
    Jun Gotō: August 8 / 6ES-2 / Shiromidai ES

    Nozomi Momijidani: October 21 / 6ES-2 / Shiromidai ES
    Sora Kaneshiro: December 1 / 6ES-2 / Shiromidai ES
    Sakura Toriumi: March 8 / 2HS-A / Niida Nishi HS
    Kyō Nukui: November 15 / 2HS-A / Niida Nishi HS
    Kurumi Nukui: November 19 / 6ES-2 / Shiromidai ES
    Kōme Ogi: July 7 / 6ES-2 / Shiromidai ES
    Yuzuha Aigae: June 10 / 6ES-2 / Shiromidai ES

    Team Takeda (Kirihara Middle School)
    Michiko Takeda: March 20 / SG / Starter / 1MS / Kirihara MS / Former Member of Shiromidai ES Girls’ Basketball Team
    Ayane Shirakawa: August 8 / SG / 1MS / Kirihara MS
    Haruko Kōyama: January 26 / SF / 1MS / Kirihara MS
    Kozue Hanabusa: November 18 / PF / Starter / 1MS / Kirihara MS
    Aika Sagawa: June 17 / C / 1MS / Kirihara MS

    Yūki Sasaki: May 5 / 1MS / Den-en-chōfu MS
    Noriko Masuda: June 4 / 6ES-2 / Shiromidai ES
    Aimi Isurugi: September 2 / 6ES-2 / Shiromidai ES
    Miyako Mizuno: October 21 / 6ES-2 / Shiromidai ES
    Katsuya Kameda: May 20 / PG / 1MS / Den-en-chōfu MS
    Shinsuke Nagatamo: February 25 / 1MS / Den-en-chōfu MS
    Suehiro Yamazaki: December 4 / 1MS / Den-en-chōfu MS

    Team Miyazaki (Kirihara Middle School)
    Akiko Miyazaki: May 20 / SF / Starter / 1MS / Kirihara MS
    Natsuki Sakura: January 13 / PG / 1MS / Kirihara MS
    Satsuki Ōkuma: March 18 / C / Starter / 1MS / Kirihara MS
    Katsuei Kōno: November 29 / PG / Starter / 1MS / Kirihara MS
    Asami Nakagawa: August 7 / C / 1MS / Kirihara MS
    Miki Akizuki: September 24 / PG / 1MS / Kirihara MS
    Kōichi Aoyama: June 11 / C / Starter / 1MS / Kirihara MS
    Mito Azaki: October 23 / SF / Starter / 1MS / Kirihara MS
    Kiyoto Miyaji: April 30 / C / 1MS / Kirihara MS

    Team Kadokawa (Keishin Academy)
    Megumi Kadokawa: June 13 / PF / 1MS-C
    Nami Takashirō: July 29 / PG / Starter / 1MS-B
    Kotoe Kanō: September 22 / SG / 1MS-B
    Fujiko Sasaki: January 11 / C / 1MS-C
    Ryōta Mikawa: March 25 / SF / 1MS-B
    Shōzō Takamatsu: February 14 / PF / 1MS-B
    Junichi Kamisaka: October 22 / SG / Starter / 1MS-C
    Akiyuki Katsumoto: April 30 / C / Starter / 1MS-C
    Kaiji Nakagami: May 31 / PG / 1MS-C
    Kazue Futagawa: June 30 / SF / 1MS-B
    Chitose Ayano: March 1 / SG / 1MS-B
    Shizuka Tojo: February 6 / C / 1MS-B
    Sayoko Nagata: April 27 / PG / 1MS-C
    Minako Kawaguchi: January 12 / SF / 1MS-B

    UP NEXT: Chapter 61: "The Top Girl in Issei's New Class"

    The next update will be focusing back on Issei Hyodo and his team as they continue their new journey in Kikuchiba Academy High School. Also, can Issei Hyodo pass his application form to Mr. Sanada and keep his hopes of becoming the manager of their school's basketball team? We'll find out on the next chapter of Rooks, Knights and Bravehearts! See you on June 17 (Sunday) for the next update!
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    Points: 3,244, Level: 35
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    Overall activity: 4.0%
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    Re: Rooks, Knights and Bravehearts - The Ro-Kyu-Bu!/Tenshi no 3P! X High School DxD Crossover Series

    The next update of the series will be focused back to Issei Hyodo and his team as they continue their new lives in the human world where they are officially become students of the Kikuchiba Academy. I’m happy with the fact that the previous update for them, which is Chapter 58, was off to a great start for him and his team. In this chapter, Issei and Team Hyodo are looking some answers to know about the girl who wears eyeglasses that Issei saw during their lunch break. Also, Issei must pass his application form to Mr. Sanada, in order to become the first guy to submit the application form for the coaching staff of the high school boys' basketball team. What secrets unfold between Issei and the girl he met at Kikuchiba and what would be Issei's plan for her? You're going to find out as Chapter 61 is finally here tonight. Enjoy Chapter 61!

    Issei Hyodo and his team finished their first day in Kikuchiba Academy, but Issei doesn’t know if he remembered the girl he met during lunch break. The team decided to investigate her if she knows Issei or not. They would do their experiment on the next day where they meet her at the cafeteria. The girl would be known as Kozue Murayama, who was known by her class as the top female student in her class in Kikuchiba Academy. After meeting Kozue, Issei would go to the gym and pass his application form to Mr. Sanada. After finished their day in Kikuchiba Academy, Issei and Team Hyodo are about to go back to the Suginami Residence when Kozue arrives to talk with them. When Kozue founds out that Issei’s former residence in Tokyo was located, Issei finally remembers his former home and this would send shockwaves to his team even Kenta Suginami. As a result, Issei and his team decide to move away from the Suginami Residence to go back to his original home that his parents built as an alternative home to the one in Kuoh.


    At night, the Suginami brothers (Hideo and Kenta) and Team Hyodo are looking at the class picture of Kenta’s second year class.

    Team Hyodo: Asia Argento, Koneko Toujou, Xenovia Quarta, Irina Shido, Gasper Bloody, Ravel Phoenix, Kuroka, Elmenhilde Karnstein, Seiichi Matsuda, Eiji Motohama, Aika Kiryuu, Kaori Katase, Minami Murayama and Le Fay Pendragon
    Students of Kikuchiba Academy: Kenta Suginami, Hideo Suginami, Reiji Matsutomo and Asami Shimizu

    “Why did you look at your class picture, Kenta?” asked Issei.

    “Uh, just to find who that girl is” said Kenta.

    “It appears that there are many megane in your class, Kenta” said Koneko.

    “Yeah, I believe so. However, I don’t tell if that girl is identical to my classmates” said Kenta.

    “What about some other pictures you have in your last year?” asked Asia.

    “There’s a lot of pictures, but all I found was not identical to that girl earlier” said Kenta.

    “I see. So, does the girl know about you?” said Irina.

    “Well, not after she saw Issei earlier” said Kenta.

    “From what I observe, she’s a shining beauty. At least she’s not compared to Yuma Amano” said Issei.

    “Sounds like you are thinking that girl is a stranger to you” said Xenovia.

    “Ehh… probably, Xenovia” said Issei.

    “I mean, if that girl is looking at you, there are chances that she might end up trying to court you” said Xenovia.

    “I don’t know if she’s beautiful, but I know that everyone in our team are beautiful and feisty” said Issei.

    “Yeah, that’s true, Issei. I don’t think if she’s trying to be nicer to you. I’m sure she’s a feistier megane in our class” said Xenovia.

    “I guess that this megane is coming from a different section in our batch. I mean, she is somehow different than the other girls” said Kenta.

    “I assumed that some of your classmates say that this girl may be the daughter of an exorcist” said Irina.

    “Well, probably” said Hideo.

    “How about if she’s a witch?” asked Gasper.

    “There’s no such student becoming a witch in our class” said Kenta.

    “Oh, I see” said Gasper.

    “Say, Kenta, I wonder if she’s one of the top students in your class” said Issei.

    “Uh, yeah. If I remember correctly, she had been part of the Top 10 in our class at the end of the school year” said Kenta.

    “Did you have any other information about her?” asked Ravel.

    “Yeah, she is very different to the other girls in the entire batch, but also, she must be active in her own organization” said Kenta.

    “What is the name of the group, Kenta?” asked Matsuda.

    “It’s the Achievers Club” said Kenta.

    “So, I guess that this girl must be trying to get a scholarship for a large university” said Ravel.

    “That’s right, Ravel. I believe that when tomorrow that girl is trying to see us again, maybe we should talk to her right now” said Kenta.

    “Yeah, we don’t know what she is doing, but I should tell her if she’s about say something” said Issei.

    “You probably right, Issei. It’s a good idea that you have to meet a girl. I think you’re the master of observing girls in your school, but now you will be able to prepare yourself to meet a human again” said Asia.

    “When I was a human, I made a mistake, so that’s why anything that happen in the past will never repeat itself again” said Issei.

    “Issei, I’m probably give you something an advice for you to keep your plans up” said Koneko.

    “What is it, Koneko?” asked Issei.

    “If you think that girl is trying to see you, don’t embarrassed yourself. Just smile and say a greeting. Is that okay to you, Issei?” said Koneko.

    “Well, of course, Koneko! I always do that when I meet any girl in Kuoh, but now, facing the facts will be much different than last year” said Issei.

    “Then, let’s talk to that girl!” said Kenta.

    “Yeah!” said Issei.

    The next day, at the Kikuchiba Academy, the bell rings at 11:30 as high school students are getting out of their classrooms and take their lunch. Issei and his team are going down to the cafeteria. While they walk on their way to the cafeteria, Issei remembered about what the athletic director said about the application form.

    “Oh, I almost forgot about the form!” said Issei.

    “Issei, what’s wrong? Is something alright?” asked Elmenhilde.

    “I guess that I should fill up the application form and pass it to Mr. Sanada” said Issei.

    “Well, do that after the class is over” said Elmenhilde.

    “Okay, Elmen” said Issei.

    Issei and his team go to the cafeteria to get their food. While lining up for their food to be served, Issei, Kenta, Matsuda and Motohama look at the students walking or eating.

    “This is it, Issei. I guess that it’s going to be hard to get, but I know that you will see her right now” said Kenta.

    “Yeah, Kenta. I’m sure that it’s gonna happen” said Issei.

    The girl appears at the entrance of the cafeteria before she walks to the back of the students. After a few minutes, it was Issei’s turn to buy the food at the food stand. Issei’s friends would do the same thing after Issei finished picking his choice of food. The girl once again looks at Issei and his friends before she buys the food.

    “Uh, is the girl sees you, Issei?” asked Kenta.

    “No, nothing” said Issei.

    “Oh, that’s strange. I thought she would see you. Is she coming late?” said Asia.

    “Apparently” said Issei.

    The girl arrives to meet Issei and look at the vacant seat in his table. “Can I seat with you?”

    “Okay” said Issei. Xenovia and Irina look at the girl sitting down beside Issei.

    “Hey, is that the girl who saw Issei yesterday?” asked Xenovia.

    “Yeah, it was me.” The girl speaks and the members of Team Hyodo were puzzled.

    “So, you’re the girl who saw me yesterday. I…I thought that you’re going to come to lunch early, but you’re not here” said Issei.

    The girl laughs softly. Issei remembers every time he meets a girl, the girl may either love or hate him. It doesn’t matter how Issei’s admiration works when he meets every girl at any place. “Oh, why are you worrying about me? I’m here at the back of your friend. Oh, that reminds me, I want to know your name.”

    “Uh, Issei Hyodo.” Issei scratches his head when he said his name.

    “Issei Hyodo? Okay. It’s nice to see you again, Issei-kun!” said the girl. Issei and his team are surprised.

    “You remember me?” asked Issei.

    “Yeah, from the mission in stopping the Chaos Brigade in Kuoh. Our brigade came to Kurenai when the war between the Chaos Brigade and the people of Kurenai had escalated into a total war. It seems that you and your team have saved your world and it would have been a disaster if you can’t save the world” said the girl.

    “Actually, we combat against the Chaos Brigade and the pressure has been escalating when it comes to heavy battles. The Gremory Team had always battling against ruthless leaders of the Chaos Brigade and we have won most of the battles” said Issei.

    “Issei knows about everything including the time when all races tried to save Kurenai from being plagued by the Chaos Brigade” said Asia.

    “Issei is a one-man showstopper. You should believe that” said Koneko.

    “I guess that you are the hero of your hometown and your world, Issei. By the way, I’m glad that we see you again since the war is over in Kurenai” said the girl.

    “Well, you can thank me later, but I recognize your name” said Issei. Iseei looked at the identification card of the girl. “Your name is Kozue Murayama, is that right?”

    “Wow! You finally know my name, Issei! How sweet of you!” said Kozue, who hugged Issei tighter than the other girls they did before.

    “Hey, that tickles!” said Issei, who is blushing when he is hugged by Kozue. “Stop being energetic, Kozue! It almost broke my Sacred Gear!”

    Kozue stops hugging Issei and then, Issei rubs his arms. “Oh, sorry, Issei. I thought that you are a stuffed toy. But never mind. Anyway, we should eat first. I hope that the food tastes good.”

    “Okay!” said the members of Team Hyodo. “Thanks for the food!”

    Kozue and the members of Team Hyodo begin eating their lunch. While the other members of Team Hyodo continue eating their lunch, Issei and Kozue talk to each other in a conversation.

    “So, why are you here in Kikuchiba, Issei?” asked Kozue.

    “Well, my girlfriend Rias gave us the internship and that’s why we choose Kikuchiba because I think that school has a population of Kurenese students enrolling every year” said Issei.

    “That’s right, Issei. Foreigners require to take the student exchange program for one year. They must have good grades to take this program and it will be depended on how long you will stay in Kikuchiba” said Kenta.

    “Oh, I know that program. I see the point that you guys are choosing our school because our school has been partnering with your school, Kuoh Academy. I can’t believe that the student population in our school has been greatly increased by about 10% because of most of the new enrollees came from Kurenai” said Kozue.

    “Ah, I never heard about that. But it was a nice and comfortable school for us to study here, Kozue. We’re here for the internship and we want to cooperate with the students here in this school. We thought that it was an easy job, but we don’t know how it will last. Maybe in a year or about two terms?” said Issei.

    “Well, it’s three terms and you have to survive this level because most of the students are trying to graduate with flying colors. If you’re good enough to pass all subjects, you’re going to be luckier than you thought” said Kozue.

    “We’re getting a great start from our recent activity in English” said Issei.

    “Wow! That was nice! So, Issei, are you having fun in the class?” said Kozue.

    “Not even a little” said Issei.

    “Oh, okay. Since you’re now a third year student, what are you planning after you graduate in Kikuchiba?” said Kozue.

    “Before I left Kurenai, I decided to marry Rias for her heart to develop our relationship since we’re been together for a year. Now, after I was performed well in playing basketball despite the loss against the Pink Nobles in Kyoto, Rias decided to let us enroll in Kikuchiba. So, I supposed that I will enroll college in Kuoh next year, but I might be thinking if I will be doing that once I’m done doing the internship. I have to cooperate with the students in Kurenai as well as in managing the basketball team. Hopefully, I would go back to Kuoh Academy next year once my internship is over” said Issei.

    “Well, I hope that you and Rias are together when you have the time to meet here again” said Kozue.

    “Yeah!” said Issei.

    “Oh, that reminds me, I haven’t met a guy who is much responsible for his heroic actions and he had many thoughts about what plans would be. So, did you date the other girls in your world?” said Kozue.

    “Yeah. I dated the girls in my former club, the Occult Research Club, and I’m very thrilled that they are going to marry me too just like Rias did on her graduation” said Issei.

    “Wait, Issei. Did you say that you are marrying more than one girl?” said Kozue.

    “Uh, I don’t know, but as I’m the Harem King, I can do whatever I want to the girls I love” said Issei.

    “Kozue, in our planet, any man can commit polygamy because Kurenai is the first planet to allow multiple marriages other than the Muslim nations in the human world. Kurenai was classified as one of the non-Muslim areas to allow polygamy” said Irina.

    “Ah, okay, I get it. Issei, if your home allows polygamy, then it’s prohibited to allow polygamy in our world” said Kozue.

    “But why?” asked Issei.

    “As you all know, in our country, we can’t do that and it’s disrespectful to the Japanese. It will hurt one wife’s feelings if her husband dated someone else. That’s why we don’t want to do that for such it’s being committed jealousy as if I remember correctly” said Kozue.

    “Oh, okay. But until if you’re a citizen of Kurenese countries like Nikurenai” said Issei.

    “Oh, no, Issei. I’m not a Kurenese citizen. I’m a pure Japanese citizen, born in Tokyo metropolis” said Kozue.

    “Well, then, how about if it’s just only you and me to cooperate each other before I will be marrying Rias and my other girls soon” said Issei.

    “That’s okay, Issei. You’re not going lose your pride and you don’t even afraid to your new wives once you’re legally married” said Kozue.

    “Yeah, I understand. Ah, there are other times that some students in Kuoh Academy actually want to marry earlier instead of after graduating because they have their own desires to make. Even so, Kuoh is one of the large cities in Nikurenai that allows devils to marry any race without restrictions from the marriage law” said Issei.

    “Oh, I’m sure that it might be traditional in your home world, but that’s different than the human world” said Kozue.

    “Really?” asked Issei.

    “Yeah, it’s not permitted to do polygamy and there aren’t such ideas of doing this because our country has their religion of Shintoism. To respect the people of the country, one man or woman would take his or her pride to respect every one citizen. That’s why Japanese commit to progress and no matter the future comes, it’s their destiny to make it” said Kozue.

    “That’s very cool. I’m liking the fact that your country had a lot of principles to take their pride because of histories came through different ages” said Issei.

    “Of course, not, Issei. When I learned about the Japanese history, it has been growing in different events happened and most importantly, the way of life in Japan changed everything when a new era starts. On the bright side, it reflected through many years and when the future comes, change is everything through years to come” said Kozue.

    “I’m sure that I will remember about that, Kozue” said Issei.

    “Of course, Issei! You will remember that after you realized about everything you experienced your stay in Japan and in Kurenai” said Kozue.

    “Yeah” said Issei.

    The members of Team Hyodo have done eating their lunch. Elmenhilde calls Issei. “Issei! Are you done eating your lunch?”

    “Uh, I’m done already earlier. I always eat my food faster, so that I have no time to talk to anyone” said Issei.

    “Well, that’s great. We’re going to wait here outside. So, come by to meet us if you’re done” said Elmenhilde.

    “Okay!” said Issei. The members of Team Hyodo leave Issei and Kozue at the table.

    “Well, then, shall we meet again? Outside the school?” asked Kozue.

    “You bet!” said Issei. Issei and Kozue stand up to walk together. “So, I’ll see you later, Kozue.”

    “Okay!” said Kozue. Kozue leaves the cafeteria to go back to her classroom.

    “Ah, what a beautiful girl I met. She’s an angel” said Issei.

    “Uh, Issei. You forgot to tell her what her section is” said Irina.

    “Ah! I almost forgot about that! Wait for me, Kozue!” said Issei. Issei runs faster which surprises the members of Team Hyodo.

    Part 2 will be on the next post.

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    Re: Rooks, Knights and Bravehearts - The Ro-Kyu-Bu!/Tenshi no 3P! X High School DxD Crossover Series

    Volume 5: "Brave and Bold Warriors" | Chapter 61: "The Top Girl in Issei's New Class"

    Part 2

    In the afternoon, the classes are over at three in the afternoon. Then, Risa Hinode calls Asia. “Asia! Can I talk with you for a second?”

    “Oh, sure!” said Asia.

    Issei and Irina sit together as seatmates. “Issei, what about the application form that you will submit later on?”

    “Argh! I have to fill up the form first!” said Issei. Issei writes the answers on the application form as fast as he can.

    Risa Hinode and Asia talk in a small conversation. “I heard that Kozue is a top student. Maybe she is trying to go to a large university when he graduates next year” said Risa.

    “Yeah, I believe so” said Asia.

    “So, I also found out that Kozue had been active in the Achievers Club. Maybe, she might not be busy when she is participating at the club” said Risa.

    “Well, I don’t know if any of you can allow to hang out with us by weekends” said Asia.

    “Eh, probably. Anyhow, where did you live?” said Risa.

    “We stayed at Kenta Suginami’s home. We formally stayed at the Hyodo Residence in Kuoh and that’s where Issei and the girls are staying” said Asia.

    “Ah, I see. Asia, I heard that your team already have a house before. I saw that when I was walking around the streets” said Risa.

    “No way! You find our place?” said Asia.

    “Yeah! It is located 500 meters away from the train station and it looks like a large condominium with more than 15 rooms and a large room with a large bed” said Risa.

    “Hey, that’s the place we stayed during the Great War in Kurenai” said Asia.

    “Yeah! I believe that your team must stay there instead of Kenta’s. It’s valuable and it’s good enough to have more people to stay there” said Risa.

    “Ah, okay. But I don’t know if we’re going to live there. We’re already living at Kenta’s” said Asia.

    “I know, Asia. The difference between the two is that Kenta’s home has few rooms, but the house you’re staying before has a lot of rooms. You should tell that to Kenta” said Risa.

    “Oh, okay. I will think about that” said Asia.

    “Good. I hope that you and your team will be able to live there once you’re done staying with Kenta” said Risa.

    “Okay!” said Asia. Asia would go to Issei, who is done filling the blanks in the application form. “Issei, do you remember when we are staying before?”

    “Uh, what do you mean, Asia?” asked Issei.

    “We formally stayed at the large residential house that is compared to your home” said Asia.

    “Ah, I know that place! I think we should talk to Kenta about this” said Issei.

    “Okay! But what about that form? Aren’t you supposed to submit that?” said Asia.

    “Oh, you’re right, Asia. After all, the class is ended” said Issei.

    “Then, let’s all get out!” said Asia.

    “Okay!” said Issei. The members of Team Hyodo would leave their classrooms to go to the gym. Issei goes to the office of the basketball director to submit his application form. “Here is the form.”

    Mr. Sanada reads the application form. “Well done, Issei! Now, I’ll be waiting for you to see the results and you’re the first guy to submit this form. I hope that when you come back next week, I will let you know if you’re now part of the team.”

    “Okay! Thank you very much, Mr. Sanada!” said Issei.

    “You’re welcome, Issei!” said Mr. Sanada. Issei leaves the office. “Come back next week to meet you!”

    “Okay, I will, Mr. Director!” said Issei.

    The members of Team Hyodo leave the gym as they are about to leave the school.

    “Uh, Kenta” said Issei.

    “Yes, Issei. What do you want to talk about?” said Kenta.

    “Uh, we have our own home to stay” said Issei.

    “Wait, Issei. Did you say that you have your home before?” said Kenta.

    “Yeah” said Issei.

    “Risa and I were talking about our former home. So, that’s why we’re going to cut short your stay in your house, Kenta” said Asia.

    “Ah, I understand” said Kenta.

    “Issei!” said Kozue Murayama as she runs to interrupt the conversation. “Sorry to interrupt your conversation. What are you talking about?”

    “We supposed to stay longer at Kenta’s home, but we formerly stayed in our home” said Issei.

    “Oh, I get it. But I remember that place before” said Kozue.

    “What’s you mean?” asked Issei.

    “Your former home was located in a large street and of course, that home was almost looked like a condominium. Who owned your home?” said Kozue.

    “It’s my parents who build that home and served as an alternate when we’re staying here” said Issei.

    “I’m sorry about that, Issei. Your home is just a few miles away from my home and you guys should stay there instead of my home. But I will respect the decision” said Kenta.

    “Well, it’s fine for us to stay at our home because we almost forgot about that” said Issei.

    “Uh, I should be the one who should apologize to you” said Reiji.

    “Reiji” said Issei.

    “Kenta, I supposed that my friend is staying at your home, but after I found out that Issei and his friends have their home before, then I should have known about this because I don’t know where they live” said Reiji.

    “You’re right, Reiji. I should have joined the conversation with Risa and Asia, but I didn’t listen to that” said Kenta.

    “Reiji. Kenta. Our home is located a few miles away from the train station and we should have stayed there instead of Kenta’s. I’m sorry about that because we didn’t pay attention to Rias about where we live” said Issei.

    “Okay, it’s fine, Issei. Then, I guess that you and your team will go back to the place you stayed” said Kenta.

    “Yep” said Issei.

    “Okay, I will inform that to my parents and I hope that you will understand about the mistakes we made” said Kenta.

    “No, it’s our mistakes, Kenta. Our team should have listened to Rias because she always knows about anything” said Issei.

    “I’m sure that you will be happy to arrive home at your place you live, Issei” said Kenta.

    “Yeah” said Issei.

    “Issei, I’m sorry about that. I thought that Rias will say to you about where you and your team will stay, but I didn’t know your home” said Reiji.

    “It’s okay. You should come to our home if you want to” said Issei.

    “Okay, sure” said Reiji.

    “I think we’re going to wait the others later on, Issei. We should go back to Kenta’s house before we’re going back to our home” said Xenovia.

    “Yeah!” said Issei.

    The members of Team Hyodo, Kozue, Reiji, Hideo, Kenta and Asami would go to the residential house of Hideo and Kenta. The members of Team Hyodo would pack their things and prepare to leave.

    “We respect about the decision, but I hope you will make yourself good at your home, Issei” said Kenta.

    “Yeah, we should have go back to our home. Our home in Tokyo is the place where we stayed during the Great War between all races and the Chaos Brigade” said Issei.

    “Yeah, you know that you will be able to visit our home at any time you want” said Hideo.

    “Of course, not! We should do that at some time, but I’ll see you tomorrow, Kenta and Hideo!” said Issei.

    “Okay! I’ll visit to your home some day! Bye!” said Kenta.

    “Bye, Kenta! Bye, Hideo!” said the members of Team Hyodo. The members of Team Hyodo would go to the Hyodo Residential House after a few streets they pass. Issei unlocks the gate to allow him and his friends to enter their own home.

    Issei unlocks the door and opens the lights. “Welcome back to my home!”

    “Issei, Rias didn’t tell us where we live while we’re studying in Kikuchiba, but we already remember about your home” said Asia.

    “Maybe, we should start over again” said Irina.

    “Yeah, we should. Let’s bring all stuff to put on and then, we should prepare for dinner” said Issei.

    “Okay!” said the members of Team Hyodo. The members of Team Hyodo go to their respective rooms to put their stuff to their closets. Issei and Asia help each other to put their stuff at their room’s wardrobe. When they finished putting their stuff at their rooms, the members of Team Hyodo are present at the living room.

    “Issei, which house is better? This one or the one from Kurenai?” asked Asia.

    “Well, the other house which was my main home located in Kuoh, and this is where we’re together as one. However, this house is just completed during the Great War of Kurenai and it was magnificent at all. So, I think I will choose the one from Kurenai because it contributes to how I become friends with you all” said Issei.

    “So, it seems like you’re living with your friends. What about the other friends like Matsuda and Motohama?” said Kozue Murayama.

    “Uh, we are best friends only we are known for observing the girls” said Issei.

    “Issei, can you show that girl the bust size?” asked Motohama.

    “Uh, not yet” said Issei.

    “What about you can take measure on how she is?” asked Matsuda.

    “I said no!” said Issei.

    “Well, Issei, those two guys are perverted because they want to see the beauty of the girls’ bodies” said Kozue.

    Issei nodded to agree with Kozue. “Yeah, if they think that I’m perverted, I could slap them both like I did before in Kuoh Academy.”

    “Oh, come on! Did you always say that?” said Motohama.

    “Yeah, you’re not doing what I say. I’m going to slap your face right out of it!” said Matsuda.

    “That is enough!” said Asia. Asia restrains Motohama and Matsuda from Issei. “Don’t you get it, you two? Issei said that you two always picking up some tricks to him and if you guys do that, you will get in big trouble.”

    “That’s right, you two. Just to tell you that you can’t let Issei some perverted tricks behind the girl. What if you’re going to do the tricks to me?” said Minami Murayama.

    “Well, I supposed that I should try to strip your bras and then, touch your…” said Matsuda.

    “Touch my breasts? That’s gross, Matsuda!” said Minami Murayama.

    “What about if I’m going to touch your back? Does it feel better?” asked Motohama.

    “You can, but don’t touch my breasts if your hands are near the middle of my body” said Kaori Katase.

    “Uh, Issei, what are those guys are arguing?” asked Kozue Murayama.

    “Well, my boys tried to understand about how to treat Murayama and Katase better. I think they will understand at the end” said Issei.

    “That’s great, Issei. Hey, I don’t know if you’re going to manage the basketball team. You see, I also have an application form if I’m going to join the girls’ basketball team” said Kozue.

    “Wow! You’re kidding?!” said Issei.

    “I believe that I always use my observations to the students in my club, but then I was hoping if I can able to help the basketball players to play well. Do you have experiences playing basketball?” said Kozue.

    “We played diceball, a variant of basketball that is popular in Kurenai. I thought that it was a good sport, but the difference is that there are three places to shoot that worth 1, 2 or 3 points. The truth is I’m not good enough to play basketball after all” said Issei.

    “I see that you are playing basketball last Saturday. But where?” said Kozue.

    “In Kyoto. We played diceball in one of the ancient places that was converted into a diceball venue” said Issei.

    “Well, I can help you improving your skills and techniques, Issei, but you have to promise me that we can play basketball every weekend after the first training. Is that okay?” said Kozue.

    “Yeah, I will agree to that, Kozue” said Issei.

    “Good. I’m glad that you’re my friend and I will help you and your team to improve your skills and techniques even that you’re not going to join the varsity team” said Kozue.

    “Yeah. But of course, I was planning to research about “The Dragons of Japan” and I only know one person named Ryūsei Akatsuka” said Issei.

    “Uh, I don’t much know about those dragons, but I also not even know about Ryūsei Akatsuka” said Kozue.

    “Why?” asked Issei.

    “I’m a member of the Achievers Club and I can always interact everyone with many ways. I always cooperate with the other students and I always tried my best to beat them in the race to become the best student in all of students in my class” said Kozue.

    “Well, that was expected to see that goal, Kozue” said Irina.

    “Yeah, I know about the subjects, but I also came to research some subjects related to my profession” said Kozue.

    “What is your profession?” asked Koneko.

    “I want to become an entrepreneur like my parents did” said Kozue.

    “Hey, I thought that you want to become an exorcist” said Xenovia.

    “Uh, no, it’s not. I came to help my parents in growing our family business every weekend and I want to follow my parents’ footsteps to put my own business open” said Kozue.

    “That’s cool, girl. I hope that you will be able to follow your dreams and when you’re getting high grades, you have a chance to get your desired choice you want” said Elmenhilde.

    “Yes, it’s true. I feel happy when my parents have pleased me with my efforts in saving money. My father is a worker at the mall and my mother is an owner of a bakery shop. I hope that I can treat you to come to the mall and visit my mother’s shop” said Kozue.

    “Well, I think I can go with you this week, Kozue” said Issei.

    “You do?” asked Kozue.

    “It will be a great time to explore and enjoy getting along with you. We want to go to the central part of Tokyo after we have just stayed in Tokyo for about two weeks and then, going to Kyoto for our trip” said Issei.

    “It will be a pleasure to join with you” said Asia.

    “Yeah, me too!” said the members of Team Hyodo.

    “Uh, okay, okay. I am glad that you can come along with me to go to the mall someday, but I will let you all invite to come on Saturday” said Kozue.

    “Yes!” said Issei.

    “I guess that you are always excited, Issei. I like your attitude” said Kozue.

    “It’s my feeling of excitement that I can always do and since Tokyo is a busy place, I think I might be able to feel great to enjoy there” said Issei.

    Kozue smiles to Issei. “I’m happy to be with you and since it’s the first we meet after I went to Kurenai, I think you’re going to start cooperating with me and the students in Kikuchiba.”

    “Sure, I can, Kozue!” said Issei.

    “Hey, wait a minute, Issei. You don’t know if you’re going to have time to do your assignment” said Minami Murayama.

    “Uh, yeah. I almost forgot about that. Thanks for reminding me, Murayama” said Issei. Kozue sighs after Minami Murayama said nice expressions to Issei.

    “Well, then, you guys will do your assignment. I will be watching your backs to see how you’re doing with your assignment. It will be a test to see how good you are” said Kozue.

    “Yeah, it’s not going to be easy, but it will be our first assignment to do today!” said Issei.

    “I hope that you’ll be able to finish the assignment before six o’clock. Then, let’s talk about this later on. So, take your time with your friends, Issei” said Kozue.

    “Okay, thank you very much!” said Issei.

    “You’re welcome!” said Kozue, who smiles to Issei. Team Hyodo finally encounters the girl named Kozue Murayama, a top student in the third year class of Kikuchiba Academy. After Team Hyodo moves to their own home, Issei had some plans to do while waiting for his call to meet with Mr. Sanada to see if Issei will be working with the staff of the basketball team.

    UP NEXT: Supplementary 4, Part 3: "Birthdays of the Characters of Rooks, Knights and Bravehearts - Team Blue and Yellow"
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    Re: Rooks, Knights and Bravehearts - The Ro-Kyu-Bu!/Tenshi no 3P! X High School DxD Crossover Series

    Volume 5: "Brave and Bold Warriors" | Supplementary 4, Part 3: "Birthdays of the Characters of Rooks, Knights and Bravehearts"

    Continuing the supplementary part of Volume 5 with the dates of the birthday celebrants of the energetic Team Blue and Yellow! The group includes Natsuhi Takenaka's teammates from the Keishin Academy Elementary School boys' basketball team and Hijiri Kuina, who is Maho Misawa's guardian.

    SUPPLEMENTARY 4: “Birthdays of the Characters of Rooks, Knights and Bravehearts”
    Legend: ESElementary School, MSMiddle School, HSHigh School

    PART 3

    Team Blue and Yellow: Composed of three teams
    Team Sugisaki: Naoko Sugisaki, Kyōsuke Fumizaki, Asumi Ishida, Haruyo Kusaka, Tarō Matsuba, Saori Minagawa, Kishō Ogata, Nagamasa Miwa, Hirono Yamanaka and Miori Misawa
    Team Kikuchi: Daisuke Kikuchi, Tsutomu Fukada, Yoshinori Toshima, Akitsugu Wakui, Hiroto Makara, Hiroshi Arakawa, Shinji Masuda, Ryūichi Kitajō and Hideo Akiyama
    Team Minato: Kanae Hashimoto, Kazumi Tanaka and Yukari Uchida
    Staff: Hijiri Kuina

    Team Sugisaki (Keishin Academy)
    Naoko Sugisaki: March 7 / PF / Starter / 1MS-D
    Kyōsuke Fumizaki: July 10 / SF / 1MS-D
    Asumi Ishida: April 12 / C / Starter / 1MS-D
    Haruyo Kusaka: June 14 / SG / 1MS-D
    Tarō Matsuba: March 5 / C / 1MS-D
    Saori Minagawa: August 26 / PG / 1MS-D
    Kishō Ogata: July 26 / SF / Starter / 1MS-D
    Nagamasa Miwa: February 19 / PG / 1MS-D
    Hirono Yamanaka: December 10 / SF / 1MS-C
    Miori Misawa: May 16 / M / 5ES-E / Younger Sister of Maho Misawa

    Team Kikuchi (Keishin Academy)
    Daisuke Kikuchi: November 1 / Starter / PG / 1MS-D / Member of Keishin Academy MS Boys’ Basketball Team
    Tsutomu Fukada: August 2 / Starter / SG / 1MS-D / Member of Keishin Academy MS Boys’ Basketball Team
    Yoshinori Toshima: January 14 / Stater / PF / 1MS-D / Member of Keishin Academy MS Boys’ Basketball Team
    Akitsugu Wakui: December 8 / Starter / C / 1MS-D / Member of Keishin Academy MS Boys’ Basketball Team
    Hiroto Makara: October 1 / SG / 1MS-D
    Hiroshi Arakawa: February 28 / PF / 1MS-D
    Shinji Masuda: March 27 / SF / 1MS-D
    Ryūichi Kitajō: May 4 / SG / 1MS-D
    Hideo Akiyama: June 2 / PF / 1MS-D

    Team Minato (Keishin Academy)
    Kanae Hashimoto: January 23 / PG / 1MS-C
    Kazumi Tanaka: November 30 / PF / 1MS-C
    Yukari Uchida: September 13 / C / 1MS-C

    Hijiri Kuina: August 11 / Guardian of Maho Misawa

    UP NEXT: Chapter 62: "Prestigiously Favored"

    The next update will be focused on Kagetsu Hakamada and how her leadership worked out as a member of the Bravehearts and the vice captain of the Keishin Academy Elementary School girls' basketball team. See you on June 20 (Wednesday) for the next update of the series!
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    Re: Rooks, Knights and Bravehearts - The Ro-Kyu-Bu!/Tenshi no 3P! X High School DxD Crossover Series

    The partial roster of Keishin Academy Elementary School girls’ basketball team is composed of Mimi Balguerie, Kagetsu Hakamada, Masami Fujii, Tsubaki Takenaka, Hiiragi Takenaka, Kazuko Kakimoto and Mizuki Koyama. The first five members of the roster have been part of the inaugural roster last year, which is led by Tomoka Minato. On the other hand, Kazuko and Mizuko are the two participants of Ginga’s Basketball Camp last summer and currently members of Team Aurora. During the afterparty of the Hasegawa Cup, Mimi Balguerie announced that the two will be joining the team as role players. In tonight’s update, this chapter will be focused on the Prestigious Charm and Kagetsu Hakamada, the younger sister of Hinata Hakamada. Kagetsu Hakamada is ranked #18 in my top lists of favorite characters and her personality in the series is being respectful and prestigiously admired by her friends including her older sister Hinata. The voice actress of Kagetsu Hakamada is Asami Seto, who is also the voice actress of Asagi Aiba from Strike the Blood. I like Kagetsu’s personality as serious and adamant sister of Hinata Hakamada because she takes care of her sister Hinata after Subaru Hasegawa helped Kagetsu mend her strained relationship with her sister Hinata. I hope you will witness a lot of things Kagetsu Hakamada made for a day for the Prestigious Charm and the Innocent Charm, which now includes the Pink Nobles. Enjoy reading Chapter 62!

    Kagetsu Hakamada joins with the members of the Prestigious Charm for a day after welcoming Asuka Ōshiro, who is her classmate and close friend in her class, to the Prestigious Charm. After the classes are over, the Bravehearts and the Innocent Charm would meet each other at the school’s assembly area and discuss about the things happened for both groups and the future activities in Keishin. Once the short meeting is over, the Innocent Charm would start their training in preparing for their participation at the Ōmori Invitationals. While Mimi and Hinata helped the members of the Innocant Charm in the group’s training for the Ōmori Invitationals, Kagetsu calls the representatives for each group to hold a short meeting about the future activities in Keishin Academy including the school’s sports day. At night, Kagetsu and Hinata meet the members of Team Eromanga at the room of the Bravehearts where Kagetsu and Hinata give the members of Team Eromanga some advice in trying to make Sagiri’s project more attractable to the community. Kagetsu had been taking care of her friends’ group, the Prestigious Charm, and hopefully, when she is going to back to the court for the training of the Keishin Academy Elementary School girls’ basketball team, Kagetsu is ready to step up and groove with her teammates.


    At the elementary school building of the Keishin Academy, Mimi and Kagetsu are talking to the members of the Prestigious Charm after the class had ended.

    Team Satō: Erika Satō, Miho Hikasa, Chiwa Furukawa, Aoi Kayano, Yuki Hashimoto, Natsume Ishikawa, Kazumi Togashi and Rina Ōtsuka
    Team Hatano: Naoki Hatano, Shun Hinouchi, Ryōhei Suzuki, Kōji Yamada, Satoshi Miwa, Daisuke Ōhata, Kishō Ono, Michiya Toriumi, Motoichi Miyaji, Akira Miyaji and Shinjō Uchida
    Others: Akira Ōkawa, Ryō Nagashima, Asami Miyazaki and Aya Tachibana

    The Prestigious Charm holds four sections based on the reshuffle. The students of section 6-D are composed of Erika Satō, Miho Hikasa, Chiwa Furukawa, Aoi Kayano, Yuki Hashimoto, Satoshi Miwa, Daisuke Ōhata and Kishō Ono. The students of section 6-C are composed of Natsume Ishikawa, Kazumi Togashi, Rina Ōtsuka, Naoki Hatano, Shun Hinouchi, Ryōhei Suzuki, Kōji Yamada, Michiya Toriumi, the Miyaji twins (Motoichi and Akira) and Shinjō Uchida. The students of section 6-E are composed of Akira Ōkawa and Asami Miyazaki (sister of Akiko Miyazaki). And finally, the students of section 6-F are composed of Ryō Nagashima and Aya Tachibana.

    “Since the class has been ended, I think we should talk about what to do tonight” said Mimi.

    “Actually, the Prestigious Charm had to welcome a new member later tonight” said Kagetsu.

    “That’s great news, Kagetsu. Who would be?” said Mimi.

    “I’ll introduce you to Asuka Ōshiro, a classmate of mine who have been friends with me since first grade” said Kagetsu.

    “I’m glad that you invite me to join this group because I’m your friend, Kagetsu” said Asuka Ōshiro.

    “Yeah. Now, did you recognize Mimi before?” said Kagetsu.

    “Yes, Kagetsu. I recognize her since she was just transferred from Hawaii” said Asuka.

    “Oh, I enrolled at Keishin during the second term last year. Asuka, since you are friends with Kagetsu, I’m glad that you’re ready to move on to the next level” said Mimi.

    “That’s right, Mimi. By the way, Asuka’s parents are born in Okinawa before they move to Yokohama, Kanagawa. She has three siblings: Akiyo, Akira and Sakura” said Kagetsu.

    “Well, my siblings are studying in Kanagawa except for my youngest sister Sakura, who is just three years old. I’m the oldest of the four siblings. Akiyo and Akira are studying in an elementary school in Yokohama while Sakura is currently a toddler” said Asuka.

    “I guess that you’re hoping to let your two younger siblings to enroll in Keishin next year” said Mimi.

    “Yeah, Mimi. Once I enter middle school, Akiyo and Akira are going to enroll in Keishin next year as fourth and third graders. I always support my parents’ decision to let my two younger siblings to enroll in Keishin because the two younger siblings want to follow my footsteps and try their best to get good grades after they got their higher grades in social studies” said Asuka.

    “Well, I hope that your two younger siblings will be able to continue their plans to enroll in Keishin once you’re graduated next year” said Kagetsu.

    “Yeah” said Mimi.

    “Hey, I have an idea. Why everyone will go down to the fountain to meet with my friends?’ said Kagetsu.

    “Okay! I hope we should form a meeting between the Prestigious Charm and the Bravehearts about the events for this month” said Mimi.

    “Yeah, that’s what we want to know, Mimi and Kagetsu. I want to know about the activities for this month” said Asuka Ōshiro.

    “Of course, Asuka. You will know about the details later on. So, let’s pack our bags and let’s go to the fountain!” said Kagetsu.

    “Yeah!” said Mimi and Asuka. Kagetsu, Mimi and the members of the Prestigious Charm of Team Aurora leave the elementary school building. Later, they were joined by the Bravehearts, who have just left the middle school building.

    “Wow! Looks like you have a new member for your group, Kagetsu!” said Tomoka.

    “Yeah, she’s one of my close friends in my section ever since I enter Keishin in the first grade. Her name is Asuka Ōshiro and she came from Okinawa” said Kagetsu.

    “It’s an honor to meet you, senpais” said Asuka Ōshiro.

    “It’s nice to see you, Asuka. Welcome to the Innocent Charm and the Bravehearts!” said Hinata.

    “Thanks, Hinata. It’s my first time that I joined another team after I have been associating with another group composed of students who were born from the islands of Ryukyu and Okinawa” said Asuka Ōshiro.

    “I don’t know about that group, Asuka, but I believe that you’re one of the students that I am planning to invite you to join our group in my section” said Kagetsu.

    “That’s right, Kagetsu. We begin planning on expanding our group after Ryōta created his own group. Aside from that, all members of the Innocent Charm are planning to hold a meeting soon” said Erika Satō.

    “So, are you planning to hold a meeting before all of you leave the mansion on Sunday?” asked Mimi.

    “Yep. That’s why we want to decide if we can stay at the mansion for another week or we should do some other plans after the week” said Kagetsu.

    “On top of that, Ryōta and I were able to meet together for the first time. He said that he was formally preparing his own training to participate at the tryouts of the middle school boys’ basketball team in Keishin” said Hinata.

    “Well, I’m glad that Ryōta will be able to be ready to go to the tryouts, but unlike before, the middle school basketball team is different from the elementary school basketball team. I guess that the middle school basketball players are going to prepare to observe the recruits to see who will make it to the roster” said Rei.

    “Oh, by the way, Shun and I are going to support Ryōta for his training because he had to be more serious after Natsuhi and his teammates made the line-ups last year. I wonder if Natsuhi and Ryōta are on the same page” said Naoki.

    “Of course, we’re on the same page. I feel satisfied to see Ryōta’s new personality” said Natsuhi.

    “What’s his new personality?” asked Shun.

    “He wanted to be more determined and he is considered the “Iron Heart of Innocent Charm”. His new nickname was based on his past years in elementary school before he started to become stronger and to prove his opponents that he is better” said Natsuhi.

    “What a coincidence that every section has already elected a new set of officers for this term. Ryōta was able to get elected by his own section in 1-D as the class vice president for the boys” said Kira Kakimoto.

    “Good for him, Kira. Where is he now?” said Erika Satō.

    “Oh, he’s still in the middle school building with his classmates. I thought that he will be joining with us later” said Kira.

    “He seems to be waiting his guys to finish peeing in the comfort room” said Hinata.

    “I’m sure that the other groups are all present. Is that right, Hinata?” said Kagetsu.

    “Yeah, probably. Oh, by the way, the members of Orange and Fuchsia have informed us that our budget was to hit at least 25,000 yen after we combine the money from each of us” said Hinata.

    “We were able to share the money to Airi, Banri, Asuna and Itsuko. The budget was currently about more than 50,000 yen and it’s been growing since the Hasegawa Cup was a success” said Saki.

    “What’s next for the group, Tomoka?” asked Mimi.

    “The next activity will be split into different activities. Subaru and his friends are having a practice match in their school, the Nashiba High School, on Thursday. And then, the training for the members of Innocent Charm, in order to prepare themselves for the Ōmori Invitationals” said Tomoka.

    “Well, I’m not sure which school they will meet Nashiba, but I’m not surprised to see some of the stronger teams in Tokyo” said Maho.

    “I guess that it would be depended on the pre-season rankings that was released a few weeks ago” said Airi.

    “What ranking?” asked Masami.

    “The Japanese High School Basketball Pre-Season Rankings was just released in a magazine that my brother gave it to me yesterday. I found out that the Nashiba High School is expected to become an underdog after their program was reinstated. It means that they will be facing off against unranked teams for this month before facing off against a ranked team next month. The Interhigh preliminaries will be held in June and it’s going to be a challenge that Nashiba expects to do this year” said Airi.

    “I wonder what Subaru doing right now” said Tsubaki.

    “He’s still in Nashiba High School and he was informed by Mr. Furukawa that he will be attending the meeting at the office” said Tomoka.

    “Uh, Airi, the Keishin Academy has a high school basketball team. I don’t know if they are good enough to make it to the Interhigh this year” said Hiiragi.

    “Unfortunately, I didn’t see the name of Keishin in the magazine because they aren’t good enough to make it beyond the first round. Hitomi Hakamada told me that the high school basketball team had started to call students to enter tryouts on the fourth week of April” said Airi.

    “Well, I hope that the high school basketball team will make it beyond the first round, Airi. I believe that the Pink and Plum members are going to dominate the Interhigh tournament after they have come off from their last matches last year” said Kagetsu.

    “Yeah” said Airi.

    “Oh, there is another thing that I want to think about” said Tomoka.

    “About what?” asked Airi.

    “Some of you don’t know how we were able to find a good place for a weekend break” said Tomoka.

    “Weekend break? I think it happens on the Golden Week and probably, there will be sports day by the end of May” said Maho.

    “Exactly, Maho!” said Tomoka.

    “Well, since there are two sports day meets this school year, we’re going to have a lot of challenge to make and also, it will be a serious challenge to see who the best section is” said Saki.

    “Of course, any section will face each other to determine their representatives for our school. It will be held before the month of July and once the second term is started, different schools will represent their teams to face each other in the district meet” said Masami.

    “Well, the intramural tournament last January was able to improve everyone’s performance in the later events and hopefully, the sports day meet will be our chance to represent our class and school with pride and braveness” said Mimi.

    “So, what are you planning to prepare for the sports day meet?” asked Rei Kanazawa.

    “The sports day meet is held on a Saturday or Sunday and there are two kinds of meets: the spring meet and the autumn meet. For the month of May, we will train together before the sports day comes and also, the parents will support us in representing our section and our school for the events we participate” said Hinata.

    “The sports day meet in Keishin Academy will be held next month before the district and regional meets on the next months” said Tsubaki.

    “Actually, the sports day in Keishin will be a one-day tournament and after that, all sport clubs will continue their trainings for the upcoming middle school district and Interhigh preliminary tournaments, which will be held after the summer solstice” said Hiiragi.

    “All classes from each grade level will face each other and everyone must respect in a fair game. There are no turning backs and that’s why the sports day meet is not crucial than the other local competitions in Tokyo” said Natsuhi.

    “So, that’s why everyone of us will train during the physical education classes. The PE classes are scheduled, depends on your section you come from. Also, there will be more tournaments to be held in the summer and that’s going to create more time to train before participating at the tournaments we’re going to see this year” said Maho.

    “Now, I will be excusing for a while because we will be going home for a while. Hinata, Mimi and Kagetsu, you’ll be in charge for the training” said Tomoka.

    “Okay!” said Hinata, Mimi and Kagetsu.

    “I’ll see you later, everyone!” said Tomoka as Tomoka, Saki, Airi, Maho, Tsubaki, Hiiragi, Masami, Natsuhi and the other members of the Bravehearts leave the Keishin Academy to go back home to the mansion of the Misawa Resort Hotel.

    “Okay! Bye!” said Hinata, Mimi and Kagetsu. The members of the Innocent Charm are looking at their friends leaving the Keishin Academy to go back to the mansion.

    “Oh, I wonder what we are going to do today” said Hinata.

    “The Innocent Charm will have their training in preparing for the Ōmori Invitationals. Then, I hope that everyone is all set to join the tournament and we’ll win all games. However, I don’t know if they’ll face each other if the Innocent Charm will represent two or more teams” said Kagetsu.

    “Well, the registration will be started next week until April 17. So, don’t forget to get the registration form from the organizers” said Mimi.

    “Oh, you’re right, Mimi. Now, let’s go straight home and we’ll start the training” said Hinata.

    “Yeah!” said the members of the Innocent Charm.

    The members of the Innocent Charm, now the Pink Nobles are included, leave the Keishin Academy to go back home to the mansion of the Misawa Resort Hotel. Once they make it to the mansion, the members of the Innocent Charm would change their clothes from school uniforms to gym uniforms. Hinata, Kagetsu and Mimi are changing their clothes as well. The members of the Innocent Charm would go to the Recreational Center of the Misawa Resort Hotel.

    Innocent Charm: Composed of four teams
    Team Kanazawa: Rei Kanazawa, Kazuya Uehara, Yoshitsugu Kimura, Kana Uchida, Ai Ohara, Kira Kakimoto, Misaki Nagaoka, Akari Tanigawa, Kumi Sagami, Akiho Kurimoto, Akira Tayama and Shōjirō Miyashita
    Team Fukutomi: Sora Fukutomi, Koji Nakagaichi, Sakura Uehara, Daiki Mitsugi, Ryōta Inoue, Machiko Kogure, Seiichi Abe, Shintarō Ōsumi, Kenta Achiba, Shinobu Hirasawa, Hajime Shimizu and Sayaka Akatsuka

    Pink Nobles: Ryōta Nakamura, Kiyoshi Toshima, Akira Shimojō, Wataru Nakai, Mie Furutani, Yumi Nakamura, Hikaru Sakamoto, Ichirō Furukawa, Sakiko Katsuragi, Takaya Noburizato, Yoshimaru Iijima, Eiji Uehara, Tsubasa Horihata and Naohiro Imayoshi

    “Now, I told everyone to be ready for the training because the Ōmori Invitationals will be held in two weeks and we’re going to register the teams to enter to the tournament” said Hinata.

    “For that, the Innocent Charm will be divided into three teams: the Innocent Charm, the Pink Nobles and the Prestigious Charm. I don’t know if we’re good enough to have new members for the Prestigious Charm, but on the other hand, the group of first year middle schoolers are divided since Ryōta Nakamura created his own group” said Kagetsu.

    “The Innocent Charm has a group of students coming from 1-C, 1-E, 1-F and 1-G. On the other hand, Ryōta’s Pink Nobles has a group of students coming from 1-D and 1-G. It means that both Innocent Charm and the Pink Nobles must complete their rosters, otherwise, they won’t be allowed to participate at the Invitationals” said Mimi.

    “Well, Mimi, I think we have to find new members starting tomorrow before the next training will be held on Friday” said Rei Kanazawa.

    “Okay, I’m going to allow you and Ryōta to complete your teams’ rosters before filling up the registration form. Yuichi Uchida said that all teams must register their forms and then, submit it on or before April 17. When we finished filling the names on the registration forms, one representative will accompany one of the members of Pink and Plum to submit the registration forms to the organizers” said Mimi.

    “Who are the members of Pink and Plum, Kagetsu?” asked Chiwa Furukawa.

    “The members of Pink and Plum are Yuichi Uchida, Kenta Sugihara, Ichirō Satō, Shōzō Eda, Tarō Kitajō, Jirō Matsuoka, Hitomi Hakamada, Atsuko Hatano and Ayaka Hikasa” said Kagetsu.

    “Ah, okay. I remember those names, Kagetsu” said Chiwa.

    “Yeah. Also, Naruhisa Ogasawara, who is the director of the basketball team, had given some papers to know about the upcoming tournaments this year. After the Ōmori Invitationals, there will be many events to be held in the month of May. The sports day meet will be held on May 29 while the Ōta League Invitationals in Ikegami and Rokugō will be held on May 15 and June 26” said Kagetsu.

    “The Dazzled Hearts and Team Blue and Yellow may be able to participate at the next two tournaments because I found out that both teams have already settled their agreement a few days ago” said Hinata.

    “It appears that Saki and Maho are hopefully going to help their friends for the next two tournaments, but they will also be going to decide on who should participate at the Ikegami and Rokugō Invitationals” said Erika Satō.

    “Yeah, I’m sure that only one group will participate because the Bravehearts will represent only one group per tournament. I’m sure that after us, Subaru will decide on the next tournaments the Beavehearts will take” said Rei Kanazawa.

    “Another thing is that the Golden Week will start on April 29 and will end on May 5. A few week later, May 15 might be a half-day class as part of the preparations for the sports day meet” said Misaki Nagaoka.

    “You’re right, Misaki. In that case, there is a chance that we’re going to hold nighttime training because of the practice session in Keishin” said Ai Ohara.

    “Yeah, of course, Ai. Also, the tournament that Megumi and Asumi planning will be held during the Golden Week. Then, the following week, it’s free day before another tournament in Ikegami that Kagetsu mentioned a while ago” said Kazuya Uehara.

    “I believe that we’re going to start training before the major tournament comes and hopefully, we’re going to dominate the matches” said Kagetsu.

    “Yeah, I agree. Well, are we allow the members to start their training?” said Mimi.

    “Of course, Mimi!” said Kagetsu. The members of the Innocent Charm are glad that they understand about what Hinata, Mimi and Kagetsu discussing. “Alright, who wants to start training?”

    “I do!” said some of the members of the Innocent Charm.

    “Then, let’s play!” said Hinata.

    “Yeah!” said the members of the Innocent Charm.

    Part 2 will be on the next post.

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    Re: Rooks, Knights and Bravehearts - The Ro-Kyu-Bu!/Tenshi no 3P! X High School DxD Crossover Series

    Volume 5: "Brave and Bold Warriors" | Chapter 62: "Prestigiously Favored"

    Part 2

    Outside the Recreational Center, Hitomi and Anzu are walking on their way to the entrance.

    “Why are you going to the Recreational Center, Hitomi?” asked Anzu.

    “I have to talk to Kagetsu because I want to borrow the schedule of the sporting events in Keishin” said Hitomi.

    “Well, I hope that the tournaments are scheduled that was administered by the school’s athletic program” said Anzu.

    “Yeah” said Hitomi.

    As they arrive at the Recreational Center, Hitomi and Anzu see the members of the Innocent Charm practicing at the basketball court.

    “Hey, look!” said Hitomi.

    “Oh, what’s the matter, Hitomi?” asked Anzu.

    “Are they training?” asked Hitomi.

    “I think they are” said Anzu.

    “Let’s check out” said Hitomi.

    Hitomi and Anzu would meet Hinata, Kagetsu and Mimi, who were observing at the members of the Innocent Charm.

    “Uh, hi, girls!” said Anzu.

    “Oh, Hitomi and Anzu! Would you look at our friends getting prepared for the Ōmori Invitationals. They are looking serious right now” said Kagetsu.

    “Ah, so that’s why they’re not in their room” said Anzu.

    “Yep. So, how may I help you?” said Kagetsu.

    “Could I borrow the schedule of the sporting events?” asked Hitomi.

    “Sure, Hitomi. Mimi and I were the only ones who holds the schedule. But remember that you have to bring it back” said Kagetsu.

    “Okay!” said Hitomi.

    “And one thing, Hitomi. I want you to call one representative from each group to call for a short meeting” said Kagetsu.

    “Why?” asked Hitomi.

    “Because I want to figure it out on what to plan for the future activities in Keishin” said Kagetsu.

    “Okay!” said Hitomi. Hitomi and Anzu leave the Recreational Center to go back to the mansion.

    “Mimi is assisting the members of the Innocent Charm. She had helped Team Aurora, but she also helped my friends to improve their skills and techniques. Mimi loves to talk with her friends on time” said Hinata.

    “Yeah, it is true, Hinata. Mimi and I were together as classmates in the same section and we were able to help each other when we’re doing some assignments at my home. But when the time she talks to her friends, she always being carefree, and she can give advises to them” said Kagetsu.

    “I believe that she is a carefree and helpful girl that made her friends feel happy. So, is she found some good influence with her friends in Keishin?” said Hinata.

    “Yeah, she did befriend her classmates including me when she entered Keishin after summer. Also, while Mimi was joined by her friends from the summer camp, she was able to help them when they are calling for help. If she loves to play with her friends, she would develop their relationship with them” said Kagetsu.

    “I agree, onēsan. By the way, why are you inviting your friends to join the Innocent Charm?” said Hinata.

    “You see, it’s almost time for the Ōmori Invitationals and I want to help the Innocent Charm to expand their membership, so that they will have time to prepare for the future activities. On top of that, you and I were able to work together for our friends to show their admiration and innocence. The boys are handsome, and the girls are cute” said Kagetsu.

    “Yep. I agree with that, onēsan. Once we continue the expansion, then it will be the time to reorganize the Innocent Charm with the set of officers they will make” said Hinata.

    “Yeah” said Kagetsu.

    Hitomi and Anzu return to the Recreational Center, but this time they are joined by each representative of different groups: Ken Yamamoto (Team Blue and Yellow), Mieko Matsuda (Dazzled Hearts), Minami Ogura (Orange and Fuchsia) and Junichi Morizawa (Team Aurora).

    “Ah, you’re finally here! I have to call one represent from our group to talk for a short meeting” said Kagetsu.

    “You stay here, everyone” said Mimi. “Thank you, Hitomi and Anzu. You can return to the mansion now.”

    “You’re welcome!” said Hitomi and Anzu as they leave the Recreational Center.

    Kagetsu called one representative in Miho Hikasa. “Miho! I’ll stop your training first. We have a short meeting.”

    “Okay” said Miho.

    Ken, Mieko, Minami, Junichi and Miho are sitting at the bench while Kagetsu lets Mimi to continue the training.

    “Now, I finally have the schedule of activities for the first term. The school holiday will be held in two separate events: the Golden Week and the summer break” said Kagetsu.

    “What is the Golden Week?” asked Junichi.

    “The Golden Week takes place with four holidays are observed in a week. Since there are classes on April 30, the next day will be a makeup class and then after a few days of no classes, May 6 will be the resumption of classes” said Kagetsu.

    “Kagetsu” said Minami, who is raising her hand.

    “Yes, what do you want to ask me about?” asked Kagetsu.

    “According to the calendar, it will take three weeks to wait for the first holiday. Of course, the club registration will be held from April 19 to 23 and then, the first day of club activities will be held a week after. Which means, what day falls Shōwa Day?” said Minami.

    “It falls on a Thursday” said Kagetsu.

    “Ah, I guess that there is a chance there is no PE class on that day” said Minami.

    “Yeah” said Kagetsu.

    “When I heard that there will be a tournament to be held in commemorating the Golden Week, it will fall on May 1. Megumi and Hitomi said that this tournament will benefit the other students to be active in sports participation” said Mieko.

    “Ah, it looks like the Family of Angels is organizing a tournament to commemorate the Golden Week. But who will participate in that event?” said Kagetsu.

    “I don’t know, but I might be thinking some groups in Yaguchi may end up participating” said Mieko.

    “Well, it depends on the number of teams to participate” said Kagetsu.

    “So, what are we going to do after the Golden Week ends?” asked Junichi.

    “When the Golden Week ends, we will participate the practice day for the sports day meet” said Kagetsu.

    “So, it will take two Saturdays to practice the events. Is that right?” said Minami.

    “Yeah” said Kagetsu.

    “When is the sports day?” asked Ken.

    “Uh, it will be on May 29. This event will be observed in the southern parts of Tokyo, which Ōta is included. The sports day for the schools in Northern Tokyo will be held on June 5. It’s a one-day event which determines the battle of the sections for grade level. The school also conducts the commission to hold events for the sports day and of course, teams will be formed by the PE teachers. All students must wear their gym clothes and all parents and friends are allowed to come to the school to express support of their children” said Kagetsu.

    “Now, I get it. If the practice will be held on May 15 and 22, then all classes will participate at the practice events before ready to compete for the sports day” said Minami.

    “Yeah” said Kagetsu.

    “What are the other events aside from the practice day?” asked Mieko.

    “Apart from that, on May 15, it will be the Ikegami Invitationals. I guess that the Dazzled Hearts are planning to join that competition, which may have a chance that they might not participate at the practice event” said Kagetsu.

    “Well, the tournament will be held in the afternoon and I think my group may make it lately before the start of the tournament” said Mieko.

    “It depends on the time that the organizers schedule your team for the matches” said Kagetsu.

    “Well, I’ll think about that, Kagetsu” said Mieko.

    “Okay” said Kagetsu.

    “Now, once it reaches the month of June, there will be busy schedules for the sport clubs before they will participate at the athletic meets” said Ken.

    “That’s right, Ken. All sport clubs must register their participation in the major tournaments and of course, we will not only face off against fellow neighboring schools, but also outside the district” said Kagetsu.

    “What is the probability if we face off against teams like Suzuridani and Shizuno?” asked Junichi.

    “It depends on what the matches are scheduled and of course, the tournaments will be held in separate dates. The elementary school district tournament will be held in December while the middle school district tournament will be held in either late June or early July” said Kagetsu.

    “Ah, now the fact that the other sport clubs are interested new players, they will reduce their time on their assignments” said Mieko.

    “Well, it depends on what sport you’re choosing, but sometimes there are restrictions for that because getting a failing grade will automatically kick you out of the sport club” said Kagetsu.

    “Ah, yikes!” said Mieko.

    “So, that’s why we have to maintain our grades to be higher, so that we will get more privileges in the clubs we choose” said Kagetsu.

    “Yeah, we understand” said Ken, Mieko, Minami, Junichi and Miho.

    “Now, the other break is the summer break where all students will take their summer holiday, beginning in late July until early September. We don’t know about the activities to do during the summer break because there are some cases that the sport clubs will participate in the district and prefectural tournaments by summer. So, we have to wait and see” said Kagetsu.

    “Okay!” said Ken, Mieko, Minami, Junichi and Miho.

    “Alight, that concludes our short meeting. So, all except Miho, you can go now” said Kagetsu.

    “Okay!” said Ken, Mieko, Minami and Junichi.

    Ken, Mieko, Minami and Junichi have left the Recreational Center while Miho walks with Kagetsu.

    “Now, I understand about the activities for the first term and I hope that I will be able to participate at those events” said Miho.

    “That’s right, Miho. The Prestigious Charm has many opportunities to make and hopefully, we will succeed” said Kagetsu.

    “Okay!” said Miho.

    “Now, Miho. I will show you something that you can able to remember this when you are in ready to face off against different teams in the Ōmori Invitationals” said Kagetsu.

    “Sure, Kagetsu!” said Miho.

    Later, at night, the members of the Prestigious Charm finished their dinner and were about to go upstairs when Hitomi, Anzu and Kōme are staying at the living room.

    “Oh, girls, what are you doing here? Where are your groupmates?” asked Erika Satō.

    “The others are playing outside the mansion. We decided not to do so” said Hitomi.

    “Okay, I get it. So, what are you meeting about?” said Erika.

    “It appears that it will take a few months to wait for the sports day, but of course, let’s not forget that the Ōmori and Ikegami Invitationals are going to be held in two dates” said Hitomi.

    “Well, you’re planning to hold the tournament between those tournaments?” asked Chiwa Furukawa.

    “Yeah. I mean, if the tournament will be held during the Golden Week, it will take place at least two days and probably, Asumi had to join with us for a while by the end of April” said Hitomi.

    “It’s going to be a week-long break because after April 30, there will be five days of free time and I hope that we’re going to finish planning our events before the Dazzled Hearts will lead the activities for the month of May” said Kōme.

    “It seems that you girls are working on that after you get the schedule earlier” said Asuka Ōshiro.

    “Yeah” said Hitomi. “I want to borrow it because we have a lot of things for the Family of Angels to organize events, but in other groups, they have their own activities.”

    “We’re going to work these out because Natsumi had called Kōme earlier about partnering with other schools in Den-en-chōfu to organize activities during and after the Golden Week” said Anzu.

    “Also, the members of the Homewrecking Dragons are planning to visit us here at some time while the general assembly for the new school year will be planned soon” said Kōme.

    “Well, I hope that you will be able to finish the schedule for your own group” said Erika Satō.

    “Yeah!” said Hitomi, Anzu and Kōme.

    “Oh, that reminds me, we have to go upstairs now and if you want to interact with me, just come to our room” said Erika.

    “Okay!” said Hitomi, Anzu and Kōme.

    “See you later, girls!” said Erika as she and her friends go upstairs while waving goodbyes to Hitomi, Anzu and Kōme.

    “See ya!” said Hitomi, Anzu and Kōme.

    At the Bravehearts room, Kagetsu, Hinata and the members of Team Eromanga are talking in a meeting.

    Team Eromanga: Masamune Izumi, Sagiri Izumi, Megumi Jinno, Elf Yamada, Tomoe Takasago and Muramasa Senju

    “I’m glad that you finally come in for a meeting, Hinata. Thanks for inviting me in this meeting” said Sagiri.

    “No problem” said Hinata.

    “So, what are you expecting to plan on a project?” asked Kagetsu.

    “Well, my brother Masamune had some ideas in making a project, but I was thinking if you see some other groups” said Sagiri.

    “There is Team Groundwinger. They loved to play video games and read light novels that are focused on magic” said Kagetsu.

    “Interesting point, Kagetsu. It reminds me of the first light volume installment. Maybe if those guys are going to collaborate with us, could you give them a favor?” said Masamune.

    “Sure, you can, Masamune. I can help you with that” said Hinata.

    “Oh, thank you, Hinata and Kagetsu. You make my brother happy with your response” said Sagiri.

    “I feel optimistic to see if those guys are going to collaborate with us, but in order to make a light novel, you have to come up your ideas and then, you can brainstorm those to form one theme that you will make your story complied. Also, you need the name of the title to match the theme you choose” said Elf Yamada.

    “Yeah, I believe that my new light novel installment might be interesting after I wrote the first light novel, the Reincarnation of Silverwolf” said Masamune.

    “When I found out that both Masamune and Sagiri were siblings, I thought that I would blame Masamune, but I decided not to because it might hurt both Masamune and Sagiri” said Muramasa Senju.

    “Right now, our group has been planning to partner with other groups in our school as well as our friends on the neighborhood. I’m sure that the fans might attract our attention when we release a new light novel soon” said Tomoe Takasago.

    “I’m sure that everyone is ready to see our new installment in the future. If we were able to find a date for the soft release, we have to wait for him to finish the volume longer or shorter. In his first light novel installment, he made it for about four months. He even won the award for the best light novel in his school” said Megumi Jinno.

    “One day, I hope that the next installment would be more meaningful as long as that I will be able to work on that for a long time” said Masamune.

    “Yeah. By the way, Masamune, when did you write your stories?” said Hinata.

    “I write stories on the other day and usually, I work along with Sagiri at home. I hope that I would be able to spend my time with Sagiri since she’s no longer staying at her room” said Masamune.

    “It’s a great pleasure that you will be able to know about my brother’s stories when he will show it to you at some time. I hope that you will be able to love his stories after you read it” said Sagiri.

    “Yeah, I can read his stories if I have time to do so” said Hinata.

    “Yeah, me too, Sagiri! I want to tell you that you and your brother are a love team” said Kagetsu.

    “Uh, yeah, I believe so” said Sagiri, who was bit embarrassed.

    “As you can see, both of us were known together, but when I found out that Sagiri is my foster sister, I admitted that I would have marry her. Of course, we still able to mend our relationship with some conditions we make” said Masamune.

    “Well, I’m glad that you and your team will start working on your new installment. Let’s see how you guys doing together after you convince the members of Team Groundwinger to collaborate” said Hinata.

    “Okay!” said Masamune, Sagiri, Megumi, Elf, Tomoe and Muramasa.

    “It’ll be a pleasure to be kind and admired if you deserve the credit to your friends. I know, I will show you some pictures right on my album” said Kagetsu.

    “Sure!” said Masamune, Sagiri, Megumi, Elf, Tomoe and Muramasa. Kagetsu helped her friends by giving advices to them, so that they will understand what she said. Kagetsu is one of the class officers of her class 6-D along with Mimi Balguerie and she hopes that she will help the Keishin Academy elementary School girls’ basketball team when she is ready to go back to the gym alongside Mimi, Tsubaki, Hiiragi and Masami.

    UP NEXT: Supplementary 4, Part 4: "Birthdays of the Characters of Rooks, Knights and Bravehearts - Dazzled Hearts"

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