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Thread: Rain's Poems and Other Writings Corner

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    Rain Summerfields

    Rain's Poems and Other Writings Corner

    Some of my writings for everyone!
    Feel free to critique at your leisure!

    A few things about me

    I have been writing for 4 years now
    I learned all I know from two

    extraordinary people

    Amberly and Jessie

    I usually write dark poetry.
    My favourites forms are, refrain, elegy, free verse and haiku
    just to name but a few.

    Lastly. I have a lovely obsession with works by Edgar Allen Poe and Robert Frost.

    Dark Ocean
    I remember the time I lost my way to the darkness.
    It consumed me whole, flesh and bones were crumbled into dust
    The dark ocean spent no pause, only made me feel inferior in its web of lies
    I was hopelessly fastened to its will, it’s mannerisms vulgar and sharp of tongue.
    The creation it saw in my pure intentions lead it forward
    Charging head first into my life, piercing all that I knew and obliterating it.
    Not much left to prove, I slowly drowned in my own nightmare
    Floating to the surface, the bleak sun burned my face to a new golden ash.
    Wisdom comes from the beckoned finger.
    A lesson I never learned all my days

    Ring of Noise and Green of Colour

    I was left speechless that day
    I didn't see it coming

    The shock of knowing, hit hard like a sledge hammer to the gut
    The reality sunk in finally, blew down a thousand trees, like matchsticks in the barron desert

    Still I brought myself to march forward, still I continued my routine
    Life has its purpose and meaning, for everyone and everything, which resides in a colourless, blue globe

    Although he was green? He was rarely seen, for what he really was! A misunderstood creature of beauty, sound and curiosity

    I remember those eyes
    Two black voids, side by side, yet filled with life
    A spectrum around his neck, of cherished rainbow, printed on the surface of a delicate paste

    But most of all, I remember how he loved to fly

    Free to be himself, always...

    The Warm Touch Of Serenaded Honey
    I will love you forever and a day.
    If I could touch your memory, let it sing out proud!
    Nonsensical and sticky is the aura surrounding me
    I notice a change in the weather’s patterns
    Forecasted a beautiful harmony of music
    Dripping wet on my mind, sugar spun hills give out tempting offerings.
    Not worth sighing away the heat, it gives a sensation of trust.
    Within myself, I value the trials I must endure
    An image worth keeping, long for its embrace until night comes.
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    Re: Rain's Poems and Other Writings Corner

    Farewell Rain.
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